Superstructures for passenger vehicles (B62D31)

B62D31                 Superstructures for passenger vehicles (passenger vehicles specially adapted to co-operate with aircraft or terminal buildings b64f0001310000)(43)

System of modular electric vehicle // 2642227
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: modular electric vehicle comprises a plurality of interchangeable assembly units of the vehicle. Each module comprises a connecting surface for attaching to a neighbouring adjacent module, a central power bus, an electrical power supply, a central network bus, an electrically powered axle, and a module controller. The powered assembly module is designed rotatable by means of the controller interaction with the powered axle. The vehicle controller is designed to recognize a vehicle configuration and to select the appropriate control software based on this configuration. The operator interface connected to the vehicle controller and enabling the operator to control the vehicle. A central control network for use in a modular electric vehicle and an interchangeable assembly module of a vehicle are also claimed.EFFECT: manufacturing a modular electric vehicle having the greatest configuration flexibility degree.43 cl, 17 dwg

Passenger vehicle cabin // 2620147
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment of public vehicles providing for safety of users and their comfort in motion. A vehicle cabin is filled with rows of chairs comprising a seat 1 and a back 2 for location of a passenger 3 and equipped with a jacket from strong flexible material with front 4 and rear 5 parts placed on the back 2. Parts of the jacket are connected with a cord 6, pulled through holes 7 with a border. Each chair is equipped with a unit of passenger passive safety, comprising a vest 8 put on by a passenger made of high-strength fabric buttoned in the front 9 and equipped with an elastic permanent magnet stitched on the back and interacting with the front part 4 of the back with the jacket made of ferromagnet fabric.EFFECT: due to the invention, passenger safety is increased.2 cl, 2 dwg

Urban vehicle // 2561188
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: urban vehicle includes body (1), drives for front and rear wheels (5), external observation video cameras, radars for determination of distances to surrounding objects. Transmit-receive elements of radars (6) are located on each of wheels together with their aspect sensors. Wheel drives are equipped with individual electric motors located inside each of hubs, as well as with power devices to turn each of them in horizontal plane for any angle irrespective to other wheels, which angle is calculated by control system for a trajectory selected by driver including urban vehicle plane-parallel motion in any direction. Video cameras are installed above all doors (8), as well as at the side of body after end with possibility to transfer to display the captured image superimposed with plan of surroundings obtained using radars and navigation system and complemented with movement corridor predicted by on-board computer depending on set by driver turning centre or type of motion.EFFECT: higher mobility and manoeuvrability of urban vehicle, as well as safety of passengers and other road users.7 cl, 11 dwg

ethod, system and devices for berth installation in confined space // 2533296
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Method for berth installation in confined space contains steps in which one fastener is first fixed to inner panel; guide fixtures attached to berth are moved to guide fixtures connected with support structure and moved down into them; the berth is pushed towards inner panel and towards berth's final installation position; the berth pushes fastener down into fixtures under gravity action, forcing the latter to hold the berth tightly in place with possibility of rotation. The system for berth installation in confined space contains berth having changeable and adjustable width, inner panel at which berth should be placed, and support structure on which the berth will rest. Fastening device is equipped with two fasteners on inner panel on which berth should be installed. The berth is equipped with guiding devices interposed into guiding devices made on support structure or connected with it.EFFECT: easier berth moving in confined space.13 cl, 14 dwg

All-purpose super mobile and super-flotation vehicle // 2512055
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport engineering. Proposed vehicle consists of engine, cabin, frame, drive wheels and movers. Every said mover consists of four wheels with gimbal suspension drive fitted at the ends of radial brackets driven by planetary gearing. Axle consists of differential with propeller shaft and telescoping several axles. Every said axle represents and independent design. First axle is engaged with planetary gearing to drive in synchronism all four wheels of one mover. Besides it engages with brakes via bevels pinions. Second axle doubles as a steering also engaged with planetary gearing to turn in synchronism all four wheels of one mover through 360 degrees. Third sale engages with planetary gearing with gimbal suspensions with wheels to be driven by switch, that is, third axle is engaged with first axle to make switch move the wheels over obstacles from above to simulate overcoming of said obstacles.EFFECT: higher flotation and manoeuvrability of vehicle.5 dwg

Super mobile and superhigh cross-country capacity universal vehicle // 2510348
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport engineering. Proposed vehicle consists of engine, cabin, frame, steering and propulsors. Frame is composed of a regular circle to support propulsors equally spaced apart at gimbal mounts. Started engine interacting with gearbox drives said propulsors via chains. All propulsors are interconnected by said chains. Cabin is mounted at the frame to turn thereabout. At steering wheel turn cabin turns synchronously and parallel with said propulsors in one direction relative to said frame. Cabin can be turned relative said frame with the help of steering wheel booster. Cabin turns the sprocket secured to the tube at cabin bottom center to turn the propulsors, said frame being fixed relative to propulsors and cabin. Movable connection of steering controls is arranged at cabin bottom center.EFFECT: perfected design, simplified repair and servicing.10 dwg

Railway car with favored access for invalids // 2486088
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. Railway car comprises floor 4 with, at least, one bottom platform 26 and two top decks 30, 31. Height of bottom platform 26 is smaller than that of said two decks 30, 31 and located in car door area to allow adjustment of vertical displacement. Bottom platform 26 is jointed with two said decks 30, 31 by inclined decks 32, 28, 34.EFFECT: ease of access for invalids and loading of equipment.13 cl, 2 dwg

Automotive body integral cargo section // 2438910
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to truck integral box-like body. Proposed body comprises 3D frame carcass. Body carcass comprises two side frame jointed together at the points of top lengthwise beam 1 of side frames by multiple arched crosswise beams 7 to make dome-like roof. Points at bottom lengthwise beam 2 of side frames are jointed together by multiple inclined beams 5 and bottom crosswise beams 6 to form lower frame thus making 3D frame carcass wherein points are used in combination.EFFECT: higher rigidity and strength, lower costs.9 cl, 5 dwg

Vehicle body // 2363606
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle bodies. Proposed body comprises main frame (1) formed by, at least, one lengthwise beam (2) and several crosswise beams (3), all beams being linked up. It includes also first floor (7) located on outer surface of main frame (1), second floor (8) located on lower surface of main frame (1) at a vertical distance from the main frame. Second floor (8) rests upon the said main frame. There are two partitions (10) arranged crosswise relative to the main frame lengthwise axis that pass, in fact, vertically between main frame (1) and second floor (8) at a distance from each other. Partitions (10) and said floors form, at least, one free space (9) above the main frame. Partition (1) represents a metal sheet rigidly attached to, at least, one crosswise beam (3) of the main frame and comprises horizontal lower edge furnished with first load-bearing section (11) arranged crosswise relative to flat surface of partition (10). Second floor (8) rests upon first load-bearing section (11).EFFECT: simpler design, lower weight.10 cl, 9 dwg

ethod of module production and assembling of vehicle designed for passengers and cargo and body and chassis manufactured according to this method // 2349487
FIELD: automobile production.SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to improvement of module technology of vehicle production and assembling designed for passengers and cargo transportation and received as a result of its use regarding body. The method of module production and assembling of vehicle is characterised by the following installation on chassis (5): front part module (1) on the spring (18), body sides are mounted on chassis (5) with the aid of three-part crossbars and slotted holes and connected by means of connecting bolts with the side frame performed in the profile on body sides, and structural elements (20), connected with front part module (1) by means of bolts, rivets and bonding. The ceiling (4) is attached to body sides with the aid of curved profile (19) and its mounting surface and curved structural element (21) tat is attached to vehicle front part module (1) via bolts, rivets and bonding. Rear part module (3) is attached to sides and ceiling (4) with the aid of structural elements (20) and curved structural elements (21). Lower side panel (22) is attached to body sides by means of side edge that is in the profile (26). The last thing is floor (27) installation. The floor (27) is mounted on the three-part crossbars on chassis (5) and attached to the lower profile edge with the aid of bolts. Complete structure trimming is performed by windows (28) assembling.EFFECT: productivity increase and assembly technology simplification is achieved.12 cl, 18 dwg

Transport vehicle // 2342277
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: transport vehicle contains body with closed passenger compartment. Compartment has at least one door and is made with casings of propulsive devices protruding from floor and side walls. Near at least one said casing there is at least one foldable seat with seat-back and cushion basements of which are hinged for folding. Foldable passenger seat is located between niche casing of opposite walls with cushion and seat-back oriented to forward side of body below upper surface of casing. Cushion basement is connected with body by horizontal axle. Axle is installed above cushion parallel to longitudinal axis of vertical plane and to floor to secure movement around this axle of folded seat and its placement over casing.EFFECT: increase of stability, decrease of overall height of vehicle.5 cl, 5 dwg

odular frame for vehicles with low-bed sideless platform body // 2260536
FIELD: transport engineering; modular frames.SUBSTANCE: proposed vehicle frame has front axle 5 with steering wheel, rear axle 6 being non-driving, projecting front member 2 of structure, projecting rear member 4 of structure and middle member 3 of structure arranged between axles. Members 2, 3, 4 of frame can be connected for demounting or solidly in process of assembling with axles 5, 6 by means of standard fasteners 9. Use can be made of detachable connection of projecting rear member 4 of frame installed on bus, and permanent connections between axles 5, 6 and corresponding members 2, 3 of frame by means of other fasteners. Moreover, frame is provided with central member 3 which consists of centrals beams 7, side beams 14 of box section and intermediate stiffening ribs 16 and is furnished with flanges 12 in axle attachment area 9 connected with similar flanges 12 found of axles 5, 6. Said central member of frame should be permanently connected with frame without possibility of demounting.EFFECT: possibility of adaptation of frame to vehicle peculiarities as required by User.12 cl, 15 dwg

The body of the vehicle // 2226158
The invention relates to vehicles, and in particular to vehicle bodies that have the mechanisms of movement of the door leaves, and can be used in trolleybuses, trams and buses

The roof of the vehicle // 2187439
The invention relates to the field of engineering, primarily to the body of the trolley

The rear wheel drive passenger car // 2170188
The invention relates to a transport machine-building, namely the bearing body

The four-wheel drive vehicle // 2120864
The invention relates to the automotive industry and can be used mainly in the manufacture of vehicles terrain

The method of assembling vehicle bodies of different types and dimensions of the vehicle, made in this way // 2096232
The invention relates to the field of transport engineering, namely, to a method of assembling vehicle bodies of various kinds on the basis of a single chassis

Car // 2093404

The supporting structure of the car // 2093403
The invention relates to the automotive industry, in particular to the joists cars

iniavtomobilya // 2090424

Convertible car // 2016804
The invention relates to the automotive industry, namely passenger cars, which can easily be transformed from a cargo variant in the variant of the car increased cargo capacity without compromising comfort conditions for passengers