With reciprocating levers, e.g. foot levers (B62M1/04)

Bicycle // 2463194
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle with pedal drive incorporating reciprocating levers. On drive wheel axle (22), outer part of telescopic lever is installed. Gear (23) is installed on outer part of telescopic lever. Arc-shaped pinion rack (24) is mounted on bicycle frame. Gear (25) is linked with one-way rotation clutch (27). Gear (23) is engaged with arc-shaped pinion rack (24) and with gear (25).EFFECT: elimination of chain gear.2 cl, 6 dwg

Water-jet propeller // 2457148
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sport and touristic surface and submerged water-borne vehicles. Water-jet propeller has closed body, plate-valve water intake devices, channel of outflow acceleration, system for connecting to propelled object, propellant expulsion module, propellant expulsion module control system. System for connecting to propelled object is made of belts for shank binding and foot pads located at outside of body. Propellant expulsion module is made as stretching train, muscular drive of tail stretching device, and freewheel clutches. The train consists of fastening train tail, several interconnected in series pneumatic components of train and non-stretching train sheet. Train sheet in its upper part is attached to muscular drive of train tension device in the form of spool. The spool is immovably slipped over working shaft installed inside body in its upper part. Freewheel clutches are mounted on working shaft at both sides of spool and equipped with rotation mechanism. Propellant expulsion module control system consists of train locking in tensioned condition assembly and train locking assembly release mechanism. Release mechanism is made as mechanical connection of train locking assembly with drive. The drive is made as propellant expulsion module control pedal. The pedal is mounted at outside of propellant body near foot pad.EFFECT: independence and safety of use, simple operation.2 cl, 2 dwg

Bicycle with linear pedaling and rowing // 2452648
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: guide frame 1 supports seat 6 arranged on carriage 5 furnished with retainer 41 interacting with one of frame holes 46. Two swing levers 13, 14 with pedals 15, 16 are coupled via bracket 10 to carriage 5. Backrest 8 resting on roller 9 is hinged to seat 6. Seat is varied by varying backrest inclination in locking carriage 5 relative to appropriate hole 46. For rowing, retainer 41 is disengaged from frame 1 to allow pulling steering bar 40 and straightening legs to displace seat 6 on carriage 5. Gear ratio is changed by displacing slide 34 with retainer 35 on bracket 10. Every cable 23, 24 extends from fastener 39 on bracket 10 to run around rollers 36, 37 of slide 34 and rollers 32, 33 of levers 13, 14 to blocks 21, 22 of rear wheel drive 2.EFFECT: seat variation, reduced bicycle length with vertical position of backrest.2 cl, 5 dwg

Conversion method of movement on basis of chain transmissions // 2451219
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: according to the method, reciprocating movement of drive link is transmitted through intermediate link and free-wheel clutch by means of chain transmission onto executive element. Movement conversion device can contain two intermediate links, two opposite oriented free-wheel clutches and two drive links.EFFECT: device movement speed is increased and movement conversion device is simplified.3 cl, 2 dwg

Recumbent bicycle with linear drive // 2449914
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: bicycle relates to bicycles with backrests and semi recumbent position. Brackets 21 for fastening links 17, 18 is arranged ahead of handlebar 8. Con rods 11, 12 carry pedal posts 24, 25 for high position of pedals 26, 27 to prevent bicyclist lower leg striking against co rods 13, 14 in pedaling. Adjustable clamps 22, 23 allow displacement of posts 24, 25 along con rods 11, 12 to regulate position of pedals 26, 27 to match with bicyclist lengths and, hence, allow fixed position of seat 2.EFFECT: simplified design, higher speed.2 cl, 2 dwg

Pedal car // 2434777
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles with back support and foot drive with reciprocating levers jointed with cranks by con rods. Flexible plate 21 prevents the end of crank 18 equipped with horizontal roller from reaching "dead point" position. Removable seat 10 is fitted with the help of seat stay 24, split fastener, inclined regulator slide 25 and shock absorber 26 of variable-rigidity ensured by varying shock absorber inclination on fastening its lower end in different openings of bracket 27. Releasable luggage frame 43 may be arranged on detachable stays 39 of support wheels 13.EFFECT: higher efficiency of drive and easier use.10 cl, 8 dwg

Transport facility with muscle drive // 2421365
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles with reciprocating foot levers that make pedals move as in walking or running. Proposed drive comprises swinging supports 16 and levers 7 fitted via ratchets 6 on crosswise drive shaft 3, gear with drive sprocket coupled via chain with driven sprocket fitted on drive wheel axle. Swinging levers 7 incorporates top and bottom hinges 15, 24. Bottom hinges 15 allow bicyclist to bend and straighten knees in pedaling supports 16. Top hinges 24 reduce air drag by allowing crosswise drive shaft 3 to go down, as well as transparent cabin 1 that features minimum air drag.EFFECT: reduced air drag, higher comfort.1 dwg

Bicycle with eccentric drive // 2420423
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport facilities, namely, to bicycles. Proposed bicycle comprises frame, wheels and pitmen drive. Said drive represents an eccentric drive and comprises drive sprocket, rockers and levers. One lever has its one end articulated with rocker free end, while another end of the lever accommodates pedal. Second lever is similarly jointed with another rocker. Articulation between levers and rockers is spring loaded and incorporates adjustable elements to limit lever turn angle relative to rockers and engagement elements to limit extreme position of levers relative to rockers. Length of levers makes 0.25 to 0.95 of that of rockers in pitmen drive. Note here that pedal axle in initial position does not extend beyond its size in rocker.EFFECT: simplified design and higher efficiency.3 cl, 3 dwg

Bicycle with boat racing motion // 2417919
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles with drive incorporating reciprocating foot levers. Carriage 1 with seat 4 are arranged on frame 1. Shaft 15 is arranged above handlebar 12 on frame bracket 13 to support pedal levers 16, 17 coupled by chain 24 with cable with drive wheel 8. Levers 16, 17 envelop front wheel 9 to be located at medium part of wheel 9. Each lever 16, 17 is articulated to shaft 15 to decline sideways. Plates 33, 34 are attached to front wheel fork to thrust against levers 16, 17 on turning front wheel 9. Roller 7 is attached to the frame whereon backrest 6 rests articulated to seat 4.EFFECT: comfortable low fit reducing air drag and increasing front wheel diametre to facilitate cross country capacity.4 dwg

Pedal drive (versions) // 2417918
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pedal drive for, primarily, rollers. Proposed drive comprises pedal 1, mechanism with flexible links 10, and free run mechanisms 9. Free run mechanism pulleys 19 are arranged in pairs on running axle 12 articulated with pedal and axles 6 of actuators. Gear ratio is changed with the help of movable lever 2 and extra different-diametre drive interjointed pulleys that may be jointed together and detached fast.EFFECT: higher efficiency of drive.16 cl, 2 dwg

Linear-drive bicycle with pedalling and boat-racing motion // 2413649
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles comprising reciprocating foot pedals. Frame 1 comprises guides 2, 3 accommodating carriages 4, 5 with pedals 6, 7 that may be locked, and carriage 22 with seat 23. Rear drive wheels 8, 9 are provided with tapered blocks 14, 18 that have helical flutes with variable radius for cables 20, 21 coupled with carriages 4, 5. Backrest 25 thrusting on roller 26 secured to frame 1 is articulated with seat 24. To shift gears, seat 23 is moved along guides 2, 3. Note here that cables 20, 21, winding or unwinding, move to helical flute sections with required radius and appropriate gear ratio. To allow boat-racing motion to load hand, back and belly muscles, retainer 32 of seat 23 is disengaged from guides 2, 3.EFFECT: increased gear ratio in streamlined horizontal position and reduced gear ratio for uphill climbing and heavy road.5 dwg

Bicycle (versions) // 2404901
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the drive that incorporates reciprocating levers with levers coupler furnished with lever travel limiter. In compliance with first version of said pedal lever coupler assembly (13-22), the latter comprises cord (15) passed through block (16) with its ends articulated with lever peripheral tips (7, 8). Aforesaid assembly incorporates rings (21, 22) are secured on cord (51) to interact with appropriate damping springs that interact with thrust plate (14) jointed with the frame (12). In compliance with second version, said assembly comprises sleeves slots arranged crosswise to interact with the pin arranged on moving ring to allow the sleeves turn through 90. In compliance with third version, assembly comprises first and second bevel pinions engaged with third bevel pinion that is coupled with two radial limiters interacting with spring-loaded thrust.EFFECT: higher efficiency.3 cl, 3 dwg

Bicycle with boat racing motion // 2402451
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles with both hand and foot drive. Every carriage (9, 10) with foot supports (32, 33) is linked by tie (34, 35) with bell crank (19) which is swung by handlebar (21). Guides (7, 8) of carriages (9, 10) are arranged on sides of front wheel (4) and secured to frame (1) by hinges (5, 6) with vertical turn shaft that can sideways from front wheel (4). Note here that plates (14, 15) are jointed to front wheel fork (12) for guides (7, 8) or carriages (9, 10) to thrust there against when front wheel (3) turns.EFFECT: increased turn angle of front wheel.4 dwg

Bicycle with linear drive // 2400391
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to bicycles with support on back and with crank drive of simultaneous manual and foot action. Shaft of drive sprocket (33) has cranks (29, 30) with connecting rods (47, 48) which are spaced at a distance exceeding width of a seat. Pedals (49, 50) are arranged on internal surface of a middle part of connecting rods(47, 48) in one of orifices (65) facilitating change of pedal trajectory. Handles (66, 67) are set on ends of connecting rods (47, 48) in one of the orifices ensuring arrangement of handles depending on length of arms. Also rollers (43, 44) enveloping guide (42) are mounted on ends of connecting rods (47, 48).EFFECT: convenient trajectory of pedals and facilitation of additional usage of manual drive.4 cl, 15 dwg

Vehicle // 2392166
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: pedal levers (6) are jointed by cord (17, 30) with drive spiral-like segments (11) of gear ratio control mechanism (8) and drive wheel free running mechanism (37, 38). Control elements vary gear ratio by turning spiral-like variable-radius segments (11) with the help of cord (19), drive sectors (10) and cord (17). Control elements vary the height of rise of levers (6) via cord (44), levers rise mechanism (23-27) and cords running around drive sectors (10). Mechanism (31) allows tensioning the cords that can be made from kevlar.EFFECT: higher efficiency.5 cl, 6 dwg

Pedal drive // 2375236
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed drive comprises two guiding profiles (1) wherein reciprocate two carriages rigidly interconnected via space sleeves to form integral unit (6) of carriages. Chain (8) is arranged between inner opposite surfaces of carriages, passed over front (9) and rear (11) sprockets running of free running axles (10, 12) and driven sprocket (13) rigidly fitted on pto-shaft (14). Two ratchet pawls are arranged between inner surfaces of carriages to clamp and pull chain (8) passed between them.EFFECT: reduced torques that impedes carriage travel in guides that reduce wear of carriage bearing surfaces and profile guides.3 dwg

Vehicle muscle drive // 2373100
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: drive system levers comprise rockers (9), coupled via con-rods (10), with crankshaft coupled with drive sprockets (3). Rockets (9) accommodate pedal elements to revolve thereabout, furnished with adjustable stops to move con-rods (10) or crankshaft from dead center in top position of pedal elements.EFFECT: easier transfer of lever systems from dead center.4 cl, 2 dwg

Push stand- up pedal scooter // 2373099
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: pedal scooter comprises frame (1), steering fork (3) with steering column (2), front wheel (7), rear driving wheel (8) fitted on drive axle with a pair of overrunning couplings. Drive levers (9) are hinged onto frame (1) and have feet supports. Proposed scooter is provide with flutes (19) accommodating rollers and flexible con-rods (21), with their one end connected with rollers and flexible con-rods and their opposite connected with driving levers (9). The latter can be furnished with return springs arranged, for example on driving lever hinges. Aforesaid feet support length can be adjusted to suit feet of adults and kids.EFFECT: reduced height.3 cl, 5 dwg

Push cycle // 2329911
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to two-wheel saddleless means of travel. The push cycle incorporates a support-and-drive foot-plate with two guides wherein foot-step platform (8) can move coupled by push rod (18) with the lower chain drive circuit (20). Idling of platform (8) is ensured by an elastic element, i.e. spring (27). Steering column is hinged to the frame by mean of cylindrical hinge (5) with transverse-horizontal axis of rotation allowing changing the foot-step and guides inclination.EFFECT: increase component of working stroke in the reciprocating cycle of the foot-step platforms.2 dwg

Drive for bicycles and velomobiles // 2294859
FIELD: drives with reciprocating foot levers and with energy accumulation and release units.SUBSTANCE: proposed drive includes drive shaft with cranks (1) and pedals, driven shaft with overrunning clutch in drive wheel and ropes (4). Secured to right-hand crank (1) is double-arm lever (2) which may be also mounted on drive shaft; ends of this lever have curvilinear surfaces through which ropes (4) are thrown which are secured on ends of double-arm lever (2). Center parts of ropes (4) are wound on two pulleys on which they are secured; pulleys are mounted on drive wheel for engagement with it through overrunning clutches. Fitted in center portion of double-arm lever (2) is lever (7) provided with elastic drive, spring (8) for example; second end of spring (8) is caught by frame. Proposed drive ensures accumulation of energy of foot push at the end of turn of crank.EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.4 dwg

Compact bicycle with reciprocating pedals // 2288859
FIELD: transport engineering; bicycles with crank-and-connecting rod transmission.SUBSTANCE: proposed bicycle contains frame 1, driven sprocket 5, driven sprocket 2, chain, steering column 6 with handlebar. Reciprocating pedals are secured to levers to of driven sprocket 2 through rigid tie-rods 3. Devices to bring levers of driving sprocket 2 out of extreme point is hinge-secured on frame 1 and on rigid tie-rods 3. Frame 1 of bicycle provides distance of 10 cm between front and rear wheels in operating position of bicycle. Compactness of bicycle at shipment is provided by pressing of pedals to tie-rod 3.EFFECT: use of rider weight as main moving force.2 cl, 2 dwg

Vehicle // 2283243
FIELD: transport engineering; entertainments.SUBSTANCE: proposed vehicle contains traction motor 47 and stepless gearbox - variable-speed drive. Used as variable-speed drive can be amplifier consisting of power differential 1, comparing differential 30, regulating differential 2, control differential 36 and two-self-braking mechanisms 3, 4. Input of power differential is connected with traction motor and input of regulating differential, central gears 17, 18 of power differential are connected with driven links 15, 16 of self-braking mechanism and with central gears 32, 33 of comparing differential to provided rotation of central gears of comparing differential in opposite directions. Driving links 13, 14 of self-braking mechanisms are connected with central gears 19, 20 of regulating differential and central gears 42, 43 of control differential to provide rotation of central gears of control differential in opposite directions, and change of gear ratio is carried out by means of bicycle-type pedal unit 46 mechanically coupled with control differential with possibility of changing speed of rotation of its central gears. Central of regulating differential are closed by speed equalizer 41.EFFECT: provision of vehicle with ratio change and reversing by means of bicycle-type pedal drive.2 cl, 1 dwg

Pedal drive // 2274576
FIELD: muscular drives; roller skates.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lever drive of roller skates. Hinge joint 4 of pedal 1 is arranged in middle part of pedal. Pedal 1 is connected with one of flexible member 12 secured by ends on sheaves 13,14 of mechanism with flexible coupling and passed over sheaves 13,14 of said mechanism from two sides. Flexible material tapes of cables are used as flexible members. One of sheaves 14 is connected with drive gear 15 of toothed mechanism.EFFECT: possibility of use of smaller diameter sheave as compared with diameter of standard toothed gear, increased transmission gear ratio and speed of running.16 cl, 4 dwg

Vehicle with reproducible electric energy // 2264947
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to foot drive of electric transmission. Proposed small-size vehicle for individual use has base 1 with two driving wheels 3 connected through belts 29 of variable-speed drive with two electric motors 27 supplied by battery 8 and/or generators 11 with possibility of recuperation. Base 1 is hinge-connected with one- or two-axle bogie 4 with two generators 11. Generator armatures are rotated by pedals 14 provided with spiral rods 17 with pull-back springs 17 or equipped with levers and gears for rotating the armature.EFFECT: increased distance covered without charging.12 cl, 5 dwg

Bicycle with foot-operated lever drive // 2258625
FIELD: transport engineering; bicycles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to brake control drive with reciprocating levers. Levers 1, 2 are provided with two overrunning clutches mounted o one axle with sprocket 4 coupled by first flexible transmission 5 with drive sprocket 6. Levers 2, 2 are interconnected by second flexible transmission with disk 9 on axle 10. Said levers, being bell cranks, are additionally interconnected by third flexible transmission 14 with disk 15 fitted on axle 10 to provide transmission of forces applied to toe-clips from pedal to pedal. Axle 10 can be made either fixed or provided with joint 11 and coupling with brake 13 set into operation when forces are applied to both levers 1, 2.EFFECT: accelerated transfer of force from pedal to pedal.3 cl, 1 dwg

Vehicle muscular drive // 2247676
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drives with reciprocating levers. Driving rocker 2 and driven rocker 4 are connected by connecting rod 3. Pedals are secured on driving rockers 2, and tie-rods are connected to driven rockers 4 for coupling them with freewheeling mechanisms 6. Driven rockers 4 can be suspended from slider 10, rocker or eccentric to change ratio of drive in motion.EFFECT: enlarged ratio change range in drives with reciprocating levers.6 cl, 13 dwg

Tandem // 2247051
FIELD: transport engineering; three-wheel tandem.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to three-wheel tandem part of which is made in form of sedicar. Driven bicycle without front wheel is attached to side of driving bicycle. Reciprocating drive of driving bicycle in form of levers with drum is furnished additionally with shaft connected with axle of levers of driven bicycle to form common power system.EFFECT: improved efficiency of tandem drive.5 dwg

The vehicle driven by human muscle force // 2167780
The invention relates to the field of transport

The vehicle driven by human muscle force // 2160683
The invention relates to land vehicles

The vehicle driven by human muscle force // 2160682
The invention relates to land vehicles

The vehicle driven by human muscle force // 2160681
The invention relates to land vehicles

Cargo bike increased payload // 2158212
The invention relates to vehicles, in particular for the construction of the drive cargo bike

Bike antipova // 2146632
The invention relates to the field of mechanical engineering and sports, and more specifically to the manufacture of bicycles

The way of the drive bike // 2130400
The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to mechanical transmission, in particular to the drive bike

Bike rack // 2122958
The invention relates to personal individual vehicles travel on unpaved dirt and highways

Recumbent // 2105692

Bike // 2098309
The invention relates to the transport industry, in particular, to velotron and can be used in the manufacture of sports and road bikes

Bike // 2094287

The vehicle, driven by human muscle force // 2086452
The invention relates to the transport industry, in particular velotron

Vehicle // 2084367

Stroller for disabled // 2076055
The invention relates to means for independent movement of persons with disabilities
Velotech // 2075185

Bike // 2069633
The invention relates to household appliances and can be used in children, drive and, mainly, portable rental

Bike // 2069632
The invention relates to household appliances and can be used in children, drive and mainly in portable rental

Bike // 2068365

Recumbent // 2066653
The invention relates to vehicles driven by muscular effort