Aircraft and aviation and cosmonautics (B64)

B64            Aircraft; aviation; cosmonautics(13293)

ethod for producing helicopter tail rotor blade from a composite material // 2614163
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method for producing helicopter tail rotor blade is in cutting prepregs into workpieces in accordance with the cutting map and a given fibrous filler orientation, packages are completed, the packages are spread on the mandrels, packages are vacuum-processed and pre-pressurized in an autoclave on a mandrel. On the pressurized packages the following is installed: centering loads, anti-icing system, lightning protection wire, and balancing weight. Completed packages are placed in the mould on the silicone rubber mandrel, the mould is closed, the temperature is increased stepwise with definite time, the mould is cooled to the ambient temperature, the part is taken out, and the silicone-rubber mandrel is removed. The inner cavity of finished blade shell is filled with polyurethane by casting under pressure with free foaming.EFFECT: improved production quality of helicopter tail rotor blade due to obtaining stable blade mass-elastic characteristics.8 dwg

ethod of tow-plane refueling in the air // 2613978
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method of tow-plane (2) refueling in the air is that the tow-plane (2) is provided with a fuel in-flight with the help of the additional towed aircraft fuel tank (1), which is designed as an unmanned glider. The additional fuel tank filling with fuel is produced in the air by the air tanker trough the tow-plane fuel system after its take-off, drifting up and speed.EFFECT: invention increases the flight distance or time spent in the air on one refueling of the tow-plane and other aircrafts accompanying it.2 cl, 1 dwg

Supersonic aircraft // 2613747
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: supersonic aircraft comprises fuselage, short-span wing with large sweep extension in root part, vertical fins with rudder, power plant with air intake, elevons. On wing leading edge aerodynamic tooth is installed, and on wing trailing edge fixed planes with slots along wing chord are made, comprising single aerofoil section with outer wings.EFFECT: invention is aimed at expansion of angle of attack at subsonic fight speeds.1 cl, 12 dwg

Emergency release system by free fall under gravity for nodes of aircraft retractable landing gear // 2613677
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: emergency release system contains a gear assembly movable between a retracted and extended positions, gear door, the locking mechanism of the gear, which includes locking the drive, as well as the synchronization system. The drive has a pre-set backlash limit. Sync system is operatively connected to the locking mechanism to gear door. At that, this gear door is moved by the free fall under gravity to its open state before moving through free fall under the gear gravity to its lowering position.EFFECT: invention provides simplicity and reliability of the emergency landing gear system under gravity.13 cl, 6 dwg

ethod to assemble wing from polymer composite material // 2613661
FIELD: transportation, aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft industry. Method to assemble a wing from polymer composite material consists in connection of nose, tail middle parts (1,2,3) of the wing by spar booms (4) with upper and lower panels by bolts (7) and nut shapes (6) with floating self-locking nuts from aluminium alloys. At first bolted or bonded-bolted joint of spars (4) and panels (5) of the middle part (3) of the wing is made by bolts (7). Simultaneously they install nut shapes (6) and fix spar booms (4) with panels (5), thus performing and completing assembly of the middle part of the wing 3, and then in the same manner by means of bolts 8. On the remaining part of floating self-locking nuts of shapes (6) they install bolts (8), performing connection of nose and tail parts (1,2) of the wing with the middle part of the wing (3). Bolts (8) are installed into the remaining part of nut shapes (6) in gaps between bolts (7) with nuts of fixation of spars (4) and panels (5) of the middle part of the wing.EFFECT: invention is aimed at simplification of the assembly process by reduction of process operations.4 dwg

Aircraft and method for displaying visual information, related to flight parameters, for aircraft's operator // 2613653
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft includes the windshield (50), located on the front side of the aircraft, the edge (55) of which defines a visualization area (49), visible to the operator, and displaying device (58), designed to display visual information (20, 25, ) relating to the flight parameters, within the visualization area (49). The visual information comprises the first image (25,), connected with the aircraft aiming relative to the ground and containing a line parallel to the horizon line(26). The mentioned line is visible to the pilot on the panel (7), when the aircraft is tilted relatively the horizontal plane so, that the nose is higher than the anti-torque rotor.EFFECT: ability to use the machine under low visibility conditions.15 cl, 11 dwg
Drone aircraft (versions) // 2613629
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: drone aircraft contains a fuselage and a wing (1), made according to the aerodynamic configuration "flying wing", the power plant, which is placed on a support (2) over the top surface of the wing (1) in its nose part and can be formed as a motor ( 3), coaxial with propfan (4), or a motor with low noise birotating propfan blades, or as a motor coaxial with the propeller. The controller in the shape of front horizontal (5) and front vertical canards (6) is installed on the support (2) of the power plant. The takeoff and landing supports may be in the form of at least three telescopic pneumatic supports (7), or are made as a three-point wheel landing gear, or in the form of turning controlled hydrofoil, mounted on the fillet fairing at the lower surface of the wing (1).EFFECT: invention improves maneuverability and flight performance.12 cl, 5 dwg

Aircraft wing mounting device // 2613551
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft wing mounting device comprises connection assemblies of the front and rear wing panels spars to the fuselage central part frames. Connection assemblies of the front wing panels spar to the fuselage frame is made double-joint in the transverse plane with an intermediate and includes a fuselage frame section, which faces the wing panel and is provided with front and rear braces, which form a cavity for the intermediate and the front spar bracket tip. Front and rear braces of the frame are provided with an opening for the installation of the fastening element connecting the intermediate with the wing panel front spar bracket tip. The fuselage spar is made with a hole for the wing panel front spar bracket. The front and rear frame braces are also connected to the intermediate by a fastening element mounted along thedouble-hinged assembly axis.EFFECT: reduced weight of the aircraft by reducing the load on the fuselage of the wing panel bending deformation.6 cl, 7 dwg

Aeronautical apparatus // 2613467
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aeronautics. The aeronautic apparatus is adapted to land on water and comprises a casing (1) divided into compartments (2) filled with a gas lighter than air for lifting. The casing is provided with aerographite (7) to ensure rigidity. In the technical cavities the control and life support mechanisms (8) of the apparatus, as well as the installation (9) for condensing water from the ambient air and the installation (10) for water hydrolysis are installed. On the casing (1) solar panels (11) and generators (12) for converting wind energy into electrical power are arranged. The invention is aimed at increasing the strength.EFFECT: invention extends the product range of aeronautical apparatus with the possibility of landing on water.1 cl
Device for separation of elements of aircraft plane designs // 2613376
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to space technology, namely to the devices intended for the controlled separation of structural elements of aircraft planes. The device for the separation of elements of aircraft planes designs contains electrostatic lock (ESL) held in the closed position by force of electrostatic attraction that occurs between electrical charges of opposite sign. The main element of ESL is a contact pair of electrodes separated by a dielectric layer. With the help of ESL division of structural elements of the aircraft plane descends very naturally and smoothly. When a signal is applied for the separation and the opening of ESL holding force of elements in a single design instantly reduces.EFFECT: invention allows to separate constructions smoothly and to reduce the possibility of additional static or dynamic loads in the elements or between the elements of the aircraft plane.2 cl

Aerodynamic device with hinged flap (versions) and method of deploying hinged flap // 2613375
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to aircraft engineering. Aerodynamic device with a hinged flap comprises a part with aerodynamic profile, a deployable flap able to move between the non-activated state, the first configuration and the second configuration, and a system of inflatable chambers containing the first and the second compartments made with the possibility of individual inflation and placed adjacent to each other. First and second compartments are located between the flap part and the top surface, when the flap is in the non-activated state. In another version the aerodynamic device with a hinged flap comprises a part with aerodynamic profile having a recess and a back edge, a deployable flap able to move between the storage position and the deployed position, an inflatable chamber, segments of which are located along the wing span. Method of deploying the hinged flap includes supply of compressed air to the first and the second compartments of the inflatable chambers system placed adjacent to each other and between the top surface of the part with aerodynamic profile and the hinged flap section located along the wing span.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at elimination of additional resistance.22 cl, 10 dwg

Aircraft leading edge in conditions of its air friction heating // 2613190
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft (AC) leading edge is designed as an enclosing capsule with a spherical blunting which takes spike thermal loads and with side surfaces which take decreased thermal loads. There is a thermionic unit mounted inside the enclosing capsule, linked to a spherical blunting with cathode and contacting with a thermal battery with anode. The surface of the module which is opposite to the spherical blunting can be coated with a material with a high emissivity for heat exchange with the inner side surfaces of the leading edge.EFFECT: reduction of thermal stresses and design simplification of the aircraft leading edge with the simultaneous generation of electricity on the aircraft board.2 cl, 2 dwg

Control system of coaxial helicopter // 2613136
FIELD: transportation; aviation.SUBSTANCE: coaxial helicopter control system comprises a swash plate of a lower rotor, a mixing unit to control common and differential rotor blade pitch, a movable rod installed inside the upper rotor shaft cavity. The mixing unit is made of three two-arm levers hingedly mounted on the gear body. The first lever is located under the swash plate of the lower rotor and is kinematically connected to it, the second lever - on the bottom part of the gear, the third lever - between the two specified levers. A three-arm walking beam is fixed on one arm of the third lever, and with the other arm the third lever is kinematically connected to control elements of the common rotor blade pitch of both rotors. The three-arm walking beam by diametrically arranged arms is accordingly connected to the first two-arm lever and to the second two-arm lever. By the middle arm the specified three-arm walking beam is kinematically connected to control elements of the differential rotor blade pitch of both rotors.EFFECT: reduced harmful resistance of a coaxial helicopter, costs for profile and induced resistance of blades.4 dwg
ethod of displaying information about vertical movement of ship's flight strip during landing of helicopter on ship // 2613124
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: multi-function indicator of vertical movement of the flight strip is mounted on the ship's superstructure in a vertical position in the direction of helicopter's landing approach, there are two data fields positioned on the indicator with luminous elements based on colour superbright LEDs, the symbol of flight strip's position indication which is safe for helicopter landing is displayed on the first one, on the second one - heaving information is displayed in the form of a bar chart of two other different colours depending on the up or down movements, the size of their charts is proportional to the specified time rate of flight strip's centre up or down movements at any specific time.EFFECT: safety of the helicopter's landing on the deck in adverse weather conditions.3 dwg

Gearwheel set, especially for flying vehicles with rotor // 2613117
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gears, especially for those installed in flying vehicles with rotors. The gearwheel set consists of two gear wheels that have two different initial engagement angles in the normal section. Moreover, a transmission mechanism of the flying vehicle with rotor, which is located in the direction of power flow between the drive and the main rotor is proposed, containing the gearwheel set according to the invention. A transmission with a drive and with a transmission converting devce located in the direction of power flow between the drive and the main screw comprising a gearwheel set according to the invention is also proposed. In addition, a flying vehicle with rotor, which contains this gearwheel set is proposed.EFFECT: increased service life of gears is provided.3 dwg

ain reduction gear of helicopter // 2613099
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is relevant to mechanical engineering, namely, to the main four-stage non-planetary reduction gear of helicopter. Helicopter reduction gear is provided with two transmission paths of torque supplied by two driving engines (1) to joint driven wheel (2) for shaft drive (3) of rotor and to joint driven wheel (4) for shaft drive (5) of anti-torque tail rotor. Each of lines provides four stage of reduction. Driving gear (13) of the third stage placed on the third shaft (12), the first pair of driven wheels (14) of the third stage engaged with the said gear (13) and the second pair of driven wheels (14) of the third stage connected to the first pair with the aid of idler gears (16) are mounted on the third stage of reduction. Four driving gears (17) of the fourth stage mounted on shafts (15) of rotation of driven wheels (14) of the third stage and engaged with joint driven wheel (2) of rotor shaft (3) is provided for on the fourth reduction stage. The second shaft (9) of each mentioned lines is linked with drive (22) of helicopter accessory gear-box. Moreover, driving gear (18) for shaft drive is mounted on the second shaft (9).EFFECT: invention decreases reduction-gear weight as well as reduces degradation of rolling bearings of shafts.4 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod for orientation of orbital spacecraft with software-controlled solar panels // 2613097
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the apparent motion control of spacecrafts (SC) with predominantly monoaxially rotating solar panels (SP). SC oriented along the local vertical during the flight rotates continuously on course, the SP are simultaneously and continuously turned to the sun with the normal. The algorithm of the SC and SP control is implemented by mathematical relations received in the final form. SC and SP angular spin rates at the moment of sunset are stored and saved to maintain SP orientation to the sun in the shadow areas of the orbit.EFFECT: simplified and increased self-sufficiency of the spacecraft and solar battery controlling means.2 cl, 3 dwg

System for extraction, storage and use of atmospheric gas for use as reactive working medium // 2613078
FIELD: engines and pumps; astronautics.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to vehicles propulsion systems using space environment external resources. System includes compressors (6, 8, 10) for atmospheric gas suction and compression, first (2) and second (4) storage tanks of liquefied (for example, in heat exchanger (12)) gas. Tanks (2) and (4) through inlet pipelines (14a, 14b) are interconnected to compressors. Tank (4) has heater (20) for liquefied gas conversion into high pressure gas and communicates, via control valve (24) and pipeline (22), with tank (2). From latter fluid is forced out through outlet pipeline (36). Produced liquid fuel can be used both in spacecrafts, and atmosphere-bearing planets surface exploration devices.EFFECT: expansion of functionalities, including increased duration of space research programs implementation.29 cl, 8 dwg

Vertical takeoff propeller aircraft // 2613074
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: vertical takeoff propeller aircraft comprises a fuselage with wings, landing gear, engine-propeller combination of pulling type and the means for vertical takeoff. Means for vertical takeoff are in the form of propellers, arranged with the longitudinal tilt under the wings of the aircraft, and provided with coils with wound cable, the free ends of which are attached to the stabiliser of the solid rocket, with the propellers together with the coils have the opportunity to detach from the aircraft wings during the flight. Solid rocket is in a thin-walled pipe, located in front of the aircraft fuselage or outside in alignment with the aircraft gravity center. The propellers have blades with a fixed angle of attack.EFFECT: increased reliability of the aircraft in takeoff and landing modes.3 cl, 5 dwg
ethod of displaying information about vertical movement of ship's flight strip during landing of helicopter on ship // 2612942
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: multi-function indicator of vertical movement of the flight strip is mounted on the parking shelter or another ship's superstructure in a position close to vertical, facing the direction of helicopter's landing approach, there are two data fields positioned on the indicator with luminous elements based on colour superbright LEDs, on the second one heave amplitude and current position of flight strip's centre are displayed parallel to the long side of the indicator, in the form of a bar chart which changes colour depending on the up and down movements, on the first one - symbol of flight strip's position indication is displayed which is safe for approaching of a helicopter in lowering motion, wherein the display of indication's symbol and bar chart are designed using different colours.EFFECT: safety of the helicopter's landing on the ship's deck in adverse weather conditions.3 dwg

Unmanned aircraft system for the corona discharge coordinates determination // 2612937
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: unmanned aircraft system for the corona discharge coordinates determination includes an unmanned aerial vehicle, ground mobile unit for monitoring and control. Unmanned aerial vehicle comprises a frame with fixed on it six or more electric motors with propellers at a controlled rotation speed, carried out in a certain way, battery, computer, aerial observation system in the form of UV direction finder based on multi-anode photomultiplier, GPS/GLONASS receiver, motor rotation control, transceiver, accelerometer, compass, altimeter, gyro.EFFECT: automatic definition of the corona discharges places geographical coordinates.2 dwg
obile system for unmanned aerial monitoring // 2612754
FIELD: physics, navigation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aerial monitoring using unmanned aerial vehicles and can be used to detect natural and manmade emergency situations and elimination of consequences thereof. The mobile system is an all-terrain vehicle (1), equipped with special-purpose rescue equipment: a short (2) and medium (3) range airplane-type unmanned aerial vehicle, a helicopter-type small unmanned aerial vehicle (4), equipped with a set of detachable target load modules (5), a ground control station (6), a video terminal (7), radio communication means (8), a portable self-contained weather station (9), a set of life support means (10), elastic and mechanical launch devices (11) for airplane-type unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as storage batteries for unmanned aerial vehicles and other onboard and ground equipment for providing a radio telemetric communication system. Coordinates of areas of emergency situations are determined by a satellite navigation system (12). General management is carried out from a rescue operations (13) management headquarters.EFFECT: invention prolongs and increases the range of monitoring an area of an emergency situation, and wider field of use of the system.3 dwg

Nearspace cleaning space complex from small-sized space rubbish // 2612752
FIELD: aviation, astronautic science.SUBSTANCE: cleaning space complex of nearspace from small-sized space rubbish (SR) includes the orbit group - SC collection and disposal of small-sized SR and SC to measure the parameters of the small objects SR orbits, the ground control and measurement complex (GCMC), radio data link of orbital data of SC objects between SC transmitting devices, measurements and receiver device GCMC for transmitting the initial data about objects detected at SR and the parameters of their movement in orbit, the radio link of objects collection control SR between transmitting devices GCMC and receivers of SC collection and disposal in order to ensure the transmission of spaceborne controls programs and target designation at SC collection and disposal of small-sized SR objects.EFFECT: to provide the collection of small-sized SR with dimensions up to 10 cm and recycling it into the Earth's atmosphere.6 cl, 1 dwg

ulti-disc cylindrical electromechanical aircraft brake // 2612554
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: multi-disc cylindrical electromechanical aircraft brake contains rotating and non-rotating brake disсs. On the rotating and non-rotating brake discs made of a magnetic material, alternating and arranged relative to each other with the minimum working air gap, the poles are made, oriented radially in the brake discs plane. On the main landing gear axis the axial electromagnet is fixed, the poles of which are perpendicular to the brake discs plane and are arranged with the minimum air gap to the working cylinder of a magnetic material. In a plane parallel to the rotating brake disc, the position sensors of the rotating brake disc poles are located, connected by their outputs to the inputs of the control device connected by its output to the switching device input. The brake force control device output is connected to the other input of the control device.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of multi-disc brakes and reducing the maintenance costs.17 dwg

ulti-disc cylindrical electromechanical aircraft brake // 2612553
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: multi-disc cylindrical electromechanical aircraft brake contains rotating and non-rotating brake disсs. On the rotating and non-rotating brake discs made of a magnetic material, alternating and arranged relative to each other with the minimum working air gap, the poles are made, oriented radially in the brake discs plane. On the axis of the main landing gear the axial electromagnet is fixed, on the outside surface of which the radially oriented pole projections are formed, which are arranged with the minimum working air gap to the pole projections formed on the radially inner surface of the cylinder of a magnetic material. On a circle in the plane parallel to the rotating brake disc, the position sensors of the rotating brake disc poles are located, connected by their outputs to the control device inputs. The brake force control device output is connected to the other input of the control device.EFFECT: increasing the multi-disc brakes reliability.17 dwg

Protection method of spacecraft from static electricity and device for its implementation // 2612474
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: group of the inventions relates to the methods and means for protection of the spacecraft (SC) on-board equipment, as well as the flight crews of the manned spacecrafts (stations). The method includes aircraft bonding of the equipment so that the units and hardware (1) of the spacecraft service systems are output to one bus bar (2), and the complex (5) of the purpose and/or scientific hardware - to the other bus bar (4). The bus bars are output to the bodies of the two spacecraft parts isolated from each other with the non-conductive truss and/or the adapter module (3). The bus bar ends are attached to the high-value capacitor plates (6). Upon reaching certain potential difference, fixed by the voltmeter (7), on the plates, the on-board control system gives a command, through the starting relay (10), for the capacitor discharge on the active resistance (8). The heat generated therein is abstracted by means of heat conductors and/or the grooves - air ducts (9) to the radiator-emitter (11) and from it - into the surrounding area.EFFECT: methods and means for protection of the on-board equipment, which increase the reliability and life expectancy of the spacecraft on-board equipment, and the safety of the flight crews of the manned spacecraft.2 cl; 1 dwg

ulti-disc electromechanical aircraft brake // 2612458
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: multi-disc electromechanical aircraft brake contains rotating and non-rotating brake disсs. On the rotating and non-rotating brake discs made of a magnetic material, alternating and arranged relative to each other with the minimum working air gap, the poles are made, oriented radially in the brake discs plane and perpendicularly to the discs rotation plane. Axial electromagnet is fixed on the main landing gear axis between the groups of non-rotating discs. In a circle in a plane parallel to the rotating brake disc, the position sensors of the rotating brake disc poles are located, connected with their outputs to the inputs of a control device connected with its output to the input of the switching device which connects the solenoid winding to the electric power source; the output of the brake force regulation device is connected to the other input of the control device.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of multi-disc brakes and reducing the maintenance costs.17 dwg

ethod cylinder rotation serving as the aircraft wings // 2612337
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method of cylinder rotation serving as aircraft wings is based on the Magnus effect generated in conjunction with screws of the aircraft main engines and counter oncoming flow of the rotating cylinders. The oncoming gas flow affects the aerodynamically profiled blades of balanced blade rotors. Torques which through further axial spigot joints and gear reducers-multipliers increasing the rotational speed 3.5-4 times are passed to the balanced rotating cylinders coaxial axles with endplates are created on coaxial balanced bladed rotors with the help of aerodynamic forces arising on these blades. Coaxial axles of the balanced rotating cylinders are mounted cantilevered in conical power casings, and conical circular frames, large bases of which are rigidly fastened to the rotating cylinders are fixed at the ends of the coaxial axles using flanged heads.EFFECT: possibility of the auxiliary power unit refusal.3 dwg
Versatile target-training complex // 2612336
FIELD: weapons and ammo.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to tests and inspections of radar aids of the air defense systems of short and medium range. The versatile target-training complex contains a transportation vehicle, in which shooting targets in the form of unmanned aerial vehicles of different type are placed, simulating targets of different types with the unified aids for launching. The control room is performed with the possibility of simultaneous control of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles of different types and connected to the remote display for presentation of information on the course of flights in real time. An unmanned aerial vehicle with a conventional piston engine, an unmanned aerial vehicle with a turbojet engine, and an unmanned aerial vehicle of a helicopter type are placed in the transportation vehicle. The complex may be completed with at least six unmanned aerial vehicles of different types.EFFECT: invention allows extending the application field at the expense of creation of the target condition with the usage of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles of different types.5 cl

Aircraft fuel system // 2612314
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft fuel systems. The fuel system comprises supply tanks (1, 2) inside of which there are pumps (3, 4), fuel supply pipes, where check valves (9, 10) and fire-proof taps (13, 14) are installed, as well as cross-feeding taps (18, 21). Cross-feeding is in form of two connected pipes (19, 22), each connecting the check-valve (17, 20) and the cross-feed tap (18, 21), wherein the check valve is located with respect to the cross-feed tap so that fuel supply via the connecting pipe is possible only when the cross-feed tap is open.EFFECT: invention provides safe separate fuel supply of engines.1 dwg

Artificial satellite // 2612312
FIELD: physics, navigation.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the means of spacecraft motion control, namely to electric (plasma) rocket engines for orbit correction for artificial, mostly low-orbit satellite of a planet with atmosphere. The small capacity rocket engine uses a high density metal wire as the working medium. The wire is placed on the inner surface of the satellite body, providing together with the sheath the necessary rigidity at the satellite insertion stage.EFFECT: invention provides an artificial satellite with a long service life in orbit and optimal weight characteristics.2 dwg

Launching unit for air-launched missiles // 2612228
FIELD: aircraft; weapon and ammunitions.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft weapons and concerns multi-barrel launchers (L). Launchers for air-launched missiles comprises cylindrical casing with suspension assemblies of launcher to aircraft, fairings, set of launch tubes fixed in the end discs of the housing, protector of missiles from aerodynamic heating, electric system for pulsing to missiles and lock for retention. At that the protector of missiles from aerodynamic heating is composed in the form of rotary valves, pivoted with a possibility for opening and smooth shock-free closing of the launch tubes. Launch tubes are equipped with a gas device, configured with a possibility to discharge the part of missile jet stream in the front part of the pipes.EFFECT: preservation of aircraft controllability after missiles blow-off is achieved by closing launch tubes and reduction of the area swept surface of launcher with air flow.3 cl, 10 dwg

Aerostatic apparatus // 2612071
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aerostatic apparatus includes a disk-shaped sheath consisting of a lower part, which is used to regulate the capability of carrying, top part, and direct lift control system. Apparatus is equipped with a semi-rigid frame, platform and management system. Semi-rigid frame consists of larger, two medium and two small power rings connected by straps of synthetic fabric, six racks rigidly connected to the medium power rings. The platform consists of freight, passenger and technical decks and six screw devices of fastening platform to the ground. Management system includes subsystems of lift control, balancing of the platform and stabilizing the angle of attack shell. Each part of the shell consists of a disc-shaped and ball-shaped portions which are bonded by a semi-rigid frame and form the total surface of the shell of ogival shape. Inside the spherical shell sections air ballonettes are available for lift control. The platform is suspended to the shell on the frame racks. Cargo deck includes two cargo hangars of large capacity and freight air corridor whose entrance gates' leaves serve as horizontal steering control on-course.EFFECT: invention provides high stability in flight and in the parking lot.6 cl, 3 dwg
Aircraft module pulling lifting force // 2612036
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to multi-purpose transport aircrafts. Aircraft module pulling lifting force comprises several identical units installed horizontally so that one is parallel to another with rotation by 180 degrees. Units are connected by air ducts for rotation of the air flow in front of each unit by 180 degrees, at the same time the incoming flow of one collects outgoing flow of the previous one. Each unit represents airfoils in the form of wings in four vertical rows with safety vertical planes. In front of the unit there is a fan with a device that straightens the air flow. In the tail of the module there is a screw with a protective ring, which serves as an elevating rudder.EFFECT: invention provides for increased energy efficiency and distance of flight, simplified design.2 cl, 2 dwg

Aircraft tail unit surface with front edge section of wavy shape // 2611857
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering. Surface (11) of an aircraft tail unit, such as a horizontal stabilizer or a vertical stabilizer, comprises front edge (14). Front edge (14) has in the section along the tail unit span a wavy shape formed by a continuous sequence of smooth projections (17) and recesses (19). Under the ice formation conditions icing takes place only on tops of the said projections (17) and on bottoms (20) of the said recesses (19).EFFECT: invention reduces the harmful effect of icing on aerodynamic characteristics.8 cl, 13 dwg

ethod for telemetry control for communication low-orbiting space crafts control and device for its implementation // 2611855
FIELD: aviation, astronautic science.SUBSTANCE: in the telemetry control method the signals from each of the telemetry sensors output are compared to the signal level user defined threshold of the key elements. When exceeding the threshold values, the key signal is given to pulse duration generator, which starts up the defined pulse width signal. When the key signal and the signal with defined pulse width coincides, they form a common positional coincidence signal with onboard time signal and convert it into a digital signal, corresponding to the control command number. In the on-board radio system the outputs of telemetry sensors are additionally series-connected with the key elements, the AND circuits, the position code into the digital code converter and the digital code into the control command converter.EFFECT: spacecraft control efficiency and reliability increase.2 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of aircraft emergency braking // 2611674
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: in case of emergency braking on the flight strip (FS) the viscous fluid (fuel oil residue) is used, it is heated, taking into account the state of the flight strip (FS) at the time of the aircraft emergency landing and to be applied across the flight strip (FS) with a decreasing step, from the time when aircrew takes a desision to make the emergency landing.EFFECT: increased efficiency of aircraft emergency braking at the airfield flight strip.

ethod of nickel-hydrogen accumulator batteries operation in power supply system of spacecraft with large service life // 2611568
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: use: electrical engineering during nickel-hydrogen storage batteries (SB) operation in spacecrafts (SC) autonomous power supply systems (PSS), operating at low earth orbit. According to method in case of standard onboard telemetric information system (OTIS) transmitter failure due to any of technical reasons for PSS state monitoring, including and formed SB, using information of control and operating sub-arrays of operative control information (OCI) array, generated and displayed in it by initial data, issued by OTIS to on-board control system. At that, during performance of formed SB discharge mode establishing, at least, three communication sessions with SC with removal of OCI during each communication session. Said sub-arrays, composed of analogue and signal SB parameters, are divided into separate data groups, differing from each other by combination of SB parameters, wherein one of sub-arrays groups of SB parameters, representing control and telemetric information, are generated and displayed in OCI array upon activation of either any of n SB signal pressure sensors, or by fact of any SB minimum voltage threshold sensors triggering or any storage battery minimum voltage. Other sub-array groups of SB parameters, which are operating telemetric information, are generated and displayed in OCI array in defined time sequence, wherein number of groups of SB parameters and time intervals between them are set within operating program (OP). Rate of formed SB discharge is calculated, using OCI array data, at least, from two communication sessions with SC, and according to known SB rate of discharge determining design number of orbit turn N for forced cancellation of formed SB deep discharge mode. Single commands (SCS), required for actual completion of formed SB discharge mode, are issued in communication session on turn (N+1) or (N+2), wherein in communication sessions, in which are SCS are issued by formed SB operation control modes or change in PSS configuration using emergency busbar switching equipment, performing second OCI removal. At that, parameters of SB, displayed within OCI correspond to SCS issuing moment of time for second OCI removal.EFFECT: technical result is increase in SB charging/discharging control efficiency.1 cl, 2 dwg

ulti-screw unmanned rotorcraft // 2611480
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: multi-rotor unmanned rotorcraft comprises screws in the annular ductings positioned at all-movable panels of the wing, rotors, gas turbine engines and transmission gear including reducing gear box system with shafts rotating the rotors and screws in the annular ductings. The multi-rotor unmanned rotorcraft is designed using a modularized circuit with a tandem arrangement of the front and rear triple-screw systems made with a piggybacking of different-sized screws, each of the triple-screw systems includes a larger rotor and a high-mounted wing with the screws in the annular ductings below it. The multi-rotor unmanned rotorcraft has the ability to transform the in-flight configuration from a helicopter wiht twin-screw tandem configuration or sextuple-screw fore-aft configuration into winged autogyro or rotorcraft with a tandem arrangement of wings with a twin- or quadruple-screw propulsion system. The rear rotor is mounted without overlapping and mutual interference with the front rear and positioned above it at the fore part of vertical tail tip having engines on either side of it at rear over-the-wing pylons, each of the engines is designed with the front output of the shaft for power extraction.EFFECT: reduction of drag power for hovering trim, improvement ofhandling in roll and in pitch.3 cl, 1 dwg

Electromechanical power mini-drive with rotating or forward motion of output link in modular design // 2611471
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the machine building, namely to a system of drives of automatic control. The electromechanical power mini-drive with rotating or forward motion of output link in modular design is made in form of a plurality of modules with common prefabricated housing. The first module is a motor(s) package with c sensor(s) of current and rotor position. An output module is output power stage of the mechanical transmission with a position sensor of the output link. There are two intermediate modules: one comprises an solenoid clutch, and second comprises intermediate mechanical transmission. The modules have structural elements ensuring connection with each other, and are made with same outside diameter equal to outside diameter of the output module. The output module with rotation of the output link is made with optimal transmission ratio of a harmonic drive with roll bodies, wherein the outside diameter of the transmission is minimum. The output module with forward motion of the output link uses a screw, its pitch ensures minimum outside diameter of the transmission.EFFECT: invention ensures increased repairability.8 dwg
Device for rotor prespinning of unmanned autogyro // 2611470
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of aviation, in particular to the constructions of autogyros. The device for rotor prespinning of unmanned autogyro comprises a drive shaft and pulley with a coiled cord, a free end of which is designed to be mounted on the launcher. Pulley by means of the threaded connection is screwed on the lower end of the drive shaft passed through a spherical bearing. The upper end of the drive shaft is connected to a two-stage joint transmitting the rotation to the shaft of the rotor of autogyro. Between the body of the autogyro and the pulley the slip-clutch is installed on the drive shaft.EFFECT: with the help of the invention the decrease of flight weight and of aerodynamic drag is achieved.1 dwg

ethod for signaling splashdown and take-off of amphibian aircraft from water surface and device // 2611466
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: for signaling splashdown and take-off of the amphibian aircraft, the vibration level and the level of hydrostatic pressure on the hull of the amphibian aircraft boat are measured, the measured values are compared with the threshold values, the landing gear is controlled , the splashdown is decided in excess of the thresholds values, as well provided that the landing gear was not made, otherwise the air location of the amphibian aircraft is decided. The signaling device of the amphibian aircraft splashdown and take-off contains a vibration sensor, a unit of digital signal processing, a hydrostatic pressure sensor, a landing gear sensor. The digital signal processing unit contains a digital bandpass filter, a standard deviation calculator, two threshold devices, "OR"- "AND"- "NOT" circuits, a digital lowpass filter, an expectancy calculator connected in a certain way.EFFECT: accuracy of determining touch and lift-off points of the amphibian aircraft from the water surface .2 cl, 2 dwg

Stand for helicopter ground tests // 2611446
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a test engineering for carring out system testing complex, includes a helicopter. The stand for helicopter ground tests contains fixed reinforced concrete foundation (1) with two supporting trusses (2), installed parallelly to each other, and inboard fuselage load frame (3). The supporting trusses (2) are rigidly fixed at the base (1) and are connected between each other by means of connecting beams. The inboard fuselage load frame (3) is made from the top (12) and bottom (13) sheets, performing the function of the power belts, fastened between each other by diaphragms (14). The frame (3), by means of the fastening units (16), is rigidly fixed from below to the standard cargo lashing points (17), located at the helicopter's floor. Through the fuselage (11) window apertures (10) of the helicopter, the upper transverse beams (7) are fixed on the top plate (12) of the frame (3). The beams (7) are attached to the top of the trusses (2).EFFECT: invention provides the ability to create the loads to all elements of the transmission and control system for the field tests of the helicopter.3 cl, 6 dwg

Energy-absorbing seat for aircraft // 2611326
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is relevant to aircraft building and applies to seats' designs. The energy-absorbing seat consists of framework, two vertical railings rigidly fastened to backrest, two shock-absorbers, two vertical pillars, which lower bases are fastened to platform, and headrest. Platform, where vertical pillars and framework are mounted, is connected with on-floor channel-brackets, which ends are equipped with swivel sliding bars by force of axis and adjusting clamps according to tilt angle and to sector of tilt angle. Rotation axis is common for platform and channel brackets. Leading edge of each vertical railing is provided with C-shaped slot equipped with clamp. H-beam equipped with energy-absorbing element (rod), which is provided with row of holes for moving referenced to pillar, is placed in the said slot. Each vertical railing of framework, which is provided with support made of low-friction- coefficient material for decrease of framework sliding friction referenced to pillar, is rigidly connected to profile and to energy-absorbing element with the aid of sheared element. Shock absorber (cutter) is manufactured in the form of U-shaped plate, mounted into seat railing and envelopes energy-absorbing element with the aid of its U-shaped form.EFFECT: energy-absorbing seat of decreased weight and of increased shock-absorbing motion stroke upon ground impact.4 cl, 9 dwg

Control handle for aircraft // 2611323
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to designs of aircraft manual controls. Aircraft control handle (200) contains frame (201), handle (202), installed with possibility to turn relative to frame, and handle with frame connection mechanical devices (203). Mechanical devices (203) contain first connecting element (213, 223), installed with possibility of movement relative to frame (201) around first axis (X), second connecting element (233, 243), installed with possibility of movement relative to frame (201) around second axis (Y), forming with first axis angle other than zero. Third intermediate element (255, 265) is installed with possibility to turn relative to first element (213, 223) around third axis (Y'). Fourth intermediate element (275, 285) is installed with possibility to turn relative to second connecting element (233, 243) around fourth axis (X'), forming with third axis angle other than zero. Connecting elements (213, 223, 233, 243) or intermediate elements (255, 265, 275, 285) are installed with possibility to turn relative to each other around fifth axis (Z').EFFECT: enabling independence of return forces acting on handle, along two axes of rotation.19 cl, 15 dwg

Helicopter with an asymmetrical wing // 2611296
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: helicopter with asymmetric wing comprises a wing with mechanization, including turnable planes executed entirely or partially. The left and right planes are spaced along the length of the fuselage and are arranged outside the rotor downward air flow. Wing planes have different drag and lift. The helicopter has the ability to change the ratio of drag and lift of the right and left wing planes for the full or partial compensation of reactive and heeling rotor moments.EFFECT: reduction of energy consumption in all flight modes.2 dwg

Spacecraft optical-mechanical unit assembling method // 2610919
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: spacecraft optical-mechanical unit assembling method relates to space optical instrument-making and can be used in assembly, alignment and calibration of large-size optical-mechanical units, intended for operation in space. Method involves following operations: connection of optical and mechanical parts into single structure and alignment with subsequent monitoring of its optical-mechanical parameters under ground conditions before and after launch simulation, which is performed on test bench, at temperature corresponding to working orbit operating temperature, besides, additionally performing calibration under conditions imitating working orbit environment parameters, by results of which alignment quality is determined.EFFECT: technical result of disclosed invention consists in fact, that optical elements alignment is stored not only after effects of overloads, vibration and impacts at launch, but at temperature effects during operation on orbit.1 cl, 2 dwg

Inerting device, tanks and aircraft equipped with such device and corresponding method // 2610914
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the device and inerting method for a fuel tank, the fuel tank, an aircraft. Inertization device comprises a main tank, a separate drain volume, the gas generator, the nitrogen-rich, pipeline, the measuring sensor system, an electronic logic unit. The conduit has various valves versions to control the gas flow from generator. The aircraft fuel tank includes a main tank, the drainage volume, inerting system. The aircraft includes a fuel tank, measuring sensor system. Measuring sensor system comprises a differential pressure sensor, two pressure sensors, aircraft height sensor, air pressure sensor, temperature sensor, descent speed sensor, the fuel consumption sensor, pressure sensors and the inlet temperature supplying the generator, gas flow sensors on the generator output and buffer reservoir, gas concentration sensors at the generator and the buffer reservoir outputs. To determine the pressure the difference between the interior part of the drain volume and exterior reservoir medium for the fuel tank inerting, when lowering the difference of the value below a certain threshold the nitrogen-rich gas is fed into the discharge volume.EFFECT: invention protects the fuel tank due to its inert gas enrichment.14 cl, 5 dwg

Aircraft wing // 2610888
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aeronautical engineering. The aircraft wing is made of composite material dissymmetrical biconvex profile. The shape of the wing bottom surface rear part is completely identical to the shape of the wing upper surface rear part, extended beyond the rear edge. The wing upper surface is integral with the primary part of the wing lower surface. To produce the wing with constant chord the matrix is required.EFFECT: invention intended to simplify the wing manufacture.1 dwg

System for adaptive control of controlled electrohydraulic servo drive // 2610851
FIELD: physics, control and signalling.SUBSTANCE: system for adaptive control of a controlled electrohydraulic servo drive comprises a dual slide valve, a dual hydraulic actuator, a feedback sensor, a linear electric motor with a control winding, an electrohydrualic booster module, a double-system steering actuator, four adaptive control channels, four inter-machine exchange controllers, four transceivers. The adaptive control channel comprises a setting device, an MKO controller, a processor, an MKO unit, a PID controller, a microconverter, a control unit, five amplifiers, a power amplifier, an OR element, connected in a certain manner. The control unit comprises an MKO unit control circuit, a steering gear model, a pulse former, two delay elements, three AND elements, an OR element, connected in a certain manner. The unit control circuit comprises six registers, an adder, two comparator circuits, five flip-flops, AND and OR elements, connected in a certain manner. The steering gear model comprises three amplifiers, three limiters, four adders, an integrating and differentiating link, a comparator, connected in a certain manner.EFFECT: providing high noise-immunity, accuracy and reliability of the adaptive control system.5 cl, 11 dwg