Launching, hauling-out, or dry-docking of vessels and life-saving in water and equipment for dwelling or working under water and means for salvaging or searching for underwater objects (B63C)

B63C              Launching, hauling-out, or dry-docking of vessels; life-saving in water; equipment for dwelling or working under water; means for salvaging or searching for underwater objects (floating nets, floating slipways, or the like for recovering aircraft from the water b63b0035520000)(2042)
Inflatable rescue raft // 2642201
FIELD: rescue means.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to life-saving appliances, namely to life rafts used by aircraft vehicles for delivery to a site of disaster or water accident. Inflatable life raft is provided with inflatable sides, which are one common chamber, divided by diaphragms into four compartments, connected by bypass tubes, ensuring the gas filling of all compartments from one cylinder of carbon dioxide or from a hand-held fur. Handrails are made in form of handles, pasted on sides, on left side mounted hand-made fur, allowing air to inflate shell. On the outside, a water ballast bag is placed on the bottom to give the inflatable raft stability. To remove gas from the inflatable raft sheath on it there is a threaded bushing with a stopper, in the bow in the pocket is placed a cylinder with carbon dioxide, which is connected to the inflatable raft, the hood with the hood is glued to the sides from the inside and is divided into two parts, fastened together by a textile fastener, both parts of the canopy can be filled with air through the tubes, one available on the left and right of its troughs. Inflatable raft also contains a soft floating anchor, a sponge for removing water from raft, a bag of uranium, a cord for anchoring anchor and a carrying case with various things. Raft in non-working (static) state is placed inside paddle, articulated with pilot's combinzon. Pouf is provided with a zipper closure with a stopper connected to an electromechanical switch articulated with a mechanism for starting a source of compressed gas.EFFECT: simplifies the design of the raft while maintaining its basic functional membership.1 cl

Vehicle accident scene information unit // 2636825
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed information unit comprises independent gas-filled shells designed to be separated from the vehicle in the event of an accident. An information block is attached to each gas-filled shell. The gas-filled shells are designed to be filled with gas lighter than air and separated from the container at the moment of the vehicle's accident. The information block is made in the form of a non-volatile memory device configured to store information about the state of the vehicle systems and its coordinates at the time of separation. The information block can be configured as a USB flash drive. The gas-filled shells can be made in the form of light metalized shells, on which resonance structures are applied which ensure rereflection of the radio signal towards the source of radiation; the gas-filled shells can be made with perforation; the gas-filled shells may have a bright colour; information in the form of text and/or graphic elements can be applied on the gas-filled shells.EFFECT: increased information capability.6 cl, 2 dwg
Inflatable launched liferaft // 2635940
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: inflatable launched liferaft comprises a hull of a lower and an upper buoyancy chamber, an inflatable bottom, a gas filling system, a launched device. The launched device comprises a sling system and includes an external launch device. The external launch device consists of a system of fixed external slings, which are made in the form of a tail loop and movable external slings. The fixed outer slings in the upper loop part are rigidly fixed from the corners to the upper buoyancy chamber. The tail part of the fixed external slings is glued to the outer external layer of the inflatable bottom by means of pads. Movable external slings are attached to the upper loop part with the possibility of moving them. The internal launch device is represented by a system of internal slings that pass inside the raft and are glued to the outer external layer of the inflatable bottom by means of pads. The pads comprise metal discs with a slot.EFFECT: reliability of the launched device.18 cl, 3 dwg
ethod for submersible vehicles operation // 2635939
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: submersible vehicles (SVs) are loaded onto a carrier to operate underwater vehicles and place them on storage-equipped places. The SVs are mechanically secured against possible accidental movement and stored on the carrier for a specified period. SVs maintenance and inspection are performed to monitor their performance. The SVs are prepared for start-up, for which data input-output devices are used to input starting values or tasks for operation into the SVs control devices after starting from the carrier. The SVs consisting of two modules - a special module and a transport module - are loaded on the carrier. When the assembled SVs and/or their modules separately are stored on a carrier, a single module is replaced with the expiration of its storage period. When the SVs are prepared for start-up, in the absence of an SV with the required module or its malfunction, the module is replaced with the existing serviceable module of the required purpose, stored separately.EFFECT: possibility to vary the number of submersible vehicles of the desired purpose, ease of loading and transport operations to replace the components of submersible vehicles.1 tbl

Inflatable self-recovering raft // 2634519
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: inflatable self-recovering liferaft comprises a hull of a lower and an upper buoyancy chamber that are made in the form of tubular closed shells, an inflatable bottom, gas filling systems and two inflatable racks arranged at a distance parallel to each other. The inflatable racks are represented by inflatable tubular elements in the form of arches, which consist of sections. Each inflatable rack extends from one side of the raft hull to the other and up and outward from the raft hull perimeter at an angle from the perpendicular to the raft hull. The sections of each inflatable rack in the plan fit into a semi-circle whose center is at the intersection of the vertical symmetry axis and the upper tangent plane of the tubular shell of the upper buoyancy chamber.EFFECT: raft design safety when returning from the inverted raft position to the working vertical one without human intervention.18 cl, 4 dwg
Device for personnel evacuation from offshore drilling facilities // 2633834
FIELD: rescue work.SUBSTANCE: device for personnel evacuation from offshore drilling facilities includes means for lowering a lifeboat into water, which consists of at least one support beam that is hinged at one end to the platform superstructure, and at the other end carries one support cradle for housing the boat, a deck ladder, hermetically sealed and connected to the lifeboat, an on-board computer on the lifeboat for monitoring external conditions. The support cradle is made in the form of a pontoon. The lifeboat is additionally equipped with wheels with metal spikes and a propulsion. The hermetically sealed and connected to the lifeboat deck ladder is equipped with a telescopic device, and inside of which there is a stair-step travelator, connected with an electric drive located in the lifeboat.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of the rescue operation while finding an object of ocean engineering in difficult ice conditions.1 cl

Closed-type lifeboat for evacuation and saving of personnel of marine oil and gas platforms, transport and technological ships in ice conditions // 2630871
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: closed-type lifeboat is proposed, the hull bow of which has two stems, spaced apart, interconnected in the upper hull part along a curvilinear generatrix and having an inclination forward from the bottom to the top, and in the lower part - connected with the bottom lifeboat surface, forming a recess in the front part of its hull, the propulsion system is executed in the form of rotor-propeller propulsors installed at each board, the fire protection system is represented by a system of nozzles distributed along the external perimeter of the external lifeboat surface to form a thermally insulating protective gas curtain, which are connected via a main to a source of a high-pressure inert gas, located in the lifeboat hull.EFFECT: increasing the reliability and safety of the boat in emergency situations.2 cl, 3 dwg
Gripping device for the silted underwater objects and the method of its use, while performing the lifting // 2630040
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed gripping device for the silted underwater objects lifting and the method of its use. The gripping device contains the horizontal and vertical sections, on the lower parts of which the movable support brackets are provided, with the possibility to form the support prism for the object to be lifted, when these brackets are brought up under it. The vertical sections are made in the form of the tubular rods, which are located in the plan along the circle and have the hinged connection with the corresponding support brackets, each of which has the protuberance, that prevents the bracket from turning in the outer direction. The gripping device is lowered on the underwater object by penetration of vertical rods with unidirectional supporting brackets in silt. To keep the movement, close to rectilinear, use the ballast tanks installed on the periphery of the horizontal section. After penetration of the gripping device to the required depth with the help of the hydraulic power cylinder, choose the internal cargo slings before the support brackets reach the bottom of the lifted object.EFFECT: improved performance of the gripping device for lifting the silted underwater objects, increase of the underwater technical operations efficiency.6 cl, 6 dwg

Tape (bsat) device, which is black box with satellite transmission device for underwater vessels // 2628769
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: black box with a satellite transmitter (BSAT) for underwater vessels is offered. BSAT contains a sealed enclosure for receiving and transmitting infrared and electromagnetic signals, a GPS system with an antenna for providing GPS parameters to BSAT, a transmitting antenna for transmitting GPS parameters and parameters related to underwater vessel, an ejection mechanism for discharging BSAT from underwater vessel if detecting specified condition by the electronic controller. Electronic controller is configured to send control signals and/or communication via infrared transceiver, and/or to obtain and store parameters of underwater vessel, and/or to identify the ejection time, and/or to obtain and store GPS parameters, and/or planning of transmitting data through the satellite after BSAT is thrown out of underwater vessel.EFFECT: backup of set data for sinking underwater vessels.12 cl, 6 dwg
Automatic activation device for "man overboard" alerting // 2628026
FIELD: rescue work.SUBSTANCE: automatic activation device for "man overboard" alerting contains a life jacket and a "man overboard" warning device. The automatic activation device is additionally equipped with a transceiver, that is made using ZigBee technology and is in constant interaction with a ZigBee sensor on the life jacket belt, and an RFID reader with an autonomous power supply, built into it. The RFID reader and the autonomous power supply are located at the top of the life jacket in the immediate proximity of the "man overboard" warning device with a built-in passive RFID tag that communicates with the RFID reader in the absence of a permanent radio contact with the ZigBee sensor.EFFECT: increase of autonomy and reliability of work.1 dwg

Ship hull bending control method at its docking // 2626781
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed method of the ship hull bending control, when it is placed at the dock, including the calculation of the required ship hull curvature and the stresses therein, and the ship installation on the blocking of the dock slip board. At least one sensor is installed in the controlled area of the hull to measure the stresses and/or deformations, in the intervals between the blocking symmetrically to the ship deck on the slip board lay the inflatable tanks with the possibility to supply the compressed air therein with the facilities to measure the pressure in them, preliminary calculate the pressure in the inflatable tanks, which will provide its required bending, taking into account the weight load of the ship and the flexural rigidity of its hull. The ship hull bending is corrected by changing the pressure in the inflatable tanks and changing of the blocking height to obtain the predetermined hull bending.EFFECT: simplification of the ship hull bending control method, providing high accuracy and efficiency.2 cl, 1 dwg
Rubberized material (versions), adhesive composition, sealing adhesive composition and method of manufacture of inflatable life-saving appliances with use of indicated materials and adhesive compositions // 2625245
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: rubberized material for the manufacture of inflatable life-saving appliances includes a textile support base and the outer face and the outer back layers based on synthetic rubber. The textile support base containing the inner layer is a two-layer diagonally-duplicated fabric having a high-density cotton cloth in a diagonal layer, in a parallel layer-a polyamide fabric with an adhesive inner sub-layer based on ethylene-propylene-diene rubber. The outer front layer comprises ethylene-propylene-diene rubber and butyl rubber in a weight ratio of 1:1, and the outer back layer and the inner layer of the textile support base include ethylene-propylene-diene rubber and high-molecular weight polyisobutylene in a weight ratio of 1:1. Percale is used as a cotton fabric. This rubberized material is mainly used for parts of inflatable life-saving appliances creating the necessary buoyancy reserve. The invention also relates to the construction of materials for parts of inflatable life-saving appliances intended to accommodate users outside the water surface and to protect users from adverse external conditions, an adhesive composition that includes natural rubber, an organic solvent, gasoline and ethyl acetate in a weight ratio of 1:2, respectively, a cross-linking agent in the amount of 4.4 parts by weight, including diphenylmethane diisocyanate, and to the sealing adhesive composition for sealing glue, adhesive and piercing joints of parts of life-saving appliances and the method of manufacturing inflatable life-saving appliances using the described materials.EFFECT: increased strength.17 cl, 5 tbl
Device for the pilot rescue at catapulting from the aircraft and the method for the pilot rescue device application // 2624122
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: pilot rescue device, when catapulting from the aircraft contains the parachute with the lifeboat. The boat is made in the form of the sleeping bag, which is attached to the parachute straps. To use the pilot rescue device, the rescue boat is inflated during the parachute descent and water landing, as well as the release from the parachute straps. The boat is made in the form of the sleeping bag, and the climbing is carried out during the descent, for which the bag is brought from the folded position into the straightened along the body. At the same time the upper part of the bag is inflated during the descent, and the lower part after the water landing.EFFECT: increase of survivability, enhancement and improved performance.13 cl, 5 dwg

Personal underwater resque and navigation system // 2623423
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: proposed personal underwater rescue and a navigation system operating in including the standard frequency SOS (37.5 kHz), comprising beacon - "pinger", the housing of which is a piezoceramic cylindrical transducer sonar signals formed with lids and sealed from the sound transmission polyurethane coating, and the direction finder hydroacoustic signals, which is provided with a compass, and a removable protective screen and sonar antenna comprises a cylindrical hermetic equipment module with it mechanically connected extensive linear hydroacoustic antenna of the plurality of two sets of piezoelectric elements with an active surface perpendicular to the axis of the equipment module, capable of forming a uniform geometrically extended multi-element, and is capable of dividing into two parts independent of each other, with the ability to rotate in the horizontal and vertical planes, a strip of "acoustically soft" porous material is fixed on the back side of both parts of the acoustic antenna, a multi-element two-band LED indicator is hermetically sealed in the instrument module.EFFECT: feature of the proposed system is its ease of use with high system efficiency.5 dwg

Box for sending things to emergency underwater unit, which lays on the ground // 2620042
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: box for the transfer of items on the emergency underwater object comprises a body in the form of a set of closed, interconnected, toroidal shells, strung on a thin-walled cylinder of circular cross-section. The internal cavity is filled toroids pressure medium, the value of which varies depending on the depth of immersion canister to maintain the shape of the toroid to a depth. The liquid can be used as the working medium. It can be used as the hard material (composite materials, steel) and isotropic or orthotropic elastic material for toroids canister housing.EFFECT: possibility of reducing the weight characteristics, increase the payload and the depth of application of foam.5 cl, 1 dwg
Refloating device // 2620040
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: refloating device consists of the towing vehicle with pivoted hydraulic cylinder fixed on the turning barbette, the rod of which has the transverse groove for the removable retainer stopper. The hydraulic drive for setting the hydraulic cylinder tilt angle in the vertical plane is provided on the turning barbette. The towing vehicle cabin is equipped with the panoramic windows and the projector, and the stopper is made self-adjusting into the working position in the rod groove, while interacting of the removable retainer with emergency facility housing.EFFECT: design improvement and maintainability provision of the refloating device.1 dwg
ethod of registering underwater objects // 2619883
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for registering an underwater object is set at the bottom, comprising a control module and networks with a marker. The control module is equipped with non-contact sensors, that respond to the physical field of the underwater objects. The marker is attached to the body of the detected underwater target, which transmits its coordinates to the command post.EFFECT: possibility of registering the detected underwater target and further tracking its coordinates.

ethod of underwater handling operations performing and device for its implementation // 2619882
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship lifting and rescue operations in sea and inland waters. For performing underwater handling operations switching on positioning of underwater in vertical and horizontal planes above object to be lifted handling device and it is lowered onto object to be lifted. Prior to lifting three-dimensional model is created of located on bottom object to be lifted with handling device located above it and locked at bottom. Simulating support consoles moving. Engineering and manufacturing inserts into consoles support elements with provision of uniform distribution of contact load at object hull local sections. During lifting performing comparison of retracted support consoles with support elements and their inserts real spatial position relative to object hull with three-dimensional model. Complex of hoisting equipment includes lifting-transportation module, groups of pontoons with air supply and discharge system, winches, object capturing device and control center with possibility of object spatial position real time monitoring and displaying.EFFECT: achieved is maintaining object hull integrity.2 cl, 4 dwg

System for weighing and trimming underwater cargo container // 2618583
FIELD: hydraulic engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to diving equipment, in particular to a system for weighing and trimming underwater cargo containers. System for weighing and trimming underwater cargo container consists of two identical independent weighing systems, installed in fore and aft ends of container and comprise equalising tanks, storage batteries, gas cylinders with electric solenoid valves, ventilation electric valve and electric valve of sea inlets, and automation units. System comprises top and bottom micro switches, which trigger when resting in upper or bottom guide tracks TA, or turned on by manual pressing and feed signal to automation unit to receive or remove water from equalising tank.EFFECT: preventing trimming of container.1 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod for lifting vessel to horizontal slipway-deck // 2616770
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method is proposed for lifting a vessel to the horizontal slipway-deck, where the vessel is directed to the salvage equipment with the ship-carrying equipment mounted thereon, then the ship-carrying equipment moves the vessel to the horizontal slipway-deck, wherein the pneumatic roller-bags are used as a ship-carrying equipment, and a barge of the required size is used as a salvage equipment, which is moored to the pier by its nose before directing the vessel to the salvage equipment, and the stern is drowned till the barge stern is on the ground, the barge is ballasted on an even keel after directing the vessel to the salvage equipment, and then the barge, with the ship-carrying equipment mounted thereon, on which the vessel is located, is transported to the pier of the horizontal slipway-deck.EFFECT: method for lifting a vessel simplifies the vessel lifting to the horizontal slipway-deck, because it does not require construction of an additional salvage device with rail oblique ways including surface and underwater areas.4 dwg

Rescue device for use on water // 2616482
FIELD: medicine, life saving equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to life-saving equipment on water and can be used to provide help to a drowning man. The safety device for use in water comprises a housing mounted on a concrete base and closed by a glass door. An engine connected to a power supply or battery is located inside the housing above the projection. The engine rotates the shaft where the coil with a wound rope is installed. The rope can float on water and withstand the weight of at least 100 kg. The end of the rope wound on the spool is attached to the dorsal area of the lifejacket. The jacket is equipped with a whistle and a light signal.EFFECT: invention allows rapid and effective implementation of actions aimed at rescue.23 cl, 3 dwg

Floating transfer dock // 2615026
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: floating transfer dock includes a ballastable pontoon (pontoons) with the ballast system and the abutments and towers, as well as additional ballastable pontoon rack. Dock in niches or spaces between pontoons is equipped with limiters and swivel supports and pontoon rack is made with the guide posts. The dock holdback on an even keel during the knurl-transfer of the ship from the shore groundway on the dock is carried out by simultaneous pumping liquid ballast from the ballast tanks with the vessel trolley-transporter movement.EFFECT: transmission dock higher operating performances.3 dwg

Savable information storage // 2614404
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: savable information storage includes a casing for mounting on a product, a savable capsule with the information storage, a device of the longitudinal fixation of the savable capsule in the casing, a piston pneumo-tappet system of the savable capsule, a gas generator, a gas generator engagement device . The savable capsule is made in the form of the integral spherical shell with a lid, which is provided with a cylindrical sleeve-shaped piston and a retention system in the form of a flexible kinematic coupling. The savable capsule is provided in the upper half with a coaxial outer cylindrical surface, an annular groove and local supporting end tabs, which interact with an annular bottom anchor having a central hole and an internal cavity. The annular bottom anchor is provided with a fixing mechanism as a set of the spring elements with hooks, equally spaced around the perimeter of its outer diameter. The hooks are provided with the regulating support-screws. The bottom anchor is combined with the casing of the savable capsule by the flexible kinematic coupling.EFFECT: improving operational reliability.3 dwg

Gripping device // 2613181
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: gripping device includes the bearing element adapted to be hung on the ship lifting devices, with symmetrical grips and their hydraulic drives, the receptacle to accommodate the equipment operating from external energy sources. The bearing element is made in the form of at least one volume U-shaped housing, in the upper horizontal portion of which strong buoyancy tanks and an equipment tank are mounted symmetrically. At least two symmetrical grips are rigidly fixed on the rotary axes mounted on the lower ends of the vertical parts of the U-shaped housing, and are pivotally connected by their outer surfaces by means of hinged-lever links to the drive hydrocylinders mounted on the lateral outer surfaces of the U-shaped housing. Said housing and grips are in the form of volume rib structures of U-shaped frames and flat arched rib elements with cutouts and rigid lintels, rigidly fixed at intervals of 400-600 mm respectively. The U-shaped housing is made with the possibility of the hinge joint of the rigid bond to its two surfaces.EFFECT: design simplification, increasing the lifting capacity and improving the reliability of the device.21 cl, 9 dwg

Hydroacoustic meter of unmanned underwater vehicle location // 2612329
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of positioning the unmanned underwater vehicle (UWV) by its hydroacoustic field, particularly in the mobile sites for the UWV testing in the absence of the on-board sonar beacon. To improve the accuracy of the speed measurement of the noisy UWV and positioning of the UWV (the distance from the measurement point of the so-called "lateral deviation") at the site with the N measurement fastings on each fasting perpendicular to the estimated track of the UWV movement, two one-directional antennas are installed in the alignment with the directional patterns of each antenna in the three acoustic planes (rays) perpendicular to the water surface and extended relative to each other by 45°, while the first antenna of each fasting is connected to the input of the first preamplifier, the output of which is connected to the input of the first envelope detector, the output of which is connected to the input of the first comparator, and the second antenna is connected to the second input of the preamplifier, the output of which is connected to the input of the second envelope detector, the output of which is connected to the input of the second comparator, the outputs of the first and the second comparator are connected in pairs to the corresponding one of the N evaluator input of the trajectory parameters.EFFECT: improved accuracy of the UWV location measurement due to the spatial localization of the site speed measuring and determining of the UWV motion line deviation angle from the calculated one.5 dwg
Towed underwater vehicle, equipped with sonar equipment for detecting silting facilities and pipelines, and their subsequent monitoring // 2610149
FIELD: shipbuilding.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the production of underwater operations to probe the seabed, pipeline routes with geo-referenced detection silted objects. Towed underwater vehicle (TUV) is designed as a hollow cylindrical body with a removable head and the tail stabilizer, equipped with a device deepens and computationally-control module and connected to the ship-towing cable-rope. Sonar equipment includes a parametric profiler, consisting of an antenna radiating parametric pumping and receiving antenna, means of processing and recording of sonar signals. TUV further comprises an active sonar, n number of uninhabited small self-propelled platforms located aft of the TUV and equipped with a propulsion system, automatic traffic control system, ballast-equalization system, chassis, magnetometric flaw, an identifier of explosives, poisonous and radioactive substances, a small-sized underwater television apparatus. The vessel is equipped with a towing-control system pits small-sized self-propelled platform.EFFECT: invention provides the detection of underwater objects by providing access to hard to reach items, surveyed underwater objects and enhanced functionality.

essenger buoy for use in ice conditions // 2609841
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: messenger buoy has a housing. The upper part is designed as a truncated cone centered along the housing axis, with conical tip of radio antenna in the form of a truncated cone continuing up to the cone top. The radio antenna is located inside the housing and mounted for its extension along the axis of the truncated cone towards the ice field and is fixed to exclude its shift inside the body by a thrust ring. The radio antenna is connected by the radio cable with an underwater facility. Means for destruction of ice field are implemented in the form of powder jet engines placed in the lower part of the housing, which are fixed in the bottom of the hull.EFFECT: ability to provide radio communication during under-ice navigation in emergency situations.6 dwg
Underwater robot system // 2609618
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: underwater robot system comprises a propulsion-steering system, wherein one propulsor has propulsion force of up to 100 kG in the vertical direction and the other has propulsion force of up to 50 kG in the horizontal direction. The navigation system further comprises a small-size hydroacoustic Doppler log and a platform immersion depth measuring device. The hydroacoustic navigation system of the apparatus has a long base. A transponder is installed on a fixed base with known coordinates. When positioning the platform on angles of horizontal and azimuthal orientation based on satellite navigation system data, coordinates are determined in topocentric and bound coordinate systems.EFFECT: enabling automation of underwater and surface robots in the region of investigating underwater objects.5 cl

Personal rescue inflatable floating device // 2609182
FIELD: transportation; rescue operations.SUBSTANCE: personal rescue inflatable floating device contains a gas balloon and elastic water-and-air retaining shell with the possibility of its inflation by the gas balloon and placing a person inside it. In the state of readiness, the shell represents a jacket with five extension-sectors with the possibility of their girding from the five sides from the back during putting on a human body. During putting it on a human body, the peripheral parts of the rescue device are fixed on the chest and belly with the possibility to expand into operation-inflated state, which represents a dome-shaped shell joined along the joint lines of the inflated peripheral parts after inflation with the gas. The person is placed inside it and in the bottom in convenient lying position.EFFECT: possibility of life sustaining of a person located in the rescue device during several days.5 cl, 21 dwg

Pontoon to maintain faulty objects afloat // 2605659
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pontoons, which are used to maintain faulty or lifted ships afloat at their towing to basing sites. Pontoon to maintain faulty objects afloat comprises flat-sided hull, drained compartments, system of compartments flooding and drying, eyebolts for lashing and towing, necks with covers for passage into compartments, stropping devices with rockers, flutes, guides for slings, tight fit provision devices. Tight fit provision devices are made in form of thrust spacers, each of which is equipped with replaceable inserts and ledges. Thrust spacers external surface shape corresponds to submarine hull at pontoon installation point. L-shaped guides are installed on pontoon hull. Thrust spacers ledges and guides are equipped with openings for pins, using which thrust spacer is fixed on pontoon in working position.EFFECT: enabling improved operating characteristics of pontoon.1 cl, 2 dwg

Lifeboat with hydro wave propulsion device // 2604252
FIELD: ship building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to shipbuilding, in particular, to small floating vehicles, boats and rafts, as well as to their propulsion gears, in particular, to propulsion propeller drive. Lifeboat with hydro wave propulsion device consists of cradle with passengers seats, which has possibility of cyclic oscillations at angle of ±α at boat pitching on waves. Cradle ends are aligned with vertical arc sectors, centers of which are connected with its vibration horizontal axis. Horizontal axis is located across boat hull. For cradle center of mass stable orientation to center of Earth, it is installed horizontally on support wheels with their axes, which have possibility of free rotation in supports installed in boat hull. Supports are arranged along boat axis with cradle arc sectors bases and free roll on support wheels. Cradle center of gravity is aligned with end arc sectors vertical axial cross-section. Support wheels axes of rotation are articulated with electric generators rotors shafts, which are installed in boat hull.EFFECT: enabling simplified device to provide boat motion.20 cl, 7 dwg

Lifeboat with hydro wave propulsion device // 2603812
FIELD: ship building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to shipbuilding, in particular, to small floating vehicles, boats and rafts, as well as to their propulsion gears, in particular, to propulsion propeller drive. Lifeboat with hydro wave propulsion device consists of cradle with passengers seats, which has possibility of cyclic oscillations at angle of ±α at boat pitching on waves. Cradle ends are aligned with vertical arc sectors. Centers of arc sectors are connected with its vibration horizontal axis, which is located across boat hull. On cradle side sides support wheels are installed in supports with possibility of free rotation on axes rigidly connected with them, and due to cradle center of mass stable orientation to center of Earth, it is located horizontally with possibility of free rolling on support wheels by concave arc guides mounted along boat axis, which vertical axis is connected with its center of mass. Support wheels axes are articulated with electric generators rotors shafts, which secured at cradle.EFFECT: enabling simplified device to provide boat motion.20 cl, 7 dwg

Soft lifting pontoon // 2602444
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship lifting means and can be used when performing works on pulling sunken objects. Soft lifting pontoon comprises inflatable cylindrical shell, shell blowing system, suspension assemblies and towing pontoon. Suspension system is made as assembled slings enveloping shell and inserted in guides mounted on shell outer side. Ends of collecting connection beam are equipped with jointing assemblies interacting with strapping of pontoons with mating parts fitted at ends of cross member-strap-shortening device.EFFECT: higher efficiency of using pontoon.1 cl, 4 dwg

Pontoon for transportation of objects // 2600020
FIELD: ship building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, specifically to pontoons, intended for transportation of objects along internal waterways. Pontoon for transportation of objects comprises a body, ballast compartments, air box, sling niches (hawses), a system of flooding and blowing ballast compartments, assemblies for attaching pontoons to transported object, lashing units, device for stretching slings, kit with replaceable frames. Body is made in form of trapezoid and is divided into ballast compartments. Ballast compartments are connected to each other in lower part through scuppers in transverse bulkheads. Device for stretching slings is made in form of cells from a set of wooden bars. Shape of replaceable frames corresponds to hulls of object at point of contact of pontoon with body of object. Device for stretching slings is equipped with double sling-lifting ring, sole of which is made in form of a sector describing a cell of a circle.EFFECT: safer transportation of an object on pontoons.1 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for tank drain on ship under average // 2596203
FIELD: shipbuilding.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an emergency situation during operation of ships carrying liquid cargo such as hydrocarbons. Disclosed is a method for draining tank of the ship under average being partially above the water, where the tank has at least one hatch (3) for technical access, including the following stages: open the hatch for technical access; introduce a rigid pipe (13) into tank (1) inner space through said hatch (3) for technical access; place lifting pump or suction pump (15) into the rigid tube (13), the pump may not include a discharge hose.EFFECT: higher reliability and convenience of draining tank of the ship under average being partially above the water.13 cl, 10 dwg

Device for keeping emergency ship afloat and lifting sunken ships // 2593173
FIELD: rescue equipment. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rescue equipment and can be used on river, sea and underwater vessels. Device for keeping emergency ship afloat and lifting sunken ships is a container body consisting of several elements configured to break down into component parts. Inside container body there are shells connected to each other by a cable. When filled with gas, shells acquire a spherical shape. Each shell has its own pyrocartridge containing gaseous substances. Pyrocartridge is connected with common cable through a decomposing clamp driven by a signal. Signal is transmitted via an electric wire. EFFECT: preventing flooding of ship and maintaining its buoyancy. 1 cl, 7 dwg

Device for removing urine from the diving suit // 2588366
FIELD: sport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to diving equipment and can be used for urine removal from a diving suit. Device for removing urine from a diving suit comprises a housing, a lock washer, lock nut, sealing ring and lid. Housing is attached to diving suit using a retainer and a lock nut. Displacement of device relative to diving suit is limited by combined operation of grooves on housing and annular part of retainer. Urine removal is carried out with lid screwed loose.EFFECT: simple and reliable device.4 cl, 4 dwg

System for collective rescue of personnel from offshore oil and gas facilities in ice conditions // 2583828
FIELD: shipbuilding.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building and can be used for evacuation and rescue of personnel with offshore oil and gas facilities. Collective personnel rescue system from offshore oil and gas facilities in ice conditions comprises trigger platform with guide rollers, on which is installed with its by fender bar lifeboat with locking device. Closed mounted boat deck and indoor telescopic box body with movable sections connected thereto are attached to side of sea of oil and gas facilities. In end section there is a slope platform with rescue boat. Movable sections of closed telescopic box case together with rescue boat are connected by cable with closed suspended boat deck.EFFECT: safe contact of lifeboat with personnel with ice surface is achieved.8 cl, 4 dwg
Inflatable rescue raft // 2583030
FIELD: rescue facilities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rescue facilities, namely, to rescue rafts. Inflatable rescue raft comprises flotation chamber with bottom, floating hand-rails in form of flexible pipes, compressed gas source, additional floating handrails, foam plastic board, ballast weight, power source, contactor, illumination system, reducing and check valves. Current conductors are located on inner surface of pipe of floating guardrails with power source and bulbs. Light bulbs are installed in tight globes and located on forked couplings. Contactor is articulated with drive mechanism and current conductors. Buoyancy chamber inner surface is equipped with elastic cover, inside which there are silicone heating elements. Heating elements are connected to source of current through current conductor. Inside foam plastic board there are energy-saving heating panels with built-in temperature control unit.EFFECT: expanded functionality.1 cl
Evacuation device for rescue of people from emergency ship // 2582589
FIELD: rescue equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rescue equipment and can be used for people evacuation from sea vessels and floating objects in emergency conditions. Evacuation device for rescue of people from emergency ship comprises container (2) and flexible section-slope (5) with compartment refuge (12) forming rescue capsule (18). Container (2) is tied to room of ship (1), has outer cover (3) and ability to store capsule (18). Compartment-slope (5) includes pipe (6), inflatable toroidal chamber (7), flexible coupling elements (8). Chambers (7) are connected to each other by means of elements (8) and form external shell. In compartment-slope (5) there is halyard (9) made with fasteners and passed through pipe (6). Compartment-slope (5) comprises membrane (10) with unit of separation, installed at inlet. Compartment-shelter (12) includes rescue inflatable raft (13) with canopy (14) and has sealed unit (15) of connection of raft (13) and tent (14). Flexible compartment-slope (5) and compartment-shelter (12) are made of incombustible material. In container (2), in compartment-slope (5) and compartment-shelter (12) are located cylinders with gas filling tubes (4, 11, 17).EFFECT: higher reliability, safety and buoyancy of evacuation device, faster operation for evacuation.1 cl, 2 dwg
ethod slinging pontoons to vessel transported by inland waterway // 2582562
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to water transport, particularly, to draught of vessel when passing under bridges, trestles, through gateways and over shallow waters. Disclosed is a method of slinging pontoons to vessel, which includes installation without roll and pitch transported on keel-blocks in dry dock making pattens with plaza wood parts support pads pontoons, arrangement of pontoons along body of transported ship in certain places of project adjustment at place of wood parts support pads pontoons to ship hull in places of support, installation of pontoons tightly to ship hull. Method also includes suspension of pontoons before slinging to housing of transported ship secured located in its various sections of slings, one of which is brought into girth pontoons, and others - on inner side pontoons at ship hull with laying them on towels, ends of which is fixed on ship hull.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of reliability, reduced labour intensity of slinging while providing possibility to change in wide range of draught of ship-pontoon system.1 cl, 6 dwg
Rescue container and method of rescue // 2582518
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for lifting objects from sea bed and can be used in lifting of ammunition. Rescue container for rescue of ammunition, which has been reset in water to water surface, includes housing (30) of container and cover (40). Gasket (70) is formed from deformed by compression element and blocks gap between inner side surface (33) of housing (30) of container and cover (40). Housing (30) of container includes holder (33b) of cover, which holds cover (40) so that cover (40) moved to outer side in certain direction relative to housing (30) of container (30). Holder (34b) Detrusor gaskets retains compressor (50) of gasket so that cover (40) moved to outer side in certain direction in relation to compressor (50) of gasket according to reduction of hydraulic pressure. Gasket (70) is deformed by compression by means of relative displacement of cover (40) so that gap between inner side surface (33) of housing (30) of container and cover (40) is hermetically sealed.EFFECT: achieving reliable suppression of leakage of chemical substance of ammunition.12 cl, 16 dwg

Apparatus for searching for flight recorder under water and method for search using same // 2581895
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: black box system contains black box, which is arranged inside the ejection device. First hatch, first automatic lock, third and fourth springs are located on one side of the ejection device. First spring is arranged in the first groove, which is made on inner side of the first hatch. First automatic lock is connected to the first hatch to control opening of the first hatch. Third and fourth springs are made with possibility of tilting first hatch from ejection device when opening the first automatic lock. Method of black box underwater search using the system comprises: waiting for 30 seconds after disconnection of GPS, determination of pressure sensor value of water pressure at depth, determination of position of the black box opening of the first or second hatch with the help of microprocessor and switching on of the radio beacon after ejection through the first or second access doors, GPS system activation.EFFECT: achieving the possibility of finding black box under water after plane crash.9 cl, 6 dwg

Floating dock for construction of objects with non-marine outlines // 2581430
FIELD: shipbuilding.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to floating docks, and can be used in construction of floating and semi-submerged sea platforms and other objects with non-marine outlines. Disclosed is a floating dock which comprises case with pontoon deck mainly of square shape in plan, energy supply systems, ballast system, superstructure with gates on pontoon deck, rotary platform inside superstructure mounted on pontoon deck for placing on it built object. Floating dock has telescopic supports with support elements which can be lowered below the plane of the hull bottom, as well as detachable guides located on the pontoon deck inside superstructure and fenders mounted on removable guides. Width of superstructure gates exceeds lateral linear size of the object being built in floating dock.EFFECT: technical result consists in expansion of technological capabilities of the dock.2 cl, 3 dwg

System for control over assembly steps in floating dock // 2581103
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: claimed system comprises the components that follow. The observation unit incorporating the draft transducer arranged in the dock to measure the dock bottom flexure and shooting unit arranged outside the dock to control the dock sidewall conditions. The measurement unit is arranged in the dock to measure the operating conditions of the ship hull units assemble in the dock in real time scale. The assembly degree control unit is arranged in the dock to control the assembly steps. Said degree varies in compliance with the steps of the ship hull units assembly. The controller analyzes the current conditions of the dock and current assembly steps on the basis of data measured by aforesaid observation and measurement units. Besides, it controls the assembly steps control unit for control over execution of assembly steps in compliance with the results of aforesaid analysis.EFFECT: higher efficiency of assembly works in floating dock.9 cl, 6 dwg

Rescue unit // 2580592
FIELD: rescue equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a rescue technique. Rescue module includes a rigid body with fore and aft parts, inner camera mounted on a rigid housing interior with a lifting device. It is equipped with a fold-out legs for installation on land. Hard case is made in the form of a pontoon to be separated from the passenger compartment. Hard case hinged on the sides of the beam with the floats installed. Smooth shell are put on the hard shell and beams with floats. In the inner chamber a water jet engine is installed with the thrust vector control device. In fore and aft cabin controls are mounted. There are doors in the form of a tip-up ramps. Between each edge of the hull and the float a net is attached.EFFECT: invention is directed to the delivery of life-saving equipment in difficult terrain.5 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of illuminating underwater environment // 2578807
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of monitoring underwater medium and searching for underwater objects. To illuminate underwater environment, method includes search of underwater objects with autonomous underwater vehicle. When underwater vehicle moves along a predetermined route before starting, method includes detecting an underwater object and report its finding to surface ship or a coastal station. Method includes determining predicted or calculated point of location of unmanned underwater vehicle calculating data for firing with one or two radio-hydroacoustic reactive one or two buoys. Method includes specifying geographic position of unmanned underwater vehicle at known coordinates of surface ship or coastal station and reactive radio-hydroacoustic buoy and transmitting to unmanned underwater vehicle via active link required remote control commands.EFFECT: achieving systematic updating of location and remote control of unmanned underwater vehicle.2 cl, 2 tbl, 8 dwg

Diver(s breathing machine // 2577818
FIELD: diving.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to diving equipment for breathing under water. Diver breathing machine includes housing, which is divided by elastic diaphragm on the outer and inner cavity, and guide. External cavity communicates with medium, in which there is a diver. Inner cavity with pipe for connection with the mouth of a diver. Inhalation valve is connected with compressed air source and is connected with the elastic diaphragm through the first lever. First exhalation valve is connected with the medium, in which there is a diver. Second exhalation valve is connected with the medium at lower pressure than the medium in which there is a diver. Second lever is made of two parts, which are interconnected by hinge. First part is connected to the second exhalation valve. Second part is connected with diaphragm. Guide is fixed to the inner side of the diaphragm and has a reciprocating connection with the second part of the second lever.EFFECT: improved design.2 cl, 2 dwg

Diver's hose binder // 2577817
FIELD: diving.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to diving equipment. Diver's hose binder contains the first hose and the second hose, fitting-T connector with three holes, a turning fitting. First hose is located inside the second hose with a gap between walls of hoses. Fitting-T connector with three holes is connected with its first hole to the second hose end. Rotary fitting consists of two parts, which are interconnected through hole with possibility of tight rotation relative to each other. Rotary fitting is located inside the fitting-T connector and with one part is connected to the first hose end, the other part is connected to the second hole of the fitting-T connector.EFFECT: compact hose ligament and resistance to deformation under water pressure.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of cross lifting and lowering into water // 2577584
FIELD: shipbuilding.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises in inspection and repair of ships. For transverse lifting and lowering into water before or after start of ship dock along perimeter of territory, which is derived and there is a vessel, and with several sides dock set dense watertight enclosure forming a closed territory. Inside dock water is pumped to level above open dock side. Water is lowered and ship is lowered at keel blocks. Ship is lowered by raising water level in dock and adjacent territory together with ship to ship surfacing. Vessel is discharged on territory dock and water is lowered to initial level.EFFECT: reduced labour input during lifting and lowering of ship into water.1 cl, 2 dwg