Of unchangeable ratio (B62M9/02)

Combined transmission // 2628554
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: transmission comprises a drive pulley rigidly fixed to the input shaft, a driven pulley fixed to the output shaft and a gear train comprising a drive gear rigidly fixed to the input shaft in engagement with the driven gear wheel rotatably fixed to the output shaft. The transmission additionally contains an override clutch fixed to the output shaft, on which the driven pulley is mounted. The belt drive is located outside the casing.EFFECT: increased transmission reliability and durability while reducing the risk of injury.5 cl, 5 dwg

Belt drive system // 2597045
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to pulley and drive belt system, reinforced self-levelling system of pulley and drive belt, bicycle and pulley. System of pulley and drive belt comprises drive belt and, at least, one pulley is made with possibility of engagement with surface of drive belt. Bicycle comprises crank system, rear wheel hub and pulley and drive belt system. Pulley is used with drive belt. Drive belt comprises multiple projections spaced in longitudinal direction, each of which has groove for alignment, dividing each projection on first and second segments. Pulley includes housing, plurality of circumferential teeth, element to balance in form of wire.EFFECT: higher accuracy of pulleys alignment and preventing contamination of pulleys.23 cl, 10 dwg

Belt transmission system // 2505448
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: self-aligning system of pulley and drive belt comprises drive belt, pulley, frame and aligning flange. Belt comprises multiple ledges, each having aligning groove separating the ledge in first and second segments. Pulley can engage with the belt inner surface. Aforesaid frame outer round ring and can revolve. This system comprises multiple ring teeth extending radially and axially from said ring. Said teeth are located between adjacent ledges of the belt. Aligning flange extends radially between adjacent ring teeth and can be fitted in aligning groove and extends radially not further from rotational axis than ring teeth.EFFECT: ruled out fouling of pulleys.35 cl, 9 dwg