Hoisting and lifting and hauling (B66)

B66            Hoisting; lifting; hauling(22754)

Jack // 2628033
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: jack contains a housing wherein a power and a control pistons are installed. A screw with a conical heel and nonlocking thread, interacting with the power rod, is installed on the rod of the control piston with the possibility of rotation. The screw with the conical heal through the control piston is pressed by a spring to the housing and thus braked. A glass is rigidly mounted on the power rod, interacting with the housing by a spline connection. A groove is made in the spline connection, in which the signal rod is mounted connected to the housing by a damper and intercating with the stops made in the glass.EFFECT: increased reliability, simplified design and expansed functionality.2 cl, 3 dwg

Automatic control method // 2627949
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: while controlling and evaluating the elevator plant operation the cargo is weighed by means of a weighing machine (6). The total weight, determined on site in the elevator plant, where the maintenance works are performed, is transferred to the portable control console (5) through the data transmitter (7), included in the weighing machine (6). The total determined weight, connected to the cargos positioned into the elevator cabin (2) is transferred to the cargo weighing device (1) by means of the data receiver-transmitter, included in the portable control console (5). The control signals, connected with the control and maintenance tasks transmitted from the portable control console (5), are received by the data receiver-transmitter (4), included in the cargo weighing device (1) as the response to the operating parameters of the elevator cabin (2), loaded by the total determined weights. The automatic device for controlling and evaluating the elevator plant operation is also proposed.EFFECT: increased safety.4 cl, 1 dwg

Traction elevator without compartment for drive mechanism // 2627248
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the traction elevator (10), including the cab (12) mounted movably on at least two cabin guide rails in the vertical direction, the counterweight (14) movably mounted on at least two guide rails (20, 22) of the counterweight in the vertical direction, at least one bearing facility, which connects the cab (12) and the counterweight (14) and the traction sheave drive for driving the mentioned at least one bearing facility, at that the drive (28) of the traction sheave includes the traction sheave (30), by which at least one bearing facility is guided, and at that the drive (28) of the traction sheave is installed on the cross beam (40). The cross beam (40) is fixed at least at one of the cab guide rails (16, 18) and also has at least one wall fixation (46, 48) for fastening the cross beam (40) to the wall (52) of the elevator well (50). The mentioned at least one wall fixation (46, 48) is formed with the form closure in the horizontal direction (Y) perpendicular to the vertical direction and to the wall, and in the vertical direction it permits the relative movement between the cross beam (40) and the wall (52).EFFECT: increase of the elevator design reliability.14 cl, 9 dwg

Load lifting crane with aerodynamic balancing // 2627225
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: lifting crane contains a pneumon-blow tower made of rolled material with a boom horizontally mounted on the top and standing on the self-propelled chassis. The lifted load is counterbalanced by the moving ballast weight moving along the boom. The tower stability is provided by four propeller rotor units.EFFECT: improved crane balancing.4 cl; 3 dwg

Heat-saving device for load handling unit // 2627223
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device contains a crane lifting device, a heat-resistant transparent box with stiffness ribs fixed on the suspension or with heat-resistant elements and reinforced with double-sided linings. Also the box is provided with through upper and/or lower grooves.EFFECT: creation of heat-saving device for load handling unit.1 dwg

ethod for evaluating weight of load lifted and/or moved by lifting-transport device // 2626791
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: for evaluating the weight of the load lifted by the lifting and transporting device, a measuring device is used, the magnetic field strength created by a DC traction motor, proportional to the load weight, is measured, the scale of the measuring device is calibrated in weight units.EFFECT: accuracy of load weight evaluation.3 dwg

ethod of mono-rings manufacturing for band ropes and device for its implementation // 2626770
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: device contains two columns, one of which has two rollers and one clamp, and the other has the third roller. The columns are rigidly fixed to the power floor. The distance between the columns is equal to the length of the mono-ring. The roller axes are located in the same plane. The diameters of the rollers are equal to the diameters of the coils. The distance between the tape end securing clamp and the roller nearest to it, as well as the distance between this roller and fixturing point of the other tape end to the cargo, is selected from the condition of providing the necessary length of the power seams. The method of mono-rings manufacturing for band ropes is that the tape is cut under a load equal to 1-2%. After that, the tape is folded to form two loops around the edges. The cutting of the tape is carried out in a device in which one end of the mono-ring is placed in the securing clamp. Then the tape is wrapped around two rollers and the second end of the tape is thrown through the third roller and fixed to a constant weight cargo. Then, a predetermined holding time is provided under the load. After that, fasteners are fixed, which fix the given length of the mono-ring, while the holding value is constant for all mono-rings entering into one band rope. After that, the mono-ring is removed from the device. The free end is pressed and sewn to the tape. Then, in the right place of the mono ring, reinforcement from the tape is installed and sewn to it.EFFECT: strength of the manufactured band rope consisting of several mono-rings is increased, ensuring a minimum difference in the length of the mono-rings, and the accuracy of the manufactured band rings length is increased.2 cl, 4 dwg

Pallet stacker // 2626428
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: pallet stacker contains a chassis with electric driving wheels and with swivel wheels. The driving wheels are mounted on the semi-axles with a differential between them. The block of differential satellites has a hydraulic rotary actuator of volume effect, and the rotary wheels are spherical and are made in the form of balls enclosed in a hemisphere.EFFECT: increased maneuverability without structural complication of the chassis.7 cl, 2 dwg

ethod and device for detecting lift movement // 2625370
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: when performing the method for detecting the movement of a user or an object in a lift, the acceleration experienced by the user or the object is measured to obtain a sequence of the acceleration measurements. The sequence of the acceleration measurements is processed to identify a peak and a cavity in them, that are associated with the beginning and the end of the lift movement. The segment of the acceleration measurements, corresponding to the lift movement, is identified from the identified peak and the cavity. The change indication in the elevation of the user or the object is determined during the lift movement from the identified acceleration measurement segment. A device is also proposed for detecting the movement of a user or an object in a lift.EFFECT: creating an improved method and device for detecting the movement of the user in the lift and for determining the user's elevation from this movement, for example, in terms of the floor or the building level, on which the user is located.14 cl, 5 dwg

Truck console crane // 2624888
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: crane comprises a hilt and a boom, hingedly fixed, with their turning hydraulic cylinders. In the boom, a cable drive of a hook assembly is mounted, in which the hydraulic cylinder hingedly fixed in the boom is connected by its output rod to the movable support of the four-fold back-action pulley block with movable and fixed units located in one plane. Two identical pulley blocks are installed parallel in the boom, the output ends of the cables of which are connected through the equalizing unit with the hook suspension.EFFECT: expanding the operating capabilities.4 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of formation of rail unit from arched rails with head in arch key // 2624478
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to under-crane structures and can be used for operation of overhead cranes. To form the rail unit from a pair of rails on the production line the three-headed arched top rail is manufactured with the head in the arch key and with two heads below on the toe edges and the lower arch rail, with the head facing down. On the production line the toes of upper and lower rails are automatically fitted with longitudinal rows of aligned mutually coincident regularly spaced holes. In flange of bearing channels the longitudinal rows of coaxially coinciding holes with the same regular step are formed. The top and bottom rails are aligned using four latching teeth. The coaxial holes are inserted with screw high yield friction studs and a single integrated closed rail unit with oval cavity inside the cross-section is formed.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the moments of inertia of the rail in torsion and the modulus of resistance.1 dwg

ethod and device for emergency extracting bundle of fuel rods from tilter case // 2623424
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: load handling device is mounted into the gap between the tilter case and the bundle of fuel rods for emergency extracting the bundle of fuel rods from the tilter case, the bundle of fuel rods is captured with a power grid, the load handling device is mounted with the bundle of fuel rods into the tilter of the second protecting camera chain of the separation section, the bushing is removed, the tilter lid is closed, the tilter is rotated by 180 degrees, the tilter lid is removed, the bushing is mounted on the housing of the load handling device, the load handling device is removed from the tilter. The bundle of fuel rods is left inside the case with the power grid at the top, and separating the spent fuel assemblies is continued according to the standard techniques. The load handling device is made of two parts: a cylindrical housing and a bushing, six rectangular grooves are formed at the bottom of the housing, in which six spring-loaded tabs are mounted on the axes, six holes are made at both ends of the housing for mounting the bushing, and the bushing is a cylinder with six threaded holes, in which captive screws are screwed, by which the bushing is fixed on the housing, the top of the bushing has a groove for gripping the vial caps of separating the spent fuel assemblies.EFFECT: improving the work safety, lowering the radiation dose to the staff in the repair of the emergency tilter.2 cl, 5 dwg
Crossarm for mounting-docking works with large-size products // 2623419
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: crossarm contains a means for suspending to a crane, slings and a rigging unit. The rigging unit is made in the form of a lattice flat diaphragm repeating the contours of the shell cavity, the area of which is smaller than the cross-sectional area of the thin-walled shell. On the perimeter of the lattice flat diaphragm, an inflatable chamber of a strong elastic or flexible material is fixed, made with the possibility of supplying compressed air into it from the source of the latter, to which it is connected by a channel equipped with stop valves. The lower ends of the slings are fixed to the lattice flat diaphragm uniformly along its perimeter and at equal distances from its center, and their upper ends are fixed to the means for suspending to a crane, with using at least one lattice flat diaphragm.EFFECT: uniform distribution of the load from its own weight of the shell to be mounted on its inner surface and the areal contact with it.2 cl, 3 dwg

Distributing boom for concrete pumps // 2623379
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to distribution boom for stationary or mobile concrete pumps. Distributing boom consists of rotating around in form of vertical axis of rotation of rotary head and consisting of several rotary relative to each other or telescopic boom sections of sectional package. Sectional package on one end of its first section is pivoted to rotary head and by means of articulated with its ends in every pivot joint rotary head and first section of first cylinder/piston assembly can turn around horizontal axis of joint between in fact, horizontally oriented folded position and working position. On first section of boom act, at least one auxiliary lifting element, which is active at certain way of turning, starting from its folded position, and which both articulated with rotary head and without fixation adjoins contact point on first section, or hinged to first section and without fixation adjoins contact point on rotary head.EFFECT: purpose of invention consists in providing possibility of reducing acting on first section of boom cylinder/piston assembly.9 cl, 2 dwg

System and method of laying tarpaulin on cargo // 2623369
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: system includes a tubular frame assembly with a telescopic frame movably fixed therein. The telescopic frame is able to be extended and/or retracted in the tubular frame assembly. The telescopic frame includes several rollers able to rotate when they contact with several flexible elements and a flexible coating. The power transmission device is mounted on the tubular frame assembly to provide the retraction and/or extension of the telescopic frame in the tubular frame assembly. The winch is adapted to be connected to the tubular frame assembly and has several lines connected to the tarpaulin for covering and/or opening the cargo. The system is mounted on a forklift to cover the cargo with tarpaulin and/or to remove tarpaulin from the cargo.EFFECT: improving the convenience of laying the covering on the cargo.38 cl, 20 dwg

Rotary tower crane // 2623287
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: weight-lifting crane with a pivoting jib whereon a hoist travelling trolley is installed. A hoist cable with a hoist cook hangs off the trolley. The crane is also equipped with a position indicating device for the hoist hook to sense the position of the hook. The position of the hoist hook can be determined visually by means of a camera mounted on the hoist trolley and observing from the hoist trolley in the set and therefore known direction of surveillance down to the hoist hook. The video data evaluation unit determines the position of the hoist hook in the camera image. The video data evaluation unit may comprise a determination means for the travel of the hoist cable extending down from the hoist trolley. The connection point of two converging at an acute angle lines or conical lines representing the travel of the hoist cable may be taken, at least approximately, as the position of the hoist hook.EFFECT: expansion of the functionality of a tower crane.16 cl, 5 dwg
Rail system for elevator sliding doors // 2623278
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: guide rail system (1) for the elevator doors consists of at least two rail guides (25) arranged side by side with respect to the opening and closing direction and interconnected by several connecting elements (2), and at least two carriages (5), (6) supplied to them. The inner carriage moves on smaller running rollers (7), the diameter of which is smaller than the diameter of the large running rollers (8), with which the outer carriage (6) moves. The space above the smaller running rollers (7) accommodates at least one connecting element (2), this element being positioned so that the smaller running rollers (7) roll during the opening and closing process under the connecting element (2) or over it and the large running rollers (8) extend laterally from this connecting element 2.EFFECT: increased compactness of the structure.10 cl, 4 dwg

Shock absorber // 2622517
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: shock absorber comprises a piston (2) connected to the rod (3). Middle cylinder (5) located concentrically around the inner cylinder (4). The outer cylinder (6) is located concentrically around the middle of the cylinder, the inner cylinder slides telescopically average cylinder. Middle cylinder comprises a base (11) at one axial end and a cover (12) of the middle cylinder. Thrust ring (13) disposed between the inner cylinder piston (7) of the inner cylinder and the cover cylinder medium at a predetermined distance from the inner cylinder piston. The inner cylinder at an axial end of the piston is connected to the inner cylinder.EFFECT: reduction in the length of the cylinder.8 cl, 3 dwg

Large-tonnage loader for use in constructing large ship or marine installation // 2622435
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: large-tonnage lift contains a lift structure (100), a lift cabine (200) configured to accommodate passengers and heavy objects, a counterweight (230) configured to maintain weight balancing with the lift cabine (200), a wire rope (220) configured for interconnecting the lift cabine (200) and the counterweight (230); and a winch (210) configured to wind the wire rope (220). A windshield module (800) is vertically mounted on one inner side surface of the lift structure (100), configured to prevent strong winds from impacting the tail cable (910).EFFECT: placing a large amount of materials during the construction of a ship or a marine installation.9 cl, 22 dwg

Hoisting crane // 2622162
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: crane includes: at least one support from the pier supported on the trolley adapted to move on rails, at least one support from the coast, based on a trolley adapted to move on rails, an arrow adapted to extend over the vessel, a trolley movably coupled to the boom, and means for lifting the containers connected to the trolley. According to the first invention, the said at least one support from the pier horizontally limits the outer width (A) at a first height (80) and horizontally limits the outer width (A') at a second height (70), wherein the outer width (A) at the first height differs from the first outer width (A') at a second height (70), and at a second height (70), the said at least one support from pier (10) horizontally limits an internal width (B'). The said inner horizontal width (B') at said second height (70) is greater than said outer horizontal width (A) of the said support from pier (10) at said first height (80). According to the second invention, first height (70) and second height (80) are chosen so that the cranes from the cranes group for loading vessel have the ability to approach each other so that a cranes group of loading vessels (201, 301) can simultaneously carry containers in two adjacent container rooms of the container carrier and from them.EFFECT: invention provide loading and unloading of two neighboring container rooms.12 cl, 4 dwg

Crane // 2622152
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: crane (100) with the crane pillar (1) positioned with ability to rotate around the axis (1), contains the radial bearing (2) lower in the mounting position of the crane pillar(1) for mounting the rotary pillar (1) of the crane on the base (21) and the upper radial bearing (3), placed apart along the axis (11) from the lower radial bearing (2), and also designed for the crane pillar(1) in the base (21). At least one chamber (10; 9) filling with oil (6) is provided for lubrication of the upper radial bearing (3) and at that it is provided the drive device (4) for the crane pillar (1), which drives the crane pillar (1) between the upper radial bearing (3) and the lower radial bearing (2). The oil lubrication of the driven section (5) at the crane pillar (1) is carried out by the chamber (10; 9) filling with oil (1).EFFECT: crane improvement.13 cl, 5 dwg

Hydromechanical device for fixation of a rolling part installed on the basis with the possibility of turning in a vertical plane // 2621803
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device contains a lifting cylinder for the swinging part (SP), which is pivotally connected to the base and the SP, respectively, and a length adjustable bobbin. One of the ends of the strut is pivotally connected to the base, and the other - to the SP. The hanger is located in the vertical plane, in which the longitudinal axis of the hydraulic cylinder of the lifting of the SP is located. The swivel consists of two pivotally connected parts which are arranged to lie on one straight line in the extreme rotated position of the SP, and is equipped with a paddle and a length adjusting device. The device for adjusting the length is made in the form of a telescopic connection of two pipe elements connected to each other by a non-self-locking screw transmission with a locking friction clutch with a hydraulic cylinder. In an embodiment, the slamming device includes an executive hydraulic cylinder, the body of which is pivotally connected to the strut, and the stem is connected to a link mechanism mounted on a strut.EFFECT: expanded operating capabilities.2 cl, 5 dwg

Tram // 2621520
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: tram contains the passenger car, mounted on two bogies and upper positioned the electric load. The bogies with wheels are adapted to travel on rails. The bogies are made with one-track wheel arrangement. The wheels axis are parallel to the longitudinal axis of the car. The bogies are attached to the car at its face ends. The electric load receives the electricity along the electric cable. The cable is suspended on the movable bearings, uniformly distributed on the steel rope. The rope is stretched across the highway or street in the immediate vicinity of the traffic light, controlling the traffic.EFFECT: ability to transport the pedestrians across the highways or streets.4 cl; 3 dwg

Hydraulic system with kinetic energy drive // 2621408
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic system comprises a hydraulic fluid, a hydraulic machine (142), a hydraulic circuit for supplying fluid to the hydraulic actuator (103A, 103B). Hydraulic machine (142) configured to receive hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic actuator (103A, 103B). The hydraulic system also comprises a memory (150) the kinetic energy - a flywheel coupled to said hydraulic machine (142). Hydraulic machine (142) capable of transferring energy from the hydraulic fluid derived from the hydraulic actuator (103A, 103B) in the flywheel.EFFECT: increase the efficiency of the hydraulic system.22 cl, 14 dwg, 1 tbl

Vehicle navigation control system (versions) and vehicle based thereon (versions) // 2621401
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle navigation control system includes a navigation system and a vehicle with a vehicle control module (VCM), a navigation control module (NCM) and a navigation controls interface. The VCM module receives a manual control command from the operator to perform it manually. The NCM module receives an automated control command from the navigation system to perform it using the VCM module. The navigation controls interface directly connects the VCM and NCM modules to ensure information exchange between them for implementation of automated control, and for transmission of messages on implementation of the manual control mode. The VCM module transmits the information related to the steering wheel control to the NCM module through the navigation controls interface. The information related to steering wheel control includes: the current value of wheel angle, or the limit value of wheel angle counterclockwise, or the limit value of wheel angle clockwise, or the limit value of wheel rotation speed. Vehicle navigation control system versions and vehicles based thereon (options) are proposed as well.EFFECT: control of vehicle navigation.24 cl, 4 dwg, 17 tbl

Self-installing overhead crane // 2621211
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: overhead crane contains a span structure, a cargo cart and two end beams with running wheels, one of which is connected to the span structure by means of a ball joint.EFFECT: complete self-installation of the crane on crane rails, due to which the running wheels wear is reduced and the steel structures reliability is increased.1 dwg

Pallet carrier power unit // 2621210
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pallet carrier power unit improves with manually-driven pallet carrier, providing the electrical drive wheel. In one example, the manually-driven pallet carrier includes left and right steering wheels, separated by a narrow distance. The pallet carrier power unit frame may be configured to be mounted to the pallet carrier. The frame supports the drive axle, which in turn supports the drive wheel. Mounting of the pallet carrier power unit frame provids drive wheel arrangement between the left and the right steering wheels. The drive axle and steering axle supporting the left and the right steering wheels of the pallet carrier may be arranged in the same vertical plane. Biasing means, such as a spring, may be used to provide a downward force on the drive wheel, thereby increasing the friction between the drive wheel and the floor. The system includes the said power unit.EFFECT: invention provide enhanced usability.14 cl, 13 dwg

Crane // 2621134
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: crane (1) with at least one telescoping bracket (2) comprises a boom (3) and its extension (4) by means of a steering swivel (5) disposed on the boom extension (4), comprising two spaced-apart swivel pads (10), the working body (20) is fixed on the telescopic crane bracket (2), and hydraulic lines (6) lead from the boom (3) between the spaced-apart swivel pads (10) of the steering swivel (5) to the working body (20). In the end zone (41) of the boom extension (4), on which the steering swivel (5) is arranged, a guide (7) for the hydraulic lines (6) is provided, which guides them from the boom extension (4) to the zone (51) between the spaced-apart swivel pads (10) of the steering swivel (5). Fixing elements (8) for the hydraulic lines (6), between which the hydraulic lines (6) pass in the form of hydraulic hoses (9), are arranged on the boom (3) end (31) remote from the working body (20) and on the guide (7) end (71) remote from the working body (20).EFFECT: crane improvement.8 cl, 4 dwg

Hydraulic jack // 2620570
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: the hydraulic jack comprises a housing in which a piston with a rod is mounted, installed for engagement with a locking nut cooperating with a centrally located screw. The screw is rotatably mounted in the housing and via a tooth coupling is cinematically connected to a hydraulic motor attached to the housing. The piston with a rod and the locking nut is mounted in the housing for linear (axial) movement without possibility of rotation. In the embodiment, the screw is adapted to automatically releasable connection with the rod at the extreme retracted position of the latter.EFFECT: expanded functionality and reliability of the jack.2 cl, 6 dwg
Load manipulation in sea water area // 2619791
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: to move load cargo overboard and lower the load from the vessel, crane is used mounted on the ship for load lifting from the ship deck, to move load from the deck to the outboard buoyancy and to lower from the outboard position in the water. At least one guide element is placed working for compression between the load and the erect support structure of the crane to limit the horizontal load movement with respect to the crane boom; and the guide element is lowered to continue limited horizontal cargo movement along with load lowering from the outboard position in the water. The guide device comprises at least one guide element that is movably connected to the support for movement relative to this support around and parallel to the crane rotation axis.EFFECT: efficient load movement management, vibrations reduction.33 cl, 23 dwg

otorized loader with lever // 2619405
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: motorized loader lever, such as a pallet carrier or a forklift, comprises the lever-controlled wheel (14), which is controlled by means of the engine having a corresponding controller of the control engine. The control engine controller in the normal operational mode detects the lever movement as it rotates relative to the chassis for controlling the loader, and outputs control signals for inducing the control engine to control said wheel so that it follows the lever angle with a fixed predetermined displacement (which may be zero and non-zero). In the re-leveling mode, the controller can modify said predetermined angular displacement, and the controller may preferably align the wheel with the lever or the axis of the chassis. The loader can be maneuvered in a confined space more easily, wherein the operator and the lever are displaced relative to the loader side. The lever can also be displaced from the wheel manually by detaching the lever and the wheel, thereby changing said predetermined displacement for the subsequent operation.EFFECT: increase loader manoeuvrability.20 cl, 21 dwg

ulti-mode navigation control of vehicle movement // 2619402
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method of multi-mode navigation control the movement of the vehicle, providing a plurality of driving modes and modes of operation. In the process, the command gets to the automatic control of the navigation control module (NCM), which is configured for the realization of automatic control of the vehicle. The command is determined to command mode and the control mode. The type of operating mode is determined. It is associated with the team on duty. The type of control mode is determined. It is associated with the team of the control mode. The signal is transmitted to the oil pressure unit of the vehicle control module (VCM), mounted on a truck, which identifies the control operation. The operation control correlated with the type of operating mode and the type of control mode. They include the vehicle engine, based on the type of operation mode and type control mode. Also, a system to ensure the plurality of driving modes and modes of its work is provided, as well as the vehicle.EFFECT: invention achieves the productivity gain of the mentioned vehicle.22 cl, 4 dwg, 3 tbl

Gearless electric lift drive (versions) // 2619162
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: gearless electric lift drive contains a cab suspension, a frequency converter (9) with the possibility of forming voltages with frequencies lowered in relation to the network frequency (10), and a low-frequency induction motor (1) connected to the output of the frequency converter (9) and designed to operate with the indicated stresses. The highest value of the reduced frequency at the output of the frequency converter (9) is set depending on the set nominal speed of the lift cab in accordance with the expression ƒn=νnomipsp/πDs≤0,8ƒc, where ƒn - the highest value of the reduced frequency at the output of the frequency converter; νnom - the specified nominal speed of the lift cab; ips - multiplicity of the polyspast cab suspension; p - the number of pole pairs of the induction motor stator winding; Ds - the diameter of the lift traction sheave; ƒc - the frequency of the supply network. The stator windings of the low-frequency motor are made for the rated network voltage and the largest value of the reduced frequency. The variants of the gearless electric lift drive are also proposed.EFFECT: simultaneously with the reduction of the current in the stator winding of the drive motor, reducing the dimensions and cost of the drive induction motor.3 cl, 2 dwg

Film- or teleoperator crane // 2619136
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: crane comprises a base 1, an upright pillar 2 mounted on the base 1 adapted to be rotated about the vertical axis by the first actuator 3, an arrow, which is made of the front part 4 and the beam-counterweight 5, wherein the front part 4, the beam-counterweight 5 and the pillar 2 are connected by the first hinges 6, an intermediate hinge element 7 mounted on the end 8 of the front part 4, a hanger 9 for fixing a film- or teleshooting equipment 10 mounted on the intermediate hinge link 7, and a mechanism for adjusting the relative angular position of the front part 4 and the beam-counterweight 5. The front part 4 and the pillar 2 are adapted to be rotated by the second actuator 11 at the relative angular. The intermediate hinge link 7 is connected with the pillar 2 by the rod 12, which is connected with the intermediate hinge link 7 and the pillar 13 by the second hinges 2, wherein the rod 12 is connected with one of the hinges 13 via the first elastic-damping device 14. The intermediate hinge link 7 is connected to the front part 4 by the third hinge 15. The hanger 9 is connected with the intermediate hinge link 7 by the fourth hinge 16. The front part 4 is made with a rigid arm 21, the free end 22 of which and the beam-counterweight 5 are connected with the device 24 by the sixth hinges 23, damping the relative angular displacement of the front part 4 and the beam-counterweight 5.EFFECT: reducing the vibrations in the vertical planes of the hanger for mounting the film- or teleshooting equipment, the intermediate hinge link, the front boom part and the beam-counterweight.2 cl, 2 dwg
Film- or teleoperator crane // 2619135
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: crane comprises a base 1, a vertical pillar 2 mounted on the base 1 with the ability to be rotated about the vertical axis by the first actuator 3, a boom that is made of the front part 4 and the two beam-counterweights 5 spaced apart. The front part 4, the beam-counterweights 5 and the pillar 2 are connected by the first hinges 6, the intermediate hinge link 7 mounted at the end 8 of the front part 4, a hanger 9 for fixing the film- or teleshooting equipment 10 mounted on the intermediate hinge link 7, as well as two adjusting mechanisms against the angular position of the front part 4 and the corresponding beam-counterweight 5. The front part 4 and the pillar 2 are adapted to be rotated by the second actuator 11 at the relative angular. The intermediate hinge link 7 is connected with the pillar 2 by the rod 12, which is connected with the intermediate hinge link 7 and the pillar 13 by the second hinges 2, wherein the rod 12 is connected with one of the hinges 13 via the first elastic-damping device 14. The intermediate hinge link 7 is connected to the front part 4 by the third hinge 15. The hanger 9 is connected with the intermediate hinge link 7 by the fourth hinge 16. The front part 4 is made with a rigid arm 21, the free end 22 of which and the beam-counterweight 5 are connected with the device 24 by the sixth hinges 23, damping the relative angular displacement of the front part 4 and the beam-counterweight 5.EFFECT: reducing the vibrations in the vertical planes, reducing the torsional oscillations.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for lifting device motion parameters controlling // 2618862
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the test and measurement equipment, in particular, for operational monitoring of the mounting quality and driving parameters of the lifting device movable part, for example the lift, and may be used in the lifting devices of various purposes, where the winch mechanism is used, for example in buildings lifts, mines, escalators, moving walkways, conveyors, hoisting cranes. Proposed to perform the control by measuring deformation (stress) of the lifting device winch frame, by value of which judges on the parameters of lifting device movement. In particular, the deformation measurement is produced by the fixed deformation sensor on the winch frame, connected to the signal processing unit, which converts the incoming signals supplied during the operation from the deformation sensor into the information signals, representing the movement parameters of the lifting device movable part. The strain gauge piezoelectric transducer serves as the sensor. The sensor is placed on the winch frame preferably in the place of maximum deformations.EFFECT: improved accuracy of measurements.9 cl, 15 dwg

Compact hoisting machine "bogatyr" and method of its installation // 2618853
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: machine contains base (1), tower (2), platform (3) with ground (4), cap (5) with a boom (6), ropes system (7) and blocks (8), drives (9) and counterweight (10) systems. The base (1) is installed, the beam with annular section (21) of the tower (2) is inserted in the mating part (15) of the base (1) with bearings (16). The platform (3) with the ground (4) and the drive system (9) to the lower section (11) of the tower (2). Install the counterweight (10) in the form of a tank on the ground (4). Produce the tip assembly (5) with the boom (6) with the ropes system (7) and the blocks (8). Then rigidly fix the cap (5) at the upper section (12) of the tower (2). Then through the extension mechanism (13) in the form of the block pass the rope from the hand winch, which end is connected to the top section (12) of the tower (2) at its lower part and perform the extension of the top section (12). The upper section is fixed by clamps (23) at the required level.EFFECT: higher reliability and performance of the hoisting machine by reducing the time and complexity of installation and dismantling works.3 cl, 5 dwg

Lifting-and-conveying machine // 2618579
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: lifting-and-conveying machine includes mounted in rotation bearings of the platforms racks the cable drum and harmonic drive, mounted coaxially with the latter and containing the plunger wave generator with tubular distributor, flexible wheel and tracking disc. The machine is provided with a switching device, configured to form the kinematic pair cable drum-flexible wheel or cable drum-tracking disk. The switching device is located on the cable drum wheel flange and have the form of installed on the two-armed levers racks, at the arms ends of which the connection rods are hinged, made with ability to contact the flange openings of the tracking disc or the flange openings of the harmonic drive housing.EFFECT: expansion of the lifting-and-conveying machine functionality by increasing the developed torques and speeds range, which leads to the maximum and minimum rotational speed ratio increase.6 cl, 4 dwg

Lifting chain block // 2618573
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: lifting chain block, wherein the flywheel casing strength can be increased without increasing cost and without the need in separate reinforcing elements. Lifting chain block (10) is provided with a flywheel casing, which is secured to the frame element and which closes the flywheel for manual circuit having a wound on it hand chain (C2). The flywheel housing includes a terminal surface, a side surface and a female part. The termination surface comprises a projecting part in the shape of triangle corners. A plurality of fastening holes for fastening elements are arranged in the projecting part. The female part is formed continuously with the projecting part so that the tangent surfaces to the female part form a sharp angle. The female part extends over the side surface of the flywheel housing.EFFECT: increased unit strength.5 cl, 28 dwg
anual hydraulic loader of devices with tobacco leaves, strung on the dual double sided needles // 2618555
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: manual hydraulic loader is designed for lifting and transport movements of devices with tobacco leaves, strung on the dual double sided needles. The loader consists of two parts: the transport mechanism and the lifting mechanism. The transport mechanism is formed on the U-shaped frame with three wheels, one of which is the central turning, placed along the axis of symmetry of the frame under the frame rack base, the handle and freight lifting mechanism are fastened on the rack. The freight lifting mechanism is mounted on the rack frame of the transporting mechanism and is designed as a four-bar link mechanism, including the frame, the jack, the cylinder piston rod extension and boom with the gripper in the form of the bracket.EFFECT: possibility of lifting, transporting, loading and unloading of devices with tobacco leaves, using a forklift as the vehicle.2 dwg

Device for moving lengthy objects // 2617854
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for moving lengthy objects includes a flexible element and supports, on which its ends are fixed. The difference is that the movable object is located on the flexible element, which is adapted to rotate by the actuator. The ends of the flexible element are fixed to the rotating supports, directly or via intermediate elements.EFFECT: substantial reduction in cost and time for the movement of lengthy objects, reducing the impact of unhealthy or hazardous conditions for personnel.25 cl, 1 dwg

Handout-storage bunker for balls // 2617024
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: bunker handout-cumulative for balls used in power plants, using balls as the working fluids, and designed to collect balls discharged from the non-working cameras actuators storage balls and supply feeders balls that, giving the balls mechanical energy is supplied to them in the working chambers of the actuators to perform the work. The bottom of the housing has a convex cone. Bottom housing is arranged as radial holes for entry and exit of beads are uniformly distributed over the circumference. Axis are parallel to the cone hole bottom. The lower edges of the holes are located on the cone. The hopper is equipped with a lid that covers the body and creating pressure on the balls inside the body for the purpose of expulsion in the attached pipe line.EFFECT: increased reliability and simplified design of the invention.2 dwg

Tripod arm of parallel-serial structure // 2616493
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: tripod arm of parallel-serial structure, installed on the vehicle, has a basis on which three hydraulic cylinders are mounted using hinges, rods of which are connected with each other and with the cargo gripper. The arm is equipped with an additional cylinder located on the basis, in the form of flat triangular truss, one side of which is fixed on the vehicle with the ability to rotate in a vertical plane. At the join point of three cylinders, using five-wheel hinge, a three-degree controlled gripper is fixed, representing three consequentially interconnected mechanisms whose structures are connected using rotational cylindrical joints with kinematic pair of fifth grade, and for their rotation stepper motors are provided, attached to the mechanisms structures.EFFECT: increased mobility, increased functionality by providing additional mobility degrees in the cargo gripper structure, as well as its control using stepper motors.2 dwg

Crossarm of lowering-lifting device // 2616452
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to load-lifting devices used with ship lowering-lifting devices. Crossbar comprises a frame composed of two parallel beams supported by transverse stiffness ribs, stock devices arranged at the ends of the frame. On beams there are shock-absorbers, movable along the length of a coupling frame with handles-stoppers and vertically integrated in the movable couplings, automatic grippers suspended by stoppers to the shock-absorbers, and leading units for fixing ropes-conductors behind stock devices of a lifting object through coaxial channels in shock-absorbers and automatic grippers of the crossbar.EFFECT: unified and automated crossbar.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for handling large cargo // 2615896
FIELD: transportation, package.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the technological process for large cargo handling in large-capacity multipurpose containers. There is an installed platform with the necessary bias, and close to it, the container 20 or 40 ft with open doors for large cargo handling. Align floor surface of the container and bearing surface of the platform, and on the container floor, with access to the bearing surface of the container the guides are set. There are mounted articulated hydraulic lifts on the guides; placing goods on the pallet, with the help of which the pallet is risen, on which the goods are moved into the container, and removing the articulated hydraulic lifts and guides from the container. When unloading the container, the guides are set again, along with repeating the process of lifting the pallet with cargo for its removal from the container. During the process of guides setting, when loading the container, on its floor in contact with guides' sides, there are stops in the form of bars with at least one beveled ends, which are used for guide orientation, which are installed for unloading the container.EFFECT: invention provides a simplification of the process implementation of the oversized cargo in large-capacity containers.3 dwg
Lateral support for handling machine // 2615843
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: lateral support for the handling machine includes a beam mounted in the jack. The support plate is formed of two mutually articulated parts, one of which, a base plate with spring dampers, is mounted on a spherical support of the jack rod, and the other, a tilting plate, is connected with the base plate by a crank gear on a crank of which the locking handle is fixed with the movable rod, in the vertical position of hinge plate, forming an aperture for the safety device mounted on the beam, and in the horizontal position of hinge plate, forming a support which together with the abutment under cranks provides the location of the cranks and connecting rods in one plane. On the support surface of the base plate, a mount is made for its interaction during operation with the handling machine on hard grounds.EFFECT: low construction height of the support plate are firmly fixed in its transport position and the minimum amount of manual operations, which are necessary when the machine is only on soft ground.6 dwg
Handling vehicle, calculating the speed of the moving assembly according to the lifting mechanism engine speed // 2615838
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: handling vehicle comprises: a support structure including a stationary unit, a movable assembly connected to the support structure, a hydraulic system (401) and a controller (1500). The supporting structure further comprises a lifting device (400) for moving the movable unit relative to the stationary part support structure. The lifting device comprises at least one plunger cylinder unit. The hydraulic system includes an engine (301), a pump (302) connected to the motor to supply fluid under pressure to at least one plunger cylinder unit and at least one valve with electronic control, associated with at least one plunger cylinder unit, the control device may calculate the speed of the movable unit based on the engine speed, and control the operation of at least one valve using the calculated speed of the movable unit.EFFECT: increased reliability of the said vehicle.24 cl, 15 dwg

Control mode of elevator and elevator // 2615816
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the control mode of the elevator installed in the building and comprising an elevator (1) cab adapted to move in the elevator shaft (S) between the landing floors (F1, F2) located at different heights, one or more rope (2 , 2 ') connected to the elevator cab (1), preferably at least the rope (2) which holds the elevator cab (1), a hoisting mashine (M) to move the elevator cab (1) and control means (3) for the hoisting mashine (M). The following steps are performed in the mode: the data of the building fluctuation describing the magnitude thereof are determined, preferably by means of measuring the building fluctuation or the fluctuation excitation of the building, the data of the initial position (1) of the elevator cab are determined containing the data about the initial position (1) of the elevator cab and / or the data on how long the (1) elevator cab was in the initial position, and the settings for the running speed of the next trip based on the said data about the initial position and the fluctuation are determined. The invention also relates to the elevator which is adapted to perform the described mode.EFFECT: invention provides the control mode of the elevator with the optimization of the running speed of the cab.14 cl, 2 dwg

Enclosing frame, method of its installation, application of enclosing frame for connecting frame tower crane with object // 2615229
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a crane construction. Enclosing frame (1), which is mounted on the tower (5) of a frame tower crane. It also connects the tower crane with an object, contains a rigid for bending connecting element (2) and the locking element (3). The connecting element (2) is shaped as an element, which horizontally supports the crane tower (5) in the anchoring area on the two outer sides. Enclosing frame contains at least one supporting area to accommodate the auxiliary suspension, which connects the enclosing frame with the rotary tower crane.EFFECT: invention provides a simplification of the construction crane installation.9 cl, 6 dwg

ethod and tools for gripping device // 2615082
FIELD: physics, instrument engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gripping tools of the elongated objects. The tool (410) comprises a frame (412), the frame has an inner crater for receiving the intended object for gripping, the internal crater has a side wall, a recess (418) formed around at least a portion of the side wall, the clamping element (422) located inside the recess. The recess is adjustable from the first size, wherein the clamping member is disposed within this recess, to the second size wherein the clamping member is squeezed out of the recess into the internal crater. The clamping element intended for gripping is located around the object, two clamping side elements are located on the both sides of the clamping element, the clamping element is compressed by preload of the clamping elements to each other. The clamping element is configured so that its axial compression is transformed into the radial compression.EFFECT: invention provides the increased security gripping and transporting of the elongated objects.15 cl, 31 dwg