Oleo legs (B64C25/60)

B64C25/60                     Oleo legs(26)

Aircraft alighting gear shock absorber // 2424158
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft alighting gear shock absorber. Proposed shock absorber comprises two elements 1 and 2 telescoping to constrict inner chamber filled with working fluid and gas and divided into two chambers 7 and 8 by diaphragm 5. Said diaphragm comprises bypass opening 10 for working fluid to flow from one chamber into another. Bypass opening 10 has gas discharge hole 22 for gas to flow from one chamber into another when alighting gear is in operating conditions. Said hole 22 is displaced in height relative to bypass opening 10 and located above it when alighting gear is in operating conditions.EFFECT: fast return of fluid into rated position corresponding to landing.5 cl, 3 dwg

Telescopic element with internal stop to be overcome // 2358169
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: telescopic element includes cylinder where rod with piston is installed so that it can slide telescopically. The internal stop mechanism is overcome by exceeding the preset effort when rod leans against walls inside the cylinder in the direction of compression. The internal stop mechanism is provided with stopping item, which continues inside the said rode in the open hole and projects behind it. The stopping item is retained on rod by means of pin.EFFECT: simple design.4 cl, 1 dwg

The shock absorber // 2182876
The invention relates to the field of engineering to the field of cushioning protection, machines and other objects, allowing a limited degree of mechanical loads