Wheels not otherwise provided for or having characteristics specified in one of the subgroups of this group (B60B19)

B60   Vehicles in general(31835)
B60B19                 Wheels not otherwise provided for or having characteristics specified in one of the subgroups of this group(221)

Wheel with replaceable tread - endless track // 2629466
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wheels with a replaceable tread - an endless track. The wheel comprises a rim with an endless base fixed thereto. The rim is made in the form of at least two discs bearing on the periphery a system of equidistant drive rollers with rotation axes in the disc planes. The pulley of each roller is connected by a belt with the wheel shaft pulley. The wheel shaft pulley is mounted on the double-acting free-wheeling mechanism. An endless track is mounted on the rollers of adjacent discs. Wherein roller shafts can be mounted on semiaxes.EFFECT: extending the functionality of a wheel with a replaceable tread - an endless track.2 cl, 1 dwg
Vehicle propulsor // 2627913
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle propulsor comprises propulsors arranged on each board, in the form of a flexible springy helical spiral equipped with a drive. The board flexible springy helical spiral covers an airtight float having the form of an ellipsoid of revolution with trunnions on the major axis. The flexible springy helical spiral is made of a stranded cable carrying elastic blades on the part outer relative to the float, which are woven into the stranded cable or fixed to the stranded cable.EFFECT: improved vehicle passability.2 cl, 1 dwg

Omni-directional wheel // 2623357
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: omnidirectional wheel (1) is comprised of a central hub (2) on which the circumferential surface of the rolling wheel is mounted (3); the said surface is formed by doubled wheels or hollow tubes arranged along radial planes. The omnidirectional wheel (1) includes a stand (5, 51) connected in pairs through the roller section (6) of circular cross-sectional shape which is coaxial with respect to the hub (2) and which is mounted on the freely rotating ring (4). The aforementioned roller unit (6) includes spacers (7) inserted between each of said rings (4). These spacers (7) have such a shape that said rings (4) are located in a radial position. The said roller unit (6) consists of a series of a large number of adjacent tubular segments (61, 62, 63, 64, 65). The invention also relates to the module (10) for the assembly of the omni-directional wheel (1) according to the invention.EFFECT: reduced friction of wheels and hence improved mobility of the omni-directional wheel in all directions.7 cl, 5 dwg

Wheel for amphibious vehicle and sport utility vehicle // 2621790
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: folding blades are attached from the side of the wheel, which is opening, when moving in water or dirt with special inserts or devices. The blades have the slope to the wheel circumference tangent line, which passes through the blade from 0 upto 180, that provides the force distribution, which acts on the wheel in two directions - to the side, pushing the machine out of the water or dirt towards the machine movement and in the machine movement direction or in one direction towards the machine movement. The blades can also be with the variable inclination angle to the wheel circumference tangent line.EFFECT: improvement of performance, compactness, off-road qualities of the vehicles.3 cl, 14 dwg

Device measuring width of wheel track of rear rimless wheels of tractor // 2612224
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: device measuring width of wheel track of rear rimless wheels of tractor comprises a shaped ring with flange, a smooth cylindrical spacer ring, eight studs with nuts, a pressure disk and standard clamps. The smooth cylindrical spacer ring is a spacer device comprising a thrust cylinder resting by one side against internal part of the carrying rim with installed centering ring. At other end of the spacer device at outside surface a connecting ring is rigidly secured, to it a regulating cylinder is secured using screw joint. The regulating cylinder enters the internal part of the rim of the drawn apart wheel and has openings made at eight spirals with set angles of inclination if the spiral line relatively to axis of the regulating cylinder and with pitch equal to pitch of radial thread openings in the connecting ring.EFFECT: reduced rate of the tractor wheels passage over same track.2 dwg

Vehicle wheel // 2610085
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport engineering, particularly to the low-speed wheeled running gear, used mainly in areas with difficult terrain and friable granular ground. In the vehicle wheel, comprising a rim in the form of coaxial discs and resiliently flexible tire between the discs, wheels are connected by the system of axles equidistant from the rotation axis and carrying on bearing rotation assemblies resiliently flexible tires, rotatable by the inner ring and rotating the outer ring. The inner ring is formed with teeth for the internal engagement of drive by the gear wheel. The outer ring is made with technologically justified lugs on the outer surface.EFFECT: vehicle wheel, with extended functional capabilities, made according to the ball bearing scheme.1 dwg

Transformable driving wheel of unmanned vehicle // 2609851
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: transformable driving wheel of an unmanned vehicle is formed by segments sliding due to a reversible power drive. One of segments is made with an asymmetric rear groove that is curved in the longitudinal section of the wheel with smooth reduction of its height to the value close to zero - a point, is installed by its thick part on the peripheral transverse hinged joint, and by its thin part at the distance from the hinged joint is connected to a movable link of the specified power drive with the possibility of jaw-like opening of segments, introduction of a movable segment with its point into soil and intake of the latter into the soil-intake cavity.EFFECT: extended technical and operation capabilities of multi-support vehicles by giving additional functions of a soil sampling device to a wheel.6 cl, 6 dwg

Wheel of amphibian vehicle // 2609611
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in a wheel of an amphibian vehicle comprising blade water propulsion units mounted on a hub, blades are made in the form of a set of toroidal pneumatic chambers displaced relative to each other in circumferential direction with an inner diameter each, comparable to diameter of the hub, folded by diameter and fixed by bends on radial driving pins of rings that are coaxially installed on the hub. Besides, rings may have a cross section following the channel bar shape. The ring with radial driving pins may be common in design for the entire set of replaceable toroidal pneumatic chambers of the wheel.EFFECT: simplified design and technology of blade propulsion unit manufacturing and extended functional capabilities of an amphibian vehicle.3 cl, 1 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2609603
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in a chassis wheel comprising a rim on a shaft and multiple lugs on the rim periphery, the rim part of the wheel is not solidly closed and is not integral with a common hub, represents a package of two-arm elastic sector plates made with a central hole for placement onto a multifaceted shaft and a peripheral part capable of overlapping two adjacent plates mounted on a multifaceted shaft with angular shift. At the same time the peripheral part of plates may have external notches-lugs. Connection of the package of two-arm elastic sector plates with the shaft may be splint.EFFECT: simplification and unification of manufacturing technology and improved operating characteristics of a wheel chassis.3 cl, 1 dwg

Amphibian vehicle // 2609580
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to designs of self-propelled amphibian devices. Amphibian vehicle comprises a waterproof body made as hollow with a double bottom and double boards with a waterproof cylinder that connects the inner bottom to the outer bottom in the plane of longitudinal symmetry of the body and serving as a shaft line for a propulsion system drive. The amphibian vehicle comprises a chassis of three-wheel design on an outer suspension at each board made according to arrangement of floating satellites for reversible gears. Axes of rotation of two lower board wheels are displaced from the plane with the axis of rotation of the upper board wheel. Lower board wheels are rotated by the upper board wheel due to friction engagement between the wheels.EFFECT: invention provides for extended functional capabilities by optimization of an actuating mechanism of a wheel chassis drive.1 dwg

Wheel for pallet // 2603299
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cargo transfer devices, in particular, can be used for transfer of cargo on pallets. Wheel for pallet comprises bracket with wheel, fixed on axis. Wheel is equipped with box-shaped housing, corresponding by its inner sizes to pallet support external dimensions, wherein housing is equipped with retainer, allowing to fix housing on pallet support.EFFECT: enabling fast assembly and disassembly of wheel from pallet.1 cl, 3 dwg

Folding wheels and methods of making said wheels // 2602902
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wheels, which can be used in trolleys or vehicles for transportation of any object. Wheel comprises multiple wheel sections. Each wheel section comprises a bushing with a central hole and at least one pin extending from the bushing to the rim part. Multiple wheel sections can turn relative to each other from the folded position into the unfolded position.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of compactness and ease of folding the wheels at their transportation.25 cl, 44 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2600954
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, namely to not high-speed wheeled propellers, made as ball bearing and used primarily on terrain with complex relief and loose bulky soil. Summary of technical solution by proposed invention consists in, that gear rollers under inner belt tooth alternate with equally spaced from wheel rotational axis freely rotating cone rollers for belt side surfaces, mounted in staggered order with alternating opposite equal conicity of each roller.EFFECT: technical result from use of present invention is expansion of chassis wheel functional capabilities.1 cl, 2 dwg

Variable wheel track chassis // 2597744
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Variable wheel track chassis comprises a frame connected with wheels via track variation mechanism, representing a slider-crank mechanism of breaking brace. Element having freedom of axial movement along the frame, articulated by levers-knees with rotary parallel-knees of equal length. Wheel axles are hinged at extra ties parallel to axis of the frame. Track variation mechanisms are made on the front and on the rear axles of the frame. Elements having freedom of axial movement along the frame, are made in the form of rectangular frames with the possibility of displacement relative to the frame along the guides made on the frame. Elements movement drive is made in the form of hydraulic cylinder of double action, comprising two pistons with rods, one non-rod and two rod cavities. Cavities are connected with a feed pump and accumulating tank via two-three-position hydraulic control valve.EFFECT: technical result consists in expansion of operational capabilities.1 cl, 2 dwg

Wheel for transport applications // 2595209
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: vehicle wheel comprises the main part of the wheel and many blades of the rim that are connected with at least one lateral surface of the main part of the wheel. Each of the rim blades comprises an airflow guide section and a section facilitating air flow arranged in sequence at the front and at the rear of the rim blade. Rim blades are made integral with the rim module. Rim module has a circle provided with a plurality of latching elements. Latching elements latch in recesses of inner rim of outer surface of the main part of the wheel to connect the rim module with the external surface of the main part of the wheel.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of aerodynamic resistance, as well as noise of wheel.9 cl, 21 dwg

Vehicle wheel attachment mechanism // 2595199
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to motor transport, specifically to mechanisms for mounting wheels with rotary hubs, and can be used as additional axis of vehicle or trailer main axis. Vehicle wheel mounting mechanism comprises two bearing axial elements with torsion bars. On torsion bars there are wheel hubs capable of switching from a vertical position into a horizontal position by means of drive and can be locked in extreme positions. Hubs are installed on hinge elements, each including a movable two-arm lever connected with hub and a fixed lever connected with torsion bar. Ends of movable lever are connected with drive.EFFECT: higher reliability.5 cl, 9 dwg

Non-contact ball wheel support // 2593222
FIELD: machine building. SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to devices for moving objects (cargoes) mainly along a horizontal surface and can be used as a moving support for a floor-standing highly-manueverable vehicle. Non-contact ball wheel support comprises a holder (1), a support ball (2) and a support unit between the holder (1) and ball (2). Support assembly is made on the basis of a gas-static suspension, for which purpose the holder (1) is equipped with a composite combined insert (3), consisting of cells (4, 5) that belong to different types of gas supply, for example, the cell (4) is made of a porous material, and the cell (5) is equipped with nozzles (7) for gas supply, which form a spherical surface (6) in the shape of the support ball (2). Besides, the device also includes an accumulator (9), which supplies compressed gas through pipelines through a gas supply valve and electric controlled pressure regulators to the cells (4, 5). EFFECT: technical result: upgraded efficiency, broader functional capabilities and higher load capacity. 1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of surface hardening of steel wheel of railway transport // 2592651
FIELD: machine building. SUBSTANCE: invention can be used to improve operational characteristics of friction surfaces of railway wheels and for other purposes. Method of surface hardening of steel wheels of railway transport comprises application of boron-containing coating, which is a homogenised mixture consisting of phenol-formaldehyde resin with coke number in hardened condition of not less than 52 % (A), boric anhydride (B) and iron carbonyl (C) with ratio of A:B:C from 90:8:2 to 50:40:10, followed by two-step thermal treatment. At the first stage heating is performed by means of an infrared lamp to 200350 C during 28 minutes, and then at the second stage heating is performed by action of a gas-flame burner for 1030 minutes while ensuring coating temperature of 8501,000 C. EFFECT: higher efficiency of penetration of boron-containing components, reduced temperature and time of saturation of steel surface of the wheel and simpler process due to application of coating, containing components in the form of a mixture homogenised to molecular dimensions. 1 cl, 1 tbl, 1 ex

Aircraft (versions), takeoff-landing gear (versions) and method of lifting aircraft in air (versions) // 2588198
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft according to each version comprises fuselage, supersonic wings, fuel tanks, engine and undercarriage. First version incorporates subsonic shoot back wings in combination with supersonic wings. Second version incorporates deflecting aerodynamic shield arranged in bottom of nose, front part of fuselage below centre-section under cabin and aerodynamically connected with wings. Third version has compressible fuel tanks, which are located in recesses for retracting chassis. Takeoff-landing gear for each version has a shock absorber strut. First version is made so that bogie of takeoff landing gear is arranged at landing gear bogie on one shock absorber strut. Second version is made so that takeoff landing gear has wing-support for landing gear. Method of lifting aircraft in air in first version involves acceleration along surface of runway, separation from its surface with subsequent release of takeoff landing gear so that it pushes through powder charges aircraft vertically upwards. During separation from surface of runway aircraft is taken to maximum angle of attack by pushing energy of front leg of takeoff landing gear with position of piloting control device at minimum angle of attack, when pitch controls are behind aircraft centre of gravity. Method of lifting aircraft in air in second version is based on front leg landing gear leg at a rate equal to speed of separation from surface of runway. Landing gear front leg is pressed and takeoff landing gear, pushing control handwheel completely from itself, and then landing gear front leg is lifted, taking wheel against stop. Method of lifting aircraft in air in third version involves releasing flaps, slats wing, wing outlet, reduction of installation angle of wing, engines, switching off brakes, removal of engines in takeoff mode. Wing mechanisation is released in position of takeoff, and reflecting aerodynamic screen shields bottom, at centre section of wings and nose - after taking to takeoff mode.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at expansion of technical facilities.13 cl, 5 dwg

Ball wheel // 2585901
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport engineering and can be used in car, railway transport, as well as high flotation and maneuvrability. Ball wheel comprises cast or shelled ball enclosed in sealed trunnion with hemispherical support surface and forced feed into space between ball and journal inner surface of liquid or gas at pressure above than atmospheric.EFFECT: technical result is simpler and cheaper design, higher bearing capacity in comparison with common wheels, as well as possibility of differently directed movement.3 cl, 2 dwg

Spheromobile // 2584407
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used as drive of car, robot etc. Spheromobile consists of bearing frame, and at least two or more wheels consisting of two series-connected spherical segments-one of which is truncated, and other - small - is installed on its truncated part aligned therewith to run around their common axis. Truncated segment is equipped with drive to drive latter on a small segment around their common axis. Wheels are fitted in main yokes on axis perpendicular to axis of rotation, and yokes are fixed on bearing frame. Axle is equipped with drive for wheel turning around it. Wheels are equipped with additional yoke and made in form of separate units, including two yokes - additional and main, interconnected by axis to turn and fixed stop of main yoke in both sides of drive installed on additional yoke. Controlled rotation of main yoke is possible, both simultaneously on all units of wheels, and on separate units.EFFECT: technical result is broader technical capabilities of vehicle, its transmission and wider application of said transmission, both in robotics and transport.1 cl, 8 dwg

Wheel-vehicle // 2584292
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wheeled vehicles and is intended for use in conditions of limited freedom of maneuver and on roads without hard coating. Wheel - vehicle consists of two identical hollow hemispheres to spin about element arranged between them and fixed on axis. Element performing function of user's cabin, is made in form of symmetrical ball wedge or short axially cylinder, on which flat surfaces are mounted hollow hemispheres onboard drives motor-reducers, has two equidistant support wheels mounted on pendulum circuit on axis of element in plane of longitudinal symmetry. Hollow semi-spheres are made with molded area, parallel to flat surface of element, grouser serving as external part and internal part of running track for internal contact wheel. In wheel - vehicle torque transmission to hollow hemispheres can be made through axis that provides for rigid half-axle coupling with hollow hemisphere, or directly to hollow hemisphere, which provides for axis articulation with hollow semi-sphere.EFFECT: broader functional capabilities of wheeled vehicle.1 cl, 1 dwg
Vehicle wheel with universal self-centering system // 2582734
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wheels of vehicles, but can be used in any field of engineering, where it is necessary to use of wheels with properties obtained in present invention. Vehicle wheel with universal self-centering system, connecting rim and wheel sleeve, is characterised by that one roller on internal or external base is replaced with two or more rotation rollers provided that section of chain, belt or cable connecting said rollers does not contact with rotation rollers from other base. Such replacements can be several. Sections of chain, cable or belt connecting rollers one of base are used for tension by means of springs through tension rollers. Effect of tension rollers does not affect properties of universal self-centering system.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of reliability of stabilisation of self-centering wheel system.1 cl, 4 dwg

Ball-wheel propulsor // 2581806
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles with propellers, interacting with road surface. Ball-wheel propulsor comprises holder and support ball, roller supports made up of paired and kinematically connected to each other spindles with rollers. Additionally, each pair of spindles equipped with drive module installed in seat on holder and kinematically connected to spindles. Each of drive modules includes displacement sensors, the ball-wheel propulsor is equipped with power supply and a microcontroller connected to onboard computer network, made with possibility of supply of control actions on drive modules, as well as data collection and processing with motion sensors.EFFECT: broader functional capabilities of ball-wheel support.1 cl, 1 dwg

Vehicle wheel // 2580371
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to not high-speed wheeled propellers used primarily on terrain with loose soil. Proposed wheel containing rim in form of two moving axially cone disks with elasto-flexible tyre, one of cone-shaped disks mounted on hollow shaft, inside of which there is coaxial shaft bearing cantilever disk connected along the periphery of flexible elements-alternative grousers of elasto-flexible tire with peripheral part of cone disk. There is mechanism to shift, turn and fix shafts relative to each other. At that, cone-shaped disk can be hollow and have outer shape of cone or semi-sphere and combining function of decorative hood.EFFECT: broader functional capabilities of wheel.2 cl, 2 dwg

Hyperboloidal drive roller // 2577609
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: hyperboloidal drive roller contains connected by side disks working elements installed on drive shaft. Working elements are made in form of closed spring special winding turns of round section, which is a -shaped design bend, repeating with equal pitch in angular range from 0 to 360, and having a shape of a hyperboloid with fasteners bends in side discs. Central part of roller can be rubberised and/or covered with elastomeric material.EFFECT: high effectiveness of drive.1 cl, 2 dwg
Wheel // 2576849
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly, to wheeled chassis wheelchairs. In wheel containing a rim made with internal teeth, located in engagement with sprocket fitted on drive shaft, the rim is made in the form of cylindrical or conical drum, and internal teeth represent a system of through holes or holes with flanging and/or moulded in the outer side of recesses on the peripheral rim-drum. Herewith drum rim can have one-sided or two-sided flange, including ones for replaceable wheel treads.EFFECT: simplified process and wider field of use of wheel chassis.1 cl

Vehicle wheel // 2576824
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used, in particular, in the wheel and wheel-crawler chassis, made as a ball bearing. Vehicle wheel comprises split rim in the form of two conical disks with flexible tyre. Flexible tire is represented by variable-speed belt with double formed tooth. Split rim is made of a central gear wheel on the driving shaft and two coaxial cone disks with the same angle of generatrix, mounted on bearings fitted on drive shaft. Gear wheel and/or conical disks can be either non-continuous and/or non-metal.EFFECT: broader functional capabilities of the wheel and wheel-track chassis.2 cl, 1 dwg

Ring roller // 2576229
FIELD: entertainment equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of entertainment and can be used as sports equipment for skiing on various, primarily flat surfaces. Engineering solution of present invention consists in that a ring roller, consisting of a rigid ring having on its outer surface a treat, installed on inner surface of carriage provided with a footrest with roller bearings and steering elements for hands, made in form two rigid arcs arranged convex sides outwardly in a plane perpendicular to plane of ring, rigid ring is formed as a trough made by multilayer rolling into a ring of a tubular member having on an outer surface evenly distributed on edge rod holders of pneumatic chambers having an internal diameter comparable with diameter of cross-section of trough folded diagonally and fixed on horizontal curves of holder.EFFECT: use of inventive engineering solutions enables to simplify and unify technology of making a ring roller without losing quality of treadmills under roller carriage support.2 cl, 1 dwg

Omnidirectional wheel assembly and omnidirectional vehicle // 2570737
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to transport engineering. Omnidirectional wheel assembly for vehicle includes wheel, lower suspended link and upper connecting articulated joint which are attached to vehicle. Vehicle control wheel can rotate around pivotal axis line determined by lower suspended link and upper connecting articulated joint. Pivotal axis line projection on projection vertical plane containing vertical axis passing through tangent point between wheel and road determines angle of deflection from the mentioned vertical axis. The omnidirectional wheel contains regulation mechanisms which can regulate deflection angle in preset range. In the first version, vehicle contains four mentioned omnidirectional wheels. Two of omnidirectional wheels are driving. Each driving omnidirectional wheel contains electric motor which can turn the wheel around axis of rotation by applying driving force to vehicle. Driving omnidirectional wheels are mounted on vehicle so that vertical projection of moment is equal to zero when all omnidirectional wheel assemblies are oriented identically. In the second version, vehicle contains five omnidirectional wheels. Three of the mentioned omnidirectional wheel assembles are driving ones. In the third version, vehicle contains five omnidirectional wheels located on the vehicle so that vertical projection of moment is equal to zero when all omnidirectional wheel assemblies are oriented identically. In the fourth version, vehicle contains five omnidirectional wheels which are driving ones.EFFECT: higher vehicle stability irrespectively of direction of its motion.15 cl, 8 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2567980
FIELD: motor car construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to low-speed propulsor built as a ball-bearing pattern and can be used, primarily, on terrain with complex relief and loose soil. Chassis wheel comprises the rim composed of two aligned discs with elastically flexing tire there between. Small wheels shaped to single-cavity hyperboloid are made for implementation when the wheel working part is produced at relative turn and locking of the hollow elastically flexing cylinder with corrugated walls.EFFECT: enhanced performances.2 dwg

Ball train // 2567976
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: claimed ball train comprises the system of three hollow ball-like wheels-containers mounted at the frame by their parallel spinning axles which surrounds said wheels-containers. Said spinning axles are located in a common plane. At least one of extreme wheels-containers features OD smaller than those of the other wheels-containers. Or, spinning axles of some wheels-containers are located in the common plane when aforesaid frame has a _/-like kink. Said hollow spinning axles support pivoting hollow cantilever L-like hatches with seals in the axles.EFFECT: enhanced performances.2 dwg

Adjustable wheeled truck for railway cars // 2567679
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railroad transport. The device includes turning axle body (1), wheels (4), in reference to each wheel (4) there is axial bearing (6) which is placed into nonrotating locking sleeve (7) which contains locking elements (11). In accordance with locking elements (11) of each wheel (4) there are pairs of bodies (16) located on corresponding end supporting journal-box (10). When axle body (1) is lowering under action of gravity the locking elements (11) of each wheel (4) come out of pairs of bodies (16) thus allowing wheel 4 to be shifted in position of new rail gage, and when body 1 is raised the locking elements (11) penetrate into other pair of bodies (16) thus fixing the wheel (4) in this new position.EFFECT: automatic change of rail gage in trucks of railway cars.11 cl, 13 dwg

Landing wheel // 2565148
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in the landing wheel containing rim on the shaft with system of cleats on peripheral part of the rim, the rim is implemented in the form of two coaxial to the shaft of opposite oriented fixing holders which are fixing from end faces the semiflexible element in the form of package of the working sections functioning as cleats, and loop sections, functioning as bearing and fixing sections, passing in zigzag manner with equal step one into another. On the shaft also with the rim the pneumatic tube can be mounted with the external diameter, comparable with the diameter of circular trace of working sections of the semiflexible element.EFFECT: simplification of the design and technology of manufacture of the wheel landing gear, expansion of its functionality.2 cl, 1 dwg

Hubless wheel // 2565147
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in the hubless wheel containing the rim with tire, the rim is implemented in the form of two metal rings and elastic shock-absorbing ring between them with the system of equal step of axes on which interring bushing spacers are installed. The tire is implemented in the form of system of pneumatic tubes with the internal diameter, comparable with the diameter of the elastic shock-absorbing ring, folded along the diameter and fixed in pairs by folds on interring bushing spacers. The ring-pneumatic tube assembly can be multisectional both by diameter of the elastic shock-absorbing ring, and by number of pneumatic tube systems in the assembly.EFFECT: simplification of technology of manufacturing of wheels and expansion of operational possibilities of hubless wheels.2 cl, 1 dwg

Wheel with replaceable tread-endless track // 2562479
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed wheel comprises rim with endless base secured thereat. Said endless base is composed of elastically pliable band. The latter comprises two rows of uniformly spaced bores for looped spring turns to be fitted there through. Note here that said elastically pliable band can be looped or reeled. Aforesaid rim can feature traditional version or can has the system of support rollers, composed of one-sheet hyperboloids.EFFECT: simplified production, enhanced performances on whatever roads.3 cl, 1 dwg

Amphibious vehicle wheel // 2559376
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: vehicle wheel comprises vaned water propellers fitted on the hub. At least two vanes of equal-angular-strength wheel assembly are composed of hollow conical volutes made from resilient material, their cones tops being located in mirror plane of volute mouths. Tops of appropriate volutes are integrated by ledges in volute mirror plane with periphery of adjacent mouths. Said ledges have bores for turns of variable pitch and diameter springs to pass there through to extend volute peripheral part to segmented surface. Said turns start at top of one volute and end atop the adjacent volute.EFFECT: perfected design of bladed propulsors.1 dwg

ethod for manufacturing pneumatic rimless wheel for transport facility // 2558788
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: method consists in mounting reinforcing belts on toroidal chamber made of gastight flexible material and filling the chamber with gas to allowable pressure. The reinforcing belts are made of semiflexible elements connecting system of two pairs of coaxial rings located at butt ends of the chamber and shifted with fixation in angular relation to each other in each pair thus forming one-sheet hyperboloid of semiflexible elements.EFFECT: reducing labour consumption and improving fabricability of rimless pneumatic wheel.2 dwg

Deformable assembly wheel // 2557642
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles. Assembly propulsor contains truncated-conical structure including at least one flexible part having truncated-conical surface extended from its narrower base to wider base along truncated cone axis. The mentioned truncated-conical part is capable for reversible deformation changing its form from spring-loaded circular corresponding to normal state of truncated cone the side elevation view of which is circular to deformed truncated cone the side elevation view of which is not circular. This contains truncated-conical structure can serve as a rest for at least one keying to surface part capable to change its configuration between circular wheel-shaped when its side elevation view is circular and deformed configuration when its side elevation view is not circular and where area of this keying to surface part contacting with travel surface is increased.EFFECT: improved cross country capacity.39 cl, 15 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2556413
FIELD: motor vehicle industry.SUBSTANCE: in chassis wheel containing rim in form of coaxial cone disks with elasto-flexible tyre between them, the elasto-flexible tyre is made as ring-shape bellows, having device of circle movement relatively to the coaxial to it fixed cone disks. At least external peripheral part of the tyre-bellows is rubberized and/or coated with the resilient elastomer material. At that the tyre-bellows can have pneumatic design.EFFECT: widening of functional possibilities of the chassis wheel.3 cl, 1 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2556409
FIELD: motor vehicle industry.SUBSTANCE: wheel contains a rim in form of two coaxial cone disks with elasto-flexible tyre between them. The elasto-flexible tyre is variable-speed transmission belt of endless design with double formed tooth, enveloping the rollers system at uniform distance from the axis of symmetry of disks. At least one roller has teeth and drive ensuring circular motion of the belt on the rollers relatively to the fixed coaxial cone disks.EFFECT: widening of functional possibilities of the chassis wheel.1 dwg

Spheromobile // 2554905
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used as drive of the vehicle, tractor, robot. The spheromobile contains carrying frame, transmission engine and wheels installed on mutually perpendicular axes or shafts ensuring the wheels rotation. Each wheel is made as two connected in series spherical segments, one of them in truncated, and another one is small installed on its truncated part coaxially with it, with possibility of free rotation around their common axis. Each hemispherical segment has drives: one for rotation, another one for controlled turn of latter. The truncated segment is provided with drive, and in vertical position can be put in rotation on the lower segment around their common axis. The wheels turn is possible both simultaneously for all wheels, and either on right or left wheels at any angle from the horizontal position to vertical with possibility of locked stop in this position, and from vertical towards internal side of the carrying frame of the spheromobile.EFFECT: increased passability, widening of range of adjustment of the torque on rim of the driven wheel, and increased manoeuvrability.13 dwg

Vehicle wheel // 2551595
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: vehicle wheel comprises split rim composed of two conical discs with viscoelastic tire, thrust bearings run on the disc conical parts regularly in circumference. Gear or the set of toothed pulleys for variator belt with dual moulded tooth are mounted on the rim ID. Said belt doubles as a driven viscoelastic tire.EFFECT: enhanced performances.1 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2551579
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: chassis wheel comprises rim on shaft and multiple grousers on rim periphery. Wheel rim part is not integral with the hub and is asymmetric therewith but runs in step therewith. Air tube of atmospheric pressure is fitted on said rim. The latter is shaped to cylindrical drum with flanges provided with through holes made in generatrix for grousers. Besides, said holes are formed in tire drum rim. Wheel rim part drive is composed of three spinning rollers, top one being intended for inner engagement with said flange and two bottom rollers arranged in symmetry with top one are intended for external engagement.EFFECT: improved cross-country capacity.2 dwg

Combined wheel // 2544034
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: in combined wheel consisting of two rows of identical small wheels mounted in staggered order on rim, small wheels are made as detachable tubular resilient elements mounted in peripherally slitted cylindrical rings of rim the inner diameter of which is at least 1.5 times less than outer diameter of tubular elements reinforced during final assembling of wheels by tubes being embedded in tubular elements from inside and having resilience comparable with arithmetic average resilience of tubular elements and cylindrical rings.EFFECT: simplified production process, mounting and operation of combined wheel comprising vehicle.1 dwg

Combined wheel // 2538469
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: combined wheel consists of two rows of small wheels a staggered at wheel rim. Small wheels have flanges-pulleys for endless belts running there about mounted on combined wheel rim and aligned therewith.EFFECT: simple manufacture, assembly and operation.1 dwg

Combined wheel // 2538468
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: combined wheel consists of two rows of small wheels a staggered at wheel rim. Small wheels are arranged at rim-ring with bushes for small wheel axles to be fitted therein. Rim-ring is driven by pin engagement of rim-ring bushes with gears fitted on axles of inner wheels rolling on rim-ring inner rib.EFFECT: simple manufacture, assembly and operation.1 dwg

Amphibious vehicle wheel // 2537030
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: amphibious vehicle wheel comprises bladed propulsors fitted on its hub. At least two blades of wheel assembly are composed of hollow conical scrolls of plastically pliable material, cone vertices being located in mirror axis of the scroll inlet bells. Peripheral part of said scrolls makes a segmented circle with the groove reinforced with the cord to extend through scroll cone vertices for strap spring to be laid therein with preinterference to connect said segments.EFFECT: perfected design of bladed propulsors.1 dwg

Arrangement of wheeled propulsor for amphibia // 2536012
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: wheeled propulsor for amphibian includes rotor with blades and casing with inlet and outlet holes. The rotor is made inside driving wheel which is attached to amphibia body using suspension. Wheel spokes executing the role (function) of rotor blades are made as propeller blades. The casing is installed and fixed on wheel suspension in position where its outlet hole made in size approximately equal to wheel rim diameter is brought into proximity with wheel rim with minimum allowable clearance, and guiding channel of outlet hole is turned towards aft, wake direction of amphibia.EFFECT: simplification of design and higher operational durability of wheeled amphibia.5 dwg

Carrier wheel // 2535829
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to carriers that can move on roads and off-roads and on track rails. This wheel consists of brake drum, extra disc and disc with tire. Detachable convex-concave drum abuts on wheel disc with tire to cover it from both outer end side of generating surface and rolling circle surface side. Said outer end side of generating surface of said drum is composed by circular flange while its end wall on wheel hub side has regularly spaced apart through arc-like openings.EFFECT: perfected design, higher reliability.2 dwg