Characteristics of fluid dampers (B60G17/08)

Suspension method and damping device intended for motor vehicle // 2639469
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: damping device comprises a shock-absorber (1) filled with hydraulic fluid, inside which there is a piston (2) connected to a rod (17). There is an output module (15) that controls the damping system by varying the degree of stiffness and damping in each sub-phase of compression and return phases. The damping values are chosen for both the compression direction and the return direction for each of the shock-absorber operation sectors, depending on whether this operation is between the static position of the suspension and the position of full compression or between the static position of the suspension and the position of full return.EFFECT: it is possible to adjust the degree of stiffness independently and damping in each sub-phase.21 cl, 8 dwg

Shock absorber and vehicle containing it // 2625475
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: shock absorber contains the device for creating the damping force. The minimum length parameter indicates the hard state in the range (Aa0) during expansion, when the piston rod is pressed inward of the cylinder deeper, than the specified minimum length position (Sa1). The maximum length parameter indicates the soft state in the range (Aa4) during expansion, when the piston rod protrudes from the cylinder further, than the specified position (Sa4) of maximum length. The expansion side parameter between the specified position (Sa1) of the minimum length and the specified position (Sa4) of maximum length includes the parts (Sa1-Sa2, Sa3-Sa4). The part (Sa1-Sa2) indicates the higher change rate in the damping coefficient relative to the piston rod stroke. The part (Sa2-Sa3) indicates the lower change rate in the damping coefficient. The shock absorber of the second embodiment is configured with the damping force characteristic in which the change rate of the compression damping coefficient is larger in the maximum length position area. The vehicle contains the shock absorber, only the rear wheel is equipped with it.EFFECT: improvement of the damping characteristic.9 cl, 18 dwg

Suspension device // 2591836
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device of vehicle suspension. Suspension comprises damper and working force adjustment mechanism intended for adjustment of inclination or vehicle in transverse direction, or vehicle inclination in lengthwise direction. Shock absorber includes cylinder with working fluid, piston divides cylinder inner chamber into two chambers, piston rod, channel connecting two chambers located in channel of mechanism creation of damping force braking fluid flow in piston displacement, and control mechanism of damping force depending on position of piston rod, damping force adjustment mechanism is configured to provide one of following characteristics in range when piston rod is protruded from cylinder beyond first preset position, damping force extension zone is located in soft mode, and damping force compression zone is in hard mode, in range, when piston rod is pulled in cylinder beyond second preset position, damping force zone extension is in hard mode, and damping force compression zone is located in soft mode.EFFECT: improved comfort during movement and improved stability of controllability.7 cl, 18 dwg

Snowmobile suspension load adjustment mechanism // 2547500
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to snowmobile with tunnel and rear suspension assembly. Rear suspension assembly comprises at least one rail for engagement with endless driving track and at least one suspension lever. At least one torsion spring is engaged with at least one second suspension lever. At least one torsion spring has first end in contact with said rail and second end. Torsion spring regulator is fixed to at least one suspension lever. Torsion spring regulator is connected with second end of said spring. Actuator is coupled with torsion spring regulator. Said actuator is located, at least partially, beyond aforesaid tunnel. Said actuator drives the torsion spring regulator to displace torsion spring second end relative to first end.EFFECT: adjustable rear suspension.20 cl, 8 dwg

Oscillation damping method and device for its implementation (versions) // 2482347
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: inclination angle of relationship between resistance force modulus and deflection speed modulus of an elastic member is changed if current resistance force modulus differs from the specified value. The specified value of resistance force is changed depending on current deflection of the elastic member. The specified current value of resistance force is set so that it is directly proportional to modulus of current deflection of elasticity force, which is corrected to resistance force vector, of the elastic member of its static value. The device for implementing the method represents a hydraulic telescopic damper, in which the resistance force, the modulus of which depends on the modulus of deflection variation speed, is created during the suspension deflection variation. As per the first version, the damper includes a bar fixed at the compression chamber bottom. The bar has a four-sided variable cross-section in the working section of its length. At the damper compression, the bar is retracted into inner cavity of the stock. As per the second version, the damper includes two bars, as well as a compensating chamber that is separated from the compression chamber with a partition wall and partially filled with liquid. The bars are made in the form of a rotation body and installed inside the first and the second guide elements respectively with possibility of longitudinal movement.EFFECT: preventing resonance, and minimising the resultant force acting on the under-spring mass of the transport vehicle.17 cl, 10 dwg

anaged pendant // 2240930
The invention relates to transport machinery, and more specifically to a vibration protection systems of vehicles, cargoes and crew

The shock-absorber with differentiated by the force of the tension-compression // 2178743
The invention relates to the transport industry, in particular to the damping devices of the suspension, and can be used in hydraulic and hydro-pneumatic shock absorbers for passenger cars

Shock absorber with adjustable compression force // 2103185
The invention relates to the transport industry, in particular to the damping devices of the suspension, and can be used in front and rear hydraulic and pneumatic-hydraulic shock absorbers cars