Foot-driven levers as pedal cranks which can be immobilised as foot-rests (B62M5)

Bicycle ricambent with adjustable seat // 2622315
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: bicycle ricambent with adjustable seat has the frame, mounted on the rear drive wheel with the sprocket block and the speed selector and on the front turnable wheel, the fork of which is mounted in the steering column of the frame with the steering wheel at the end. The small frame with the seat can move along the frame and the guide with attached to it the carried over carriage with connecting rods and pedals and the drive sprocket at the end. The closed chain, connecting the drive sprocket to one of the sprocket from the sprocket block, additionaly rounds the block. The carry over is provided with the series of holes, the stopper is engaged with one of them, attached to the steering column. The stopper spring finger is connected with the rope in the jacket to the braket handle on the steering wheel. The pipe is fixed on the frame at the pillars from its ends. The second pipe is fixed on the carry-over at the pillars from its ends, the axes of both pipes are not coaxial and parallel to each other.EFFECT: flexibility in application increase.2 cl, 4 dwg

Push cycle with pedal drive // 2529587
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to push cycle with pedal drive. Push cycle comprises cam clutch to run engaged with drive gear and fitted between drive and driven gears to drive rear wheels by transfer of can rotation to drive gear and drive gear. Cam clutch can be engaged with either low gear wheel or second gear. First and second connecting gear run in engagement with low gear wheel or second gear and are fitted on extensions of countershaft. Transfer gear is fitted on both extensions of countershaft to receive rotation from first and second idlers via countershaft and engaged with driven gear for rotation. Low and second gears are fitted on axle with cam clutch. Cam clutch cams are fitted on said clutch, low and second gears so that transfer gear can engage with spinning cam clutch. Cam clutch end has gearshift lever to engage cam clutch with low or second gears.EFFECT: lower control force, speed change by gearing.8 dwg

Rack-type race bicycle // 2477240
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle with reciprocating pedals. Pedal 23 is fitted on pusher 21 provided with gear 20. Spring-loaded rack 16 has teeth on its both sides to engage with overrunning coupling 13, 14 and gear 20. Extra rack 22 is a stationary element. Gear 20 interacts with stationary rack teeth and those of spring-loaded rack 16. In pedal downward travel, spring-loaded rack stroke is doubled due to addition of two motions. Pusher translation with gear 20 and rotation driven by engagement od gear 20 with fixed rack 22.EFFECT: increased speed.3 cl, 4 dwg