Preparation by oxidation (C07C47/07)

C   Chemistry; metallurgy(319045)
C07   Organic chemistry(61593)
C07C47        Compounds having ; cho groups(815)
C07C47/07                     Preparation by oxidation(18)

ethod of obtaining carbonyl compounds c2-c4 // 2570818
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of obtaining carbonyl compounds, namely ketones and aldehydes C2-C4, which find different application as valuable semi-products of FINE and basic organic synthesis, as well as are widely applied as solvents. Method is carried out in gas phase by interaction of nitrous oxide with mixture of aliphatic C2-C4 olefins and alkanes at temperature 300-550C and pressure 1-100 atm.EFFECT: method makes it possible to obtain valuable target products with high productivity and high total selectivity with explosion safety of work.12 cl, 4 tbl, 30 ex

Single-step method of producing acetaldehyde from ethylene and acid // 2454395
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a single-step method of producing acetaldehyde via oxidation of ethylene in the presence of aqueous catalyst solution consisting of copper chloride and palladium chloride solution, while maintaining circulation of the aqueous catalyst solution in a reactor with a recirculating loop consisting of a reactor and a fog trap, characterised by that the entire outer wall of the reactor with a recirculation loop is heat insulated and its part which is under pressure is made from material which is resistant to corrosion by the aqueous catalyst solution or from ordinary material which is not resistant to corrosion by the aqueous catalyst solution, wherein the inner wall of the reactor is coated with corrosion-stable material having sufficient thermal stability at reaction temperature.EFFECT: use of the present method improves volume-time-output factors, thereby increasing efficiency of the apparatus.7 cl, 1 dwg

A method of producing aldehydes // 2212396
The invention relates to a method for producing an aldehyde intermediate of organic synthesis

The method of obtaining saturated monoallelic // 2205174
The invention relates to a method for saturated monoallelic - intermediate products of organic synthesis