Central traffic control systems (B61L27)

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B61L27                 Central traffic control systems(222)

ethod of comparison of controlling signals and device for its realization // 2642347
FIELD: control systems.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control systems for responsible technological processes, in particular to railway traffic control systems for railway transport. Method and device for its implementation can be used in any control devices, regardless of their purpose and application. Control devices can be built on the basis of computer hardware, microprocessors, digital or analog elements.EFFECT: invention provides detection of the constant states of the device of each of the duplicating channels by checking the dynamic nature of the control signals arriving at the comparison device, due to which the safety of the device operation is increased, the structure of its construction is simplified.5 cl, 3 dwg

System of safe monitoring and diagnostics of railway automatic control systems // 2641384
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: system of safe monitoring and diagnostics of railway automatic control systems, containing interconnected through Ethernet internal local area network, automated workstations, servers based on industrial electronic computers, is equipped with converters of the automated control system of the MPC and a safe monitoring device, interconnected by a serial data transmission line using diode communication boards.EFFECT: increased reliability and security of the system.4 cl, 2 dwg

Device for energy consumption forecasting and method of energy consumption forecasting // 2639713
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: energy consumption forecasting device is provided, comprising: a receiving unit (110), an air resistance calculation unit (140, 150), and an energy consumption forecasting unit (130). The receiving unit (110) is designed to receive road information including the traffic speed information specified for each route. The air resistance calculation unit (140, 150) is designed to calculate the air resistance as the computed air resistance value by the air resistance calculation formula based on the traffic speed information of the planned traffic route and to correct the computed air resistance value so that the air resistance increases, as the traffic speed of the planned traffic route decreases. Air resistance occurs when the vehicle moves along the planned traffic route. The energy consumption forecasting unit (130) is designed to predict the energy consumption of the planned traffic route based on the corrected air resistance value.EFFECT: increase the efficiency of energy consumption forecasting.11 cl, 26 dwg

ethod and system for ensuring railway vehicle movement safety, controller installed on railway vehicle and railway vehicle // 2638356
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in a method for ensuring the movement safety of a railway vehicle with a wheel speed sensor and an acceleration sensor, whose sensitivity axis is parallel to the track, an output value from one or more wheel sensors is received; an output value from one of the acceleration sensors is received; the value of the measured acceleration is determined based on the output value or the output values of one of the acceleration sensors. One or more received output values of a wheel sensor or wheel sensors for controlling a railway vehicle are used, depending on the comparison of one or more of the measured acceleration values with the reference acceleration value.EFFECT: wheel slip is prevented.16 cl, 8 dwg

Energy saving mode for railroad alarm system // 2636993
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for railroad alarm system operation, in which the alarm system comprises the first computer and at least one second computer, the first computer causes the security-relevant data of at least one second computer to be stored. And the first computer causes at least one second computer going into an energy-saving mode.EFFECT: possibility of power saving mode of centralization station operation of without reducing the safety of railroad operation.16 cl, 3 dwg

Railway transport system with automatic set formation // 2632545
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: railway transport system with automatic formation of car set contains a central system - a provider, the first peripheral system, at each station of the railway network, the third mobile peripheral system, on the locomotive of the set, configured to interact with the central provider system and with the first peripheral system, which determines the set composition and the coupling/uncoupling of cars along the route, the second mobile peripheral system, on each car, configured with the possibility of car movement coordination, following instructions coming from the central provider system and taking into account information from the control system with the car sensors. Moreover, the coupling/uncoupling of cars is determined at the request of users through the central provider system and is controlled by the first peripheral system or the third peripheral system in such a way that the order of the cars from which the set is made is automatically maintained during the entire movement of the train.EFFECT: increased optimisation of automatic train set formation.7 cl, 1 dwg

Shunting locomotive and method of its operation without driver // 2630859
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: shunting locomotive contains running gears, traction power transmission with a diesel generator set, feeding traction electric motors. At the end faces of the shunting locomotive, rangefinders of non-contact action are located, connected with the control device, which is connected to the excitation block of the traction generator. The locomotive contains a remote control device made in the form of an onboard specialized radio station, connected by a communication channel with the control device of the shunting locomotive. Rangefinders of non-contact action are installed at the level of automatic couplers, and their reading plane is parallel to the plane of the track. The reading line is formed by the intersection of the reading plane and the location plane of the automatic couplers of the carriage nearest along the motion, perpendicular to the track plane. The operation way of the shunting locomotive without the driver consists of continuous contactless monitoring of the reading line along the motion of the shunting locomotive and the stopping of the locomotive at the moment of coupling with the carriage.EFFECT: ability to use the shunting locomotive in the fully automatic mode.3 cl, 1 dwg

Dispatch centralized system of management of railway transport "cetуhь" // 2628004
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: system contains the first level, including the monitored points, which are connected to a looped linear chain, one of which is connected to electrical centralization via discrete signal controllers and Tele control units, the other is connected to microprocessor centralization, the very first monitored point is connected to the main channel, and The latest - to the backup channel for docking with the unattended workstation WS "СВЯЗЬ" of the second level, all elements of which are united by a local-computer network. To manage the devices introduced ССС AWS "ДНЦ", AWS on duty mechanics of the central CTC - AWS "ШНД", the workstation WS "ФАЙЛ-СЕРВЕР" to save the archive, the server calculation of "ГИД". The third level of interface with the top-level systems includes two network cards, one of which on WS "ШЛЮЗ" 18 receives information on the status of objects with WS "СВЯЗЬ", and on the other card, WS "ШЛЮЗ" transmits information through the interworking node - "УМВ"- consumers of TV signals, which are the systems for maintaining the schedule of the executed traffic.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of railway traffic management.1 dwg

ethod of railway vehicle moving safety precautions and the railway vehicle // 2627924
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method of railway vehicle moving safety precautions on a railway track includes obtaining of information on the maximum segment allowed for the passage by the vehicle and determining the maximum allowable speed curve as a function of time based on the maximum segment obtained. While the vehicle is moving, the instantaneous speed of the railway vehicle is determined on the maximum segment and the instantaneous speed is compared with the maximum permissible speed at a given moment based on the determined maximum allowable speed curve as a function of time. On the basis of the comparison results of the maximum permissible speed with instantaneous speed, if the maximum permissible speed is exceeded by instantaneous speed, the railway vehicle brakes.EFFECT: increased traffic safety.13 cl, 9 dwg

Shunting locomotive control system // 2622524
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: system contains the placed on each shunting locomotive the on-board device of shunting automatic signaling, mounted on the station the control computer system of shunting automatic locomotive signaling, the hardware and software devices of the automatic work places of the shunting automatic locomotive signaling, differential station, transmitter-receiver, the local data network and the processor of the microprocessor centralization system. At that the on-board device of shunting signaling includes calculator, display and control unit, electronic control, control bus with power control modules, range finders, electronic control, sensors of speed, traction motor current and the pressure in the brake cylinders, the selecting control mode unit, Stay Alert driver control unit, transmitter-receiver, navigation signals receiver, the unit of speech communication and control unit of emergency braking.EFFECT: functionality expansion.1 dwg

Railway traffic interval regulation system based on radio channels // 2618660
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: system includes onboard equipment an trains involved into system, comprising: an integrated train protection system connected via an onboard system interface, a locomotive location determining unit, a speed and distance measuring unit, a permissible speed calculating unit, an eddy current device for rails actual status monitoring and proximate speed measurement, a driver display and a locomotive radio transmitter. Each line comprises floor sensors for rolling wheels pass, a local communication line, floor registration and information transmission units, interface units, a fiber optic cable, a fixed block for forming and analyzing pulsed light signals. In the computer center of monitoring and control, a software module for train situation simulation, a software module for monitoring traffic conditions on lines and a software module of integrated data processing are introduced and connected to its processor, wherein the processor of the computer center of monitoring and control is connected to a data transmission network linked to a radio channel.EFFECT: increased system reliability.2 dwg

Diagnostic technique for railway vehicles // 2608992
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway automation and telemetry systems for rail vehicles diagnostics. System comprises at least one control center, mounted on at least one railway vehicle at least one measuring device for recording of measured values of at least one measured parameter and at least one transmitter to transmit measured values from railway vehicle to control center, wherein said control center comprises at least one receiver to transmit measured values from rail vehicle to control center and at least one controller for evaluation of measured values by means of predetermined algorithm. At that, controller is made with possibility to assess measured values of railway vehicle by means of predetermined algorithm in direct relationship to additional measured values, which are recorded independent from railway vehicle.EFFECT: enabling increased accuracy of maintenance prediction.10 cl, 3 dwg

System and method for optimizing train operations considering rail car parameters // 2605648
FIELD: railway automatics.SUBSTANCE: technical solution relates to railway automation and telemechanics. In the method it is determined a parameter of a rail car that is not a railroad engine, and that is to be included in a train, it is created a train trip plan based on the rail car parameter in accordance with operational criteria for the train. System comprises a central controller, a rail car parameter measurement system, communication network for allowing communications between the measurement system and the central controller. Wherein a rail car parameter measured and provided to the central controller which determines at least one of a train make up profile for all rail cars in the train and a trip plan for the train mission based on the rail car parameters, including at least axial load of a rail car.EFFECT: increase in optimization of a train operations is achieved.23 cl, 12 dwg

Device for digital train radio communication on railway transport (versions) // 2605226
FIELD: communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to communication on railway transport. Device comprises in a single dispatcher control centre a computing device of an operator workstation for radio communication, control station, analogue locomotive radio stations, digital locomotive radio stations, stationary radio stations, including a stationary unit and a control panel. Control station includes a network interface module, a control module, a module for converting coordinates, electronic map module, talk-back module. Digital locomotive radio station comprises a navigation receiver, module for selecting stationary radio station, train number setting module, digital transceiver, control panel and control module. Stationary radio station unit comprises a network interface module, module for generating signals, signal scanning module, control module and digital-analogue transceiver, including a digital signal codec, transmission channel, antenna switch, receiving channel and analogue signal modem.EFFECT: provided is higher system reliability.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for operating, securing and/or monitoring of rail-bound traffic and operation control system // 2603708
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway control systems. Operation control system (20), implementing the method for operating, securing and monitoring of rail-bound traffic, wherein a signal box (10) is controlled remotely in a first operating mode. wherein operation control system (20) upon determination of the disruption of a signal box (10) or a disruption of the communication between the operation control system (20) and the signal box (10) is determined, the operation control system (20) is switched into a second operating mode, and a limited signal box functionality is provided.EFFECT: higher traffic security of rail vehicles is provided.14 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of trains movement controlling at running line with centralized control // 2601496
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. In method radio marks are installed along roadbed. Reading device is installed on locomotive, and recording device is on train last car. At locomotive and station power interlocking devices digital radio channel first transceivers are installed, and in train last car and on locomotive train digital radio channel second transceivers are additionally installed. Safe speed and interval between trains is controlled and maintained by onboard control device software tools of following train locomotive, receiving initial information on coordinates of preceeding train or on station traffic light input and output signals via digital radio channel of first transceivers during approach at stable radio communication distance and/or initial information from RFID-marks reading device on preceeding train movement parameters, sufficient for calculation of its last car predicted coordinates both for case of normal running in accordance with plan and schedule, and for case of emergency or target braking.EFFECT: simplified trains running control circuit and higher safety of traffic.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of controlling locomotive operation modes // 2593729
FIELD: transport; data processing. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to train traffic control. Method of locomotive operation mode control consists in gathering information on operation of locomotive by onboard microprocessor locomotive control system, transmitting said information to centralized data analysis unit and its processing by means of said unit. Results of statistical processing performed by centralized data analysis unit are directed to unified monitoring system server in the form of revealed incidents. Monitoring system is configured to generate commands for the development system which helps to develop algorithm for preventing failure in operation modes and compile new version of software on the basis of specified algorithm. Then specified version of software is installed in onboard locomotive control systems. EFFECT: increased efficiency of railway transport operation. 4 cl, 1 dwg, 2 tbl
ethod to optimize the operation of rail vehicles with electric drive on a given stretch of track // 2587126
FIELD: railway transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems for traffic control. Method consists in determining input costs for sections electrical energy and/or the load on the environment during manufacture input for sections of electrical energy. At the same time the way the rail network contains various track sections. Cost of electrical energy input at the various sections of the track are different and/or the load on the environment during manufacture input for sections of electrical energy is different for different sections of the track. Mode rail vehicle traffic in the area, taking into account the way set the amount of expenses for electric energy and/or the burden on the environment in the production of electrical energy for the stretch of track.EFFECT: technical result is to optimize the mode of movement of the rail vehicle.5 cl

ethod of automatic blocking equipment protection against action of traction current on railway transport // 2585701
FIELD: telemechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation and telemechanics on railway transport. Method of protecting automatic interlocking system equipment on railway transport at main symmetrical cable with twisted-pairs, ensuring operation of equipment of two terminal stations of interlocking system, grounding of armour and metal cladding is performed on grounding circuit of each point of interlocking system, and in middle of main cable insulating sleeve is installed, disconnecting its metal shell and cable armour.EFFECT: reduction of induced voltage in signals and interlocking system circuits.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of controlling operation of control device of responsible objects // 2584354
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway automation and telemechanics. Method during normal operation of device includes collection and accumulation of control signals in each of two control devices operated synchronously, comparing said signals to each other and when if said signals coincide, allowing outputting of control to object. Additionally included are two control modes - at normal operation of device and testing thereof. In addition to testing devices when performing basic functions, method includes periodic inspection of operation of device in all modes. After testing logical units under condition of its positive result, normal operation of device is restored and control enable signals are output. For negative testing result, device operation is stopped, and control inhibit signals are output. Duration of test and circuit of actuators is selected so that sequence of test control actions do not affect operation of actuators.EFFECT: higher safety.1 cl, 1 dwg

European train control system level 2 system (etcs l2) - automatic cab signalling with autostop // 2584040
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: system comprises a signal post-controlled radio block system (RBC) based on a self-blocking system with block-signals arranged between the signal posts and controlled by devices for controlling track vacancy. The devices for controlling track vacancy and/or block-signals are connected by radio equipment with the RBC for transmitting an occupied/shutdown or free state thereof.EFFECT: safer traffic.3 dwg
Train control system // 2582431
FIELD: telemechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation and telemechanics. Train control system comprises stationary computer of operator at control centre. Control centre and on controlled stations include data transmission devices, connected to interface module and to optical fibres of ring network station-to-station coupling system devices in main communication line. Main communication line includes an optical fibre of virtual track circuits, to which at end of main communication line is an intermediate link in form of a loop passing in remaining portion of fibre coming in reverse direction to control centre. In control centre and on controlled stations, unit of interface module is connected to a controller which is connected to electric interlocking systems devices and with stationary radio devices. In control centre there is an optical platform, coupled with initial link of optical fibre of virtual track circuits.EFFECT: higher throughput.1 cl, 1 dwg

System for real-time transmission of warning and electronic maps to high-speed train // 2578643
FIELD: computer equipment; transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems for controlling movement on railway transport. System comprises dispatcher station computing device consisting of main and standby servers and operator automated workstation, basic station of radio communication systems, a data storage unit, units for encoding and decoding, a communication network. On-board computer unit consists of two connected computing modules, one of which is the main and is connected via a unit of encoding and decoding the first radio communication network TETRE while another one is reserved and is connected via a unit of encoding and decoding the second radio communication network GSM, outputs of computing modules are connected to corresponding inputs of control unit and comparison of data, the first output is connected to locomotive safety device, and the second output is connected with system of automatic control over train.EFFECT: higher efficiency of control of high-speed train.1 cl, 3 dwg

System for controlling operations of yardmaster via radio channel at railway station // 2578639
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation and telemechanics on railway transport. System comprises located on pilot locomotives onboard radio stations and a portable radio station of the shunting master, an installed at the station radio server and repeaters, which are connected to IP network, to which there are also connected hardware-software devices of automated workstations of the station duty officer and radio communication electrician, as well as a processing unit and a range-finding sensor mounted in a separate housing attached to the housing of the portable radio station of the shunting master. At that, a measuring element of the range-finding sensor is located on the outer side of the housing with a possibility of movement in horizontal and vertical planes; the range-finding sensor, via the processing unit, is connected to the portable radio station of the shunting master, and a transceiver of the onboard radio station of every pilot locomotive is connected to a talk-call board of the driver, and the radio server, repeaters, transceivers of the locomotive radio station and the transceiver of the portable radio station are made with a possibility to arrange a radio communication system based on DMR standard.EFFECT: there is achieved higher safety and efficiency of shunting masters' work monitoring.3 cl, 1 dwg

Automated system for managing operation of locomotive crew on railroad // 2574049
FIELD: physics; control.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation and telemechanics on railway transport for monitoring operation of locomotive crews. The system comprises a central processing unit, a communication server, a data channel, hardware and software of automated workstations “АРМ ДСП”, “АРМ ТЧД”, “АРМ ТЧБ”, “АРМ ТНЦ”, “АРМ ДНЦ”, a simulation unit, a memory unit, a user interface, processors for the hardware and software of automated workstations “АРМ ЦД” and “АРМ ЦУТР”, comprising input-output units and display units. The simulation unit includes a data former for generating data on the presence of locomotive crews on handling areas, a unit for calculating the use of locomotive crews with circulation, a unit for analysing the provision of trains with locomotive crews and a unit for supporting decision making, a data former for generating data on schedules for assigning locomotive crews, as well as formers for generating data on schedules for assigning locomotive crews, data on the turnout of locomotive crews, data on the presence of locomotive crews at locomotive crew circulation stations and data on the approach of trains to the station, a unit for analysing the readiness time of locomotive crews and a unit for monitoring regulatory compliance.EFFECT: high efficiency of using locomotive crews.1 dwg

Train traffic automated control system // 2573260
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises: forecast train handling plan formation unit; range train traffic forecasting and planning unit; TS (train sheet) management unit; TS gateway; unit for formation of plan tasks for routes establishment; unit for matching train model of TS and CTC (centralised traffic control); remote signalling channel; line devices of EI (electric interlocking) and ABS (automatic block signalling); CTC gateway; unit for analysis and preprocessing of control orders; control actions formation unit and AWS (automated workstation) of traffic controller.EFFECT: lower technological overhead in range field operation arrangement by means of control augmentation, higher system availability and reliability.1 dwg

Control over shunting locomotive // 2567099
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: in compliance with claimed process, stationary equipment hardware-software complex monitors the structures influencing the traffic conditions at the station. Hardware-software complex of onboard hardware of every shunting locomotive locates its position to be transmitted to the station hardware-software complex. The latter construct the dynamic model of the position of running stocks at the station and sets the compliance between routes set by microprocessor interlocking and locomotives. It defines for every locomotive the zones of permissible motion in odd and even directions to be allowed for in generation of mission telegram to be transmitted via radio data transfer channel to the locomotive complex. Said complex defines, proceeding from obtained data, the route parameters and current magnitude of permissible speed to be displayed on engineman monitor and computes the motion path. Note here that shunting locomotive motion path is controlled by data exchange between the complexes of stationary and locomotive hardware.EFFECT: higher safety of shunting.8 cl, 2 dwg

Railway traffic control at spans at ctc // 2561518
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport and can be used in dispatcher control systems. Claimed method comprises the following steps: automatic control by locomotive onboard control system over safe speeds and headway of trains equipped with hardware for control over train integrity and that for ultrasound control over integrity of rails, determination of the train current coordinates by allowance for distance made with their intermittent correction by passive radio tracers installed along the track. Note here that said tracers are used for multiple data rewriting to be performed by the gadget installed at tail car of every train and connected with onboard control device via local channel of digital radio communication. Data is read off by appropriate reader installed and coupled with locomotive onboard control device. Trains running at spans are controlled in compliance with pre-compiled plans and schedules and their electronic cards loaded in locomotive control device electronic memory unit. Note here that safe speed and intervals are controlled and supported by appropriate locomotive software of the train running behind.The latter receives initial data from passive tracer readers on motion parameters of trains ahead. This applies both to normal run of the train in compliance with plan and schedule and emergent or target braking. Or, it receives the initial data on ahead train or on signal of entry and exit lights of approach stations at the distance of stable radio communication. Note here that digital radio channel transceivers should be installed at the train and stations with range not smaller than approach sections and connected with locomotive onboard control device or station traffic control device.EFFECT: simplified railway traffic control, higher traffic safety.1 dwg

ethod and system for controlling traffic on railroad network // 2559674
FIELD: physics; control.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway automation and telemechanics and can be used for operation on a railroad network. The engineering solution is as follows. A railroad network is divided into a plurality of resources whose state is controlled by a ground controller, and each vehicle has an on-board controller configured to communicate with ground controllers. The on-board controller has radio communication and identification means, allocation and freeing means, as well as verification means. The ground controller has radio communication and processing means, as well as control means. A centre (31) is used to schedule task control for a vehicle, transmit a task to a vehicle, the controller of which identifies a group of resources which enables the vehicle to continue its task, backs up the identified resources by querying ground controllers, and after allocation of all resources, switches each resource to the required state and then verifies that each resource is backed up and switched to the required state. If the verification result is positive, the controller extends the permission to allow traffic flow on a path corresponding to said group of resources.EFFECT: safer train movement.18 cl, 5 dwg

System of train separation at spans built around radio channel // 2556133
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: this system comprises interconnected stationary centres of radio block system connected to computer of the dispatcher control centre and to railway haul base stations via communication circuit. At spans between adjacent stations these are connected via fibre-optic cable and radio channel of the train onboard hardware. The latter comprises complex locomotive safety device, locomotive location determination unit, allowable speed, braking curve and data exchange calculation unit interconnected via locomotive onboard digital data exchange system interface, eddy current device for actual control over current conditions of the rails and refined speed measurement, and engineman display. Fibre-optics cable is composed of combined sensor and communication cable. Said cable is laid at span along the track to allow the transfer of external forced from track structural components to cable outer shell and includes inner elements of mechanical connection between cable shell and sensor optical fibres with variable optical parameters at their deformation. Note here that said optical fibres are connected by one end with first communication ports of span units for generation and analysis of impulse light signals. Second communication ports are connected to communication ports at video observation floor units. The latter incorporate the unit of train end video signal automatic registration. Their opposite ends are connected with appropriate fist ports of stationary unit for generation and analysis of impulse light signals. Second communication port of the latter is connected via data transfer circuit with computer of the dispatcher control centre.EFFECT: higher reliability and safety.2 dwg

Automated system for controlling operation of combined fleet of freight locomotives at handling yard // 2555393
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation and computer engineering and can be used on railway transport for controlling a combined fleet of locomotives. The system includes a central processing unit, a communication server, a data transmission channel, hardware-software of automated workstations of the station duty officer and the locomotive depot duty officer, a simulation unit, a memory unit. The system further includes an user interface, hardware-software processors of the automated workstations of an employee of the traffic control department and an employee of the towing resource management centre and a simulation unit. The simulation unit includes a generator for generating data on the presence of locomotives on handling areas, an unit for calculating operation of locomotives until the next maintenance, an unit for analysing availability of locomotive engines for trains and an unit for supporting decision making, a generator for generating data on the technical plan of the content of locomotives, generators for generating data on the actual demand for locomotives, actual release of locomotives from the depot, presence of locomotives at locomotive service stations, presence of locomotives at the station and at the depot, an unit for analysing deviations in the content of locomotives, an unit for supporting decision making, a unit for monitoring adherence to set standards and a memory unit.EFFECT: high efficiency of using locomotives.1 dwg

Traction-engine route controller // 2546750
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises navigation unit whereto data display module and memory module with the route electronic card written therein connected thereto, and transceiver unit connected via communication channel with transceiver unit of dispatcher automated workstation. Additionally, this device comprises current coordinate readout module, route coordinate readout module, module of comparison of current coordinates with preset coordinates, data message generation module, timer and engine locking signal generator. In traction-engine motion on rails, navigation defines the traction-engine current coordinates. This data is fed via current coordinates readout module to comparison module input. Second input of comparison module receives via readout module the data on preset route coordinates to be compared with current coordinates. If current coordinates correspond to preset coordinates no signal exists at comparison module output. This unit does not generate messages while timer stays at initial state and traction-engine goes on running along preset route.EFFECT: higher efficiency of control over traction-engine route.2 dwg

Computer-aided system for traffic schedule control analysis // 2546577
FIELD: physics, control.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to traffic analysis and control systems. This system consists of traffic schedule control and analysis device. This device includes traffic schedule generator, analysis, forecast and representation display unit, traction hardware system operation simulator. The latter consists of initial data unit, device operation correction unit, traction power supply system design unit, power supply calculation unit and unit for control over adequate operation. It includes also traction power supply system temperature gages. Additionally, it incorporates traction power supply physical parameters record and control device. Besides, is incorporates extra unit for analysis and generation of optimum traffic schedule. Aforesaid traction hardware system operation simulator incorporates extra data conversion unit.EFFECT: higher accuracy of simulation, optimum traffic schedule.1 dwg

Remote control system using haptic technology for controlling railway vehicle // 2546081
FIELD: physics, control.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a railway vehicle remote control system. Disclosed remote control system comprises a remote control device in which haptic technology is used, configured to transmit signals to a first controller module. Said first controller module is installed on a railway vehicle and is configured to control the railway vehicle and perform current control of functions thereof. The first controller module is also configured to transmit information to the remote control device. The disclosed remote control system may also comprise a portable emergency switch, which enables any individual near the railway vehicle to transmit to the first controller module a stop signal for stopping the railway vehicle in case of emergency.EFFECT: safer remote control system, particularly blocking operation of a locomotive based on instructions from a remote control device which is not yet handled or has been dropped, ie which has no contact with the operator.14 cl, 11 dwg

System for controlling train movement with centralised control // 2541585
FIELD: physics; control.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport and can be used in automated systems for centralised control of railway transport. The system comprises, at each locomotive and connected to an on-board system digital interface, a computer for controlling train movement, a driver's computer, an information input and display unit, a receiver of a satellite navigation system with an antenna and a wireless modem with an antenna. A centralised control centre includes, connected to the system digital interface, a computer of the controller's automated workstation, a wireless modem with an antenna, a train model generating unit, the signal output of which is connected through a train model fragment preparation unit and unit for converting the train model to a video frame, said units being connected in series, to the signal input of the wireless modem with an antenna. Each locomotive of trains involved in the control system also includes a control unit for an auxiliary valve for forced emergency braking. The cabin of the locomotive is fitted with surveillance video cameras, the signal outputs of which are connected through a switch to an intelligent video analyser, the port of which and the input of the control unit for an auxiliary valve for forced emergency braking are connected to the on-board system digital interface.EFFECT: safer movement.1 dwg

Control over scheduled freight train traffic in railway communication // 2541551
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: train traffic is effected on the basis of integral shift. First, for every railway yard, simulated is freight trains gathering in routs and destinations for a day, for every train an appropriate unoccupied "line" of the traffic actual schedule is selected to simulate versions for locomotives and locomotive crews to be selected for trains. For every train model, train passing is simulated in sections of a traffic route with due allowance for current position in given route. Thereafter, with allowance for current position in the route, appropriate versions are selected for every train model for selection of locomotives and crews to be assigned to selected "line" of actual traffic schedule. Simulation results are used to gather the train at railway yard and appropriate locomotive is assigned thereto as well as locomotive crew to send the train in compliance with traffic schedule preset by actual schedule "line". In real time, train gathering, assignment of locomotives and their crews, departure of train from the station and passing in route sections in compliance with approved schedule.EFFECT: higher efficiency of control over freight train traffic.8 cl, 1 dwg

System for interval control of movement of trains at railway haul // 2534084
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: system comprises a monitoring and control centre, a stationary transceiver, a locomotive transceiver, locomotive receivers of ALS code signals. The output of a unit for determining current coordinates of a train is connected to the first input of a braking control unit, the second input of which is connected to the output of a priority control unit, connected to a memory unit; the output of the locomotive transceiver is connected to the input of a unit for converting monitoring and control centre signals, the outputs of which are respectively connected to the first input of a locomotive speed analyser and to the first input of an identification unit. The first output of the locomotive receiver is connected to the input of an ALS signal conversion unit, the outputs of which are respectively connected to the second input of the locomotive speed analyser and to the second input of the identification unit; the outputs of the locomotive speed analyser and the identification unit are respectively connected to the first and second inputs of the priority control unit; the second output of the locomotive receiver is connected through a request signal former to the input of the locomotive transceiver.EFFECT: high throughput of sections on railway hauls with interval control of train movement.1 dwg

ethod of simulation of emergency response activities at automatics and telemechanics facilities // 2531780
FIELD: physics, control.SUBSTANCE: method of simulation of emergency response activities is intended for estimate of average time until recovery of operability of railway automatics and telemechanics facilities (RATMF). The method includes a procedure of determination of average time until RATMF recovery and the software complex. The constant values on the rail road section are entered, and also the climate features are represented as elementary data arrays, each of which corresponds to the section block. Also the general auxiliary data including the time of simulation are entered. After the data entry the simulation is started that consists in creation of elementary random events - time intervals falling to various operations in view of distribution laws and constant values of the data on the section, interrelation at implementation of the process of maintenance and repair of RATMF, and subsequent summation of elementary random events in view of probability of repeated occurrence with the purpose of obtaining of multiple time instances until recovery for each section block. As a result of obtaining of multiple time instances until recovery for each section block the arithmetic average of all time instances is calculated, and the mean time until recovery of RATMF is determined.EFFECT: obtaining of the optimum value of average time until RATMF recovery.1 tbl

ethod of transmitting alarm data between railroad car involved in accident and control centre and corresponding device // 2529582
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to transmission of messages between a train and a control centre. The method of transmitting alarm data between a first train involved in an accident and a control centre comprises steps of, if the working state of said train matches the accident, determining if the main radio link between the train and ground infrastructure with which a control centre is connected can be used. Otherwise an emergency radio link is established between the communication device of the first train and the communication device of a second train crossing the coverage area of said emergency communication means. After establishing a link between the trains, alarm data relating to the first train are transmitted and stored at the second train. Data relating to the first train are transmitted using a second link between the second train and the control centre. An on-board installed on the trains comprises a means of assessing the state of the train, a main communication means and a self-contained emergency communication device. The communication framework comprises said on-board systems, base stations and a control centre.EFFECT: high reliability of data transmission.14 cl, 3 dwg

Automatic forced stoppage of trains and shunting rolling stock at fixed buffers at motion at station stub tracks // 2529561
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises shunting locomotive controller and locomotive control board, radio modem and relay unit connected thereto. Central control station is equipped with tower control device connected with info board, terminals of railway station power interlocking track relay repeaters and with info concentrator and radio modem. Track controller fitted at fixed buffers are connected to info concentrator while microwave radars. Every microwave radar is connected with appropriate track controller while shunting locomotive controller is connected with brake system pressure transducers and wheel turn angle transducers, relay unit extra output being connected with brake valve adapter. Central control station comprises control computer for control via radio modem over forced stoppage at hazard of collision with fixed buffer.EFFECT: higher reliability, expanded operating performances.2 cl, 2 dwg
ethod for train traffic control using alternative schedules // 2524505
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: in case of train traffic standard schedule violation, information about causes of specific train delay is transmitted on request of dispatcher. Received information is entered into computing unit of dispatcher automated workstation where alternative traffic schedules calculation is performed. Calculation results are sent to traffic server and optimal schedule is selected for all trains of section where delay has occurred. The selected optimal schedule is sent via traffic server to on-board equipment of train locomotives being present on the railroad section. After information has been received from locomotive, acknowledgement is sent to dispatcher upon which trains continue to move according to transmitted schedule. Railroad section margins are fixed on electronic map by control points which correspond to advance signal coordinates. Control pints passing by trains is fixed by train traffic monitoring unit.EFFECT: higher traffic throughput.1 tbl

System for interval control of train movement // 2521066
FIELD: physics, control.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation, telemechanics and communication on railway transport. The system for interval control of train movement consists of sets of automatic blocking equipment, each having interconnected control module, interface module with electrical centralised control, complex signal generator and a section receiver module. The system also includes traffic light control units, automatic crossing signalling control units, an inter-station communication module, a matching device, automated workstations and a real-time and radio link module. The system further includes an intersystem interface, an external information interface, a centralised control module, a centralised monitoring module and a module for connecting the automated workstation of the station operator. The automatic blocking equipment includes an information-diagnostic interface, a complex signal generator and a section receiver module.EFFECT: broader functional capabilities.2 cl, 3 dwg

System for determining performance of two joined railway stations // 2520203
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: system for determining performance of two joined railway stations comprises a road server connected to processors of personal computers of automated workstations at each station and a simulation device. The system also includes a performance evaluation unit consisting of a performance comparison and evaluation module, a predicted performance computation module and a performance dynamics module. Each station is fitted with an additional automated workstation which consists of a personal computer, a computational unit, two data receiving units and a time recording unit. Each simulation device is connected to the computation unit which consists of a standard performance computation module.EFFECT: designing a universal system for measuring and evaluating performance of stations.2 dwg

Digital radio train communication system for railway transport // 2519793
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: digital radio train communication system for railway transport comprises a wireless server in a control station, transponders at stations and locomotive radio stations, all connected by an IP network. The control station is fitted with interconnected unit for detecting transponder switching instructions and control unit, connected to the wireless server. Each locomotive is fitted with a unit for measuring minimum signal strength and a unit for generating transponder switching instructions. Logic channels of the locomotive radio station are connected to the unit for measuring minimum signal strength and the unit for generating transponder switching instructions. The control panel of a traffic controller is connected to the wireless server.EFFECT: improved quality and reliability of communication between a controller and a driver.2 cl, 1 dwg

Automated train traffic control system // 2519601
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: automated train traffic control system comprises an automated workstation of a traffic controller of a control station, having a processor with display and input/output units, a fixed wireless modem and a communication server. Locomotives are fitted with an on-board wireless modem and a train control system. The automated workstation of the traffic controller includes a unit for simulating train operation and a database of train schedules. Each locomotive is fitted with a safety device, a radio channel gateway and a CAN-MVB gateway. The fixed and on-board wireless modems include transceivers and an automatic band switch. The communication server connected to the processor is connected to hardware/software of an automated system for inputting and analysing a traffic schedule, a system for creating schedules, a system for analysing, reporting and monitoring fault elimination, an electric centralised control system, a centralised traffic control system and a train traffic schedule database.EFFECT: faster control.2 cl, 1 dwg

Dispatch control over train motion at its approach to occupied track section and system to this end // 2511742
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway dispatcher control. In compliance with proposed dispatch control, at trains approach to occupied track section calculated and accumulated are the base of alternative traffic schedules to generate train delay time forecasts in motion according to alternative schedules. At occupied section in the train way generated is the locomotive request about forecast time ob section occupancy. In case tolerable time is exceeded, versions of alternate schedules are selected to allow the motion round about occupied section. Proposed system comprises computer at central station, train schedule computation unit, dispatcher and electric interlocking hardware and data transmission radio communication network connected with locomotive onboard devices. Central station incorporates alternative traffic schedule data base, computation unit for determination of constraints for railway infrastructure objects, computer for forecasting track section occupation time and unit for imitation simulation of traffic schedule execution, all being connected with train traffic schedule computer.EFFECT: higher capacity of spans.2 cl, 1 dwg

System of centralised system control // 2511197
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway ACS and telemetry systems. Proposed system comprises train passage planner with memory module including data base on permissible control orders, linear centralisation and automatic interlocking devices and computer-aided trains dispatcher workstation. Additionally, this system comprises control computation complex of the station train radio control system, control computation complex of the system of radio control over trains in transport corridor, station digital radio communication system and track block digital radio communication system.EFFECT: higher reliability of train traffic control.1 dwg

ethod of train separation and device to this end // 2509672
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway dispatcher control. Proposed method comprises computation of distance to rolling stock end of ahead train by summation of increments of its coordinate and train speed by increment of traversed path coordinate. Received train motion data are selected in the order of decrease in precision for computation of yellow-to-green light changeover at second light signal in direction of train motion. Proposed system comprises automatic interlocking devices, station power interlocking devices and control centre. Control centre computer is connected with power interlocking devices and locomotive onboard control devices connected with satellite navigation receiver. Control centre automated workstation incorporates train interval and speed data computation and ranking module connected with PC processor of said workstation.EFFECT: higher efficiency of automatic control over train.2 cl, 1 dwg

Train control system // 2508218
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: train control system has, in the onboard control device of each locomotive, a CAN interface, a service braking automatic control subsystem, a movement safety monitoring subsystem, a fault detecting device, an operator alertness monitoring device and interactive information display devices. The system also includes distance and speed sensors, a satellite navigation system and electronic route map device, a system of pressure sensors in the pneumatic braking system of the locomotive and a radio link transceiver. The onboard control device further includes a receiving device for continuous and point inductive communication channels, which is connected to the CAN interface. Each path section includes a tail area of the point inductive communication channel and a path code signal generator. An electric centralised control unit is connected through a data network to inputs of the path code signal generators, outputs of which are connected to tail areas of the point communication channel.EFFECT: high reliability and safety of movement.1 dwg

System for inspection and real-time control of locomotive stock // 2508217
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: system for inspection and real-time control of locomotive stock includes interconnected dispatcher personal computer, server, memory unit, output form generating unit, signal processing and generating unit, monitor, information control and inputting unit, locomotive approach simulating unit and locomotive crew deployment simulating unit, unit for determining presence and state of locomotives, service speed control unit and train situation simulating unit. The system further includes a locomotive ranking unit, which is connected to the processor of the dispatcher computer. The server is connected to a railway transport safety subsystem of an automated train control subsystem, which is connected to a block of rolling stock diagnosis equipment. The automated locomotive enterprise control subsystem is connected to a block of onboard locomotive diagnosis equipment.EFFECT: high efficiency of inspection and real-time control of locomotive stock.1 dwg