Automatically adjusting (B62M3/04)

Bicycle pedal crank gear // 2536995
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle pedal crank gear. Proposed crank gear consists of pedals fitted on pins and connected with free ends of con-rods opposed on carriage shaft that have parts extending axially. Said parts fixed with carriage shaft have ledges arranged at surfaces opposite their pedals. Pedal pins in free ends of extending parts can revolve along with fixed pedals and terminate at opposite sides of con-rods with single-arm levers. Single-arm levers are located parallel by pedal bearing surface in direction to their heel area. Free end of single-arm levers have ledges. Said ledges are coupled via bars with ledges of con-rod parts fixed with carriage shaft.EFFECT: better controllability.1 tbl, 4 dwg

Pedal drive // 2493999
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device to drive transport facilities by human muscles. Proposed drive has two stages, one being composed of two planetary mechanisms with carries 2, 3 rigidly coupled with carriage shaft 1 and composed of a plate integrated with carriage shaft 1 to double as a flywheel with plane pinions 4, 5 fitted on extending ends and engaged with sun gears 7, 8 at gear ratio of unity. Said sun gears are fitted concentrically with carriage shaft on both sides and fixed to vehicle body 9. Pedals 10, 11 are fitted on radial permanently horizontal levers 12, 13 directed forward. Axial ends of horizontal levers 12, 13 are rigidly connected with plane pinions 4, 5. Second stage is composed of gearing with gear 16 fixed at carrier rim 2 while gear 17 is fitted on drive axle 18 of one of vehicle actuators.EFFECT: higher traction and efficiency.1 dwg

Bicycle frame // 2476345
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to foot crank mechanisms. Cranks 6 are keyed to shaft 16. One spacer ring is fitted on shaft 16 while another one is fitted in bicycle frame carriage assembly. Inner ends of cranks 6 thrust against each other via inner races of carriage assembly bearings and via spacer ring on shaft 16. Outer races of bicycle frame carriage assembly bearings thrust against each other via spacer ring fitted in bicycle frame carriage assembly. Con rod angular displacement relative to crank within the limits of 45 degrees in vertical position of cranks is limited by inner surfaces of con rod via shockproof spacers.EFFECT: accurate positioning, reliable operation.6 cl, 13 dwg

Bicycle // 2463194
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle with pedal drive incorporating reciprocating levers. On drive wheel axle (22), outer part of telescopic lever is installed. Gear (23) is installed on outer part of telescopic lever. Arc-shaped pinion rack (24) is mounted on bicycle frame. Gear (25) is linked with one-way rotation clutch (27). Gear (23) is engaged with arc-shaped pinion rack (24) and with gear (25).EFFECT: elimination of chain gear.2 cl, 6 dwg

Pedal drive (versions) // 2421366
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles with pedal drive crank mechanisms that comprises levers of self-adjusting length that run along elliptic trajectory or other noncircular rotational trajectory. Pedal drive with chain or belt transmission comprises pinion frame 1 with its first end coupled with shaft of carriage 2, lever 3 with pedal 4 rigidly fixed with sun gear 5, stationary gear 6 with gear ratio of 2:1 with respect to sun gear 5. Stationary gear 6 is fixed relative to bicycle and coupled with sun gear 5 by chain or belt transmission. Second end of pinion frame 2 is articulated with sun gear 5 at the point shifted from its center while stationary wheel 6 features shape other than circle.EFFECT: reduced drive forces due to mismatch between passing top dead center and bottom dead center of pedals.4 cl, 4 dwg

Transport facility with muscle drive // 2421365
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles with reciprocating foot levers that make pedals move as in walking or running. Proposed drive comprises swinging supports 16 and levers 7 fitted via ratchets 6 on crosswise drive shaft 3, gear with drive sprocket coupled via chain with driven sprocket fitted on drive wheel axle. Swinging levers 7 incorporates top and bottom hinges 15, 24. Bottom hinges 15 allow bicyclist to bend and straighten knees in pedaling supports 16. Top hinges 24 reduce air drag by allowing crosswise drive shaft 3 to go down, as well as transparent cabin 1 that features minimum air drag.EFFECT: reduced air drag, higher comfort.1 dwg

Bicycle pedal // 2343083
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: pedals are supplied with devices fastening footwear and are installed on cranks with possibility to automatically change crank length. Pedal frame (1) contains rectangular horizontal plate (2) having on its upper surface devices (5, 6) fastening bicyclist footwear and girdle (3) on one of its longitudinal edges with pedal axle (4) secured on crank. Plate (2) is connected with girdle (3) so that its upper surface is located below pedal axle (4) at distance (a) and axis (7) of footwear support on plate (2) of pedal located in frontal plane crossing bicyclist metatarsus of hallux when bicyclist revolves pedal is placed in front of pedal axle (4) at distance (b) so that axis (7) of footwear support circumscribes circle with centre (O') and radius (r') displaced below at distance (a) and at distance (b) forward in respect of circle with centre (O) circumscribed by pedal axle (4), where (O) is axis of carriage unit with radius (r).EFFECT: acceleration of dead points passing and increase of torque.17 cl, 16 dwg

Rod // 2117599
The invention relates to vehicles, in particular for vehicles with pedal mechanism driven by muscular power

Rod // 2111883
The invention relates to machines with the pedal mechanism

Bike "maxi" // 2050302

Bike maxi-i" // 2041111