Storing fluids in natural or artificial cavities or chambers in the earth (B65G5)

Device for section steel stacking // 2642212
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: stacking device for section steel products provides a platform for stacking, e.g. in the form of a conveyor belt (11), on which a section steel product is loaded, such as a product (14-1) for lying in a stack, a transportation platform with multiple loading surfaces on which a section steel product is placed and moved to the conveyor belt, and a pushing device (13), intended for pushing section steel products on the transportation platform, toward the stacking platform. The transportation platform has the first loading surface, which has a flat part and the second loading surface, which has a flat part and an inclined part. The inclined part is formed on the side facing the stacking platform, wherein the first and second loading surfaces are selected in the order of pushing the section steel products.EFFECT: adjustment of the components of the device to match the size of the products.4 cl, 7 dwg

Sluice feeder // 2642022
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: sluice feeder is intended for use in the field of pneumatic transport for supplying loose materials into pressure material line in chemical, food-processing in other industries, in construction, in agricultural production as a feeding device of delivery pneumatic transport unit for bulk materials. In the upper part of the cylindrical body there is a receiving branch pipe, and the lower part comprises a mixing chute with branch pipes for supplying air and releasing the air mixture. A cellular rotor supported for rotation on the bearings located in the side covers is inserted into the body. In the plane which is perpendicular to rotor axis, the intake branch pipe and the mixing chute are separated by transversal partitions into n isolated sections. The cellular rotor is divided by transversal partitions into n isolated compartments coinciding with sections of the intake branch pipe and the mixing chute. Each section of the feeding branch pipe is equipped with a separate flange, and each section of the mixing chute forming a separate air chamber is provided branch pipes for supplying air and releasing the air mixture.EFFECT: invention provides simultaneous dosing of several materials, feeding each of them into the area of increased pressure, production of separate air mixtures by preparing them for further separate transportation.2 dwg

ethod of manufacturing of tank for storage and transportation of oil, petroleum products and liquefied natural gas // 2641922
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of storage and transportation of oil, petroleum products (PP) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) and can be used in the production of LNG storage and transportation tanks. Method of manufacturing the tank for storing and transporting petroleum, PP and LNG consists in applying a reflective film to the outer surface of the tank, comprising three layers: an epoxy layer (primer), a hot-melt (adhesive) polymer sublayer, and a light-reflective layer.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to significantly reduce negative effect of solar energy on protected objects, including tanks for storage of liquefied natural gas.2 cl, 3 dwg

Unit for hydrotransportation of loose materials // 2641392
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: unit comprises means for feeding a loose material and a fluid into a tank to form a suspension, a centrifugal pump, a water jet elevator, a device for separating the suspension into the liquid and the solid phases, made in the form of a belt conveyor. The conveyor belt is equipped with sides of an elastic material arranged along the entire length with the formation of a trough. The unit has a drum with radial elastic elements arranged on the entire surface, installed with clamping against the belt and equipped with a drive of rotational motion around its axis. In the suspension feeding device area, fixed transverse shields are installed on the belt from both sides of the suspension feeding device, eliminating the suspension splashing.EFFECT: unit can easily be adjusted to transport the suspension with a change in the productivity, the solid phase concentration, and its dispersion.2 dwg

ethod for preventing deposition of sodium chloride in formation bottom-hole zone and wellbores of underground gas storages // 2641152
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method for prevention of deposition eliminates formation thereof by maintaining concentrations of sodium chloride dissolved in formation water at a level excluding its crystallization. Maintenance of specified value of concentration provides injection of humidified gas into the underground storage to exclude the process of absorption by gas moisture from formation water. The required amount of fresh water to humidify the injected gas is defined as the difference in absolute maximum gas moisture content in the formation conditions and absolute moisture content of gas supplied from the main pipeline for injecting into the underground storage.EFFECT: increased duration of wells and storages operation, and total volume of extracted gas, increased overhaul period, operation for liquidation of salt plugs is eliminated.4 dwg, 1 tbl

Device for transportation of suspensions // 2639240
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device contains loading and unloading devices, a separator equipped with bleached and condensed phase outlet branch pipes, and a centrifugal pump. The pump is connected to the mixing chamber in the form of a water-jet elevator. The separator is a hollow conical nozzle located in the loading device area, mounted on the pump shaft and mounted in a fixed casing. The outlet of the bleached phase connects the internal volume of the filling and the inlet pump nozzle. The receiver is attached to the pump, which is a hollow toroidal chamber equipped with a tangentially located branch pipe of the condensed phase outlet. The latter is communicated with the pump pressure channel in the mixing chamber.EFFECT: creation of a simple and reliable device for transporting suspensions, which has small dimensions and eliminates the possibility of clogging of nozzles with solid particles.2 dwg

Pipe for transporting object // 2638592
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: system comprises an outer and an inner supporting tube. The inner tube is configured to radially expand and contract in order to accumulate and substantially continuously interact with the surface of an object to be transportation on the inner tube. The inner tube has at least one fold, and the outer tube has a thickened base with a recess for interaction with a fold. The interaction with the surface of the inner tube provides the sealing surface of the object, which is located along the pressurized object. When fluid pressure is reduced in front of the object and/or when the pressure increases behind the object, the pressure drop along the facility provides pushing the object through the pipe. The method of transporting the object comprises the mentioned system. The object of transportation is fish.EFFECT: invention provides reliable transportation.5 cl, 18 dwg

Pressure relief valve for containers adapted for pneumatic loading of loose solid products, in particular in storage hoppers // 2638329
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: pressure relief valve for containers adapted for pneumatic loading of loose solid products, in particular in storage hoppers, comprises a valve body having a first end that pneumatically communicates with the outer part of the container and a second end that is connected to a flow control element that is exposed to the corresponding closing membrane. The flow control device periodically interacts via fluid with said valve body and a channel that communicates with the outer part. According to the invention, at least one portion of the channel that communicates with the outer part is adapted so as to be resiliently deformed by a pressure difference existing between the inner part of said container and the inner part of the channel.EFFECT: low cost of the valve, facilitating its maintenance and preventing the release of the polluting air.10 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of creation and operation of operational underground storage of natural gas enriched by helium // 2638053
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for the creation and operation of underground storage facilities for natural gas enriched with helium (USNGEH). In USNGEH, on which production wells are built in the dome part of the reservoir, injection wells at a predetermined distance from the impact of production wells and control wells, cyclic injection of natural gas enriched with helium (NGEH), to the storage facility with the creation of its active volume and preservation of the buffer volume of a hydrocarbon or non-hydrocarbon gas and selection of an active volume of NGEH.EFFECT: improving the quality of stored natural gas by reducing the risk of formation of large mixing zones, the efficiency of use due to the possibility of regulating the composition at wellheads by means of area regulation of injection and selection.12 dwg

Pipeline transport // 2636247
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: inside the external rigid pipeline, containers (5) moved by linear electric motors are located. The stators of the linear electric motors are located on the inner pipeline surface. In case of the high-speed movement of the container (5), its head part, like a piston, builds up pressure inside the outer cylindrical rigid pipeline (1). Air from the outer cylindrical rigid pipeline (1) is sucked through the branch pipe (8) into the additional pipeline (7) and through the bypass valve (10) along the branch pipe (9) partially returns to the outer cylindrical rigid pipeline (1), which results in the air rarefaction compensation behind the rear part of the container (5).EFFECT: increasing the movement speed of the containers.1 dwg

Aggregate for hydrotransportation of loose materials // 2635945
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: aggregate contains a body, loading and unloading devices, a centrifugal pump, a connecting pipe, a mixing chamber. In the upper part of the housing, a half-cylinder screen is installed in the area of loading device. Behind the screen, along the course of pumped medium, a sampling device is placed, equipped with protective mesh and communicating with centrifugal pump. A collector is connected to the outlet pipe of the pump, the output elements of which are symmetrical, inclined to the housing and communicating with the internal cavity of mixing chamber at the bottom.EFFECT: creation of a simple and reliable aggregate for the transportation of loose materials of small dimensions.2 dwg

Device for hydrotransportation of loose materials // 2635944
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for hydrotransportation of loose materials comprises loading and unloading devices, a housing, in the internal volume of which a drive shaft with a nozzle mounted thereon is located, a clarified phase outlet branch pipe communicating with a centrifugal pump, and a condensed phase outlet branch pipe connected to a mixing chamber. The nozzle is made in the form of an elastic screw. The unloading branch pipes of the clarified phase and the condensed phase are mounted in the housing opposite each other, in the unloading area in the upper and lower parts thereof, respectively.EFFECT: creating a relatively simple and reliable device for hydrotransportation of loose materials, which ensures low wear of working parts during operation.1 dwg

Tailing for storage of waste mining enterprises // 2633051
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: tailing pile contains sections separated from each other. The bottom of the sections is shielded by a strong film of polymer material on which a layer of limestone 300-400 mm with grain dimension 3-10 mm is placed. On the layer of limestone, drainage pipes with a diameter of 200-300 mm, which is resistant to acidic attack. The tailing dump is filled with wet storage, and the storage of sands in a dry state.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to improve the ecological safety of tailings storage by removing dissolved toxic substances from the sand column through the drainage wells into a layer of limestone located at the bottom of the tailing pond and in a settling pond.5 cl, 3 dwg

Device for transporting small- and medium-sized loose materials // 2631355
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for transporting small- and medium-sized loose materials comprises a blowing machine, a conveying pipeline, a loading hopper with a feeder, a system for feeding the material to be loaded with an inlet pipe connected to the feeder through a check valve, an additional pipeline with an adjustable locking device for feeding a part of the conveying medium into the system for feeding the material to be loaded, a receiving vessel, as well as a receiver installed at the blowing machine outlet. The device also comprises a grinding chamber installed at the outlet of the conveying pipeline, with a dust separator and a baffle plate. The invention provides transporting the material to be loaded in dense portions (pistons) moving at high speed without blockages and interruptions in operation with reduced energy consumption.EFFECT: due to the high dynamic pressure of the pistons, grinding the material to be transported without additional energy consumption is ensured, which significantly reduces energy consumption at subsequent stages of grinding the material.2 cl, 1 dwg

Pipeline transportation system and pipeline locomotive // 2630274
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: pipeline transportation system, according to the invention, comprises pipelines having a guide channel for rolling the driving wheel of the pipeline locomotive thereon, and conductor lines for supplying power to the pipeline locomotive, distribution units each located at one end of each pipeline for loading a transportation container into the pipeline locomotive and unloading the transportation container from the pipeline locomotive, a control unit for supplying power from the conductor lines to the pipeline locomotive during its motion in the pipeline and for communicating with the pipeline locomotive through the conductor lines. The pipeline locomotive comprises a frame for receiving the transportation container, support rollers on the frame for rolling along the inner surface of the pipeline; a driving wheel from one end face of the frame to engage with the guide channel of the pipeline; an electric motor on the frame with the drive to the driving wheel; current collectors on the outer frame surface to contact the conductor lines of the pipeline.EFFECT: expanding the arsenal of technical facilities and increasing the automation degree of pipeline transport.16 cl, 4 dwg

Pipeline transportation // 2629661
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention contains a rigid cylindrical pipeline and hermetic containers, moved by linear motors. After loading the containers (3), windings are energized, and gravitation forces arise between the poles and the ferromagnetic container body (3), resulting in contactless containment of the containers (3) inside the cylindrical rigid pipeline (1). Linear electric motors are turned on, and the containers (3) are located in such a way that the connection point of the supply pipe (10) with the cylindrical rigid pipe (1) is between the adjacent containers (3). The brakes of these containers (3) are switched on, and with the help of a discharge compressor (13) the cavity between adjacent containers (3) is filled with gas. Then the brakes are disconnected and under the action of linear electric motors the containers (3) start moving. At the end of the straight line section (5), the containers (3) stop at a position where the diverting nipple (16) is between the adjacent containers (3). The suction pump (19) turns on, and the gas flows to the consumer, and the cargo (4) is unloaded from the containers (3) through the gates at the station.EFFECT: expanded functionality of pipeline transportation due to additional function for transporting not only goods, but also gas being pumped into the pipeline.3 dwg

Annular container system of pipeline container air transport // 2628821
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: annular (double-pipe) multicontainer system of pipeline container air transport on the runs between the loading and unloading station is divided by the separate stations into the equal track sections, the equal amount of the controlled single containers moves at each of them. Before each of the loading stations, unloading stations and separate stations along the containers moving the transport pipeline at first has the rise section, which provides the preliminary reduction of the containers speed and then the lifting section transfers to the inclined down the transport pipeline braking section, where occurs the final smooth braking of the moving containers. The pipeline braking section is equipped with sensors for containers passing and aerodischarges with controllable air locks, which are used for finishing the emergency containers to the maintenance containers site. The controlled stop and the mobile platform are installed behind the braking section, the platform has two troughs, one of which is the continuation of the transport pipeline, and the second is used to place the reserve container, which provides the serial output of the standard containers for their routine maintenance performance or emergency container from the transport system and entering the spare container into the transport system without interrupting its operation, and the controlled stop provides retraction of all containers into the short distance, located at the braking section, in order to provide free movement of the mobile platform.EFFECT: provision of the transport system trouble-free operation and receipt of its specified design capacity.2 dwg

ethod of sludge waste disposal in the operating underground salt chamber // 2628559
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method of disposal of sludge waste with a density greater than the density of the formed brine in the salt chamber includes exploited wells arranged concentrically by the water supply equipment, brine-picking and slurry-supply columns of pipes, in the solvent and the waste supply chamber, the extraction of brine. In underground mines three processing zones are created: the zone of forming saturated brine (hp), buffer zone (hb), waste slurry placing zone (hw) with a ratio between hp:hb:hw = 1:0.5:0.25 and with slurry waste supply to the placement zone at a rate not lower than 0.2 m/sec.EFFECT: invention enables simultaneous testing of a mineral and slurry waste placement.2 dwg

ethod and device for manipulation of material in the pneumatic system of manipulation with materials // 2628495
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: in this method, the material such as waste, can be loaded into the device producing and/or through it in the boot channel using, at least partially, the force of gravity and at least partially the suction and/or pressure. Condense material using rotary shaper. When this transfer of material in the boot channel can be limited, if necessary, with the help of mobile means of intercepting envisaged towards downloading the material to rotary shaper. Detains the tool move using drive devices between the first situation in which detains is in the boot channel, and the second position, which detains tool does not pass into the feed channel. In the first position, the retarding means perceives at least some of force impact caused by the material in the feed channel and reduces the force applied to the rotary shaper material. The invention is also an apparatus for carrying out the method.EFFECT: improving the work of the moulder by reducing the load and reducing the hanging of the material in the channel.17 cl, 8 dwg

ethod for creating underground gas storage in aquifer // 2625831
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves the creation of an underground gas storage in a layered nonuniform terrigenous aquifer. According to the method, vertical and/or horizontal gas wells are drilled, which are operated as injection ones in the gas injection cycle, and as production ones in the gas extraction cycle. Drilling water abstraction and water injection wells is carried out as well. The water abstraction and water injection wells are placed around the gas wells placement area. With respect to the variability of the reservoir porosity and permeability, the water injection wells are drilled with descending pseudo-horizontal wellbores and with the possibility to provide a pressure barrier across the entire aquifer section. The water abstraction wells are drilled with ascending pseudo-horizontal wellbores and with the possibility of minimizing the negative manifestation of the gas contamination process in the water extracted.EFFECT: improving the method for creating UGS in the aquifer, using water abtraction and water injection wells due to increasing the efficiency of active influence on the filtration processes in the aquifer.1 dwg

Device and method for removing flat objects // 2622436
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device is used for removing flat objects (2) such as glass sheets, from the frame (1) on which the objects (2) are stacked resting one on another. Between the objects (2), the spacers (3) are located. On the support (4) the retaining devices (5) for removing the objects (2) are mounted, wherein on the support (4) at least one removing device (7) for the spacers (3), disposed above the retaining devices, is arranged. The removing device (7) preferably has at least one penetrating body (8) for the spacers (3). When removing an object (2) lying on the spacer (3), at least one penetrating body (8) penetrates in each spacer (3) lying below the object (2), and these spacers (3) are removed from the frame (1) together with the object (2).EFFECT: efficiency of warehouse operations.9 cl, 5 dwg

Device for the long length object at the air cushion moving // 2621387
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for the long length object at the air cushion moving includes at least one discharge opening in the supporting surface, providing the supply of the compressed air to form the air cushion between the object and the supporting surface. The supporting surface has the area less than the area of the moving object. At that the supporting surface is the part of one of the surfaces or the supporting element, which is made from soft and/or flexible material, taking the form of the object part resting on it.EFFECT: invention allows to simplify, to speed up and to automate the process of the objects moving and to make it more reliable due to simplification not only the process of moving itself, but also used for that transposing facilities.24 cl, 4 dwg

ethod and apparatus for uploading material into a rotary forming device // 2621036
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method for the material in the feed channel or in the channel leading into it affects at least one guide means which is arranged so as to reduce unwanted rotation of the material in the feed channel and/or to improve access compensating air into the rotary forming device. The invention also relates to an apparatus, in which the guide means mentioned above is provided.EFFECT: improved load.21 cl, 31 dwg

Device for pulverized materials discharge from the hopper // 2618563
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a housing with side flanges and with the upper loading and lower discharge nozzles, which respectively contain a feed opening and a discharge opening, a locking element which is mounted in the housing on the shaft between the side flanges and is pivotally connected via a drive shaft. The locking element is made as a cylinder in which the perpendicular to the axial line, a through hole is made, the input part of which corresponds to a feed opening in the feed nozzle and the output part corresponds to the discharge opening in the discharge nozzle. The ratio of the discharge opening area to the feed opening area is 1.6-1.8.EFFECT: simplified device design, while ensuring stable and high-performance hoppers discharge.3 dwg

ethod of disposal of well drilling waste into abandoned well // 2616302
FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil and gas industry, namely to disposal of drilling waste into the abandoned well, in particular in permafrost conditions (PFC). The method of disposing of drilling waste comprises preparing a slurry consisting of drill cuttings (DC) and drilling wastewater (DWW). Then the abandoned well is killed by the prepared pulp by injection into the inner cavity of the production casing into the perforated interval along tubing lowered into the well. Then the cement slurry is injected which is mixed in the water-methanol solution (WMS) or DWW, the well is left for the period of waiting on cement (WOC). After curing of the lower cement plug a new batch of the estimated volume of the pulp is injected, after filling the internal cavity of the production string down to the foot of PFC, above the column of injected part of the pulp the top cement plug is arranged, and on the wellhead either the wellhead assembly with a valve and a blank flange or a concrete pedestal are mounted.EFFECT: invention consists in improvement of reliability of drilling waste disposal without damaging the environmental safety.4 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of exploitation of subsurface storage of natural gas // 2615198
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention is targeted at the exploitation of the subsurface storages of gas (SSG). In the SSG, at which in the crestal area of the collector layer the producing wells are constructed, the deep disposal wells in the provinces of the collector layer and the control wells in the intermediate area between the producing and the deep disposal wells, produce the cycling pumping of the natural gas to the storage with creating of its buffer and active volumes and the separation of the natural gas. During the process of the SSG exploitation, the carbon dioxide is pumped to its lower section in the overcritical aggregative state and the buffer volume of the natural gas is replaced by it.EFFECT: improving the quality of the stored natural gas at the expense of the lowering the risk of creation of the rich zones of combination the natural gas and the carbon dioxide, effective exploitation of the subsurface storages of gas at the expense of the replacing the part of the buffer volume of the stored natural gas into the carbon dioxide based on the reasoned choice of the aggregative state of the carbon dioxide.12 dwg
Device for pneumatic escalation of bulk materials containing nanoparticles // 2613980
FIELD: nanotechnology.SUBSTANCE: device for pneumatic escalation of bulk material, comprising nanoparticles relates to pneumatic transportation, namely to the devices of vertical or steeply inclined pneumatic conveying of bulk materials, containing nanoparticles. Device for pneumatic escalation of bulk material, containing nanoparticles comprises loading feeder, and a mixing chamber the vertical transport pipe. The transport pipe is provided with a defined dispersed therein cross, perforated inserts and additional removable insert. The removable insert is provided with electrodes with conductive pins. The flanges are provided with conductive conclusions, let down to DC. The isolators are installed between the flange and the pipe.EFFECT: nanoparticle material capture device, containing in a vertical flow moving materialogaseous mixture.1 tbl, 2 dwg
ethod of non-stop running of pneumatic transport trains // 2613638
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of pipeline transport, in particular, to pneumatic transport of passengers in trains along a transport pipeline. Passenger train cars move along the transport pipeline due to air pressure difference. Braking of train cars in the pipeline occurs to the speed exceeding speed of motion in open station areas. Upon exit from the pipeline, cars are moved via the open station areas by means of drives. Upon exit of the pipeline, doors of each non-stop moving cylindrical car of trains alternately rotate around the horizontal axis by motion along round guides at end walls of the car for opening to start on and off boarding and upon entrance into the pipeline, for closing after the end of passengers boarding on and off.EFFECT: invention provides for safe passenger boarding on and off train cars and increased throughput passenger capacity in a system of pipeline passenger pneumatic transport.3 dwg
Device for unceasing movement of trains of passenger pneumatic transport // 2613636
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device reffers to the field of pipeline transport, namely the pneumatic passengers' transport in a transfer line trains. The device comprises a transfer line, connected to an open station sites to getting on/off the passengers. The station areas are equipped with sidewalks with the ability to promote, along with trains at a speed of pedestrians. Moving sidewalks are installed on the rotating platform. The ends of the sidewalks are provided with elastic straps. Moving train wagons are fitted with elastic straps to engage with works of sidewalks and turning around their axes platforms due to the friction forces in the interaction with the elastic straps.EFFECT: pipeline transport with increased reliability and throughput of passengers in the pipeline system of pneumatic passenger.4 dwg
Installation for material distribution through pneumatic transportation, containing pressure relief device in pressurized tanks, in which material is stored // 2612893
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: installation comprises dispensing hopper for intermediate storage of granular or powdered material and pressure relief device in the dispenser hopper. The dispensing hopper is made for alternate increasing of the pressure for emptying the hopper and dispensing pressure relief to allow for its completion. Pressure relief device in the dispenser hopper contains a pressure relief pipeline connected to the dispensing hopper, bag filter, connected to the pressure relief pipeline and flow control devices for flow control in the pressure relief pipeline through the bag filter. Bag filter is a filter made for operation under pressure. Flow control devices are static control devices without moving elements disposed on the pressure relief pipeline downstream of the bag filter. Flow control devices comprise a plate with a bore of a given cross-section or de Laval nozzle.EFFECT: provision of passing the maximum volumetric flow rate less or equal to the maximum allowable bag filter flow, thereby the unit weight reduces.6 cl, 2 dwg
Vacuum device for unloading loose materials // 2612641
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transportation of materials, namely, to design of a vacuum device for unloading bulk food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other materials with the size from 0.1 to 10 mm. Device comprises hollow housing 1 with upper 2 and lower 3 covers, a vacuumizing system consisting of an ejector or vacuum pump 4 and receiver 5 with filter 6 fixed on inner surface 7 of upper cover 2. On side surface 9 of housing 1 there is a hole for inlet branch pipe 10. Device is equipped with pneumatic distributors 11 with an air preparation system made in the form of preparation unit 12 and air supply fitting 13 connected with control unit 14. Lower cover 3 is fixed at end 15 of housing 1, and its drive is made in the form of two pneumatic cylinders 16. On outer surface 22 of upper cover 2 along the circumference there are pneumatic nozzles 27 to blow the annular gap between filter 6 and housing 1 with an air counterflow. Filter 6 and housing 1 are made conical with the angle from 1° to 10° relative to the vertical axis. Pneumatic nozzles 27 are connected by air with valves 24 for blowing filter 6.EFFECT: invention provides ruled out chocking-up during unloading the device in the annular gap between the filter and the housing.1 cl, 2 dwg

Separating device and method for material transportation pneumatic system // 2609257
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method relates to material transportation pneumatic system, for example, wastes. In method conveying air and material, incoming together with it, first, brought into rotation in separating device chamber, wherein conveying air is deflected in chamber and passed into outlet channel. At that, conveying air flow is exposed to in chamber or in channel by means of guide effect applying to conveying air in opposite direction relative to its rotation direction, and in channel is exposed to by means of output branching connection element arranging in channel wall so, that air flow from channel to connecting element passes, essentially, in tangential direction relative to its wall. Method implementation plant is separating device, consisting of chamber with inlet connecting element for material, transported by air, device for bringing material and air into rotary motion in chamber and outlet channel, comprising connecting element, eccentrically located in its wall.EFFECT: group of inventions enables higher efficiency of separation due to prevention of output channel blocking.15 cl, 2 dwg
Underground water collecting reservoir of coal strip mine // 2608703
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: underground water collecting reservoir of a coal strip mine contains an impermeable layer and located downward from this layer a space for water storage and a cleaning layer. Space for water storage comprises first space for storage of water and second space for water storage. Cleaning layer comprises first and second cleaning layers. First cleaning layer is arranged horizontally in the space for water storage to divide it into the first space for water storage and the second space for water storage. First space for water storage is located below the impermeable layer and between the said layer and the first cleaning layer. Second space for water storage is located below the first space for water storage, and the bottom part of the second space for water storage is located in the lower part of the underground water collection reservoir of the coal strip mine. Second cleaning layer is arranged vertically inside the second space for water storage.EFFECT: present invention due to building the underground water collection reservoir of the coal strip mine prevents useless water consumption in the process of coal production and due to availability of the cleaning layer in the underground water reservoir of the coal strip mine provides multiple water treatment, prevents environmental pollution and implements the water management policy during mining operations in the process of coal production.9 cl, 1 dwg

Liquefied natural gas underground storage // 2597049
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: liquefied natural gas underground storage (LNG US) relates to LNG underground storage and reservation system and can be used for the gas storage and delivering to a consumer. LNG US is located below ground level (1), fenced along the perimeter from ground mass with a concrete wall of “wall in ground” (2) type, includes installed on the basis of compacted ground (3) and heat-insulating intermediate layer (4) reinforced concrete tank (5), which is enveloped on the external side surface with pliable layer (6), heat-insulated (7) and waterproof (8) from LNG inside. Shaft (9) extending from the reinforced-concrete tank to the surface is equipped with pipelines (10), tight hatches (11) and staircase (12). Tank roof (5) is covered with a layer of light heat-insulating material (13). Reinforcement of reinforced-concrete tank (5) is made combined, including a combination of rod and dispersed, fibre reinforcing with stainless steel, herewith fine-grain modified steel fibre reinforced concrete is used. Herewith the LNG US structural reliability is substantially increased.EFFECT: technical result is the improvement of strength, water-impermeability and frost-resistance of reinforced concrete.1 cl, 1 dwg
ethod of providing environmental safety of underground gas storage // 2591118
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to underground gas storage and can be used in gas and oil industry. Method of providing environmental safety of underground gas storage includes its pumping through well, gas storage and extraction from storage, at that in zones of underground arrangement of natural gas is remote environmental monitoring content of methane in surface atmosphere, as well as continuous monitoring of methane concentration in zones of process units. That is followed by prediction of critical at gas concentration zones occurence, which results in zones with high concentration of methane in atmosphere of soil surface is treated with suspension methanetrophic bacteria in salt solution, and in process units of such critical zones additionally elevations of soil are made, into which cyclically at certain pressure and temperature suspension of methanetrophic bacteria in salt solution is pumped.EFFECT: method provides for environmental safety of underground gas storage, reduced ingress of methane in atmosphere, as well as avoiding greenhouse effect; in period of disturbance of process mode (emergency) it also helps to reduce acuteness of environmental situation.7 cl

Activator of fluids (versions) // 2589880
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to activation of fluids, for example stowage mixtures, during their transportation through pipeline to point of filling. According to first version: activator comprises tubular flow chamber and coaxial vortex chamber, rotated by means of electric windings relative to flow chamber, vortex chamber sealings, fixed axis arranged inside vortex chamber, upon which fixed bush with blades is mounted, and moving bush is freely fitted with blades connected to vortex chamber, which has elliptical cross-section with diameter widening, blades of fixed and moving bushes are installed parallel to axis of vortex chamber. According to second version: blades of fixed bush are installed parallel to axis of vortex chamber, which has elliptical cross-section with diameter widening, and blades of movable bush are arranged at an angle relative to axis of vortex chamber. According to third version: vortex chamber has elliptical cross-section with diameter widening, wherein blades of movable and fixed bushes have mutually opposite installation angle relative to axis of vortex chamber.EFFECT: higher head of activated mixture and increased intensity of mechanical action upon activated mixture.3 cl, 5 dwg

Barn for liquid hydrocarbons // 2589879
FIELD: ecology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to containers-storage tanks industrial purposes and can be used for collection of liquid hydrocarbons in accumulating. Device contains a pipe section in the form of a rigid cylindrical casing with cover. Inside the section there is elastic shell tightly connected to in-tube part of the technological pipe in the cover. To the opposite part of branch pipe connected receiving and dispensing device. Receiving device is equipped with a receiving funnel, bypass unit, valve and branch pipe to the collector connection with mating branch pipe of the receiving device adjacent pipe section. Dispensing device is equipped with dispensing branch pipe attached to it distributing pipe with a plug and pipe for connection with mating branch pipe of dispensing device adjacent pipe section. In the lower middle part of the casing pipe section injection nozzle is installed with possibility of connection with pipe to force compressed air into the cavity between housing inner surface and outer surface of the elastic shell.EFFECT: reduced probability of penetration of liquid hydrocarbons in soil, expanded performances for pumping of pit of liquid hydrocarbons.1 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of creating underground gas storage in water-bearing geologic structure // 2588500
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to underground storage of natural gas in water-bearing geological structures and, in particular, to physical-chemical methods of controlling formation and subsequent gas-dynamic state of underground gas storage in such structures. Method comprises drilling wells in roof area of water-bearing structure. Through said wells feeding natural gas until reaching boundary of gas-water contact hypsometric marks corresponding to design volume of storage. Further, injecting through drilled well in area of gas-water contact foaming aqueous solution of surfactants. Then in area of water-bearing structure lying below gas-water contact, non-hydrocarbon gas is pumped, close in its physical-chemical properties to natural gas. Volume of water solution of surfactant and non-hydrocarbon gas is selected proceeding from ratio 1:1÷6, ensuring formation during cyclic extraction and pumping of natural gas of stable formation of insulating screen of foam obtained as a result of mechanical mixing of aqueous solution of foaming surfactant and non-hydrocarbon gas at their joint filtration in porous medium. Screen is created from foam of low permeability and thickness determined from condition of screening-filtration through bottom water with intense gas extraction from storage during 90-120 days.EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency of natural gas storage due to its gas-dynamic stability.1 cl, 3 tbl, 1 dwg

ethod and system for fluid-based distribution of product // 2587312
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: based on fluid medium, e.g. water, radial product distribution system, for example, potatoes, includes internal passage (120) and multiple holes (122), radially spaced around inner passage. Gate elements (152) are made so that to move between open position, which provides possibility of movement of product through hole connected with said locking element and closed position, which restricts movement of product through hole connected to gate element. Internal passage has one inlet cross-section area and larger area of cross section closer to holes. Fluid collection area, at least partially encloses internal passage.EFFECT: simplified distribution system, reduced damage to product.17 cl, 7 dwg

High-angle magnetic conveyor // 2583444
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy, mining industry. High-angle conveyor magnetic for separation of magnetic and nonmagnetic components of ground dump steel-smelting slag contains conveying belt and permanent magnets. On whole working surface of transporting conveyor belt permanent magnets are fixed with coercive force of not less than 2900 kA/m. Said tape is enveloped with endless belt made of nonmagnetic material dural D16, D19, alloyed nonmagnetic steel EI 429. Outlet branch of continuous tape made of nonmagnetic material dural D16, D19, alloyed nonmagnetic steel EI 429 rests on squeezing roller equipped with adjusting screw to displace in horizontal plane. Centre of squeeze roller is arranged at distances from two to three diameters of driven pulley from centre of driven pulley. Angle between branch of continuous tape made of nonmagnetic material from dural D16, D19, alloyed steel EI 429 and working surface of driven branch of conveyor belt steeply inclined with permanent magnets is from 30° to 45°. High-angle conveyor is fixed on hinge and is equipped with screw to turn steeply inclined conveyor relative to vertical axis by angle from 0° to 15°. Steeply inclined conveyor drive pulley is equipped with DC motor or alternating current electric motor with controlled frequency current.EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency of separation of magnetic and nonmagnetic components of ground dump steel-smelting slag.1 cl, 1 dwg
System for localization and control of liquids // 2583031
FIELD: oil industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a system for locating and regulating liquids produced on site, such as the site for drilling for oil or gas. System includes one or more zones fluid containment designed as the basin for collecting and retaining liquids berms forming perimeter of said zones sand layer placed on top of each basin, liquid impermeable membrane is placed on a layer of sand, and the drain stone placed on top of membrane and filling the pool. Membrane is to better protect the membrane from damage unfavorable drainage stone may be applied geotextile fabric. With the membrane can be connected leak detection system designed to identify possible leaks in the system localization. One or more lagoons for receiving liquids can pass through the pool and stone drain, fill the pool. Drainage system linked to the lagoons for removal of liquids from the containment areas.EFFECT: ensures a high level of environmental protection, improved reliability and efficiency of fluid containment.51 cl, 12 dwg
ethod for disposal of co2 (versions) // 2583029
FIELD: ecology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions intended for use in underground storage of CO2 and other harmful gases, as well as environmental protection. In first version of method for pumping CO2 trap of water-bearing formation with thermo-baric parameters promoting prolonged burial of CO2 in liquid state is selected. Wells are drilled in dome part of trap structure. Liquid CO2 is pumped in central well and in lowering of contact of “liquid CO2-water” CO2 is pumped to peripheral wells. Control of formation pressure dynamics with simultaneous monitoring of occurrence of liquid CO2 in observation wells. Pumping of liquid CO2 is terminated when detecting of it in observation wells, as well as when trap pressure corresponding to maximum allowable formation pressure is achieved. Control of lateral tightness of trap is carried out by means of observation wells located near closing contour line of trap, and in trap vertical line is by control wells arranged on overlying beds. In second version of method gaseous CO2 is pumped. At same time dynamics of reservoir pressure is controlled using bottom hole pressure gauges. When pressure in trap reaches value corresponding to liquid aggregate state of CO2, pumping of CO2 is continued already in liquid state in near-contact trap areas, controlling dynamics of reservoir pressure using bottom hole pressure gauges.EFFECT: high reliability of storage and reduction of costs for its creation.2 cl, 6 dwg
Pipeline sanding device // 2582523
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment intended for locomotive of railroad transport, particularly to means of locomotive sand filling on points of servicing of locomotives. Pipeline sand dispensing device consists of housing with a rigidly fixed pipe inlet and hinged nozzle outlet. Inside housing on opposite walls are welded two plates, curved in V-shaped form and forming a slit-like neck, which is firmly fitted pivotally at an angle sufficient to supply sand through pipeline in hatches sandboxes locomotives various grades, end nozzle outlet, with covering of its X-shaped elastic member separating housing into two cavities. At end of nozzle outlet with a slot-shaped spout part side, it has a support ring, which on outside diameter of its cross section has a semicircular shape.EFFECT: result is optimisation of distribution and supply of sand to filling hatches locomotives of various types, increased durability of device.2 cl, 3 dwg

Conveyor loading/storage system for raid load of loose cargo on ships // 2578913
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to floating conveyor devices used to load loose cargo from coastal open store on ships remaining off harbour. Conveyor loading/storage system for raid load loose cargo on ships comprises coastal stock of loose materials and at least one floating conveyor line protected enclosing housing. Enclosing housing consists of sections, which are equipped with floats and retainers of their position on sea surface. Stock of loose materials is made with possibility of their dry dressing, while sections are made as separate conveyor floating modules, which are installed in series and elastically connected to each other in the conveyor line with possibility of disconnection. Loading/storage complex mobile to move to new location and is equipped with mechanised warehouse for storage of conveyor floating modules.EFFECT: achieving multiple use and rearrangement of conveyor loading/storage system.13 cl, 1 dwg

Device for pneumatic transportation of containers via pipeline // 2576462
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: device contains a system of transport pipelines connected via bypass valves with a pointwork, devices for automatic loading of dose averaged samples in a transport container, a device for automatic unloading of the transport containers, and a compressed air receiver. The device for automatic unloading of the transport containers additionally has receiving trays, a device for their automatic identification, and additional compressed air receiver, connected with the device for automatic unloading of the transport containers. The device for automatic unloading of the transport containers via the pointwork is connected with each device for automatic loading of the dose averaged samples in the transport container.EFFECT: simplified design and improved operation reliability of the device.1 dwg

Air transport complex for unshipping of loose cargoes // 2573516
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air transport of loose cargoes and can be used for their unshipping and transfer into silo bins. Claimed complex comprises the trailer to displace the crane-manipulator arranged thereat and two settlers of bulk cargo air-driven unloaders. The latter are connected with vacuum and compressor facilities via air ducts of air system of said unloaders and via material ducts with intake device and vibratory nozzle. The complex comprises the electric control hardware, silo bins and material transfer duct. The latter is arranged parallel with the holds of ship being unloaded and comprises several sections located opposite said holds. Note here that every said section is provided with the disc gate and pipe with flange to be coupled with said material duct. Note also that the latter is coupled at the hold unloading with aforesaid pipe of material duct section, the closest to the hold being unloaded. Said disc gate of this section is shut off while disc gates of the next sections are opened.EFFECT: lower power input owing to decreased bulk cargo transfer line length.3 cl, 1 dwg

Device for separation of stacked first and second packs // 2571840
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: claimed device for separation of the stacked first pack (1) and second pack (2) displaced in transfer line (3) comprises the deflecting assembly (4). Deflecting assembly comprises at least one deflecting device (40, 41) with at least two (400, 401, 410, 411) revolving rollers arranged laterally to abut on transfer line (3). The first roller of two rollers is arranged on one side of transfer line (3) while second roller of said two rollers is arranged on the other side of transfer line (3). At least one pair of rollers is arranged to define the deflection path (402, 412) including the acute angle (α) with transfer line (3) of the stack. Claimed separation process exploits the abode described device for separation. Device for thermal shrinkage of the pack outer wrap includes the above described separation device. Method of thermal shrinkage of outer wraps exploits the jobs of pack separation process.EFFECT: separation of packs for thermal shrinkage of the outer wraps.22 cl, 2 dwg

Device for continuous lifting of loose materials // 2570985
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device for continuous lifting of loose materials comprises a mixing chamber for creation of a material-air mixture, a vertical transport pipeline with resistances in the form of perforated partitions and an open charging feeder with a limiter, filled by the specified column of loose material with height H, and also a gate with an axis of its rotation and a weighting agent to stop the flow of loose material. The gate is installed vertically above the material in the upper part of the charging feeder, on the axis of its rotation, stretching via the axis of the charging feeder. The inner wall of the upper wall of the charging feeder is equipped with the limiter to rotate the gate to the horizontal position.EFFECT: when using the proposed solution, transportation is carried out in a stable manner, with small air consumption and without loose material discharge into environment.3 dwg

Device for stacking of plywood sheets // 2570182
FIELD: wood working industry.SUBSTANCE: device (11) contains the conveyor for supply of plywood sheets to the place of stacking and the device for laying of plywood sheets on the formed stack. The conveyor contains the first conveyor element (6) and the second conveyor element (9) located on the opposite sides of plywood sheet. The named first and/or second conveyor element is fitted with the magnetic elements provisioned for interaction with the conveyor element which is located on the opposite side so that the plywood sheet supplied between the named conveyor elements is clamped with the required effort between them and moves them to a place of stacking which is fitted with the brake, which stops the plywood sheet, and the device for release of the plywood sheet from conveyor elements for its laying on the formed stack (1).EFFECT: improvement of accuracy of laying of sheets in stack and acceleration of this process.9 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of estimation of payload capacity of natural cryogenic reservoirs // 2570098
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: definite volume of drainage brines is injected through wells drilled to permafrost depth limited by low permeability deposits. Area of brines flow (S) is measured and at the plotted sections the thickness of watercut stratum is determined in centre of the repressive dome fold to identify the definite (nth) time moment (hn). Effective capacity coefficient of the reservoir (neff) is determined. Then total thickness of the watercut permafrost (Vtotal) is estimated considering the ecological safety for the final stage of injection of the drainage brines within the area.EFFECT: increased authenticity of estimation of payload capacity of the reservoir upon achievement of the ecological safety during brines injection to permafrost.3 cl, 2 tbl, 2 dwg