Characterised by arrangement, location, or kind of clutch (B60K17/02)

Transmission element of turbomachine // 2636628
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: element comprises a torque transmitting means. The means is made in the form of tubular coupling made of homogeneous material with regions of different density. A toothed spline band is made on each end of the coupling on outer side. The area of low-density structure is made in the form of circular cylindrical channels filled with material decreased density arranged over a circumference in coupling body. The material structure of the coupling is formed by the method of additive application. The tubular coupling can be made of a chromium-nickel alloy.EFFECT: weight reduction.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of implementing brake clutch // 2623814
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of engaging the braking is to apply a system of interconnection of the two shafts with unchanged reciprocal meshing gears. The brake clutch, which receives friction loads, is carried to the outer surface of the clutch housing. The system of interrelation of two shafts has an input shaft 1 and an output shaft 2. The wheel 3 is coaxially fixed to the output shaft. On the wheel along the circumference, the axles 4 are rotatably mounted. The gears 5 are fixed on the axes, having gearing with gear 6 on the input shaft 1. In parallel with the gears 5, the gears 7 are fixed on the axles 4. In the same plane with gears 7 coaxial to the axis of the input shaft is a brake gear 8 having a gearing with gears 7. The effect of the input shaft on the output is made by braking the brake gear 8 with the brake clutch 9. In the absence of braking, all the gears of the system rotate if the input shaft rotates. When braking the brake gear 8, the gears 7 are forced to roll around the perimeter of the brake gear 8. Together with the gears 7, the wheel 3 will rotate. The cylindrical part of the body 10 serves as a support for the brake gear and shaft 1. The brake gear 8 is connected to the conical gear 13. The conical gear 13 is toothed with a conical gear 14 fixed to the shaft 12. The shaft 12 extends beyond the housing 11 and is connected to the brake clutch 9. The brake clutch brakes the shaft 12 or leaves it in free rotation. When the shaft 12 stops, a torque is transmitted from the engine to the running gear shaft. If the shaft 12 is in free rotation, the engine is disconnected from the running gear.EFFECT: placing the most vulnerable parts of the clutch in an accessible area for repair.7 dwg

Engagement with universal self-centering system // 2611673
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: in engagement with the universal self-centering system uses a universal self-centering system, which comprises an outer and an inner base fixed on the basis rollers, gears or sprocket rotation, which are interconnected closed rope, chain or belt. An input shaft is connected to an external base which coincides with the direction of movement based on the inner shaft, coaxial with the external gear the base gears that transmit torque to the output shaft are set. Torque from the input shaft to the output shaft is transmitted by shifting the shaft relative to the inner base of the external axis of the base with a lever having a shift possibility with respect to the clutch housing. The teeth of all the parts are constant and items that are not. Transferring the torque from the input shaft to the output is carried out smoothly with the initial velocity, which equals zero.EFFECT: clutch is created without using the rotating friction pairs.9 dwg
ethod of misalignment of bases axes of universal self-centering system with angular displacement of base // 2610721
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of displacement of bases axes of universal self-centering system with angular displacement of the base, is to shift one or more movable rollers, gears or stars of the base by a spring, and return to its original state when the load on the output shaft, wherein the compensation circuit length, belt or cable carry the angular shift with respect to the internal base of the external base. The method allows realizing, for example, transmission with a continuously varying gear ratio with the initial zero angular velocity of the output shaft. Such transfers do not contain friction of rotating parts and switches. The process eliminates the need for additional gears, rollers, tension sprockets. In the method, the universal self-centering system and its dynamic properties are used. To use the dynamic properties of the universal self-centering system, it's necessary to shift relative to each other axis of the internal and external reasons.EFFECT: transmission with a continuously variable transmission ratio without switching and rubbing parts has been produced.6 dwg

ode for carrying out clutch // 2610720
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: universal self-centering system, which includes internal and external bases is used in the process of implementing cohesion. On the grounds of fixed rollers, gears or rotation sprocket, which are interconnected with closed rope, chain or belt. An input shaft is connected to an external base and coincides with the direction of movement of the based on the inner shaft. External base gears are coaxially fixed on the gear's base, that transmit torque to the output shaft, coaxial with the input shaft. Torque from the input shaft to the output shaft is transmitted by shifting the shaft relative to the inner base of the axes of input and output shafts. In the present method of realizing friction clutch is not rotating relative to each other parts. The teeth mesh of all the parts is constant and does not switch. Transferring the torque from the input shaft to the output is carried out smoothly with the initial velocity, which equals zero.EFFECT: clutch is realized without the use of rotating friction pairs.9 dwg

Vehicle with combined power plant transmission gearbox connective and transforming device // 2606652
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, and more specifically to transmission gearbox of vehicles with combined power plant. Vehicle with combined power plant transmission gearbox connective and transforming device comprises input shaft (1), differential (2) based on three link planetary gear, clutch (3), reduction gear (5), output shaft (7). Clutch (3) is constantly closed type clutch with electromagnetic drive (4). Planetary-type reduction gear (5) is equipped with speed synchronizer (6). Output shaft (7) is connected with reduction gear (5) planetary gear driven link. Differential (2) drive (9) is rigidly connected with input shaft (1). Sun gear (10), forming torque small flow, is connected to friction clutch (3) inner cage (11), and crown gear (12), forming torque larger flow is with friction clutch (3) outer cage (13), combining torque flows. Speed synchronizer (6) movable gear coupling (18) is in contact with shifting mechanism yoke (19), which is controlled with drive (8). Geared element (21) is fixed.EFFECT: enabling expansion of functional capabilities.6 cl, 2 dwg

Automotive drive // 2547924
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transmission of vehicle with independent mechanical drive and hydraulic drive. Vehicle drive comprises engine (1), mechanical main transmission line (2) and hydraulic extra line (3). Transmission extra hydraulic line (3) is provided with hydraulic circuit (11) with controlled hydrostatic pump (7) and hydromotors (9, 10) in wheels not driven by transmission main mechanical line. Pump (7) is arranged at engine (1) extra power takeoff shaft (8) and engaged therewith by uncoupling linkage (17).EFFECT: higher efficiency of transmission.10 cl, 3 dwg

Double-rotor electric motor with controlled shaft rotations // 2470443
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of electrical engineering and transport machine building and may be used in development of mechanisms, in which it is necessary to change torque and rotations of an output shaft of an electric motor. According to this invention, in an electric motor a differential gear is used as a converter of transmission ratio, and the gear comprises one input and two outputs, the input of which is connected to a rotor of the electric motor, one of outputs, to which a high torque is sent, is connected with an output shaft, and the second output is connected with the second rotor, which is inductively connected with the rotor of the electric motor, and in case of their mutual rotation, it generates electric energy, and force arising at the same time, by changing which, through variation of inductive connection between rotors, the speed up rate may be controlled, as well as output shaft rotation speed, partially blocking the gear, aims to reduce mutual relative opposite rotation of the electric motor rotor and the second rotor. The second rotor is also connected with a speed-up coupling, which is connected with the body by a response part, and preventing rotation of the second rotor to the side opposite to direction of the electric motor rotor rotation.EFFECT: multiple increase of electric motor torque in case of speeding.1 dwg

Off-road car transmission // 2462371
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transmission for transport facility. Proposed vehicle comprises transmission assembly to couple propeller shaft with front or rear wheels. Transmission assembly comprises main housing, torque limiter with friction coupling and coupling assembly for braking on wet road. Torque limiter and both couplings are arranged inside main housing and aligned with propeller shaft. Besides, invention covers transmission assembly that combines torque limiter and brakes.EFFECT: higher reliability.20 cl, 12 dwg

Automatic clutch // 2436689
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, namely, to automatic clutches. Automatic clutch comprises casing coupled with flywheel and incorporating hydraulic cylinders, shoes with friction linings, two drive disks fitted on inner and outer primary shafts. Clutch casing with axial bore and three openings on lateral surface is attached to fly wheel working surface. Thrust ring is attached to casing inner surface. Driven disk made up of splined hub is fitted on gearbox primary shaft splines between working surfaces of flywheel and thrust ring. Disk whereto auxiliary disk and support disk are attached is arranged on hub front surface. Toroidal cavity chambers whereto support rings are attached are secured on periphery on its both sides. Working body is forced into toroidal camber cavities via control valve in response to control signal from microcontroller. Every support ring accommodates shoes that make elements for transmitting torque from flywheel and thrust ring to driven disk. Support ring surface has threaded bore to communicate toroidal chamber cavities with T-joint screwed therein. Valve is screwed onto one threaded bore of said T-joint while flexible high-pressure hose is screwed and another one.EFFECT: simplified design.4 cl, 1 dwg

Double-flow friction clutch // 2357125
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of machine building, in particular to double-flow friction clutches of disc type. Double-flow friction clutch comprises body, pressure plate and two slave discs, and also mechanism for connection of clutch, which is functionally combined by pressure mechanism with two disc springs and carriers that are rigidly connected to pressure plate. Clutch body is arranged in the form of shell, inside of which there are three lugs installed at the angle of 120 relative to each other. There are two cylinders with pistons arranged in every lug. In every cylinder there is trapezoidal groove for sealing ring, which also performs function of piston return. On external surface of body there is crown that is engaged with according internal crown arranged on flywheel body. Outside, on body of friction clutch there is sealing device arranged in the form of shell, on internal side of which there are four collars with three stop rings that form together with clutch body two cavities, to which working fluid is supplied through hoses. Inside body, opposite to pistons, there are master blocks installed, a pair for every piston. There are slave discs installed between master blocks.EFFECT: increased efficiency of power plant due to reduction of losses in process of switching without interruption of power flow.2 cl, 1 dwg

Clutch control drive // 2347695
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: clutch control drive comprises a pedal linked up, by a rigid-braid cable, with the pneumatic control valve servo valve movable stem. The pneumatic control valve second end is yoke-jointed to the clutch disengagement lever arranged on the overrunning coupling inner race fitted free on the pin fitted aligned with the shaft and rigidly-thread-jointed thereon. The overrunning coupling is made up of an inner and outer races, rollers and pin. The overrunning coupling outer race is fitted on the shaft to be in contact with the inner surface via rollers. Note that the said outer surface accommodates a power lever. The gearbox accommodates pneumatic cylinder comprising a piston and con rod. A spring is arranged inside the said pneumatic cylinder between the piston and cylinder housing.EFFECT: 3D-cabin vibration, ruling out pedal free travel.4 dwg

Transmission // 2332314
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transmissions. The transmission with friction engagement incorporates an input part, an output part dropping out of engagement with the input part and one throw-out device. One unloaded output part is out of engagement with the input part and, by means of the said throw-out device, is moved into a friction engagement with the input device. The aforesaid throw-out device is made up of a drive cylinder and a driven cylinder communicating via a hydraulic line. The said hydraulic line accommodates a pressure release device designed to dissipate pressure between the aforesaid cylinders.EFFECT: higher reliability and simpler design.21 cl, 4 dwg

Cone clutch // 2286262
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed cone clutch has driving and driven cones. Driving cone is fitted on intermediate shaft one end of which is connected by sliding splined joint with output shaft of engine with possibility of axial travel. Driven cone is connected with drive shaft of gearbox.EFFECT: improved reliability of car clutch.6 dwg

Vehicle driving axle // 2248890
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed driving axle has shaft and two overrunning mechanisms. The latter are made of outer housing accommodating ratchet teeth, inner housing on outer surface of which ratchet teeth are made and intermediate housing rigidly secured on shaft on outer and inner surfaces of which opposite pawls are fitted in umber less by one or greater by one than number of corresponding teeth of outer and inner housings. Intermediate housing consists of two rigidly interconnected parts relatively turned relative to common axle through half of pawl arrangement pitch.EFFECT: increased service life of driving axle.2 dwg

The device for fixing the transfer case // 2216456
The invention relates to a transport machine building, and is intended for mounting units, for example, transfer boxes, on the vehicle, namely, high-speed contact suspensions

A friction clutch of the vehicle // 2133677
The invention relates to friction clutches hire

The magnetic clutch of the vehicle // 2130559
The invention relates to the field location and installation of the transmission of motor vehicles, in particular to a device of the clutch

The automatic control device of the vehicle's grip // 2090384
The invention relates to the automatic control units of the vehicle and, in particular, clutch

Transmission of a vehicle // 2043212
The invention relates to transport machinery and can be preferably used in transmissions, four-wheel drive cars

The connecting node of the engine and powertrain of a vehicle // 2026204
The invention relates to transport machinery and can be used for the production of tractors in terms of repair factories and workshops