Hoisting and lifting and hauling (B66)

B66            Hoisting; lifting; hauling(22679)

Hoisting electromagnet // 2613649
FIELD: magnets.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hoisting electromagnets designs, preferably intended for operation with loose cargo, including hot ones. Electromagnet comprises housing with base, inner and outer poles, poles extenders, control coil, sealing and protective washers. Inner pole expander has shape of whole washer and fixed on protective washer, which is fixed on outer pole expander. Under sealing washer, on expanders and/or protective washer, spacing washer from heat-insulating material is laid. Disclosed are five versions of inner pole expander and protective washer attachment, including, versions with gap between inner pole and its expander. Gap is filled with heat insulating material with high heat resistance.EFFECT: enabling inner pole expander simplified design and electromagnet assembly and disassembly process, more efficient use of electromagnet in operations with hot cargo.9 cl, 7 dwg

echanism for manipulator-boom lifting // 2613203
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is relevant to boom equipment of load-lifting cranes and manipulators. Mechanism for boom lifting includes hydro-cylinder of lifting, which is hinge-connected to column and to boom with the aid of rollers suitable for rolling in sliding guides of column and boom, and provided with rod rigidly connected to it at right angle. The said rod is provided with turning axis coinciding with hinge axis, which connects column and boom to rod at right angle; and the said rod is provided with turning axis coinciding with hinge one, which connects column and boom to rod. Length of rod is equal to one of arm of load applied to guide bar upon optimal position of hydro-cylinder.EFFECT: invention provides boom lifting upon constant angular speed and optimal position of hydro-cylinder with minimal load applied to guide bar when boom is lifted at specified angle respectively, dynamic loadings do not occur, and power spending is lowered It allows increasing reliability of boom machinery of load-lifting cranes and manipulators.1 dwg

Winch fairlead // 2612748
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: winch fairlead includes a guide located parallel to the drum (2), a slide (3), two rollers (4) attached to the slide, between which a rope is passed (10), and a mechanism (6) for slide displacement. The mechanism for slide displacement is provided with two oppositely directed telescopic cylinders (7), one ends of the hydraulic cylinders are connected directly to the slide (3).EFFECT: increased winch traction and simplified design.2 dwg

Lifting ropes in crane trolley guiding device // 2612460
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to crane trolleys. Crane trolley (2) moves along main crane beam (1) and driven by external mechanism. On both sides trolley (2) is equipped with pairs (3, 4) of consecutive rope pulleys, located at distance from each other in trolley longitudinal direction, and under them (6) pulleys are arranged installed on lifting element (5). On both sides of trolley first lifting rope (7) is led from main crane beam first end via rope pulleys first pair (3) one cable pulley (3a) down to pulley (6) and, therefrom, via another cable pulley (3b) is to main beam second end, and second lifting rope (8) is led from main beam (1) second end via rope pulleys second pair (4) one cable pulley (4a) down to pulley (6) and, therefrom, via another cable pulley (4b) is to main beam first end. Device employs pair of rope pulleys, containing rope pulleys of different sizes, installed on trolley in sequential attachment points so, that they are overturned relative to each other, wherein in pairs of consecutive pulleys rope pulleys of different sizes are arranged in one line, if viewed in trolley longitudinal direction.EFFECT: enabling device improvement.7 cl, 2 dwg

Hook suspension // 2612225
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: hook suspension comprises a hook, a cross beam, a fastening element to fix the hook on the cross beam, and a thrust bearing, and also a stop device in the form of a cylinder cut into four parts, with an inner conical hole, a stop screw with left thread at its end part for screwing into a hole arranged in the hook tail. The middle part of the stop screw is made as cylindrical, between the screw and the cut cylinder there is a bushing in the form of a truncated cone, into the through cylindrical hole of which the stop screw enters. The outer side surface of the bushing is coupled with the internal conical surface of the cut cylinder.EFFECT: extended possibility of operation in various cross beams, increased convenience of operation, improved convenience of installation, dismantling.1 dwg

Loader load lifter // 2611675
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: lifting or lowering the fork (21) are performed by means of switching the engine, which by means of a worm (17) and a worm wheel (16) rotates the drive sprocket (14) of the chain transmission. Wherein the rotation of the driven sprocket (20) on the axis (18) and the movement of the chain (15) together with the truck carriage (19) and the fork (21) fixed by means of the engine shutdown are performed. For the guides (7) deviation from the vertical, the engine is switched on, which rotates the shaft (13) with the worm (12), which through a gear wheel (11) and the worm connected to it (9) rotates the geared wheel (8) with the axis (6) and the guides (7). After the guides deviation to the desired position, they are fixed by means of the engine shutdown. Turning the wheel (2) with the guides (7), the cargo carriage (19) and the fork (21) around the vertical axis is performed by an engine rotating the worm 5 moving the geared wheel (2) on the bushing (3) together with the stands. The fork (21) having reached the desired position on the horizontal plane, said engine is turned off, providing the platform fixation due to the worm gear self-locking.EFFECT: simplified design, extended functional possibilities and improved operating characteristics.7 cl, 2 dwg
obile hoisting complex for loading, transporting and unloading of railway rails and method for its operation // 2611473
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to railway transport and is designed for all types of railway track repair. The complex contains two freight platforms 2 mounted on undercarriages 3, and includes two cantilevered rotary cranes 4 (one for each platform 2), turnstiles 16 (two on each platform 2) and end shields 25 (two on each platform 2), power plant 13 (in the end portion of one of platforms 2) and casings of different size 15 (near power plant 13). Cranes 4 are provided on supporting plates 6, provided with moving mechanisms collectively made roller units 7 and worm gear 8. If necessary, cranes 4 are moved from one side of platform 2 to the opposite. Rails 1 are loaded on one or two platforms 2. Each crane 4 is connected to the control, audible and visual alarm system 10 by portable hand panels 11 (radio) and 12 (cable control). Rails 1 12.5 m long are loaded by one crane 4 on one of platforms 2 controlling by one of panels 11 or 12, then by the other crane 4 from the other panel 11 or 12 on another platform 2. On two platforms 2 two 25 m long rails are loaded using two remote controls 11 or 12 of two cranes 4. Tourniquet 16 is designed as frame 17 with horizontal support beam 21 on top, with thrusts 22 and support plates 23. Pad 24 is laid upon each row of loaded rails 1, and each four rows of rails 1 are pressed in turnstile 16 by the clamping screws. End panels 25 are provided with working areas 27, which control close fitting of rails 1 and rails 1 displacement during transportation. Transportation is carried out at a speed of up to 90 km/h.EFFECT: invention allows to extend the operational capabilities of the complex, to improve safety and performance of the complex and its equipment.7 cl, 5 dwg

Loading crane boom // 2610898
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic crane booms. Hydraulically controlled boom (100) for loading crane (101) includes, at least, two boom extensions (1, 2), one boom extension is made in form of boom external extension (1), and second boom extension is made in form of boom internal extension (2), at least, two telescopic cylinder (11, 21) for extension and retraction of said, at least, two boom extensions (1, 2). Hydraulic circuit for working medium (5), particularly oil, includes retraction pipeline (6) for telescopic cylinders (11, 21) retraction with pressure supply, retraction pipeline (6) ends in boom external extension (1) telescopic cylinder (11), working medium (5) supply tank, distributing valve (22), which when boom external extension (1) certain retracted position is achieved, in particular, when boom external extension (1) is, substantially, completely retracted, can be switched into open position and upon that supplies boom internal extension (2) telescopic cylinder (21) with pressurized working medium (5). Working medium (5) of retracting pipeline (6) between tank and return point (12) into boom external extension (1) telescopic cylinder (11) in any position of boom internal extension (2) telescopic cylinder (21) is not communicated with boom internal extension (2) telescopic cylinder (21), until boom external extension (1) is reached its retracted position.EFFECT: enabling hydraulic boom improvement.15 cl, 6 dwg

Device preventing support leg sliding and self-propelled machine // 2610895
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices, preventing to self-propelled machine support leg sliding. Device, preventing support leg sliding, comprises base, support leg, retainer and sliding guide structure. Sliding guide structure is located between support leg and base, and support leg allows sliding along base along specified direction by means of sliding guide structure, and retainer is located on base and support leg, and when support leg slides to preset fixation position along base along specified direction by means of sliding guide structure, retainer can lock support leg on base. Self-propelled machine contains fixed frame, A-shaped support leg, telescopic power mechanisms and device, preventing support leg sliding.EFFECT: enabling improved characteristics of lateral support leg sliding counteracting.10 cl, 16 dwg
echanism of backhoe column rotation // 2610848
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: mechanism of backhoe column rotation comprises a rotary column with a gear fixed on it, a geared rack installed inside hydraulic cylinders, into pistons of which damping devices are built, and in covers of hydraulic cylinders there are channels communicating with a distributor of a basic machine hydraulic system. In the mechanism of backhoe column rotation the piston cavities of hydraulic cylinders, as their working fluid pressure increases above the preliminary charing of a hydraulic accumulator, are connected to it via check valves and a discharge hydraulic line, and as their working fluid pressure drops below the atmospheric one, are connected via check valves and a drainage line to a hydraulic reservoir.EFFECT: reduced losses of capacity and increased efficiency of performed works as a whole.1 dwg

Gripper for production of peat and moss raw materials // 2610789
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: gripper comprises a mounting frame, fork jaws fixed to the frame, with gripping teeth, and the gripper jaw control drive. The gripper is provided with a cutting unit mounted with the ability of movement in a plane oriented normally with respect to the rotation axis of the gripper jaws. The cutting unit comprises two pairs of cutting plates, each cutting plate has a curved cutting edge, is bonded to one of the side teeth of one of the gripper jaws and is located in a plane oriented normally with respect to the axis of rotation of the gripper jaws, the cutting plates in each pair in the closed state of the gripper jaws are located with their cutting edges towards each other in the space between the opposing side teeth with the formation of one of the side walls of the gripper jaws. Each cutting plate is mounted with the ability of joint movement with a side tooth attached to it and cutting of the recoverable material before its excavation in closing the gripper jaws.EFFECT: simplification of the material excavation process while reducing its losses.2 cl, 1 dwg

Cross beam // 2610770
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lifting and transporting equipment and may be used in performance of works to lift and transport bulk and large items. Cross beam comprises a rod, at one end of which there is an eye for connection with a crane lifting mechanism, and at the second end - a fork rigidly connected by an axis to the arm, grip brackets hingedly fixed to the ends of the arm with the possibility of rotation in the longitudinal vertical plane, guide forks rigidly fixed to the arm and located next to grip brackets, a drive of synchronous rotation of grip brackets. The arm at the ends has at least two holes for hinged fixation of the grip brackets. Areas of installation of grip brackets have support safety bores, on the base of the arm there are support guide planks, where guide forks are installed, the drive of synchronous rotation of grip brackets is installed on the rod with a positioning mark that determines the depth of cross beam submersion into water. Transmission from the drive to the grip brackets is made with the help of ropes, one end of which is fixed on the grip bracket, and the other one - at the drive stem.EFFECT: universality and reliability of fixation units of grip brackets and guide forks is achieved, possibility of their readjustment for specified dimensions of goods.7 cl, 4 dwg

Weight of material unloaded by lifting mechanism measuring and monitoring system // 2610567
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to weight measurement equipment, in particular, to lifted loads weighing devices, for example, mineral mines skip hoists. Disclosed shipped material measurement and weight control system by lifting mechanism contains, at least, two communication devices, each of which consists of radio modem, Ethernet switch, power supply source. At that, one of communication devices is installed in close proximity to point of skip loading with material, second device is from skip unloading point. Communication devices transmit obtained measurements data over wire communication lines to programmable logic controller, installed in control cabinet. Besides, system also includes data collection station, consisting of radio modem, operating in half-duplex mode, strain transducer, power supply source. Data collection station is installed on skip roof for collection, processing and conversion of signals into digital code for subsequent transmission over radio channel. Skip ropes tension measuring sensors serve for loaded into skip material weight measurement. Upper level sensor, which is connected to data collection station, is installed in skip wall taking into account of maximum filling level, to prevent loaded material transfer into skip.EFFECT: technical result is increase in produced material weight measuring accuracy, controlling material production process, higher safety of operating personnel at material loading, as well as devices error determination, intended for material weight measurement.1 cl, 1 dwg

Elevator counterweight device // 2610331
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: elevator counterweight device comprises counterweight frame, counterweight blocks (2) and pressure plates (1) of counterweight blocks. Counterweight frame is rectangular and composed of two long vertical beams (4), upper beam (3) and lower beam (5). Horizontal butt strap (7) is installed between two long vertical beams (4). Short vertical beam (6) is located between horizontal butt strap (7) and middle part of lower beam (5). Two guide slots of counterweight are made between short vertical beam (6) and two long vertical beams (4). Counterweight blocks (2) are placed between two guide slots from bottom to top, respectively. Two pressure plates (1) of counterweight blocks are installed between short vertical beam (6) and two long vertical beams (4) in upper end of counterweight blocks (2) crossing path of movement of blocks along said two guide slots, respectively.EFFECT: invention provides higher stability of counterweight blocks’ joint.7 cl, 4 dwg

Pneumatic jack // 2609542
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: pneumatic jack powered by a compressor, is an elastic sealed working chamber, formed by multilayer reinforced cord fitted with a reinforced load area. The working chamber is designed as a toroidal shell, folded along the diameter and fixed on the removable pipe structure that combines the unit for the chamber pumping and a handle for carrying the airbag-jack.EFFECT: expansion of airbag-jack functionality.2 cl, 1 dwg

Sliding door of elevator // 2609518
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: sliding door of an elevator comprises folds placed on guides in parallel to each other and joined with a motion mechanism. At least one part of the motion mechanism is made in the form of two worms with crossing mutually perpendicular axes and the first worm wheel (13), which is rigidly fixed on the axis of the first worm (12) or made as a whole with it. The worm (12) interacts with the second worm wheel (11), kinematically connected to the second fold, at the same time the first worm wheel (13) is coupled with the second worm (14), the axis of which is combined with the axis of rotation of the third worm wheel (3). The other part of the motion mechanism is formed by a worm gear, which includes the third worm wheel (3) and a coupled third worm (5), the first fold is kinematicaly joined with the third worm wheel (3).EFFECT: simplified design and improved operating characteristics.6 cl, 8 dwg

Sewage collector cover removal and installation device // 2608436
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to covers removing and fitting device, in particular covers for sewers or ventilation risers or for road manholes. Device comprises retaining device (3), outlining surface to engage with said cover upper surface, lifting support, as well as handle (11), one end of which is located at distance from said lifting support, wherein said retaining device (3), support and handle (11) are located so, that force applied by operator on said end, was transferred on retaining device (3) by means of said lifting support. Said lifting device (3) preferably contains post connected with said handle, wherein said retaining device (3) is made rigid, so that in cover lifting position unit consisting of said cover and said retaining device (3), including said post, was is rigid. Invention also relates to method of such cover removing or installation back in place.EFFECT: invention provides easier cover removal and installation process.17 cl, 10 dwg

Elevator catcher // 2607906
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: catcher is installed on elevator (100a) load lifting device (2a) and comprises braking device (300), which interacts with load lifting device (2a) rail conductor (7). Braking device (300) comprises disc cam (55) capable of turning about axis, which is for activation of catcher is induced to turn on turning angle leading to activation. Due to rotation on turning angle leading to activation disc cam (55) comes in contact with rail conductor (7), due to which rail conductor (7), displacing at load lifting device (2) moving relative to catcher, turns disc cam (55) into position, in which braking device (300) and, thus, catcher create provided braking action relative to rail conductor (7). Catcher actuates electrically controlled activation mechanism (45) with activation lever (47) installed with possibility of turning and activation spring (52), which in case of necessary, via activation lever (47) results in disc cam (55) rotation on leading to activation turning angle. Elevator contains said catcher. Catcher actuating method includes stages, leading to disc cam contact with rail conductor.EFFECT: invention enables reduced power consumption.15 cl, 10 dwg

Cable electric hoist // 2607718
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to handling equipment, particularly to cable electric hoists. Cable electric hoist comprises two frames (1, 2) with working wheels (4), lifting element (16) with hook (17), on one of frames (2) displacement (5) electric motor is attached and on another are installed drum (6), reduction gear (8) and lifting electric motor (9). Lifting electric motor (9) is arranged in drum (6) inner cavity, between frames (1, 2) control axis (3) is arranged, frame (1) with displacement (9) electric motor is made with shelf (13) to support spring-loaded roller (12) spring, made with possibility of rolling along beam crane (14) lower surface (15), and on drum (6) gear rim (10) is arranged with possibility to engage with reduction gear output shaft (8) drive gear (11).EFFECT: enabling improvement of electric hoist design with reduced weight and small overall dimensions.1 cl, 4 dwg

Lifting device // 2607343
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fire or explosion hazardous conditions of mining equipment working and used for delf-installation and self-demounting of manipulator. Lifting device includes manual winch, mainly acting from muscular strength of man, hoisting tackle and manipulator, which should be lift to monorail at the roof of mine working and fixed at last. To four angular points of suspension of the manipulator are fixed uplink branches of balancing rope, that is made infinite. Units of balancing rope are made with possibility of fixing by rod supports to soil and roof of mine working, note here that vertical branches of balancing rope and lifting cable are strictly parallel.EFFECT: invention provides increasing of device reliability.1 cl, 11 dwg
Large-size unloading skip installed on curvilinear guide having external drive and elongated structure // 2607137
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: present invention discloses large-size unloading skip installed on guide with external drive and elongated structure, containing body upper housing (1) and body lower housing (2). Body comprises inner and outer lining plates, attached to each other by plurality of fixing rods, self-locking gate (6) and gate opening device. Loading opening and gate for coal, which is used for locking of coal, when coal is loaded, are arranged on upper body housing upper part, self-locking gate (6) is made of gate sector plates, and discharge rollers are arranged on body lower housing, pan for coal is arranged on self-locking gate lower part. Upper body housing and body lower housing are connected to each other by means of flange connection, and channel sections are welded around upper body and lower body walls, respectively. When skip is in unloading position, telescopic tie-rods with external drive, push discharge rollers to move in guide providing movable unit unloading, so, that self-locking gate is open, and coal is unloaded along pan for coal.EFFECT: due to reliable connection between upper body housing and lower body housing, efficient and convenient fixation of lining board and reliable opening of gate, skip provides possibility of meeting large wells process requirements with capacity of 10 million ton.1 cl, 8 dwg

Auxiliary brake to prevent reverse stroke and exceeding permissible speed of escalator // 2606905
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: auxiliary brake to prevent reverse stroke and exceeding permissible speed of an escalator is installed on the escalator rotation shaft rotating in the forward or reverse direction by a drive motor to move up or down the chain carrying the escalators steps with driving sprockets attached to opposite end sections of the escalator rotation shaft and engaged with the chain; a reverse rotation sensor for identification of the escalator shaft rotation direction; an exceeding permissible speed sensor for measurement of the shaft rotation speed; an auxiliary brake of emergent stop to stop rotation of the shaft; a control unit to control the auxiliary brake of emergent stop by making a decision on occurrence of an emergency depending on signals coming from the reverse rotation sensor and the exceeding permissible speed sensor. Auxiliary brake of emergent stop includes the first braking assembly installed in the middle part of the escalator rotation shaft to apply braking force to the middle part of this shaft, herewith the first braking assembly comprises a brake disc attached to the said shaft. Auxiliary brake of emergent stop includes the second braking assembly installed near the first or the second sprocket.EFFECT: invention provides higher efficiency of emergent stop.1 cl, 11 dwg

Connecting chain clamp // 2606177
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to connecting chain clamp intended for fastening of hoisting chain to lifting element. Connecting chain clamp consists of two identical halves (1a), made to be mounted opposite each other for combined operation. Identical halves (1a) form first space (A) for placement of one chain link or half of chain link for fixation of chain in direction of load lifting or lift force action. First space is open in first direction corresponding to longitudinal direction of connecting clamp. Second space (B) is connected with said first space and is intended for placement of second hoisting chain link, which is connected to first chain link or is subject to connection with half of chain link. Second space is open in both longitudinal directions of hoisting chain.EFFECT: simplified design and higher reliability are achieved.15 cl, 4 dwg

Rail joint and it's method of manufacturing // 2606176
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction of railway tracks, namely, to rail butt joints. Rail joint comprises on abutting ends (4, 5) of continuous rail profile parts (2, 3) of the rail (1) corresponding to each other zigzag-like projections (6, 7). Both ends of rails are attached to the corresponding bearing element. Rail ends attached to the bearing elements are mated with each other. Bearing elements are fixed to each other. Zigzag-like projections (6, 7) are made so that the lower edges (4A, 5A) of rail ends (4, 5) are not zigzag. At that zigzag-like projections extend from lower edges to top surfaces or ends of rails. Lower edges (4A, 5A) of rail ends (4, 5) over the entire width are welded to their bearing elements (8, 9).EFFECT: possibility of uniform and stable load distribution in the joint is reached.12 cl, 5 dwg

Gripping device for manipulating of reinforcement frames for segments of wind power plant tower // 2606161
FIELD: energy; construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gripping devices. Gripping device (1) for manipulating reinforcement frames for segments of wind power plant tower has receiving device (3) for gripping of levers and multiple gripping arms (5), which are star-shaped in receiving device (3) for gripping arms. Connecting mean (13) connectable with reinforcement framework can be installed on each gripping arm, gripping arms (5) are telescopically adjusted along its length by means of engine. Gripping device (1) can be connected with lifting device (7), moving horizontally and vertically, and is intended for picking up the reinforcement framework from device (101) for production of reinforcement frames and/or bottom it in formwork for making of tower segment.EFFECT: providing reliable gripping and manipulation of reinforcement frames.17 cl, 12 dwg

Vip-mechanism for suspended cargo reciprocation // 2605701
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to handling equipment for transfer of suspended cargo in vertical and horizontal planes. Suspended cargo reciprocation mechanism comprises base, converter and carried cargo hinged connection suspension device. Converter is made in form of lead screw installed on base, kinematically connected with suspension device. Carried cargo hinged connection suspension device is made in form of pendular balancer interacting with lead screw, which is pendular single-arm lever, at one end of which screw kinematic pair threaded hole is made for lead screw installation into it, on pendular single-arm lever other end hole is arranged for carried cargo hinged connection.EFFECT: enabling simplified design, reduced dimensions and weight of drive, providing accurate cargo movement on horizontal with low speeds without use of step-down reduction gear with higher gear ratio, as well as reliable retention of carried cargo at specified height without using complex braking mechanisms.6 cl, 6 dwg

Pneumatic jack by n.p. dyadchenko // 2605580
FIELD: tools.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pneumatic tool, specifically to pneumatic jacks. Pneumatic jack, operated from compressor contains two toroidal shells, made with possibility to supply compressed air into each of them. Shells are folded along diameter and laid with bends adjoining into rubber-cord cover, having protectors on outer surface lower part, and load-bearing platform in form of two flanges on outer surface upper part, jamming cover upper beads. Outer flange has lugs for articulation with jack carry over handles. Cover is equipped with arranged in central part hollow cylinder and sleeve telescopically connected with it, between bottoms of which adjustable spring is installed.EFFECT: technical result from use of disclosed invention consists in expansion of functional capabilities and higher capacity of pneumatic jack.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for automated control of asynchronous electric drive of movement with correction of transverse displacement // 2605233
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in mechanisms of moving bridge cranes with a separate electric drive of asynchronous motors of the crane supports. Method for automated control of an asynchronous electric drive of movement with correction of transverse displacement involves using bypass relay-vector systems to control the speed of asynchronous motors of the crane supports with correction of the transverse displacement on the basis of two contactless sensors (17, 18) measuring the distance from preset points of the crane to rails (19, 20) on opposite supports. Signals of sensors D1 and D2 are used for analysis of the crane position basing on calculating differential value Δ12=D1-D2 making it possible to uniquely identify the crane transverse displacement relative to the crane runway. On the basis of the above specified differential value formed is correction signal Uk1/Uk2, which is subtracted from speed setting signal USS1/USS2 of electric motor M1/M2 respectively in the external speed circuit of the relay-vector system of the supports asynchronous motors control. Thus, provided is alignment and elimination of the crane transverse displacement in order to rule out a contact between flanges of the crane wheels and the rails.EFFECT: provided is correction of transverse displacement of a bridge crane with high speed and accuracy, increased service life of the crane running gear, higher efficiency of the equipment use, reduced costs for its maintenance and repair, higher efficiency of the mechanism due to reduction of power consumption.1 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl

Telescopic mast // 2604906
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hoisting devices and can be used in mobile plants of various purpose. On intermediate retractable sections there are fixation locks, on the axes of housings of which there are balance beam (23) and support cover (25) spring-loaded by torsion spring (26) fixing slider (24). Each retractable section includes a fastening element. In the case of the fastening element there is a nut, on the upper and the lower sides of which springs are located. On the base and the intermediate sections there are splines, and on the inner section and the intermediate sections there are stops. On the base and the intermediate sections there are pins (21).EFFECT: invention provides higher reliability of the telescopic mast.1 cl, 7 dwg

Device for adjusting of intermediate body part position in two-level cage and method of this part adjusting and movement // 2604905
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for adjusting of intermediate body part position in two-level cage and method of this part adjusting. Device for intermediate body part (2) position adjusting in large two-level cage comprises guide beam to ensure intermediate body part (2) movement upwards or downwards, arranged on cage posts (1) inner side, chain unit and connecting element, connected to cage suspension plate, wedge-shaped supports made for intermediate body part (2) lowered position fixing and placed symmetrically on both sides of guide beam lower part, limiting unit arranged on guide beam upper part. In limiting unit rod hole is made to lock intermediate body part (2) raised position. Wedge-shaped body parts are arranged on of intermediate body part (2) two side surfaces in positions, corresponding to guide beam and wedge-shaped supports wedge-like surfaces. There is intermediate body part (2) guide wheel, corresponding to guide beam, and guide wheel seat with rod bore, mounted on intermediate body part wedge-like structural part upper part. Prior to installation of large-sized equipment at cage lower level link is made using chain unit to lift main intermediate disc body part from wedge-shaped supports and in rod holes rods are inserted after alignment of intermediate disk part guide wheels rod holes seats and limiting units rod holes on cage posts; after equipment movement from cage, rods are pulled out and main intermediate disc body part is lowered onto wedge-shaped supports.EFFECT: invention enable increasing ease of adjustment.2 cl, 5 dwg

Device for installation on satellite of orbital spacecraft // 2604765
FIELD: space.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment of spacecrafts (artificial satellites) and means of its deployment in orbit. Device has two identical mutually balanced in terms of weight pairs of linear guide mechanisms, installed symmetrically in vertical parallel planes. Each pair, in its turn, comprises pair of flat mirror symmetric and balanced cantilever mechanisms with common support horizontal crossbar. Top ends of outer wings are jointed with deployed spacecraft (SC) in area of its center of gravity, while bottom ends are articulated with crossbar slides. Latter are provided with drives of their synchronous movement in mutually opposite directions. Device provides movement of center of mass of SC along local vertical direction, meeting equilibrium position of satellite in circular working orbit.EFFECT: technical result of invention consists in reduction of disturbing actions on satellite during SC deployment in orbit.8 cl, 7 dwg

Interface unit, conveying system and method for monitoring operating condition of input circuit in safety circuit of conveying system // 2604633
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: interface unit (1) for safety circuit of a conveying system comprises input circuit (2) for signal (3a, 3b) determining safety of conveying system. Input circuit (2) comprises a unit for duplicating path of signal (3a, 3b) transmitted to said input circuit (2). Interface unit (1) comprises means for checking operating state of said input circuit (2). Invention also discloses a conveying system and a method of monitoring operating condition of input circuit in safety circuit of conveying system.EFFECT: simplifying electronic safety circuits by improving diagnosis of electronic safety circuits.20 cl, 2 dwg

System of transport cabin vertical and horizontal movement in lifting unit for overcoming obstacles // 2603996
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: lifting and transportation system for transport cabin (20), which can move along elevated type U-shaped portal (10) connecting two points: departure (A) and arrival (B), comprises columns (11, 12, 13, 14) and guide beams (15, 16), to which said cabin (20) is connected using sliding device, suitable of horizontal movement performing relative to guide beams (15, 16). System also includes carrying devices (300) intended for implementation of vertical displacement relative to guide columns (11, 12, 13, 14). Said carrying devices (300) can be engaged with sliding device for implementing said vertical displacement relative to guide columns (11, 12, 13, 14) of said cabin (20), which displaces in vertical and horizontal directions by means of annular chain, to which sliding device is attached.EFFECT: invention enables improvement of serviceability.5 cl, 14 dwg

Crane // 2603879
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cranes building. Crane (1) contains crane pillar (3) installed on base (2) with possibility of rotation around vertical axis and mounted on crane pillar (3) with possibility of rotation by first hinge (8) the first crane boom (4). At least one hose line (12) leads from first point (13) of attachment on crane pillar (3) or from base (2) to second point (14) of attachment in or on crane first boom (4). Due to rotation of crane boom (4) relative to crane pillar (3) distance between first and second connection points (13, 14) is increasing or decreasing. With distance decreasing sections of at least one hose line (12) are located inside crane first boom (4).EFFECT: enabling reduced hose line damaging.6 cl, 7 dwg

Recuperative generator system for electric loader // 2603811
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: energy-recovery generation system for electric loader comprises hoisting cylinder (9). Output pipeline of hoisting cylinder (9) is provided with pressure sensor unit (1) and directional valve (2). Directional valve (2) is under control of pressure sensor unit (1). First outlet of directional valve (2) is connected to tank (5) through a way of multi-way valve (4) with an operating handle. Pressure oil, flowing out from a second outlet of directional valve (2), passes through pump (7) having an oil suction port capable of bearing pressure or a motor, and then passes through multi-way valve (4), to finally flow back to tank (5). In engine mode, pump (7) having an oil suction port capable of bearing pressure, drives electric motor (16) to output electric energy. Electric energy output end of electric motor (16) is connected to energy storage device (20) through converter (21).EFFECT: invention ensures energy saving.10 cl, 6 dwg

arine self-propelled self-elevating crane vessel // 2603423
FIELD: ship building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building and can be used to create self-elevating crane vessels, optimized for performing construction and erection works at offshore oil and gas production facilities. Marine self-propelled self-elevating crane vessel comprises hull and support-elevating device with three supports, with has shoes and portals with lifting mechanisms, as well as full revolving hoisting crane. Hull is made with ship hull lines. Surface part of hull in aft is made with onboard lugs-sponsons, which are interconnected by strong volumetric structure, superstructure. In onboard lugs-sponsons recesses are made to accommodate supports shoes. In hull aft part two supports are mounted at ship sides on said lugs-sponsons so, that in travel position shoes of said supports are arranged above waterline and recessed in said recesses in lugs-sponsons, and middle support is mounted in ship hull diametrical plane. Lifting crane is mounted with possibility to rotate its rotary part around central support.EFFECT: enabling expanded operational functionality of self-elevating crane vessels.1 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of vehicles movement organizing // 2603046
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport, namely to carriers intended for movement of people. Method of traffic organizing is characterized by motor traffic along circular route, as well as use of horizontal conveyor belt and protective fencing. Belt is made of plates, which are arranged on guides, on which belt horizontal movement is performed. Using at least two closed horizontal conveyor belts located next to each other, wherein their motion vector is formed in one direction. Conveyor belts movement speed is set stepwise with increase of its value from outer belt to inner one with pitch of 3-5 km/h, and circular transport system inner perimeter is equipped with protective fencing. For actuation of conveyor belts magnetic cushion drive is used, which inf bearing structure base contains supporting row of magnets, along which centreing units are installed, and in plates lower part floating row of magnets is mounted. Support and hovering magnets poles are arranged relative to each other so, that in case of their approaching repulsive force is occurred to return conveyor belt into initial position.EFFECT: result is higher passengers transportation speed, enabling higher safety of transportation, as well as possibility of passengers stoping (exit form conveyor belts) at any section of movement, increased passenger traffic.10 cl, 6 dwg

Device for levelling aerodrome lifting mechanism // 2602884
FIELD: airfield equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanisation means used on aerodrome. Device for levelling aerodrome comprises support platform and support platform horizontal alignment sensor position remote support hydraulic cylinders, sensors of contact between rods of hydraulic cylinders with bearing surface, panel and a control unit lifting and lowering of external hydraulic cylinder rods. Support platform horizontal alignment sensor position consists of housing in form of a cylinder made of dielectric material, in which there are switching contacts, current-conducting liquid and damping unit in base of housing.EFFECT: automatic levelling in horizontal plane, reduced time and higher accuracy of alignment.1 cl, 3 dwg

Boom structure // 2602876
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to boom structures on working machines. Boom structure (2) comprises at least two boom branches (2a, b) and the main boom structure (2c), extending from zone (4) of their convergence in working direction. Boom branches are located on the working machine near planes formed by side walls and form continuous structure so, that are fixed relative to each other.EFFECT: perfected boom structure for working machine.14 cl, 6 dwg

Self-braking screw jack with axial electric motor // 2601996
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to screw jacks and serves for cargo lifting and lowering with an automatic stop and latching after disconnection of supply voltage. Self-braking screw jack comprises electric motor, casing of which is connected to hollow cylindrical post reinforced by radial brackets, screw with non-rotating head, nut, bearings. Electric motor is axial asynchronous single-stator and single-rotor, its housing consists of upper and lower bearing shields, fixed to each other, with the inner end side of lower bearing shield the stator magnetic core is fixed, and the rotor consists of rotor magnetic conductor and base, rigidly connected to each other and forming a circular disk, base of which is coupled with a nut by means of spline joint to allow axial displacement between the ledge and the brake lining. Ledge is made on the lower part of the nut, and its diameter is increased value relative to the diameter of the spline joint, and the brake pad is fixed on the brake disc rigidly mounted on the inner end side of the upper bearing shield. Nut is connected with screw by screw joint and is located in the upper and the lower bearing shields with the help of the bearings, on the external part of the ledge the brake spring is mounted, located between the lower end side of the base of the rotor disc and the collar made on the lower part of the ledge.EFFECT: technical result is in increasing lifting power, possibility of the automatic stop and fixing the position of the screw when supply voltage is deactivated on the excitation winding and expansion of high-rise limits of jack is performed.1 cl, 1 dwg

Electromagnetic brake, brake and method for making brake // 2601488
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to machine building, particularly to winch brakes. Electromagnetic brake comprises a frame part, an armature part having a magnetic core, a spring element and an electromagnet. Electromagnetic brake comprises a flat elastic bending damping plate fitted with resistance to bending with creation of damping force. Brake comprises a frame part, an armature part, an air gap and flat elastic bending damping plate. Method of making brake is executed with frame and armature parts. On frame and armature parts, mating surfaces are arranged opposite each other. Method then includes making a flat, elastic bending damping plate and installing in air gap between mating surfaces located in brake.EFFECT: reduced noise level during operation of brakes.15 cl, 7 dwg

ethod and device for mounting rotor hub on wind turbine // 2601058
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind-driven power plants. Rotor hub (1) on a wind turbine, comprises a handling device for lifting rotor hub (1) by means of a crane for mounting rotor hub (1) on nacelle (104) arranged on wind turbine tower (102). Handling device is prepared in such a way that when being lifted on a fastening segment (14) of handling device rotor hub (1) turns from a vertical alignment with substantially vertical hub axis (28) to a horizontal alignment with substantially horizontal hub axis (28).EFFECT: preventing damage of hub.11 cl, 4 dwg

ethod and device for cargo lifting and moving // 2600974
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hoisting devices. Cargo lifting and moving is performed by load-lifting mechanism containing grabbers of cargo retainer at least in one attachment point. For this purpose in grabbers formed the capture maps of distances for the region where displayed part of the surface of the cargo, to which grabbers and/or on which there is another cargo is put are attached, and also the objects surrounding cargo are represented.EFFECT: improvement of control of the grip and movement of cargo is reached.27 cl, 10 dwg

Increased capacity crane // 2600963
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: increased capacity crane relates to handling devices and can be used by sea and by land. Crane comprises floating bodies on which crane stands are leant, in the form of hollow sealed pontoons, equipped with opposed symmetrically ballast compartments. Pontoons are arranged in fluid in additional tanks with transverse control and fixing devices located perpendicular to axis of the pontoon, and longitudinal control and fixing devices located in parallel to axis of the pontoon.EFFECT: increase in accuracy of the crane positioning with displacing heavy and oversized cargo during installation of new equipment is achieved or at replacement of equipment in rooms.5 cl, 17 dwg

ethod and device for mounting rotor of wind energy plant // 2600848
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a lifting beam for lifting and handling a rotor blade of a wind energy plant. Lifting beam for lifting and handling a rotor blade of a wind energy plant, comprising a fastening means for fastening lifting beam to a crane, at least one fastening means for fastening lifting beam to rotor blade, as well longitudinal pivoting means for pivoting rotor blade which is supported by lifting beam about a longitudinal axis of rotor blade, and transverse pivoting means for pivoting rotor blade which is supported by lifting beam about a transverse axis, extending perpendicular to longitudinal axis, wherein longitudinal pivoting means has an actuator for actively pivoting rotor blade, and transverse pivoting means is adapted for passive pivoting and has a brake means and/or a securing means for securing lifting beam in at least two mutually different pivotal positions.EFFECT: invention is aimed at simplifying assembly and dismantling of rotor blade.19 cl, 5 dwg

Guide for elevators or lifts and method for manufacturing said guide // 2600554
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: guide for lifts comprises a base portion, two boundary edges placed at opposite side ends of base portion and a central protrusion emerging from base portion. Guide further comprises at least one mass-redistribution portion formed in base portion and adapted to lighten base portion at an intermediate part thereof included between central protrusion and at least one boundary edge, and also adapted to make base portion heavy at a localised end part thereof in vicinity of at least one boundary edge. Dimensions in cross-section of guide are selected in following ranges: total height varying from 60 to 80 mm; and/or width of base portion in range of 60 to 95 mm; and/or remote bulge width varying from 7 to 18 mm; and/or height of remote thickening in range of 30 to 45 mm; and/or height of at least one boundary rib varies from 6 to 12 mm; and/or height of centre of gravity of cross-section relative to base portion in range of 18 to 30 mm; and/or cross-section area within range of 8 to 20 cm2. Method of manufacturing includes operations for making guide taking into account said features. Intermediate element provides attachment of guide to wall.EFFECT: higher strength and reduced material consumption of guide.12 cl, 4 dwg

Emergency brake with return into initial position // 2600424
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: elevator comprises lift cabin with possibility of its displacement along guide rails. Lift cabin is equipped with braking system, preferably with two emergency brakes. Protective device is controlled by control units, which can actuate protective device in critical or non-critical events. Besides, control units contain function of emergency brake automatic return (A) into initial position, if emergency brake actuation reason is estimated as non-critical event. Emergency brake return into initial position is performed by means of method, containing specified steps (R) of return into initial position.EFFECT: higher safety of lifting device at any time.19 cl, 10 dwg

Elevator braking system and method of elevator braking // 2600423
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to elevator, escalator or travelator brake system (100), as well as to elevator cabin braking method. Brake system (100) comprises braking device (101) with at least, brake pad (111). Brake pad (111) has working surface (116), which during brake application is pressed to mating part (120) friction surface (121) moving or movable relative to working surface (116). Further brake system (100) has feeding device (103), which is powered by fluid medium source (102). By means of feeding device (103) fluid medium (154) can be supplied between brake pad (110) working surface (116) and facing it friction surface (121). Effect on friction between working surface (116) and friction surface (121) can be made by means of fluid medium (154) supply.EFFECT: invention provides control over friction between pad working surface and facing it surface.15 cl, 5 dwg

Self-propelled jib crane // 2599741
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to jib automotive cranes on special crane chassis. Crane comprises running gear support in form of automotive chassis with support-and-running frame, which is longitudinal beam of box section and connected to front and rear cross beams with appropriate front turning and rear bracing jacks, rotary part in form of rotary platform installed on longitudinal beam, telescopic boom with cable, winch is sectional, front rotary supports are fitted in lugs of front transverse beam to turn using appropriate hydraulic cylinders. Beam is connected with automobile type chassis by means of detachable connection. Front rotary supports are fitted in lugs of front transverse beam to be locked in working position at an angle in range of 50-80° to longitudinal axis of lengthwise box-section beams towards front part of automobile type chassis. Front rotary supports are fitted in lugs of front transverse beam to be locked in transport position at an angle in range of minus 1-2° to longitudinal axis of lengthwise box-section beams towards front part of automobile type chassis. On support-and-running gear part in transport position replaceable working equipment in form of gooseneck is installed, and single unit to switch to working position, and rotating platform is equipped with additional cable winch with possibility of removal or rope re-reeving with telescopic boom section on replaceable working equipment.EFFECT: increased carrying capacity, reduced dimensions of crane in transport position, ease of control and servicing.7 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of replacing lifting crane cable // 2598704
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of replacing lifting crane cable and can be used when exploitation of various types of cranes. Crane block suspension is lowered on prepared repair support to allow free rotation of movable tackle blocks. Winch drum fasteners holding one part of the cable are removed to throw said part down. Lifting mechanism is used to wind worn-out cable on winch drum so that dropped loose end does not enter the block suspension. Cable ends are interconnected to proceed with winding connected cables, providing rotation of the coil, in which there is a new cable, around its axis, passing new cable through the preset path. Lifted part of line of the new cable is secured by safety halyard, connection of cables is broken to remove worn-out cable clamps from the drum to throw it down. Part of the new cable, left in the coil is unwinded and the cable is simultaneously directed aside by placing on the working site. Process halyard attached to a truck is lowered down from said truck, connected to the second end of the new cable and lifted to cargo truck. Both ends of the new cable are fixed on the winch drum, safety and process halyards are removed and lifting mechanism is used to wind the new cable on winch drum.EFFECT: reduced labor input is achieved.4 cl, 2 dwg