Conveying and packing and storing and handling thin or filamentary material (B65)

B65            Conveying; packing; storing; handling thin or filamentary material(53801)

Gripping device for gripping sheet material // 2614366
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: gripping device has at least two gripping elements for gripping a sheet material stack. The gripping elements are made with the possibility of moving towards each other for gripping the sheet material stack. At least one gripping finger of one gripping element is made with the possibility to tilt from an initial position into an inclined position. In the rest position, the finger is oriented substantially parallel to the stack surface. The finger in the tilted position is inclined relative to the stack surface.EFFECT: providing the possibility of the reliable and trouble-free extracting of sheet material stacks from the container and holding them against the action of gravity.15 cl, 12 dwg

Reservoir and method for manufacturing the same // 2614326
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for manufacturing a reservoir, as well as to a reservoir for fluid designed, to be disposed in limited space. Preferably, the reservoir is a reservoir for oil, adapted to be disposed in a "slim" aircraft nacelle. Disclosed is a method for manufacturing reservoir (1) having main body (4) provided with a plurality of compartments (7), base (6) closing main body (4) in its lower part, and lid (5) closing main body (4) in its upper part. Method comprises following stages: metal sheet formatting to make the component parts of reservoir (1); assembly by butt welding of each of the component parts to make the reservoir (1).EFFECT: invention provides high mechanical strength as a result of such a design and method of connection, reduced weight, besides, the reservoir is easily controlled by means of non-destructive testing.13 cl, 10 dwg

Packaging // 2614324
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: packaging comprises form-stable twisted collagen carrier which contains a collagen layer and a coating layer containing thrombin and fibrinogen, and is characterized by the shape of the elongate member with a number of turns of the collagen carrier around the longitudinal axis of the elongate member with at least one external coil(s) oriented so that the coating layer forms an outer surface of each of the said external coil(s). Packaging comprises a portion made as a tank with a compartment which contains at least one portion of the twisted collagen carrier. The compartment comprises a hole in the upper surface of the portion made as a tank and at least one cavity disposed at the edge of the hole. The said cavity opens into the compartment and the upper surface.EFFECT: secure storage and retrieval of brittle twisted collagen carrier without damage to the coating.27 cl, 9 dwg

ethod of loose material handling // 2614165
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for handling works with loose materials. To handle loose material, supply of loose material is switched on from a hopper to a duct of a telescopic guide, and loose material is discharged under gravity from the telescopic guide duct to the preset discharge surface, as the lower link of the telescopic guide moves upwards. In the beginning of loose material handling, the lower link of the telescopic guide is moved down to ensure tight contact with the preset discharge surface. Then loose material is fed from the hopper to the duct of the telescopic guide, filling it to the selected level, and loose material discharge under gravity from the telescopic guide duct to the preset discharge surface, as the lower link of the telescopic guide moves upwards, is started after the selected level of loose material is achieved in the telescopic guide duct. At the same time location of the loose material level is provided in the telescopic guide duct within the selected limits.EFFECT: invention provides for reduced contamination of environment by dusty air from loose material handling without its moistening.5 cl, 4 dwg

Device for loose material handling // 2614164
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for handling works with loose materials. Device for loose material handling comprises a hopper, a feeder with an electric drive, a hollow telescopic guide, a system of vertical movement of telescopic guide links. The telescopic guide is equipped with a ring sealing element, which is fixed on the end of the lower link, and the device is equipped with a contact sensor of the sealing element with the preset discharge surface. The contact sensor is electrically blocked with the electric drive of the system of vertical movement of the telescopic guide providing for disconnection of the specified electric drive after contact of the sealing element with the preset discharge surface. The device is equipped with sensors of upper and lower level of loose material in the telescopic guide duct, which are electrically blocked with the electric drive of the system of telescopic guide vertical movement, providing for connection of the specified electric drive by a sensor of upper level of loose material and disconnection of this electric drive by the sensor of lower level of loose material.EFFECT: invention provides for reduced contamination of environment by dusty air from loose material handling without its moistening.5 cl, 4 dwg

Test container // 2614155
FIELD: testing equipment.SUBSTANCE: in the test container (10, 40, 70), which includes like a rectangular parallelepiped the container (12, 42, 72), disposed therein electrical components (14, 16, 90, 94, 96) of the transformer checking system, which in the test mode are like the corresponding heat source, and a cooling system, at least with one heat exchanger (18, 20, 44, 46, 114), there is a moving device (22, 24, 48, 49) by means of which, at at least one heat exchanger (18, 20, 44, 46, 114) can move from a transport position inside the container (12, 42, 72) to the operating position, which is located at least partially outside the container (12, 42, 72).EFFECT: providing a test area system and thus, test area system components for testing of high-voltage transformers, that make possible a particularly simple transportation, assembly and disassembly of the test area system and prevent the use of the rotating converter.14 cl, 6 dwg
Box for storage and transportation // 2614089
FIELD: package and storage.SUBSTANCE: box for storage and transportation includes first closing flaps (1) of the external surface of the box extending from two opposite sides of the upper face of the box and able to be interfixed with an adhesive tape, clips or a glue to perform one or several transportations. Box is characterized by that it additionally contains second closing flaps (2) of the external surface of the box extending from the other two opposite sides of the upper face of the box and containing closing element (3, 4) for opening and closing the box any number of times, herewith second flaps (2) can be used for storing products or making orders prior to transportation or after it.EFFECT: proposed is a box for storage and transportation.12 cl, 11 dwg

Package for antimicrobial treatment // 2614063
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: package comprises: i) at least one first component comprising solid particles which comprise at least one natural oil and at least one surface-active agent; ii) at least one second component comprising a microbial pathogen antagonist, where at least one first component and at least one second component are contained in the individual cells of the said package.EFFECT: invention enables to implement the biological control of microbial infection.15 cl, 6 dwg, 16 tbl, 3 ex
Device for pneumatic escalation of bulk materials containing nanoparticles // 2613980
FIELD: nanotechnology.SUBSTANCE: device for pneumatic escalation of bulk material, comprising nanoparticles relates to pneumatic transportation, namely to the devices of vertical or steeply inclined pneumatic conveying of bulk materials, containing nanoparticles. Device for pneumatic escalation of bulk material, containing nanoparticles comprises loading feeder, and a mixing chamber the vertical transport pipe. The transport pipe is provided with a defined dispersed therein cross, perforated inserts and additional removable insert. The removable insert is provided with electrodes with conductive pins. The flanges are provided with conductive conclusions, let down to DC. The isolators are installed between the flange and the pipe.EFFECT: nanoparticle material capture device, containing in a vertical flow moving materialogaseous mixture.1 tbl, 2 dwg
Belt conveyor intermediate linear drive // 2613947
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed intermediate drive comprises endless drive belt arranged above load-carrying belt in contact therewith and running on rollers over driven and tensioning drums, driven drum motor and drive control unit. The drive is equipped with an additional tape covering the rails and form a loop, the upper part of which is placed between the load-carrying belt and the drive belt and the lower part of the free slack between the guide and rests on rollers. The surface additional tape is made of a material less strong than the load-bearing surface of the tape drive and tape in contact with the further tape. Tape width more or less equal to the width of the tape drive.EFFECT: reduced wear of load-carrying and drive belts.5 dwg

Hollow dosing head // 2613916
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to reservoirs containing a cosmetic product and can be used for spraying such product as deodorant, antiperspirant, hair care product, foam for shaving. Reservoir comprises a cosmetic product and is equipped with dosing head (1). Dosing head (1) includes housing (3) open on its two opposite axial ends. Also the dosing head comprises engaged part (10) open on its two opposite axial ends and at least partially specifying dosing hole (12).EFFECT: technical result is the possibility of obtaining the drops size not too large or too small, absence of excessive product flow pressure drop, as well as simplified fabrication of the reservoir in mass production.27 cl, 28 dwg

Container // 2613872
FIELD: package and storage.SUBSTANCE: box-shaped container for food product storage and transportation contains container first half, having peripheral wall with edge section and bottom surface, as well as second container half having peripheral wall with end section and bottom surface. First and second container halves are made with possibility of mutual connection by connecting first half and second half at their end sections. End sections have shape, which is complementary relative to another shape. Container contains fasteners made with possibility of removal, made on end sections. Fasteners include, at least, one extending section made on second half end section, and section for insert, which is complementary for extending section. Section for insert is made on container first half end section, and each of end sections of first and second halves of container has wavy shape, which is complementary to another shape.EFFECT: invention enables strength and heat insulation.7 cl, 7 dwg

Feeder cup cover assembly // 2613871
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: feeder cup cover assembly, containing circular housing (5), installed on cup (3) open upper end and containing rim (8), allowing user to drink liquid from said cup through annular housing (5). Cover element (9) is located inside said housing (5) and is installed with extension through cup (3) open upper end, on which housing (5) is installed. Cover element (9) has plurality of openings (12) and central opening (13) in it. Sealing element (14) is located on cover element (9) inner side, and actuator (15) is on cover element (9) opposite side, which is accessible for user, when said cover unit (2) is installed on cup (3). Sealing element (14) and actuator (15) are connected to each other, wherein with sealing element (14), displaced into initial position, in which it is pressed to said cover element (9) inner side and comes into contact with sealing element (14) said inner side with upper side, which in initial position passes parallel to it to lock said openings (12) and prevent fluid flow flowing through it. Actuator (15) includes part (20), which is in contact with lip, which extends above cover element (9) in said rim (8) direction on circular housing (5). Device is such, that sealing element (14) moves from said initial position, to allow fluid flow through said openings (12) and from vessel, when pressing sufficient for said displacement overcoming, is applied by user on actuator (15). Diaphragm has protruding area (21), surrounding central opening (13).EFFECT: enabling possibility of child teaching to drink as from standard cup with simultaneous protection against spillage and avoiding child harming with hot drink.10 cl, 5 dwg

Box for smoking materials // 2613776
FIELD: tobacco industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed box for smoking materials, formed from fold-out cardboard blank with several panels connecting at the folds of the blank, and several box edges. At least one of the box edges has a set of discrete slits along at least part of the length of the box edge passing through the box material oriented in a nonparallel direction of at least one box edge and made so that the fold-out blank of at least one box edge forms a group of protrusions along at least one box edge, leading to irregular texture of the edge along at least part of its length. The box material is weakened at the fold of at least one box edge between the respective adjacent panels, and the weakening along this fold is defined only with the group of slits.EFFECT: box improvement.18 cl, 10 dwg

Portion capsule and beverage preparation method using portion capsule // 2613744
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to portion capsule for beverage preparation having capsule body with capsule bottom and filling side, besides, between capsule bottom and filling side hollow space is made for accommodation of powdered or liquid beverage substrate, and between beverage substrate and capsule bottom filtering element is arranged, having felt structure for provision of foam absence in making coffee or bubbles absence in tea preparation.EFFECT: beverage preparation.25 cl, 17 dwg
ethod of non-stop running of pneumatic transport trains // 2613638
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of pipeline transport, in particular, to pneumatic transport of passengers in trains along a transport pipeline. Passenger train cars move along the transport pipeline due to air pressure difference. Braking of train cars in the pipeline occurs to the speed exceeding speed of motion in open station areas. Upon exit from the pipeline, cars are moved via the open station areas by means of drives. Upon exit of the pipeline, doors of each non-stop moving cylindrical car of trains alternately rotate around the horizontal axis by motion along round guides at end walls of the car for opening to start on and off boarding and upon entrance into the pipeline, for closing after the end of passengers boarding on and off.EFFECT: invention provides for safe passenger boarding on and off train cars and increased throughput passenger capacity in a system of pipeline passenger pneumatic transport.3 dwg
Device for unceasing movement of trains of passenger pneumatic transport // 2613636
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device reffers to the field of pipeline transport, namely the pneumatic passengers' transport in a transfer line trains. The device comprises a transfer line, connected to an open station sites to getting on/off the passengers. The station areas are equipped with sidewalks with the ability to promote, along with trains at a speed of pedestrians. Moving sidewalks are installed on the rotating platform. The ends of the sidewalks are provided with elastic straps. Moving train wagons are fitted with elastic straps to engage with works of sidewalks and turning around their axes platforms due to the friction forces in the interaction with the elastic straps.EFFECT: pipeline transport with increased reliability and throughput of passengers in the pipeline system of pneumatic passenger.4 dwg

Portable refillable cream dispenser // 2613598
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: refillable dispenser for viscous compositions containing a bottle with walls forming the upper cavity and the lower cavity, a viscous composition refilling mechanism configured able to allow the viscous composition enter the upper cavity, when the said refilling mechanism is connected by the fluid medium with a source of the viscous composition, and a viscous composition dispensing mechanism configured able to allow dispensing the viscous composition from the upper cavity outside the bottle, when the dispensing mechanism is actuated.EFFECT: provided is a gasket made with the possibility of compacting the said upper cavity of the specified lower cavity, herewith the said gasket is able to move towards the upper cavity at actuation of the dispensing mechanism and move towards the lower cavity at the viscous composition entering the upper cavity.17 cl, 15 dwg

Cartridges, systems and methods for preparation of beverages // 2613575
FIELD: polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: cartridge containing cup-shaped housing, having base, peripheral sidewall and open upper part with cover, attached to cup-shaped housing with formation of container volume. Cover can be punctured to provide water medium influx into container volume. Filter is located inside container volume for separation of container volume into ingredients compartment, containing one or more beverage ingredients, and volume of filtrate. Base can be punctured to allow fluid outflow from container volume. Peripheral side wall comprises plurality of grooves, forming plurality of filtrate channels made with possibility to direct beverage flow downwards.EFFECT: cup-shaped housing is made with possibility of expansion in transverse direction, when aqueous medium is supplied into container volume at temperature of, at least, 85C and under pressure of, at least, 20 kPa.19 cl, 1 tbl, 11 dwg

High-angle conveyor for bulk cargo // 2613471
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: conveyor comprises frames (1, 2), on which there are drive (3), tension (4) and enveloping (5) drums, endless closed belt consisting of empty (6) and laden (7) branches, each of them includes two steel strips (8), connected by means of bolted connection (9) with rigid crossbars (10) of round section. Supports (11), lying in the plane perpendicular to movement of the belt, are pivotally (12) attached to the crossbars. Between the crossbars and supports there is conveyor belt (13) with corrugated edges (17), which rests on the supports. Under each crossbar the belt is equipped with partitions (14) made in the form of loop (15) of rubber-textile material, fitted on crossbar by fixed pins (16).EFFECT: providing improved wear resistance of conveyor parts and higher efficiency.1 cl, 4 dwg

High-angle belt conveyor for lumpy cargo // 2613469
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: conveyor comprises frames (1, 2), two traction metal cord strips (3), enveloping drive (4) and tension (5) drums, mounted on frames with deflecting drums (6). Two metal cord strips are connected by means of pins (7) with rigid crossbars of triangular section (8), between them there is rubberized conveyor belt (9), resting on the crossbars with deflection in intervals, parabolic corrugated boards (10) with different branches length are rigidly attached to the end of the conveyor belt. To prevent layering of the metal cord strips at loads they are equipped with cured elastic brackets (19) embracing them along the perimeter and having holes for pins installation.EFFECT: possibility of transportation of large pieces of ores and rocks, comparable with the width of the conveyor belt, and possibility to apply sections of conveyor belts.1 cl, 5 dwg
Improved design of capsules and use thereof // 2613452
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions includes a method of assembling filter element 8 with bowl-shaped body 2 of a capsule using a combination of welded head 70 and moulder 80, herewith filter element 8 is located on the neck of bowl-shaped body 2 of the capsule or near it, movement of the combination of welded head 70 and moulder 80 in order to bring it into contact with filter element 8 and place it inside bowl-shaped body 2 of the capsule, herewith filter element 8 is deformed by spring-loaded moulder 80 to form bowl-shaped filter element 56, and further use of welded head 70 to glue the bowl-shaped filter element in bowl-shaped body 2 of the capsule. Group of inventions also involves a method of producing a beverage preparation capsule, where the filter element is glued as per the method described above, a beverage preparation capsule obtained using the said method, a combination of a welding head and a moulder made spring-loaded and containing a molding flexible body, and also involves the use of a combination of the welding head and the moulder to assemble the filter element.EFFECT: group of invention provides higher quality and simplification.17 cl, 5 dwg

Preform for producing plastic containers in stretch blow moulding process // 2613411
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to support ringless preform for production of plastic containers, use of such preforms and plastic container. Technical result is achieved by a support ringless preform for production of plastic containers by blow moulding, having a substantially elongated body, one end of which is closed. With its opposite longitudinal end, preform body adjoins a pour opening neck portion, on external wall of which are fasteners for fixing with geometrical closure equipped with mating cover engagement means. At transition from preform body to neck there is a formed enveloping ring flange, which extends radially outside preform body outer wall. In area between flange and fasteners neck has envelope annular groove, limited by flange, and in direction of fasteners-external collar, extending aslant from bottom of annular grooves to external wall of neck. External shoulder forms on inner wall of spout enveloping in an annular manner inner collar, which extends, if seen in direction of body preform, axially above annular groove and transitions into preform body inner wall without undercuts.EFFECT: reduced number of incorrectly oriented preforms in sorting devices and reduced material consumption.25 cl, 5 dwg
Container for cylinders, method of cylinders placing in container and container with cylinders // 2613275
FIELD: pipes.SUBSTANCE: container for cylinders comprises frame and, at least, one pipeline arranged so, that provided possibility of its connection to cylinders in frame lower part.EFFECT: invention ensures reduction of labor costs due to elimination of additional equipment and operations for removal of condensate and impurities from cylinders.33 cl, 2 dwg

Device for extraction and separation of sheets and sheet processing device // 2613223
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to flat articles processing. Device for extraction and separation of sheets has an extraction section, sending section and separation section. Extraction section extracts a sheet. Sending section sends the sheet extracted by the extraction section. Separation section is made with possibility of contact and subsequent separation of extracted overlapping sheets. Separation section has a main body and a cover. Main body of the separation section is elastically deformed in accordance with the thickness of the sheet. Cover stays in contact with the sheet. Cover surface is rough to increase the friction coefficient. Possibility of sending sheets with overlapping is prevented.EFFECT: possible problems of transportation are eliminated.11 cl, 12 dwg

Proportioning feeder for granular materials // 2613193
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: proportioning feeder for granular materials includes a motor, boot reservoir, body, screw, bearing assembly and the main feeder outlet, and the cylindrical coil spring, tension and release of which is provided by the solenoid. Solenoid and engine control is provided by electronic device control. Excess material passing through the gaps formed by the spring turns, are poured into the collector.EFFECT: possibility of a regulated material feed to the work area, without changing the number of motor revolutions.2 dwg

Container // 2613170
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a container body, as well as a container, having such a body. Said body has round shape, and connecting peripheral part is made on a circle of said container body, wherein lower engaging groove is made in lower part of said connecting peripheral part, and an upper engaging groove is made in upper part of said connecting peripheral part.EFFECT: engineering problem is providing a container body to which can be attached a cover in an arbitrary direction for convenient use.7 cl, 8 dwg
Reclosable flexible packages for food products // 2613166
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: described a reclosable flexible package for storing a food product and a method of manufacture thereof. Package includes a flexible film side wall, a closed first end, a closed second end portion that can be separated from side wall to provide an access opening, and a collar. Collar can be formed in side wall or attached to side wall. Collar is more rigid than adjacent portions of side wall and is rotatable about longitudinal axis of package to twist portions of side wall and block access to opening after removal of second end portion.EFFECT: storage of product.26 cl, 13 dwg

Pocket format package, intended for small-sized objects storage // 2613163
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: pocket-size package includes container (11), having set of walls (15, 16, 18, 19), determining internal compartment (20) for small objects storage, and cover (12), made with possibility of rotation. Container upper element is made with possibility to interact with cover (12), when cover is in closed position. Cover (12) comprises upper part with two side elements (23), made with possibility of interaction with container upper element, when cover is in closed position, and lower part with flat wall (21), providing possibility of cover rotation on container. Upper element contains flap (25), made with possibility of rotation on container upper edge (26) and moved between closed position, in which flap (25, 225) covers internal compartment (20) upper part, and open position, in which it does not prevent access to inner compartment (20). Flap width slightly exceeds internal distance between side elements (23). Invention prevents cover accidental opening at cover and flap closed positions.EFFECT: package enables opening with one hand.10 cl, 9 dwg

ethod of folding corrugated board blanks for manufacturing folding boxes and installation for it // 2613154
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method and an installation for folding blanks (1) made from corrugated board for manufacturing folding boxes (2), wherein the blanks (1) are provided with grooves (11, 11a, 12), notches, perforations etc., oriented at least approximately parallel to the direction of the corrugations (10) of corrugated cardboard, and if necessary also transversely oriented, along which folding or bending can be carried out. Wherein into the area of at least part of grooves (11), notches, perforations etc. oriented at least approximately parallel to the corrugated board corrugations (10), along which folding is carried out, fluid is introduced before the folding process, thereby the corrugated board in the area of these grooves (11), notches, perforations, etc. becomes flexible.EFFECT: invention provides high speed of folding blanks made from corrugated board for manufacturing folding boxes.4 cl, 4 dwg

Scraper for conveyor chain scraper assembly, conveyor chain scraper assembly (versions) and assembly method of conveyor chain scraper assembly (versions) // 2613114
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: conveyor chain scraper, containing two spaced links and two side plates, which connect said links and from each of which outgo two spaced elongated pins. Scraper contains metal base, containing two spaced cylindrical parts, intended to accommodate said two spaced apart elongated pins with possible use of binding agent. Besides, scraper comprises flexible casing enclosing metal base.EFFECT: enabling simple replacement of conveyor chain scraper.38 cl, 10 dwg

Sealing device, plugging unit and means of indicating opening of bottle with liquid // 2613090
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a sealing device with means of indicating opening, installed on the neck of a bottle with a liquid. According to the present invention, the stem 12 of the opening indication means 11 has an additional opening 15, which is linked with the lower part of the support opening 13 of the stem 12 and forms a locking edge 16, wherein the axial holder 3 of the cap 1 is fitted in the support opening 13 with tension.EFFECT: such a design of the sealing device enables to prevent unauthorised activation of the indication means and therefore improves reliability of the sealing device and the plugging unit of a bottle with a liquid.20 cl, 26 dwg
echanism with simplified handling to control device intended for two closed spaces leak-tight connection // 2613075
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: mechanism to control casing and container leak-tight connection device, wherein casing contains door (10) and container contains door (14), casing door (10) includes control mechanism, which comprises male element interacting with container door (14) recess, and this male element rotates around longitudinal axis (X) and progressively displaces around said axis and can be arranged in door (14) recess, thus providing combined locking of two doors (10, 14) and container door (14) unlocking. Said mechanism is used during implementation of first and second closed spaces leak-tight connection method.EFFECT: inventions enable easy leak-tight connection of two closed spaces.19 cl, 18 dwg

Package transformable in frame // 2612987
FIELD: package and storage.SUBSTANCE: transformable into frame package (10) containing rectangular shaped flat bearing panel (11), having front (70) surface and reverse (72) surface, rectangular shaped frame element (19), having arranged at its periphery outer wall (40) with upper and lower edges (43, 44) and frame element (19) upper wall (42) adjacent to upper edge (44) on frame element (19) inner side, and rectangular shaped cover element (60). At that, bearing panel (11), frame element (19) and cover element (60) are made so, and with possibility of such relative position, that in packaging condition frame element (19) outer wall (40) is made with possibility of covering, at least, with its lower edge (43) of bearing panel (11) and on frame element (19) upper wall (42) parallel to bearing panel (11) cover element (50) is arranged, making package in form of parallelepiped, wherein bearing panel (11) and, at least, cover element (60) form package (10) upper and lower sides, and frame element (19) outer wall (40) forms package side walls. And in frame condition, transformed into package (10) frame, frame element (19) is located on bearing panel (11) front (70) surface along its perimeter, and cover element (60) is arranged either on bearing panel (11) reverse (72) surface, or between bearing panel (11) and frame element (19).EFFECT: described is transformable into frame package.25 cl, 12 dwg

Package with pull-tab and tear-off label // 2612922
FIELD: transportation, package.SUBSTANCE: application describes a pack (1), which comprises a container wrapped in a wrapper (80). The wrapper (80) comprises a film (81) with hermetically sealed overlapping parts. The wrapper (80) also comprises a tear-off tape (82), extending at least around the container and having a tab at its end. The wrapper is designed in such a way, that pulling the tab causes the propagation through the film breaking and separation from the container and the tear tape across the film, which is attached to the tear strip. The tear-off strip (82) is formed by two reinforcing loose narrow strips (83a, 83b) on both sides of the tear tape. Each tear-off narrow band (83a, 83b) has a respective first distal end (84a, 84b) on the tongue, and two tear-off narrow strips extend from the tab and diverge from each other at least around part of the container so that the width of the tear tape increases around at least one part of the container perimeter. Tear-off narrow strips (83a, 83b) have respective distal ends (86a, 86b), spaced apart from each other and from the tongue (Fig. 1.).EFFECT: document describes the package with pull-tab and a tear-off label.7 cl, 3 dwg
Installation for material distribution through pneumatic transportation, containing pressure relief device in pressurized tanks, in which material is stored // 2612893
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: installation comprises dispensing hopper for intermediate storage of granular or powdered material and pressure relief device in the dispenser hopper. The dispensing hopper is made for alternate increasing of the pressure for emptying the hopper and dispensing pressure relief to allow for its completion. Pressure relief device in the dispenser hopper contains a pressure relief pipeline connected to the dispensing hopper, bag filter, connected to the pressure relief pipeline and flow control devices for flow control in the pressure relief pipeline through the bag filter. Bag filter is a filter made for operation under pressure. Flow control devices are static control devices without moving elements disposed on the pressure relief pipeline downstream of the bag filter. Flow control devices comprise a plate with a bore of a given cross-section or de Laval nozzle.EFFECT: provision of passing the maximum volumetric flow rate less or equal to the maximum allowable bag filter flow, thereby the unit weight reduces.6 cl, 2 dwg

Tamper-evident closure // 2612853
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tamper-evident closure (10) for a container. Closure comprises first portion (25, 30, 37), including inner (25) and outer parts (30), and a second portion (20, 36). Outer part is rotatable relative to inner part from a first position in which at least part of first and second portions are adjacent each other to a second position in which there is a gap (G) therebetween. First portion comprises locking means for irreversibly locking closure in second position upon a first opening so that gap cannot be closed.EFFECT: inner part includes line (26) of weakness which breaks if outer part is reverse rotated relative to inner part. 17 cl, 8 dwg

Explosion-proof chamber for blasting operations and method of localising toxic substances and explosion products in case of accidental loss of tightness thereof // 2612699
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: explosion-proof chamber for blasting operations and a method of localising toxic substances and explosion products in case of accidental loss of tightness of the explosion-proof chamber relate to blasting operations and investigation of explosive high-speed processes and can be used in developing structures of sealed explosion-proof chambers, equipped with an additional protection stage, and methods of localising explosion products formed during accidental and deliberate explosion of an explosion-hazardous object, providing reliable and safe isolation of environmentally destructive effects. The device includes a sealed high-strength container with a cavity for placing an explosive device, which is equipped with an additional protection stage - a device for localization and removal of explosion products, which is triggered in case of accidental loss of tightness of the high-strength container during operation and which includes an opening device - pyromechanical puncheon, placed in an indestructible housing welded into the sealed high-strength container and dividing the cavity of the indestructible housing into a lower part, facing the sealed high-strength container, and an upper part, equipped with an outlet opening for interfacing using a pipe with a pre-evacuated container for collecting toxic substances and explosion products. The pyromechanical puncheon is separated from the cavity of the sealed high-strength container by a membrane and includes a bushing provided with a primer charge, connected by an ignition train to pyrocartridge and separated therefrom by a check valve. A striker has a variable cross-section, is equipped with an end position lock and is mounted on the bushing with possibility of movement relative thereto under the action of pressure of combustion products of the primer charge and their penetration of the membrane. The method includes holding toxic substances and explosion products in a closed volume and emergency evacuation thereof outside the zone of blasting operations, performed by opening the explosion-proof chambers using the pyromechanical puncheon by igniting its primer charge and boosting pressure of combustion products, under the action of which the striker of the puncheon pierces the wall of the explosion-proof chamber until a through-hole forms, through which toxic substances and explosion products are evacuated first into the lower part of the chamber of the indestructible housing, and then through drainage holes into the upper part, which is connected to the pre-evacuated container, to where they are blown off via a pipe.EFFECT: invention broadens operational capabilities.2 cl, 2 dwg

Packaging laminate for packaging container, as well as packaging containers produced from packaging laminate // 2612690
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a packaging laminate for a packaging container, as well as to packaging containers produced from packaging laminate. Packaging laminate which, after filling and sealing by thermosealing, is to be subjected to a shelf-life-extending heat treatment in a retort with steam as heat medium, includes a layer of paper or paperboard, whose one surface has a printable coating of pigment and adhesive or binder component, in contact with paper or paperboard layer, other side of paper or paperboard layer having a coating of pigment and adhesive of same type as printable coating in contact with paper or paperboard layer.EFFECT: invention provides easy and efficient production of folding packaging laminate.20 cl, 4 dwg
Vacuum device for unloading loose materials // 2612641
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transportation of materials, namely, to design of a vacuum device for unloading bulk food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other materials with the size from 0.1 to 10 mm. Device comprises hollow housing 1 with upper 2 and lower 3 covers, a vacuumizing system consisting of an ejector or vacuum pump 4 and receiver 5 with filter 6 fixed on inner surface 7 of upper cover 2. On side surface 9 of housing 1 there is a hole for inlet branch pipe 10. Device is equipped with pneumatic distributors 11 with an air preparation system made in the form of preparation unit 12 and air supply fitting 13 connected with control unit 14. Lower cover 3 is fixed at end 15 of housing 1, and its drive is made in the form of two pneumatic cylinders 16. On outer surface 22 of upper cover 2 along the circumference there are pneumatic nozzles 27 to blow the annular gap between filter 6 and housing 1 with an air counterflow. Filter 6 and housing 1 are made conical with the angle from 1 to 10 relative to the vertical axis. Pneumatic nozzles 27 are connected by air with valves 24 for blowing filter 6.EFFECT: invention provides ruled out chocking-up during unloading the device in the annular gap between the filter and the housing.1 cl, 2 dwg

Elastic containers // 2612627
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: short-term use elastic self-supported container, containing: product compartment; providing support structure compartment; part of sheet assembly, containing elastic outer sheet with and elastic inner sheet, which is locally connected with elastic outer sheet to form: at least, part of providing support structure compartment; multi-walled panel, wherein multi-walled panel is restricted with seams, connecting elastic inner sheet with elastic outer sheet; elastic inner sheet and elastic outer sheet contact each other between seams of, substantially, along entire multi-walled panel.EFFECT: storage of product.18 cl, 45 dwg

Plant for objects processing by dipping // 2612464
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: plant (1) is intended for objects (3), primarily, car bodies processing by dipping, which by means of transportation system (4) are displaceable to submersible bath (2) and from it. Objects for submersion and removal onto surface are supplied to fixed turning station (5, 6) rotary platform (16) and due to rotating platform (14) rotation are dipped into processing fluid or removed from it. Each piece (3) is fixed on transportation frame (7) by means of fastener (11), which interacts with transportation system (8). Fastener (11) is made so, that object (3) fixed on fastener (11) in non-submerged position has shorter distance to rotary platform (16), than in second, submerged position.EFFECT: due to this, position by height, in which transportation system (8) passes and car body (3) moves through plant (1), is lower than in known design plants.7 cl, 13 dwg

Easily removable paper bushing, article using paper bushing, and method of articles subsequent use // 2612435
FIELD: personal usage items; manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to readily-removable paper bushing for material winding, article with readily-removable paper bushing and method of such articles successive use. Readily-removable paper bushing comprises perforated section. Perforated section is spirally formed on paper cylindrical bushing winding surface. Around bushing extreme periphery surface, at least, one sheet of film or paper is wrapped. During implementing method of articles with bushings successive use film or paper is removed from each article. Forming outer end after removal of wound material external unit from articles. Forming connection section between articles by binding of one article external end with other articles internal end.EFFECT: providing efficient bushing removal without wound material roll deformation; increasing wound material unwinding speed and rate of articles with bushings sequential making.12 cl, 4 tbl, 12 dwg

Tank car for hardening products // 2612299
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to reservoir trucks for hardening products transportation and can be used in tank containers and stationary reservoirs. Reservoir truck for hardening products contains connected with frame (6) boiler (1), equipped with reheating system in form of jacket (2), covering at least part of boiler bottom surface, with product filling and discharge devices. In reheating jacket continuity interruption zones from boiler shell inner side channels (10) are installed with possibility of heat carrier movement along them.EFFECT: invention increases reheating jacket efficiency.1 cl, 5 dwg
Pallet protector device and method // 2612124
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: pallet protective device is made from plastic and is intended for attachment to the front surface of wooden pallet. Device comprises a front plate with a flat front surface and flat back surface. In front plate there are holes for connection of pallet protective device. Front plate forms at least two rectangular openings, dimensions of which are comparable with dimensions of a rectangular entry opening of pallet for receiving teeth. Opening of protective device comprises at least three flat side walls, including upper side wall, right and left side walls, which when using device extend backward beyond main plane of back surface of front plate inside pallet at a depth, providing support for teeth of lifting equipment and distribution of resultant forces on a large area of said pallet. Upper side wall converges in direction of said inner space.EFFECT: group of inventions provides durability of pallets.13 cl, 35 dwg

Vertical belt conveyor for bulk goods // 2612080
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vertical conveyor comprises a traction element (1), enveloping drive (3), tension (4) and deflection (5) drums, crosspieces (10) and buckets formed by a sagging carrier belt (12) pressed to crosspieces with boards (13) at the ends. The traction element is made of a solid conveyor belt with alternating equal pitch and holes (2) framed by fabric warp yarn and arranged symmetrically to the longitudinal axis and having width equal to the width of the belt carrying the goods (12), and length - depending on its cylindrical stiffness. Links between holes are equipped along the entire width of the traction tape with elastic crosspieces (10) of stepped shape in the longitudinal direction.EFFECT: synchronism of motion of each belt branch, stability of its motion and reduced noise and energy intensity of goods transportation.4 dwg
Tank car for hardening products // 2612079
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. Reservoir truck for hardening products contains platform (2) with connected to it boiler (1) including heating device in form of shell, enveloping boiler housing or its part and together with boiler walls forming cavity with circulating heat carrier, discharge and filling devices with nozzles heating chamber for installation of filling and discharge valves connected with heating device via channels. Discharge pipe is equipped with heating chamber, made in form of jacket enveloping it with clearance. Jacket lower part is connected with boiler heating device, and upper part is connected with nozzles heating chamber.EFFECT: invention reduces transported product heating time and, consequently, total car downtime under unloading.4 cl, 3 dwg

embrane apparatus // 2611996
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to separation, concentration of liquid food media using membrane methods and can be used in food, pharmaceutical, microbiological industry, as well as at plants of agroindustrial complex. Membrane apparatus comprises a housing, in form of a cylinder. On one side of housing there is a pipe to feed liquid medium, on other pipe to discharge finished product. On outer wall of housing there is a pipe to discharge filtrate. Inside housing there is a coaxially arranged semipermeable membrane. In membrane there is a device, consisting of a rod, on which there are hollow cone-shaped elements with circular perforation on side surface made at an angle to flow direction. Initial solution is forced via pipe into internal channel of membrane. Under pressure there is a separation process on a membrane. On inner surface of membrane a layer held substances forms, which reduces efficiency of process. Stream passing through holes in cone-shaped elements is divided into jets with increased pressure, directed towards inner wall of membrane. Under action of pressure jets and flow turbulence layer of held substances is washed off from membrane surface. Filtrate passing through membrane is discharged via pipe. Remaining part of initial solution is discharged via pipe. Membrane is cleaned simultaneously with concentration of medium.EFFECT: higher efficiency of device by removal of layer of held substances on a membrane through action of directed flow of medium.1 cl, 1 dwg
Vessels respiratory equipment protection device against plugging with viscous fractions and ice (versions) // 2611864
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vessels respiratory equipment protection against plugging with viscous fractions and ice during heavy liquid products storage in vessels of oil-refining, petrochemical, chemical industries, power assets and relates to device for such protection. In vessels respiratory equipment protection device against plugging with viscous fractions and ice, including at least one coolant supply and discharge pipeline, heat generator and heat exchanger, mounted on vessel breathing hole, heat generator is installed in product in vessel.EFFECT: invention enables increasing vessels reliability and increased efficiency of respiratory equipment operation.5 cl, 3 dwg

Device for in bundle and out of bundle placing of plate-haped objects // 2611851
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the devices for manipulating objects. A gripping device is used (4) at manipulating the plate-shaped objects, such as window glass, to place them out of bundles (1, 2) in which the objects are arranged with an inclination to the vertical or in bundles (1, 2). It allows to form at least two bundles (1, 2) of the objects on the support frame, wherein the bundles (1, 2) differ from each other. The gripping device (4) has at least two grippers independent from each other. Suction heads are provided as the grippers of the gripping device (4)which are adapted to turn independently from each other to their working position matched with the objects and out of it. Herewith the suction heads of the gripping device (4) turned out of their working position are located above the bundles (1, 2).EFFECT: invention provides increased ease of placing objects in and out.9 cl, 4 dwg