Ships or other waterborne vessels and equipment for shipping (B63B)

B63B              Ships or other waterborne vessels; equipment for shipping (air-cushion vehicles b60v; arrangements of vessel ventilation, heating, cooling, or air-conditioning b63j0002000000)(9221)

System and method for evaporating gas processing on the ship // 2628556
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: ship includes the liquefied gas storage tank and the medium pressure gas engine, that uses the liquefied gas stored in the storage tank as the fuel. In addition, the ship also includes a system and method for processing the evaporating gas (BOG), in which the BOG leaves the storage tank and it is compressed. Most part of the BOG is used as the fuel for the ship engines, and the part of the other BOG is liquefied by the BOG cold energy, that has just left the storage tank and returns to the storage tank.EFFECT: effective use of the evaporating gas on the ship.20 cl, 6 dwg

Vessel with trimaran type outriggers // 2628550
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: trimaran type ship with outriggers-energy modules, consisting of the main body, two lateral buoyancy - outriggers and underwater bridges connecting them with the body is proposed. The whole energy plant of the ship is taken out of the hull into outriggers and bridges. This provides the formation of an extended tunnel in the hull, adapted for entering a floating craft into it through a cutout in the hull transom.EFFECT: basing of relatively large floating crafts on a relatively small vessel without lifting them on the ship and without a bulky lifting device.4 cl; 3 dwg

Delivery and recovery device, method and application // 2628418
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention application describes the mechanisms and methods by which freely movable remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) can reliably capture and take on board easily controlled seismic sensors (cargo) while they are in the process of moving, using a underwater ship in the water depth. The ROV cargo can be replenished without the need to return the ROV to the underwater ship for additional cargo and without the need for heavy lifting and recovery equipment. Also, a reverse process for returning cargo from ROV to the underwater ship vessel is disclosed.EFFECT: installation, control and removal of cargo from unstable environment are performed more efficiently and reliably.16 cl, 26 dwg

Inflatable seadoo with stationary transom piece for outboard engine // 2628278
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: inflatable SeaDoo with stationary transom piece includes the central carrying balloon and the U-shaped board balloon. One end of the central carring balloon is located from the SeaDoo bow, pointed and gone out beyond the perimeter of the board balloon, and the other end, from the stern side, is ogival, and thereto the motor transom piece is attached at the stringers. Along the SeaDoo, between the central carring balloon and the board balloon, two bottom ceiling sections with internal walls are mounted, positioned at the angle to the carrying balloon. The carrying and board cylinders, and also the bottom ceiling sections may be interconnected by the air channels, which are made with simultaneous inflating ability of the whole SeaDoo body.EFFECT: improved usability in service and comfort, increase of the vessel body stiffness and seagoing performance.3 cl, 3 dwg

arine cleaning system // 2628021
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: cleaning head for the immersed surface cleaning is disclosed as a part of the system, which includes the body part and the skirt part along the body part contour, that performs the sealing function between the body part and the immersed surface to be cleaned. The cleaning head also contains at least one cleaning element for separating the material on the immersed surface from the immersed surface, when the cleaning head is located on the immersed surface during use, and at least one suction hole, which is connected to the cavity along the fluid, formed between the body part and the immersed surface. When the cleaning head is located on the immersed surface and at least one suction hole is connected along the fluid to the device, for creation the negative pressure, the material separated from the immersed surface with at least one cleaning element is pumped out from the cleaning head through the suction hole. At least one mentioned cleaning element contains at least one cleaning component, intended to create the fluid flow, adjacent to the immersed surface, when the cleaning component moves relatively, but practically does not touch the immersed surface during the use, at that the liquid stream separates the material from the immersed surface.EFFECT: invention will improve the cleaning quality without pollution of the marine environment.58 cl, 13 dwg
Rescue vessel on air cushion for mobile delivery of injured persons and cargoes from places under emergency situations to temporary accommodation points // 2627916
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: rescue vessel comprises a cabin with a metal stamped welded frame consisting of load-bearing profile structures, inside which packages of sound-vibration-heat insulation elements are installed. The cabin frame is connected to the ship load-bearing structures by means of a vibration insulation system, which comprises rubber vibration insulators of the upper and lower suspensions of the cabin. The vibration insulators of the lower suspension of the cabin are made in the form of cylindrical helical springs with an integrated damper, each of which comprises a cylindrical helical spring consisting of two parts with oppositely directed ends, one part of which has turns of rectangular cross-section, and the other part of the spring is made hollow. Wherein the counter-directed end of the first part is located in the cavity of the second one. The clearances of the segment profile of contacting spring parts are filled by antifriction grease.EFFECT: noise level reduction.7 dwg

Ship hull bending control method at its docking // 2626781
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed method of the ship hull bending control, when it is placed at the dock, including the calculation of the required ship hull curvature and the stresses therein, and the ship installation on the blocking of the dock slip board. At least one sensor is installed in the controlled area of the hull to measure the stresses and/or deformations, in the intervals between the blocking symmetrically to the ship deck on the slip board lay the inflatable tanks with the possibility to supply the compressed air therein with the facilities to measure the pressure in them, preliminary calculate the pressure in the inflatable tanks, which will provide its required bending, taking into account the weight load of the ship and the flexural rigidity of its hull. The ship hull bending is corrected by changing the pressure in the inflatable tanks and changing of the blocking height to obtain the predetermined hull bending.EFFECT: simplification of the ship hull bending control method, providing high accuracy and efficiency.2 cl, 1 dwg

Universal unit for cleaning water from blue-green algae with possibility of their further application // 2626606
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: design of the universal unit includes a boat represented by a pontoon, on the body of which buckets with a concave fine-mesh surface are pivotally attached with an individual drive of each of them. This makes it possible to create the unit width depending on the protective zone of the protected water reservoir areas. A conveyor is installed along the buckets for feeding algae in a container for transporting algae to the place of their utilisation. The algae-feeding conveyor is made with the possibility to change its direction to the opposite. The unit also contains an annular elevator and algae dryer using solar cells. In the composition with the boat, the unit operates in the autonomous mode. The boat acts as a tug to ensure linear movement of the unit. The unit design provides for its operation in stationary conditions on rivers with the water flow, in places where algae accumulate, as a means for protecting beach places and water intakes against algae, and also with the possibility of using it in the composition with a boat on closed water bodies - on lakes. Structural features of the unit extend the range of its application, make it universal.EFFECT: noted positive aspects of the claimed subject will allow to obtain high economic effect and wide practical application.2 dwg

Flexible extended trailed antenna setup and selection device // 2626452
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the creation of flexible extended trailed antennas (FETA) setup and selection devices (SSD) on the submarines and surface ships. The proposed SSD FETA contains the hoist, on the drum of which the part of FETA is wound, the cable laying device, the tubular storage for placing of another FETA part and its terminal stabiliser, as well as the device for creating the excess hydraulic pressure. The hoist and cable laying device are enclosed in the sealed casing, made in the form of the detachable shell made of waterproof material, stretched over the openwork frame and hermetically connected to the tubular storage initial section. The device for creating the excess hydraulic pressure is hermetically connected to the shell from waterproof material.EFFECT: proposed design of setup and selection devices provides the safe setup and selection of flexible extended trailed antennas, the access for the maintenance and repair of flexible extended trailed antennas setup and selection devices and allows you to allocate the setup and selection devices mechanisms most effectively.2 cl, 1 dwg

Surfboard // 2626212
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: foldable body is composed of a fore and aft section which are pivotally connected to each other in the unfolded position for surfing and in the folded transport position with bottom parts contact. The length of the fore section is 1/3 of the body length. On the aft section along the body sides, there are two floats, made in the form of extended hollow compartments. Each of the floats has a stabilizing keel on the bottom side in the vertical plane along the body, the keel made in the form of a fin with two wheels of different diameters mounted thereon with a possibility of rotation on one axis. Between the fin on the aft section on the side located above the water, a container is installed for user's things storage with a sealed lid and two handles placed on the sides of the casing, which can be used as a seat.EFFECT: simultaneous increase in safety and convenience of the surfboard in use both during surfing and during storage and transportation, including by disabled people.2 cl, 7 dwg

Combined panel with supporting core of cellular glass // 2625881
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: combined panel, first of all for floating equipment, comprises the support core of cellular glass, at least one coating layer that substantially completely covers the support core on the corresponding side, an elastic adhesive that attaches the coating layer to the support core, wherein the elastic adhesive has a Shore hardness index of 30 to 80 by scale A, and the thickness of the adhesive layer exceeds several times the thickness of the coating layer.EFFECT: invention provides creating a panel for interior finishing of vehicles that meets the requirements of noise protection and fire safety, has sufficient load capacity and at that has a low weight.14 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

Plug for welded-in socket of vessel deck // 2625396
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: plug for the welded-in socket of the deck contains a plate with a guide and a sealing gasket, a screw with a locking bar, mounted in the plate, a restrictive washer designed to limit the movement of the locking bar, and a presser plate. Wherein a plate with a guide is used, which interacts with the locking bar, limiting its rotation in the horizontal plane, but allows to move only vertically. To remove the plug from the welded-in socket, it is necessary to move the locking bar down by at least "H" distance, rotating the screw, and to turn the plug by 90.EFFECT: increasing the operating characteristics of the plug for the welded-in socket of the deck due to excluding its possible falling out of the welded-in socket of the deck when the locking bar is loosened and, as a consequence, improving the safety of the runway deck operation for its intended purpose.4 dwg

ethod for forming vessel hull from sheet composite material // 2625389
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing the vessel hull includes manufacturing a matrix, sheathing the matrix with tapes, removing the matrix with the subsequent formation of a longitudinal-transverse set, filling the vessel hull with a heat-insulating layer, and laying fiberglass strips. The matrix is made in accordance with the size and shape of the projected boat and is sheathed with tapes of the composite material, connected along the tape grooves. Laying fiberglass strips forming the vessel floor is made from the inside of the hull.EFFECT: expanding the range of fiberglass application in shipbuilding to build small vessels, as well as reducing the material consumption.5 dwg

Underwater surface treatment device and method // 2625373
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: underwater surface treatment device comprises a housing which is equipped with two brush elements, rotating in opposite directions to each other and provided with bristles, a skirt portion which surrounds the brush elements at an underwater surface, and an outlet opening formed in the casing to release the casing from the material, removed from the underwater surface. The brush bristles are in at least partial contact with each other in a contact area on the said level of underwater treated surface. For the treatment of underwater surface, an outlet device is located in combination with a skirt portion at the underwater surface level. The device brush elements with bristles are rotated along the underwater surface level. The brush bristles are in at least partial contact with each other in a contact area at the treated underwater surface level and are rotating in the direction to the outlet, and are generating vacuum for holding the device housing with a tight fit on the treated underwater surface by rotating the brush elements in opposite directions, together with the skirt portion.EFFECT: design simplicity and operation efficiency of the device.14 cl, 10 dwg

Shallow vessel with paddle wheels // 2624375
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: shallow vessel with paddle wheels is proposed, consisting of a hull, engines, power transmissions, paddle wheels fixed to propeller shafts installed perpendicular to the direction of the vessel motion, water flow channels and a steering device. The vessel stern is made in the form of two through water flow channels dividing the bottom into three displacement sections on which the supports of two propeller shafts are mounted with paddle wheels fixed to them, consisting of two parallel solid disks with curved blades mounted therebetween, arranged by several diameters unequally distant from the shaft, so that when the wheels rotate, they follow one another, pouring water on the paddles more distant from the shaft, and enter the water at a right angle in the shock-free mode.EFFECT: improving the performance characteristics of the vessel.12 cl, 3 dwg

The fluid medium conveying system to the floating ship // 2624283
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed the system for conveying the fluid medium to the floating ship, containing the submerged buoy, connected to the flexible piping for the fluid medium, conveying from the underwater equipment and installed with the ability to withhold the submerged at the specified depth when its not in operation, the lifting and docking device located on the ship deck, made with the ability to connect with the flexible transmitting piping, the hoisting device includes the device carrier, equipped with the propulsion/steering unit and television-optical equipment, the underwater equipment is made in the form of the terminal with hydroacoustic and light beacons. The ring is fixed at the end of the flexible transmitting piping, used for lifting the flexible transmitting piping to the floating ship, and equipped with hydroacoustic and light beacons, the submerged buoy is equipped with the winch with the control system for the winch fixation and lock release in accordance with the hydroacoustic signal and the flexible transmitting piping return to the submerged buoy.EFFECT: simplification of the fluid medium conveying system to the floating ship.4 dwg

Device and method of surveying // 2624145
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: surveying device comprises at least one exploratory cable (110, 111) each having a proximal end attached to the main vessel (100) and a distal end connected to at least one underwater towing vessel (130, 131), as well as at least one surveying device (120, 121) connected to the exploratory cable (110, 111) between its proximal and distal ends. During surveying, the survey cable (110, 111) extends in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal axis (101) of the main vessel (100) a distance (E) sideways from the main vessel (100), for example under an ice cover such as hard ice or debris Ice.EFFECT: increasing the expressiveness, informative and cost-effectiveness of exploration in the polar region, since the main ship only needs to break through a narrow channel in order to explore a large area, thus saving energy, time and money.13 cl, 8 dwg

Hybrid single-body glassing vessel // 2624142
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: design of the hull shape of the vessel is proposed, which contains side flaps, which are projections located on both sides of the V-shaped central part of the hull. The side half-projections are limited by longitudinal ledges extending below the bottom of the hull at an equal distance from the centerline, and on opposite sides of the hull.EFFECT: design is a hybrid of conventional V-shaped bodies and catamarans and has the advantages of a significantly improved stroke, handling, maneuverability at both low and high speeds.3 cl, 6 dwg

Vessel-transformer // 2624123
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vessel-transformer comprises two identical hulls with a transom stern, which are connected by sterns by means of controlled fixation. The controlled fixation consists of a hinged mechanism with the vertical rotation axis, movably connecting the hulls of the vessel along one of their boards and a detachable locking mechanism rigidly connecting the vessel hulls along the other board. The hinge mechanism is made with a pivot axis placed outside the vessel hulls, and is connected to each of them by parallel brackets.EFFECT: effective use of the vessel-transformer.2 dwg

Vessel with swing drive // 2624121
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vessel with a swing drive is proposed, having a spindly housing with two lateral wing-like hydrodynamic planes inclined downwards by 3045. A bench swing with a longitudinal bench position is installed from above, which has the parallelogram suspension system allowing the full rotation of the swing bench around the suspension points. The translational movement of the vessel is provided by the rotationally vibrational swinging of the vessel hull around its longitudinal axis.EFFECT: expanding the operational capabilities of a sports and entertainment boat.2 cl, 3 dwg

Low-noise ship cabin // 2624117
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: cabin comprises a metal stamp-welded frame consisting of load-bearing profile structures, inside which the packages of noise, vibration and heat insulating elements are installed. Every said element includes the layers of vibration damping material on the bitumen base, a layer of a sound-absorbing material and a perforated decorative panel. An air gap is formed between the panel and said layer of porous sound absorbing material. The cabin frame is connected to the load-bearing ship structures by means of the top and the bottom suspensions. The sound-absorbing material is made in the form of a plate from mineral cotton on the basalt base, and is lined with an acoustically transparent material over its entire surface. A suspended acoustical ceiling consists of a rigid frame suspended to the ceiling. Inside the frame, the sound-absorbing material wrapped in the acoustically transparent material is placed. A perforated sheet is attached to the frame. Unitary sound absorbers of the spherical shape are additionally located under the suspended acoustical ceiling.EFFECT: reducing the transmission of noise and vibrations.3 dwg

ethod for producing three-dimensional object of composite material // 2623772
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: object is made of the composite material, wherein the said object is relatively strong and light and has a complicated three-dimensional configuration. The method comprises a connection of a number of the moulded material sections, each having a laminated front surface to form an object, which bond the inner and outer laminating layers together after lamination to form a group of the structural elements. The method provides the further advantage, that the object can be formed without the form use.EFFECT: creating light and strong three-dimensional objects made of the composite material.18 cl, 6 dwg, 1 tbl, 3 ex

Exhaust cover // 2623463
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: exhaust cover consists of components that are installed both outside the room and inside it. The upper part of the exhaust cover, installed outside the room, consists of a coaming, a cloth with a bracket, a spring loop, an end, a shoe, a final switch, an external pipeline with a union and a lock for manual opening. The lower part of the exhaust cover consists of an automatic device and an internal pipeline. When the air pressure in the room is increased above atmospheric pressure by an amount from 6 to 10 kPa, an automatic device is triggered and thereby releases the bracket fixed to the web. When the clamp is released, the spring loop is triggered, under which the web is opened and fixed by the stop in the vertical position, the signal from the final switch goes to the alarm system to open the exhaust cover.EFFECT: improving the performance of the manhole cover, providing increased safety of special impermeable circuits and hermetic spaces of the vessel.5 dwg
Stabilized housing of the single-hull keeled wind driven/power sail ship // 2623348
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses the structural features and the shape of the hull geometric shape of the fast sailing single-hull keeled wind driven/power sail ship, which are aimed at providing the stable controlled movement of the single-hull keeled wind driven/power sail ship in the wave guiding mode, i.e. in the displacement mode of the small wave/hydrodynamic resistance, both at the presence and in the absence of the sailing list (while effectively counteracting the sailing list and swinging at all sailing courses), providing the damping of the broken wave energy, as well as the ability of independent recovery to the even keel from the position "sails on the water".EFFECT: speed increase, improvement of the ship seakeeping performance.4 dwg

ethod of breaking ice cover for bathyscaph surfacing // 2623297
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: ice cover breaking method for the bathyscaph surfacing is proposed, in which the bathyscaphe floats against the deckhouse stop into the ice, the rods with electrodes are pulled out from the body against it stop into the ice, the rods are filled with the seawater and heated by the electric heating elements, located inside the hollow side wall of the rod, after melting in the ice thickness the slots, charge the capacitive storage installed inside the hull to the rated depth, and then discharge the capacitive storage, initiating the electric charge in the spark spacer between the inner surface of the end part of the rod and the electrode end, after that the rods with the electrodes are returned into the initial position, increase the positive floatability up to the design value, breaking the weakened ice cover with the bathyscaph hull and move the bathyscaph deckhouse into the surface position.EFFECT: reduction of the mechanical impact of the cracked ice on the hull, which increases the safety level, when surfacing the bathyscaph.3 dwg

System, device and method for current monitoring of vehicle, loading device and cargo position and orientation, while loading device operation // 2623295
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: sensor system contains the sensor platform (15) for the image displacement at the vessel surface (4) relative to the cargo (3), wherein the cargo (3) is suspended on the boom (8) of the crane (5), installed on the oil platform (6) and moving between the vessel (4) and the oil platform (6). The vessel (4) moves independently with respect to the oil platform (6) both in the vertical and in the horizontal plane. The sensor platform (15) is mounted with ability of preferably unlimited viewing of the vessel (4) surface. The sensor platform (15) contains the range finder for independent measuring distance in the certain direction between the range finder and the selected surface area of the vessel (4). The range finder contains the output signal line for the range data transmission. The sensor system (15) contains the post-processing unit for processing range data, typed out by the mentioned range finder. The output data of the post-processing unit includes the parameter, describing the movement of the vessel surface (4) relative to the cargo (3). Also provided the sensor platform device and the method, used to move the image surface of the second vehicle with respect to the suspended cargo object. It is achieved the creation of the method and system for determining the cargo movement, suspended on the loading device of the first vehicle relative to the surface of the second vehicle, which is movable independently from the first vehicle. It is achieved the creation of the method and system for automatic compensation of the vertical movement of the first and the second vehicles.EFFECT: it is achieved the providing of the cargo image and the second vehicle, monitoring by the meter.35 cl, 21 dwg

ethods of lowering and lifting for submersible vehicles and other payloads // 2623293
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: surface support vessel contains a lifting system and a method for lifting payload from an underwater location. The system for lifting payload from the underwater location comprises a hoisting rope, a gripping unit equipped with a propulsion device, a gripping structure for attaching the gripping unit to the payload, a gripping structure for lifting the payload, and a winch with the function of compensating vertical oscillations for releasing the hoisting rope and lowering the gripping unit to the payload. To lift the payload from the underwater location, the direction of the gripping unit in the water to the payload, the attachment of the gripping unit to the payload and the lifting of the payload by tension are included. The gripping unit is attached to the hoisting rope held by the winch with the function of compensating vertical rolling. The winch is located on the surface vessel for carrying the hoisting rope to the payload.EFFECT: ease of cargo positioning and lifting under different conditions of the sea.19 cl, 9 dwg

Trusses spar with vertical plates for suppression of oscillations caused by vortex formation // 2623283
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: offshore platform with the system of oscillations attenuation, caused by the vortex formation (VIV), contains a variety of side plates disposed tangentialy, having the open space from both sides across the water flow. The side plates causes the separation of the water around the plates by transverse motion of VIV platform, caused by the flow moving against the platform, and tangential side plates resist to the VIV platform movement from the flow. The side plates can be disposed tangentially around the periphery of the open truss structure below the spar-type platform. Also the tangential side plates may be disposed tangentially, away from the housing periphery, forming the gap with the open space between the plates and the housing.EFFECT: possibility of oscillations attenuating, caused by the vortex formation.15 cl, 18 dwg

Fin blade propulsor for watercrafts of surface and underwater navigation (versions) // 2622519
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: fin blade propulsor for watercrafts of surface and underwater navigation, includes embodiment of the surface vessel, which contains on both sides from the vessel axis line the extended stern fins with the windows, overlapping by blades, while moving toward the axis vessel line. The trim plane is installed on the stern cut of the vessel's bottom with the fins placed on it on their axes, reciprocating mechanisms with movable rods and the control units of the latter. The reciprocating mechanisms rods are connected to the fins by means of the hinges. In the embodiment of the underwater vessel, which contains on both sides from the vessel axis line the extended stern fins with the windows, overlapping by blades, while moving toward the axis vessel line. The trim plane is installed on the stern cut of the vessel's bottom, which is movable and fixed at the axle, and connected to the gear motor, mounted on the bottom of the vessel. The gear motor is connected with the speed reference system and the vessel rotation angles.EFFECT: increase of the efficiency, elimination of cavitation, removing of the suction effect and electromagnetic interference.4 cl, 5 dwg

Small vessel housing // 2622171
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: small vessel housing contains a board, a fore body, a transom piece and a bottom, which is located between them and is provided with a central horizontal hydroski. The hydroski is located below the main bottom plane. The bottom plane is formed by the longitudinal redan-splash boards and it is conjugated to them by the vertical or inclined lateral faces. The surface of the hydroski has the bevel in the interface area with the transom piece up to the height of longitudinal redan-splash boards and it is flat along its all remaining length with the possibility of installing the wear-resistant linings, and the planes of hydroski and redan-splash boards are parallel or redan-splash boards have the wake.EFFECT: vessel housing functionality expansion and its manufacturability increase.2 dwg

Propulsion system for sea craft and sea craft, containing propulsion system of this type // 2622168
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: propulsion system for operation in ice and in ice-free waters for the sea craft, which has the body (S) with the diametral line (CL), extending between its nose end (3) and the aftermost end (4). The propulsion system contains the group of thruster propellers (1A-1D), having the turning center (CR) and the maximum lateral distance (R), at which they protrude from the mentioned turning center (CR), and preferably has at least one thruster propeller (1A-1D) with the screw (2), configured to operate in ice. The propulsion system includes at least three rotatable thrusters (1A, 1B, 1G), located near one end (3, 4) of the craft body (S), including at least one pair (1A, 1B) of thrusters, located substantially symmetrically with respect to the indicated diametrical line (CL), on the transverse line (T2) with respect to the indicated diametrical line (CL), at the first distance (Q1) from each other, and at least one rotatable thruster (1G), located closer to the mentioned end (3, 4) and the mentioned diametrical line (CL) at the longitudinal distance (P1) from the indicated transverse line.EFFECT: increasing of the crafts functional flexibility and improvement of the power reserve for the craft moving and steering, operation safety.28 cl, 21 dwg

Underwater seismic exploration method // 2621638
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the implementation of the present method, the submarine vessel moves fore forward, and the mobile seismic streamers previously placed along its sides unfold in the working arrangement along the ship's hull. Besides, in addition to the bottom of the submarine vessel stationary seismic streamers are placed and a seismic braid is used, many times the length of the underwater vessel and placed behind its stern.EFFECT: increase the effectiveness of reconnaissance by providing a larger receiving area.3 cl, 4 dwg

Ship stabiliser // 2621407
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed ship stabiliser, containing the wings-stabilisers, mounted on the ship entrance with executed recesses, equipped with the elastic elements for clamping to the body, while undocking and mounted over the recesses to form volumes, communicating with the outside with the possibility of deviation from the body under the influence hydrodynamic force, arising while the entrance is submerged, at that the volumes in the entrance recesses are made communicating between each other, and the volumes communication in the recesses with outside is done through the return valves.EFFECT: due to the providing of stabiliser wings opening synchronicity, the emergence of the heeling moment and the ship capsizing is prevented, which increases the safety of navigation.3 dwg

Side overlap // 2621405
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: side overlap comprises the outer cladding reinforced by a composition, and the resilient layer. Between the outer cladding and the resilient layer the elastic container is installed, filled with a liquid, the elastic containers in adjacent spacings are made communicating. The load on the resilient layer is uniformly distributed within several spacings.EFFECT: increased load-bearing capacity of the elastic layer and the outer cladding of the side overlap.1 dwg

Device for vehicle movement both on land and on water // 2621402
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device comprises two floats and two transmissions with the land and the water propellers. Each transmission is fixed in its frame installed rotatably with respect to floats around the vertical axis. Wherein the land and the water propellers are fixed on every transmission frame, so that the thrust vector direction of said propellers with respect to the transmission frame is constant.EFFECT: simplification of the design and providing the simultaneous ground drive and steering unit from one vehicle wheel.12 cl, 4 dwg

Device for seismic exploration // 2621272
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for seismic exploration is equipped with a towed capsule. The capsule consists of the right and left sides, in which seismic braids are placed on special mechanisms. Also, respectively in the bow and stern, folding bow and stern rotary consoles are located on the sides. On the consoles in turn, there are guides of seismic braids and mechanisms that fix braids on the guides during deployment. For the capsule, additional seismic streamers can be deployed, which are placed on the winches installed in the right and left sides of the towed capsule. Boards are equipped with bow thrusters, providing the possibility of maneuvering.EFFECT: simplified operation and increased operational safety.5 cl, 8 dwg
ethod for carrying out dredging // 2621212
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: for carrying out dredging with using a dredger, the dredger is provided with an additional vessel for receiving and transporting the soil into the water body as well as to the shore. The additional vessel is equipped with a device for the sludge sedimentation, discharging the clarified water and unloading the vessel.EFFECT: increased dredging performance and the possibility for dumping the soil into the water body as well as to the shore.

Prevention system of broching // 2620849
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed prevention system of broching comprises stabilisers wings attached to the vessel body made with recesses at the forward end, in which the elastic elements are mounted. Each wing stabiliser is fixed by nasal vessel rotatable about a vertical axis and the deviation from the housing. The rigidity of the elastic member is selected such that ensures the deviation of stabiliser wing body provided that the speed of the vessel relative to the water flow is less than a predetermined value.EFFECT: due to the use of hydrodynamic forces acting on the wings, stabilisers, ensured the stability of the exchange rate on a passing vessel agitation, decreases the likelihood of the vessel to turn broadside to waves and its tilting, which increases the safety of navigation.4 dwg
ethod of guiding self-propelled floating amphibious facilities to amphibious accessible areas of the coast // 2620289
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to navigation, particularly to methods of guidance of self-propelled amphibious facilities on amphibious accessible areas of the coast. One robotic leading beacon covert breach installation is performed and its deployment in fully automatic mode. Leading beacon installation is performed by means of unmanned aerial vehicle or by personnel of assault force. Installation is used for indication, by means of laser in the wavelength range not visible for a human eye, direction of self-propelled floating amphibious facilities to amphibious accessible areas of the coast. Laser radiation reception intensity detection system is installed on facilities.EFFECT: increase in security of delivery, deployment and operation of the robotic leading beacon is achieved.1 cl, 3 dwg

Sport-walking catamaran of das system // 2620176
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: sport-walking catamaran contains a frame with a seat, a steering device, a propulsor, floats. The floats are made with the possibility of their replacement and rearrangement along the frame. The seat is made with the possibility of reversible movement on the frame. Wherein the seat by means of kinematics interacts with the device, in combination with which it performs the functions of the propulsor, while ensuring the catamaran movement in the given direction, of the user sitting on the propulsion seat, by means of the muscular effort of the hands interacting with the steering and the legs interacting with the support on the frame.EFFECT: improving the catamaran efficiency.6 cl, 6 dwg

Aircraft carrier // 2620039
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed aircraft carrier, which consists of a identical double-decker aircraft modules, each deck has a pivoting units equipped with hoisting devices and connecting between-deck devices, the bottom pivoting link is located in the front of the lower deck, and the top-in the rear part of the upper deck.EFFECT: improved operational and layout characteristics of the aircraft carrier.9 dwg

Device for vessel ice perfromance increase // 2619974
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device includes aight structure with a form for vessel hitting the ice field and broken ice removal sideways under the ice field with the possibility of ice-covering snow transmission through itself via through front and rear windows, working bodies and various devices mounted on the structure for various snow transportation operations, ice destruction and removal, ice jams hauling, high hummocks overcoming, ship pitching decrease in the open water, at least one power unit with a drive to strike the working bodies and(or) the structure of the ice field destruction device.EFFECT: increased ice performance of a vessel is a method to provide ice moving capabilities for non-ice vessels and to increase icebreaker performance.8 dwg
ethod of towing submarine // 2619885
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed method of towing the submarine, where the root end of the tow rope is fixed to the stem of the submarine at the waterline, and the running end is connected to the shock absorber of the tow rope tow.EFFECT: improved handling towed submarine, improving the reliability and safety of towing, the tow line to simplify the design and ease of use.1 dwg

ethod of protecting side plating of vessel and vessel for transportation of cold liquids // 2619677
FIELD: mechanical engineering, shipbuilding.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of shipbuilding and the operation of vessels for transportation of cold liquids. The method of protecting the side plating (1, 11) of the vessel used for the transportation of cold liquids is proposed, according to which the side plating (1, 11) of the vessel is protected at the place (4, 14) of connection of the marine pipeline manifolds (3, 13) and the port pipeline manifolds used for the tranfer of the cold liquids through the material layer (5, 15) which protects the side plating of the vessel and is mounted permanently or removably on the vessel, and which is made of the solid material. The invention also relates to such a vessel.EFFECT: invention provides improved operational reliability of the vessel hull during the cargo operations related to the cold liquids.13 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for loading vessel hull while testing // 2619354
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: provides a method of loading the ship's hull in tests involving the installation vessel on keel blocks located on the base, the spaces between which symmetrically about DP vessel on the base stack-loading means adapted to form containers of a flexible airtight material to supply them compressed air and measure the internal air pressure in each tank, additional similarly formed loading means is placed in the gaps between the walling oriented vertically and facing the outer surface of beads thereto, in the process of loading the compressed air is supplied separately to each filled container.EFFECT: higher reliability of loading conditions during the test hulls under laboratory conditions and expansion of various loads modeling capabilities and sophisticated stress-strain states.3 cl, 6 dwg

Way of loading, transporting and installation of heavy and large subsea device on the seabed // 2619154
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the issue of loading, transport and installation on the seabed of heavy and large-sized sea underwater object, to which, in particular, underwater gas field equipment and subsea equipment for the extraction of minerals on the seabed, and solves the problem by providing entry into the ship catamaran type heavy (up to 16000 tonnes) and bulk marine facility, transportation and the descent from the vessel to a depth of 1000 m to be installed on the seabed at the designated location area. Proposed sequence of a method of loading, transport and installation on the seabed of heavy and large-sized marine underwater object using the catamaran type vessel equipped with lifting mechanisms of action of the group arranged in a row on each side of the vessel with a total JP 1000-16000 ton lifting capacity and transmission floating dock.EFFECT: improved operational performance method of loading, transporting, and installation of heavy and bulky objects on the seabed.2 dwg

Guidance method of self-propelled floating amphibian machinery on amphibian-accessible coast areas // 2618666
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: covert installation of one robotic leading mark is performed. The mark deploys and operates in a fully automatic manner. Installation of the mark is performed by unmanned aircraft or by air assault party-related personnel. Robotic leading mark indicates the direction of the floating amphibian machinery using a laser in the wavelength range which are invisible to the human eye. Detection system of the laser radiation reception intensity is mounted on the machinery.EFFECT: increased covertness of the delivery, deployment and operation of the robotic leading mark.3 dwg

Bridge erection boat // 2618578
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: bridge erection boat contains a body, a mechanical plant, that consists of two engines, and a propulsion-steering system, contains two propellers in a nozzle with rudders, a pushing device made in the form of two pivoted arms with hitch locks and screw crossbars, and also two board struts. The boat pushing device additionally includes the right and left auxiliary pieces, which are fixed with each finger-lock on the interior bay of the log or shuttle floatboard of the pontoon park.EFFECT: bridge erection boat functionality expansion.3 cl, 5 dwg

Formation method of small-sized flotation rafts sections at miniroad // 2618560
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: formation method of small-sized flotation rafts sections is that make the turn at the first beam of the edge guide by boardsill, fixed after the tightening by two arc clips, then the first turned beam is unfolded around the auxiliary beam angle and release it downstream upto the tension of the boardstill and then dip the next beam in the water, unfold it and correcting by the hook, accompany it upto the contact with the first beam. Continue the collection of the edge guide with the periodic etching of boardsill, then form the inner section guide, further one more auxiliary beam is suspended to the forming device, which is positioned at the river side from the anchor nearest to the shore. The end of the auxiliary rope after two or three turns around the anchor stack at the nearest auxiliary beam. Then, the first beam is supplied for the inner guide, two turns near the bracings are made on it by the auxilliary rope, so that the auxiliary rope is remained above, placed along the beam axis, and then etch the auxiliary rope. The newly supplied beams are fastened to the auxiliary rope by using the temporary wire clamps, similar continuing the actions upto the desired guide length collection, corresponding to the section length.EFFECT: reduction of the labour costs and the number of required floating structures for the formation of the raft.4 dwg

Connector circuit // 2617878
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a connector assembly for the mooring circuit for a ship. The connector circuit comprises a housing (36) through which the circuit passes (14). The circuit is supported with ratchets (24, 26) which are mounted on holders (34, 36). The holders contain upper ends (35) which are pivotally mounted on the housing (38) and have free lower ends (44) held by the cams (50) on the locking pawl (52). The lower ends (51) of the locking pawls pivotally mounted to the housing, the upper ends (60) are free. A hydraulic actuator (70) comprises pins (58) that engage the upper ends of the locking pawls to prevent divergence in the side brackets and pawls as long as the upper ends (60) of locking pawls are not raised.EFFECT: invention expands the range of devices to connect circuits for a ship, therefore the operation is simplified.3 cl, 5 dwg