Interior subdivision of hulls (B63B11)

Vessel with trimaran type outriggers // 2628550
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: trimaran type ship with outriggers-energy modules, consisting of the main body, two lateral buoyancy - outriggers and underwater bridges connecting them with the body is proposed. The whole energy plant of the ship is taken out of the hull into outriggers and bridges. This provides the formation of an extended tunnel in the hull, adapted for entering a floating craft into it through a cutout in the hull transom.EFFECT: basing of relatively large floating crafts on a relatively small vessel without lifting them on the ship and without a bulky lifting device.4 cl; 3 dwg

System and method of ship fuel gas supply // 2607893
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship power plants and can be used for supply of fuel gas. Ship fuel gas supply system comprises engine, creating propulsion force, using fuel gas. Fuel gas, intended for supply into engine, is stored in fuel gas reservoir. Engine is installed in engine room, located at ship’s aft. Fuel gas reservoir is arranged in ship longitudinal direction.EFFECT: enabling possibility of ship space efficient use with minimum length of fuel gas supply line.30 cl, 5 dwg

Vessel for transportation of compressed gas // 2589811
FIELD: shipbuilding.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly to compressed gas transfer by sea transport. Proposed ship for transportation of compressed gas, which hull is divided into cells with vertical guides, at least one bulkhead in which is water and gas tight, unified containers with horizontal vessels for compressed gas are installed on each other in guides, which are connected with ship system of compressed gas transfer, wherein ship hull is divided into cells so that in area of at least one cell limiting bulkhead distance is provided from 0.8 to 2 m and compressed gas distribution headers, pipelines with shutoff valves, compressor, and emergency control devices are located in this space.EFFECT: technical result consists in enhanced performances for transportation of compressed gas vessel, expansion of its functional capabilities.12 cl, 6 dwg

Liquid cargo vessel // 2567498
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to waterborne craft, particularly, to liquid cargo vessels. Proposed liquid cargo vessel includes hull which at distance from forward to after cofferdam is divided by transverse bulkheads, inner bottom and inner boards into symmetrically positioned on either side of longitudinal bulkhead in two rows watertight compartments of cargo tanks under which ballast compartments are located between hull bottom and inner bottom which compartments are separated by watertight transverse bulkheads, between boards and inner boards are also ballast compartments. Longitudinal bulkhead located along the whole length from head to stern of hull is made watertight and fireproof. Behind the after cofferdam in the hull, diesel-generator set is installed in machine space and three cargo pumps are installed in pumping room.EFFECT: increased freight space, improved hull tightness, higher environmental safety of vessel, reduced losses of oil products being transported.3 cl, 5 dwg

Floating fueling station, tank for floating fueling station and method of its production // 2489304
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly, to construction of floating fueling station with fuel tank built in the hull. Proposed station has pontoon-type hull with lengthwise sides and desk, transverse bulkheads to divided hull inner space into compartments, at least, one two-wall fuel tank arranged inside the compartment along hull sides at preset distance therefrom. Said tank comprises inner and outer lengthwise and crosswise walls, and top and bottom walls. At least, lengthwise walls are shaped to rectangle. Note here that tank outer lateral crosswise walls are formed by compartment bulkheads while its top outer walls if composed by the deck. Method of station construction consists in that tank inner walls are mounted first before fitting it into station hull. Then, rectangular lengthwise outer walls and outer bottom are mounted. Tank is fitted into hull compartment and tightly jointed with crosswise bulkheads and deck to make tank outer crosswise and top outer walls.EFFECT: increased pay volume, lower metal input, simplified assembly.16 cl, 6 dwg

Screw propulsor // 2482000
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to converters of engine or other energy source work into that driving transport facilities. Screw propulsor comprises housing composed of hollow cylindrical multistart helical jacket. Said jacket is arranged along the vehicle body edges to revolve thereabout. Said housing represents a multistart helical surface arranged along its edges with helical grooves inside and outside at 5 to 45 degrees to jacket lengthwise axis and shaped to birecurvate recesses. Centers of curvature of said recesses are located inside and outside jacket cross-section. Jacket is composed of equal-width one or more tapes coiled in helical turns interconnected by lengthwise edges. Said tapes are bent in zigzag manner along flexure lines arranged at angle to lengthwise edges. Said tapes form, along outer and inner surfaces, wavy helical surfaces shaped to curved recesses directed to one side at 5 to 45 degrees to jacket lengthwise axis. Said recesses may differ in both shape and size. Distance between flexure lines equal the sum of lengths of perimeters of geometrical figures of inner and outer surface recesses.EFFECT: expanded operating performances.7 dwg

Ship with fluid tanks equipped with strain compensators // 2397102
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly to marine industry. Ship 20 has one or more tanks 21 for transportation of liquids that are vertically installed in ship hull. Tanks have axial and peripheral directions, bottom 22, peripheral wall 25 and cover 23. Tank bottom rests on ship hull lower deck or makes a part of it. Tank peripheral wall has its top and bottom ends suspended between upper and lower decks by deformable strain compensators 26. The latter can compensate for strain between ship hull and tank peripheral wall in at least axial direction. At least lower strain compensator runs axially along, in fact, the tank peripheral wall circumference. At least lower strain compensator makes a part of tank wall and is located between tank peripheral wall and bottom thus making a sealing joint there between.EFFECT: higher strength, tank wall strain compensation.25 cl, 21 dwg

ulti-purpose dry cargo vessel for ice navigation // 2297941
FIELD: shipbuilding; multi-purpose dry cargo vessels for carrying cargoes in water areas covered with ice and not covered with ice.SUBSTANCE: proposed multi-purpose dry cargo vessel has hull with fore and aft extremities and sides provided with ice strengthening members. Hull bottom in aft extremity has inclined surface. Extent of cargo holds is no less than half length of vessel and maximum breadth is no less than ¾ of ship's extreme breadth. Main propulsion plant with propulsor is swivel in construction. Slewing axis of main propulsion plant is deflected at angle α from vertical in CL or in plane parallel to CL. Axis of thrust vector is also inclined at angle α from normal relative to slewing axis of main propulsion plant. Angle satisfies condition 0<α≤β/2, where β is angle whose magnitude is equal to magnitude of average angle of inclination of ship's bottom surface in aft extremity relative to ship's waterplane on inclined section of bottom located below level of point of intersection of main propulsion plant slewing axis with propulsor thrust vector axis.EFFECT: reduced usage of material; enhanced survivability and durability of vessel.15 cl, 4 dwg

arine craft // 2271299
FIELD: shipbuilding; building of marine craft equipped with group of ballast tanks and designed for transportation of cargoes on deck.SUBSTANCE: marine craft has pressure hull with group of ballast tanks equipped with ballast system with tubes for filling the tanks and vent tubes. At least one group of ballast tanks is equipped with common vent-overflow manifold mounted inside said tank above waterline. Manifold is provided with vent and overflow branch pipes. Each tank is provided with at least one such branch pipe whose open end is located under tank top. Each end section of manifold is provided with vent tube for admitting and evacuating air and at least one discharge outboard pipe line fitted with check valve. Vent tube of said end section of manifold may be connected directly to manifold and may be mounted on ballast tank top. It is good practice to equip vent-overflow branch pipes of manifolds located in zone of assumed damage of craft with automatic units to exclude admission of water from common vent-overflow manifold to tanks.EFFECT: increased productivity; enhanced safety of cargo handling operations at absence of blockage of weather deck.4 cl, 6 dwg

Vessel and method of operation // 2150404
The invention relates to shipbuilding and for the design of the vessel, in particular the design of the fuel tank, and method of operation of the vessel

Ship // 2096243
The invention relates to shipbuilding and for the construction of merchant ships with steel hulls, with one main ship engine

Bay ship // 2053159