Anti-skid inserts, e.g. vulcanised into the tread band (B60C11/14)

Rubber composition for tyres and studless winter tyre // 2635608
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: rubber composition for a tyre contains 100 wt parts of diene rubber (A); 30 to 100 wt parts of carbon black and/or a light filler (B) and 0.3 to 30 wt parts of cured product (C). At that, the cured product (C) is obtained by curing a cross-linkable oligomer or polymer (c1) immiscible with the diene rubber (A). The JIS A hardness of the cured product (C) is from 3 to 45. The cross-linkable oligomer or polymer (c1) is a polymer or copolymer based on polyether.EFFECT: creation of a rubber composition for a tyre, allowing to obtain a tyre having excellent performance characteristics on ice and excellent wear resistance.12 cl, 4 dwg, 4 tbl, 21 ex

Tread containing sculptural elements coated with impregnated fibers compound // 2614375
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: tread for a pneumatic tyre comprises a plurality of sculptural elements, including the lateral sides and the contact surface intended for performing the contact with the road during the movement of the pneumatic tyre provided with said tread. At least one edge forms the contact boundary of the contact surface with the road. A plurality of cutouts in the form of a track and / or a cut also is represented, wherein said cutouts are bounded by the lateral sides disposed opposite one another. Each sculpture element is formed by at least one first rubber mixture called basic mixture. In the sectional view of a plane normal to the rotation axis of said pneumatic tyre and intersecting at least one contact surface sculptured element, wherein one of the cutouts adjacent to said contact surface is coated, at least partially, with the coating layer. The coating layer comprises a plurality of woven or non-woven fibers that are long fibers with the length greater than 50 mm.EFFECT: improved characteristics of pneumatic tyres on wet surfaces.32 cl, 9 dwg, 3 tbl

Tire with tread including felt // 2565460
FIELD: motor car construction.SUBSTANCE: portion of the tire tread pattern elements is made of felt, its fibres being selected from the group consisting of textile fibres, mineral fibres and the mix thereof.EFFECT: better grip with wet road, sufficient tire stability, wear and rolling resistance .10 cl, 5 dwg, 2 tbl

Tire with changeable shape of tire tread // 2544075
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: tire comprises protrusions separated by longitudinal zigzag-shaped grooves to the central rib, middle and lateral rows of protrusions. In the protrusions of the middle rows the inserts of the material are mounted orderly next but one protrusion inside, having the large linear expansion when heated to 40C.EFFECT: increase in vehicle flotation in winter and increase in speed and comfort parameters in summer.3 dwg

Tyre with anti-slip bands // 2356747
FIELD: automobile production.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to motor vehicles. Tyre includes anti-slip bands which are made from corrugated elastic material and equipped with anti-skid spikes. The bands are installed in special sunk bandage belts at tyre tread. Note that belt bottom is performed in a form of projections and dents corresponding to band corrugations.EFFECT: increase of tyre contact with slippery road and their multifunction.2 dwg

Vehicle tire with antislip device // 2271938
FIELD: transport engineering; tires.SUBSTANCE: proposed tire is provided with antislip members in form of stud made of wear resistant material and arranged over tire circumference. Studs are hinge-interconnected by means of fasteners to form flexible chain embedded in tire body with projection of stud over outer surface by 0.5-2 cm.EFFECT: increased reliability and service life of antislip device.4 cl, 3 dwg

Tire with abrasive elements on tread // 2266825
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed tire has V-shaped grooves of tread with top pointed forwards, with interval up to 50 mm and greater, and width and depth up to 20 mm depending on mass of vehicle (bus, truck, aircraft). Tire is provided with V-shaped abrasive element fitted in and made of abrasive material consisting of silicon carbide, titanium carbide, fillers and binders. Lower layer of element is made of more cheap material, particularly, of titanium alloy.EFFECT: increased antislip and wear-resistant properties of tire tread.2 dwg

ethod and installation for inclusion of solid granules in the tyre tread // 2176958
The invention relates to a method and installation for inclusion of solid granules in the tyre tread, and in some rubber bands and a workpiece protector

The method of manufacture of studs and device for its implementation // 2166431
The invention relates to the tire industry and for the design of studs, which are equipped with the tyre tread vehicles to improve their adhesion to the supporting surface, characterized by a low coefficient of adhesion

The anti-skid element for a tire wheel of the vehicle, a method of manufacturing the anti-skid element for a tire wheel of the vehicle, and a method of manufacturing osipovna tires // 2106263
The invention relates to the tire industry and for the design of tools, snow vehicles, in particular of anti-skid elements, which are equipped with the tyre tread to improve their adhesion to the supporting surface, characterized by a low coefficient of adhesion

A method of making winter tyres // 2098284
The invention relates to the tire industry and the manufacture Osipovna tires for wheeled vehicles used to improve the adhesion with a support surface when driving in winter