Construction of cranks operated by hand or foot (B62M3)

B62M3/02 - Of adjustable length(5)
B62M3/04 - Automatically adjusting(12)
B62M3/08 - Pedals(23)
B62M3/10 - All-metal pedals(1)
B62M3/12 - With reflectors(7)
B62M3/16 - Accessories(3)

Well with bicycle-type pedal hoist // 2637655
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: well is made of a wellbore, a water tank, and a manually-driven winch. The water tank is equipped with a rope connected with its upper end through the drum of the manually-driven winch to the drum on the shaft of a bicycle-type pedal hoist. The supporting frame with the operator seat is mounted on the wellbore. The water tank is equipped with a counterweight equipped with a thin rope wound on the drum of the manually-driven winch in the direction opposite to the rope of the water tank. The water tank is equipped with an unbalanced mass in the form of a steel rod of small length, which is hung at the ends by two wire loops to the bow of the water tank.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of lifting water from the well.5 dwg

Bicycle ricambent with adjustable seat // 2622315
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: bicycle ricambent with adjustable seat has the frame, mounted on the rear drive wheel with the sprocket block and the speed selector and on the front turnable wheel, the fork of which is mounted in the steering column of the frame with the steering wheel at the end. The small frame with the seat can move along the frame and the guide with attached to it the carried over carriage with connecting rods and pedals and the drive sprocket at the end. The closed chain, connecting the drive sprocket to one of the sprocket from the sprocket block, additionaly rounds the block. The carry over is provided with the series of holes, the stopper is engaged with one of them, attached to the steering column. The stopper spring finger is connected with the rope in the jacket to the braket handle on the steering wheel. The pipe is fixed on the frame at the pillars from its ends. The second pipe is fixed on the carry-over at the pillars from its ends, the axes of both pipes are not coaxial and parallel to each other.EFFECT: flexibility in application increase.2 cl, 4 dwg

Electric vehicle and its onboard storage battery charging device // 2570242
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric vehicles and their charging systems. Claimed hybrid vehicle incorporates ICE with lubing and cooling system and motor. Besides, it exploits motor and motor generator. Electric vehicle drive control includes control thereof and charging its electric vehicle storage battery. Electric vehicle storage battery charging process comprises charging by motor at generation of currents at regenerative braking. Electric vehicle control system comprises motor generator with control system controller, storage battery and motor generator mode selector.EFFECT: enhanced operating performances.111 cl, 38 dwg

Simulator for training circular pedalling in cycling // 2543444
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: simulator consists of wheels, a frame, a pedal mechanism. On the shaft of the carriage on each its side, there are two combined rods, of which one right and one left rods are rigidly fixed, the other two heteronymous rods are movably placed on the axis of the carriage and have dosed free movement relative to it and fixedly secured rods. The strain-gauges are located between the movable and fixedly mounted rods and control the power of application at all points of the circular pedalling, and the audio signal enables the cyclist to reveal independently own mistakes.EFFECT: registration of parameters and determining the efficiency during pedalling.3 dwg, 2 tbl

Bicycle with ellipsoid drive // 2543134
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed invention relates to class of vehicles, for instance bicycles, which employ energy of human body muscular contractions as motive force. At the same time, proposed invention also relates to sports equipment and can be used in the area of sport, physical culture and rehabilitation medicine. Proposed bicycle with ellipsoid drive includes frame with handle bar and saddle, wheels and drive with driving sprocket, two reciprocating rods and pedals. The drive consists of ellipsoidal member the inner ellipsoidal surface of which forms working track with indented profile, and pedal mechanism. The pedal mechanism is installed on ellipsoidal member with possibility to move over indented surface of working track and contains operating gear, hold-down gears with screw load regulator, and tightening rollers. Operating gear shaft fixed in pedal mechanism housing with possibility of rotation is made hollow, and driving sprocket shaft passes through the operating gear shaft. Both shafts are connected with stepped clutch one end of which is installed on driving sprocket shaft with possibility of axial movement and forms sline joint with this shaft, the second end of stepped clutch is installed with possibility to form together with outer surface of operating gear shaft the tool joint to transfer torque form sprocket shaft to gear shaft.EFFECT: combination of vehicle functionality, for instance functions of bicycle and ellipsoidal exercycle, in design of bicycle with ellipsoid drive, as well as in higher efficiency of training action on human body due to increase in amplitude of trained muscles and lower limb joints work.4 dwg

Bicycle pedal crank gear // 2536995
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle pedal crank gear. Proposed crank gear consists of pedals fitted on pins and connected with free ends of con-rods opposed on carriage shaft that have parts extending axially. Said parts fixed with carriage shaft have ledges arranged at surfaces opposite their pedals. Pedal pins in free ends of extending parts can revolve along with fixed pedals and terminate at opposite sides of con-rods with single-arm levers. Single-arm levers are located parallel by pedal bearing surface in direction to their heel area. Free end of single-arm levers have ledges. Said ledges are coupled via bars with ledges of con-rod parts fixed with carriage shaft.EFFECT: better controllability.1 tbl, 4 dwg

Drive of pedal-driven vehicles // 2525185
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drives with reciprocating feet levers and can be used in bicycles, bicycle cars, catamarans, etc. Drive comprises pedal axle (1) supporting the one-way motion transfer mechanisms and drive sprocket (2) interacting with driven sprocket (4) via endless chain (3). Cranks (5) and (7) with pedals (15) and (16) are fitted on bodies of one-way motion transfer mechanisms. Besides, this drive comprises reversing-synchronising shaft (9) with transfer links composed by sprockets or pulleys. Cranks interact via sections (12) and (13) of extra flexible member interacting with at least one adjusting roller (14). Crank locking device is composed of retainer-type (5, 7) limiters (19) and (20) or by overrunning clutch (25).EFFECT: smaller muscle force to pedals, ruled out dead points, higher reliability and friendly use.7 cl, 4 dwg

Hand-driven carrier // 2514949
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed carrier comprises frame, control element coupled with said frame to oscillate relative thereto. It comprises also the assembly to be controlled by said control element to transform reciprocation in rotation, gearbox to transmit torque from drive shaft engaged with said transformer to driven shaft engaged with moving element. Note here that said gearbox has at least one transmission shaft perpendicular to drive and drive shafts and engaged therewith via appropriate gearing. Said element can be oscillated by carrier drive hands push force for manual driving of the said carrier. Note here that said assembly comprises the mechanism with con rod and rocker to convert reciprocating oscillation of drive bar into drive shaft rotation.EFFECT: lower control force.10 cl, 8 dwg

Belt transmission system // 2505448
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: self-aligning system of pulley and drive belt comprises drive belt, pulley, frame and aligning flange. Belt comprises multiple ledges, each having aligning groove separating the ledge in first and second segments. Pulley can engage with the belt inner surface. Aforesaid frame outer round ring and can revolve. This system comprises multiple ring teeth extending radially and axially from said ring. Said teeth are located between adjacent ledges of the belt. Aligning flange extends radially between adjacent ring teeth and can be fitted in aligning groove and extends radially not further from rotational axis than ring teeth.EFFECT: ruled out fouling of pulleys.35 cl, 9 dwg

Pedal drive // 2493999
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device to drive transport facilities by human muscles. Proposed drive has two stages, one being composed of two planetary mechanisms with carries 2, 3 rigidly coupled with carriage shaft 1 and composed of a plate integrated with carriage shaft 1 to double as a flywheel with plane pinions 4, 5 fitted on extending ends and engaged with sun gears 7, 8 at gear ratio of unity. Said sun gears are fitted concentrically with carriage shaft on both sides and fixed to vehicle body 9. Pedals 10, 11 are fitted on radial permanently horizontal levers 12, 13 directed forward. Axial ends of horizontal levers 12, 13 are rigidly connected with plane pinions 4, 5. Second stage is composed of gearing with gear 16 fixed at carrier rim 2 while gear 17 is fitted on drive axle 18 of one of vehicle actuators.EFFECT: higher traction and efficiency.1 dwg

Compact bicycle with elliptical drive // 2492096
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles with muscle drives. Proposed bicycle comprises frame, seat, front turning wheel, rear drive wheel, two crank-and-rocker mechanisms on both side of the bicycle with cranks being fitted opposed on the shaft. Rockers of said mechanisms are coupled with the frame while the shaft is driven by drive wheel via ratchet. Rockers are articulated with bell crank arm its axle being arranged above rear wheel and secured to the frame by bracket. Another arm of bell crank is furnished with retainer interacting with one of holes in plate attached to the frame under the seat. Central parts of the rods are secured to cranks. Said shaft is drive by rear wheel via planetary gear.EFFECT: smaller sizes, possibility to exploit forefoot muscles for bicycle drive.2 dwg

Bicycle frame // 2476345
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to foot crank mechanisms. Cranks 6 are keyed to shaft 16. One spacer ring is fitted on shaft 16 while another one is fitted in bicycle frame carriage assembly. Inner ends of cranks 6 thrust against each other via inner races of carriage assembly bearings and via spacer ring on shaft 16. Outer races of bicycle frame carriage assembly bearings thrust against each other via spacer ring fitted in bicycle frame carriage assembly. Con rod angular displacement relative to crank within the limits of 45 degrees in vertical position of cranks is limited by inner surfaces of con rod via shockproof spacers.EFFECT: accurate positioning, reliable operation.6 cl, 13 dwg

Bicycle // 2463194
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle with pedal drive incorporating reciprocating levers. On drive wheel axle (22), outer part of telescopic lever is installed. Gear (23) is installed on outer part of telescopic lever. Arc-shaped pinion rack (24) is mounted on bicycle frame. Gear (25) is linked with one-way rotation clutch (27). Gear (23) is engaged with arc-shaped pinion rack (24) and with gear (25).EFFECT: elimination of chain gear.2 cl, 6 dwg

Pedal drive (versions) // 2421366
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles with pedal drive crank mechanisms that comprises levers of self-adjusting length that run along elliptic trajectory or other noncircular rotational trajectory. Pedal drive with chain or belt transmission comprises pinion frame 1 with its first end coupled with shaft of carriage 2, lever 3 with pedal 4 rigidly fixed with sun gear 5, stationary gear 6 with gear ratio of 2:1 with respect to sun gear 5. Stationary gear 6 is fixed relative to bicycle and coupled with sun gear 5 by chain or belt transmission. Second end of pinion frame 2 is articulated with sun gear 5 at the point shifted from its center while stationary wheel 6 features shape other than circle.EFFECT: reduced drive forces due to mismatch between passing top dead center and bottom dead center of pedals.4 cl, 4 dwg

Transport facility with muscle drive // 2421365
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles with reciprocating foot levers that make pedals move as in walking or running. Proposed drive comprises swinging supports 16 and levers 7 fitted via ratchets 6 on crosswise drive shaft 3, gear with drive sprocket coupled via chain with driven sprocket fitted on drive wheel axle. Swinging levers 7 incorporates top and bottom hinges 15, 24. Bottom hinges 15 allow bicyclist to bend and straighten knees in pedaling supports 16. Top hinges 24 reduce air drag by allowing crosswise drive shaft 3 to go down, as well as transparent cabin 1 that features minimum air drag.EFFECT: reduced air drag, higher comfort.1 dwg

Bicycle pedal // 2412853
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle design, namely, to that of bicycle pedals. Proposed pedal comprises rigid frame, front seat, heel seat, central toe clip arranged on one side of the pedal, ratchet-and-pawl gear and counterweight. Said ratchet-and-pawl gear consists of ratchet gear fitted on pedal axle and three pawls. Counterweight is locked on pedal bottom part and consists of thrust and spacer plates. Front tow clip is arranged on the end of front seat. Heel seat is rigidly secured with one end of the brace, the other brace end is connected with central toe clip.EFFECT: perfected design of bicycle pedal.21 dwg

Bicycle pedal // 2395425
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle production. Bicycle pedal represents a hollow vessel with water filling and discharging valve and built-in flexible hose. Pedal and hose are filled with water.EFFECT: perfected pedal design.1 dwg

Bicycle (versions), bicycles wheels, bicycle drive, bicycle lever mechanism, bicycle pedal mechanism and set comprising bicycle and trailer // 2373101
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: drive sprocket rims are arranged on overrunning coupling. Drive comprises pair of boomerang-like bell cranks, each having pedal arm resting upon opposite ends of carriage shaft and arm that transfers torque. Both aforesaid arms are bent in the plate perpendicular to carriage axis to form boomerang-like shape. Arm that transfers torque is rigidly coupled with similarly bent element intended for transfer of toque to carriage shaft. Overrunning coupling is rigidly coupled with aforesaid elements that transfer torque. Pedal arm of one of the levers and arm that transfers torque are furnished with weights rigidly fixed thereon. Aforesaid drive is designed for bicycles, bicycle-tandems and bicycles with trailers.EFFECT: optimising pedaling, increased tractive characteristics.30 cl, 14 dwg, 4 tbl

Bicycle pedal // 2343083
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: pedals are supplied with devices fastening footwear and are installed on cranks with possibility to automatically change crank length. Pedal frame (1) contains rectangular horizontal plate (2) having on its upper surface devices (5, 6) fastening bicyclist footwear and girdle (3) on one of its longitudinal edges with pedal axle (4) secured on crank. Plate (2) is connected with girdle (3) so that its upper surface is located below pedal axle (4) at distance (a) and axis (7) of footwear support on plate (2) of pedal located in frontal plane crossing bicyclist metatarsus of hallux when bicyclist revolves pedal is placed in front of pedal axle (4) at distance (b) so that axis (7) of footwear support circumscribes circle with centre (O') and radius (r') displaced below at distance (a) and at distance (b) forward in respect of circle with centre (O) circumscribed by pedal axle (4), where (O) is axis of carriage unit with radius (r).EFFECT: acceleration of dead points passing and increase of torque.17 cl, 16 dwg

Compact bicycle with reciprocating pedals // 2288859
FIELD: transport engineering; bicycles with crank-and-connecting rod transmission.SUBSTANCE: proposed bicycle contains frame 1, driven sprocket 5, driven sprocket 2, chain, steering column 6 with handlebar. Reciprocating pedals are secured to levers to of driven sprocket 2 through rigid tie-rods 3. Devices to bring levers of driving sprocket 2 out of extreme point is hinge-secured on frame 1 and on rigid tie-rods 3. Frame 1 of bicycle provides distance of 10 cm between front and rear wheels in operating position of bicycle. Compactness of bicycle at shipment is provided by pressing of pedals to tie-rod 3.EFFECT: use of rider weight as main moving force.2 cl, 2 dwg

Bicycle pedal // 2278055
FIELD: transport engineering; bicycles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fastening of bicycle pedals on shaft of crank. Two bearing units 3, 4 are arranged on shaft 1, with hollow housing of pedal 5 fitted on bearing units. One of bearing units, namely unit 3, is mated with surface of crank 2. thread is made on inner surface of hollow housing of pedal 5 in which hollow bolt 6 is fitted to serve as stop for other bearing unit 4. Nut 7 thrusts bearing unit 4 from outer side of shaft 1. Thrust end face surface of hollow bolt 6 is arranged at distance equal to approximately 1/4 of length of housing of pedal 5 from its axis of symmetry along shaft 1 in outward direction.EFFECT: decreased deformation of pedal shaft owing to reduction of arm creating bending moment, facilitated assembling of pedal.3 dwg

Bicycle bottom bracket // 2253588
FIELD: transport engineering; bicycles; foot crank mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: left-hand crank 3 is provided with square hole for mounting on shaft 1 and cylindrical groove with thread mating with hollow bolt 2 freely fitted on shaft 1. Said bolt thrusts through its left-hand end face surface against support bead of shaft. With left-hand crank 3 tightened by hollow bolt 2, shaft 1 is fitted in bearing unit, and left-hand bearing 8 prevents turning out of hollow bolt 2. Thread is made on outer surface of shaft 1 from right-hand side of shaft on which union nut 4 is installed to support right-hand bearing 9. Body of nut is made in form of cylindrical bushing of which driving sprockets 5 are mounted for free rotation. Bead of union nut 4 limits axial displacement of sprockets 5. Groove with thread is made in sprocket hub 6, and thread is made on outer surface of hub of right-hand crank 7 to provide possibility of tightening of right-hand crank 7 provided with square hole for mounting on shaft 1 by freely rotating hub 6 of sprockets which plays the part of nut.EFFECT: prevention of spontaneous turning out of bottom bracket parts, provision of sealing of bottom bracket.5 cl, 2 dwg

Dobby node bike // 2241629
The invention relates to the adjustment of the bearings of the carriage bike

Site bicycle pedals (options) // 2240946
The invention relates to a pedal bike, equipped with a clamp (24) securing the cleat (14) shoes

Site bicycle pedals (options) and spike shoes for detachable mounting of the shoes to the pedals of the bike // 2240945
The invention relates to a pedal bike with clip fastening cleat (14) shoes to shoes for cyclists

The generator of the electric current for vehicles with pedal drive // 2234437
The invention relates to a power supply signal devices in Bicycle pedals

Site bicycle pedals // 2232693
The invention relates to a pedal bike with clip 24 mounting the cleat shoes

Site bicycle pedals // 2232101
The invention relates to a pedal bike, equipped with a clamp (24) securing the cleat (14) shoes

Pedal bike // 2199464
The invention relates to vehicles with a muscular drive

The pedal lever valoprovoda // 2131372
The invention relates to velotron, in particular to designs sports, travel, tourism and cargo-and-passenger rental

Rod // 2117599
The invention relates to vehicles, in particular for vehicles with pedal mechanism driven by muscular power

Rod // 2111883
The invention relates to machines with the pedal mechanism

Gravitonas hudoleeva a. k. // 2106274
The invention relates to gravitational transport

Bike // 2075420
The invention relates to velotron, mainly for the construction of rental with reciprocating angular movement of the rods, namely rental with Dobby node center lower position

Pedal bike // 2053153

Bike "maxi" // 2050302

Bike maxi-i" // 2041111

ounting the shoes on the pedals of a bicycle or similar mechanism // 2029702
The invention relates to a device for fastening the Shoe to the pedal of a Bicycle or similar mechanism, which is the body of the pedal rotating about the transverse axis

Pedal bike // 2027630
The invention relates to velotron, in particular, to the design of Bicycle pedals

Rod // 2023620