Land vehicles for travelling otherwise than on rails (B62)

B62            Land vehicles for travelling otherwise than on rails(9373)

agnetic field screen for electromagnetic fields and vehicle with integrated magnetic field screen // 2614239
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: magnetic field screen consists mainly of a bimetal sheet (1) formed with, at least, three layers stacked one over another (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.1, 1.21, 1.22, 1.31, 1.32). Herewith, at least, one of the layers consists of the electrical sheet steel or electrical steel strip steel, at least, one of the layers consists of a steel sheet and, at least, one of the layers consists of a polymer material and/or an elastomer. Herewith, at least, one layer (1.3, 1.31, 1.32) of the polymer material and/or the elastomer, interconnects cohesively, at least, one layer (1.1) of the electrical sheet steel/electrical strip steel and, at least, one layer (1.2; 1.21, 1.22) of the steel sheet.EFFECT: creating the magnetic field screen characterized by the good shielding properties, being a structural element of the body or the chassis of the vehicle, and performing such functions as sealing the vehicle interior space against the environment, improving the sound insulation and the body rigidity.16 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for maintaining balance in single-track two-wheeled vehicle by controlling gravity center position from sliding axis // 2613984
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for maintaining the equilibrium of single-two-wheeled vehicle by controlling the position of the center of gravity with the help of the sliding axis characterized in that arranged on the rear axle wheel having a rotatable on an axis and sliding along the axis. Loss of balance control is carried out electronically sensing device. Rebalancing occurs by moving the center of gravity of the vehicle by the rear axle slip with respect to the wheel fork by means of a screw, rack or other drive mechanism from the bead's system or an external source.EFFECT: maintenance of equilibrium single-track two-wheeled vehicle without the use of mechanisms gyrostabilization and without the aid of a change of direction by turning the steering wheel.5 cl, 6 dwg

Design of side part of vehicle body // 2613750
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: design of side part of vehicle body comprises a pole, a side door, a belt reinforcement element, a first overlapped area, an area of external vertical wall being a second overlapped area, and a third overlapped area. The side door comprises internal and external door panels. The belt reinforcement element is installed along longitudinal axis of the vehicle inside main part of the door housing and has shape of cross-section made in form of a hat or closed profile along full length in the longitudinal direction. The first overlapped area forms a part of stepped area located in external direction of vehicle transverse axis, and overlaps the external vertical wall. The second overlapped area is located against the first overlapped area. The third overlapped area is connected with the first overlapped area and located at end area of the belt reinforcement element in longitudinal direction.EFFECT: reduced deformation of belt area.7 cl, 16 dwg

otor-car trailer support framework // 2613655
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to transport machine building The motor-car trailer support framework comprises supporting frame rectangular in shape and loading frame rectangular in shape. The supporting frame is made of metal and is connected to the trailer wheel assembly. The support frame comprises side members and cross members attached to these side members by means of permanent connection. Loading frame is made of metal and the trailer body is being installed on it. Loading frame comprises side members and front, middle and rear cross members attached to the loading frame side members by a fixed releasable connection. The supporting frame side members are arranged under the loading frame side members, in parallel with loading frame side members and fixed to the loading frame side members by a fixed releasable connection. The length of the support frame side members is less than the length of the loading frame side members.EFFECT: motor-car trailer support framework, which reduces assembly time of the trailer frame construction.9 cl, 9 dwg

Push scooter // 2613651
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to push scooter. Push scooter comprises chassis, equipped with steering column for steering post, connected with front wheel, and support frame, which has seat and supports rotary deck with rear wheel. Support frame, connected to deck, is coupled with steering column with possibility of support frame turning around axis, which passes through rear wheel center.EFFECT: enabling possibility to use device as push scooter and bicycle without pedals.4 cl, 3 dwg

Design of vehicle body // 2613641
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is relevant to the field of transport engineering. According to the first variant, design of vehicle body includes the first, second and the third vehicle body panel and easily deformed part. The first panel is made of die-cast aluminum. The second panel is made of metal material and of the higher fatigue resistance compared with that one of the first panel. The third panel is made of metal material and of the higher fatigue resistance compared with that one of the first panel. The third panel is placed between the first- and the second panels and connected to them within the first and in the second connecting parts respectively. Easily deformed part is placed between the first- and the second connecting ones. Easily deformed part is manufactured as that one suitable for elastic deformation. According to the second variant, design of vehicle body includes easily deformed part made on the second panel in the place of location of the second connecting part.EFFECT: increase of reliability of vehicle body design is achieved owing to the invention in question.10 cl, 11 dwg

Bicycle sixteen speed transmission // 2613392
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle gear box. Compact gearbox with small metal consumption is installed on the pedal assembly of the bicycle frame. The gearbox provides 16 speeds and consists of five pairs of gears, the two three-position switching clutches. Between the three rows of middle gears opposite deployed on-off clutches linked by joint switch plugs are mounted by two.EFFECT: sixteen speed bicycle gearbox, expanding the operational and layout characteristics of the bike.2 dwg

Spring-lever corrector of adhesion weight for wheel-tyre tractors // 2613390
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: spring-lever corrector of the adhesion weight for the wheel-tyre tractor is designed as a trailer reloading device consisting of a hydrocylinder with a forked guide mounted on the bottom of the tractor transmission case, a U-shaped load frame mounted in the hinge of the bearing bracket with the middle part of the pull-rods, and a pressing unloading machine formed of two flat springs of the multi-leaf type, and a transmitting reactive thrust with the rubber bushings. In this case two flat springs are installed at the top and on the bottom of the front steering axle, their adjacent ends are connected through the eyelets by the transmitting reactive thrust with the rubber bushings, and the subsequent end of the upper spring with the eyelet is combined by the bolted joint to the pull rod upper section of the load frame, and the lower spring is installed in the hinge of the bearing bracket fixed by the bolted joints on the tractor frame.EFFECT: invention increases the passability, resistance to turnover, operating and performance safety, reduces slipping of the wheel-tyre tractors.3 dwg

ethod and device of protection of light vehicle rear part of contaminations // 2613379
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of invention relates to transport machine building. The device protecting the light vehicle rear part of contaminations comprises a transverse beam, a suspension in form of a rotating frame, a wind guide, a detachable socket and a non-detachable hinge. By-pass brackets of the suspension are secured on the transverse beam and have vertical poles at end. One of poles has installed vertical hinge. On another pole a quick-release socket is installed. On frame top the wind guide is secured, its intake part is located above roof of the vehicle, but below carrying plane of the luggage carrier, and rear part is bent downward. The frame contour in closed position does not limit visibility of standard signal devices and numberplate of the vehicle and does not prevent installation of the traction-coupling device on the transverse beam. The hinge has limiter of limit angle of frame opening. Method of light vehicles protection with the said protection device is described.EFFECT: using the invention the protection of vehicle rear part of contaminations is improved.20 cl, 11 dwg

Additional load device of machine-tractor aggregate // 2613367
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to additionally installed auxiliary devices. Additional load device of a machine-tractor aggregate comprises a stiff power link connecting a trailer towbar with a tractor drawbar, a hydraulic cylinder and a cross beam of lower longitudinal tractions of tractor attachment. The device is made in the form of a flat square face chuck with through diagonal mounting and fastening holes installed on a hinged joint in the cross beam combining the lower longitudinal levers of tractor attachment. In the diagonal mounting hole of the flat square face chuck there is towing device installed in a hinged mangger for engagement with the trailer towbar. In the fastening hole of the face chuck, at the outer side there is a fork of the working stem of the hydraulic cylinder hingedly fixed, the body of which is installed in the rear part of the body (power element of the body) of the tractor with an eye.EFFECT: lower towing is achieved, as well as increased traction force, passability and increased efficiency of wheeled tractors aggregated with trailers.5 dwg
Non-motorised vehicle driven by human muscular force, using reversed principle of body work in rowing, to be used as light vehicle, for tourism and sport // 2613134
FIELD: medicine, sport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to non-motorised vehicle driven by human muscular force. Non-motorised vehicle consists of frame with light body, two driving wheels, steering and breaking devices. Non-motorised vehicle uses not direct but reverse principle of body work in rowing, where hands are constantly placed on grips of handlebar which simultaneously serves as axial support for hands, and force of legs is transmitted to chain drive directly from carriage with foot rests. Stirrups or stirrups belts serve for returning drive into the initial position due to overrunning clutches of wheels. Power stroke increases due to rocker seat with upper parallel suspension, providing convenience, distribution of loads and safety in operation, and initial adjustable stop. Rocking handlebar grips bring breaking system into action, toggle switches bringing electrical equipment into action, with rider's hands being on handlebar grips all the time.EFFECT: invention provides effective use of human muscular energy and increased safety.4 dwg

Vehicle steering control system // 2613132
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: steering system of the uniaxial semitrailer of the bolster-type road train contains the trailer unit steering linkage, the executive power cylinder, the rod of which on the one side is kinematically connected to the steering linkage, on the other side through a slide valve and a mechanical parallelogram-type steering gear - to the copier. The mechanical steering gear is represented by a master device mounted on the fifth wheel device of the tractor by means of a swinging boom, moving along the arcuate slot of the variable curvature and cross-section, located at the bottom of the semitrailer base plate. The trailer unit hydraulic steering system is autonomous, and is not connected with the tractor hydraulic steering control system. The mechanical copier has the slot with the profile calculated specifically for the semitrailer steered wheels, depending on the road train jack-knifing angle, the fixators providing the road train wheels rolling "in the tracks", and the spring-loaded rollers facilitating the master device return into the neutral position to stabilise the semitrailer steered wheels.EFFECT: increasing the manoeuvrability and passability of a land bolster-type road train.2 dwg

Improved extensible sideboards assembly // 2613128
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cargo transport. Ore transportation vehicle comprises body equipped with extensible sideboards assembly. Extensible sideboards assembly includes extensible sideboard (4) formed from non-ferromagnetic material, one or more resilient elements, attachment system for extensible sideboard fixing to body by means of said resilient elements. Attachment system includes one or more anchor elements for attachment to body, each of which includes elongated shaft. Resilient elements comprise springs (52) located around corresponding elongated shafts, made with possibility of absorption and dissipation of force directed to extensible sideboard, and considerable reduction of probability of extensible sideboard destruction occurrence. Extensible sideboards are formed with cutouts (40) to provide access for fastening elements tool.EFFECT: invention improves sideboard reliability.12 cl, 12 dwg

Hitch angle sensor assembly // 2613123
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to driver's aid systems and active safety techniques for vehicles, in particular to hitch angle sensor, which can be used together with aid system in reverse motion with trailer. Hitch angle sensor unit comprises separator, made with possibility of fixation between coupling ball and mounting surface on vehicle, component, having magnetic part and connected to separator with possibility of rotation around axis, formed by coupling ball, connecting element for component attachment to trailer and magnetic field sensor, connected to separator and determining the of component turning position in order to determine hitch angle. Magnetic part has arched shape, having essentially constant width and central point shifted relative to said axis formed by coupling ball.EFFECT: enabling higher accuracy of vehicle with trailer control in reverse motion.19 cl, 10 dwg

Universal light vehicle mud flap (versions) and method of production, packaging, carrying, storage and attachment of light vehicle mud flaps in the places of storage, demonstration and/or sale // 2613094
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: light vehicle mud flap comprises a mounting portion, a protective portion and a sealing visor. In one version, the mounting portion has a L-shaped cutout, with edges connected by the jumper handle in the mounting portion. In another version, the mud flap has a pair configuration with the right and the left mirror design for installation on right and left sides of the vehicle body, and provided with fasteners to fix the pair of mud flaps of the right and left design relative to each other, made, for example, in the form of latching protrusions on one flap and locking holes on the other.EFFECT: reduced material consumption, improved manufacturability and cost effectiveness of mud flap manufacture, mud flap versatility and simple installation on cars of different brands with increased service life.36 cl, 2 tbl, 6 dwg
Suspension device of driver's cab with stabilization of transverse oscillations around longitudinal axis // 2612757
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a cab suspension device of the vehicle, relative to the vehicle chassis. Suspension device includes upper and lower transverse axles (2), spring / shock absorber structure (4, 5) and the hydraulic structure, located between the two transverse axles (2, 3) connected to them and has right- and left-side relative to the direction of movement of hydraulic cylinders (7, 8) and above the piston with the respective cavities sub piston (9, 10). Above piston and sub piston chambers (9, 10) of the cylinder right- and left sided hydraulic cylinders (7, 8) are hydrodynamically connected crosswise to form a hydraulic device transverse oscillations around a longitudinal axis of stabilization. Between the upper and lower transverse axles (3, 2) there is further arranged transverse damping device (6) acting substantially horizontally, or rod (16) for horizontal stabilization Panhard. Suspension device is designed as a preassembled module, with the relevant joints connectable to the chassis (1) and the driver's cab.EFFECT: possibility of stabilization is achieved and damping of transverse oscillations around the longitudinal axis.7 cl, 5 dwg

Trunk door mounting system on vehicle, containing corresponding shear bolt // 2612550
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: trunk door mounting system on a motor vehicle comprises two hinge pillars and two deformable stops. The first ends of the pillars are rigidly fixed on the trunk door. The second ends of the pillars are pivotally mounted inside the trunk. The stops are mounted on the pillars with the possibility of flattening on the trunk side rim when the door reaches the fully open position. Each stop comprises an inner projection and a cavity. The projecton is made with the possibility of entering the cavity, creating friction, when the stop is deformed. A deformable stop for use in said trunk door mounting system is proposed.EFFECT: improved trunk door amortisation when opening.21 cl, 4 dwg

Floating crawler-type device with earthmoving equipment // 2612548
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: floating crawler-type device includes a floating body, earth-moving equipment with a power unit, cab and a propulsion unit, installed on a support platform, two tracks, slave and master shafts. The floating body is designed as two floats with tracks, each provided with at least two inner partitions to form sections, and at least four stiffeners, fixed on the lower bottom segment of each float housing. The lower bottom of the float housing is double, the stiffeners are installed inbetween, and the housing of each float is provided with additional floats, each provided with a telescopic hydraulic clamp and mounting bracket for additional floats on the outer sides of each float housing. The support platform is fixed between two float housings on landing pipes.EFFECT: increased resistance when working on water.3 cl, 4 dwg

Front structure of vehicle // 2612455
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to transport machine building Front structure of the vehicle comprises a panel area, a headlight and a protruding area. Panel area is located on the upper surface of the vehicle front part. The headlamp is disposed below the front panel area terminal section and attached to the vehicle casing. In the headlamp area there is a frangible section, which is opposite to the projection section. Frangible section is more fragile to the load on the top of the vehicle than the other lamp upper part sections. The projecting section is located on the front termination section of the panel area and protrudes toward the headlight top surface.EFFECT: front structure of the vehicle with a reduced counter-force on impact.5 cl, 8 dwg

Revolving chassis // 2612450
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: bearing structure (1) of the revolving chassis is equipped with at least one revolving turret (4) with the pivot drive and with the possibility to be fixed in a predetermined position, on which various propellers (2 and 5) are installed as at least two replaceable elements. Wherein the rotation axis (6) of the revolving turret (8) can be horizontal or at an angle to the revolving chassis supporting surface, sufficient to provide the raised position of the off-duty replaceable element over the supporting surface.EFFECT: invention improves the performance of land motor vehicles based on the revolving chassis via the possibility of the combined use of different propellers for different traffic conditions.3 cl, 12 dwg

Body box and body made with flattened and elongated curved in lengthwise direction c-shaped bottom // 2612344
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cargo transport. Truck body with large payload capability, such as open-pit dump trucks, in which body box is formed by sheets, creating bottom, front wall and two side walls. Body box is made of, at least, one sheet (1), having first longitudinally curved concave part as bottom, which continues by lengthwise elongated part containing front wall, made in form of single longitudinally curved flattened and elongated C-shaped sheet, combining two side walls (8). On lower front surface bottom has two longitudinal rigid U-shaped beams. Body box contains semicircular transverse stiffness element on its rear end. Body box additionally contains semicircular transverse stiffness elements in other places, different from rear end, and, at least, two sheets (1), arranged side by side or with overlapping along their longitudinal side, with obtaining of required width.EFFECT: invention minimizes cargo center of gravity height and number of support structure elements.12 cl, 18 dwg

Transformable body of ground transport system // 2612341
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport engineering. Transformable body of a ground transport system comprises a transformable body (3) installed on a freight platform (1), arranged between wheeled trolleys (2), and the transformable body (3) comprises an outer body (4), inside of which there is a middle body, where an inner body is installed. Outer ends of the middle and inner bodies rest with their stands against rollers. On the wheeled trolleys (2) of the chassis there are bodies of adjustable hydraulic cylinders (9, 10) fixed as turned towards different sides. Internal extended links of hydraulic cylinders with levers fixed on them are mutually connected with a cable. Internal extended links of upper hydraulic cylinders (10) by disconnected levers are mutually connected to the inner body, and internal extended links of lower hydraulic cylinders (9) bu disconnected levers - to the middle body.EFFECT: invention improves operation and layout characteristics of a ground transport system.9 dwg

Chassis for motor lorry // 2612088
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: chassis for motor lorries contain correlated with the area of the front axle of the truck front structural unit (10), correlated with the rear truck axle area of the rear structural unit (14), and an average structural unit (12), which connects the front with each other structural unit (10) and a rear structural unit (14). The rear and/or front structural components (10, 14) have a rear axle module or front axle for independent wheel suspension. The front and/or rear structural unit (10,14) consists of an upper flange (2) and lower flange (3), which are connected rigidly by means of shear connectors (5, 6). Independent wheel suspension with upper and lower wishbones (15, 17) is set on the suspension connectors (5, 6).EFFECT: creating a module for independent wheel suspension, which does not introduce or almost does not introduce additional weight and is easily attached to the existing structures of lightweight construction.18 cl, 4 dwg
Land transportation system // 2612070
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: land transportation system includes the first vehicle with a body, an engine-transmission unit and a mover included into the chassis, as well as the second vehicle fully installed in the extreme part of the body and connected with it, the second vehicle is a capsule with its own body, engine-transmission unit and mover included into the chassis, with the possibility of autonomous separation of the second vehicle from the first vehicle under its own power. The edge of the vehicle body portion serving as the support for the second vehicle is designed as a fork grip, with at least left and right tow hooks and a possibility of raising and lowering by means of guides and power actuator. The support elements of the second vehicle chassis are located in the longitudinal vertical planes along the fork grip hooks with a possibility of hanging in the raised fork position and possible support on the ground with longitudinal movement together with the body relative to the fork grip in the lowered position of the latter.EFFECT: evacuation opportunity using an onboard self-propelled evacuating capsule.15 cl, 7 dwg

Vehicle // 2612041
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to automotive industry. Car comprises body side part and lining element. Between body side part and lining element additional element is arranged, serving for body side part and lining element geometric levelling. Additional element has local expansion of wheel arch lining and/or air intake hole to ensure adjacent dome ventilation and/or for parking assistant system sensor device and/or hides body side part fasteners and/or lining element. Platform system for production of various forms and said vehicle derivative parts with molded body side parts.EFFECT: enabling simplification of car body parts design.5 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of automated making of traffic accident protocol // 2611467
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: method includes photographing and transmitting a traffic accident image to a personal computer, information processing. Traffic accident photography and image transfer to a personal computer performed by a photocopter. The method involves the use of a scanner with the software for recognition of driving licenses and technical certificates of vehicles for automated making of a traffic accident protocol.EFFECT: improvement of accuracy and timeliness of identification of traffic accident factors.2 cl, 1 dwg

Frame or lever design for vehicle of industrial purpose // 2611310
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the transport machine building The supporting structure of the frame or lever design for a vehicle of industrial purpose comprises a support arm, which is connected to the cross-beam and the transverse structure. This compound provides power flow covering the support arm, and a cross-beam of the transverse structure. The cross beam is located lower than the design of the transverse and thereby creates a displacement in height.EFFECT: invention provides increase in the internal space of the vehicle.32 cl, 14 dwg

Windscreen installation device and method // 2611278
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to automotive industry. According to first version windshield glass handling device comprises anchor and installation assemblies. Anchor assembly comprises anchor device and supporting lever. According to second version, said device, in which supporting lever is made with possibility of translational movement. According to third version, said device comprises supporting lever, detachable into several parts for laying. According to fourth version, said device comprises supporting lever, containing locking element. According to first version, installation unit contains anchor device and installation structure, supported on elevating support made with possibility of rotation. According to second version, installation unit contains open top part and fork-shaped structure. Windshield installation method in vehicle includes stages, at which installing anchor and installation units, providing interaction of units for windshield arrangement in opening on vehicle.EFFECT: enabling windscreen installation device weight reducing.40 cl, 19 dwg

Acoustic test rig for electrical and mechanical power assist system for vehicle // 2610846
FIELD: test engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the control and diagnostics equipment, devices for measuring and testing, particularly, to testing rigs applied during conduction of vibration and acoustic rig tests of electrical and mechanical power assist system for a vehicle (EMPASV) under the conditions of the acoustic anechoic chamber. The rig contains the wide bearing frame with mounted tested EMPASV interacting with a loading device, measuring microphones, recording and analyzing units, and direct current power supply of the EMPASV electric motor. The tested EMPASV is mounted on the instrument panel cross-bar equipped with the electronic simulator of tachometer signal and the control panel, installed by means of mounting brackets on the wide bearing frame. EMPASV contains the input shaft with a steering wheel, on which there is a speed sensor including inertia mass with a shoulder, reduction gear, information disk, and optical sensor, from the one side, and the output shaft connected to the shaft of the loading device, from the other side.EFFECT: high-quality conduction of acoustic measurements by means of excluding of influence of parasitic noise emission formed by technical devices, which are not a constituent part if a tested subjects.3 cl, 6 dwg

Self-propelled machine with improved working conditions // 2610327
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to industrial and agricultural machines. A self-propelled machine with improved working conditions, comprising an internal combustion engine, transmission, running gear with wheel or crawler unit, work equipment, cab with operator's position and the microclimate normalization device and the control and monitoring system. The machine is equipped with: fog lamps and fog sensor; solar battery for the microclimate normalization device with a non-working internal combustion engine; cabin air temperature sensors; working headlights with a variable shape and the light flux intensity; level and/or the solar radiation direction sensor, the cabin glass with controlled transparency; sensor of operator's outerwear presence on the hook; wind direction sensor with respect to the machine and the exhaust gases removal direction change device; cabin ventilation system air intakes; camera; means of wireless communication, connected to the controller.EFFECT: invention improves the operator working conditions.14 cl, 1 dwg
Tavria off-road complex adjustable chassis // 2610256
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the transport equipment, particularly, to the component parts of wheeled vehicles. Off-road complex adjustable chasis includes a support frame, the elements of its fastening to the vehicle, at least one wheel axle mounted on the frame and the locking elements, at least of the vehicle suspension part. In front and/or at rear the chassis is equipped with a wheel rotating platform and rope control system of the noted platform. The rotating platform is pivotally connected to the bearing frame. Rope control system is adapted to be connected to the car steering control rotating element.EFFECT: invention improves the dirigibility of the off-roaad complex in difficult road conditions.8 cl, 6dwg

Pneumatic tracked chassis // 2610152
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pneumatic tracked chassis used on soft soils. Pneumatic tracked chassis comprises a tracked system with tracks in the form of pneumatic cushions. Pneumatic cushions are made in the form of a system of toroidal shells folded along diameter and fixed by bends on roller-bushing driving pins.EFFECT: invention provides for possibility to simplify manufacturing and replacement of pneumatic cushions, as well as increased controllability, smoothness and safety of chassis due to track design.1 dwg
ethod to control n-axial trailer of tractor and device for its realization // 2609643
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in the method to control an n-axial trailer of a tractor they determine speed of trailer wheels rotation, send it to a control unit, where signals from the tractor braking system are also sent. A braking force is calculated for each of trailer's wheels, which is sent to a braking drive of the trailer. Control action is formed and sent to corresponding trailer brakes. During braking, mechanical energy is accumulated at m axes of the n-axial trailer, where m≤n. In process of motion, the accumulated mechanical energy is sent to m axes. Braking is carried out with account of the current value of the accumulated mechanical energy level. The device for method realization comprises a control unit, a tractor brake pedal sensor and sensors of trailer and tractor wheel rotation speed, braking mechanisms of the trailer, mechanical energy recuperators fixed on m axes of the trailer, an indicator and a regulator of recuperators charging and a controller.EFFECT: vehicle dynamics improves.4 cl, 2 dwg

otor vehicle containing rear floor of two parts // 2609639
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a motor vehicle. A vehicle includes a rear floor 2, front floor, connected to the rear floor 2. The noted rear floor 2 includes a front part 3, a rear part 4 connected to the front part 3 with the help of connection means 6. The front part 3 and rear part 4 contain reinforcement means 4b and 5 placed transversely with respect to the longitudinal axis X of the vehicle. Rear floor 2 contains stiffening means 7, 8, located between reinforcement means 4b and 5 on the connection level between the front part 3 and rear part 4.EFFECT: invention has properties of higher flexural and torsion strength while the design simplifying and ease of installation.10 cl, 4dwg

otor vehicles containing rear floor of two parts and means of front par stiffening // 2609636
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a motor vehicle. Automotive vehicle comprising two rear floor having a front part 3 and back part 4 connected by means of connection, and a fuel tank disposed under the rear floor 2. The front floor is connected to the front part 3 of the rear floor 2. Upper floor 5 covers the front part 3 of the rear floor 2. Rear floor 2 comprises means 7 of the stiffening front of the front part 3 which are in contact with the top floor 5.EFFECT: invention provides higher rigidity of the front and rear floor of the vehicle.7 cl, 2 dwg

Collapsible cradle // 2609506
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a collapsible cradle. Collapsible cradle comprises a weight frame formed by rods and traveling wheels. Besides, it is equipped with various elements of the platform with holes for rods made as capable of installation, fixation and removal of platform elements from rods. Traveling wheels are installed onto some elements of the platform.EFFECT: invention provides for the ability of trolley shape modeling for features of a transported weight.2 dwg

Trolley for pallets // 2609502
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a trolley for pallets. Trolley for pallets comprises a platform of rectangular shape with rotary wheels and a depression of rectangular shape for the middle support of the pallet. At the same time wheels are installed at the angles of the platform. The depression of rectangular shape is formed by ledges of rectangular shape on the upper surface of the platform. Height of platform ledges complies with height of pallet supports.EFFECT: invention expands arsenal of vehicles.4 dwg

Trolley // 2609496
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a trolley. A trolley comprises a platform of a "П"-shaped tilted form, on the lower side of which there are rotary wheels installed. In the platform there is an open slot for the angle of a flat lengthy piece, and the inner width of the platform opening is comparable to the width of the flat lengthy piece.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to transport flat lengthy pieces.5 dwg

Collapsible cradle // 2609491
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to collapsible cradles. Collapsible cradle comprises detachably joined longitudinal and transverse rods producing a weight frame, brackets with traveling wheels and a support net installed on longitudinal and transverse rods. The support net is made of flexible cables or synthetic threads, ends of which are equipped with rings installed on longitudinal and transverse rods.EFFECT: invention provides for improved portability of a cradle for transportation and idle storage.2 dwg

Trolley // 2609490
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a trolley. A trolley comprises a platform, on the lower surface of which there are rotary wheels installed. A platform comprises a regular pentagon shape, at the same time in the platform there is at least one hole.EFFECT: invention provides for the possibility of transportation of dolly chairs and seats with a central stem.2 dwg

Screw mover // 2609181
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to off-road vehicles, but can be used both during construction and in agriculture. The screw mover contains a screw in form of a hollow cylinder with screw combs on the outer surface, bearing supports at the screw end faces, and a drive engine of screw rotation. On the screw vibration exciters of the mechanical oscillations are installed with total vector of an exciting force located in a vertical plane passing through longitudinal axis of the screw, and inclined relatively to this axis in direction of movement of the screw mover.EFFECT: invention reduces resistance to movement of the screw mover.8 cl, 1 dwg

Detachable power drive for rear hinged sides // 2608941
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to automotive industry. According to first embodiment, transportation equipment rear hinged side control device comprises first gear transmission, drive seat connected to first gear transmission, engine, second gear transmission connected to engine, and coupling device connected to second gear transmission. Coupling device is made with possibility of displacement between engaged and disengaged positions. In engaged position coupling device connects gear transmissions to each other. Control device is installed in rear hinged side. According to second embodiment, control device has drive seat connected to truck body with possibility of detachment, and braking device. In engaged position coupling device connects gear transmission with brake device. Rear hinged side comprises chamber to accommodate said control device.EFFECT: enabling better control over rear hinged side.11 cl, 10 dwg

Detachable caterpillar device increasing flotation ability // 2608823
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices intended for increasing of vehicles flotation ability on weak soils. Detachable caterpillar device for increasing of vehicle flotation ability, which working surface is caterpillar made from rubber on metal or textile cord base. Caterpillar is made with possibility of putting on onto wheel and fixation by support units consisting of support and tensioning rollers arranged in parallel, to which shock-absorbing devices are attached, containing telescopic tubes with springs working for compression. Shock-absorbing device springs connecting support unit with bracket, on which tensioning roller is arranged. Device has plurality of support rollers in each support unit. Device has detachable splinted connection of caterpillar belt. On caterpillar belt teeth are made to prevent tracks falling out from device.EFFECT: enabling increase in vehicle flotation ability.4 cl, 4 dwg

Help system in reverse motion with trailer // 2608786
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to reverse movement with trailer help system. Reverse movement with trailer help system has coupling sensor, which determines coupling angle measured value between vehicle and trailer with towbar, steering sensor, input module and controller. Controller comprises curvature regulator to determine desired dynamic coupling angle for reverse movement trailer direction by driver introduced desired movement path curvature based on driver input desired movement trajectory curvature, driving wheels turn angle and kinematic data on trailer with towbar and on vehicle. Controller additionally comprises coupling angle regulator, which by means of feedback linearization generates command turn angle for vehicle for vehicle and trailer steering with desired dynamic coupling angle based on desired dynamic coupling angle, measured coupling angle and vehicle movement speed. Regulator of curvature and coupling angle controller operate together.EFFECT: enabling increase in vehicle movement safety due to assisting driver at reverse motion with trailer.20 cl, 18 dwg

Locking mechanism retractable bumper // 2608208
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to automotive industry. According to first version, locking mechanism contains lock and retainer arranged on panel and frame, respectively. Retainer is made with possibility to interact with lock to prevent panel displacement relative to frame. Between closing panel and frame there is support unit designed to displace retainer into engagement with lock. According to second version, locking mechanism contains lock, latch made with possibility to interact with said lock, support assembly and control unit to switch into closed position. Support assembly comprises bracket, thrust installed on bracket, displacing element and drive element. Method for closing panel fixation in opening comprises steps on which thrust is removed so, that to facilitate retainer engagement with lock. Lock is engaged with retainer to prevent relative displacement between closing panel and frame. Thrust is released. Preventing relative displacement between closing panel and frame.EFFECT: simplified locking mechanism design.25 cl, 14 dwg
Cycling speed increasing method // 2608143
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cycling speed increasing method. Method consists in fact, that cyclist increases forces to bicycle pedals and gears, using not only own body weight using feet, but also back and hands muscles force. For this purpose, rigid belt is used, passed through cyclist shoulder, so, that cyclist resting on it with back and hands, along with control over bicycle, is able to increase force on pedals.EFFECT: enabling increased speed of cycling.1 cl

Automotive bodies transportation transfer assembly and transport system, as well as automotive bodies processing plant // 2608032
FIELD: equipment and accessories for vehicles.SUBSTANCE: automotive bodies transportation transfer assembly (44) comprises running gear (48) and connecting device (64, 66, 68) connected with running gear (48), which is made so, that it interacts with bottom areas of car body (4) oriented by roof upwards. Transfer assembly can be moved along one-track guide (S). Running gear is support for drive pressure rollers (52), which provide possibility of transfer assembly movement along guide due to their friction connection with it, and for lateral guide rollers (54), having possibility of adjacency to guide narrow sides from side opposite to pressure rollers to prevent transfer assembly breaking out or sidewards rollover.EFFECT: reducing transfer assembly dimensions, enabling transported body reliable retention against rollover.14 cl, 13 dwg

Outer hinge // 2608031
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to road vehicles and can be used in designs of front wheel driven passenger car steering. Outer hinge consists of housing (1) and cage (2) with curvilinear shape projections (3), with ball-shaped rolling bodies (4) arranged in it, located movably in separator (5). Cage (2) and housing (1) are made from resilient material, and curvilinear shaped projections (3, 9), along their length, are equipped with through slots, provided with notches on its inner surface. In through slots inserts made from rubber are rigidly installed.EFFECT: technical result is increased reliability of external hinge under operating conditions.1 cl, 2 dwg

Caterpillar module // 2607962
FIELD: machine building; transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles production field. Caterpillar module comprises frame having shaft with drive sprockets and shaft with tensioning sprockets interacting with front and rear support rolls by means of pairs of tracks. Adapter is installed on frame, which enables to install rototiller power unit with control units providing possibility to control position of caterpillar module center of gravity. Rototiller output shaft connection with caterpillar module drive shaft is carried out by chain gear.EFFECT: enabling expansion of caterpillar module technical equipment range.1 cl, 4 dwg

Two caterpillar tractor // 2607932
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to automotive industry. Tractor comprises main frame, control station, running gear system, wheel mechanism, transmission, load transfer device, load control device and devices, which allow wheel mechanism wheels to follow tractor curvilinear motion path. Running gear system comprises left and right caterpillar mechanisms, attached to main frame. Load transfer device transmits vertical load back and forth between caterpillar mechanisms front part and wheel mechanism. Agricultural tractor comprises caterpillar mechanisms, front wheel unit and control unit. Caterpillar mechanisms are equipped with rubber caterpillar belts with grousers and interconnected by front and rear axles. Control unit automatically controls load on front wheel unit.EFFECT: enabling load on wheel assembly automatic adjustment and reduced wear of crawler treads.15 cl, 19 dwg