Built in, or adjacent to, the ground-wheel hub (B62M11/16)

Hold-down gearshift device for bicycle // 2463195
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gearshift actuators in planetary transmissions in wheel hub. Pair of sun gears has fixing projections (23b) for engagement with axle (10) via pawls (12b, 13b). Sun gears disengagement from axle (10) is provided by pawl control ring. This ring has casing (16) with hold-down elements (18) in the form of rollers. Splined grooves (27b) are created on inner circumference of carrier (20) or on separate body (29) capable to slip relative to carrier (20). Carrier (20) rotation provides gradual pushing out of hold-down elements (18) from deep section of splined grooves (27b) with corresponding holding down pawls (12b) and their disengagement from fixing projections (23b) of one of sun gears.EFFECT: solution is intended to use impelling force of pedal and/or motor as auxiliary force to facilitate shifting.10 cl, 36 dwg

Bicycle // 2463194
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle with pedal drive incorporating reciprocating levers. On drive wheel axle (22), outer part of telescopic lever is installed. Gear (23) is installed on outer part of telescopic lever. Arc-shaped pinion rack (24) is mounted on bicycle frame. Gear (25) is linked with one-way rotation clutch (27). Gear (23) is engaged with arc-shaped pinion rack (24) and with gear (25).EFFECT: elimination of chain gear.2 cl, 6 dwg

Sleeve bicycle wheel with built-in gear (options) // 2226475
The invention relates to transmissions with planetary wheels, built-in or attached to the wheel hub, with automatic gear shifting by means of centrifugal force

Bicycle hub with internal gear // 2215666
The invention relates to a lever device to switch integrated in the wheel hub of a Bicycle planetary transmission

Bicycle hub with internal gear // 2182095
The invention relates to a planetary gear, integrated into the hub of a bike wheel

Bike "annushka" // 2059507
The invention relates to the bikes used for racing at the time and in the mountains

The three-speed hub of the leading wheel of the bike // 2019467
The invention relates to transport machinery and can be used in bicycles of different classes and vehicles on the basis of a Bicycle