With planetary gears (B62M11/14)

Drive for bicycle with internal arrangement of two shafts interconnection system // 2637579
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: drive for a bicycle with an internal arrangement of two shaft interconnection system comprises an input shaft with a driven sprocket and an output shaft. The system of two shafts interconnection is placed inside rear wheel sleeve. The gears are switched without changing the engagement of gears. Torque from the sprocket is applied to the input shaft of the two shafts interconnection system. In the two shafts system, the output shaft connects the wheel and the free-wheeling device. The axles are fixed along the circumference of the wheel with the possibility of rotation. Gears are fixed on axles, and have a gearing with a gear on the input shaft through intermediate gear. Brake gears are arranged in one plane with the gears coaxially with the input shaft axis. The action of the input shaft on the output shaft is carried out by braking the brake gear by means of brake clutches or brake shoes.EFFECT: change of the gear ratio is achieved without changing the position of the sprockets on the drive wheel.10 dwg

Bicycle wheel drive // 2622734
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: bicycle wheel drive includes a planetary gear that includes in its a carrier, a central link of the planetary gear and a satellite. The planetary gear carrier is rigidly connected to the bicycle drive wheel. The wheel fork stays are rigidly connected to the central unit shaft of the planetary gear. The pedal crank shaft is rigidly connected to the satellite shaft. The satellite is kinematically connected to the central unit of the planetary gear so that the initial satellite circumference covers the initial circumference of the central unit of the planetary gear.EFFECT: simplified design and improved reliability of the bicycle wheel drive.5 cl, 9 dwg
Retro-direct planetary gear // 2620514
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is a switch gear type "retro-direct", i.e. two-speed switch, and which provides for direct and the inverse of the input shaft rotation force transmission to the output shaft in the forward direction, but with different gear ratios. The basic version of the invention involves placing in the pedal carriage bicycle that allows the use of the invention in conjunction with the conventional system shift. Further embodiment, the invention involves placing in the rear hub, hardly has such ability (at least with an overwhelming majority of conventional switches). Also considered application switch to an electric drill (not requiring reverse rotation of the cartridge), machine tools, etc.EFFECT: improving manufacturability.1 dwg
Vehicle wheel with planetary arrangement of reverse motion transmission // 2531418
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport machine building, in particular to vehicle driving wheels actuator design including wheelchairs. Vehicle wheel contains central wheel of external gearing and kinematically connected with it via satellites wheel-rim of internal gearing . Gearing devices of central wheel and wheel-rim are made as ring support with fixed in the support toothed belt of structurally and technologically feasible standard size, and satellites are pulleys of structurally and technologically feasible standard size.EFFECT: simpler design and manufacturing process of vehicle with wheels of different standard sizes which vehicle is used on various grounds including grounds with poor carrying capacity.

Gearshift train for planetary gearbox // 2527608
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: gearshift train comprises planetary gearbox, gearshift cam engaged with planetary gear in said gearbox and provided with retainer, spinning ring of cable connected with moving cable. Cable ring comprises section with ledges, spinning ring with ledges including section with ledges engaged with cable ring section with ledges. Besides, ring with ledges has retainer to be engaged with gearshift cam retainer. Cable ring spinning makes it displace through preset distance in direction perpendicular to cable ring spinning plane. Gearshift cam is retained by engagement with ring with ledges. Note here that at said preset distance ring with ledges can spin can spin with cable ring and displace axially at a time of axial displacement of ring with ledges and spring fitted between cable ring and gearshift cam. Gearshift cam responding to spring force spins at spinning of ring with ledges limited by gearshift cam engagement with retainer of ring with ledges while gearbox shifts gears at gearshift can spinning.EFFECT: higher reliability.3 cl, 58 dwg, 1 tbl

Bicycle planetary gearbox // 2527579
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: group of invention relates to versions of bicycle design and belt drive system. Bicycle comprises the frame and at least one wheel secured to said frame. Wheel has hub, second planetary gearbox arranged therein and belt for torque transmission between first planetary gearbox and second planetary gearbox. In compliance with first version, this frame comprises receiver to accommodate said first planetary gearbox. In compliance with second version, this frame also comprises receiver to accommodate said first planetary gearbox of different design version. In compliance with first version, belt drive system comprises frame, receiver, first planetary gearbox located therein and second planetary gearbox located in wheel hub. In compliance with second version, belt drive system comprises first planetary gearbox arranged in first receiver and second planetary gearbox arranged in second receiver.EFFECT: decreased weight, better frame clearance.15 cl, 30 dwg

Rear bicycle hub controlled by reverse gear // 2515827
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: mechanism comprises two overrunning clutches, an input shaft and a fixed supporting axis in relation to which rotation directions of all parts are indicated, it is provided with one working direction of a wheel rotation called "forward" and there is no possibility of rotating the wheel as a driving one in the opposite direction called "backwards". The said mechanism comprises a planetary gear set connected to the overrunning clutches so that at the forward rotation of the input shaft the moment is transferred directly from the input shaft to the hub and the planetary gear set is unloaded which provides for the transmission of 1:1. When the input shaft rotates backwards, the moment is transferred to the hub through the planetary gear set which reduces the transmission ratio and inverts the direction thus rotating the wheel hub forwards at the reduced gear.EFFECT: simplified design, lower weight.3 dwg

Pedal drive // 2493999
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device to drive transport facilities by human muscles. Proposed drive has two stages, one being composed of two planetary mechanisms with carries 2, 3 rigidly coupled with carriage shaft 1 and composed of a plate integrated with carriage shaft 1 to double as a flywheel with plane pinions 4, 5 fitted on extending ends and engaged with sun gears 7, 8 at gear ratio of unity. Said sun gears are fitted concentrically with carriage shaft on both sides and fixed to vehicle body 9. Pedals 10, 11 are fitted on radial permanently horizontal levers 12, 13 directed forward. Axial ends of horizontal levers 12, 13 are rigidly connected with plane pinions 4, 5. Second stage is composed of gearing with gear 16 fixed at carrier rim 2 while gear 17 is fitted on drive axle 18 of one of vehicle actuators.EFFECT: higher traction and efficiency.1 dwg

Transmission device // 2461487
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle drive with auxiliary motor in carriage. Stator outer surface is provided with transducer 244 to measure rpm of cranks 22. Appropriate transducer plates 231 are fitted on iner side of side cover 23, outer part of the latter being attached to pedal crank 22. Rotor hollow axle 243 is engaged with sprocket 26 via planetary reduction gear 25 and first ratchet 27. Crankshaft extends through said hollow axle 243 to engage with sprocket 26 via second ratchet 28.EFFECT: compact drive, automatic motor start, reduced crank rpm.9 cl, 7 dwg

Unidirectional transmission for motor // 2452884
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: unidirectional transmission includes hub cover, built-in motor and speed variation device. Hub cover is connected to possibility of rotation with retaining shafts passing on both of its lateral sides. Built-in motor is located in hub cover and equipped with drive shaft. Speed variation device is installed between drive shaft and hub cover for transmission of drive rotation from built-in motor to hub cover. Speed variation device includes the first and the second sun gears connected to external peripheral surface of drive shaft and located at some distance from each other. At that, the first and the second sun gears interact with free-wheel clutches with possibility of being rotated in opposite directions. The first planetary gear is engaged with the first sun gear; the second planetary gear is engaged with the second sun gear, the first planetary gear and hub cover.EFFECT: simpler design, smaller overall dimensions and enhanced reliability of the device.4 dwg

Bicycle gear shift // 2223885
The invention relates to transmissions with planetary wheels