ethods, circuits or devices for controlling the propulsion of electrically-propelled vehicles, e.g. their traction-motor speed, to achieve a desired performance and adaptation of control equipment on electrically-propelled vehicles for remote actuation from a stationary place, from alternative parts of the vehicle or from alternative vehicles of the same vehicle train (B60L15)

B60L15/04 - Using dc(84)
B60L15/08 - Using pulses(148)
B60L15/38 - With automatic control(12)

System of modular electric vehicle // 2642227
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: modular electric vehicle comprises a plurality of interchangeable assembly units of the vehicle. Each module comprises a connecting surface for attaching to a neighbouring adjacent module, a central power bus, an electrical power supply, a central network bus, an electrically powered axle, and a module controller. The powered assembly module is designed rotatable by means of the controller interaction with the powered axle. The vehicle controller is designed to recognize a vehicle configuration and to select the appropriate control software based on this configuration. The operator interface connected to the vehicle controller and enabling the operator to control the vehicle. A central control network for use in a modular electric vehicle and an interchangeable assembly module of a vehicle are also claimed.EFFECT: manufacturing a modular electric vehicle having the greatest configuration flexibility degree.43 cl, 17 dwg

Draft force control system for several electrical sections // 2641558
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: draft force control system for several electrical sections contains a power supply module, inverter/four-quadrant modules, I/O module, a network module, and an error elimination module. The inverter / four-quad modules consist of a high-speed board, a signal sampling board and a pulse interface board. Two-way communication between boards, I/O module, host processor, between network module and error elimination module is implemented by high-speed differential bus LinkPort, through high speed bus, by CPCI bus and via CAN bus. The network module contains a network board and receives digital signals and analogue signals and sends data. The error elimination module contains an error elimination board and receives error elimination commands and error elimination signals. The power supply module provides power to the inverter/four-quadrant modules, the I/O module, the network module and the error-elimination module.EFFECT: ensuring stability and reliability in the transmission of information of the draft force control system for several electrical sections.7 cl, 18 dwg

Vehicle // 2640164
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle comprises an engine, a first and a second engine-generators and a transmission with an input and output shaft, and a clutch. The input shaft is connected with the second motor-generator, the output shaft is connected to driving wheels, and the clutch is adapted to switch between the input shaft and the output shaft in the power transmission on-state or the power transmission disconnection state. There is also a differential device comprising a first, a second and third rotating elements. The electronic control unit controls the first and the second motor-generators and the clutch. When the rotation speed difference is less than the rotation speed difference between the input and output shafts, when the clutch disconnects the power transmission, the control unit prevents the crankshaft rotation by means of the first motor-generator, unlike the case in which the power transmission disconnection state is set.EFFECT: reduction of noise and vibration.5 cl, 9 dwg

Controller design and connection unit // 2640161
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: controller design of the electromotor includes a base that performs the function of the ground on which the motor phase control units are installed. Each control unit contains a ground bus, a phase bus, a positive bus and a series of electronic current control elements located between the buses and being collapsed into a single package along with the said buses. The buses are installed in parallel on the base. The phase bus and the positive bus are mounted on the housing through non-conductive elements. A printed-wiring board of the control circuit of the electronic control elements, as well as switching connections between electronic control elements and areas of pressing of buses to a board is installed on the buses. The positive buses of the control units are connected to the positive input of the power supply by means of a busbar, pressed to the end of the positive buses and consisting of plates. The design of the connection unit of electrical buses includes a series of flat buses interconnected by means of a busbar pressed to the end of each of the flat buses by pressing devices.EFFECT: increase the reliability of the electromotor controller at high switching currents.14 cl, 8 dwg

Thermally optimized brake system of railway vehicle // 2637073
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: brake system comprises switching valves in electrical communication with each other and in fluid communication with brake line, blocks of frictional brake in fluid communication with each switching valve and at least one block of electrical brake in electrical communication with each switching valve. If one of the electrical brake blocks is defective, the switching valve in communication with the defective electrical brake block sends a signal to another switching valve to ensure fluid medium under the pressure to the blocks of frictional brake in fluid communication with another switching valve. The switching valves may contain built-in electrical switching valves. The blocks of frictional brake may include blocks of disc brake. Each switching valve may be located between and in fluid communication with the brake line and with main tank line.EFFECT: reduced weight of the brake system.20 cl, 3 dwg

Automated driving system of freight trains of increased weight and length with locomotives distributed by train length // 2632039
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: automated driving system of freight trains of increased weight and length with locomotives distributed along the train length contains a central processor installed on each locomotive, connected with an auto-driving unit. The auto-driving unit is made with the possibility to implement on each locomotive its own programme of driving by a data receiving/transmission unit, a data entry unit, an indicating unit, and a unit of controlling system actuators based on information from the sensor unit and the memory unit. The system contains an analysis unit of traction currents, installed on each locomotive. Wherein, to ensure the possibility of the system working on a head locomotive and slave locomotives by various algorithms, the traction current analysis unit on the head locomotive is connected to the central processor unit, and on the slave locomotives it is disconnected from the CPU of the corresponding locomotive.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of the automated driving system for freight trains of increased weight.1 dwg

Vehicle control device // 2630258
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle control device is proposed, which includes a switched reactive electric motor and an electronic control module which performs a current-mode control of the switched reactive electric motor. In this case, the first current-mode control is performed to rotate the rotor in the reverse direction relative to the direction in which the vehicle starts to move, if the vehicle does not start moving even when the switched reactive electric motor outputs the maximum torque within the permissible range. Control is performed to rotate the rotor in the direction of the vehicle travel when it starts to move after the first current-mode control is activated.EFFECT: improvement of torque properties.4 cl, 10 dwg

Speed control device of electric stock // 2629617
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: speed control device of electric stock contains two groups of DC railway motors, the armature windings and the exciting winding of which are connected in the cross-sectional scheme. The totally controllable thyristor (14) carries out the resistor shunting and controls the armatures current of direct current railway motors both groups in the mode of impulse regeneration. In the absence of the consumer, the recuperative rheostatic or rheostatic braking mode is realized by the combined operation of totally controlled thyristors (14) and (15).EFFECT: energy efficiency of the recuperative-rheostat braking increase.1 dwg

Locomotive device for train control // 2629582
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: locomotive train control device contains a complex locomotive safety device with automatic locomotive signaling modules of continuous type and multi-digit automatic locomotive signaling. Module inputs are connected to the receiver coil unit output through a series-connected low-pass filter and an analog-to-digital converter, and the outputs are connected to the train's automatic braking unit and to the signal analyzer. The signal analyzer output is connected to the first input of the calculator, the second input of which is connected to the speed detection unit. The calculator input/output is connected to the output/input of the automatic train braking unit. A sequentially connected rectifier, integrator and threshold element are introduced into the locomotive device, with the additional output of the low-pass filter connected to the rectifier input, and the output of the threshold element is connected to the third input of the calculator.EFFECT: increased sites throughput.1 dwg

Speed regulation device for electric rolling stock // 2626779
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: speed control device includes the armature winding and the DC motor traction excitation winding, a static exciter, a series-connected short-circuit resistor shunted by a high-speed switch, and a reactor, two contactors, a diode, and three controlled semiconductor key elements. The excitation coil is shunted in the opposite direction by a fully controlled semiconductor key element. The control device further comprises a second resistor shunted by a fully controllable semiconductor key element. The resistor is connected to the other terminal of the second contactor and to the second lead of the armature winding and to the anode of the diode. The diode cathode is connected to the common junction point of the susceptor and the first input of the static exciter.EFFECT: increasing the energy efficiency of regenerative-rheostat inhibition.1 dwg
ethod for railway train traction on power distribution system // 2626441
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method to implement train traction on the power distribution system includes applicatio of a locomotive is used, divided into separate traction and non-traction sections and functional units. The structure of the locomotive includes a control section, a cargo traction section, a passenger traction section, a traction carload section, a traction carload passenger section and a control unit. Depending on the tasks, the locomotive configuration is performed from the required number of sections and units distributed in the train.EFFECT: obtaining the necessary characteristics of the locomotive at the time of train formation.4 dwg

Direct voltage multiple-generator drive handling device // 2624266
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: direct voltage multiple-generator drive handling device comprises a driving element, one of the electric engines angular rate sensor, a speed control device with restriction of the output signal level and electric engine on-off current regulators that maintain current probes, comparing units and relay members. A reverser module, that forms a logic signal "Back/Forth", a null-element in speed control device output, that forms a logic signal "Movement/ Slowdowning", and a selection module of signal absolute value between speed-sensing device and discriminating element are made as a part of the device. The current comparing units outlets are linked directly to speed control device outlet and current probes outlets.EFFECT: upgrading of the transition process with large speed control device gains and speed hold rate at a target level in motor and braking modes without the use of the integral term in speed control device.1 dwg

ethod and device to up railway transportation motion efficiency at track section // 2623004
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device that implements a method to up railway transportation motion efficiency at track section includes: a processor; a memory for instructions executed by the processor. In this case, the processor is configured to: obtain a skid curve parameters vector, slide curve vector parameters, motion resistance vector parameters, mass and accuracy of the rail timetable; refine the adherence parameters; determine of the maximum allowable weight of the railway transport in a given track section and the minimum possible travel time at the maximum permissible weight; transfer these values to the point of traffic control from the railway transport; adjust the timetable and the waggonage of the railway transport following the above in the point of traffic control; transfer of the timetable and the waggonage of the transport from the point of traffic control of the railway station and railway transport following the above.EFFECT: improving the energy efficiency of railway transport.12 cl, 5 dwg

Speed regulation device for electric stock // 2619499
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device includes four DC traction engines, windings of anchors (1) - (4) and excitation windings (11), (12), (15), (16), contactors (6), (7), ( 8), (17), (19), pulse converter (10), brake switch contactors (24), (29), thyristors (14), (21) and GTO thyristors (18), (20), (21), (34). With regenerative-rheostat and rheostat braking, the windings of the anchors (1) - (4) of the DC traction engines are closed through the GTO thyristor (34) to the resistor (33). In the regenerative, regenerative-rheostat and rheostatic braking modes with sequential and parallel connection of groups of windings of the anchors, the DC traction engines have the independent excitation.EFFECT: expansion of the device functionality due to the implementation of rheostat and regenerative-rheostat braking modes in addition to the regenerative braking mode.1 dwg
ethod of locomotive energy efficiency control when working with partial load // 2617857
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method of locomotive energy efficiency control when working with partial load is to regulate the number of simultaneously operating traction engines. Disconnection or connection of traction motors occurs automatically in accordance with the regularity, presented in the form of a functional dependence of the locomotive operational efficiency η on the type capacity use factor γ η=γ/(k1⋅γ+k2), where k1 and k2 are the factors determined during the locomotive traction and energy tests introduced into the locomotive on-board computer program, which determines the minimum sufficient number of operating traction engines.EFFECT: increased locomotive efficiency when working with partial load.1 dwg

ethod for regulating speed locomotive with electric transmission // 2616111
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method to control the speed of the locomotive with electric transmission is that emits a signal proportional to the actual speed, allocate a signal, which is proportional to the actual speed of the magnetic flux of the traction motor, calculate the movement resistance by the given values of the weight of the locomotive with the compound and profile of the movement area. According to the calculated value of the movement resistance and the known characteristics of the motor determine the setting of the traction current generator. Multiply the signal value proportional to the magnetic flux of the motor, with the magnitude of the setpoint speed, the obtained result is taken as the setpoint voltage of the generator. The acceleration of the locomotive is calculated, the calculated value is normalized and summed with a signal value, which is proportional to the actual speed. The result is compared with a predetermined value, the comparison result is integrated, by the result of the integration calculated set-point voltage of the generator is corrected and adjusted the voltage of the generator.EFFECT: improved accuracy and speed of regulating the locomotive motion speed.2 dwg

ethod and device of drive mechanism controlling in electric transport vehicle // 2613752
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle drive mechanisms. Method of drive controlling in electric transport vehicle, wherein drive mechanism comprises two drive units, wherein two wheels located on electric transport vehicle different axles are driven through different drive units. In first operation mode ratio of torques generated by drive units in each case for specified torque requirement, is set taking into account efficiency factor, applicable to each drive unit in given operating conditions. In second operation mode is irrespective of efficiency factor.EFFECT: increasing drive efficiency.7 cl, 1 dwg
ethod and system for increasing efficiency factor of rolling stock // 2612459
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: command-processing device; data storage device; programme stored on data storage device and executed on one or more processors. Wherein the programme includes the instructions: obtaining rolling stock parameters including: speed, coordinates, contact network voltage, traction motors current voltage, brake line discharge; determining at least the current parameters of the dependencies of the acting traction force, braking force, movement resistance force, gripping force of the wheels with the rails based on the rolling stock parameters obtained; the definition of the rolling stock weight; determining the current and the projected optimal control action based on the parameters of the dependencies obtained in the previous stage; the transmission of the rolling stock control action value defined at the previous stage into the rolling stock control system for execution.EFFECT: minimization of energy consumption for carrying out the train and shunting operation.19 cl

Torque and synchronous motor speed control device // 2611667
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises a stator of synchronous motor excitation rotating generator, a generator rotor and a differential device. The generator stator is connected to one of two outputs of the differential device. The generator rotor is connected to the motor rotor. Input of the differential device is connected to the motor shaft. The second output of the differential device is connected to the output shaft. Blocking of the differential device by induction force between the generator stator and rotor causes a change in torque and transmission ratio.EFFECT: higher efficiency.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and device for controling spontaneous breakaway of train // 2611469
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device, that implements the method for controlling spontaneous pick-up train, contains controls related to the registration unit, an input unit of analogue and digital signals, including a microprocessor for processing information, installed on the remote operator display means, the measuring unit with the possibility of realization of speedometers functions contains the inverter parameters rotating wheelset locomotive. And besides, the transducer is a non-contact anchorage, due to its containing gear material of the drive shaft from the outside of the locomotive sealed transmitter housing and its magnetometric sensor, that is arranged in the form of two planar fluxgate gradientomerov half-cell with parallel, spaced-apart by a distance Δδ. Moreover, the microprocessor unit is configured to output a control signal to the automatic control unit and conversion gear rotation parameters with their subsequent display on the remote operator to the locomotive parameters: speed; acceleration-deceleration; direction.EFFECT: increase of the rolling stock control.2 cl, 3 dwg

Speed control device of electric rolling stock // 2610894
FIELD: physics, control and alarm system.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the electric traction systems of the vehicles powered by the external energy source. The speed control device of the electric rolling stock includes traction DC motors, armature windings (1) - (4) and field windings (11), (12), (15), (16), contactors (6), (7) (8), (17), (19), (23), (26), (27), a switching converter (10), brake switch contacts (24), (29), thyristors (14), (22) GTO-thyristors (18), (20), (21), diodes (9), (13), (25), (28), a reactor (30), a snap action switch (31) and a resistor (32). The switching converter (10) is between the armature coils (1) - (4) and field windings (11), (12), (15), (16). The contactor (19) is connected to the first band of the field windings with the first terminal and to the anode of the GTO-thyristor (20), the second group of the field windings, the cathode of the diode (13) and the anode of the thyristor (14) with the second terminal. The cathode of the thyristor (14) is connected to the anode of the diode (13), the first group terminal of the field windings, the GTO-thyristor cathode (18) and the first terminal of the contactor (17). The second terminal of the contactor (17) is connected to the earth.EFFECT: increase in the number of the speed control modes of the electric rolling stock with the traction and regenerative braking through the use of the additional contactors, the thyristor and the diode.1 dwg

ethod of starting the engine (versions) and vehicle engine starting system with hybrid drive // 2606160
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to improvement of driving properties of a vehicle. Method for starting an engine includes starting an engine with the first electric machine at the required torque consumption less than the threshold value; starting the engine with the second electric machine at the required torque consumption exceeding the threshold value; supplying the torque sufficient for rotation of wheels, exclusively by the first electric machine at selected operating conditions and disconnecting the second electric machine from the engine when the engine speed reaches the threshold speed of rotation. Threshold values may vary depending on the speed of rotation of the first electric machine. Engine start system for a motor vehicle with hybrid drive comprises starter, double mass flywheel, drive disengagement clutch to drive wheels, built-in drive to drive wheels starter/generator and controller.EFFECT: improved riding qualities and reduced fuel consumption.10 cl, 48 dwg

Electronic relay // 2593168
FIELD: transportation; electricity. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to traction control system of electric traction transport facilities. Electronic relay is made without changing and modification of seats and comprises two LEDs of different colours. Relay is installed on subway carriages in RT-300 thyristor regulator of CU-13 unit on REK-24 seats. EFFECT: increased service life of CU-13 control unit. 1 cl, 3 dwg

Locomotive electrodynamic brake controller // 2591550
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrodynamic brake systems for vehicles. Locomotive electrodynamic brake controller comprises a chopper consisting of a transistor, which serves to maintain invariable brake force, bypassed by a reverse diode and connected in series by an emitter with a power diode cathode. Herewith the collector and the emitter of chopper transistor are connected via a contactor to the traction motor armature winding. Control inputs of the chopper are connected to the control unit which forms a PWM signal in accordance with the duty ratio value set by the locomotive control system. Data outputs of the control system are connected to the control unit and to the contactor control input. One lead of the damping capacitor is connected to the chopper power diode anode, and the other one is connected to the chopper transistor collector. Braking resistor is connected in parallel to the damping capacitor and via the chopper power diode and the contactor - to the traction motor armature winding.EFFECT: higher reliability of locomotive electrodynamic brake controller is achieved.1 cl, 1 dwg

Device for automatic speed control of diesel locomotive with electric transmission // 2588400
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to traction control system of electric traction transport facilities. Device for automatic speed control of diesel locomotive with electric transmission comprises setter and speed transducer, diesel regulator control unit, traction generator current and voltage transducers, key element, integrator, comparator units, two function generators, two multipliers, adder and key element. Device additionally comprises second integrator, third function generator, three multipliers, logical device, threshold device, first and second additional setting devices and second adder.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of efficiency, as well as dynamic and static accuracy of maintaining speed.1 cl, 1 dwg
ethod to optimize the operation of rail vehicles with electric drive on a given stretch of track // 2587126
FIELD: railway transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems for traffic control. Method consists in determining input costs for sections electrical energy and/or the load on the environment during manufacture input for sections of electrical energy. At the same time the way the rail network contains various track sections. Cost of electrical energy input at the various sections of the track are different and/or the load on the environment during manufacture input for sections of electrical energy is different for different sections of the track. Mode rail vehicle traffic in the area, taking into account the way set the amount of expenses for electric energy and/or the burden on the environment in the production of electrical energy for the stretch of track.EFFECT: technical result is to optimize the mode of movement of the rail vehicle.5 cl

Energy-efficient method of controlling asynchronous traction motors connected in parallel to one inverter // 2586944
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of controlling traction system of vehicles with electric traction. Method of controlling asynchronous traction motor includes calculating current value of electromagnetic torque and stator flux in DTC (Direct Torque Control) unit on engine first carriage axis. Calculation of task for torque supplied to DTC unit is carried out by speed controller using signal of maximum or minimum speed of rotation of parallel-connected asynchronous motors. In traction mode control is performed by maximum, and in braking mode at minimum rotational speed. Task for stator flux linkage ψSЗ supplied to DTC unit is defined for given flux depending on flux linkage from task for electromagnetic torque ψSЗ=f(Mз) of motor Mз, pre-calculated from condition of minimum stator current taking into account motor saturation. When engine under stress in first moments of time setting on the flux linkage is defined depending on time.EFFECT: technical result is providing highly dynamic torque control of traction motors and to prevent slipping and skidding.1 cl, 1 dwg

Vehicle actuator system // 2572978
FIELD: motor car construction.SUBSTANCE: claimed system comprises the first and second motors and differential mechanism with three revolving elements. The first element is engaged with the first motor, while second element engages the second motor and the third motor is engaged with drive wheels. The first and second revolving elements are arranged at opposite sides relative to the third revolving element located there between. Electronic control unit sets the area which cannot be selected as the target control parameter in the control parameter band set by the first and second motors. Besides, said unit inhibits the control parameter variation of one motor as that of the other motor changes. Motor control parameter is varied at lower inertia when request for acceleration is output to the vehicle.EFFECT: higher efficiency of motion.4 cl, 8 dwg

ethod for train power generation and supply from land-based vehicles with electric drive and device for its implementation // 2569205
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is related to methods, electric circuits or devices for control of traction system of transport vehicles with electric traction. The method includes connection of locomotive to overhead power supply line by means of current collector and conversion of electric energy. Transfer of electric energy from locomotive to the first automobile connected to the train and from the first automobile to the second, third and next automobiles by automatic connectors of electric sockets. The device includes current collector mounted at the locomotive roof, electric energy converter, which generates the respective voltage at the output. The automatic connector of electric sockets comprises a socket connector mounted at the locomotive rear part and each automobile and electric plug matching the socket connector fixed at hydraulic actuator rod installed in the front lower part of each automobile bottom so that it may be moved along longitudinal axis of the automobile. Laser locator is fixed at the front part of each automobile. At that the socket connector and plug connector installed at the same automobile are interconnected electrically. The automatic control system controls movement of each locomotive and each automobile.EFFECT: improved traffic capacity of roads, energy saving and improved traffic safety.3 cl, 3 dwg

Device for control over hybrid vehicle // 2568530
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises engine, engine starter motor, drive motor to transmit torque to both engine and drive wheel. Besides, it comprises the module for selective control over engine starter motor in operation. Module drive motor makes a motive force source and doubles as an engine starter motor in response to control system request.EFFECT: decreased noise at engine starting.6 cl, 10 dwg

Torsion torque control device and contactless charging system // 2561887
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to control of torsion torque control and contactless charging system. The torsion torque control device comprises a facility for detection of accelerator opening angle; device for setting torsion torque driving a vehicle; and facility for torsion torque control for the purpose of its correction. Torsion moment driving a vehicle becomes relatively low when position of a vehicle approaches to a parking position. Contactless charging system supplies power in contactless way by magnetic interaction of the energy receiving coil and energy transmitting coil in the charging device on the ground side, at that the charging device comprises a charging unit; facility for detection of position between energy receiving coil and energy transmitting coil and facility for position signal transfer. A vehicle comprises a battery charged with electric power received by the energy receiving coil.EFFECT: simplified positioning of vehicle in regard to parking position.8 cl, 8 dwg

Device and method for train length determination // 2561481
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway ACS and telemetry systems. Train consists of multiple cars to be braked by air-driven brake system with the primary air duct. This train incorporates the device for train length determination with the help of said brake system with allowance of pressure in primary air duct extending through all cars. Braking is executed at several steps while train length is defined proceeding from measured pressure values, flow rate, and ambient air temperature (T) performed by sensors arranged along arbitrary axis with the help of electronic processing system. Note here that registration of said parameters is performed starting from steady state of active braking step (I) during execution of the next braking step (II) unless attainment of steady state. Then, flow rate integration (V˙) is performed during air release from said primary air duct to perform the nest braking step (II) with allowance for dominating pressure in initial and final conditions and ambient temperature (T) so that the volume of primary air duct can be calculated. Then, know cross-section of the main air duct (HL) is applied to define its length to comply with that of the train.EFFECT: higher accuracy of determination.10 cl, 2 ex

Coordinated control over hybrid vehicle electromechanical transmission // 2557686
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hybrid vehicles with electromechanical transmission. This method consists in exploiting the mode of maximum efficiency or that of the transmission maximum dynamic operation. In maximum efficiency mode, vehicle motion energy and energy recuperation efficiency in accumulator are defined. In maximum dynamic operation mode, threshold total electromagnetic moment of traction motors or vehicle control/motion parameters are defined. Additionally, energy stored in accumulators is defined to adjust the total power.EFFECT: enhanced control performances.9 cl, 1 dwg

otion mode selection controller for hybrid electric vehicle // 2557645
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: motion mode selection controller for hybrid electric vehicle which moves while selecting motion modes contains state-of-charge detection unit; unit for detection of output power requested by driver; unit for correction of output power requested by driver. Selection control unit sets output power low threshold while state-of-charge is lowering thus changing conditions for switching from the first mode of motion to the second mode of motion.EFFECT: fuel consumption optimisation.4 cl, 3 dwg

Device for control over hybrid vehicle // 2555394
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: control device for hybrid vehicle contains engine; motor functioning to output vehicle moving force and to perform engine starting; the first clutch element inserted between engine and electric motor; the second clutch element inserted between electric motor and driving wheel. Also, there is device for moving force transfer system load determination. The device also contains unit for control over actuating with engine/motor frictional sliding for engagement with sliding of the first clutch element with engine and for engagement with sliding of the second clutch element with electric motor when rotation speed is lower than predetermined rotation speed.EFFECT: lower electric motor torque.7 cl, 14 dwg

Ac power transmission system for traction vehicle with microprocessor control system // 2554911
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical traction systems of transport facilities. Proposed system comprises heat engine with it shaft engaged with three-phase synchronous generator. Induction squirrel-case motor stator windings are connected to generator windings via thyristor switches. Power plant rpm transducer, induction traction motor shaft rpm transducer, synchronous generator voltage and current transducers, heat engine fuel feed elements displacement transducer, induction motor magnetic flux transducer and traction vehicle control member are connected with heat engine and microprocessor controller. Microprocessor controller is connected to the unit of thyristor switches and to sync generator exciter. In compliance with loaded program said microprocessor controller switches on and off the appropriate pairs of induction motor poles depending upon control member signals and induction motor shaft rpm.EFFECT: higher efficiency of power transmission.4 tbl, 15 dwg

Control over speed of diesel locomotive with electrical transmission // 2551865
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed speed control process consists in isolation of the signal varying with the speed to compare isolated signal with preset magnitude and to vary the traction generator voltage. Signal that varies with traction motor magnetic flux is isolated. Signal that varies with difference in signals proportional to actual and preset speeds when said difference drops below preset value. Resistance to motion is calculated with allowance for target locomotive and train weight and track section profile. Said resistance and traction motor performances are used to define the setting of traction generator required current by known locomotive traction force magnitude. Signal that varies with motor magnetic flux is multiplied by preset speed. Obtained result is corrected with allowance for voltage drop across motor resistance and taken as traction generator voltage setting. Traction generator voltage setting is multiplied by current setting corrected as described above. Multiplication result is taken as the setting of traction generator power output.EFFECT: higher accuracy and rate of speed adjustment.3 dwg

Device for control over vehicle traction drive // 2548832
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: traction drive controlled parameters are set to compute required total traction forces at LH and RH propulsors and to compute reduced rpm of every propulsor. In traction mode, minimum reduced rpm is isolated while in braking mode maximum rpm is isolated. Propulsor number corresponding to isolated rpm is defined to compute absolute magnitude of propulsor spin. Estimate of propulsor absolute spin reduced to isolated engine location is computed. Design magnitudes of controlled parameters are defined for every propulsor to compute maximum total LH and RH traction forces. In case traction drive cam realises said total traction forces at LH and RH propulsors it realises these. In case total required traction forces of at least one side exceeds the maximum attainable tolerable traction force of this side, then control is effected in one of three modes.EFFECT: better heading hold, optimised traction forces, enhanced control performances.6 cl, 3 dwg

ulti-section diesel locomotive control system // 2546049
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises engineman control board with display module, engineman controller with motion mode selector, actuators and remote control system including programmable controller and standard logical elements. Programmable controller is connected via discrete signal with engineman controller, motion mode selector and actuators auxiliary contacts, via discrete signal output devices with inputs of actuators, via mounted axle rpm frequency signal input devices mounted axle rpm transducers, via analogue signal devices with transducers with analogue output, via temperature parameter input device with temperature pickup outputs, via thyristor inverter control signal output device with thyristor inverter control inputs. Programmable controller is also connected via multichannel communication unit with display module and with multichannel communication units of all locomotive sections via communication CAN 2.0V protocol-based channel. For transmission of control data, multichannel communication units of different sections via communication channel built around ETHERNET network protocol.EFFECT: higher reliability of locomotive control system, unified and simplified control circuit.1 dwg

ethod for coordinated control of vehicle electromechanical driveline // 2543434
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: in the method, minimum and maximum parameters of each traction motor, motor generator, thermal engine, traction motors are prespecified. For each thermal engine, required rotational speed value versus required power relationship and net torque versus required or actual speed of engine rotation relationship is specified. At every instant, required value of traction motors total electromagnetic torque is specified which value is distributed between traction motors determining required moment for each of them. Following parameters are determined: DC bus voltage, rotational speeds of motor-generators, traction motors, thermal engines, required power for each traction motor, value of total power of motor-generators, required for this total power generation quantity of thermal engines and associated motor-generators. Required value of total motor-generator power is distributed between thermal engines. Following parameters are determined: required rotational speed of thermal engine, total electromagnetic torque which should be provided by motor-generators driven by a-th thermal engine, difference between actual and required rotational speed of each thermal engine, total electromagnetic torque which should be provided by all motor-generators, and feasible value of total electromagnetic torque of all motor-generators. This feasible value is distributed between motor-generators, determining feasible electromagnetic torque of each of them. Feasible value of total electromagnetic torque of traction motors is determined and feasible value of total electromagnetic torque is distributed between traction motors, determining feasible torque of each of them. Electromagnetic torque of each traction motor and electromagnetic torque of each motor-generator is created.EFFECT: electric machine torque soft limiting preventing electromechanical driveline operating parameters from falling outside permissible limits, optimal distribution of power flows, optimal operation of electromechanical driveline.5 cl, 8 dwg

Device to control transport facility drive module // 2542849
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: vehicle drive system comprises ICE, motor, storage battery and transfer mechanism. Note here that control unit comprises the first multidimensional adjustment characteristic wherein drive permit are is set in compliance with storage battery charge and second multidimensional adjustment characteristic wherein drive permit are of said characteristic is narrowed. Drive is controlled by selection of said second multidimensional adjustment characteristic when air conditioning compressor is actuated. In compliance with another version, drive is control by selection of the first multidimensional adjustment characteristic when drive from ICE is changed over to motor drive owing to storage battery charge in motor drive permit area.EFFECT: electric power saving.14 cl, 16 dwg

Underclearance control device for electrically driven vehicle // 2534491
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to underclearance control device in a system of power transmission from electric motor to running wheel. Underclearance control device for electrically driven vehicle which moves by means of power transmission from electric motor to running wheel includes facility for determination of slow movement termination detection; facility for determination movement range selection when slow movement is terminated and electric motor control facility. The electric motor control facility controls electric motor so that the motor outputs torque that is less than slow movement torque in direction of movement range traction transmission for limited time period. The limited period is the least of specified period and the period for which movement range is selected in process of meeting condition of slow movement termination. The limited period is the minimum of duration required to activate torque for elimination of clearance existing in electric motor power transmission within limits from electric motor to running wheel.EFFECT: lower power clearance.2 cl, 5 dwg

Automotive drive system // 2533956
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: rear wheel drive unit includes motors (2A, 2B) to drive the vehicle, hydraulic brakes (60A, 60B) installed on drivelines between motors (2A, 2B) and rear wheels, electronic control unit (45) and one-way clutch (50) installed in parallel to hydraulic brakes (60A, 60B) between motor and brakes. The one-way clutch (50) is engaged when forward torque is transmitted from motors to wheels and released when reverse torque is transmitted from motors to wheels. Herewith, the one-way clutch (50) is released when forward torque is transmitted from wheels to motors, and engaged when reverse torque is transmitted from wheels to motors. The electronic control unit (45) performs application of hydraulic brakes (60A, 60B) in such a manner that to couple motor sides and wheel sides when forward torque is transmitted from motor side to wheel side.EFFECT: higher reliability.20 cl, 25 dwg

Device and method for vehicle control // 2533954
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle cornering control. Vehicle control module to be used in a vehicle including internal combustion engine, electric motor, accumulator and transmission, where gear shifting in transmission is disabled when vehicle cornering is determined by means of cornering detector. When accumulator charging state meets the first charging condition and vehicle cornering termination is determined electric motor assistance boosting is enabled, and gear shifting in transmission remains disabled. The invention also refers to vehicle control method according to described above device.EFFECT: smooth acceleration during cornering.19 cl, 7 dwg

ethod and device of digital processing of signals from pulse sensor of rotor movement in electric motor-encoder // 2532673
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the method and device of digital processing of signals from a pulse sensor of rotor movement in an electric motor-encoder, which may be used in an electric drive, in particular, a thrust electric drive of vehicles of different type and purpose. To process information about angular position of the rotor, an observer is used to observe mechanical variables of electric drive condition and a predictor, for functioning of which they previously before start of electric drive operation they set initial values of angular position of the electric motor rotor equal to zero, as well as values of angular speed of rotor rotation and load moment on the electric motor shaft, and an initial correcting signal of the predictor. During each cycle of calculations they produce a measured value of the angular position of the rotor, calculate the preliminary value of the correcting signal of the predictor. Further they produce the value of the correcting signal of the predictor and determine the value of the angular position of the rotor predicted for the start of the next cycle of calculations.EFFECT: increased accuracy of assessment of angular position and angular speed of electric motor rotor rotation, which makes it possible to considerably improve characteristics of a drive control system.3 cl, 2 dwg

Dc multi-motor electric drives control device // 2529923
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises relay wires and motor current transducer, master element, motor angular velocity transducer and comparator. Comparator output signal varies with angular velocity deflection Ωi from magnitude Ω0. Additionally, this device incorporates logical unit connected with master element and angular velocity transducer. Electric drive power circuit varies in compliance with the algorithm: Ω0>0 and Ω≥0 - forward motion; Ω0<0 and Ω≤0 - backward motion; abs(Ω0)-abs(Ω)>0 - motor mode; abs(Ω0)-abs(Ω)<0 - brake mode; Ω0=0 and Ω=0 - shutdown. Angular velocity transducer is equipped with output signal modulus isolation module.EFFECT: automatic levelling current loads, simplified design.1 dwg

Control system of vibration suppression for electric drive vehicle and method of vibration suppression for it // 2527916
FIELD: motor vehicle industry.SUBSTANCE: electric vehicle having an electric motor (1) as its power source comprises a module (91) of F/F-calculation or operation, a module (92) of F/B-calculation or operation, an adder (97), modules (93, 95) of the model definition and modules (94, 96) of switching the values of the target torque. The module (91) of F/F-calculating calculates the value (Tm*1) of the first target torque by F/F-operation. The module (92) F/B-calculating calculates the value (Tm*2) of the second target torque by F/B-operation using the model (GP(s)). The adder (97) adds the value (Tm*1) of the first target torque and the value (Tm*2) of the second target torque to obtain a value (Tm) of the torque command of the motor. The modules (93, 95) of the model definition evaluate whether the interruption in the transmission of torque to the drive shafts (4) occurs or not. The modules (94, 96) of switching the values of the target torque stop F/F- and F/B-operations, when the interruption of transmission of the torque is confirmed.EFFECT: suppression or damping of unexpected vibrations or impact shocks during the interruption in the transmission of torque.10 cl, 9 dwg

Slow movement termination control device for electromobile // 2526322
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: device contains speed range determination facility to prohibit slow movement termination, slow movement termination prohibition facility. Speed range determination facility to prohibit slow movement termination includes slow movement termination prohibition timer. The timer is made capable to measure elapsed time within which absolute vehicle speed value is lower than the speed to prohibit slow movement termination. The slow movement termination prohibition facility is made capable to prohibit slow movement termination when slow movement termination prohibition timer indicates the set time value.EFFECT: effective control of electromobile slow movement termination.4 cl, 5 dwg

Railway signal transmission system and on-board signal transmission system // 2524758
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a railway signal transmission system. A railway signal transmission system which transmits a command instruction to an on-board signal transmission system, wherein the on-board signal transmission system is installed on a train and the control command is compatible with the signal transmission system of said railway line. When a train switches to a railway line with a signal transmission system different from the signal transmission system of the current railway line, the travelling signal transmission system transmits a command to the on-board signal transmission system to replace the running train control application program at the boundary with the railway line with the different signal transmission system. The on-board signal transmission system further activates control based on said train control application program which is compatible with the signal transmission system of the railway line to which the train switches with simultaneous deactivation of control based on the train control application program which is compatible with the signal transmission system of the railway line being exited.EFFECT: broader functional capabilities.10 cl, 4 dwg

Slow movement termination control device for electrically driven vehicle // 2524322
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed device contains means for determination of vehicle movement in opposite direction and means for slow movement termination suppression. Means for determination of vehicle movement in opposite direction determine vehicle movement in direction opposite to movement direction of selected gearshift range in condition where torque for slow movement is outputted without ceasing slow movement. Means for slow movement termination suppression prohibits slow movement termination even if vehicle speed approaches zero to meet condition of slow movement termination permission after means for determination of vehicle movement in opposite direction have determined that vehicle is moving in opposite direction.EFFECT: effective control of slow movement termination for electrically driven vehicle.6 cl, 5 dwg