Wheels or wheel attachments designed for increasing traction (B60B15)

B60   Vehicles in general(31835)
B60B15                 Wheels or wheel attachments designed for increasing traction (vehicle tyres b60c; non-skid devices temporarily attachable to resilient tyres or resiliently-tyred wheels b60c0027000000)(210)

Universal vehicle wheel on tubes-tires and method of adjusting adhesion (friction) power of its wheels // 2639391
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: wheel includes a rim and protective belts provided with movable lugs located along the wheel tread and changing the angles of the vertical position under the influence of an uneven surface, independently of each other. The tube-tire in the wheel-to-surface abutment contact area serves as an air-rubber cushion for the rim, the tread belts and the lugs. During the contact of the lugs with the surface, the tread belts are displaced, and these displacements are adjusted relative to the tube-tire, in the direction of the longitudinal surface-to-wheel reaction force to the wheel-to-surface abutment contact area. Moreover, the pressure change in the tube-tire creates even or different protective belt displacements relative to the tube-tire, in the direction of the longitudinal surface-to-wheel reaction force to the wheel-to-surface abutment contact area. Thus, the vehicle wheel possibility is increased and the force of its adhesion when driving on various surfaces without slippage is simultaneously regulated.EFFECT: increasing the vehicle wheel adhesion reliability and the ability to adjust the adhesion force when driving on various surfaces without slipping.3 cl, 3 dwg

Wheel with replaceable tread - endless track // 2629466
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wheels with a replaceable tread - an endless track. The wheel comprises a rim with an endless base fixed thereto. The rim is made in the form of at least two discs bearing on the periphery a system of equidistant drive rollers with rotation axes in the disc planes. The pulley of each roller is connected by a belt with the wheel shaft pulley. The wheel shaft pulley is mounted on the double-acting free-wheeling mechanism. An endless track is mounted on the rollers of adjacent discs. Wherein roller shafts can be mounted on semiaxes.EFFECT: extending the functionality of a wheel with a replaceable tread - an endless track.2 cl, 1 dwg

Wheel balancing unit // 2623364
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: wheel balancing disk assembly is mounted on the vehicle wheel and includes an annular sinker source mounted on the disk portion of the wheel. Source bob has mounting holes extending through it, and spigots protruding from it. The junction also includes threaded elements, the nut elements and outer sinker fixing bolts. Source sinker includes a plurality of recesses. Each recess receives the nut element and prevents rotation. Each screw member extends through a respective one of the mounting holes and the corresponding one of the nut member. The outer sinker has fastening holes and the centering recesses which receive spigots. Each fastening bolt extends through a respective one of the fastening holes and threadably receives a respective one of the nut member.EFFECT: ease of use and the choices of balancing weights.15 cl, 5 dwg

Vehicle mover with cross-country capacity (vmwccc) // 2622169
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: mover includes a wheel, the tire of which is made of a solid or filled sponge mass with radial holes in the circumference of the wheel with bushing-type sockets, in which there are movably mounted studs. Each stud is provided with a return spring, a buffer and a support, each of which interacts with one of the eccentrics or in series with all the eccentrics attached to the tubular shaft which is connected to a drive mechanism and a control mechanism. The drive mechanism is designed as a two-row planetary mechanism, and the control mechanism of the studs is made in the form of a worm gear with an electric drive.EFFECT: increased reliability of the mover with a simplified design and a gentle impact on the road surface.2 cl, 2 dwg

Vehicle drive wheel // 2618357
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: drive wheel of a vehicle has cleats (3) and an axle (11) of the main wheel (8) with a rim (1) hinged on it and in the form of a side wall (7) and a ring (5) with grooves for grousers (3). There is a mechanism (2) for extending the grousers (3) with stops (10). The diameter of the rim (1) is equal to the diameter of the main wheel (8). The mechanism (2) for the extension of the cleats (3) is provided with an automatic regulator (4) and is made in the form of a hub (12) hinged on an axle (11) with cleats (3) fixed on it, which are curved and made of spring steel. The hub (12) is pivotally connected to the rim (1), and a controlled clutch (13) is mounted between the hub (12) and the axle (11). A transverse movement sensor (21) is mounted on the vehicle and is connected to the controlled clutch (13). The automatic regulator (4) comprises of a primary converter (15) of the main wheel (8) rim speed and of a primary converter (16) of the vehicle translation speed that is designed as a proximity sensor.EFFECT: ensured device operation in the event of a skid of the vehicle.4 dwg

Device to increase vehicle flotation // 2612744
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device to increase vehicle flotation, mounted on the wheel side, comprises a disk withdouble sleeves welded on it, a tyre and a profile reinforcement. It is further provided with movable blades mounted on the double axles and conjugated elastic elements which are arranged between the profile reinforcement. Rotation of blades changes the footprint on the ground, with magnitude equal to the distance between axes.EFFECT: increased vehicle flotation due to the increased area of the wheel support, followed by reduced soil shear.2 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2609603
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in a chassis wheel comprising a rim on a shaft and multiple lugs on the rim periphery, the rim part of the wheel is not solidly closed and is not integral with a common hub, represents a package of two-arm elastic sector plates made with a central hole for placement onto a multifaceted shaft and a peripheral part capable of overlapping two adjacent plates mounted on a multifaceted shaft with angular shift. At the same time the peripheral part of plates may have external notches-lugs. Connection of the package of two-arm elastic sector plates with the shaft may be splint.EFFECT: simplification and unification of manufacturing technology and improved operating characteristics of a wheel chassis.3 cl, 1 dwg

Anti-skid for vehicle wheels // 2607009
FIELD: transport; machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport engineering, particularly large vehicles with drive rear wheels. Anti-skid consists of disc and rim. Rim is made of separate parts with rigidly fixed pins, installed on periphery of disc with possibility of radial movement and spring-loaded relative to disc by rigid springs working in compression. Anti-skid is detachable to be secured between drive rear dual wheels by means of fasteners of wheels.EFFECT: effective anti-skid of wheels on icy and snowy road with minimum damage of asphalt road coating.1 cl, 4 dwg

Vehicle propulsor with increased cross-country capacity // 2592033
FIELD: transport. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to high cross-country capacity and, in particular, to design of vehicle with devices providing improved contact of wheel with road in complex road conditions. Device comprises a wheel tire which is solid or filled with spongeous mass with radial holes placed along the circumference of wheel with bush-like seats, where studs are movably installed. Each stud is provided with a return spring, buffer and support, each of which interacts with one of cams or sequentially with all cams fixed on tubular shaft coupled with studs drive mechanism. EFFECT: technical result is improved adhesion with road surface in complex road conditions without damaging the road surface. 1 cl, 3 dwg
Anti-skidding device // 2582759
FIELD: automotive.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for equipping vehicle wheels in order to reduce sliding of pneumatic wheel tires on roads under conditions of ice, snow, dirt. Proposed device comprises metal base, bent in longitudinal direction along tire circle arc. On side ends of the base there are fasteners for fastening it to wheel disk, in which the base has pressed stiffening ribs, and in front and rear part of base plate there are trapezoidal ledges, extension of which coaxially at base angles is made as lugs, through which cable runs with guide tube fixed on one side, through which both ends of cable are passed with loop made in the middle which is put through the hole in fastening bolt head and screwed with butterfly nut, and on the other side with thrust plate having hole for fastening bolt. Additionally in the front part behind the lugs there is front rib with teeth on the outer surface which is rigidly attached along the base length to which two more ribs with teeth on the outer surface are rigidly attached in the middle of the rib forming three triangles on the base.EFFECT: reduced dimensions and weight of grouser elements, reduced time and costs for their installation and dismantling.1 cl, 5 dwg
Vehicle propulsor (dts) // 2582639
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to high cross-country capacity and, in particular, to design of vehicle with devices providing improved contact of wheel with road in complex road conditions. Device includes grousers mounted on wheels, interacting via gearing tubular shaft, drive mechanism with control mechanism equipped with control panel. Device is equipped with stops restricting working and nonworking position grousers.EFFECT: high cross-country capacity in conditions of impassability to move without damaging haulage with high-quality coating.5 cl, 3 dwg
Automotive self-recovery device // 2582585
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: device for vehicle self-drawing contains power element arranged under vehicle frame, control system and hydraulic accumulator. Power element is made in form of a system, including hydraulic injector and support element, which are movably connected cross in vertical projection of support and two paired pushing hydraulic cylinder with their back ends are movably connected with mounting element. Control system comprises pressure and return lines, hydraulic control valve, inside which a drum-distributor, containing supply and return chambers with their shells of supply and return slots. Drum-distributor slots coinciding with mating feed and return unions, made in housing of hydraulic control valve is opened, working medium flowing in pressure and return lines connecting respectively hydraulic injector and hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic accumulator.EFFECT: higher possibility for vehicle self-drawing used in difficult road conditions.1 cl, 11 dwg, 1 tbl

Grouser // 2576848
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wheeled vehicles, in particular, to radially adjusted appliances for increasing adhesion with soil. In grouser comprising disc fixed on half axle with radial guides for extending grousers parallel to the disc on half axle with the drive disc is mounted with displacement on axle having kinematic connection by four-hinge antiparallel link mechanism with rotary disc, one of hinges of which acts as the grouser.EFFECT: simplified design and higher reliability of grousers.1 cl, 2 dwg

Sprinkler // 2576183
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: sprinkler comprises a support base, wheels, a feed hose, a riser with a irrigation device, a pan breaker in form of radial pins. Irrigation device on side opposite to feed hose is attached to lateral rods, directed towards free ends of sprinkler. In end parts of rods are horizontal openings, in which are installed with possibility of rotation axes of a cylindrical drum with rigidly fixed on it pan breakers in form of radial pins. Output of irritation device is directed towards cylindrical drum.EFFECT: technical result is prevention of damage of grass cover, higher quality of watering.1 cl, 1 dwg

Landing wheel // 2565148
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in the landing wheel containing rim on the shaft with system of cleats on peripheral part of the rim, the rim is implemented in the form of two coaxial to the shaft of opposite oriented fixing holders which are fixing from end faces the semiflexible element in the form of package of the working sections functioning as cleats, and loop sections, functioning as bearing and fixing sections, passing in zigzag manner with equal step one into another. On the shaft also with the rim the pneumatic tube can be mounted with the external diameter, comparable with the diameter of circular trace of working sections of the semiflexible element.EFFECT: simplification of the design and technology of manufacture of the wheel landing gear, expansion of its functionality.2 cl, 1 dwg

Wheeled vehicle skidding prevention device // 2564480
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: device contains ring-shaped element (106) having outer wall (108) with friction means (110) made capable to interact with road surface, and installation facility (114) to install the element on one of rotatable wheels (116) of a vehicle. The installation facility is made capable to be attached to a wheel so that the installation facility and the element are made rotatable, and the element is made capable to move around central axis relative to the installation facility. The installation facility and the element contain complementary guiding means made capable to move relative to each other. The guiding means are made with possibility of one part of the element movement for forced movement of friction means into braking contact with road surface during skidding or wheel slippage over road surface.EFFECT: prevention of vehicle skidding on slippery or icy road surface with minimal pavement wear.18 cl, 23 dwg

Corrector of adhesion weight of wheeled tractor of semi-frame type // 2563306
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: corrector of adhesion weight of wheeled tractor of semi-frame type comprises a hydro-pressure mechanism, a hydraulic cylinder, a twinned semielliptic spring, a hinge, a bracket, a rubber reinforced damper. The hydro-pressure mechanism is made frame type and consists of two twinned semielliptic leaf springs joined in the terminals and in the middle part by couplings with the central technological holes and the bolt limiters.EFFECT: increase in flotation of the wheeled tractor of semi-frame type.3 dwg

Corrector of swing type of wheeled tractor with variable transfer point of weight load // 2563303
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: corrector of swing type of wheeled tractor with variable transfer point of weight load comprises an additional drive axle, a hydraulic cylinder, a clamp lever, a damper, torque arms, swing blocks, torsion bars, hinges, brackets, levers of the rear mounting of the tractor. The clamp lever with rubber reinforced damper is mounted on the tractor frame by means of a slide-hinged mechanism, which consists of a regulating hydraulic cylinder, a rail type guide, a U-shaped bracket with the slide rod and a hinge.EFFECT: increase in flotation of the wheeled tractor.6 dwg

Wheel with replaceable tread-endless track // 2562479
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed wheel comprises rim with endless base secured thereat. Said endless base is composed of elastically pliable band. The latter comprises two rows of uniformly spaced bores for looped spring turns to be fitted there through. Note here that said elastically pliable band can be looped or reeled. Aforesaid rim can feature traditional version or can has the system of support rollers, composed of one-sheet hyperboloids.EFFECT: simplified production, enhanced performances on whatever roads.3 cl, 1 dwg

Wheel with replaceable tread-endless track // 2562478
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed wheel comprises rim with endless base secured thereat. Tubular elements are mounted at periphery of said base. Endless base periphery has at least two rows of split cylindrical rings fitted on the ring remote parts. Said rings make the fasteners for replaceable pneumatic chambers filed in diameter and locked at appropriate part by cylindrical rings with perforation in split rings. Note also that tubular elements can be provided with perforation and/or notches.EFFECT: enhanced performances of claimed wheels.2 cl, 1 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2551579
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: chassis wheel comprises rim on shaft and multiple grousers on rim periphery. Wheel rim part is not integral with the hub and is asymmetric therewith but runs in step therewith. Air tube of atmospheric pressure is fitted on said rim. The latter is shaped to cylindrical drum with flanges provided with through holes made in generatrix for grousers. Besides, said holes are formed in tire drum rim. Wheel rim part drive is composed of three spinning rollers, top one being intended for inner engagement with said flange and two bottom rollers arranged in symmetry with top one are intended for external engagement.EFFECT: improved cross-country capacity.2 dwg

Device for vehicle self-recovery // 2551295
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: device is made in form of at least two rigid hollow prismatic structures with cross-section in form of triangle, with flat and/or relief side surfaces, with straight and/or curvilinear ribs, each of them is located on the appropriate side of the vehicle mover. Besides, the device has support side surface connected by means of the kinematic links with external surface on the mover element interacting with soil, support side surface in contact during self-recovery with soil, made solid and/or perforated, third support side surface made by spacer or spacers. At that length of the side ribs of each prismatic structure is comparable with width of the appropriate mover elements contacting with soil.EFFECT: reduced size and weight of the device, reduced labour intensity of installation and dismounting.7 cl, 12 dwg

ethod to adjust wheel friction force for vehicle on tubes-tires // 2548995
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: method to adjust friction force for a vehicle on tubes-tires enclosed by rim and protective belts is performed by means of tube-tire and at least one intermediate bandage strain change and their equal or different displacements, by means of change of protective belts tension force, by means of rim rotation acceleration or vehicle centre of gravity acceleration increasing wheel hold-down to surface. During vehicle movement due to tube-tire pressure change to inflated condition or deflated condition of wheel, coefficient of tube-tire or at least one intermediate bandage friction with surface is adjusted.EFFECT: reduced slippage of wheels on various surfaces.2 cl, 2 dwg

Sprinkler device // 2546630
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: sprinkler device comprises a support base, pneumatic wheels, a supply hose, a riser with a rain-generating device, tubular subsoil plows attached to the wheels. The novelty is that from the outer sides of the tubular subsoil plows the coaxial annular extensions are mounted, made of rubberized material, each annular extension is formed with a circumferential annular slit to form edges, in the area of which the rows of openings are made for connecting the edges to each other by couplings.EFFECT: increase in transverse stability from slipping the sprinkler device on the sloping areas due to the use of rubberized material of coaxial annular extensions of tubular subsoil ploughs having a larger coefficient of friction.5 dwg

Radio-controlled antiskid studs with shot pins, control system and method for radio-controlled antiskid studs with shot pins // 2544907
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Studded tire contains radio-controlled studs placed into preliminary prepared sockets on tread surface. Radio-controlled stud has energy-converting device providing pin motion. Control method for antiskid studs with shot pins id based on adaptive and dynamic radio control using object control parameters. Control system for antiskid studs includes: System control unit; data buses; radio control and power supply device for radio-controlled studs; radio-controlled studs with shot pins; wheel angular-rotation sensors; steering angle sensor. Simplified system version has one radio control device for studs.EFFECT: optimisation of wheel grip properties, dynamic change of coefficient of traction with regard to vehicle operation conditions and to traffic-bearing surface characteristics, flexibility of tire utilisation in various climatic conditions.11 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for increasing vehicle cross-country capacity and device to this end, wheel tire with wavy rim // 2544464
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention comprises wavy closed shell arranged between the wheel and road that feature wheel increased shape to contact with said wheel via vehicle weight. Note here that are of contact with road and specific pressure on road differentiation are increased.EFFECT: improved cross country capacity.3 cl, 2 dwg

Link-free endless chain to up flotation of universal wheeled trucks and agricultural tractors // 2540217
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to propulsion engineering, particularly, to auxiliaries to be fitted at the main propulsor. Link-free endless chain comprises tracks made of composites. Said tracks have running plate, wheel guides, shaped recesses with stiffness ribs, main and auxiliary grousers, vertical mid holes of running plate with V-like bearing guide fitted in central hole on inner side to be fitted in wheel vehicle tread. Extreme mid holes are used for fitting asphalt-run shoes or extra grousers. Lateral vertical surface of running plate platform has horizontal inner service grooves for fitting of various-purpose endless chain expanders.EFFECT: better flotation.4 dwg

ethod to increase traction-grip properties of propeller in row spacing conditions and device for its implementation // 2536610
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: method is implemented by means of grouser interaction with soil in adjacent row of row spacing. The device contains axle fixed into wheel rim disc, pillar, grouser. The axle is divided into two parts which are interconnected using bushing and fixed to axles using bolts equally spaced along the length of blind holes. On the working surface of grouser two rows with three through holes in each are evenly drilled.EFFECT: improvement of functional qualities of propeller, increase in range of agricultural works in row spacing conditions.2 cl, 2 dwg

Bus with controlled antisliding studs, radio-controlled system of antisliding studs, controlled antisliding stud with extended pin // 2536565
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: studded tyre comprises a flexible fixing bracelet, which is fixed by the vulcanization method at the inner side of the tyre along the surface of the tread. In its seats there is a radio controlled system of antisliding studs fixed so that controlled antisliding studs reach outside the tyre via previously prepared holes, and whenever pins are pulled in, they do not protrude the surface of the tread layer. The radio controller system of antisliding studs comprises an energy radio unit, multiple controlled antisliding studs with extended pins, connected with an energy radio unit by a multi-channel bus of electric signals transmission. The controlled antisliding stud with the extended pin includes a stud body, an energy-converting device to convert electric energy into mechanical one, an extended pin. Energy provision is carried out on the basis of usage of field energy.EFFECT: increased adhesion properties of a bus with road surface due to high-speed dynamic control of antisliding studs, possibility of application to non-pneumatic tyres.8 cl, 9 dwg
Chassis wheel // 2531528
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly to wheelchair running gear. Chassis wheel has rim on shaft and multiple grousers at rim periphery. Rim is shaped to cylindrical drum with two rows of through holes arranged in generatrix for replaceable resilient grousers fitted in rim holes. Shape and size of resilient grousers extending above the drum can vary as the shape and size of said holes. Rim holes can be folded to taper.EFFECT: simplified design and production.3 cl

Toroidal wheel without hub // 2531419
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: on peripheral portion of wheel rim ring there are grousers which can be made in the form of waved band on outer generatix of toroidal rim ring and/or in the form of closed cylindrical spring. In this structure, supporting and side surfaces of toroidal rim ring may be rubberised up to or together with mounted grousers on toroidal rim ring and/or around it.EFFECT: better gripping properties of toroidal hubless wheel with simultaneous simplification grouser mounting process.2 cl, 2 dwg

Wheel with replaceable tread - endless track // 2527641
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed wheel comprises rim with endless base secured thereat. Rim peripheral part comprises the system of semi-closed, mainly, round grooves. The latter serve to accommodate elastically pliable strip preformed in grouser-groove-grouser manner. Said strip has grousers arranged at the rim outer side and is locked in rim grooves by replaceable tubular elements. Note here that said strip can be a spring-type design.EFFECT: better flotation.2 cl, 1 dwg

Antiskidding device // 2523541
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: grouser element is made as synthetic rope on free ends of which perforated metal bands interconnected by spring are rigidly fixed.EFFECT: design simplification, decrease in overall dimensions and weight of grouser elements and reducing time of their installation.2 dwg

Vibrating-rolling walker // 2522215
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed walker is composed by propulsor and includes two rims of dual-slope wheels engaged by drive shaft and brake. Drive shaft supports timing coupling and inner rim. Pipe with inner thread and nut is mounted at inner rim outer side along with splined pipe fitted in drive splines. Brake disc is fitted on splined pipe as well as gear and slider surrounding the parallel guides of outer rim to spin relative to splined pipe. Dual slope wheel outer rim support two parallel racks engaged with gear wheel. Cylindrical ledges are arranged at inner rim outer side and outer rim inner side at maximum radius of the rim.EFFECT: higher cross-country capacity, higher reliability and speed.3 cl, 5 dwg

Device to reduce compaction impact of vehicle on road // 2521504
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: device to reduce the compaction impact of a vehicle on a road comprises a standard wheel. A closed tape is set between the road and the wheel, its shape in the cross-section is defined by the rollers rotating around their axes. The rollers' axes are fixed along the perimeter between thrust plates of arbitrary shape installed on both sides of the wheel.EFFECT: higher cross country ability of a vehicle.1 dwg

Irrigation machine // 2520732
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: irrigation machine comprises a support base, pneumatic wheels with rims, a feeding hose, a riser with rain-forming device, subsoil ploughs that are rigidly fixed to the wheel rims at the outer sides of the wheels. At the inner sides of the wheels the subsoil ploughs are additionally mounted, made in the form of hollow cylindrical attachments with removable pins secured radially on the outer surfaces of the hollow cylindrical attachments and directed with their free ends away from the outer surface of the hollow cylindrical attachments. The hollow cylindrical attachments have a diameter equal to the diameter of wheels, and are interconnected at the outer sides of the wheels with the plated planks and the fastening elements.EFFECT: preservation of green grass canopy at work on lawn grass and providing transversal stability from slipping the irrigation machine on sloping lands due to the use of gentle design of subsoil ploughs.3 dwg

ethod of tire surface fitting for contact with road surface and device to this end // 2519370
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pneumatic tire tread. Antiskid stud has base and head. Stud with base is fitted in and glued in stud bore surface. Preliminary, first component of two-component glue is injected into stud bore. After injection, stud coated with second component of two-component glue in fitted in stud bore so that said second glue component gets in active contact with first flue component to get cured. Antiskid stud is glued to bore walls.EFFECT: higher reliability of stud attachment, lower wear of equipment.7 cl, 9 dwg

Wheel of multi-support sprinkler plant propulsor // 2512259
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed wheel comprises tire with rim, hub with side disc and axle, drive ring with thrusts mounted thereon, fasteners to attach said drive ring to said hub and anti-recoil brake interacting with said thrusts. It differs from known designs in that radial guides are arranged at drive ring and fitted with through holes arranged in circles to receive sliders with stops and through bores to displace radially and to be secured in said guides by bolts.EFFECT: higher machine efficiency due to fast replacements.7 dwg

Vehicle drive wheel // 2511240
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to flotation increasing means to be fitted directly on vehicle wheels. Proposed device consists of rim, grousers extension drive and automatic controller. Said rim is composed by the ring with openings for said grousers and sidewall. The latter is rigidly jointed to said ring. Ring diameter equals that of vehicle main wheel. Ring outer surfaces have irregularities. Grousers are furnished with limiters. Grousers extension drive is composed of the sleeve fitted on the main wheel axle to secure inner ends of said grousers. Rim sidewall is articulated with aid sleeve while outer ends of the grousers are fitted in ring openings. Grousers are curved and made from spring steel. Clutch is arranged between said sleeve and axle.EFFECT: better tractor-trailer properties under heavy road conditions.3 cl, 4 dwg

Device-hydro-pressing mechanism for redistribution of adhesive weight between axles of wheel tractor of semi-frame type // 2510762
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural vehicles, namely to mounted auxiliary devices for redistribution of adhesive weight between the axles of wheel tractor of semi-frame type in order to increase its passing ability. The hydro-pressing mechanism mounted on the supports-angle-plates at the rear part of the tractor front semi-frame, consisting of a power hydraulic cylinder, resisting with the working part of the rod in the ending of a dual semielliptical leaf spring, the central part of which is pivotally connected to the bracket, also mounted on the front semi-frame, creates a two-armed lever, which with its other end with the rubber reinforced damper rests on the thrust pad having the form of a load bearing plate and mounted on the upper part of the rear semi-frame.EFFECT: increase in towing-adhesion properties, the passing ability on soils with low bearing capacity and reduction of man-induced impact of movers on soil is achieved.2 dwg

Higher cross-country capacity composed by two parallel wheels and ellipsoidal wheel or circular arched surface arranged there between // 2504481
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cross-country capacity wheel propulsors and can be used in special-duty wheeled vehicles, in motor bikes and snow mobiles. Device uses the system of two usual wheels arranged in parallel with various wheels arranged between said usual wheels: ellipsoidal wheel with tire, arched wheel with tire or arched round rubberised surface. Said system of wheels has common rotary axle. Said ellipsoidal wheel with tire may be arranged between two common drive wheels. It is composed of two small outer arcs equal to side wheels radius and by two arcs of larger radius and arranged in symmetry relative to relative axle. Arched wheel with tire or arched round rubberised surface my be arranged between side wheels.EFFECT: increased cross-country ability and towing ability.6 dwg

Appliance to up wheel adhesion to soil // 2504480
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wheels of self-propelled vehicles, particularly, to radially adjusted appliances for increasing of wheel adhesion to road. Proposed device comprises disc fitted on half-axle with radial guides for extending grousers. Said extending grousers are composed of four quadrants with teeth arranged in circle and carriages to engage via said four radial guides with disc fitted on half-axle. To extend grousers said disc comprises four radial air cylinders with their rod-free chambers communicated with vehicle pneumatic system while rod ends are furnished with compression springs. Air cylinder rods are engaged with extending grouser carriages.EFFECT: higher reliability, lower labor input, ease of use.3 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of vehicle changeover from wheels to wheel-chain running gear and device to transform propulsors // 2500566
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Proposed method consists in bringing chain in zone of contact with vehicle wheels by creating skew between them by appropriate shift of chain guide wheels relative to road wheels. After diagonal displacement, this aligns or divides their planes of rotation to correct the chain position by wheels reciprocation and chain return in initial position in changeover from wheel-chain running gear to wheel running gear. Device to transform propulsors comprises road wheels and chain between guide wheels with axles engaged with vehicle wheel axle to cross interwheel chain of road wheel with subsequent transfer of said crossing zone into wheel support zone.EFFECT: automatic transformation from wheeled to chain-coupling running gear.2 cl, 28 dwg

Combined wheel // 2499677
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to combined wheels of vehicles. Combined wheel consists of two rows of small wheels a staggered at wheel rim. Hollow resilient small wheels are reinforced by synthetic and/or metallic cord with alternation in the wheel row in the form of barrel with hyperboloid-shape wheel with identical circle arc generating lines. Common shafts axially adjacent wheels are combined by closed bands or chains.EFFECT: simplified production, assembly and use.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device to up wheel propulsor towing-coupling and soil-saving properties // 2497685
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport facilities and may be used at farms and in forestry. Axle is secured by its one end to wheel rim disc with the help of bushing and bolt while post is screwed in its opposite end and provided with spring support at post lower end. Hook connecting said axle and said post has slots and spring to vary automatically the hook penetration into soil.EFFECT: simplified production, mounting and dismantling.3 dwg

Wheel of propulsor of multisupporting sprinkling machines // 2497349
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: wheel of propulsor of multisupporting sprinkling machines comprises a tire (1) with a rim (2), a hub (3) with a side disc (4) and the axis (5), the drive ring (6) with stops (7) mounted on it and fastening elements (8) for connecting the drive ring (6) with the hub (3), the pusher (9) and counterrecoil brake, which interacts with the stops (7). The drive ring (6) is mounted with the ability to change the axial position on the pins (11) with a thread arranged in parallel to the axis (5) and rigidly connected to the side disc (4) having a diameter greater than the diameter of the hub (3), with the ability of locking by means of fastening elements (8). The novelty of the invention in that the pins (11) are provided with radial through holes (13) arranged in planes parallel to a diametrical plane of the wheel, the removable locking pins (14) are located in the radial through holes (13), in the drive ring (6) the holes are made in the form of arcuate slots (12) and radial recesses (15) for entering by the removable locking pins (14).EFFECT: increased accuracy of adjustment of the angular position of the drive ring relative to the tire with the rim.1 cl, 3 dwg

Automotive wheel // 2495756
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to whatever wheels. Proposed wheel comprises rim with spokes fitted on the shaft and multiple grousers on periphery. Said rim is shaped to cylindrical drum with through opening for grousers arranged in cylindrical generatrix and has replaceable pliable element arranged in the side facing said shaft to press heads of said T-section grousers to drum inner cylindrical surface. Note here that said pliable element is composed of closed tape or shell. Note also that grousers can be made integral with pliable element of ring gear, including double-helical wheel.EFFECT: ease of manufacture, better running properties.3 cl, 1 dwg

Automotive wheel // 2494878
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to automotive wheels. Proposed wheel comprises rim and tread. Said tread is composed of revolving pair consisting of two rings. First ⊥-shape inner ring with crosswire grooves equidistant and parallel to rotational axis moves along said inner generatrix. Second "П"-shape fixed ring with closed guide groove for ⊥-shape inner ring. Tire is composed of elastically pliable rings of coiled spring embracing in fan-like manner the rim rings and engaging the moving ring crosswise grooves on the rim rotational axis side. Note here that endless spring outer peripheral part making the grousers can be gummed or coated with resilient elastomer materials.EFFECT: ease of manufacture, better running properties.2 cl, 1 dwg

Adapter for mounting extra wheels on vehicle controlled axle // 2491176
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery, particularly, to adapters for mounting extra wheels on harvester controlled axle in twinning its drive wheels or reequipping it to half-truck running gear. Proposed device is composed of single-step or multistep cylindrical hollow adapter with flanged ends. Adapter inner flange is jointed by ferrules and nuts to standard wheel disc secured by ferrules to hub studs. Note here that said adapter is squeezed in standard wheel rim by split ring with conical outer and inner surface, that is, trapezoidal cross-section, displaced uniformly over adapter outer cylindrical surface towards standard wheel rim arch unless ring outer conical surface thrusts against conjugate inner surface of the rim.EFFECT: higher stiffness and reliability of extra wheel attachment.4 cl, 12 dwg

Auxiliary device for increasing cross-country capacity of wheeled tractor // 2484977
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to auxiliary devices mounted at vehicle propulsors to increase flotation on slidable roads, in lack of roads, on underlying frozen crust and at low bearing capacity of soil. Proposed device comprises spring-loaded hollow bars fitted one into another. Caterpillar tracks make working members. Said tracks are equipped with grousers and spreaders hinged together by rubber-metal links and interconnected by round hollow bars fitted one into the other and spring-loaded by helical return springs with locking openings, and retainers with flange-type adapter washer fitted on tractor wheel axle and including split joint with bearing.EFFECT: higher flotation and towing-coupling properties.6 dwg