Conveying and packing and storing and handling thin or filamentary material (B65)

B65            Conveying; packing; storing; handling thin or filamentary material(53801)
Package for tobacco products and method of producing package // 2607763
FIELD: tobacco industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to package for tobacco products and method of its production. Package comprises at least one compartment for placement of tobacco products. Package additionally comprises frame (4) and at least one compartment (6, 8), pivotally connected to frame. Package can be open and close by turning compartment about a hinge.EFFECT: frame surrounds compartment at least partially when package is in closed state.8 cl, 9 dwg
Beverage cartridge and filter element // 2607759
FIELD: food industry; production technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a beverage cartridge, intended for use in beverage preparation machine, comprising a filter element, which comprises a plurality of microholes, passing through it from first surface to second surface located opposite first surface. Filter element facilitates brewing due to high permeability for fluid medium from beverage brewed from particles, suitable for brewing, wherein said fluid medium contains a liquid and gas, and prevents accumulation of gas in device for brewing by removing gases released from medium of beverage contained in beverage cartridge, during brewing. Filter element can be used in rigid, semi-rigid or soft capsule inserted into machine for brewing beverages. In particular, present invention relates to brewing coffee and coffee products in a coffee brewing machine intended for receiving capsules containing coffee particles, through which water is passed for brewing coffee therefrom.EFFECT: invention discloses a beverage cartridge and filter element.35 cl, 5 dwg
Beverage delivery pod and methods of use and manufacture // 2607757
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pod containing one or more beverage ingredients, pod comprising generally rigid outer member (12) having an open top and an outlet opening in lower part, internal filter (16) adjacent to lower part of outer member, one or more beverage ingredients disposed above filter, and lid (14) closing open top. Outer member has outer peripheral sidewall (20) defining open top and extending downwardly from open top toward lower part and inwardly converging toward outlet opening. Lower part of sidewall defines plurality of ribs (36) extending inwardly in interior of outer member toward outlet opening. Beverage outlet flow paths are disposed between adjacent ribs and directed toward outlet opening. Filter is supported above outlet opening and beverage outlet flow paths by ribs.EFFECT: also described is a method of dispensing a beverage prepared from beverage ingredients, in any pod made according to invention, and a method of producing any pod made according to invention.15 cl, 7 dwg
Reclosable packaging using low-tack adhesive fastener // 2607755
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: flexible film package with reclosable fastener on adhesive base comprises a flexible film substrate, from which is formed a plurality of package walls, forming a sealed inner cavity for arrangement of a product; plurality of walls, including at least two opposite flexible walls; package mouth, initially sealed, provide access to inner cavity; low tack pressure sensitive adhesive (LTPSA) layer on each external surface of parallel walls, wherein size and arrangement of LTPSA layers is set so, that they are located opposite each other in multiple positions when reclosing package and provide gradual reduction of size of inner cavity with extraction of product,and where adhesion strength of LTPSA and flexible film substrate is greater than adhesion between portions of LTPSA.EFFECT: mouth can be formed by peel seal or preset area of weakening strength.10 cl, 17 dwg
ethod of package production sensitive to adhesive tape pressure // 2607749
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to production of package sensitive to adhesive tape pressure, suitable for industrial production (versions). Method of package production sensitive to adhesive tape pressure, which represents sensitive to adhesive tape pressure package 10, in which sensitive to pressure adhesive tape 14 is arranged. Latter comprises substrate 18 and adhesive layer 12, deposited on one substrate surface 18. Sensitive to pressure adhesive tape package also comprises anti-adhesion sheet 16, on which adhesive tape adhesive layer is fixed with possibility of anti-adhesion sheet subsequent removal. In this method adhesive tape 14 is attached to anti-adhesion sheet 116 main material and folded in halves. Then plurality of adhesive tapes 14 is subjected to heat sealing and temporarily attached to one anti-adhesion sheet 116 main material and anti-adhesion sheet 116 primary material is cut.EFFECT: technical result achieved when using method according to invention consists in order to improve production efficiency.8 cl, 24 dwg
Packing method for applying heat-seal overwrap to hinged-lid, slide-open package of tobacco articles // 2607606
FIELD: tobacco industry.SUBSTANCE: packing method for applying a heat-seal overwrap to a package of tobacco articles having an inner container which houses a group of articles, and an outer container housing inner container in sliding manner and a hinged lid, which closes an open top end of inner container. Method includes folding a sheet of heat-seal wrapping material into a tube about package, then folding two ends of tubular wrapping to complete overwrap and stabilising overwrap with two transverse heat seals. At least when making transverse heat seals, a front wall of outer container is compressed, so as to move at least part of a top edge of front wall of outer container beneath a top wall of lid.EFFECT: invention provides quality improvement.8 cl, 9 dwg
Closure system for non-spill feeding bottle for children // 2607551
FIELD: personal usage items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a closure system for a non-spill feeding bottle for children, with a lower closure ring, which has a substantially cylindrical lower jacket part with an inner thread that can be screwed onto an outer thread of a bottle, and a lower partition wall which, above inner thread, is connected at edge to lower jacket part, blocks off cross section of lower jacket part, and has a first top face and a first bottom face with at least one lower through-hole opening out, on one hand, in first top face, and, on other hand, in first bottom face, an upper closure ring, which has a substantially cylindrical upper jacket part with an outer thread, that can be connected to a screw ring in order to secure a teat on upper edge of upper jacket part, and an upper partition wall which is connected at edge to upper jacket part, blocks off cross section of upper jacket part, and has a second top face and, sitting sealingly on first top face, a second bottom face with at least one upper through-hole opening out, on one hand, in second bottom face, and on other hand, in second top face, locking elements with which lower closure ring and upper closure ring are locked onto each other. On lower partition wall in a tight manner over opening in lower partition wall there is at least one sealing pad made of soft elastic material, so that it blocks cross section of opening and is tightly connected with lower partition wall, and in second lower side of upper partition wall there is at least one upper through hole with sealing seat corresponding to contour of sealing pad, wherein by turning upper closing ring relative to lower locking ring, upper through hole can be selectively brought into position of mutual overlapping or non-overlapping relative to lower through hole, and sealing seat can be brought into sealing position relative to sealing pad.EFFECT: disclosed is a closure system for a non-spill feeding bottle for children.15 cl, 32 dwg
Cover with improved characteristics // 2607543
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to plastic cover, molded from polymer materials and having improved characteristics, including higher impact strength and resistance. According to one aspect of invention cover comprises upper wall section and annular, lowering down from it bell section, which determines plurality of columns spaced along circumference and passing in axial direction, each of which comprises radially thickened section and formed by set of gripping ribs, made on bell section external surface, wherein each group of gripping ribs has relatively small recesses between adjacent ribs.EFFECT: wherein there are alternating groups of ribs with relatively small recesses and relatively deep recesses between adjacent ribs of each group.11 cl, 9 dwg
Package having unitary body including break-off cap // 2607541
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: in one embodiment package comprises first laminate sheet (200) and second laminate sheet (300) thermoformed together to form unitary body (100). Unitary body (100) has product containing portion (110) having a product cavity containing a fluidic product, nozzle portion (120) for dispensing fluidic product from product cavity, and break-off cap (130) sealing a dispensing orifice of nozzle portion (120). Each of first and second laminate sheets (200, 300) includes a layer of polyethylene (PE) and a layer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Layer of PE has a first thickness and layer of PET has a second thickness, second thickness being less than or equal to first thickness.EFFECT: package (1000) for product in form of a fluid medium is disclosed.22 cl, 11 dwg, 1 tbl
Bursting valve including plate with flexible tabs // 2607540
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to valve device, which has bursting element having external boundary; assembly with tabs, including plurality of indestructible tabs spaced apart from each other next to bursting element outer boundary; and mounting structure, functionally supporting bursting element and assembly with tabs next to protected area, wherein tabs are made and oriented with possibility of arrangement above bursting element in its closed state, when bursting element is subjected to normal pressure, wherein tabs are made with possibility of bending into element unlocking position without destruction of tabs, when bursting element is subjected to abnormal pressure of specified value, with bursting element opening and with removal of abnormal pressure action.EFFECT: technical result consists in creation of improved, indestructible valve units for protection of various structures, exposed to abnormal pressure action.26 cl, 9 dwg
ethod of food products tubular container forming and produced container // 2607539
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to method of food products tubular container forming and produced as a result container. Method involves following stages, made with flexible sheet (3): a) bending or folding part of said flexible sheet (3) with formation of first tubular housing (1); b) sealing of first tubular housing (1) one of bases (1a); c) bending or folding of flexible sheet (3) remaining part, which is not part of said first tubular housing (1), concentrically around first tubular housing (1) with formation of second tubular housing (2) outside first tubular housing (1) and d) connection of second tubular housing (2) inner surface part final longitudinal edge to part of first tubular housing (1) external surface with formation of two independent cavities: first cavity (4) inside first tubular housing (1) and second cavity (5) inside second tubular housing (2) and outside first tubular housing (1).EFFECT: food products packaging.12 cl, 11 dwg
Sleeving device, method and mandrel for arranging sleeves around products // 2607536
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method, a sleeving device and a mandrel for arranging sleeves around products such as containers. Foil (3) is opened on mandrel (1) and fed over outer surface of mandrel. Foil is cut at first position (24) to form individual sleeves (70) of predetermined length. Sleeves are discharged in axial direction from mandrel over product. Sleeves are discharged by engaging sleeves at a second position. Circumference of outer surface of mandrel near second position is smaller than circumference of outer surface of mandrel upstream from first position.EFFECT: invention discloses a sleeving device, a method and mandrel arranging sleeves around products.20 cl, 1 tbl, 18 dwg
Device "boris" for winding and unwinding of boxing and other sports bandages // 2607534
FIELD: personal use items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to light industry, producing equipment for sportsmen, sports institutions, boxing sections, fitness center and health care facilities. Device is intended for winding of bandages on hands of boxer, fixing fingers, metacarpus, carpal joints of sportsman, and for further winding of these bandages directly from hands back into roll consists of case, as well as disc rotating on its front panel, and reducer with rotating coil fixed on disk, conditional middle of lateral surface of which is located opposite disc center, herewith they rotate synchronously, at axes perpendicular to each other and perform complete turn around simultaneously with each other so, that bandage is removed from hand of sportsman, rolled smoothly and without overlaps, or vice versa, to unwind it from its roll so that athlete rolls it up on his hand, omitting tape through spring-rod guide mechanism, that retains bandage from jerks and tangling, and coil from spreading of turns of tape, and controlling device by means of floor foot control panel, making it possible to control direction and rotation speed of electric motors, driving disc and coil without participation of hands, and only by pressing on one of foot pedals.EFFECT: technical result is fast and qualitative winding of bandages on hands of boxer and other sportsmen of martial arts.1 cl, 3 dwg
Latching rollers for conveyor belt // 2607344
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: latching roller can be latched on rod or in conveyor belt module cavity. Composite latching rollers can be installed radially on rod on conveyor belt and connected together on principle of puzzle, forming assembled roller, which can rotate on rod.EFFECT: application of composite latching rollers simplifies production of conveyor belts with built-in rollers.45 cl, 65 dwg
Line for producing multilayer panels // 2607324
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to lines for producing multilayer panels to allow their proper package and reliable protection during transportation and storage. Line for producing multilayer panels comprises interconnected: an assembly to supply reels of lining to a deep shaping assembly, a filler laying assembly, a segments loading assembly, a pressing assembly, a panels cutting assembly, a pile of panels forming assembly and an assembly to pack a pile of panels with a polyethylene film. Herewith the said assemblies are interconnected with the possibility of shaping incoming linings, subsequent laying a filler between the shaped linings, cutting segments from the filler and further pressing the shaped linings together with the segments down to a required thickness, cutting the linings with the segments into separate panels, forming a pile of panels from individual panels and packing the pile of panels with a polyethylene film. Line is additionally equipped with a protective coating forming assembly located before the assembly to pack a pile of panels with a polyethylene film and including a mechanism to apply a protective coating onto the formed pile of panels along the length of the pile of panels in the direction of its movement along the line, made in the form of a shaft with a rolled protective material placed on it, and a mechanism for cutting the protective material.EFFECT: technical result is higher reliability of packing the formed pile of panels directly in the process of its production.3 cl, 2 dwg
Self-sealing system for liquid storage and method of its installation // 2607313
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: system comprises fluid container from metallic material, plurality of separate multilayer self-sealing panels, connected to liquid container. Plurality of separate multilayer self-sealing panels are made with possibility of field installation on liquid container outer surface and, substantially, cover liquid container outer surface. Plurality of multilayer self-sealing panels is intended for automatic prevention of fuel in liquid container leak into atmosphere in case when strong impact and/or high-energy ballistic impact causes formation of fracturing or holes through liquid container wall. Pad type element connected with at least two of plurality of separate multilayer self-sealing panels. Pad type element covers at least one of following: one or more parts of liquid container external surface; and outer surface of each of said at least two of plurality of separate multilayer self-sealing panels.EFFECT: invention provides reliable protection of container contents.34 cl, 11 dwg
ethod of monitoring floating roof tank // 2607312
FIELD: control systems.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a system for monitoring a floating roof of a tank containing a liquid, wherein system determines a local status of floating roof in spaced apart sensing element locations. In a hazardous or potentially hazardous environment, there is an on-roof subsystem including a sensing element in each sensing element location, intrinsically safe measuring circuitry coupled with sensing elements and arranged for determining said local status, intrinsically safe radio communication on-roof circuitry coupled for communicating externally of on-roof subsystem local status, an intrinsically safe power supply circuitry connected to an intrinsically safe and interchangeable energy storage unit for powering on-roof subsystem. Disclosed system further includes monitoring circuitry for receiving an indication of local status and for determining an overall monitored status of said floating and further radio communication circuitry. On-roof subsystem uses wireless power supply and communication modules.EFFECT: invention for monitoring a floating roof of a tank containing a liquid is disclosed.26 cl, 3 dwg
Funnel-shaped component and packing container using funnel-shaped component // 2607311
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to funnel-shaped component and packing container, using such funnel-shaped component. Funnel-shaped component contains: funnel-shaped part, having diameter, which increases from narrow opening side to wide opening side; outlet part, which is connected with end part on narrow opening side; and lateral wall part, which surrounds section with opening on wide opening side of funnel-shaped part, connected to funnel-shaped part and inserted into container body. Funnel-shaped component is integrally formed by sheet element, including sealing layer and paper. Bent section is formed by sheet element, bent inwards and welded along whole periphery of outlet part section with opening.EFFECT: packing container is formed by funnel-shaped component inserted in container body, having open end, bottom part and side wall.24 cl, 47 dwg, 2 tbl
ethod, device and plant for cutting and installation of cover on cut pipe opposite ends // 2607306
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to plastic pipes production. Plastic pipes production plant, closed with covers, in form of set of pipes, comprises moulding machine (E), device for plastic pipe cutting and installation of cover (1a, 2a) onto cut pipe end (1, 2) and pipes consolidation machine (A). Device for plastic pipe cutting and installation of cover (1a, 2a) on cut pipe end, implementing this method comprises driving unit (20) to supply pipe (1, 2), supplied from molding machine (E), pipe gripping assembly (30), pipes cutting assembly (40) and covers (1a, 2a) levelling assembly (50) and their mounting on pipe ends (1, 2).EFFECT: invention usage allows to reduce labor intensiveness and increase plastic pipes producing process efficiency, closed with covers.30 cl, 9 dwg
Can containing a first dispence hole and second vent hole and one retractable lug // 2607176
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: can for arrangement of fluid containing upper end, which has dispensing region (3A) formed on said upper end by first fracture line (31A), retractable lug (2) connected to upper end by rivet (4) and containing piercing end (21) for first fracture line (31A) breaking and punching inside can dispensing area (3A), wherein not tearing it apart to open dispensing hole (13A) during lifting opposite actuating end (22) of said retractable lug from upper face, ventilation area (3B). Ventilation area is formed on said upper end of second fracture line (31B), separate from first fracture line (31A) and located on rivet opposite side relative to first dispensing area (3A). First and second fracture lines (31A, 31B) are separated from each other by at least one working for torsion strip (5) of can upper side material, intended to function as hinge due to twisting during retractable lug (2) actuating end (22) lifting from can upper side, so, that with dispensing hole (13A) opening by dispensing area (3A) punching inside can ventilation hole (13B) opens by ventilation area (3B) punching to outside from can upper end.EFFECT: invention enables simultaneous opening of dispensing and ventilation holes.12 cl, 5 dwg
Can containing large filling hole and ventilation hole // 2607175
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: can to accommodate liquid in it comprises upper end face. Upper end face contains dispensing area (3A) formed on said upper end by first fracture line (31A), ventilation area (3B) formed at end face by second fracture line (31B), separate from first fracture line, first rivet (4A) arranged between ventilation area and dispensing area (3A, 3B), for connection to upper end face, retractable tab (2A) for pressing dispensing areas (3A) to dispensing hole (13A) opening and ventilation hole (13B) opening device (2B). Dispensing area has size (d) along upper face diameter, crossed by first rivet (4A), which is greater than or equal to upper end radius (R).EFFECT: invention provides higher rate of liquid dispensing.11 cl, 7 dwg
Bucket conveyor device with at least three separately driven bucket conveyor lines // 2607123
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: three and more bucket conveyor lines (11) are located next to each other, and insulated and separately from each other, made with possibility of engagement and disengagement with one or both driving motors (17). With bucket conveyor lines associated common loading device in form bulk material stream splitter (30), which contains loading hopper (31) with central loading station (32) to form bulk material natural cone inside loading hopper, as well as on located on loading hopper on passing with radius around loading station inside formed at delivery of bulk material flow separator natural bulk cone location lines drain openings (35). Each drain opening is associated with bucket conveyor line and made with possibility of separate opening and closing by controlled locking device.EFFECT: higher efficiency of bucket conveyor, provision of its operation at of one of lines decommissioning.9 cl, 3 dwg
Processing method and unit for automatically opening hinged-lid slide-open package of tobacco articles // 2607096
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: processing method comprises mechanically clamping an outer container of package, exerting pull on lid to rotate lid into an open position by means of a first actuator, which contacts a top wall of lid, and has a suction head which engages top wall, and simultaneously and in coordination with step of exerting pull on lid, exerting thrust on an inner container of package to slide inner container axially with respect to outer container, by means of a second actuator, which contacts a wall of inner container through a window formed through a corresponding wall of outer container. Processing assembly and packing machine comprise means which characterise method.EFFECT: higher reliability and quality.16 cl, 15 dwg
Packing method of withdrawable tobacco products package production having hinged cover and sealing flap // 2607095
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: method relates to production of package containing internal container containing wrapped group of tobacco products, having open upper end and having cover hinged to internal container for closing open upper end, external container containing internal container made with possibility to slide relative to external container between closed and open positions, in which inner container is partially pulled out from external container, and sealing flap hinged along lateral bending line to external container front wall upper edge. At that, method comprises first workpiece bending around wrapped group of tobacco products to form internal container and second workpiece bending around internal container to form external container, wherein second workpiece bending is performed, leaving flap in initial position, and internal container extension is partially performed from external container by sliding. Then flaps are bent at 90° by lateral bending line to internal container open end and below cover upper wall and completely inserting internal container into external container.EFFECT: invention provides simplification.10 cl, 10 dwg
ethod of equipment mounting in industrial building enclosure // 2606996
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of industrial construction, specifically to construction of energy or machine building facilities. Method of equipment installation in industrial building enclosure includes enclosure equipment preliminary placement in collapsible containers. Prior to roofing construction containers are supplied into enclosure by construction crane. After roofing construction container, at least, partially are disassembled and removed from enclosure. In enclosure floor in equipment location place recess is preliminary made corresponding to container base. Container base is left in recess under installed equipment. Using container, which easily detachable panels are secured on container base.EFFECT: invention enables to improve industrial enterprise equipment preinstallation preparation quality and accelerate its installation.4 cl
Biodegradable substance based on renewable raw material // 2606990
FIELD: biology.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to biodegradable composition for biodegradable producing materials and articles, in particular, wrapping films. Biodegradable composition based on a renewable material obtained from a filler, water and plasticisers, in which starch is used as a filler used and gelatine and polyvinyl acetate are used as plasticisers. Additionally, as a structure-forming additive the biodegradable composition may use sodium salt of carboxymethyl cellulose in the amount of 5–15 wt%, other plasticisers, particularly dimethylsulphoxide in the amount of not more than 25 wt%, carbamide and (or) glycerol in the amount of not more than 20 wt%.EFFECT: technical result: development of a biodegradable composition from natural renewable material that allows production of a wide range of materials and articles with a preset biodegradation life from several seconds to several days.8 cl, 6 ex
ethod for production of packing material coated with at least one barrier layer for hydrophobic compounds // 2606981
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of production of packing material with coating (10), which includes at least the following stages: a) obtaining substrate (12), which includes main material (14) from cellulose, outer side (16) turned from the product, which is been packed, as well as inner side (18) turned to the product been packed; b) coating inner side (18) of the substrate with at least one layer of an aqueous composition, which includes at least polyvinyl alcohol and a cross-linking agent and has the maximum content of solid substances of 25wt%: c) drying the layer and cross-linking the polyvinyl alcohol with the help of the cross-linking agent to form barrier layer (22a, 22b) for hydrophobic compounds. Also described is packaging material (10), where barrier layer (22a, 22b) contains a cross-linked polyvinyl alcohol arranged on inner side (18) of main material (14).EFFECT: technical result is preventing migration of hydrophobic hydrocarbons through the packing material according to measurement by gas chromatography by more than 99 %, and therefore for mineral oil it is always lower than 0,6 mg/kg of a packed food product.22 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl, 10 ex
Elastic containers // 2606941
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: short-term use elastic self-supported container, containing: product compartment, made between connected sheets of elastic material with possibility of fluid product storage; providing support structure frame, made with possibility to provide support for product compartment, wherein providing supporting structure frame is made in form of plurality of providing support structure elements, wherein each providing supporting structure element generally has tubular shape and includes two limiting ends, has overall length from one end to another and one or more cross section areas, each of which has overall width smaller than overall length, and each providing supporting structure element includes extended compartment providing supporting structure, made between connected sheets of said elastic material and filled with one or more gases under pressure exceeding atmospheric pressure; fluid product dispenser, communicated by fluid medium with said product compartment; and first compressible panel, which is made from one or more elastic materials, covers product compartment, substantially limited by one or more providing support structure frame providing support structure sections and made with possibility of product compartment deforming by compression, causing fluid product supply from product compartment via dispenser.EFFECT: possibility of fluid products storage.17 cl, 45 dwg
Device and method for transfer of discrete elements with possibility of rotation and application of these elements on base // 2606922
FIELD: metal processing.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to devices for tape processing and can be used for applying on base of a plurality of discrete elements in offset position. Device for movement of multiple elements on the base has a means of rotation, several gear legs and several transfer plates. Gear legs are fixed on rotation of radial arrangement. Near the ends of the legs are attached to an agent of rotation so, that the longitudinal axis of leg is shifted relative to rotation axis at distance carry-over transfer legs. Transfer plates are attached to the far ends of gear legs to turn between first and second positions.EFFECT: possibility of application of elements on the base in the position displaced relative to axis of the supply line.17 cl, 6 dwg
Cargo transportation device // 2606914
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cargo transportation and storage devices, including fragile cargo and goods with complex arbitrary geometric shape. Present invention objective is designing of fragile arbitrary geometric shape cargo transportation device. Cargo transportation device comprises frame and resilient elements, wherein frame includes modules made with possibility to communicate with each other, wherein resilient elements are arranged on frame modules.EFFECT: device is versatile and can be used repeatedly for transportation of goods with any shape and size.14 cl, 6 dwg
Cartridges, systems and methods for preparation of beverages // 2606869
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to beverage preparation cartridge containing: closed container, which determines container volume; filter for container space separation into ingredient chamber and filtering space; beverage content, located in ingredient chamber space; and protective element positioned in filtering space; wherein protective element is located within filtration space for determination of discharge zone, and wherein protective element is arranged between filter and discharge zone; wherein protective element is made with possibility of preventing filter penetration into discharge zone so, that when puncturing of cartridge puncturing surface with beverages preparation device pricker it can be placed in fluid communication with discharge zone without pricker contact with protective element or filter.EFFECT: thus, beverage higher organoleptic properties are enabled, as well as sanitary of beverage released by device.20 cl, 6 dwg
Perfected packet // 2606865
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a packet suitable to contain products in loose or organized such as for example cigarettes or other smoking articles, tablets, pills or other. Pack (10) comprises at least two elements such as mobile lid (12), affecting the upper part of packet, and containing body (11). Containing body (11) consists of two lateral walls (16), rear wall, front wall (19), upper wall (25) and a lower wall, all defining a front bulk and a lateral bulk. Said elements are connected to each other by movement means. Mobile lid (12) is suitable to assume a closed position and an open position. Mobile lid (12), the walls of the containing body (11) and the movement means define a kinematic mechanism suitable to make the mobile lid (12) move from an initial closed position to an open position. Movement means comprises tabs (20, 21), hinged on the same wall of said containing body (1) and are substantially parallel to each other or lie on the same plane in said closed position of said mobile lid (12).EFFECT: according to the invention, the pack can be opened easily, placed in an open position, that is stable not bulky; besides, the present invention reduces the number of blanks needed to make the packet.5 cl, 14 dwg
Drawing element for strip materials drawing // 2606803
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transportation devices field and can be used for strip materials drawing. Drawing element for strip materials drawing comprises section with through cut. Through cut is made with possibility of engagement with part of moving strip material. Through cut has spiral shape. Drawing element defines specified working path. Enabling decreased risk of drawn material disruption.EFFECT: reducing drawing device overall dimensions.8 cl, 17 dwg
Packing machine internal mechanism // 2606786
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: device for machine internal mechanism band supply and return and tension comprises first and second rollers, wherein second roller is equipped with control mechanism to move it into first combined state with first roller and movement from first state with first roller into second combined state. At that, first roller is connected with first connecting gear, while second roller is connected to second connecting gear to drive them into rotation. Second gear moves synchronously with second roller. First and second gears are rotated by means of gear transmission mechanism. Second gear enters into combined state with first gear by means of movement and exits this state.EFFECT: invention provides simplification and higher reliability.10 cl, 13 dwg
System and method of controlling conveyor in mining system // 2606732
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to conveyor controlling system and method in mining system. Conveyor for mining system comprises frame having fixed first end and retractable second end, first sprocket, having first position, second sprocket, having second position, wherein first position is separated by certain distance from second position, chain connected to first sprocket and second sprocket, sensor made with possibility to generate signal related to conveyor electric characteristic, drive mechanism connected to first sprocket and/or second sprocket, wherein drive mechanism is made with possibility to actuate first sprocket and/or second sprocket, hydraulic cylinder and controller made with possibility to receive signal from sensor, determination of chain stretching in circuit based on received signal, hydraulic cylinder position determination based on chain stretching determined value and control signal generating to control hydraulic cylinder in accordance with hydraulic cylinder determined position.EFFECT: technical result consists in automatic control of chain tension by changing position of sprockets using hydraulic cylinder.20 cl, 19 dwg
ethod and device for connection of image transferring or lamination film webs // 2606648
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to method and device for connection of image transfer film one first and one second film webs (2, 2') or lamination film. Each film web (2, 2') contains thermoplastic film substrate (21) and decorative layer (23). Between the first and second film webs (2, 2') common connecting area (3) is created, in which first and second film webs (2, 2') are connected to each other by means of welding. Device for image transfer film of first and second film webs solid connection comprises receiving means, adjustment means, installed with possibility of alignment signs orientation on first web relative to alignment signs at second web, welding head, installed with possibility of perpendicular movement to film surface.EFFECT: technical result, achieved using group of inventions consists in that, to enable required tensile strength during processing.23 cl, 18 dwg
oisture and oxygen-impermeable material intended for packaging of dietary products, cosmetics and medical goods of special purpose // 2606646
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a primary package for soft gelatine capsules containing lipophilic base and microorganisms in the form of blister packages or packets-sachets containing a multilayer material. Material includes at least two aluminium layer, connected to each other, where each aluminium layer has thickness from 2 to 50 mcm, wherein the first side is connected with a layer of polyamide (PA), and the second side is connected with a layer of polyethylene (PE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which makes the multilayer material type PA/(Al)n/PE or PA/(Al)n/PVC, where n ranges from 2 to 10.EFFECT: technical result consists in production of multilayer material, which provides minimum permeability and long storage life of products of special purpose.11 cl, 13 tbl, 4 ex
Hard open-top container and top cover lifting appliance // 2606579
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: hard open-top container comprises housing (1), top cover (2), covering the upper part of the housing, at least one top cover lock (3), installed on top cover (2) for locking top cover (2) with housing (1) of the container, lower part of lock (3) has locking hook (31), which is attached to housing (1) of the container, upper part of lock (3) to is rotatably connected to top cover (2), rear end of the upper part of lock (3) is provided with pressure lever (33), which can turn lock (3) for separation of locking hook (31) from housing (1) of the container, and at least one lifting device made on top cover (2) for lifting upper cover (2).EFFECT: invention provides higher efficiency of cover opening and safety.8 cl, 6 dwg
Box and package comprising box, placed between four cups // 2606573
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: package from food cups has unit of four cups, arranged in two adjacent rows, and box. Four cups have corresponding connections points between two adjacent cups of said four cups and are spaced apart from each other underneath of connections points so, that between cups opening is formed. Box comprises box housing with two ends, on each of which there is corresponding end cover. Box housing is fixed to unit and enters said opening between four cups of unit.EFFECT: group of inventions provides package higher mechanical strength and its stacking, as well as enables associated objects or ingredients arrangement in box.19 cl, 8 dwg
Capsule and its application for providing additive for hydraulic composition // 2606480
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to use of the capsule as an additive for hydraulic composition the wall of the capsule contains a layer containing a water-soluble polymer, which includes a film-forming polymer, which is polyvinyl alcohol, having a melting point of 155–185 °C and melt flow rate of more than 3.0 g/10 min under 2.16 kg at 230 °C, measured according to the method described in the standard NFT 51-016, the additive for hydraulic composition is in the wall of the capsule. Invention also relates to a method of producing hydraulic composition and to design of capsule.EFFECT: reduced dusting, increased storage time without change of properties of additives.11 cl, 12 tbl, 4 ex
Containers and methods of dispensing doses of liquid concentrate and liquid concentrates of long storage life // 2606327
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a packaged product having a plurality of doses of liquid concentrate therein, and a method of producing a mixture using batched distribution of liquid concentrate from a vessel using one or more of required properties and features, including almost constant output in a certain range of pressing forces, almost constant output at same pressing force, that is substantially independent of amount of liquid concentrate in vessel, practically not leaking outlet opening, obtaining a jet which ensures minimum spray, when liquid concentrate strikes in a specified liquid, and a jet which maximally facilitates mixing of liquid concentrate with a given liquid to obtain a homogeneous mixture as a whole without using additional devices or agitation. Invention also discloses liquid concentrates of beverages, which can be poured cold in package, and have a shelf life of at least twelve months at normal storage temperatures.EFFECT: combination of low level of pH and high content of alcohol can be used in concentrate, in particular pH level not higher than 3,5, and alcohol content higher than 5 wt%.30 cl, 20 dwg, 29 tbl
Synchronous electric drive of belt conveyor and control method thereof // 2606163
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: synchronous electric drive of a belt conveyor comprises the first and next along the belt travel driven drums connected with couplings to synchronous electric motors deflecting the drums, brakes, a system of power supply frequency, voltage and current intensity control, belt speed sensors, which are installed before every driven drum, and belt tension sensors, which are installed before or behind each driven drum. Method for controlling a synchronous electric drive of a belt conveyor includes measurement of the belt speed before the driven drums, of the belt tension force before and after the driven drums, setting synchronous frequencies and torques of the synchronous electric motors, synchronizing rotation speed change of the driven drums in such a way, that the ratios of synchronous frequencies of the synchronous electric motors remain constant.EFFECT: higher efficiency of the belt conveyor drive.2 cl, 3 dwg
Cleaning agent product // 2606122
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a cleaning agent product. Cleaning agent product comprises water soluble pouch (10) having first chamber (1) and second chamber (2) being separated from first chamber (1). First chamber (1) and second chamber (2) are each filled with cleaning agent (3, 4). Pouch (10) is made of water soluble base foil (5) and of water soluble lid foil (6) being tightly connected to each other. Base foil (5) is deep drawn in a plastically deforming manner to form first chamber (1) and second chamber (2). First chamber (1) comprises first base area (A1), second chamber (2) second base area (A2) and entire cleaning agent product a third base area (A3). First base area (A1) of first chamber (1) comprises concave section (7) on its side facing second chamber (2). Second base area (A2) of second chamber (2) comprises convex section (8) on its side facing first chamber (1). Convex section (8) of second chamber (2) extends into concave section (7) of first chamber (1). Third base area (A3) of cleaning agent product is at least approximately circular shaped.EFFECT: creation of a multichamber cleaning agent product, having a water-soluble pouch and characterised by improved stability of shape with smaller amount of used material and simpler manufacture.12 cl, 6 dwg
Transportation device for products of fish processing and meat processing industry // 2606093
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fish processing and meat processing industry products transportation device. Transportation device (10) comprises conveyor belt (11) for products transfer in transportation direction (F), at least one mounting base (12) passing at least along section of conveyor belt (11), and at least one functional unit (13) for interaction with products, wherein each of functional blocks (13) is located on retainer (16). Retainers (16) are made so, that each of functional units (13) is connected with mounting base (12) using retainers (16) and installed with possibility of adjustment at least in transportation direction (F), wherein mounting base represents square profile, wherein square profile is arranged so, that one of its cross section diagonals at least substantially parallel to conveyor belt plane.EFFECT: disclosed is transportation device for products of fish processing and meat processing industry.13 cl, 7 dwg
ethod and device for filling capsules with loose material and their closure // 2606080
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: in method and device plates with capsules arrangement sockets are moved one after another using conveyor devices to working sections. In each plate capsules are subjected to effects by at least one acting device. At that, each working section has plates locking device, which can be actuated by control unit for stopping of at least one plate at a time in working section for specified time, required for implementation of action on plate by at least one actuator and for discharge of at least one plate at a time after exposure.EFFECT: group of inventions enables higher efficiency and reliability.11 cl, 9 dwg
Device to empty collector with powdered products and method of actuation of this plant // 2605959
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: device to empty collectors with powdered products without dust propagation outside is intended for use, in particular, in water treatment plants. Device includes a caisson equipped with removable closing device (3), shelf (1) located along the periphery of the caisson, herewith the said shelf is made with the possibility of receiving collectors to be opened inside the caisson, dust suction device (4) for dust suction located at the top of the caisson, device (6) for dispersion or dissolution in te flushing water of the sucked dust, a funnel arranged in the base of the caisson configured to receive powder fed from the collector and a means of transportation of the powder from the funnel to a powder storage means. Method provides the use of the said device.EFFECT: invention provides higher efficiency and economy in emptying collectors with powdered products.11 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of balls feeding and balls supply machine // 2605897
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of balls feeding in machine for balls flow transportation in system, used in tobacco industry, including stages, where balls are transferred in form of flow; from individual supply channels balls are placed in first retaining pockets; from balls supply device retaining pockets balls are supplied into balls transporting device intake pockets by means of movable supplying device, synchronized with balls transporting device, and in balls transporting device balls are placed into guide chamber, formed at intersection of first guide plate guide slot and second guide plate guide slot of balls transporting device, or into slot, made in one of guide plates and forming channel; at least one guide plate is rotated relative to second guide plate, which leads to guide chamber displacement with changing distance from guide chamber to guide plates axis of rotation; balls are moved from guide chamber or guide channel into discharge pocket.EFFECT: technical result consists in increase in balls supply rate.3 cl, 10 dwg

icrowaveable packages having composite susceptor // 2605831
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: microwaveable package comprises a composite susceptor including a standard microwave susceptor layer adjacent to a microwave shielding layer comprising a source of mobile charges. Microwave shielding layer is metal free.EFFECT: invention enables preparation of a food product including a frozen component.21 cl, 15 dwg, 1 tbl, 3 ex

Transporting device, grip and feeding device for loose material transportation // 2605804
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: transporting device (1) has transportation channel (4) in form of transporting pipe (5), two grips (2) and drive (6) for grip (2) actuating for loose material (3) transportation along transportation channel axis (7). Grip is partially freely arranged in transportation channel (4) along transportation channel axis (7). Forces between two grips (2), located next to each other in transportation channel (4) in parallel to transportation channel axis (7), are transmitted by direct contact between them and/or by means of loose material, located in transportation channel between grips (2). Drive (6) enters transportation channel (4) on drive section (8) to transmit force to grip (2), arranged on drive section (8) in parallel to transportation channel axis (7).EFFECT: increasing transporting device reliability.16 cl, 26 dwg

Coal bin storage for metallurgical enterprise // 2605662
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to storage of bulk materials and can be used as coal bin storage for metallurgical enterprise. Bin storage includes coal silos, each of which consists of cylindrical part and conical funnel, in lower part of which there is a coal drawing device common conveyor for supply of coal for processing, that is connected to yields of coal drawing means. In silos, in the area of joint of cylindrical part and conical funnel, in three equidistant points temperature sensors are installed, which are connected to a temperature meter. Coal storage is equipped with inert deterrent feed system and water feed system for cooling of coal. At that nozzles to feed inert deterrent are installed in silos in the area of joint of cylindrical part and conical funnel at the points, equidistant from temperature sensors, and water feed nozzles are installed in groups under the corresponding silos along total conveyor for supply of coal for processing.EFFECT: technical result consists in preventing coal self-ignition in coal silo storage without stopping the process of coal supply for further processing.3 cl, 2 dwg