Land vehicles for travelling otherwise than on rails (B62)

B62            Land vehicles for travelling otherwise than on rails(9519)

Combined transmission // 2628554
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: transmission comprises a drive pulley rigidly fixed to the input shaft, a driven pulley fixed to the output shaft and a gear train comprising a drive gear rigidly fixed to the input shaft in engagement with the driven gear wheel rotatably fixed to the output shaft. The transmission additionally contains an override clutch fixed to the output shaft, on which the driven pulley is mounted. The belt drive is located outside the casing.EFFECT: increased transmission reliability and durability while reducing the risk of injury.5 cl, 5 dwg

All-season tundra vehicle // 2628414
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: cross-country vehicle contains the cabin, the main drive from the internal combustion engine, the full-range pneumatic-wheel propellers of large diameter, mounted on the chassis, and the cargo compartment. The pneumatic propellers contain the full profiled with low and medium pressure tyres, and the suspension is made without springs, the wide frame chassis is performed with differently tracked location system of the pneumatic propellers on the spaced bridges with the gravity center stabilisation and the lateral stability. The lateral retractable support wheels are installed at the frame, the aerodynamic engine power plant of helicopter type with detachable emergency-detonated blades is installed between the main engine and the cargo compartment in the vehicle mass center. The water jets and high-speed impeller are installed on the bridge transverse beams. The engine compartment, the cabin and the cargo compartment are sealed and made of composite, fiber-glass materials and carbon fiber, and the vehicle carrier elements are made from aluminium and titanium alloys.EFFECT: improved the vehicle cross-country.1 dwg
Chassis for moving over various support surfaces with wheel-step movers // 2628285
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: chassis for moving over various support surfaces contains wheel-step movers, each of which consists of three supports fixed on a common shaft symmetrically relative to the axis of shaft rotation and inclined to each other, forming the lateral edges of an imaginary pyramid. The shaft is located at an angle to the supporting surface in such a way that the support surface is not touched by more than two supports from each wheel-step mover at the same time. The shaft is fixed with the possibility of lateral movements and is kinematically connected with the vibration compensator fixed to the chassis.EFFECT: increased reliability and speed of movement, increased passableness due to increase of clearance.14 cl, 6 dwg

Rubber track assembly for vehicle // 2628271
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: track assembly for the vehicle contains one or more trolleys. The trolleys are equipped with wheel pairs disposed with the possibility to rotate about the longitudinal axis of the trolley itself, and thereby are capable of being adapted individually to transverse vibrations. The trolleys are additionally adapted to accommodate longitudinal oscillations. The track unit of the combine harvester is equipped with a cutting tool that is mounted without the possibility to rotate on one or both of the outer surfaces of the rear guide wheel. The cutting tool is made with the possibility to cut the plant material. An agricultural vehicle equipped with one or more track units.EFFECT: increasing course smoothness and clearing the space between a wheel and a track.12 cl, 9 dwg

Individual track drive // 2628267
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: individual track drive contains a pair of track roller skates with an electric drive. The control for switching on the forward and reverse movement, the movement and braking speed is effected by foot pedal held in the horizontal position by means of prismatic compression springs, and by springs of compression and tension, by changing its position relative to the frame by reflex, not disturbing the equilibrium by alternating the transfer of the body's gravity to the pedal tip. The drive has an automatic termination of the torque in abnormal situations, provided by breaking the electrical circuit when the foot pedal is returned to the horizontal position relative to the frame due to the lack of pressure on the user's body.EFFECT: improved cross-country capacity and conrollability.2 cl, 3 dwg
ethod and device for providing the stationary state of the balancing vehicle // 2628251
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the methods for providing the balancing vehicle stationary state, including: the distances between the balancing vehicle and the obstacles surrounding the balancing vehicle determination, the number of such distances determination, the stationary operation mode of the balancing vehicle activation. The device for provision of the balancing vehicle stationary state contains the distance determination module, the number determination module, the mode activation module. The device for provision of the balancing vehicle stationary state contains the processor and the memory for storing the instructions executable by the processor.EFFECT: improvement of the vehicle balance keeping in the narrow space.11 cl, 4 dwg

Vehicle step plate assembly // 2628003
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in the first version, the step plate assembly for the vehicle comprises a spacer block and a step plate assembly. The spacer block is attached to the side frame of the vehicle. The step plate assembly is attached to the side frame or to the spacer block. In the second version, the step plate assembly for the vehicle comprises a spacer block comprising spaced apart left and right spacer elements attached to the frame and a step plate assembly comprising spaced left and right racks, upper and lower step plate elements. The upper element of the step plate is extended between the upper section of each of the racks. The lower element of the step plate is extended between the lower section of each of the racks. Racks contain a flange attached to the side frame or to one of the spacer elements. In the third version, the step plate assembly is attached to the frame of the caterpillar undercarriage of the vehicle. The frame of the caterpillar undercarriage is designed to selectively support a wider caterpillar and a narrower caterpillar.EFFECT: improved access to the cab of the vehicle.8 cl, 2 dwg

Carrier bracket for vehicle loadbearing construction including cross-bar // 2627921
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: carrier bracket for vehicle loadbearing construction including cross-bar is provided with a cross-bar coupling device. The carrier bracket is designed to be mounted on both sides of the cross-bar. The carrier bracket contains additional connecting devices that have a fastening surface oriented at right angle to the longitudinal extent of the cross-bar and extending vertically. Additional connecting devices pass in different directions. The connecting device for the spar is made in the form of a fastening surface that extends at right angles to the additional connecting devices. The loadbearing construction for the vehicle is provided with the two noted carrier brackets located on two sides of one cross-bar.EFFECT: universal use of the carrier bracket.31 cl, 16 dwg

Device for protecting users of passenger car and method of its manufacturing (versions) // 2627919
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device according to the first version is represented by a structure of two metal flat and/or corner, and/or round, and/or multi-faceted, and/or channel elements, one of which is represented by a flat frame with supporting rods, arranged along the contour of the underbonnet space, installed in vertical slots of the underbonnet space. The second element protects passengers against an impact from behind and is represented by a frame contour of the trunk, made and installed therein with a clamp along its contour. The device according to the second version differs from the first version in that the channel elements have intermediate spring inserts oriented horizontally along the line of vehicle movement. The method discloses a sequence of operations for installing the above devices.EFFECT: reducing the traumatism of passenger car users in case of a counter impact and an incursion on it from behind and preserving its aerodynamics.3 cl, 4 dwg
Vehicle propulsor // 2627913
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle propulsor comprises propulsors arranged on each board, in the form of a flexible springy helical spiral equipped with a drive. The board flexible springy helical spiral covers an airtight float having the form of an ellipsoid of revolution with trunnions on the major axis. The flexible springy helical spiral is made of a stranded cable carrying elastic blades on the part outer relative to the float, which are woven into the stranded cable or fixed to the stranded cable.EFFECT: improved vehicle passability.2 cl, 1 dwg

Control device for steering // 2627262
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: steering control device comprises a reaction force actuating actuator for steering, a reaction force amount calculating means, a reaction force control means, a rotary actuator, a control amount calculation means, a turn control means, a reaction suppression reaction processing means, and a rotation amount maintenance means. The reaction force actuator is used to apply the reaction force to the taxi module. The reaction force controlling means controls the reaction force actuator based on the magnitude of the reaction force control. The rotary actuator applies the turning torque to the swivel unit mechanically separated from the steering module. The turning control means controls the rotary actuator. The reaction force cancellation processing means calculates the control amount of the reaction force for taxiing to process the suppression of the reaction force. The means for maintaining the amount of rotation maintains the steering control value equal to the value originating at the initial time of the reaction force suppression processing, when the reaction force suppression processing is started.EFFECT: improving the safety of driving.9 cl, 21 dwg

Variable loading element for body protection and method of its manufacture // 2627260
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: truck body contains a wear-resistant lining with a wear-resistant lining element (3) designed to protect the wear surface (4) and having an outwardly facing surface (5) for moving material thereon. The wear-resistant lining element (3) comprises an elastomeric material and a metal profile (6) mounted along the edge (7) of the wear-resistant lining element (3). The edge (8) of the metal profile (6) protrudes along the edge (7) for welding to the surface (4) subject to wear. The abrasion resistant lining element (3) does not allow the material to fall between the edge (7) and the surface (4). The metal profile (6) protects the elastomeric material of the wear-resistant lining element (3). The method for manufacturing the wear resistant lining element (3) comprises vulcanising or curing the elastomeric material in a mould with a metal profile (6) arranged to produce said lining element (3) with a profile (6).EFFECT: invention shortens the installation time of the lining element and improves the body's reliability.15 cl, 6 dwg

Integrated and combined system of actuation of trackless vehicle doors for goods and passengers transportation // 2627253
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: system is executed, with at least a central electronic control unit inside the cumulative vehicle system that provides and processes the first part of the door actuation system control functions. The system also comprises at least another electronic control unit in the other component of the cumulative system. The other component of the system is responsible for controlling other functions and handles, in addition to other functions, the second part of the door actuation system control functions. The control input and output signals are received by the central electronic control unit via multiplex communication over a common bus from at least one vehicle door and/or provided to at least one vehicle door.EFFECT: increased reliability of the door actuation system for a trackless vehicle for goods and passengers transportation.21 cl, 7 dwg

Device of vehicle information displaying // 2627251
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a vehicle information displaying device used for the automatic driving of a vehicle and which automatically performs the vehicle movement control based on the state of vehicle movement and the information about the situation outside the vehicle. The device includes the steering wheel 3, the light-emitting unit 11, which is arranged in the steering wheel 3 and emits light, and the light emission control unit 4, which instructs the light emitting unit 11 to emit light. The light emission control unit 4 changes the state of light emission of the light-emitting unit 11 to instruct the driver to switch from automatic to manual driving in accordance with the state of the automatic driving system.EFFECT: provided security due to timely informing the driver about the state of the automatic driving system.13 cl, 8 dwg

Device for fastening, lifting and lowering spare wheel // 2627229
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: in a device for fastening, lifting and lowering the spare wheel comprising a fixed bracket, a movable spare wheel bracket and a drive for lifting and lowering the spare wheel, the fixed bracket comprises a vertically oriented cylinder with fixed axes in the cylinder plane, along which axis a rod can move with the movable bracket the axis, which is a crank-slider mechanism of the breaking strut. Thespare wheel with an independent rotation drive is mounted in the rod axis. Spare wheel can be made as a motor-wheel.EFFECT: simplified design and expanded functionality of the device.2 cl, 1 dwg

Drive sprocket of vehicle with muscle drive // 2627221
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: drive sprocket in which the distance from the rotation axis to the tooth onto which the chain is currently entering is determined by the condition R = r + 44.07n2.12 - |r sin α|, where r is the radius of the original round sprocket; n - is the number of the tooth onto which the chain enters at a given time; α - the angle in radians, between the line connecting the tooth of the driven sprocket, from which the chain is leaving at the given time, and the tooth of the drive sprocket, onto which the chain is currently entering, and the pedal rod on which the cyclist presses.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the drive.2 cl, 3 dwg

Trolley // 2627218
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: trolley contains two load-carrying platforms for a load, designed to be mounted to each other at an angle of 90°. One of the platforms has a wheel pair. The function of the frame with longitudinal struts and cross bars, handles and supporting elements is performed by the transported load, mounted on the load carrying platforms.EFFECT: simplification of the trolley design.3 dwg

Axle of steered wheels for agricultural vehicle and agricultural vehicle // 2626759
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle contains two drive motors (20, 21) for two impellers on both sides of the axle (1) of the steered wheels. The two drive motors (20, 21) are located adjacent to each other centrally between the impellers, and a mechanical drive mechanism is provided on each side between the drive motor (20, 21) and the wheel hub (16).EFFECT: increased reliability.11 cl, 4 dwg

Shtryner with zero backlash for children's pillet // 2626442
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: hinge includes a first body part, a second body part, a release device and a locking element. The first part of the housing is functionally connected to the first frame element. The second part of the body is functionally connected to the second frame element. The release device is operative to allow the hinge to move between the locked state and the unlocked state. The locking element is in the form of a substantially truncated cone with an axial movement in response to a specified offset between the locked state and the unlocked state. The outer side surface of the locking element has a first inclined surface that cooperates with both the first body part and the second body part in the locked state.EFFECT: increased reliability.19 cl, 9 dwg

Pallet stacker // 2626428
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: pallet stacker contains a chassis with electric driving wheels and with swivel wheels. The driving wheels are mounted on the semi-axles with a differential between them. The block of differential satellites has a hydraulic rotary actuator of volume effect, and the rotary wheels are spherical and are made in the form of balls enclosed in a hemisphere.EFFECT: increased maneuverability without structural complication of the chassis.7 cl, 2 dwg
Hand baggage handling devices, tension device and sitting device (table), combined with devices // 2626326
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: hand baggage handling device includes a pair of wheels and a tubular platform. The wheels are rigidly connected by two coaxially arranged, spring-loaded hollow shafts capable of axial movement, and the tubular platform is divided into two parts which are able to mutually move and interact with each other by means of a rod using the hollow shaft guides. Each of the platform parts protects the wheel from the baggage action by means of racks. Each of the platform parts contains square holes around the edges for insertion of the sitting device and an arcuate rotatable tubular holder, to the top of which a long length-adjustable belt with a tensioner moving therealong is fastened. The plates with holes are welded to the racks, to which power bars are anchored with a possibility of horizontal angular displacement, the other ends of bars are similarly fastened to the handle, which has a circular closed cavity containing a pump for the tensioner.EFFECT: simplified usage of the device.7 cl, 6 dwg
Hydraulic steering system for heavy trucks // 2625695
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic steering system for heavy trucks contains the pressurised operating fluid flow amplifier, communicated to the steering gear distributor and with the rod ends of four cylinders and two additional distributors, communicated to the head ends of four cylinders. Four cylinders are made as single-rod. The pressurised operating fluid flow amplifier is provided with the pressurised operating fluid flow direction selection distributor, communicated to the rod ends of four cylinders. The head ends of each cylinders pair is communicated to one of additional distributors. The control domes of the additional distributors are communicated with solenoid valves connected to non-contact position sensors of the vehicle moving elements.EFFECT: design simplification and the hydraulic system maintenance.6 cl, 8 dwg

Hood hatch moulding // 2625476
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: hood hatch moulding has a body section of the cover and a section of the vertical wall. The cover body section covers the hood hatch section located between the windshield and the hood of the vehicle. The vertical wall section comprises a vertical wall body, an opening and a plug section covering the opening. The plug section includes a section enabling bending from the lid side, located along the vehicle width direction. A section enabling bending from the lid side is configured to initiate bending deformation on one side. A section enabling bending from the lid side has a bulging section. The bulging section of the plug section is located in the central region in the vehicle width direction in the plug section. In the peripheral section of the bulging section, the flat body of the plug section is disposed along the vertical wall body.EFFECT: improved shock absorption in a vehicle collision.9 cl, 12 dwg

Frame for cargo transport vehicle // 2624767
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: frame for the cargo farm vehicles contains a frame rail. The frame rail has one front and one rear integral profile element, as well as one hollow profile element. The hollow profile element connects the integral profile elements. The integral profile elements and the hollow profile element are bolted together. The hollow profile element comprises two side walls adjacent to opposite surfaces of the integral plate-shaped profile element.EFFECT: increased load capacity and reduced weight of the frame.13 cl, 5 dwg

Trailer for vehicles // 2624766
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: trailer consists of a body with the mechanism of changing a floor level. To the frame (1) of the trailer, a system of shafts and levers, movable and fixed supports and a reducer (2) of the mechanism for changing the floor level are attached. When the gear lever (2) rotates, the torque from the pinion shaft affects the front shaft, the intermediate shaft and the rear shaft, driving them. The movable support is driven by trapezoidal screw threads, and along with it the body floor of the articulated trailer moves, which is linked to the backbone through leverage. A chain drive is used to synchronously change the floor level of the body. To ensure ease of movement with the maximum lowered body, the floor is equipped with wheels.EFFECT: invention improves the operational capabilities, improves efficiency and reliability, when performing loading and unloading operations.24 dwg

Transformable double-duty device // 2624721
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: transformable double-duty device contains a frame, a supporting mechanism, a handle mechanism and a wheel mechanism. The frame is movable between the full-scaled configuration and the folded configuration. The supporting mechanism is connected to the frame to support one or more objects. The handle mechanism is disposed on the first end of the frame. The wheel mechanism is disposed at the second end of the frame. When the frame is in the full-scaled configuration, the device is capable to transform between the chair and the trolley, so that it can be installed in the first position, wherein the supporting mechanism is intended to be used as the chair support, or in the second position, wherein the supporting mechanism is intended to be used as the trolley support, and when the frame is in the folded configuration, the device can be stored in the bag. The handle mechanism contains the pair of handles spaced apart, each of which is at the end of the handle frame elements, which converge towards the second end of the frame. The handle frame elements are made with ability to turn relatively to the main frame part, when the frame moves between the full-scaled configuration and the folded configuration. Each handle frame member is designed to rotate downward around the respective hinged connection, when the interacting safety latch is in the open state, thus to fold the device into the folded configuration, and wherein the safety latch interacts with the hinged joint in the connection place of handle frame element, the main body frame element and the rack frame element. The connection contains the handle frame bracket, the body frame bracket and the rack frame bracket.EFFECT: improved operational properties of the device.6 cl, 15 dwg
Compact caterpillar cross-country vehicle // 2624527
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: compact caterpillar cross-country vehicle contains a power unit with an internal combustion engine, a transmission, a pair of caterpillar propulsor, steering system and platform for standing driver. The platform is rigidly connected with the compact caterpillar cross-country vehicle frame, the steering system contains ropes, connecting the steering wheel with the pressure rollers and providing the removal of the respective roller from position of pressing on the belt, as a result, the torque transmission termination to the caterpillar propulsor. The axis in the hinged joint of steering wheel and pillar, at which the steering wheel is mounted, is fixed on the pillar at the angle to its longitudinal axis.EFFECT: design simplification and higher safety during the cross-country vehicle operation.2 cl, 2 dwg
Appliance for vehicle spare wheel tray fixation // 2624291
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: appliance includes the first and second fasteners for securing to the transverse beam and the first and second joint members for securing to the spare wheel tray. The first and second joint members are attached to the first and second fasteners. The braking control device is fixed on one of the first or second fasteners or joint members. The spare wheel tray is designed to hold the tank and rest against the bottom of the vehicle containing the transverse beam.EFFECT: increased strength of the device.9 cl, 3 dwg

Armoured robot turret // 2624116
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: armoured robot turret contains a capsule with a tailboom, engine, armament, control system and propulsion. The propulsion is made in the form of a single hopping pneumatic cylinder, mounted vertically inside the capsule with a rigid attachment to it. The longitudinal and transverse inclination of the turret is carried during its movement out by means of a control system consisting of an air screw equipped with a helicopter-type swash plate with a vertical axis of rotation and mounted at the end of the tailboom. The hopping pneumatic cylinder is driven by means of another pneumatic cylinder with a rod connected to a linear electric motor and operating as a compressor. The swash plate of the air blower has an individual mechanism of its rotation with a drive from the hydraulic cylinder or from a linear electric motor for each blade.EFFECT: increased passability of the armoured robot turret.3 cl, 5 dwg

Vehicle maneuvering mechanism // 2623465
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: unit includes the central transmission, the planetary gears, the brakes, the final drives, the input and the output shafts. The structural modifications and introduction of the additional elements provide the deeper study of the design, and the use of flywheel clutches simplifies the design of the vehicles maneuvering mechanism.EFFECT: simplification of design.10 cl, 6 dwg

Steering control system // 2623359
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: taxi control device comprises: a steering reaction force control means that specifies the reaction force characteristic when steering on coordinates whose axes of coordinates represent the stabilising torque and the reaction force during taxiing, so that the stabilising torque increases as the torque increases the reaction force during taxiing, and applies the reaction force when taxiing to the steering module based on the reaction force characteristic during taxiing; bias calculation tool that biases the reaction force characteristic when steering at coordinates greater in a direction in which the absolute value of the reaction force during taxiing increases as the transverse position of the vehicle in question becomes closer to the signal line of road marking; means for detecting the operation of turning on the turn signal to detect the operation of turning on the turn signal; and a bias suppression means that suppresses the shift in the response force characteristic during taxiing when the turn signal activation operation starts and stops suppressing the shift of the reaction force characteristic during taxiing when the turn signal turn-on operation is completed; wherein: the bias suppression means sets the absolute value of the increase gradient upon stopping the suppression of the bias smaller than the absolute value of the reduction gradient when the bias is suppressed. The steering control devices (variants) are also proposed.EFFECT: reduction of discomfort when control value is suppressed.8 cl, 24 dwg

otor vehicle that is provided with additional part, configured to lead deformation of structure of central rack in case of side impact // 2623277
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle comprises a body having at each of its side walls of the central rack design that limits with upper and lower cross members two doorways. The design of the central strut comprises means of reinforcement having a first side and a second amplifier connected to each other and disposed along the vertical axis of the vehicle. The second part of the reinforcement is located near the bottom of the cross. The design of the B-pillar reinforcement comprises an additional part. Additional reinforcing part fixed to the inner surface of the second reinforcement portion positioned in the continuation of the lower end of the first amplifying section and the lower end comprises a rounded recess. The rounded central cutout surrounds elongated hole formed in the second amplifying portion.EFFECT: reduced risk of B-pillar intrusion into the passenger compartment.7 cl, 5 dwg

Structural frame with a cooling device // 2623275
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: structural frame for an industrial vehicle includes the first and the second longitudinal supporting structures, a cooling device, fastening points for the front vehicle wheels and a propulsion device for the vehicle drive. The first and the second longitudinal supporting structures are located at a distance from each other in the transverse direction of the structural frame. The cooling device includes an engine cooler and a charge air cooler. The fastening points for the front vehicle wheels include wheel center points. The cooling device is located behind the wheel center points in the longitudinal direction of the structural frame and/or laterally on the structural frame. The industrial vehicle contains the above-mentioned structural frame.EFFECT: increased space to place cooling devices.17 cl, 4 dwg

Bicycle wheel drive // 2622734
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: bicycle wheel drive includes a planetary gear that includes in its a carrier, a central link of the planetary gear and a satellite. The planetary gear carrier is rigidly connected to the bicycle drive wheel. The wheel fork stays are rigidly connected to the central unit shaft of the planetary gear. The pedal crank shaft is rigidly connected to the satellite shaft. The satellite is kinematically connected to the central unit of the planetary gear so that the initial satellite circumference covers the initial circumference of the central unit of the planetary gear.EFFECT: simplified design and improved reliability of the bicycle wheel drive.5 cl, 9 dwg

Carrier control device // 2622616
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device controls the vehicle so that the vehicle moving lane at range control and steering control range of vehicle speed which are set in advance. The vehicle control apparatus determines the time margin to departure from the lane in the specified ranges and evaluates return time driving control based on the length of time of release arms. If the difference is obtained by subtracting the time of the return of driver's control of the lead time before leaving the band, equal to the first threshold value or less, the device outputs an alarm to the driver.EFFECT: timely warning the driver to return to the driver's control operations.5 cl, 8 dwg

Systems and methods for fixing accessories of vehicles // 2622585
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: fixture of anchor-type fastener includes the body, the opening for the fastener, the fastener cavity, and the fastening element opening. The anchor-type fastener fixture system for the vehicle accessories includes the fixation for the anchor-type fastener and the anchor-type fastener. The anchor-type fastener has a base and a lock of the anchor-type fastener. The base for an accessory comprises the frame structure, the foot and the anchor-type fastener. The accessory comprises a housing and base. The system for fixing the accessory to the vehicle surface contains the accessory and two fixtures. The vehicle comprises the frame, the seat, the propulsion system, the drive system, the outer vehicle surfaces, the anchor-type fastener fixture. The accessories installation method is that the fastener lock is introduced into the opening for the anchor-type fastener and rotated to the locked position.EFFECT: increasing the strength of accessories fixing system.23 cl, 40 dwg

otor vehicle body base structure spar and a motor vehicle comprising such spar // 2622521
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: motor vehicle body base structure spar comprises the shock absorber crossbar bracket and the amplification device. The shock absorber crossbar bracket is located in the spar and made with the possibility to interact with the shock absorber crossbar passing through the spar. The amplification device is arranged inside the spar and is connected to the crossbar bracket by permanent fastening means, and with the spar - through second permanent fastening means only at the level of the amplification device lower edge. Motor vehicle comprises said spar.EFFECT: increasing the spar strength.10 cl, 6 dwg

Support tools for windscreen wipers // 2622434
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: retaining device 10 is positioned between the lower lateral opening 15 of the upper wall 16 and lower heating and car design has an opening 11, 12 for fixing the wiper. The bearing arrangement 10 is arranged in the form of integral stamped parts, the same regardless of the type of vehicle, while depending on the vehicle type of the above hole 11 for fixing the wiper 12 located at different predetermined areas of the reference device 10.EFFECT: ability to use this device for all types of vehicles.7 cl, 6 dwg
ethod for backflash compensation in geartrain between the steering wheel and the steering control valve // 2622323
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a steering control system with a hydraulic booster and a method of operating the steering control system with the hydraulic booster of the motor vehicle, wherein the steering control cylinder that applies a supporting force to the geartrain of the steering control, is integrated into the hydraulic circuit via the steering control valve. Opening of the steering control valve provides a supporting force according to the rotation turning torque applied to the steering wheel through the geartrain with a backlash. The steering control system also comprises a drive which affects the geartrain in order to trigger its relative adjustment. The method of operation comprises a compensating step, where, provided the change in the rotation direction is detected, the geartrain is relatively adjusted through the drive in the direction opposite to the preceding geartrain engagement for a predetermined duration or a predetermined adjustment interval.EFFECT: increased operation efficiency.13 cl

Lower tray, set of parts for producing lower tray and method for producing lower tray // 2622322
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the lower tray for at least partial accommodationof of an antiwing in idle position, adjustable between the idle position and the working position, to the antiwing system, to a set of parts for manufacturing the lower tray, and to the method for producing the lower tray. The lower tray is attachable to the motor vehicle body 12. The tray housing 24 has an upper side 34 for forming the containing volume for the antiwing 32, and a rear wall 36, which is connected with the upper side 34 and faces with one side in the direction opposite to the motion direction, and the shutter 26, which is connected to the rear wall 36 and is intended for closing the rear wall 36. The tray housing 24 is made unpainted. Due to the shutter 26 closing the rear wall 36 of the hollow housing 24, the appearance is not defined by the hollow housing 24, which is made unpainted, and therefore, because the hollow body 24 imposes less strict requirements, in particular regarding the colour design, economy can be achieved due to the absence of colour finishing.EFFECT: increasing the producing economy.10 cl, 6 dwg

Fixation of coupling device with force distribution bracket // 2622317
FIELD: building.SUBSTANCE: motor vehicle comprises a coupling device (10) for the trailer and the sturcture for fixing the coupling device (10) for the trailer. The structure for fixing the coupling device spar (12) for the trailer on the hollow body spar comprises the first and the second coupling elements (15, 16) and the bracket (18) of the first coupling element (15). The coupling elements (15, 16) are disposed respectively inside and partly outside the structural element (14). The bracket (18) is located within the structure element (14) and is made with the possibility to interact with the first coupling element (15).EFFECT: possibility to mount the structure for fixing the coupling device, which is durable as well as economical, at the factory.10 cl, 5 dwg

Bicycle ricambent with adjustable seat // 2622315
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: bicycle ricambent with adjustable seat has the frame, mounted on the rear drive wheel with the sprocket block and the speed selector and on the front turnable wheel, the fork of which is mounted in the steering column of the frame with the steering wheel at the end. The small frame with the seat can move along the frame and the guide with attached to it the carried over carriage with connecting rods and pedals and the drive sprocket at the end. The closed chain, connecting the drive sprocket to one of the sprocket from the sprocket block, additionaly rounds the block. The carry over is provided with the series of holes, the stopper is engaged with one of them, attached to the steering column. The stopper spring finger is connected with the rope in the jacket to the braket handle on the steering wheel. The pipe is fixed on the frame at the pillars from its ends. The second pipe is fixed on the carry-over at the pillars from its ends, the axes of both pipes are not coaxial and parallel to each other.EFFECT: flexibility in application increase.2 cl, 4 dwg

Power unit // 2621835
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: power unit (10) contains an engine (20) and a power transmission device that transmits traction from the engine to the drive wheel. The power transmission apparatus comprises a gearbox (36) disposed in the power transmission path between the engine and the drive wheel (39T). Below the transmission box (36) there is a crankcase (35D). Under the oil pan, the security element (40) is mounted covering at least a portion of the oil pan bottom. The protective element (40) is attached at one end to a part of the power unit that is located in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle in front of the transmission box (36), and the other end is attached to a part of the power unit that is located in the vehicle longitudinal direction behind the transmission box (36).EFFECT: increased rigidity of the power unit by using the rigidity of the protective element.9 cl, 8 dwg

Pneumatician on amphibian support unit-propulsion track // 2621775
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: pneumatician on track amphibious support-propulsion device comprises a flexible cylindrical insert with elastic ends and with an apron, in which there are holes for fastening to the track tape, and non-return valve pneumatician filling. Moreover, the longitudinal dimension of each of the elastic ends corresponds to its value during deformation. Elastic ends have a flat shape in the absence of overpressure in pneumatician. The length of the contact spot pneumatician during deformation is the length of the cylindrical insertion pneumatician.EFFECT: increased reliability and eco-efficiency when exposed to soft soil.3 cl, 13 dwg

Wheeled running gear // 2621530
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: wheeled running gear consists of the platform, equipped with the wheels and the wheel drives. The wheels are made in the form of the ellipse. One ellipsoid wheels are installed on the levers, pivotally connected to the platform through the axis, passing in the middle between the wheels axes, installed on the lever. Other ellipsoid wheels are mounted on levers, pivotally connected to the lever. The ellipsoid wheels, installed on the levers and arms, located mutually perpendicular with the larger axes to each other, and its rotation is synchronized. The axes of ellipsoid wheels, installed on the arms, extend beyond the platform sizes. The possibility of the lever and the arm free rotation on the axes in the vertical plane is limited.EFFECT: expansion of the wheeled running gear technical capabilities.9 dwg

ethod of wheeled vehicle transportation along the stair flights of buildings and structures and device for its implementation // 2621522
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method involves the intermediate device usage between the wheeled vehicle and the stair flight. For each wheel rim of the wheeled vehicles or from the composition of its adjacent wheels pair the device in the form of the guide skid is installed. The wheeled vehicle is moved along the stair flight, thus ensuring one-by-one the mechanical contact of the rolling bodies positioned consequently in each guide skid with adjacent points of the stair steps. The device is the beam type structure in the form of the guide skid of a given length with a longitudinal groove of a semicircular profile within which through the plate separator along its entire length, the ball shaped rolling bodies with their outward flight beyond the separator are arranged with ability to rotate. To install to each wheeled vehicle wheel rim or from the composition of its adjacent wheels pair, the device is provided with the quick-detachable fixing tooling.EFFECT: simplification of the device design.4 cl, 4 dwg

Trackless vehicle, which has vehicle carriage frame and hinged system // 2621409
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: trackless vehicle with the vehicle carriage frame (2), and the vehicle axle (5), supported to the vehicle carriage frame (2) through one or several levers (6, 7) of the independent suspension. The lever or levers (6, 7) of the independent suspension are connected to the vehicle axle (5) through the hinged system (8), which is connected to the fixed, relative to the axle (5), the supporting bearing (12) by means of the connecting units (11). The hinged system (8) forms the gripper with the axial body (9) containing the ball part. The axial body (9) is axially externally provided with contact surfaces (10, 10a) and recesses for the connecting units (11). The connecting units (11) penetrate respectively the opposing contact surfaces (10, 10a) of the hinged system (8) and the supporting bearing (12) and connect to each other. The contact surfaces (10, 10a), referred to the lever (6, 7) of the independent suspension, are located in the same plane. The axle (13) of the connecting units (11) passes through the plane in which the contact surfaces (10, 10a), penetrated by it, are located at the angle different from 90° (α).EFFECT: joints loosening prevention, when applying greater forces across the connecting units axle.8 cl, 6 dwg

Pallet carrier power unit // 2621210
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pallet carrier power unit improves with manually-driven pallet carrier, providing the electrical drive wheel. In one example, the manually-driven pallet carrier includes left and right steering wheels, separated by a narrow distance. The pallet carrier power unit frame may be configured to be mounted to the pallet carrier. The frame supports the drive axle, which in turn supports the drive wheel. Mounting of the pallet carrier power unit frame provids drive wheel arrangement between the left and the right steering wheels. The drive axle and steering axle supporting the left and the right steering wheels of the pallet carrier may be arranged in the same vertical plane. Biasing means, such as a spring, may be used to provide a downward force on the drive wheel, thereby increasing the friction between the drive wheel and the floor. The system includes the said power unit.EFFECT: invention provide enhanced usability.14 cl, 13 dwg

Unit for wing installation in bearing housing element of vehicle frame in bearing housing element frame in vehicle // 2621135
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the transport machine building. Wing unit for mounting in housing body supporting member in a vehicle, comprising a deformation element, disposed wing and bearing element so that it extends in the longitudinal extent of the wing and is connected thereto. The connecting portion of the deformation element which fills the gap between the wing and the carrier element has a panel structure and extends in the longitudinal extent of the wing. Coupling part deformation element has a wavy structure in a plane which is perpendicular to the length of the connecting portion between the wing and the carrier element.EFFECT: invention provides an increase in deformation capacity in case of collision.15 cl, 9 dwg

Trailer machine for removing and loading soil in greenhouses // 2621041
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: machine contains a support frame, a conveyor, a bucket, links and a drive mechanism. The conveyor is located behind the bucket, with its bottom part behind the bucket bottom edge. The bucket is connected to the conveyor by means of the lower and upper links. The hinge and drive mechanisms are fixed to the upper bucket wall, wherein the hinge mechanism is fixed at the front part, and the drive mechanism - at the rear part of the upper bucket wall.EFFECT: effective removal of used soil layer in conditions of limited space of greenhouses.1 dwg