Rider propulsion of wheeled vehicles (B62M1)

Drive for bicycle with internal arrangement of two shafts interconnection system // 2637579
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: drive for a bicycle with an internal arrangement of two shaft interconnection system comprises an input shaft with a driven sprocket and an output shaft. The system of two shafts interconnection is placed inside rear wheel sleeve. The gears are switched without changing the engagement of gears. Torque from the sprocket is applied to the input shaft of the two shafts interconnection system. In the two shafts system, the output shaft connects the wheel and the free-wheeling device. The axles are fixed along the circumference of the wheel with the possibility of rotation. Gears are fixed on axles, and have a gearing with a gear on the input shaft through intermediate gear. Brake gears are arranged in one plane with the gears coaxially with the input shaft axis. The action of the input shaft on the output shaft is carried out by braking the brake gear by means of brake clutches or brake shoes.EFFECT: change of the gear ratio is achieved without changing the position of the sprockets on the drive wheel.10 dwg

Universal kick scooter "unokat" // 2631761
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: universal kick scooter comprises a support platform and a steering fork, pivotally connected to the support platform by means of a power bracket, a wheel. The support platform and the steering fork are configured to change the number of wheels from one to two on each axis. The support platform and the power bracket with the steering fork are designed to mount wheels of different diametres. The steering fork is designed to mount a front wheel, configured to mount pedals. The steering fork and the end of the support platform are designed with the possibility of mounting and fixing an option jumper in them with an area for attaching the seat.EFFECT: increased functionality of the kick scooter.3 cl, 19 dwg

Bicycle (scooter) of increased passability // 2629468
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: bicycle comprises a frame, a saddle, a sprocket and a chain, a front steering wheel and a rear driving wheel, each of which comprises a rim and a tire. The bicycle comprises an additional rear driving wheel. The wheel rims contact an endless flexible elastic hollow band under pressure, having transverse external and internal stiffeners on the side of the surface contacting the road and the opposite surface. In the absence of pressure, the stiffeners are mechanically connected to springs disposed radially relative to the wheels.EFFECT: increasing the passability.3 cl, 2 dwg

Combined transmission // 2628554
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: transmission comprises a drive pulley rigidly fixed to the input shaft, a driven pulley fixed to the output shaft and a gear train comprising a drive gear rigidly fixed to the input shaft in engagement with the driven gear wheel rotatably fixed to the output shaft. The transmission additionally contains an override clutch fixed to the output shaft, on which the driven pulley is mounted. The belt drive is located outside the casing.EFFECT: increased transmission reliability and durability while reducing the risk of injury.5 cl, 5 dwg

Individual track drive // 2628267
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: individual track drive contains a pair of track roller skates with an electric drive. The control for switching on the forward and reverse movement, the movement and braking speed is effected by foot pedal held in the horizontal position by means of prismatic compression springs, and by springs of compression and tension, by changing its position relative to the frame by reflex, not disturbing the equilibrium by alternating the transfer of the body's gravity to the pedal tip. The drive has an automatic termination of the torque in abnormal situations, provided by breaking the electrical circuit when the foot pedal is returned to the horizontal position relative to the frame due to the lack of pressure on the user's body.EFFECT: improved cross-country capacity and conrollability.2 cl, 3 dwg

Bicycle wheel drive // 2622734
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: bicycle wheel drive includes a planetary gear that includes in its a carrier, a central link of the planetary gear and a satellite. The planetary gear carrier is rigidly connected to the bicycle drive wheel. The wheel fork stays are rigidly connected to the central unit shaft of the planetary gear. The pedal crank shaft is rigidly connected to the satellite shaft. The satellite is kinematically connected to the central unit of the planetary gear so that the initial satellite circumference covers the initial circumference of the central unit of the planetary gear.EFFECT: simplified design and improved reliability of the bicycle wheel drive.5 cl, 9 dwg
Retro-direct planetary gear // 2620514
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is a switch gear type "retro-direct", i.e. two-speed switch, and which provides for direct and the inverse of the input shaft rotation force transmission to the output shaft in the forward direction, but with different gear ratios. The basic version of the invention involves placing in the pedal carriage bicycle that allows the use of the invention in conjunction with the conventional system shift. Further embodiment, the invention involves placing in the rear hub, hardly has such ability (at least with an overwhelming majority of conventional switches). Also considered application switch to an electric drill (not requiring reverse rotation of the cartridge), machine tools, etc.EFFECT: improving manufacturability.1 dwg

Progressive transmissions, continuously variable transmissions, methods, assemblies, subassemblies and components // 2618553
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a continuously variable transmission and a control method. The transmission comprises a first drive tilting of few balls at an angle around the longitudinal axis and in contact with the first disc; the second disc in contact with several tilting balls; roller, radially disposed within the tilting balls and in contact with them, the cell connected with several balls. It also includes a first adgerence assembly connected to drive the first cell and the second clutch assembly coupled to the cage and the first disc. Two of the following: the first drive, the second drive roller and adaptedto the adapted to receive the cell input capacity. In this case one of a first drive, the second drive roller and the cage is adapted to provide output power.EFFECT: invention provides a simplified design of transmission, lower cost and size of the device.17 cl, 22 dwg

Bicycle sixteen speed transmission // 2613392
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle gear box. Compact gearbox with small metal consumption is installed on the pedal assembly of the bicycle frame. The gearbox provides 16 speeds and consists of five pairs of gears, the two three-position switching clutches. Between the three rows of middle gears opposite deployed on-off clutches linked by joint switch plugs are mounted by two.EFFECT: sixteen speed bicycle gearbox, expanding the operational and layout characteristics of the bike.2 dwg
Non-motorised vehicle driven by human muscular force, using reversed principle of body work in rowing, to be used as light vehicle, for tourism and sport // 2613134
FIELD: medicine, sport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to non-motorised vehicle driven by human muscular force. Non-motorised vehicle consists of frame with light body, two driving wheels, steering and breaking devices. Non-motorised vehicle uses not direct but reverse principle of body work in rowing, where hands are constantly placed on grips of handlebar which simultaneously serves as axial support for hands, and force of legs is transmitted to chain drive directly from carriage with foot rests. Stirrups or stirrups belts serve for returning drive into the initial position due to overrunning clutches of wheels. Power stroke increases due to rocker seat with upper parallel suspension, providing convenience, distribution of loads and safety in operation, and initial adjustable stop. Rocking handlebar grips bring breaking system into action, toggle switches bringing electrical equipment into action, with rider's hands being on handlebar grips all the time.EFFECT: invention provides effective use of human muscular energy and increased safety.4 dwg
Cycling speed increasing method // 2608143
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cycling speed increasing method. Method consists in fact, that cyclist increases forces to bicycle pedals and gears, using not only own body weight using feet, but also back and hands muscles force. For this purpose, rigid belt is used, passed through cyclist shoulder, so, that cyclist resting on it with back and hands, along with control over bicycle, is able to increase force on pedals.EFFECT: enabling increased speed of cycling.1 cl

Bicycle car // 2607692
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles with muscle drive and can be used in amphibious bicycle cars, attractions, toys, etc. Closest to wheel pedals axes (10) by one side are rigidly fixed on wheels (14) with eccentricity equal to crank (12) radius, and by other is on pedal shaft crank (12). Each pair of pedals crankshafts (18) are installed in bearing supports (8) on amphibious bicycle car semi-frames concentrically to wheels axes. On front semi-frame (1) control handle (4) is installed connected to reducing gear worm (6), and on rear semi-frame (2) reducing gear worm gear (3) is rigidly fixed concentrically to semi-frames rotation axis. For motion and manoeuvres in water on front wheels (14) and rear wheels (15) blades (17) are installed.EFFECT: invention facilitates control, simplifies assembly and provides use of wheels without central hub and spokes.1 cl, 1 dwg

Four-stage bicycle transmission // 2599139
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to four-stage bicycle transmission. Four-stage bicycle transmission comprises a gearbox with coaxial input and output shafts therein, intermediate shaft is parallel to them. Three pairs of external engagement gears are arranged on the shafts, strike clutches are arranged between the gears. Transmission housing is fastened on the bicycle frame. Pedal cranks are fixed on input shaft. Three gears are fastened on the intermediate shaft, they are engaged with the gears installed freely: two on input shaft and one on the tubular output shaft freely installed on the input shaft. Gear rim with a three-position strike clutch is fastened between the input shaft gears. Second gear rim with the three-position strike clutch is fastened on the inner end of the tubular output shaft. Drive sprocket of chain transmission is fastened on the outer end of the tubular output shaft.EFFECT: expansion of vehicle operational properties.1 cl, 3 dwg

Four-stage wheel transmission // 2599138
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a single-track vehicle gearbox. On a tubular axle secured to the fork of the wheel suspension guide unit there are free tubular input and output shafts of the gearbox. Tooth rims are fixed on them with three-position switching couplings and there are free gears engaged with the gears mounted on the intermediate shaft. Middle one of the three gears of that shaft is engaged with the gear having the tooth rims and freely installed on the axle. Forks are arranged in slots, and switching levers - inside the tubular axle. Wheel hub is fixed to the tubular output shaft. Inside the hub there is a crankcase of the gearbox, which with an intermediate fastening assembly is attached to the fork of the wheel suspension guide unit. Inside that fixing assembly there is a sprocket of the chain transmission fixed on the input tubular shaft.EFFECT: provided are broader performance and layout characteristics of the vehicle.1 cl, 2 dwg

Push scooter // 2594265
FIELD: transport. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a push scooter. Push scooter comprises two-wheeled cart equipped with support platform for feet, wherein each of two longitudinally arranged wheels is attached to post with a handle at end and is rotary. Push scooter comprises one more two-wheeled cart equipped with support platform for feet, wherein each of two longitudinally arranged wheels is attached to a post with a handle at end and is rotary. Each support platforms consists of two parts, longitudinally connected by middle axis. Said axis of one of support platforms is transversely connected to elastically stretched element, other end of which mated to axis of support platform of other two-wheeled cart. EFFECT: higher speed of push scooter. 3 cl, 2 dwg

Eight-speed transmission wheel // 2580596
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: on tubular axle attached to fork guide wheel suspension, are freely installed tubular gearbox input and output shafts. Rims are fixed thereon with three-position couplings and freely mounted gears engaged with extreme gears units of gears fitted on mid axis. Internal gear engaged with gears of said blocks with rims and freely mounted on tubular axle. Between pairs of middle gears are arranged two oppositely turned half-couplings articulated by shift yoke. Plugs are arranged in slots, and switching levers-inside tubular axle.EFFECT: broader performance and layout characteristics of vehicle.1 cl, 2 dwg

Recumbent bicycle // 2577813
FIELD: sport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to recumbent bicycle. Recumbent bicycle comprises frame consisting of front and rear parts connected by joint and shock absorber. Rear part is provided with seat and is installed on rear drive wheel with a bushing with a unit of sprockets and ratchet and switch speeds. Front part of frame is equipped with rotary fork with handle bar top, in which front wheel axle with a through hole. To front part of frame by means of offsets on sides of front wheel, bearings, shaft is attached to con-rods and pedals. Shaft passes through hole axis of front wheel. Rotation of shaft is linked by sprocket and chain with rotation of one of sprockets block rear wheel sprockets. Branch circuit middle part rest on deflecting chain rollers attached to front part of frame. Tube is worn on upper part of the chain. Chain line on top view engaged by central sprocket unit sprockets is inclined at an angle of 1-1.5 sideways from front wheel relative to longitudinal axis of bicycle, passing through points of contact with road. Rear wheel axle and carriage shaft axis perpendicular to line circuit.EFFECT: easy operation.2 cl, 5 dwg

Bicycle spindle // 2569075
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: claimed spindle comprises pedal mechanism. Drive sprocket hub seats free on the central shaft and is made integral with the crank, axis of the latter is shifted relative to central axis and aligned with the centre of triangular rotor. All vertices of said rotor stay in constant contact with epitrochoid outline delineated by said vertices in outer casing outer side surface of the latter being provided with pedal con rod also locked on the shaft end. Radii of said hub and crank relate as 2:3 while eccentricity makes half the radius of cup.EFFECT: threefold increase in drive sprocket torque, decreased physical efforts.1 dwg

Front wheel drive of two-three wheel vehicle // 2567979
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: front wheel drive comprises frame, cardan mechanism composed of two cardan joints, shaft and moving spline joint, wheel chain gearing to couple cardan mechanism via gearing chain with front wheel controlled via front wheel steering yoke. Front wheel drive incorporates another chain gearing to couple engine output shaft with cardan mechanism. Steering yoke is provided with guide bushes equipped with internal thread while steering yoke pivot has the arm with bearing assembly and is rigidly coupled with vehicle frame. Arm bearing assembly and steering yoke guide bushes make a common swivelling axis in horizontal plane. Cardan mechanism has two cardan shafts one being provided with cardan yoke rigidly fitted thereon and another one being equipped with hinged engaged with cardan mechanism via sliding spline joint.EFFECT: higher reliability of torque transmission to front wheel, compensated drive length at turn of the front wheel.2 dwg

Staroverov(s muscular drive (versions) // 2560226
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the options of the muscular drive. Under the first option the drive contains pedals or handles and torsion spring, that at one end is connected with the load, for example with drive, and at another end is connected with the overrunning clutch secured on the bedplate, and additionally with one or more overrunning clutches connected with pedals and handles. All overrunning clutches permit rotation of the second spring end to one direction only. Under the second option the drive contains pedals or handles connected with the compressor, that is connected with the tank connected with the pneumatic engine. Gas exhaust from the pneumatic engine is directed to the compressor input via the intermediate elastic tank.EFFECT: assurance of maximum degree of muscular energy conservation to made work.9 cl, 4 dwg
Application of muscle drive // 2558633
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: muscle driven motion consists in rolling or sliding over artificial solid coats on moving supports. User body front surface rests on resilient deck coupled with the frame of moving single-track supports located in symmetry about body axis. User limbs are provided with rams adapted for reliable grip with the coat contact elements provided at motion route or ply site.EFFECT: better traction and speed.

uscular drive // 2557921
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to muscular drive. The muscular drive contains a frame, and secured on it at least one driven sprocket or pulley, connected with drive shaft via the overrunning clutch, and another support sprocket, enveloped by the opposite branches of the flexible tie-rod, for example, chains with installed between them piston rod making reciprocating movements and installed on the lever with handle to apply the muscular force. The drive contains an assembly, in which on the piston rod the cantilevers are installed, on them the enveloping opposite chain branches, one limiter and one sprocket with ratchet as overrunning clutch are installed, in turn close upon change of the piston rod stroke direction.EFFECT: more uniform distribution of the muscular forces along the handle stroke and increased drive efficiency are ensured.4 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2551579
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: chassis wheel comprises rim on shaft and multiple grousers on rim periphery. Wheel rim part is not integral with the hub and is asymmetric therewith but runs in step therewith. Air tube of atmospheric pressure is fitted on said rim. The latter is shaped to cylindrical drum with flanges provided with through holes made in generatrix for grousers. Besides, said holes are formed in tire drum rim. Wheel rim part drive is composed of three spinning rollers, top one being intended for inner engagement with said flange and two bottom rollers arranged in symmetry with top one are intended for external engagement.EFFECT: improved cross-country capacity.2 dwg

Off-road transport with attachments and foot drive // 2544049
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: transport includes chassis consisting of pneumatic driving running wheels installed at boards of frame. On board running wheels tracks are mounted. Power transmission of transport is provided with foot drive consisting of lever-type pedals with ratchet gears and drive gear unit. Driven sprocket of left board secondary shaft is made in one unit with driven gears of lower and higher gears immovably mounted on the shaft. Driven sprocket of left board rear shaft is also immovably mounted on the shaft. At the left board, driving running wheels are mounted on secondary and rear shafts. Driven sprockets of secondary and rear shafts are entrained about by endless chain. At the right board, drive running wheels are also mounted on secondary and rear shafts. On secondary and rear shafts, on left and right boards, on splines the cam clutches are installed. Driving running wheels are fitted with free-wheel clutches. Transport movement is performed by means of operator action on pedals by reciprocating movement of legs. Transport control is provided by cam clutches using control levers of left and right boards which levers engage and disengage torque transmission via shafts to driving running wheels of boards. To remove snow from territory attachments with delivery chute with worm and worm gear wheels are mounted on transport frame. To remove yard waste from territory attachment with shaft-type utility brush with drive wheel is mounted on transport frame. Through rotation of drive wheel against running wheel of transport by friction by treads during transport movement, waste is displaced towards wayside by brush rotation. Putting equipment into operation is performed by manual operation of lever of the first kind. For: tillage, harrowing, mellowing, cultivation of ground areas and weeds removal and if necessary - for cargo transportation following attachments are hitched to the transport: plough, harrow, cultivator or load trolley.EFFECT: transport movement on lower and higher gears is possible without tracks.4 cl, 7 dwg

Bicycle drive (versions) // 2539260
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: bicycle drive includes pedal unit, frame connected with at least one drive package. In the first version, the drive package is made in the form of profiled disk of variable radius which disk is installed on rear wheel free play unit, flexible component and driving disk installed on pedal unit. In the butt end of disks, a channel for flexible component laying is made which component by its one end is secured on rear wheel disk at the point of minimum radius, and by its other end is secured on driving disk of pedal unit at its upper point. In the second version, the drive package represents free play units with the same profiled disks of variable radius installed on left and right rear wheels. In the butt end of disks, channels for flexible components laying are made which components by their one end are secured on the mentioned disks of rear wheel, and by their second end are connected with corresponding left and right driving disks of pedal unit.EFFECT: higher reliability and lower weight of bicycle drive.11 cl, 8 dwg

All wheel drive motorcycle // 2534161
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to all wheel drive motorcycle. All wheel drive motorcycle includes frame with telescopic front wheel yoke, fuel tank, internal combustion engine and front and rear wheel drive installed on the frame. The drive is made in the form of clutch for coupling with output shaft connected to infinitely variable transmission on the output shaft of which universal joint is installed which is connected with driving shaft of rear wheel via spline joint with bevel gear and pinion of rear wheel drive. On the same output shaft, driving sprocket of front wheel drive chain is rigidly fixed. The driven sprocket is fixed on front drive driving shaft mounted in two bearings fixed to frame and located under fuel tank. On the other end of driving shaft, driving bevel gear is rigidly fixed which rotates large intermediate bevel gear positioned at an angle of 90 to driving shaft axis. Large gear axis coincides with yoke mounting assembly axis and is fitted in bushing of yoke rotation on its independent bearings, where driven bevel gear taking torque from intermediate bevel gear is fitted on butt end of divided driving shaft having spline joint and installed in bearings the bodies of which are mounted on inner side of yoke. On the lower end of driving shaft, the second small bevel gear is fitted which transfer rotation at an angle of 90 to large bevel gear which is fixed to side surface of front wheel hub which wheel is installed on axle.EFFECT: improvement of motorcycle performance characteristics.1 dwg

uscular drive of vehicle and/or muscular exerciser (versions) // 2533870
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to muscular drives with plane-parallel movement of foot levers with use of human gravity when human being is in vertical position and with device facilitating to pass dead positions of drive leverage. The muscular drive of a vehicle and/or muscular exerciser includes chain transmissions, freewheel clutches connected with chain transmissions sprockets fixed on frame. Pedal elements are located on the frame with possibility of frame plane-parallel movement due to muscular force and human gravity. The pedal elements are connected with mechanical drive representing leverage. The pedal elements can move over trajectories maximally approximated to trajectories of human's feet during walking, herewith, there is possibility to apply additional force of human's arms to muscular drive.EFFECT: higher vehicle and/or exerciser movement steadiness, lower dynamic loads, higher effectiveness.6 cl, 8 dwg
Vehicle wheel with planetary arrangement of reverse motion transmission // 2531418
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport machine building, in particular to vehicle driving wheels actuator design including wheelchairs. Vehicle wheel contains central wheel of external gearing and kinematically connected with it via satellites wheel-rim of internal gearing . Gearing devices of central wheel and wheel-rim are made as ring support with fixed in the support toothed belt of structurally and technologically feasible standard size, and satellites are pulleys of structurally and technologically feasible standard size.EFFECT: simpler design and manufacturing process of vehicle with wheels of different standard sizes which vehicle is used on various grounds including grounds with poor carrying capacity.

Push cycle with pedal drive // 2529587
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to push cycle with pedal drive. Push cycle comprises cam clutch to run engaged with drive gear and fitted between drive and driven gears to drive rear wheels by transfer of can rotation to drive gear and drive gear. Cam clutch can be engaged with either low gear wheel or second gear. First and second connecting gear run in engagement with low gear wheel or second gear and are fitted on extensions of countershaft. Transfer gear is fitted on both extensions of countershaft to receive rotation from first and second idlers via countershaft and engaged with driven gear for rotation. Low and second gears are fitted on axle with cam clutch. Cam clutch cams are fitted on said clutch, low and second gears so that transfer gear can engage with spinning cam clutch. Cam clutch end has gearshift lever to engage cam clutch with low or second gears.EFFECT: lower control force, speed change by gearing.8 dwg

Operation of muscle-driven carrier and muscle-driven carrier to this end // 2529089
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed carrier comprises frame and wheels, two interconnected flutes arranged on both sides of said frame to turn about carriage, two rollers displacing in appropriate flute and turning on axle with slide block flange. Axle with pedal flange is secured to that slide block. Slide block can displace in the groove of block fitted on carriage axle.EFFECT: uniform wear of wheels.3 cl, 9 dwg

Gearshift train for planetary gearbox // 2527608
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: gearshift train comprises planetary gearbox, gearshift cam engaged with planetary gear in said gearbox and provided with retainer, spinning ring of cable connected with moving cable. Cable ring comprises section with ledges, spinning ring with ledges including section with ledges engaged with cable ring section with ledges. Besides, ring with ledges has retainer to be engaged with gearshift cam retainer. Cable ring spinning makes it displace through preset distance in direction perpendicular to cable ring spinning plane. Gearshift cam is retained by engagement with ring with ledges. Note here that at said preset distance ring with ledges can spin can spin with cable ring and displace axially at a time of axial displacement of ring with ledges and spring fitted between cable ring and gearshift cam. Gearshift cam responding to spring force spins at spinning of ring with ledges limited by gearshift cam engagement with retainer of ring with ledges while gearbox shifts gears at gearshift can spinning.EFFECT: higher reliability.3 cl, 58 dwg, 1 tbl

Bicycle planetary gearbox // 2527579
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: group of invention relates to versions of bicycle design and belt drive system. Bicycle comprises the frame and at least one wheel secured to said frame. Wheel has hub, second planetary gearbox arranged therein and belt for torque transmission between first planetary gearbox and second planetary gearbox. In compliance with first version, this frame comprises receiver to accommodate said first planetary gearbox. In compliance with second version, this frame also comprises receiver to accommodate said first planetary gearbox of different design version. In compliance with first version, belt drive system comprises frame, receiver, first planetary gearbox located therein and second planetary gearbox located in wheel hub. In compliance with second version, belt drive system comprises first planetary gearbox arranged in first receiver and second planetary gearbox arranged in second receiver.EFFECT: decreased weight, better frame clearance.15 cl, 30 dwg

Drive of pedal-driven vehicles // 2525185
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drives with reciprocating feet levers and can be used in bicycles, bicycle cars, catamarans, etc. Drive comprises pedal axle (1) supporting the one-way motion transfer mechanisms and drive sprocket (2) interacting with driven sprocket (4) via endless chain (3). Cranks (5) and (7) with pedals (15) and (16) are fitted on bodies of one-way motion transfer mechanisms. Besides, this drive comprises reversing-synchronising shaft (9) with transfer links composed by sprockets or pulleys. Cranks interact via sections (12) and (13) of extra flexible member interacting with at least one adjusting roller (14). Crank locking device is composed of retainer-type (5, 7) limiters (19) and (20) or by overrunning clutch (25).EFFECT: smaller muscle force to pedals, ruled out dead points, higher reliability and friendly use.7 cl, 4 dwg

Cycling vehicle // 2523864
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle actuated by human muscle force. The cycling vehicle includes frame with spatial support, propel and steering systems, muscular drive system, muscular drive and electric dive control systems, as well as cowl-cabin and adjustable seat. Steering system includes interconnected steering fork and handle bar. Muscular drive system is made as connection rods located on torque axis. The ends of connection rods are kinematically connected with driven and bypass sprockets. On the driving shaft there are running wheels and flywheels with clutch system elements, as well as driving gear connected with electric machine. The rear spatial support is made as bracket with axle for connecting rods and is aligned with cowl generatices. Muscular drive control system is made as lever with clutch and brake control rocker which lever is installed on axle.EFFECT: higher coefficient of efficiency and manoeuvrability.4 dwg

Vehicle muscular drive // 2521469
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: mechanism of kinematical connection of lever pedal elements with drive axle is provided with bushing rigidly mounted on drive frame. Holder is immovably installed on drive axle inside metal bushing. Between immovable metal bushing and drive axle holder there is movable bushing capable to rotate in one direction. The drive axle holder is provided with hole into which plug is inserted, and on the movable bushing at one side ratched wheel-sprocket is rigidly mounted and at the other side ring ratched wheel is rigidly mounted. On the drive axle at both sides bushings are installed which are friction bearings for main conical gears in slots of which keys are located providing connection of bearings with pedal levers. On protruding cylindrical portion of plug bushing is installed which is friction bearing for intermediate conical bearing. Ratched wheel-sprocket and ring ratched wheel provide kinematical connection of pedal levers with link of chain transmission to driving wheel. Kinematical connection is implemented via arrestor catches installed in holes of pedal levers and equipped with compression springs. Drive axle is provided with two locking plates one end of which is rigidly fixed on frame, and on the other end holes are made by which the locking plates fix drive axle by flattened surfaces made on it.EFFECT: higher drive power.2 dwg

Push-bicycle // 2520634
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: push-bicycle includes frame with footrest and steering column, front wheel with freewheel clutch, rear wheel, drive. The drive includes drive cross-member with steering handles attached to frame and made in the form of transverse relative to steering column lever pivotally connected with front wheel yoke in its upper part with possibility to rotate in vertical plane matching the plane of front wheel. Drive cross-member is kinematically connected with freewheel clutch by flexible coupling which represents opened chain. One end of chain is attached to drive cross-member being capable to move along it in the space between steering handles and steering column articulated joint. The other end of chain is fixed with possibility of freewheel clutch reverse rotation and reverse chain movement.EFFECT: simplified design and higher efficiency of motion.5 cl, 4 dwg

Rear bicycle hub controlled by reverse gear // 2515827
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: mechanism comprises two overrunning clutches, an input shaft and a fixed supporting axis in relation to which rotation directions of all parts are indicated, it is provided with one working direction of a wheel rotation called "forward" and there is no possibility of rotating the wheel as a driving one in the opposite direction called "backwards". The said mechanism comprises a planetary gear set connected to the overrunning clutches so that at the forward rotation of the input shaft the moment is transferred directly from the input shaft to the hub and the planetary gear set is unloaded which provides for the transmission of 1:1. When the input shaft rotates backwards, the moment is transferred to the hub through the planetary gear set which reduces the transmission ratio and inverts the direction thus rotating the wheel hub forwards at the reduced gear.EFFECT: simplified design, lower weight.3 dwg

Hand-driven carrier // 2514949
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed carrier comprises frame, control element coupled with said frame to oscillate relative thereto. It comprises also the assembly to be controlled by said control element to transform reciprocation in rotation, gearbox to transmit torque from drive shaft engaged with said transformer to driven shaft engaged with moving element. Note here that said gearbox has at least one transmission shaft perpendicular to drive and drive shafts and engaged therewith via appropriate gearing. Said element can be oscillated by carrier drive hands push force for manual driving of the said carrier. Note here that said assembly comprises the mechanism with con rod and rocker to convert reciprocating oscillation of drive bar into drive shaft rotation.EFFECT: lower control force.10 cl, 8 dwg

Stepless gearbox // 2499932
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: stator plate for stepless gearbox contains several satellites installed around the main axis of rotation with power transmission due to engagement. Stator plate contains disk-shaped body installed coaxial to the main axis of rotation and several radially displaced guides arranged on the front surface of disk-shaped body and installed at an angle to the centre. Each radially displaced guide is displaced in linear direction from axial line of disk-shaped body.EFFECT: improving performance.14 cl, 17 dwg

Bicycle drive with offset crank slider mechanism // 2497708
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drives of bicycles with foot pedals reciprocation. Proposed drive comprises drive sprocket, chain gearing with crank, drive sprocket , slider (pedal) with guide and con-rod. In straight stroke of slider-pedal crank turn angle exceeding 180 degrees. In reciprocation and at whatever opposite positions of pedals-sliders of depression of one of them drives the bicycle while zone of transition from one slider-pedal to another makes the zone of their combined operation.EFFECT: expanded operating performances.3 dwg

Pedal drive // 2493999
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device to drive transport facilities by human muscles. Proposed drive has two stages, one being composed of two planetary mechanisms with carries 2, 3 rigidly coupled with carriage shaft 1 and composed of a plate integrated with carriage shaft 1 to double as a flywheel with plane pinions 4, 5 fitted on extending ends and engaged with sun gears 7, 8 at gear ratio of unity. Said sun gears are fitted concentrically with carriage shaft on both sides and fixed to vehicle body 9. Pedals 10, 11 are fitted on radial permanently horizontal levers 12, 13 directed forward. Axial ends of horizontal levers 12, 13 are rigidly connected with plane pinions 4, 5. Second stage is composed of gearing with gear 16 fixed at carrier rim 2 while gear 17 is fitted on drive axle 18 of one of vehicle actuators.EFFECT: higher traction and efficiency.1 dwg

Bicycle stepless transmission // 2492097
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle rear wheel variators. Variator has discs 4, 5 that stay in direct friction contact. One of said discs is tapered disc. Surfaces of said discs converge at acute angle. Driven sp[rocket 10 is fitted on hollow shaft 8 to transmit torque to drive disc 5 and presses the latter to driven disc 4 fitted on wheel hub 2 of overrunning coupling 3. Control cables 20 displace sliding disc 14 with hollow shaft 8 and driven and drive discs 10 and 5, respectively, fitted thereon. This allows drive disc 5 to displace relative driven disc 4 with stepless variation of gear ratio. Variator can be uncased for protection against ambient effects.EFFECT: reduced weight.2 cl, 6 dwg

Snow mobile with perfected drive // 2485001
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to snow mobile transmissions incorporating variator with one driven pulley adjustable flange. Transverse counter shaft 100 is made from thin-wall hollow tube. Driven pulley 83 comprises stationary roller 87 and moving roller 89. Stationary roller 87 is arranged with interference fit on outer surface of counter shaft first end 102. Moving roller 89 is arranged to slide on pouter surface of first end 102. Note here that moving roller 8 has moving external part 91 that extends through holes 128 of stationary roller 87 and is rigidly engaged with moving roller 89 by fasteners 129. Displacing spring 101 is arranged between stationary roller 87 and moving outer part 91 to displace moving roller 89 to stationary roller 87.EFFECT: simplified design, decreased weight.20 cl, 6 dwg

Rack-type race bicycle // 2477240
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle with reciprocating pedals. Pedal 23 is fitted on pusher 21 provided with gear 20. Spring-loaded rack 16 has teeth on its both sides to engage with overrunning coupling 13, 14 and gear 20. Extra rack 22 is a stationary element. Gear 20 interacts with stationary rack teeth and those of spring-loaded rack 16. In pedal downward travel, spring-loaded rack stroke is doubled due to addition of two motions. Pusher translation with gear 20 and rotation driven by engagement od gear 20 with fixed rack 22.EFFECT: increased speed.3 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of torque moment transfer to driving wheel of chassis // 2469901
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: wheels (1, 2) of each board of chassis are suspended on trailing arms-balancers (3). Rotating roller-pendulum (4) is mounted excentrically relative to axis of arms-balancers (3) suspension. Roller (4) transfers torque moment to one of board wheels (1, 2) which is currently the driving wheel.EFFECT: better conditions providing self-cleaning of roller in comparison with drive in which the roller is linked with two wheels simultaneously.1 dwg

Hold-down gearshift device for bicycle // 2463195
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gearshift actuators in planetary transmissions in wheel hub. Pair of sun gears has fixing projections (23b) for engagement with axle (10) via pawls (12b, 13b). Sun gears disengagement from axle (10) is provided by pawl control ring. This ring has casing (16) with hold-down elements (18) in the form of rollers. Splined grooves (27b) are created on inner circumference of carrier (20) or on separate body (29) capable to slip relative to carrier (20). Carrier (20) rotation provides gradual pushing out of hold-down elements (18) from deep section of splined grooves (27b) with corresponding holding down pawls (12b) and their disengagement from fixing projections (23b) of one of sun gears.EFFECT: solution is intended to use impelling force of pedal and/or motor as auxiliary force to facilitate shifting.10 cl, 36 dwg

Bicycle // 2463194
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle with pedal drive incorporating reciprocating levers. On drive wheel axle (22), outer part of telescopic lever is installed. Gear (23) is installed on outer part of telescopic lever. Arc-shaped pinion rack (24) is mounted on bicycle frame. Gear (25) is linked with one-way rotation clutch (27). Gear (23) is engaged with arc-shaped pinion rack (24) and with gear (25).EFFECT: elimination of chain gear.2 cl, 6 dwg

Transmission device // 2461487
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle drive with auxiliary motor in carriage. Stator outer surface is provided with transducer 244 to measure rpm of cranks 22. Appropriate transducer plates 231 are fitted on iner side of side cover 23, outer part of the latter being attached to pedal crank 22. Rotor hollow axle 243 is engaged with sprocket 26 via planetary reduction gear 25 and first ratchet 27. Crankshaft extends through said hollow axle 243 to engage with sprocket 26 via second ratchet 28.EFFECT: compact drive, automatic motor start, reduced crank rpm.9 cl, 7 dwg

Water-jet propeller // 2457148
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sport and touristic surface and submerged water-borne vehicles. Water-jet propeller has closed body, plate-valve water intake devices, channel of outflow acceleration, system for connecting to propelled object, propellant expulsion module, propellant expulsion module control system. System for connecting to propelled object is made of belts for shank binding and foot pads located at outside of body. Propellant expulsion module is made as stretching train, muscular drive of tail stretching device, and freewheel clutches. The train consists of fastening train tail, several interconnected in series pneumatic components of train and non-stretching train sheet. Train sheet in its upper part is attached to muscular drive of train tension device in the form of spool. The spool is immovably slipped over working shaft installed inside body in its upper part. Freewheel clutches are mounted on working shaft at both sides of spool and equipped with rotation mechanism. Propellant expulsion module control system consists of train locking in tensioned condition assembly and train locking assembly release mechanism. Release mechanism is made as mechanical connection of train locking assembly with drive. The drive is made as propellant expulsion module control pedal. The pedal is mounted at outside of propellant body near foot pad.EFFECT: independence and safety of use, simple operation.2 cl, 2 dwg

Inertia mechanism // 2454579
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: hollow housing (1) of mechanism is fixed on driven shaft (2) and partially filled with liquid. Impeller with blades (8) is fixed on shaft (2) inside housing (1). Housing (1) is made so that it diverges from centre to periphery. Convergent traps (3) are uniformly located in cavity of expanded part of housing (1) in circumferential direction. L-shaped lever (5) is hinged at inlet of each trap (3). One of arms of lever (5) is rigidly attached to float (6) arranged in cavity of convergent trap (3). Nozzles (7) facing blades (8) are fixed at the outlet of trap (3). Volume of liquid inside housing (1) preferably corresponds to total volume of convergent traps (3) the number of which corresponds to the number of blades (8).EFFECT: simpler design.3 cl, 3 dwg