Trichloroacetaldehyde (C07C47/16)

C   Chemistry; metallurgy(318327)
C07   Organic chemistry(61593)
C07C47        Compounds having ; cho groups(815)
C07C47/16                     Trichloroacetaldehyde(19)

The allocation method chlorella // 2160247
The invention relates to chemical technology and relates to a method of allocation Chlorella products from the chlorination of ethanol

The method of obtaining technical chlorella // 2154051
The invention relates to chemical technology, namely the production of technical Chlorella used for the synthesis of plant protection agents, pesticides, trichloroacetic acid

The method of purification of gases produced chlorella // 2138477
The invention relates to chemical technology and can be used in the production of Chlorella for cleaning abgasnorm hydrogen chloride from chlorine, ethyl chloride and other chlorinated organic impurities