With variable number of ground-engaging wheels, e.g. with some wheels arranged higher than others, or with retractable wheels (B62D61/12)

B62D61/12                     With variable number of ground-engaging wheels, e.g. with some wheels arranged higher than others, or with retractable wheels (for manoeuvring purposes only b60s)(30)

System of modular electric vehicle // 2642227
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: modular electric vehicle comprises a plurality of interchangeable assembly units of the vehicle. Each module comprises a connecting surface for attaching to a neighbouring adjacent module, a central power bus, an electrical power supply, a central network bus, an electrically powered axle, and a module controller. The powered assembly module is designed rotatable by means of the controller interaction with the powered axle. The vehicle controller is designed to recognize a vehicle configuration and to select the appropriate control software based on this configuration. The operator interface connected to the vehicle controller and enabling the operator to control the vehicle. A central control network for use in a modular electric vehicle and an interchangeable assembly module of a vehicle are also claimed.EFFECT: manufacturing a modular electric vehicle having the greatest configuration flexibility degree.43 cl, 17 dwg

Universal kick scooter "unokat" // 2631761
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: universal kick scooter comprises a support platform and a steering fork, pivotally connected to the support platform by means of a power bracket, a wheel. The support platform and the steering fork are configured to change the number of wheels from one to two on each axis. The support platform and the power bracket with the steering fork are designed to mount wheels of different diametres. The steering fork is designed to mount a front wheel, configured to mount pedals. The steering fork and the end of the support platform are designed with the possibility of mounting and fixing an option jumper in them with an area for attaching the seat.EFFECT: increased functionality of the kick scooter.3 cl, 19 dwg

All-season tundra vehicle // 2628414
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: cross-country vehicle contains the cabin, the main drive from the internal combustion engine, the full-range pneumatic-wheel propellers of large diameter, mounted on the chassis, and the cargo compartment. The pneumatic propellers contain the full profiled with low and medium pressure tyres, and the suspension is made without springs, the wide frame chassis is performed with differently tracked location system of the pneumatic propellers on the spaced bridges with the gravity center stabilisation and the lateral stability. The lateral retractable support wheels are installed at the frame, the aerodynamic engine power plant of helicopter type with detachable emergency-detonated blades is installed between the main engine and the cargo compartment in the vehicle mass center. The water jets and high-speed impeller are installed on the bridge transverse beams. The engine compartment, the cabin and the cargo compartment are sealed and made of composite, fiber-glass materials and carbon fiber, and the vehicle carrier elements are made from aluminium and titanium alloys.EFFECT: improved the vehicle cross-country.1 dwg
Additional support axle // 2618613
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: additional support axle is installed in front of the tractor and represents a U-shaped rigid welded frame. The frame consists of a longitudinal bar and a transverse bar, is hinged on the tractor frame together with two wheels mounted on the forks and hydraulic cylinders. The additional support axle structure is fixed on the tractor serial linkage via the main frame having lugs. Two longitudinal bars on the edges and one longitudinal bar in the center, having a hinge and a rigid connection with the transverse bar, are hinged to the main frame. Two pairs of longitudinal beams, with a fixed hub for mounting a pneumatic wheel, and two spring shock absorbers are hinged at the bottom of the transverse bar. The spring shock absorber consists of the hydraulic shock absorber and the coil helical spring mounted above the hydraulic shock absorber. The spring shock absorber is fixed by the cylinder of the hydraulic shock absorber on the longitudinal beam and has a fastening (plate) for mounting the coil spring. The rod of the hydraulic shock absorber is hinged on the longitudinal bar and has the second fastening for the coil spring.EFFECT: improving the agronomic tractor passability due to the uniform distribution of a wheel tractor's own load in all axles.2 dwg

Additional support axle // 2618612
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: additional support axle is installed in front of the tractor and represents a U-shaped rigid welded frame. The frame consists of a longitudinal bar and a transverse bar, and is hinged on the tractor frame. On the transverse bar swivel clips are rigidly fixed, in which turning forks with pneumatic wheels are installed. Raising and lowering the structure is carried out by hydraulic cylinders, the housings of which are hinged to the tractor frame, and the rod - to the transverse bar. The turning forks are made from two side walls fixed to the plate at an angle providing maintaining the distance "B" between the horizontal rotation axis of the wheel and the vertical rotation axis of the fork. The distance "B" is determined from the expression B = (0.40.6)Dk, where Dk is the wheel diameter. The turning fork plate has the vertical axis mounted via two roller bearings, a thrust bushing, a thrust washer and two nuts in the housing of the swivel clip fixed to the transverse bar.EFFECT: increased performance of a machine-tractor unit due to the uniform distribution of the wheel tractor's own load in all axes.2 dwg

Device in forestry machine and forestry machine, equipped with the appropriate device // 2617332
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device in a forestry machine, wherein the device has a chassis (12), a uniaxial set of rollers pivotally attached to the chassis (12), and at least one auxiliary roller (18) mounted outside the roller set in order to increase the rear chassis (12) bearing capacity. The apparatus further comprises at least one support arm (20) adapted to support the said auxiliary roller (18) at its first end (22), and pivotally attached at its second end (24) to the chassis (12) via a transverse shaft ( 23), a supporting surface (36) attached to the chassis (12) and an opposite surface (38) attached to the said support arm (20) to limit the transverse movement of the support arm (20). The invention also relates to the appropriate forestry machine.EFFECT: lower surface pressure on the ground and good manipulation.16 cl, 11 dwg

Trailer with controlled ancillary axle // 2616119
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a device, that allows easy reverse maneuvering of the tractor, to which a trailer is attached. Trailer (1) has a frame (2) of the trailer, the main axle (3), a device (4) of fixed connectors for its connection to a towing vehicle (5), an ancillary axle (6), lifting means (M, V, 6d), and means ( 6e, 7) of orientation towards the ancillary axle (6), according to the trajectory of reverse motion of the tractor (5). Lifting means (M, V, 6d) are made to selectively move the one among the main axle (3) and the ancillary axle (6) between a first position, in which the ancillary axle (6) is raised above the ground with respect to the main axle (3), and a second position, in which the ancillary axle (6) is lowered towards the ground (S) below the main axle (3).EFFECT: achieved by facilitating the movement and reverse maneuvering, due to the possibility of bringing the trailer to the tractor axis trajectory ago.14 cl, 14 dwg

Axis suspender, as well as axis lift for vehicle axis // 2597036
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to axis suspender for vehicle axis. Axis suspender comprises supports, each fastened on both sides of the vehicle (2), each of which holding a lengthwise lever (5) of independent suspension fixed with possibility of rotation with pin (6) passing through holes in side walls (7a, 7b) of the support (2) and through the front eye trailing arm (5), lift axis equipped with load-bearing element (11) and console (12). Support (12) is equipped with backup (10) for power element (11) and part (31) of the cantilever for attachment to support (2), on which there is an insertion or hook connection (36A) to enter support (2). Part (31) of console has a molded plate part (32) with two side flanges (35), each provided with only one hole (34) on the rear end. Holes (34) are coaxial to each other and are arranged so that within console mounted part (31) they are coaxial with holes (24) in side walls (7a, 7b) of support (2) located at a distance from the holes penetrated by pin (6), so that part (31) of console can be located in one and only position relative to support (2).EFFECT: possibility of mounting axis lift console on support by several techniques in the main position.10 cl, 5 dwg

Vehicle wheel attachment mechanism // 2595199
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to motor transport, specifically to mechanisms for mounting wheels with rotary hubs, and can be used as additional axis of vehicle or trailer main axis. Vehicle wheel mounting mechanism comprises two bearing axial elements with torsion bars. On torsion bars there are wheel hubs capable of switching from a vertical position into a horizontal position by means of drive and can be locked in extreme positions. Hubs are installed on hinge elements, each including a movable two-arm lever connected with hub and a fixed lever connected with torsion bar. Ends of movable lever are connected with drive.EFFECT: higher reliability.5 cl, 9 dwg

Pneumatic suspension of industrial vehicle equipped with system for switching load on axis between rear axle and supporting axis installed in front of or behind drive axis // 2587739
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to pneumatic suspension of vehicle. Pneumatic suspension of tractor has drive rear axle (2) and supporting axis (10). Pneumatic circuit of each axis includes bellows (1) of pneumatic suspension, pneumatic switch (4) for recording bellows pressure at drive rear axle (2), 3/2-way valve (11), which is connected to valve (12) of rear axle (2) pressure ratio, and control device. Depending on recorded bellows pressure ratio of loads on the axis between driven rear axle (2) and provided for it support axis (10) varies. To pipeline (7) of switching valve (3) two magnetic valves (5, 6) are connected in parallel, made with possibility of switching so that by one switching process air is introduced in control pipeline (7) or is discharged from it.EFFECT: possibility to adjust air suspensions.13 cl, 3 dwg

ultifunctional multigrade universal cross-country vehicle // 2574043
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry and can be used as a cross-country vehicle in industry, agriculture, health protection, etc. Proposed vehicle has large-diameter wheels, engine, automatic gearbox, sealed body with passenger compartment, cargo compartment and propulsors arranged at sides of sealed body, power plant, suspension, turning gear and drive gearing. Engine is arranged at the left of cabin and covered with flat top with fine noise insulation. Vehicle transmission features 6x6 wheel arrangement wherein mix axle can be lifted. Front, mid and rear axles can be engaged and disengaged. In compliance with the first version, this vehicle can be caterpillar carrier configured with the help of fast-detach polymer propulsor to be fitted on all wheels, ski-caterpillar carrier with fast-detach polymer propulsor to be fitted on mid and rear wheels and fast-detach ski supports to be fitted on front wheels and semi-caterpillar carrier with fast-detach polymer propulsor to be fitted on mid and rear wheels. In compliance with the second version, said carrier is a floating vehicle provided with water-jet propeller arranged at vehicle rear outside displacement hull boundaries.EFFECT: development of said universal vehicle.8 cl, 5 dwg

Three-axle vehicle with combined powerplant // 2537931
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. three-axle vehicle with combined power plant includes thermal engine connected with wheels of middle axle, reversible electrical machines, driveline and on-board control system. Vehicle is made with rear-wheels driven by electric machines installed in hubs of wheels the axle of which is equipped with lifting mechanism. The middle axle is driven by thermal engine and reversible electrical machine located in one unit with transmission. Electric machines of front wheel drive are located on undercarriage.EFFECT: simplified design and improved operational characteristics are achieved.1 dwg

Cylindrical thrust mechanism for distributing natural load from tractor front axle to extra propulsor // 2480343
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery. Proposed mechanism serves to distribute natural load from wheeled tractor front axle to extra propulsor. Cylindrical thrust mechanism is mounted at tractor frame by means of welded corner plates. Said mechanism consists of hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic control valve, hydraulic pump, pump cut in lever, elastic fluid feed hoses. Hydraulic cylinder rod thrusts against the end of dual semi-elliptical sheet spring. Spring central part is articulated with bracket hinge at tractor frame center. Said spring rests on thrust piece mounted on extra drive axle and provided with limiter.EFFECT: better floatation.4 dwg

Amphibious transport facility // 2444444
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to amphibious transport facilities. Proposed transport facility comprises drives to move on ground and those for moving in water. Drives to move on ground include, at least, two axles spaced apart along vehicle length and, at least, one intermediate axle mounted there between. Said intermediate axle is provided with, at least, one wheel that may be retracted above vehicle waterline for motion in water and/or on ground. One or several axles may be driving, either permanently or selectively. Transport facility can plane on water surface and may feature V-like hull. Motion on water may be actuated by water-jet propeller. Wheels may be retracted either vertically or in turn about vertical axis of transport facility. It is expedient to control turns by one-side braking. Wheels may be furnished with guides for retraction and wings while transport facility may be furnished with roof. Pairs of sliding parts may make roof support. Transport facility may be equipped with front control station with driver seat.EFFECT: better maneuverability.43 cl, 12 dwg

Auxiliary device to increase non-four-and-four wheeled tractor cross-country capacity // 2399542
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery, namely to auxiliary devices designed to increase non-four-and-four wheeled tractor cross-country capacity. Auxiliary device to increase non-four-and-four wheeled tractor cross-country capacity represents auxiliary positively locked drive axle mounted with the help of welded thrusts and spring-loaded vertical power hydraulic cylinders arranged between front and rear axles of the tractor, perpendicular to vector of tractor motion, and engaged via p.t.o-box with gearbox. It allows redistribute tractor front weight to additional drive axle via pressure cylinder mechanism depending upon operating conditions. To add to system of horizontal stiffness, auxiliary drive shaft is secured to tractor frame by two reactive tie-rods.EFFECT: higher cross-country capacity, reliability, simplified design.3 dwg

Axle lifting device and wheel suspension incorporating said device // 2398704
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed device serves to lift automotive axles, particularly those furnished with pneumatic suspension. Suspension comprises support element (2), lifting element (4) and lever element (6). Lifting and lever elements can be jointed together by lifting element. Support element is arranged stationary relative to lever element but can rotate or turn about it. When lifting element operates, support element is supported on vehicle frame element (16). To lift axle control lever, lever element applies, primarily vertical force to lever (20). Lever element is arranged stationary and can rotate or turn with respect to distal end of lever (20) and/or frame element.EFFECT: higher efficiency.13 cl, 4 dwg

Higher cross-country capacity truck // 2389632
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, mainly to higher cross-country capacity trucks. Proposed truck comprises two drive axles with mechanical drives: one main axle and one wheeled axle. Main portal axle is equipped with mechanism to elevate it in cut-off state. Wheeled portal axle is equipped with mechanism to elevate it in cut-off state. Portal axle has wheels rotational axis not aligned with drive half axle axis. Wheeled axle wheel diametre is smaller than that of the main axle. Wheeled axle drive gear ratio exceeds that of the main axle. Wheel gage of wheeled axle is smaller than that of the main axle by the sum of maximum projections on horizontal plane of one wheel of main axle and one wheel of wheeled axle.EFFECT: increased thrust and better cross country capacity.3 cl, 2 dwg

Suspension system and automobile-amphibian equipped with such system // 2297357
FIELD: automobile suspension systems.SUBSTANCE: proposed suspension system for automobile-amphibian includes the control lever mounted rotatably on automobile body passing to wheel bracket. Control lever and wheel bracket are mounted for rotary motion relative to each other. Wheel bracket includes automobile wheel supports. Suspension system is provided additionally with drive unit mounted rotatably on automobile body at spatial connection relative to control lever and for rotation of control lever around its swivel joint with body for shift of wheel bracket and consequently for shift between two limiting positions of automobile wheel. In first limiting position, wheel is mainly located vertically for grip with road and in second limiting position, it is retracted for motion of automobile in water. Drive unit is mounted rotatably on body in center position relative to its length so that it should turn during motion of wheel bracket between the first and second limiting positions.EFFECT: increased motion of automobile forward and inside at retraction.13 cl, 3 dwg

Tractor environmental version // 2222454
The invention relates to tractor industry, in particular for agricultural tractors

The lifting mechanism for bridges vehicles with pneumatic suspension // 2201370
The invention relates to a transport machine-building, namely the mechanisms of bridge lifting of vehicles with pneumatic suspension

Wheeled vehicle // 2178752
The invention relates to vehicles intended for operation in off-road conditions, such as planetary Rovers

Wheeled vehicle // 2106997
The invention relates to a wheeled vehicle containing one or more driving wheels

The chassis of the vehicle // 2041082
The invention relates to the structures of the chassis of vehicles, primarily cars, off-road movement, equipped with wheeled mover