Vanillin (C07C47/058)

Dehydration of water-containing formaldehyde source and method for production of ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid ester // 2632869
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method for water-containing source formaldehyde dehydration involves formaldehyde source contacting with a zeolite membrane in a manner effective to recover at least a portion of water from the formaldehyde source. At that, the water-containing formaldehyde source contains a separation intensifier with relative static permittivity between 2.5 and 20 at 20C and at atmospheric pressure, and the water-containing formaldehyde source additionally contains methanol. The invention also relates to a method for ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid ester production, which comprises contacting of the dehydrated formaldehyde source obtained by the above method with a carboxylic acid ester in the presence of a catalyst.EFFECT: dehydration method allows to separate water from the formaldehyde source with high efficiency.15 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl, 21 ex

ethod of obtaining formaldehyde raw material with low water content // 2338737
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to the method of obtaining formaldehyde raw material, which involves separation of the contained formaldehyde product from a formaldehyde solution, water and methanol, where the contained formaldehyde product has considerably lower content of water than the formaldehyde solution. Separation is done by distillation of the formaldehyde solution in the presence of a water absorbing compound. The water absorbing compound is chosen from a group, consisting of saturated or unsaturated carboxylic acid, ester and carbonyl compound.EFFECT: allows for obtaining a formaldehyde product with low water content.8 cl, 1 dwg, 2 ex
ethod for separating products of propylene hydroformylation // 2254323
FIELD: organic chemistry, chemical technology.SUBSTANCE: technology for separation of hydroformylation products by naphthenate-evaporating schedule of oxo-synthesis. Separation of propylene hydroformylation products after its decolbatization is carried out by a single evaporation under atmosphere pressure with separation of distillate - fraction of butyric aldehydes from the vat residue - cobalt salts solution in high-boiling by-side products. Indicated evaporation with separation of vapor phase from liquid phase is carried out in separator device under atmosphere pressure, at temperature of liquid phase 90-115°C or 130-170°C with reinforced circulation of liquid phase through boiler at the circulation ratio = (3-30):1. Then the successive additional extraction aldehydes and alcohols from the vat residue are carried out by a single evaporation under vacuum. Method provides reducing loss of cobalt catalyst at the stage for separating products of oxidative decolbatization, and improved economic indices.EFFECT: improved method for separating.9 ex

Processing formaldehydefree mixtures // 2217413
The invention relates to an improved method for the removal of formaldehyde or its adducts of organic liquid mixtures obtained in the production of methyl methacrylate containing at least a carboxylic acid or an ester of carboxylic acid and formaldehyde or its adducts, which forms a two-phase mixture of water, comprising at least one extraction liquid organic mixture in the system liquid-liquid using water as the extractant with getting the flow of the organic phase and flow of the aqueous phase, and the flow of the organic phase contains significantly reduced the concentration of formaldehyde or its adducts compared with the liquid organic mixture

A method of obtaining a stable containing methanol solutions of formaldehyde // 2088566
The invention relates to a method for producing stable solutions of formaldehyde with methanol

A method of obtaining a concentrated gaseous formaldehyde // 2065433
The invention relates to a method of obtaining a concentrated gaseous formaldehyde, used as raw material for the preparation of organic compounds as monomer and polymer layers, in particular, urea, phenol, melamine, acetylenic, etc

A method of obtaining a concentrated gaseous formaldehyde // 2065432
The invention relates to a method of obtaining a concentrated gaseous formaldehyde used for the synthesis of numerous organic compounds on the basis of Monomeric formaldehyde, which is widely used for the production of polymeric materials, such as urea, phenol, melamine, polyacetale resin and film-forming and sealing materials, adhesives, isoprene and other products