Wherein the cushion is contained at least in part by walls (B60V1/04)

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B60V1/04                     Wherein the cushion is contained at least in part by walls(29)

Device for reduction of hydrodynamic resistance of ship hull bottom in compressed air flow // 2641345
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for reduction of the hydrodynamic resistance of a ship hull bottom in a compressed air stream, containing a body, a high-pressure air pump, a steering device, side skegs is proposed. The bottom of the streamlined hull is protected by a layer of material, complete with single elastic rods and/or fibers, freely protruding with their one end and made of elastic polyethylene materials in the form of a brush and fastened tightly with the protective coating material.EFFECT: reduction of resistance to movement of the ship in compressed air flow and increase of its heading stability.2 cl, 5 dwg

Device for implementation of hovercraft travel and control mode // 2614367
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device comprises bottom made of parts at different angles, rudder, a longitudinal air intake duct of the delivery device in the form of the impeller, the air is supplied from the nozzle at an angle under the bottom of the ship, and a pivoting flap pneumatic channels. Wherein a bottom side skegs additionally equipped inside with longitudinal flow channels made in the form of a hollow or open pipes installed at the end of the curved active nozzles that are oriented at an angle in the direction of movement air dynamic high-pressure jet exiting the transient two-phase nozzles disposed in the middle of a bottom open bottom of the housing.EFFECT: improved handling and stability of the ship, nautical, simplicity.3 cl, 4 dwg

Vessel on air cushion // 2609560
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vessel of an air cushion is a "П"-shaped body in the cross section, having flexible barriers or rigid mechanical dampers in the fore and aft end, and equipped with a system of air superchargers for air injection under the bottom of the vessel body. At the same time the body is made hollow and vacuumized with rounded corners, along submerged walls of which there is a system of each pitch of driving pins is mounted at oblique angle, with a system of replaceable pneumatic chambers fixed on driving pins that have an inner diameter comparable to the cross dimension of the vessel body. Pneumatic chambers are laid on the vessel body along the diameter and are fixed in pairs by bends on driving pins.EFFECT: improved weight lifting capacity and buoyancy of a vessel with low pressure in an air cushion.2 cl, 1 dwg

Hovercraft // 2609551
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air-cushion vehicles. The vehicle comprises a high pressure air blower under the flat bottom between the floats, which form a skirt. Skirt is two hollow oval-shaped or elliptical pipes looped at the waterline level and allowing evacuation. The long axes of elliptical or oval-shaped in plan pipes lie in a common longitudinal plane and may be parallel to each other or may lie on a common axis. A pin teeth equal increment system is installed on pipes, where a pneumatic chamber system is mounted with chamber internal diameter comparable with the outer diameter of the pipe. Pneumatic chambers are stacked along the diameter and fixed by pairs on the pin teeth.EFFECT: achievement of unification and simplification of manufacturing technology and application of the hovercraft vehicle skirt.2 cl, 2 dwg

Amphibious ship on compressed pneumatic flow // 2600555
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to amphibious vehicles. Amphibious ship on a compressed pneumatic flow comprises a bottom made of parts at different angles, and rudder consists of shields. In the afterbody above the steering device there is a horizontal flow-directing element in the form of a U-shaped apron located above the rotary shield with horizontal rotation axis to form a slot between the edge of the apron and two steering devices. End of the apron is arranged inclined towards the rotary shield secured to the rear wall of the stern and is located at the same level of the pneumochannel bottom. Air pressure is created by an impeller and is differentially discharged from an additionally created channel at the outlet between the steering devices. Ship bottom in the form of a pneumochannel in the cross-section is made in the form of an inverted semicircle. Lateral skegs on the outer side are made at an angle. Additional side skegs all along the inner side are made attached by thin extending vertical side walls with the possibility of coordinated control.EFFECT: provided is efficient suppression of path changes of the stable air flow, safety, simple control, increased speed, better controllability, reduced drag.6 cl, 3 dwg

Amphibious vehicle // 2587190
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to amphibious structural machines and relates to structures of wheeled and tracked floating machines. Amphibious transport facility comprises body, caterpillar or wheel propulsor, propulsion power plant and propulsion power plant gases exhaust. Housing bottom has lengthwise flanges. Outlet end of exhaust gases exhauster is located in fore and directed downwards so that exhaust gases form under bottom of housing gas cushion held from spreading by shoulders.EFFECT: reduced resistance to motion on water, reduced draft on water body, reduced fuel consumption during movement over water, excluding heating of external surfaces of housing by engine exhaust gases and reduction of machine thermal signature.1 cl, 1 dwg

Device to reduce boatplane airframe fluid dynamic drag at takeoff from water surface // 2569661
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: claimed device comprises side and bottom skegs arranged behind the step to develop air cavities there between. Note here that side skegs can be driven by planetary electromechanical gears fitted in boatplane airframe. Air duct consists of the main air line arranged inside the structure and its outer part composed of air manifold shaped to bottom shape.EFFECT: enhanced operating performances owing to reduced fluid dynamic drag.4 dwg

Device for implementation of hovercraft travel mode and control // 2567720
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport facilities using dynamic air cushion (AC) and concerns use in creation transport facilities for moving over water, snow and ground. Device for implementation of transport facility with AC travel mode and control includes high-pressure charger and nozzle device. Transport facility includes hull on which charger in the form of impeller is installed which charger forms gas-dynamic air jet of high pressure, the nozzle of which is located under hull bottom at an angle in vertical plane to longitudinal vessel axis and perpendicular - to horizontal. In pneumatic channels under bottom, compressed air is distributed and AC and dynamic thrust is generated. The device contains apron, shutters and disk wheels implementing control of generated hydro-gas-dynamic flows.EFFECT: simplicity of practical implementation of the method having high efficiency with improved controllability.3 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of development of extra pressure of compressed air for air cushion vehicle and device to this end // 2557129
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: to provide extra compressed air pressure for air cushion vehicle air with impeller running as compressor high-pressure gas-dynamic jet is created to escape from impeller nozzle. Said jet is forced into bottom supply channel composed in plan of confuser with neck-like nozzle and directed between vertical sidewalls. Confuser-like channel with nozzle extra high-pressure gas-dynamic jet is generated by moving vertical flaps secured to confuser vertical walls.EFFECT: higher stability, reduced leaks from under the bottom, efficient operation thanks to maximum application of high-pressure compressed air at supply channel outlet.4 cl, 4 dwg

Ship tunnel-skeg-type hull // 2555255
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: ship hull has free hull and underwater hull with curvilinear boards below design waterline converting to the fore. Underwater hull has bottom with lengthwise tunnel provided with upper horseshoe-shaped surface and vertical walls extending along the ship hull under design waterline and with generating lines parallel with the ship centre line. Underwater hull cross-section profile along design waterline features maximum width at aft area. Lengthwise tunnel fore and aft ends are provided with at least one railing to turn and to be secured relative to the axis extending the are of contact between said top arched surface and vertical walls and perpendicular to the ship centre line. Every said moving railing can be retracted and released and stay at working position whereat closed zone is formed in lengthwise tunnel. Ship free hull accommodates at least one blower of air into said lengthwise tunnel.EFFECT: better propulsive properties and navigability.3 cl, 5 dwg

Amphibious ship running on compressed air flow // 2552581
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: ship hull aft lower section bottom, ahead of the rudder, has lengthwise ledged skewed towards the fore section and the blower air intake channel shaped to impeller. Air is fed from impeller nozzle to under the ship bottom at an angle. Said ledge is located aft lower medium part at the bottom centre to make two air channels on both sides between said ledge. Moving horizontal partition on the shaft is additionally fixed behind the impeller nozzle to extend the air channel towards skewed ledge. Rotary board is secured at horizontal shaft is secured to the bottom in the area of said ledge with air channels to abut on ledge bottom in closed state. Guides composed of ledges made up of two interconnected vertical plates are secured at outer side of ship boards. Rudder with board comprises extra second board articulated with and spring-loaded to the first board to turn in vertical plane.EFFECT: smooth start and run at low speeds, better navigability and mobility.2 cl, 8 dwg

Snowmobile // 2478502
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air-cushion vehicles. Proposed vehicle comprises propellers to generate air pressure under flat bottom between floats that make a skirt retaining air to keep vehicle afloat. Bottom is composed of parts arranged at different angles to allow accommodating turning rings with wing-like inserts under the bottom. Note here that forward jet thrust is generated by air flowing over snowmobile to create dynamic pressure at bottom profile section with wing-in-ground effect and jet pressure at swinging flaps at snowmobile front.EFFECT: expanded operating performances.1 dwg

Air-cushion vehicle // 2347694
FIELD: transport, ship building.SUBSTANCE: air-cushion vehicle incorporates a shell with skegs and is provided with outboard motors, supercharger with air ducts to feed higher-pressure air into the cushion. The proposed air-cushion vehicle features the M-shape cross-section of plating constricting the air-cushion space. The plating of the skeg inner sides, adjoining parts of bottom and pitching section of the bottom are smoothly mated. The clearance in diametrical plane makes at least 1/20 of the width between the lower edges of skegs. The aforesaid air ducts are recommended to be arranged along and outside the vehicles sides. The proposed invention allows reducing the air-cushion vehicle draught to mount standard outboard motors behind the propulsive unit transom.EFFECT: improved performances, better comfort, enlarged shell payload volume due to arranging air ducts outside vehicle sides.2 cl, 1 dwg

Air cushion vehicle // 2280574
FIELD: transport engineering; cross-country vehicles; hover craft.SUBSTANCE: platform of vehicle is made in form of receiver of air masses delivered by machine plant with fan. Profiled slot is made over perimeter of receiver, over entire length of slot tip of aerofoil wing is arranged forming around receiver a wing with controlled flaps closed in plan to which peripheral flexible guard is attached. Upper and lower clearances are formed between edges of profiled slot of receiver and fitted in tip of wing. Said clearances are located over entire perimeter of slot. Vehicle is made with wing and flap guard from on-coming air flow when vehicle is running, and guard proper is secured at a distance from wing flaps over entire perimeter of vehicle. It is efficient to make wing with flap closed in plan with possibility of vertical displacement in width of profiled slot of receiver for fixing it in any point of displacement range with overlapping of upper or lower clearances in extreme positions.EFFECT: increased lifting height of vehicle at preservation of specific power owing to aerodynamic relief of air cushion vehicle hull.2 cl, 1 dwg

Hovercraft // 2174925
The invention relates to shipbuilding and can be used in the design of the hovercraft

Ship // 2108257
The invention relates to shipbuilding and for the design of transport catamarans

Car air cushion // 2104889
The invention relates to vehicles, air cushion and concerns the design of vehicles, air cushion

Hydrolat kashevarova // 2097228
The invention relates to vehicles, air cushion

Boat // 2076051
The invention relates to shipbuilding and can be used when designing boats mainly skeg type hovercraft and boats on air lubrication

A flexible enclosure apparatus air cushion // 2060181
The invention relates to vehicles, air cushion and for the design of flexible fencing airbag

Chassis // 2006399
The invention relates to shipbuilding and for the design of the chassis, using the lifting force of the air cushion under the bottom of the courts

Hovercraft // 2006398