Opening or closing bottles, jars or similar containers and liquid handling (B67)

B67            Opening or closing bottles, jars or similar containers; liquid handling(2482)

Dosing device equipped with device for reservoir placement // 2615626
FIELD: valves production.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to pressure dosing reservoir (1) containing a liquid and closed by shutoff element (8) containing first hole (15B) shifted relative to the shutoff element base middle point. Reservoir shall be installed on dosing device (2) containing first tube (15A) inserted into the corresponding first shifted hole (15B) of the shutoff element. Shutoff element (8) also has cutouts at its lower side (17) engaging with cutouts in device (22) to hold the shutoff element of the reservoir, said device (22) of fixing the shutoff element is located in the device fixation part and provides loading by means of engagement the corresponding shutoff element of the reservoir in such a way, that first shifted hole (15B) of shutoff element (8) is directly engaged with appropriate first tube (15A) of the device.EFFECT: proposed is a dosing device equipped with a device for a reservoir placement.12 cl, 3 dwg

Sonotrode and device for reduction and elimination of foam formation in liquid products // 2613863
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: sonotrode (10) and device (20) with, at least, one sonotrode (10) for ultrasonic field generation in industrial production processes, such as chemical, food, oil, pharmaceutical and related to beverages or production processes for reduction and elimination of foam formation in liquid products, wherein sonotrode has compact shaped housing in form of single part, wherein sonotrode (10) has main housing part (1) with connector for connection to high-frequency generator and has front surface (2), from which ultrasonic field is directed to defoamed product (3) preset point or area, wherein main housing part (1) has shape of compact bar and front surface (2) has concave shape relative to product surface, so, that ultrasonic field is focused and directed to defoamed product (3) foam certain area in concentrated form as compared to unfocused ultrasound.EFFECT: ultrasonic field generation.14 cl, 4 dwg

Fluid medium transfer unit and for fluid medium transfer methods // 2612985
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to liquid medium dosing system and unit, including connecting device, valve, housing, user interface, filling device and fitting for connection with liquid medium source. Connecting device may include magnetic ring, press-fitted into vessel bottom. Valve can include fluid medium vessel proper accommodation first sensor detecting by magnetic material, located in fluid medium vessel bottom, piston, having connected to it piston rod, wherein piston selectively places valve in communication via fluid medium with fluid medium vessel, and solenoid, connected to piston rod and moving piston rod for piston displacement between open and closed positions. User interface can be connected to valve, providing selection of, at least, fluid medium vessel size and dosing mode.EFFECT: thus, enabling rational and effective supply of carbonated beverages, as well as providing possibility of unit parts adaptation in accordance with customer requirements.20 cl, 60 dwg

Cork remover for bottle containing sparkling liquid // 2611995
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a cork remover for a bottle containing sparkling liquid comprising: an outer body (a), and an inner body (b), having cork-gripping means (c) and being slidably mounted in outer body, characterized in that cork remover comprises a notch (d) for positioning outer body over a bottle cork's safety harness, bottle-gripping means on outer body for engaging on bottle neck and means (e, f) for restricting inner body's sliding movement in cork's expelling direction.EFFECT: present invention solves problem related to ease of use.6 cl, 4 dwg

Underwater unit for fluid loading / unloading without berthing // 2610844
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: underwater unit for fluid loading / unloading without berthing comprises a section of at least two steel pipelines connecting the offloading pump unit with the subsea distribution manifold. The manifold contains a drainage tank with shut-off valves, pressure relief valves and a drain pump. The drain vessel is made as a steel vessel the upper part of the housing of which contains the receiving and drain throats. The housing bottom has bypass holes. The inner space of the steel vessel is divided into two chambers by an orifice of elastic material. The receiving and drain throats are located on the same side of the orifice. The overflow holes are located on the other side of the orifice.EFFECT: possibility for improvement of efficiency of protection of underwater pipelines from hydraulic impact phenomena while preventing the discharge into environment.5 cl, 7 dwg

Protective device for dispensing pressurised foamy and carbonated beverages into glass vessel // 2607544
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food industry, in particular, to trading equipment, and can be used for dispensing of beverages from an isobarometric container into glass containers. Protective device includes a hollow detachable housing, configured to accommodate a glass container for beverage, comprising an upper part with a neck and seal, and lower part with a bottom, and having on section of interfacing its upper and lower parts elements of detachable connection, providing coaxial tight abutment of neck of glass container to seal of neck of housing of protective device. Bottom in lower part of housing is made in form of a detachable disc, having elements of detachable connection with housing and installed with possibility of its axial back-and-forth movement by a length, equal to difference between heights of largest and smallest glass containers, installed in detachable housing of device, and seal is located in lower end part of neck of housing to allow tight abutment end of neck of glass container for beverage with lower end of neck of housing of protective device and is made in form of an elastic ring, attached to lower end of neck of housing and having a conical contact surface with end of neck of glass container made in form of a cone or socket.EFFECT: technical result is broader functional capabilities of protective device.8 cl, 10 dwg

Device and method of pouring and dispensing beverages // 2606868
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: method of pouring and dispensing beverages uses a disposable device, including disposable and freely standing container (100) made of plastic by blow molding of preliminary shape in form of a single structure, and a tubular structure having tube (136) to be inserted into container, and closing cover (102). Thin-wall container (100) is filled with a beverage through tube (136) and then closed by closing cover (102). Said filled assembly (100, 102, 136) is sent to an end consumer and is connected to standard beverage dispensing device (138).EFFECT: after use empty container (100) is compressed and ejected along with tubular structure, which is also made of plastic.36 cl, 8 dwg

Water intake and air bottle for water dispenser sterilization system // 2605060
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: sterilization system using ozone-air mix for cleaning of water intake pin (6) and air cavity (10) of bottle (9) for water dispenser, using as water source bottle (9) installed neck down for gravity water supply from bottle (9) into water tank (11), placed inside dispenser and having air cavity (8), containing funnel (7) to hold bottle (9) and water intake pin (6) for water supply from bottle (9) into water tank (11) fitted inside dispenser, ozone generator (2) and control device (13). In water intake pin (6) two longitudinal channels are made for separate supply of water from bottle (9) into water tank (11) and ozone-air mixture into bottle (9). At that water, water intake pin (6) is equipped with protective shell to prevent ingress of air from water tank (11) air space (8) into bottle (9). Protective shell is equipped with inlet channel connected with ozone generator (2) for supply of ozone-air mixture into protective shell during taking water from tank (11) for replacement of water poured from bottle (9) with ozone-air mixture from ozone generator (2).EFFECT: disclosed is water intake pin and air bottle for water dispenser sterilization system.6 cl, 7 dwg

Unit for collecting extremely hazardous medical waste and method for collecting extremely hazardous medical waste using the unit // 2604785
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medicine and biology. Unit and method for collecting extremely hazardous medical waste are proposed. Unit comprises a loading device, a container for collecting waste and a former, installed in a tabletop of an automatic digging up station. Loading device is a disposable, includes a branch pipe and a receiving part to be inserted into the former. Branch pipe of the loading device is fixed in the container for collecting waste, container is installed on a table elevator of the automatic digging up station. Proposed method comprises fitting a branch pipe of the loading device in the container for collecting waste, installation of the container together with the loading device on the elevator and fixation of the receiving part in the former. Then, the container is filled with medical waste and carriage with the container is lowered. After that, the loading device and container are recycled.EFFECT: invention provides simplified and optimized collecting extremely hazardous medical waste.4 cl, 4 dwg

Device and method of sterilization of gates for vessels // 2604309
FIELD: medical equipment.SUBSTANCE: device and method for sterilization of gates for closing of bottles or similar vessels, namely for sterilization of gates in form of caps, with transfer system for movement of gate valves through at least one processing zone, where gates are sterilized, wherein system has at least one rotating disc with possibility of rotation around axis (MA) of machine or rotor with multiple closure receiving devices made along circumference of rotating disc, by means of which gates are moved through at least one processing zone in processing section between section of gate feed and section of gates' unloading.EFFECT: at least at one section of processing there is at least one position of application with sterilizing agent sprayer directed at least at one closure receiving device for supply of sterilizing agent to gates received in individual closure receiving device.13 cl, 4 dwg

Device for pouring liquid containing solid gas absorbent // 2604010
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: present invention proposes a kit for filling liquids containing: (a) device actuated by pressure (2) for filling which contains means (21) for receiving container (1) which holds the liquid for pouring; device (10A) for filling the liquid from said container (1) after its installation in the device; chamber (30) containing solid adsorbent (30A) suitable for air adsorption; device (15A) for connection of said chamber (30) with inner part of container (1) after its installation in the device; and (b) the air compressor (29), which is detachably connected with said chamber (30).EFFECT: filling of liquids.15 cl, 12 dwg

Container closure for vented spout through elongated hole // 2603594
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed is closure (20, 20A) for a container, which has a hole into the inner part of the container, in which a content can be stored. Closure (20, 20A) includes the following: (A) housing (30, 30A) of the closure making (i) spout hole (50), which can be linked with a hole of the container and which can provide the content emptying through spout hole (50), and (ii) at least one vent hole (60), which can be linked with the hole of the container and is able to ensure supply of the ambient atmosphere through vent hole (60) into the container, and (B) cover (32, 32A) for closing closure (20, 20A).EFFECT: spout hole (50) has an elongated configuration oriented along line (A) of the central axis dividing in halves spout hole (50) and housing (30) of the closure.8 cl, 14 dwg

ethod and cartridge device for carbonation of beverages // 2600721
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cartridge for aerating or other gas dissolution in initial liquid, such as water, in order to obtain beverage. Cartridge can be provided with a gas source used for supplying gas to be dissolved in initial liquid. Same cartridge containing a gas source or other cartridge may contain beverage material such as powdered mixture for preparation of beverage or liquid syrup for mixing with initial liquid to produce drink. Due to use of one or several cartridges with gas source and beverage material a simple in use and clean beverage preparation system can be created in home conditions.EFFECT: additionally beverage outlet is controlled.15 cl, 65 dwg

Combination of container for liquid food product and some amount of displacement medium and use of displacement medium // 2598295
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is combination of container (1) for liquid food product and some amount of displacement medium (2) for placing container under pressure for liquid food product flowed from container (1) through hole (11), wherein at same time at temperature of 5 C displacement medium (2) has pressure of saturated steam of more than 115 kPa, and at temperature of 25 C has pressure of saturated steam of less than 1,000 kPa.EFFECT: disclosed is combination of container (1) for liquid food product and some amount of displacement medium (2).16 cl, 4 dwg

Sea system and method of transfer of fluid medium // 2598127
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sea transport. Proposed marine fluid medium pumping system containing boom (2100) and at least one movable pipe (3000) for transfer of fluid medium, attached to the boom. Note here that said moving pipe (3000) contains starting from the point of attachment, area for elongation, then the external valve (3210) for connection with external loads pipe shunting rope, called external shunting rope (4100), maneuvering from boom (2100) and also connected with free end of movable pipe at the point called cable attachment point, the attachment point is rigidly connected with external valve (3210), second shunting rope, named internal shunting rope (4300) connects the intermediate point of the movable tube (3000) with the boom.EFFECT: invention also relates to a corresponding method of fluid medium pumping and allows to pump fluid much simpler, fast and safe by simplification, in particular, stages of connection and disconnection of pipelines of two vessels.19 cl, 16 dwg

Sealing cartridge assembly // 2597821
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: sealing cartridge assembly which embodies present invention comprises an outer body of the sealing cartridge and internal central guide disc with a number of peripherally spaced gripping segments of gripping device installed thereon. Each gripping segment comprises an inner gripping section for engagement with respective lid and outer curved surface. External housing of sealing cartridge is determined by multiple inward curved drive surfaces designed for appropriate engagement with external curved surfaces of gripping segments in order to make rotary drive of the external housing of the sealing cartridge as a whole actuate gripping segments and guide drive for actuation of segments radially engaged with the respective lid.EFFECT: proposed is structure of sealing cartridge.9 cl, 6 dwg

Dosed feed of fluids from container connected to cover of built-in pump // 2596471
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: device for dispensing liquid includes container (203) coupled to integrated pump cap (202), integrated pump cap (202) including a pump coupled to an intake port to container (203) and an output port configured to dispense liquids from container (203) when pump is activated. Invention also describes a system and a method of dispensing a liquid.EFFECT: liquid dispensing device is disclosed.59 cl, 10 dwg

Nozzle for pouring pre-dosed portion of liquid, method for making nozzle for pouring pre-dosed portion of liquid, and vessel lid with such nozzle for pouring pre-dosed portion of liquid // 2596464
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the nozzle (1) for pouring pre-dosed portion of liquid containing pouring part (3) with pouring opening (3a), and containing flange part (2) connected to pouring part (3), flange part (2) has two sides, fastening side (2k) and reverse side (2i), and fastening side (2k) faces pouring part (3) and designed for fastening on multilayer package (6), and on the reverse side (2i) of flange part (2) there is an oxygen-impermeable film (8) welded to the reverse side (2i) of flange part (2), so that pouring hole (3a) on the back side (2i) is tightly closed with film (8).EFFECT: pouring pre-dosed portion of liquid.27 cl, 19 dwg

Robotized complex for processing of containers // 2596126
FIELD: oil industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for unloading and cleaning of tanks with oil products, and can be used, in particular, to discharge of fuel oil from drums. Robotized complex processing of containers includes unit of unloading of oil products, equipped with device for transfer of oil products, receiving tank for discharged oil products, connected to the main output of oil products, and additionally contains preparatory unit equipped with robot-manipulator for containers opening and covers placement to cleaner, covers cleaning device, accumulator for pure covers; container cleaning assembly equipped with robot-manipulator for installation of containers into cleaning device, containers cleaning device; preparatory unit, unit of unloading of oil products and cleaning containers are installed on production process line and interconnected with conveyor.EFFECT: technical result obtained at implementation of declared invention is increased efficiency and automation of containers unloading processes.3 cl, 1 dwg

etering device equipped with removable dosing cartridge // 2593107
FIELD: machine building. SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to batcher (2), providing easy placing container (1) together with new dispensing branch pipe (10A) at low costs. After placing container (1) in retaining part (201) of device metering cartridge (100) comes into mesh with host system made in dosing part (201) of device, which is movable relative to retaining part of first loading position into second proportioning position. Dispensing cartridge (100) partially encloses dosing nozzle (10A) with its two ends inlet and outlet (10IN, 10OUT)-projecting beyond first and second side of cartridge, so that output part (10D) of dispensing branch pipe is elastic. After engagement of cartridge with receiving system elastic output part engages with shutoff valve, while inlet (10IN) indicates at dosing container opening. EFFECT: inlet (10IN) of dispensing branch pipe is inserted into metering orifice (10B) of vessel after movement of dosing part (202) of device in its second proportioning position. 14 cl, 3 dwg

Tool for pouring of liquid, equipped with anti-drip valve system // 2591088
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a dispensing apparatus comprising container (1) containing a liquid to be dispensed, dispensing tube (10A) bringing in fluid communication with ambient volume inside container containing liquid, said dispensing tube having flexible, resilient portion (10D) ending in outlet (10OUT) of diameter, D, and being engaged in pinch valve system (300) comprising a squeezing member (303) suitable for squeezing and obturating a section of flexible portion (10D) located at a distance, h, from outlet (10OUT).EFFECT: ratio h/D of distance, h, to outlet diameter, D, is not more than 2, preferably, not more than 1 5/10, more preferably, not more than 1.11 cl, 5 dwg

Device for degassing and sealing of vacuum tubes // 2590995
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in manufacturing of vacuum tubes for venous blood sampling for analysis. Device for degassing and sealing of vacuum tubes includes a vacuum chamber coaxial with a removable sleeve. Vacuum chamber comprises a cylindrical housing with a nozzle for air pumping, a bottom with a nipple for connection of a removable sleeve and a cover with a central nipple. Between the cover and the housing there is a fixed elastic membrane, in which a rod is coaxially mounted with the possibility of movement along the axis, in the lower part, the rod has a head located inside the chamber directly under the membrane, and there is a circular thrust in the upper part. There is a locking device for rob fixation in the upper part of the cover, a return spring is in the nipple between the cover of the chamber and the rob circular thrust. Removable sleeve is made with a bell in the lower part of which there is a sealing ring. There are quick-detachable connection elements on the exterior surface of the nipple of the chamber bottom and on the inner surface of the sleeve bell.EFFECT: device has simple design and reduces the possibility of probable vacuum leakage.1 cl, 1 dwg

Vessel for receiving pressurised drinking liquids // 2590992
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: vessel for receiving pressurised liquid drinks, such as beer, soft drinks and wine is equipped with overhead fitting, connected to connecting pipe for filling or emptying drinking liquid, and a safety burst. Safety burst is formed as a single piece on fitting, extending and arranged concentrically with hydraulic connection with inner space of container wall hole of fitting collar. Collar receives a membrane bursting element protecting and closing wall hole.EFFECT: invention provides simple protection from excessive pressure.4 cl, 4 dwg

Vessel for transportation of compressed gas // 2589811
FIELD: shipbuilding.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly to compressed gas transfer by sea transport. Proposed ship for transportation of compressed gas, which hull is divided into cells with vertical guides, at least one bulkhead in which is water and gas tight, unified containers with horizontal vessels for compressed gas are installed on each other in guides, which are connected with ship system of compressed gas transfer, wherein ship hull is divided into cells so that in area of at least one cell limiting bulkhead distance is provided from 0.8 to 2 m and compressed gas distribution headers, pipelines with shutoff valves, compressor, and emergency control devices are located in this space.EFFECT: technical result consists in enhanced performances for transportation of compressed gas vessel, expansion of its functional capabilities.12 cl, 6 dwg

System for pumping fluid medium, particularly liquefied petroleum gas, between first marine unit and second marine unit // 2588553
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to system (10) of fluid transfer between first marine plant (11) and second marine plant (12), containing hose (25) transfer deployable between two sea plants, first end (28) is connected to pipeline first sea plant (11), second end (29) is intended for connection with collector (20) of second marine unit (12). Hose pump comprises first flexible section (30) passing in form of overhead line, second flexible section (32) passing essentially vertically directed downwards free end (29) which is equipped with connector (27) for connection with collector (20) of second marine plant (12), curved adapter (31) located between first flexible section and second flexible section (32), wherein hose (25) transfer is suspended under support-guide structure (40) by means of sling (52) connecting support structure (40) and point of curved adapter (31).EFFECT: invention improves operational characteristics of fluid medium pumping in sea conditions.13 cl, 6 dwg

Container holder and container carrier // 2588476
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: container holder suitable for receiving and holding a container, said container holder comprising a base frame for receiving said container, and at least one supporting member; characterised in that said at least one supporting member is pivotally mounted on base frame such as to pivot between first position in absence of container and a second position when container is received in base frame; container holder further comprises a displaceable element movably mounted in base frame such as to move along a predetermined distance that is proportional to pivotal angle of said at least one supporting member and in that a displacement sensor responsive to predetermined distance of displaceable element such as to detect at least determine its diameter when received in container holder.EFFECT: receiving and holding container.13 cl, 6 dwg

Ampoule opener - 4 // 2587939
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for opening ampoules having a constriction. Ampoule opener is shaped to bracket forming in its gap slot repeats the shape of ampoule tip and constriction with a gap, the gap in the thickest part of the tip is greater than the gap in the constriction or in the area of end part of the tip. Branches of the bracket have a bridge in the narrowest part of the gap.EFFECT: for convenience the clamp has two such wedge-shaped slots at its opposite ends.4 cl, 2 dwg

Plug transportation system, as well as production line for plug and cap cleaning, located between machine for cleaning rubber plug and filling and sealing machine // 2585719
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a rubber stopper transport system and a production line for cleaning rubber stoppers, filling and sealing, used between machine to clean rubber stopper and filling and sealing machine. System for transporting rubber stoppers consists of a pipeline for transporting rubber stoppers (1), wherein inlet opening of pipeline (1) is connected to outlet tube (21) of machine to clean rubber stopper (2). Outlet opening of pipeline (1) is connected to sealing station (31), filling and sealing machine (3). Height of horizontal conduit for transporting rubber stoppers (1) gradually decreases from inlet to outlet. Production line for cleaning rubber stoppers, filling and sealing consists of machines for cleaning rubber stoppers, filling and sealing machines and above rubber stopper transport system.EFFECT: present invention has a simple structure and low cost, and also reduces risk of secondary contamination of rubber stopper.1 cl, 3 dwg

Device for vacuum capping // 2585472
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: device comprises means of pumping and vacuum chamber 6 in form of bell with sealing collar 12 and cover 3 clamping facility. At that, chamber 6 includes cover 3 preliminary pressing facility including membrane 9 or bellows installed at upper chamber wall 6 and forming sealed area between membrane 9 or bellows and upper wall of chamber, and discharge assembly made in form of channel 10 with valve 7 for feeding air between upper wall of chamber 6 and membrane 9 or bellows, and area of chamber 6 on other side of membrane 9 or bellows is connected with pumping facility.EFFECT: invention provides quality improvement.3 cl, 1 dwg

Device for watering // 2581679
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device for watering comprises a storage container, a feeding tube with a tap, a receiver-collector, flexible irrigation tubes with water outlets, and a siphon with suction and discharge knee bends and a mechanism of the siphon actuation, the suction knee bend of the siphon is made U-shaped with different lengths of its branches, the end of the long branch is equipped with an air cap and the end of the short branch is made with an angle joint and is connected to the discharge knee bend, the end of the discharge knee bend of the siphon is mounted above the lower level of the U-shaped suction knee bend, the actuation mechanism of the siphon is made of the said parts of the siphon.EFFECT: increase in reliability of the device operation, improvement of the uniformity of the distribution of irrigation water through the water outlets, and expanding the range of variation of the supplied flow.11 dwg

ultitower-shaped module system for beverage dispensing // 2580506
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a beverage dispensing system (10) containing a multitower-shaped dispensing module system containing at least the first dispensing head (12) and the second dispensing head (912A) at the post (14), a transport unit (16) positioned at a distance from the post and a pipe system (18) passing from the transport unit to the post. The transport unit contains a centralised ingredient system (20) having multiple sources (22) of the beverage ingredients. The centralised ingredient system is configured for beverage ingredients supply into the pipe system for the first beverage dispensing at the post; the pipe system contains the main microbeam (18A) containing at least two separate lines (324, 326) of beverage ingredients.EFFECT: increased convenience.21 cl, 1 tbl, 11 dwg

Balanced loading hose without base for conveying fluid product // 2580488
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention provides a balanced arm (201) for moving the flowable product, comprising conveyance boom having inner transmission element (208) and an outer transmission element (221) hingedly connected together, and a system (203) of the counterweight for balancing the conveyor boom, said sleeve is characterized in that said boom is mounted on a turntable (215) provided rotatably around a vertical axis, for driving the conveyor boom around this axis, the balancing system comprises at least one counterweight (207; 207') attached to the rotatable about an axis (206) having a general horizontal orientation on a support (251) attached to the rotating platform and operatively associated with the inner transmission element for balancing the boom conveyor.EFFECT: moving the flowable product.23 cl, 8 dwg

Dispensing head for dosing system // 2580087
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to the dosing head (5) made with possibility of connection to the container for beverage over the pipe for extraction in the container for beverage in dosing system. Dosing head comprises a body (13) having the first end (14) and the second end (15), hollow piston (16) located in axial direction with the possibility of movement in housing (13), the piston (16) is connected to the handle (9), so that after actuation of the handle (9) of the piston (16) moved in axial direction to and behind the second end (15) of the housing (13), and opening (10) for gas inlet arranged in the housing (13) which by means of the fluid channel is connected with the gap along the piston (16) and between the housing (13) and the piston (16). EFFECT: besides, gas cutoff element (18) is located in the channel (17) for fluid medium.14 cl, 34 dwg

odule for manual dispensing of foamy and carbonated beverages into glass vessel // 2579346
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food industry, namely to trading equipment, and can be used for pouring beer and other foamy and/or carbonated beverages from isobarometric container into the glass container in retail trade kiosks, shops, restaurants and bars. Module comprises: box for protection of personnel with top and side walls, bottom and door with latch for inlet and outlet from latter of glass container; device for switching streams with control lever, installed above upper wall of box and comprises unions for connection with gas feed pipeline and beverage and sealing assembly of neck of glass container around the pouring channel located inside box and kinematically connected to housing flow switching means; mechanism for tight attachment of neck of glass container to its sealing around the pouring channel switching means flows inside box, attached to its bottom and including platform glass vessel, installed under inlet channel and aligned with it, unit of reciprocating movement of platform coaxially to pouring channel articulated with platform, and control handle of said mechanism discharged from box outside. Box is equipped with cap located above upper wall of cabinet, and base in form of shell and located around bottom of cabinet; top and side walls and bottom box made monolithic from one material or connected in single whole from different materials; cap and base of box are connected to each other posts located outside of side walls of box, means for switching streams is secured at hood, and sealing assembly of neck of glass container around pouring channel is connected to facility for quick connector assembly flows switching.EFFECT: technical result is increased reliability, durability and ease of use of module.5 cl, 4 dwg

Protective device for dispensing of foamy and carbonated beverages into glass vessel // 2579345
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food industry, namely to trading equipment, and can be used for pouring beer and other foamy and/or carbonated beverages from isobarometric container into glass container in retail trade kiosks, shops, restaurants and bars. Protective device includes hollow detachable case to accommodate a glass container for beverage containing upper part with neck and seal assembly and lower bottom part and having at section of its upper and lower parts of elements of detachable connection, providing possibility of coaxial tight abutment of neck of glass container to seal neck of housing. Neck of body has outer shape and sizes of international standard RDF (Plastic Closures Only) or BPF (British Plastics Federation) necks PET-containers, which correspond to shape and size of seat mechanism tight attachment of said case neck to drain channel of device for hand dispensing of foamy and/or carbonated beverages under pressure, sealing assembly is located in lower end part of neck of housing to allow tight abutment end of neck of glass container for drink to lower end of neck of the housing of protective device and elements of detachable connection of neck and lower bottom parts are made in form of bayonet or threaded connection.EFFECT: technical result is expansion of functional capabilities of protective device.11 cl, 6 dwg

Automated composition of drinks // 2578583
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: systems and methods for dispensing beverages are proposed. In one embodiment, the data entered by the user may select a beverage composition. This beverage composition can be a commercially available branded beverage. The second user input may be received, which is made with the ability to change the concentration of an ingredient of the selected beverage composition. That ingredient may be a sweetener, such as sugar. In response to the ingredient regulation the concentration of at least the second ingredient can be automatically regulated to obtain the modified beverage composition. In one embodiment, the data entered by the user regulate the natural sugar, and in response to it the concentration of carbon dioxide is regulated automatically. In another embodiment, the carbon dioxide and another acid can be regulated.EFFECT: in accordance with various embodiments, beverage manufacturers can maintain quality associated with branded beverage, at the same time providing consumers with the ability to enjoy individual beverages.18 cl, 6 dwg

obile filling station // 2575764
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: claimed modular non-polluting mobile station comprises the fuel tank, load-bearing structure with multiple props to support the latter at elevated position at preset distance above the ground surface. Alternative source incorporated therewith is composed by either a solar power supply, or a windmill and makes the primary power supply for this mobile fuel filling station. Station central platform is coupled with at least two aforesaid props. Note here that at least two said props sustain the entire weight of said central platform, note also that said fuel tank and said alternative power supply are mounted at said central platform.EFFECT: perfected design.18 cl, 44 dwg

Dispenser with pivoting cap // 2575596
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to dispenser (2) to house the vessel (1) for dispensing of fluid contained therein. Note here that said vessel comprises body, neck and cover (8) provided with at least first pre-sealed dispensing hole (10B). Note that said dispenser (2) comprises the parts that follow. (a) Retaining part (201) to house the means (21) for vessel retention. (b) Dispensing part (202) with first dispensing pipe (10A) with engagement tip to engage with said cover (8) pre-sealed dispensing hole (10B) to get in communication with the vessel inside. Note here that said dispensing part (202) pivoted with retaining part (201) by at least one hinge (30) to swivel from the first loading position to load vessel (1) onto device (2) and second dispensing position to dispense fluid from said vessel. Dispensing part (202) is displaced from its first loading position to second dispensing position to make aforesaid engaging tip of the first dispensing pipe (10A) through said cover (8) pre-sealed hole (10B). It differs from known designs in that engaging tip is displaced in straight line at the turn of dispensing part (202) relative to hinge (30) to get engaged with the first dispensing hole (10B).EFFECT: perfected design.14 cl, 4 dwg

Swing valve for cask suitable for re-use // 2575436
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: completely suitable for re-use valve body made with possibility of interaction with manhole of the tank, such as beer cask, has internal passage (25) for liquid, and concentric external passage (14) for gas under pressure, with holes (21) for gas under pressure intake to the tank. Immersed pipe (5) connected with bottom end fitting (4) communicating with valve rod (8) inside the valve body. The valve element (6) is made with possibility to control the flow through the concentric passages, at that the spring element (7) located around the rod (8) of the valve pushes the valve element upwards to close the passages. Spring element (7) is formed out of elastic polymer material and contains multiple C-shape sections (7a), installed with inclination in two connected with each other footsteps at opposite sides of the valve rod such that movement of the valve element (6) by means of the valve drive element results in simultaneous elastic deformation of all sections.EFFECT: improved design.7 cl, 1 dwg

Capping under pressure for modification of space above product // 2575002
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fitting of the seal or cap at open end of filled vessel with the first internal pressure and to capping machine to this end. Vessel cap (80) arranged in sealing chamber (84) has to hole to be opened for pressure increase in space (231) above the product to repeated tight closure of the hole. Alternatively, said vessel (1) can comprises panels (801-804) to compensate for pressure drop in its sidewall and/or base.EFFECT: prevention of deformation and development of shape defect at vacuum gage pressure.20 cl, 104 dwg

ethod and device of contactless testing of torque of screw cap // 2574996
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: torque, which is required to open a plastic screw cap (14) which is screwed onto the bottle (10), is determined by the contactless method, due to the fact that the rotational position of the screwed plastic screw cap (14) is determined relative to the bottle (10). The rotational position is determined by the image processing using the label on the bottle (10) and the label on the screw cap (14). The ventilation grooves (30) which interrupt the turns of the screw thread (12) on the bottle neck can be used as a label on the bottle (10), and the predetermined location (32) of rupture on the protective ring (20) of the screw cap (14) can be used as a label on the screw cap (14).EFFECT: improvement of the device.10 cl, 2 dwg

Cover for keg with safety mechanism // 2574068
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: cover for a keg containing a housing and at least one valve element movable with reference to the housing. The cover also contains a locking mechanism with a locking element moved with reference to the housing and capable to hold the valve in the open position. The locking mechanism includes the first and second connecting elements on which the locking element or the valve element can be linked with each other. When the locking element and the valve element are linked on the first connecting element, the locking element moves together with the valve element during the movement of the valve element from the open position to the closed one.EFFECT: movement of the locking element provides engagement between the locking element and the valve element on the second connecting element which occurs at the subsequent movement of the valve element in the open position, for the prevention of return of the valve element to the closed position.15 cl, 11 dwg

Aseptic dosing system // 2573286
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: aseptic dosing system for dispensation of micro-additives having the dilution ratio equal to 10:1 or higher has a micro-additive source designed so that to enable to dispense micro-additives, a steriliser positioned downstream in relation to the micro-additive source, a tap positioned downstream in relation to the steriliser, a macro- additive source communicating with the tap for macro-ingredients dispensation. The tap is designed so that to enable to dilute the micro-additives inside the tap or downstream in relation to the tap and communicates with the dilutor source.EFFECT: dosing system space-efficiency combined with greater variety of beverages.15 cl, 11 dwg

Device to dispense fluid under pressure // 2571802
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device (1) intended for fluid dispensing under pressure. Said device comprises connector (9) for connection of said device to fluid source and dispensing nozzle arranged at the side opposite the device connector end. It can be driven to closed position whereat fluid is not dispensed and to open position whereat said fluid is dispensed. Note here that dispensing nozzle includes the separate valve (12) element interacting with the valve seat (14) and having the head (15) and rod (10). Note here that said rod in closed position extends outward from the hole made in aforesaid dispensing nozzle. Lower surface of said hole in closed position contacts with the valve seat. Note that in said open position it does not contact with the valve seat.EFFECT: perfected design.10 cl, 9 dwg

Filling hose // 2571681
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to system intended for transfer of hydrocarbons via channel between production and/or storage equipment and supply tanker. Claimed system comprises two spaced apart underwater structures and channel for their connection. Said structure has means to suspend appropriate ends of the rope. Channel in water featured stretched W shape and includes the means to keep it afloat. Tope mid part is immersed. Said channel includes at least one extra element to keep is afloat at free end area. Nearby connection means channel free end can float on water surface after separation from second structure.EFFECT: increased spacing between said production and/or storage equipment and supply tanker, higher safety and flexibility.11 cl, 6 dwg

Pump mechanism activated by single turn for long-term aerosol spraying // 2569591
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: drive that can receive long-term discharge of product at one turn of product compression drive bush and prepare said product for spraying. Said assembly comprises piston driven to reciprocation by its body in cylindrical barrel provided with pump chamber. Drive bush engages via engagement disc with lead screw for reciprocation of piston body and piston at drive bush turn. Engagement disc is actuated, first for disengagement of drive bush with lead screw and for displacement of slide valve to open position at depression of product spray drive. Drive assembly can be used with different power accumulation devices such as springs, gases or other resilient materials for pressure application to sprayed product at drive turn.EFFECT: higher operating performances.27 cl, 97 dwg

odular dispensing system // 2568569
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to modular fluid dispensing system including at least one dispensing head at bar counter, transfer unit spaced from said bar counter and pipe extending from transfer unit to bar counter. In compliance with one version, transfer unit comprises centralised system of ingredients containing the set of sources of the drink taste ingredients.EFFECT: perfected design.17 cl, 11 dwg, 1 tbl
High viscous fluids transportation and drain method // 2568084
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method includes low-temperature heating and vibration of near-wall thin layer of the product by impact on metal wall of the vessel or pipeline by pulse currents passing through the inductor attached to the vessel or pipeline wall from the pulse generator installed inside the vessel or pipeline.EFFECT: improved efficiency of pipeline pumping or draining of high viscous fluids with simultaneous reduction of energy costs.

Prevention of particles accumulation during sterilisation processes // 2566888
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method and device for sterilisation with hot filling or cold filling of a container comprising both liquid and solid inclusions. Each of the method and the device prevent accumulation of inclusions in any area of the container, such as a closing facility of the container, thus making it possible for the liquid to contact with inner surfaces of the container during time sufficient to achieve sterilisation of the entire container. The filled container is exposed to a sequence of tilts, usually including alternation of container tilt by the angle of around 60 degrees from the vertical line and angle of around 140 degrees from the vertical line, within the period of time of at least 30 seconds. The device includes a facility for transportation of containers configured to expose containers to impact of a sequence of angles as containers are transported, and also a fence for prevention of containers fall from the transportation facility.EFFECT: improved sterilisation.23 cl, 6 dwg

Device for dispensing beverages, containing self-regulating means of flow control // 2565567
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a device for dispensing beverages, which comprises a self-regulating means (5) of the flow rate control. The device for dispensing, according to the present invention, comprises a reservoir (30, 31) which is under pressure and comprises beverage for dispensing, and a dispensing tube (1) limited by at least one wall and providing fluid communication of the liquid beverage contained in the reservoir, to the outer environment through the first opening (1a) through the valve (35) and the second opening (1b) for the beverage exit from the reservoir (30, 31). At least one section (3) of the said at least one wall limiting the dispensing tube (1) is elastically flexible, and on its inner surface facing the inner part of the dispensing tube (1), the pressure P1 influences, which is set in the tube at that level, and on its outer surface facing away from the dispensing tube (1), the pressure influences, substantially equal to the pressure P2 which is set in the reservoir (30, 31), and the elastically flexible section (3) is suitable for maintaining a substantially constant rate of dispensing under conditions of the predetermined operating pressure range P2 in the reservoir.EFFECT: improvement of the design.13 cl, 6 dwg