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Tethered hot-air balloon with heating by electric cable from ground // 2632551
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: hot-air balloon contains the shell with the thermal insulation layer, the heater with the fan, the temperature sensors, the electrically controlled warm air vent in the upper part of the shell and the power supply system, consisting of the ground high-voltage, high-frequency generator, the low-voltage on-board converter, connected by the conducting wire. The low-voltage on-board converter is connected by the electric cable to the heater.EFFECT: hot-air balloon standing in the raised position time increase.1 dwg
Stratospheric platform for launching objects in space // 2630946
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: stratospheric platform contains a body in the form of several balls joined together in an annular structure with envelopes of ultra-thin film filled with helium. A titanium annular pipe is suspended to the body on a set of evenly distributed slings. Slings with locks are connected to the pipe to hold the launchable object, for example, a rocket vehicle. The platform is equipped with a helium purification system in the form of tubes of gas extraction out of balls and helium pumping tubes for balls. Pipes are connected to a cleaning station on the surface of the planet and are supported on weight by smaller balls also connected to the helium purification system. The platform is connected by electrically conductive cables to the surface of the planet. By regulating the lifting force of the balls, multiple ascent into the stratosphere and descent of the platform onto the surface of the planet are made. By means of the platform the full-time atmospheric surveillance and other geophysical and technological surveys can be made.EFFECT: creation of a universal airborne vehicle for the economical, reusable launch of space objects of a large launch mass.30 dwg, 1 tbl
Tethered balloon with the autogyro screw stabiliser // 2628545
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: tethered balloon has a body of the soft design, rigging, rope tether unit and tail assembly. The lateral stabilisers of the tail assembly are formed by the autogyro screw, the axis of rotation of which is fixed at the top of the vertical stabiliser at the constant angle to the construction horizon.EFFECT: design simplification and take-off weight reduction.2 cl, 1 dwg
Tethered balloon with an autogyro screw distributed along the cable length // 2624479
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: tethered balloon has a body with a soft design, rigging, cable leashing node and tail unit. Autogyro screws are distributed and secured along the length of the cable with the possibility of synchronous disk area incidence angle control, which is provided with the ability of cable catenary to change its profile and oblique angle value of the sections adjacent to the section screws while altitude excursion of the balloon ascent.EFFECT: increased dynamic ceiling.1 dwg
Tethered balloon with an autogyro screw in the cable lashing node // 2622314
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: tethered balloon has a body with a soft design, rigging, cable leashing node and tail unit. The cable leashing node has a suspended autogyro screw rotation axis of which is fixedly mounted relative to the body of the balloon at an angle which provides getting a disk area incidence angle relative to the oncoming air flow.EFFECT: increased balloon bed height on a dynamic ceiling.2 cl, 1 dwg

System for watering agricultural land and method of watering // 2622176
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: system for watering agricultural land contains an airship (1) carrying on its board the rod of a sprayer (4) connected by a hose (5) to a motorized cart (6) for towing by land a hose (5) reeled from the drum (7) of the ground device for changing the length of the hose that is hydraulically connected through the hollow axle of the drum (7) to the hose (8) with the outlet pipe (9) of the pump (10). The water source (14) is connected to the inlet pipe (11) of the pump (10). The airship (1) carries out the method of watering from the rod of the sprayer (4) by unreeling the hose (5) for the water supply from the drum (7) of the ground device. The motorized cart (6) moves on the ground from the drum (7), dragging behind it the hose (5), to the outside of which it is attached. When the airship (1) moves in the opposite direction, by rotating the drum (7) of the ground device, the hose (5) is reeled on the drum (7). The hose (5) is hydraulically connected through the hollow axle of the drum (7) by the hose 8 with the pump outlet (9) of the pump (1), which pumps water into the rod of the sprayer (4).EFFECT: simplified watering.2 cl, 1 dwg
Tethered aircraft with all-weather integrated wind and solar power plants // 2618860
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: tethered aircraft with all-weather integrated wind and solar power plant is configured with ability to use hot steam to create the lifting force and to generate the power. It consists of a wind part, which is located in the through-wind channel within the housing, containing: the inlet and outlet nozzles, connecting sleeves and sections consisting of power plants, each of which includes a wind wheel, pulleys with axes, connected by flexible links, which transmits the rotational movement from the wind wheel to the electric current generators; and sunny part, flexible solar cells of which are located on the outside protective cover of the soft body. The housing is made up of the segments with outer side heat insulation. The wind wheel is arranged with ability to actuate into rotation by the wind flow, that occurs when it passes through the housing, which is made as a cylinder, vertically fixed to the ground by means of the electric winches. The housing segments are heat insulated from the atmospheric side and provide the air heat therein, and the creation of wind flow, the speed of which is controlled by selecting the input nozzle section area and the cross section area of the connecting sleeve.EFFECT: environmental improvement.
Autogyro screw with fastening on rope of tethered aerostat // 2617867
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aerostatics, in particular to devices of cable systems of tethered aerostats. Autogyro screw with fastening on the rope (1) of tethered aerostat has got two blades (2), the screw bushing with a common horizontal pivot and bearing assembly (4). The axis of the bearing assembly (4) of the screw bushing is made of a hollow with a bore diameter sufficient for free passage therein rope (1) of the aerostat, the lower opening of the bearing assembly of axis end has got a thread with the possibility to be screwed therein threaded portion of the upper end of the rod stiffness (5). Rod stiffness (5) consists of two halves and is adapted to align the halves with one another at the joint surfaces after coverage of the rope (1) and provides the fixation of the autogyro screw on the rope (1) with the help of clamping lock (6) carried by the bottom end of rod hardness (5).EFFECT: with the help of the invention the simplifying of the construction, the reducing of the time of assembly operations, the maintaining of an autorotation mode when the intensity of the incoming air stream are achieved.3 cl, 2 dwg

Device for extraction of fresh water from atmospheric air // 2592116
FIELD: manufacturing technology. SUBSTANCE: device for extraction of fresh water from atmospheric air comprises a container for collection of moisture, made of light material (polypropylene) in form of surface of revolution, balloon, lifting container. Container for collection of moisture is made of multiple series-stacked containers with a funnel and a top cover. In lower part, each container has a cylindrical spring corrugated insert. Base of each container is fixed on cover of container located below. In all containers in cover on side there is an outlet opening with a check valve, allowing outlet of air outside. In lower part of all containers at bottom with an edge there is additionally an inlet opening for connecting adjacent containers arranged one above other. In lower container inlet opening is linked with ambient air. All inlet openings end with side tube, removing air so that it can move in a clockwise direction, along circumference, along inner surface of corrugated insert. Opening of side tube has a check valve, which does not allow air passage in reverse side. In centre of cover there is a central hole for air passage into container mounted above. From upper container air from central hole is removed outward. Above central holes there are beaks made of foil, foil plates are parallel to axis of symmetry. Under beaks there are funnel-like water intakes with tubes extending on axis of symmetry along containers. Under bottom container there is a common tray, made in form of socket facing by wide part downwards and resting on grid base attached to surface. Surface of grid base is equipped with common water collector. EFFECT: increased volume of accumulated moisture. 5 cl, 5 dwg

Training side-show (versions) // 2569217
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: every training side-show comprises the parachute and balloon connected with the rope by the pulley. In compliance with the first version, ground heavy winch is used as well as extra winch and extra rope secured to the balloon by the pulley and incorporating the controlled fastening for parachutist. In compliance with the second version, invention exploits the pulley and winch with hollow drum incorporating several pulleys. In compliance with the third version, two winches are used and connected with the rope running over the pulley.EFFECT: enhanced training characteristics.5 cl, 4 dwg

Balloon-borne hoisting gear // 2513352
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: balloon-borne hoisting gear comprises the main platform assembly, balloon canopy unit (20) filled with gas easier than air that features sufficient lift to retain its weight and weight of connected onboard cables (30). Operating load weight is carried by several balloon-borne booster units (51) filled with gas easier than air to slide on onboard cables (30) that features sufficient lift to retain its weight and weight of said connected onboard cables to altitude below said canopy at its crown. This device can turn about its vertical axis.EFFECT: higher stability.15 cl, 8 dwg

ethod to counteract drone activities // 2497063
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises using the system of barrage balloons secured by ropes to surface and wire entanglements. The latter are stretched between said balloons on frames. Besides it comprises application of radar and visual observation means connected to data processing center via wire communication lines. Balloon ropes ends are secured at the surface with the help of containers fitted with reduction gear boxes to vary altitude of said balloons by rope winding-unwinding.EFFECT: efficient countermeasures.2 dwg

Balloon-space power supply system // 2481252
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems intended for power supply of ground objects from space. Power supply system comprises, at least, one space solar power station 1, ground control station 2 with accumulation system 3, and intermediate power reception station composed of controlled tethered balloon. Solar photo converters 5 and lasers 6 are arranged on the surface of balloon 4 for guidance to space power station 1 while on side facing the Earth IR converters 7 are arranged. Balloon 4 is preferably shaped to disc retained above clouds by cable 8 connecting it with ground system 3. Motors 9 connected with service module 10 are mounted on side surface of balloon 4. Cable 8 is connected with the system of balloon gas bags 11. Space solar power station 1 represents the Earth satellite composed of self-contained photo converting modules, focusing mirror system, super condensers, and remote power transmission system. Besides, it comprises instrumentation-propulsion module with control systems and data exchange system.EFFECT: higher power production efficiency.4 cl, 3 dwg

ethod and device for transfer of long-length bulky cargoes // 2470802
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method and device for transfer of long-length bulky cargoes using lifting body on guide cables. Cargo (windmill blade) carried by balloon on guide cables is tightened by bearing cable at its center of gravity in rotating-tipping front-end tool. Said cargo is carried by several mobile controlled winch by means of transfer windlass cable secured at front-end tool. Crane windless cables are lifted by lifting cables to crane assembly and locked thereat by remote control means. In crane mode, crane windless cables are unlocked to be lowered from crane assembly to controlled winches and connected therewith. By varying free length of separate crane windless cables, cargo is set to required position. Crane assembly represents spatial structure in diameter increasing relative to vertical axis toward center from both ends to maximum. Crane bottom section has several cane windless cable guide rollers while top section has guide rollers for lifting cables of transfer safety ring.EFFECT: transfer over great distances in highlands and other sever conditions.10 cl, 8 dwg

Air observation complex built around tethered balloon // 2462390
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to development of tethered balloons. Proposed complex comprises balloon gas bag, tether, coupler secured to gas bag whereto attached via top support element are gimbal joint with two degrees of freedom and bottom support element to carry payload, surface control station and communication means to transmit control commands. Payload is arranged for azimuth rotation about bottom support element vertical axis, driven by electric motor controlled by electronic control unit incorporating speed and acceleration transducers. Top support element is furnished with knock-down lock whereto attached is rotary fastener rigidly secure to horizontal top disc. Gimbal joint upper fork is jointed to upper disc bottom surface and accommodates gimbal joint ring fitted on joint first pin. Gimbal joint bar is arranged inside joint ring on joint second pin arranged perpendicular to aforesaid first pin. Gimbal joint bar lower end is jointed to bottom support element. Top ends of two extra dampers are secured to one vertical element of joint fork on the side of two opposite side surfaces. Bottom ends of said dampers are attached to damper bracket arranged on bottom support element so that dampers in initial position are located vertically and in parallel.EFFECT: stable images, higher accuracy of observation camera alignment, simplified design.10 cl, 2 dwg

ethod and device for transportation of long and bulky cargoes // 2451634
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lifting devices for transportation of long and bulky cargoes, in particular, windmill blades. Device with lifting body on guide cable ropes comprises rotary tilting gripper 12 connected with mobile controlled winch by pull cable rope and with lifting body by bearing cable rope so that bulky cargo tightened at the center of gravity in gripper in transportation may spontaneously rotate in wind and retain horizontal position. Proposed method is characterised by using above described device.EFFECT: transportation of bulky long cargoes.19 cl, 7 dwg

ethod to overcome hilly terrain in carying cargo and counter cargo // 2391250
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aeronautics. Proposed method comprises using ground vehicle in carrying cargo and, in carrying counter cargo, using rope and aerostat. Note here that second rope, ground vehicle with winch for rope and aerostat with suspended pulley block are used. Winch rope is secured to aerostat, while second rope is secured to ground vehicle and, via aerostat pulley block, to counter cargo so that, with vehicle moving on slope, winch is unwound to keep aerostat at one altitude.EFFECT: higher efficiency of overcoming sand runs.1 dwg
Kytoon // 2372248
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighter-than-air airships. Proposed kytoon comprises balloon, anchor rope, ground support equipment and pay load. Anchor rope represents rope-hose with one or several gas spaces to feed gas to fill balloon and that for electric generator that supplies onboard equipment, payload and motors. The latter are used to oppose wind force and hold kytoon at preset operating point.EFFECT: increased time of continuous operation at larger altitudes.

ulti-purpose balloon // 2333134
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: balloon has an envelope filled with a gas lighter than air and/or with a hot air, a rigid carcass carrying the said envelope, a nacelle, slings to suspend the nacelle and anchor cables. The nacelle is tightly coupled with the envelope and features a funnel-like widening at its top and a central channel along its lengthwise axis to limit air intake into the envelope. The balloon envelope can be made from conducting material to make an electrode in a storage battery intended for utilisation of atmospheric electricity, or can be used as an antenna, or can house a particular antenna for communication purposes.EFFECT: expanded potentialities.2 cl, 4 dwg

ethod and device for climbing object // 2315955
FIELD: navigation.SUBSTANCE: method comprises producing elevating force for an aircraft, climbing the platform for wireless net for transmitting information up to a given level, and locking the aircraft and platform at a given point of the surface by means of a flexible link. The flexible link is made of a flexible torsion that is set on the cylindrical shell and has a length no less than the given height of the platform. The device comprises hollow housing provided with two mutually perpendicular openings and closer of the circuit of transmitting torque mounted in the space of the housing for permitting axial movement and rotation around the vertical line. The flexible link is made of a flexible torsion that is set in the cylindrical shell. The top end of the torsion is secure to the pin of the thrust propeller, and the bottom end is provided with the clutch member having gearing member connected with the source of torque. The flexible link passes through the mutually perpendicular openings in the housing. The closure of the circuit has outer teeth of spline transmission for engaging the source of torque provided with teeth of the conical transmission.EFFECT: enhanced reliability.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of support of navigation of captive air platforms of wireless information transmission systems and captive air platform for realization of this method (versions) // 2315954
FIELD: means for support of navigation of air platforms used for forming wireless information transmission systems within line-of-sight range in preset geographic region.SUBSTANCE: proposed method includes creation of lifting force of flying vehicle for keeping the platform at preset altitude and holding the flying vehicle and air platform in preset point of surface with the aid of flexible rod which is used as channel for feeding the supply energy for forming the thrust vector of flying vehicle lifting force. According to invention, gaseous medium is used as energy carrier for forming the supply energy. Working medium is charged under pressure to energy supply channel of flexible rod and at outlet of this channel energy of gaseous working medium is converted into energy creating the lifting force of flying vehicle. For creating the lifting force, energy of gaseous working medium in form of combustible or natural gas may be converted into electric power or reactive thrust at output of energy supply channel. According to first version, instrument bay of air platform is provided with at least one fuel element for conversion of combustible or natural gas energy into electrical energy and flexible rod is provided with hollow channel whose lower end is brought into communication with combustible or natural gas source; upper end of flexible rod is provided with at least one fuel element whose electrical output is connected with input of electric motor of tractor propeller. According to second version, flexible rod is provided with hollow channel whose lower end is brought into communication with combustible or natural gas source or compressed air source and upper end is connected with rotating engine of tractor propeller made in form of jet engine or in form of ramjet engine provided with ignition element for ignition of combustible or natural gas or in form of converter for conversion of compressed air pressure into rotary motion of tractor propeller.EFFECT: enhanced reliability of navigation of air platforms due to enhanced lightning protection and climatic stability of power supply to tractor propeller engine and air platform instruments.7 cl, 2 dwg

Captive lifting device for aerostat // 2305647
FIELD: aerostatics.SUBSTANCE: proposed captive lifting device has three captive cables; first end section of each cable is secured to aerostat envelope and second end is connected with ground winch mechanism. Inclined bearing surfaces of device are located radially relative to aerostat pad center; they are inclined in direction from center of this pad outside. Each bearing surface is provided with carriage mechanism including the carriage and pressure roller located above carriage. Second end section of each captive cable is passed between pressure roller and carriage and is rigidly secured in upper part of inclined bearing surface. Each carriage is engageable with flexible transfer device which is used for control of motion of carriage over inclined bearing surface; this device includes drive pulley, driven pulley secured in upper part of inclined bearing surface and run of transmission which are oriented along inclined bearing surface.EFFECT: increased service life of aerostat; enhanced stability of aerostat.2 cl, 1 dwg

Captive balloon stable to wind load // 2279994
FIELD: aerostation.SUBSTANCE: proposed captive balloon has envelope made from gas-tight material and captive cables. Captive balloon is additionally provided with aerodynamic stabilization unit made in form of feathering unit secured on rod passing through upper pole of balloon envelope by means of lines; feathering unit is provided with keel; feathering unit is made in form of three-dimensional streamlined body inflated by air flow; when it is filled with air, it has shape of aerodynamic wing in plane of longitudinal section. Three-dimensional body is formed by upper and lower gores stretched on framework; edges of these gores are fastened over their perimeter forming air intake slotted opening and inner cavity filled with air flow. In zone of intake hole, upper gore has sizes exceeding sizes of lower gore, so that when three-dimensional body is filled with air, upper gore overhangs above lower gore.EFFECT: simplified construction of balloon stable to wind load.3 cl, 4 dwg

Captive balloon // 2271303
FIELD: aerostation.SUBSTANCE: proposed captive balloon includes gas-carrying envelope with hole at lower pole and vertically oriented hose made from gastight elastic material whose edges are secured to edges of hole in lower pole of envelope forming gastight joint. Hose is located inside envelope which has hole at upper pole whose edges are connected with edges of other end of hose forming gastight joint. Balloon is provided with rod whose ends are passed through holes at upper and lower poles of envelope. Two movable washers freely mounted on rod are rigidly connected with edges of hose over perimeter at point of attachment of edges of hose to edges of hole. Hose is widening from center to ends. Located on the outside of envelope on side of upper and lower poles are aprons whose peripheral sections are fastened with envelope by means of elastic rods; central section is rigidly connected with one of rod ends.EFFECT: retaining of envelope shape at change in volume.3 cl, 2 dwg

Aerial hoisting device // 2270339
FIELD: methods of surface mining, particularly to transport rock from open-cast mine.SUBSTANCE: hoisting device comprises drive, haulage rope and load container with spherical balloon. The balloon is enclosed in teardrop-shaped shell. The head shell part is directed towards upper horizon, bottom part thereof is opened and provided with stiffening ring and stringers.EFFECT: reduced power input and provision of favorable drive operation conditions, reduced haulage rope cross-section and, as a result, reduced hoisting device size as a whole.2 dwg

Transportation power system // 2255021
FIELD: transportation power systems.SUBSTANCE: proposed system includes transport facilities, captive balloon, captive cable used for holding and guiding the transport facilities and wind-power electric stations mounted on captive balloon and used for motion of transport facilities. Captive cable is provided with two (or more) current conductors fastened with insulating layers made from high-strength material. Each current conductor is located in vertical longitudinal plane and is fastened to ends of captive cable through insulating layers and is connected with respective wind-power electric station. Outer surfaces of current conductors located in vertical longitudinal planes are provided with current-conducting wear-resistance coats.EFFECT: enhanced efficiency and reliability of system in upper layers of troposphere.2 cl, 2 dwg

Balloon-cableway // 2208679
The invention relates to industrial mining transport

Cable crane // 2208571
The invention relates to a lifting-transport equipment and is intended for lifting and transporting

Way to supply energy to the balloon "upi-2" // 2196072
The invention relates to aircraft lighter than air

Balloon device radar mapping // 2182544
The invention relates to the field of aviation and radar technology

Autonomous tethered aircraft for remote monitoring of terrain // 2159199
The invention relates to aircraft, designed for continuous monitoring of the air for separate areas when addressing environmental, fire and military tasks

Device for excavation of rock in the quarry // 2148714
The invention relates to the field of surface mining

The means of salvation when falling from a height // 2059531
The invention relates to alarm devices and can be used as a means of salvation when falling from a height of paratroopers, pilots and Spiderman

Device for holding and directional movement of the balloon in the air space career // 2036819
The invention relates to balloon technique, in particular for plants aerovodochody areas

The setting for the directional movement of the balloon in the air space career // 2036818
The invention relates to balloon technique, in particular for the implementation of aerial photography and televideochat in geodetic works with balloons

Solar power plant and method of operation // 2034742
The invention relates to balloon technique, in particular to solar power plants, placed on a tethered aircraft lighter than air

Tethered balloon // 2028249
The invention relates to Aeronautics, in particular to the use of tethered balloons adapted for stationary meteorological laboratories, environmental laboratories at height, as well as places of recreation, such as viewing platforms, cafes, restaurants, etc

Ballooning apparatus // 2017651
The invention relates to aircraft lighter than air, namely airships with soft shell

Kite flying machine a. s. kuzmin // 2005649
The invention relates to techniques for aircraft lighter than air and is intended for use as a carrier antennas, relay radio signals or transmitting electricity without power lines