For transporting marine vessels (B63B35/40)

Vessel with trimaran type outriggers // 2628550
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: trimaran type ship with outriggers-energy modules, consisting of the main body, two lateral buoyancy - outriggers and underwater bridges connecting them with the body is proposed. The whole energy plant of the ship is taken out of the hull into outriggers and bridges. This provides the formation of an extended tunnel in the hull, adapted for entering a floating craft into it through a cutout in the hull transom.EFFECT: basing of relatively large floating crafts on a relatively small vessel without lifting them on the ship and without a bulky lifting device.4 cl; 3 dwg

Arctic navigation transport vessel, equipped with composed self-propelled ferry based on additional functional mobile modules for work in conditions of extremely shallow water // 2616506
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: arctic navigation transport vessel is proposed, made in the form of a lighter carrier equipped with a crane, a tow vessel and a staff lifting device, located on its deck, for loading on and unloading from the vessel the lighters, and equipped with a composite self-propelled ferry for performing loading and unloading operations in the shallow water to the unequipped shore by means of the lighters carried by the transport vessel. The ferry is made up of at least three modules articulated with each other, predominantly lighters transported with the vessel, and is equipped with the propulsion and steering system with a power plant, located on one of the mobile units of the ferry, with measuring and navigation equipment and with an apparel.EFFECT: expanding the operational performances of the transport vessel.3 dwg

Automated system for updating and bringing electronic navigation maps of internal waterways to vessels in conditions of absence of cellular communication // 2595956
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automated systems. System comprises hardware-software complex (HSC) of regional centers connected by means of satellite radio communication with HSC of remote transfer of ENM, which by Wi-Fi radio are connected to automated workstations (AWS) of users and HSC of hydrographic information sources.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of time for receiving hydrographic information from vessels required to correct electronic navigation maps (ENM) and to bring ENM to vessels in conditions of absence of cellular communication, as well as higher reliability of ENM caused by fast updating them.5 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of piloting ships in channels and shallow inland waters and device to this end // 2446982
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship navigation. Proposed method of piloting ships in channels and shallow inland waters consists in using auxiliary engineering means. Said auxiliary means represents pontoons. Said pontoons represent bow and stern buoyancy modules. Underkeel clearance is increased by reducing wave resistance in running in shallow waters due to absorption of waves reflected from the hull. Waves are killed by aforesaid buoyancy modules. Pontoons are furnished with elements to secure them to ship hull. Said modules are shaped to ship hull bow and stern. Said fastening elements are made up of retainers furnished with jacks and cables to fasten buoyancy modules aboard the ship.EFFECT: higher efficiency.2 cl, 3 dwg

Complex for operation in water area // 2406642
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly to sea accidents elimination equipment. Proposed complex comprises floating and transport facilities. Floating facility incorporates equipment to carry out decontamination and pulling-and-running operations and can move in shallow waters. Floating facility hull accommodates ballast compartments. Transport facility comprises cargo compartment arranged in its underwater section to accommodate and fix floating facility therein in semisubmerged position. Both facilities can operate in deep waters. Proposed complex moves driven by propulsive machinery.EFFECT: reduced time for coupling floating and transport facilities.3 dwg

Floating dock section // 2404083
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building. Floating dock section contains pontoon where side towers are installed, ballasting facilities, dock floor with primary framing made as structure of longitudinal and transverse frames, main framing beams resting on it on which beams the decking is placed. The pontoon is divided into central and side ballast compartments by vertical waterproof bulkheads. In the vertical longitudinal pontoon symmetry plane, vertical support bulkhead is installed which bulkhead is made permeable. Relative (to dock width) width of central ballast compartment (size of segment with transverse framing system) is calculated by formula given in description. Longitudinal vertical waterproof bulkheads are placed equally spaced from the vertical support bulkhead. The main framing of the central ballast compartment is executed according to transverse scheme, and the main framing of the side ballast compartments - according to longitudinal scheme.EFFECT: decreased scuffing of decking in places of framing welding during equipment movement, mainly along dock side towers; reduced pontoon weight; reduced ballast asymmetry and dock tilting.2 dwg

System marine engineering, interacting in the open sea // 2084372
The invention relates to the field of shipbuilding, namely the systems of courts, interacting in the open sea, are equipped with comprehensive facilities to ensure the interaction of courts and manage, and can be used, for example, when servicing underwater vehicle surface vessel catamaran base type