Decorative arts (B44)

B44            Decorative arts(1630)
ethod of decorative art glass processing // 2613860
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of decorative art glass processing is characterized by the fact that the stencil is applied to the glass, reproducing a pattern, the part of the stencil is removed either from the pattern or around the pattern, and deep processing of the open glass part is carried out, followed by the heat treatment of the products under one or more of their alternations, and, if necessary, product decorating in the colour range decor is performed either before or after the heat treatment.EFFECT: increasing effectiveness of the methods for processing glass, manufacturing the fine-detailed products with a clear playback loop, expanding the range of the manufactured product types.4 cl, 7 dwg, 2 ex

ethod of printed pattern application on particleboard and particleboard with printed decorative layer // 2612823
FIELD: polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to printed pattern application on particleboards and to particleboard with printed decorative layer. Method of printed pattern application on particleboard, especially on fiberboard by means of digital printing, includes printed pattern application on, at least, one side of particleboard using digital printing equipment with formation of decorative layer; application on decorative layer of protective layer containing, at least, one resin, at least, one radiation-curable lacquer and/or, at least, one polyurethane; and drying and/or gelatinization of protective layer applied on decorative layer, wherein protective layer is dried up to such degree, that resin still remained fluid and could form cross bonds so, that boards with printed pattern intermediate storage before further processing was possible. Particleboard, particularly made using said method, characterizing by, at least, one layer of primer on, at least, one side of particleboard; at least, one decorative layer applied on primer layer by means of digital printing; and, at least, one protective layer containing, at least, one resin applied on decorative layer, at least, one radiation-curable lacquer and/or, at least, one polyurethane, wherein protective layer is dried, but it is still fluid and can form cross bonds and/or may be gelatinized.EFFECT: technical result of invention is improving of digital printing method for particleboards, to enable decorated boards transportation and use without detriment to quality and simultaneously, substantially overcome limitations of subsequent processing.15 cl, 1 dwg, 2 ex
Plastic silicone composition with bulk filler // 2612677
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: plastic silicone composition comprises non-toxic bulk mineral component, particle size is equal to 0.01-1.0 mm, polydimethylsiloxane, an alkaline solution with pH of 12-14, a plasticiser and a crosslinking agent.EFFECT: improved composition properties and increased ecological safety.7 cl, 1 ex
ethod of wood board production, provided with decorative layer // 2612647
FIELD: wood-working industry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to wood board production method, provided with decorative layer, made of decorating paper. Method of wood board production, containing bearing plate and decorating paper, arranged on bearing plate, includes stages of providing bearing plate, application of, at least one layer of, at least one impregnating resin on, at least one side of bearing plate, providing decorating paper, application of, at least one resin as impregnating substance on decorating paper side, opposite to pattern, to provide for decorating paper, impregnated only on one side, where amount of applied resin ranges from 30 to 70 %, taking into account decorating paper weight, and where impregnating agent is melamine-formaldehyde resin, melamine-phenolic-formaldehyde resin, melamine-urea-formaldehyde resin, polyurethane resin or acrylate resin with content of solid substances in range from 30 to 50 %, and decorating paper arrangement impregnated on side, opposite to pattern, on bearing plate side coated with impregnating resin.EFFECT: technical result of invention is creation of wood board production improved method, provided with decorative layer made of decorating paper.15 cl, 4 ex

ultilayer glass with functional element // 2612568
FIELD: glass.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a multilayer glass with at least one first main glass plate, at least one located at a distance from it second main glass plate and at least one plate element located between the main glass plates and a method of making such multilayer glass. Multilayer glass with at least one first main glass plate (2), at least one located at a distance from it second main glass plate (3) and at least one located between main glass plates (2, 3) plate element (5), herewith at least one technical module (4) is located between both main glass plates (2, 3), and plate element (5) limits adjusted to the form technical module (4) recess (6), in which technical module (4) is located, herewith illumination devices (19) are integrated between two main glass plates (2, 3, 22, 33) and are made for side supply of light between main glass plates (2, 3, 22, 33).EFFECT: technical result of the invention is the task of widening the field of use of the known multilayer glass beyond the purely architectural field of use.17 cl, 9 dwg

Flat metal workpiece embossing (method, device and object) // 2611882
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: two rotary embossing rollers are arranged between two groups of transport rollers and actuated by servo drive. Said embossing rollers are embossing artifact in flat transported sheet or flat transported workpiece. Transport rollers, embossing rollers and sheet or workpiece have same workpiece surface speed during artifact embossing in workpiece or sheet, and distance to artifact location on sheet or workpiece is determined, adjusted or corrected by servo drive speed and position control, actuating two embossing rollers and giving can wall base cylindrical shape.EFFECT: disclosed are artifact embossing in three-component can wall device and method, according to which flat sheet or metal workpiece is transported along transport table by means of several spaced apart groups of rollers, each of which has upper and lower rollers.20 cl, 6 dwg
Raw material mixture for manufacturing that imitates natural stone // 2610019
FIELD: building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the production of artificial materials that simulate natural ones. The raw material mixture for the production of the material, which imitates natural stone includes, by weight. %: 1.0-4.0 of coal dust; 17.0-23.0 of Portland cement or Portland slag cement; 58.0-65.0 of milled and sieved through a sieve №008 silicate glass; 15.0-17.0 of water.EFFECT: raw meal, which increases the strength of the material, imitates natural stone.1 tbl

Hot embossing method and device // 2608913
FIELD: polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hot embossment method for application of at least part of at least one tape-like embossment film on tape-like substrate, as well as corresponding hot embossment device. Substrate, which must be subjected to embossment, is combined with film for embossment from said at least one embossment film. Substrate and adjacent to it embossment film are lead along perimeter of first heated embossing roller, wherein during first embossing first embossed layer is applied on substrate. One-time embossed substrate is removed from first embossing roller and after that first embossing roller is again aligned with same or other film in direction of substrate for embossing from said at least one embossment film. One-time embossed substrate with adjacent to it embossment film is lead along perimeter of second heated embossing roller, wherein during second embossing second embossed layer is applied on substrate.EFFECT: finally, twice embossed substrate is removed from second embossing roller.22 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of creating structure of article and article produced using said method // 2607750
FIELD: laser engineering.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a method of creating at least one structure (13, 15) by means of a laser exposure, at least, at one part (11) of a container wall of a plastic article in the form of a container and an article made as described above. Preferably, the article is made by the process of blow molding, filling and closing the container. Corresponding structure (13, 15) of the container is created by the laser exposure. Laser exposure is determined at least considering the laser power, duration of the laser exposure, type of a plastic material and type of the desired structure in the form of linear depression (17) in part (11) of the article wall. Linear depression (17) at its edge and its travel is limited by projection (27), which is created under the effect of inherent stress of the plastic material.EFFECT: technical result achieved when using the group of inventions is reliable implementation of the method and creation of distinctly recognizable structures.10 cl, 9 dwg
ethod of veneering forged products // 2607538
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to method of decoration of forged products with veneer. Claimed technical result is achieved due to the implementation of the method of veneering of forged products, namely that forged product is taken as a basis surface of which is cleaned from slags, rust, grease using solvent, then the cleaned surface is puttied, sand-papered and wiped with petroleum spirit, then, prepare the veneer to the size of the veneered product, degrease it with solvent from resin and simultaneously apply on the surface of the product and on internal surface of veneer a glue layer, then held it for 15–20 minutes and by the force of pressing glue the product and veneer with each other, allow the glue to dry then cut and adjust the contours of the product, and sand-paper the veneer surface.EFFECT: technical result of the invention is the simplification of the product manufacturing (compared to wood ones), wood savings (compared to manufacturing products from wood), provision of noise insulation and safety, increase in strength of the structure compared with similar product made of wood.3 cl

Directly printed coated panel // 2604855
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a panel, in particular a wall, ceiling or floor panel, comprising a support layer having a front side and a rear side, said support layer comprises, at least on its front side, following layers starting from front side: undercoat; a decorative coating comprising a polymerisable printing ink; and a polymer coating which preferably has a hardness gradient.EFFECT: used in construction and repair.26 cl, 8 dwg, 4 tbl

osaic element // 2604449
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to bottle caps, in particular bottle caps, which can be linked to each other. Mosaic element has a body contour inscribable into a circle and equipped with at least one ledge having a ledge contour, so that the said body contour and the said ledge contour coincide in points P1 and P2; the said circle additionally contains point P3 arranged along the said circle on the outer side of the said ledge contour, so that the angular distance between points P3 and P1 is equal to the angular distance between points P2 and P1 relative to said circle center; the said ledge contour additionally contains point Pa, so that the whole ledge contour is located on one side of support boundary line B.L. passing between point P3 and point Pa; the said mosaic element is equipped with a locking concave having circuit a locking concave contour formed between points P3, P1, Pa, herewith at least part of the said locking concave contour between points P3 and P1 extends along the said circle; the said ledge contour additionally contains point P′ located between points Pa and P1; the said ledge is equipped with an interacting part having an interaction contour set between points P1, Pa, P2 and line L passing between points P′ and P2; herewith the said interacting part has corresponding shape and size, which provide the possibility of their complete arrangement in the said concave.EFFECT: technical result of the invention is a mosaic element made with the possibility of jointing with similar mosaic elements, so that two said mosaic elements can be tightly connected without using additional mosaic elements or a retaining mechanism.34 cl, 14 dwg
ethod of souvenir panel picture elements making using tinsel, silver, mosaic gold with image application on surface // 2604311
FIELD: materials.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of art and decorative articles, namely production of various souvenir panel pictures and souvenirs. Method of souvenir panel picture elements making using tinsel, silver, mosaic gold with application of image onto surface, wherein at first preparing base from paper or acryl, cutting elements with required size and shape, then, making corresponding colour to base using colour printer (yellow - if gold, grey - if silver, ochre - if copper), then with help of laminator base is coated on both sides with glossy laminating film, thereafter applying corresponding glue for tinsel, silver (mordant, mixtion), mosaic gold glue for mosaic gold (water-based glue), then applying coating material onto base: tinsel, which is in form of “free” leaves, rolls, or silver, or mosaic gold pressing applied coating material on base using soft tissue, then product is drying, after complete drying obtained base with applied coating is cut according to applied image format, and then using printer with ink based on UV fixation performing image printing.EFFECT: technical result is application of quality image on product surface coating with high decorative effect, namely unique pattern reproducing effect of cracks, effect of cracking, brightness and colour saturation.1 cl, 2 ex

Flat carrier and method of making flat carrier // 2603621
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of flat carrier and to a flat carrier and, in particular, to decorative band for application on article, having a polymer base layer and connected to bearing layer polymer lacquer layer, by applying whose coating, particularly, to separated by anti-adhesion paper, has at least partially embossed surface. Flat carrier, in particular, to apply decorative strip for (6) has a polymer base layer (2) and connected to bearing layer (2) polymer lacquer layer (3), which has at least partially, embossed by application of reverse coating, particularly, to separated by anti-adhesion paper (20) surface (4), Note here that in the form of the substrate film (5) bearing layer (2), relatively with consisting of radiation-curable thermosetting polymer, in particular UV lacquer (7), lacquer layer (3), is characterised by high elasticity for at least partial reduction of mechanical stresses.EFFECT: improved flat carrier so that it is especially resistant, in particular, against chemical effects and/or mechanical loads, but nevertheless, would tightly connected with an article and primer layer, for example, to protect its and/or visually improve.34 cl, 4 dwg

Panel forming // 2602359
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to the field of forming of panels, e.g. building panels, more particular, the disclosure relates to a method of forming floor panels and floor panels produced by the method. Method for producing panel (1) with a wood based core (3) and surface layer (2) comprising a thermosetting resin, comprises the steps, wherein curing and connecting surface (2) layer to core (3) while applying heat and pressure in a first main pressing step, thus raising a temperature of the surface layer above an initial temperature; after first main pressing step to panel (1) bending force (F) is applied that the panel springs in a way, that an uppermost surface of the panel is convex an a lowermost surface of the panel is concave while the panel is still above the initial temperature; and releasing the bending force such that the panel springs back to an essentially flat shape.EFFECT: technical result is the panel manufacturing with the based core and the surface layer containing thermosetting resin, by more controlled and effective way in terms of process costs, at reduction of stresses occurring during curing the thermosetting resin during heating and pressing of the panel.20 cl, 1 ex, 6 dwg

Cleaning paper with decorative embossment on both sides and converting machine // 2602045
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a converting machine containing at least one embossing roll performing embossment on the outer layer of a cleaning paper by its recesses and ledges provided on the external wall; and at least one connecting roll located near the said embossing roll. Converting machine comprises at least one embossing roll (21, 31) making embossment on outer layer (211, 311) of cleaning paper (40) by means of recesses (212, 312) and ledges (213, 313) on its external wall (211, 311), and at least one connecting roll (23, 33) located near embossing roll (21, 31), herewith it contains first unit (20) of rolling performing decorative embossment in the outward direction on lower outer layer (42) and containing one or more rolling mechanisms (35) able to transfer an adhesive onto the side of lower outer layer (42) facing inner layer (43) and arranged to follow each other in compliance with a preset sequence; and second unit (30) of rolling containing at least one rolling mechanism (35) able to transfer the adhesive outward onto the side of upper outer layer (41) facing intermediate layer (43) and performing a decorative embossment on upper outer layer (41) in the direction opposite to the direction of the decorative embossment performed on lower outer layer (42).EFFECT: technical result of the invention is creation of a cleaning paper with an increase in volume while maintaining a fixed specific weight without reducing comfort.31 cl, 1 tbl, 3 dwg

ethod for production of decorative items from wastes of pine trees // 2600078
FIELD: wood working industry; personal care and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of decorative moulded articles, particularly for finishing internal surfaces of a room, for making souvenir products, art panels. Method of making decorative articles from cedarwood wastes by compaction of initial raw material in a mould while heating with holding under pressure, further cooling and polishing of surface of obtained article, wherein preparation of raw material is carried out by selecting decor elements from cedar field wastes with sorting according to their types and crushing wastes after sampling decor elements to a slaked lime state; filling components of prepared raw material for pressing is carried out in mould heated to 120-150 °C in following sequence: lower layer - 33-43 % husks, second layer - 41-51 % slaked lime, upper layer - 9-19 % decor elements, wherein decor elements are placed randomly or in a predetermined pattern; pressing components of raw materials under pressure is performed in three steps: first step - under pressure of 50-80 kg/cm2 for 60-90 s with subsequent steam release, second step - under pressure of 140-160 kg/cm2 for 60-90 s with subsequent steam release, third step - under pressure of 200-220 kg/cm2 for 60-90 s; cooling of extracted article is performed under pressure at temperature 5-10 °C for 5-8 minutes with subsequent holding for 20-22 hours at room temperature.EFFECT: high strength, moisture resistance and durability of decorative articles made of cedar field wastes.1 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of weaving decorative figures of fiberglass thread // 2599710
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: proposed is a method of weaving decorative figures of a fiberglass thread. Method involves, first, taking three separate fiberglass threads, then weaving the three threads into a single thread-cable, after which the produced single thread is placed into a vacuum chamber, where during a short period of time it is impregnated with a composite resin. Then from those obtained woven cables the final product is formed by winding them on a prepared beforehand shape and drying at the temperature 70-90 °C to fix the shape, after which the prepared beforehand shape is extracted to obtain a decorative figure of the fiberglass thread.EFFECT: uniform distribution of colouring agents, higher strength, reduced time expenses, improved aesthetic appearance.9 cl, 3 dwg

Floor panel for external application // 2598437
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, particularly, floor panels for external application. Comprises bearing plate with front and back sides. Bearing plate on the front side comprises decorative or protective coating and on lateral sides comprises connectors in the form of groove-ridge elements enabling connection of several identical panels in directions parallel and perpendicular to the front side, by means of geometric closure. Material of the bearing plate is selected from a group consisting of MDF-plate or HDF-plate of acetylated wood, cement-fiber plate, polyvinyl chloride. Decorative or protective coating is radiation-curable acrylate containing film, wherein film is glued to the front side of the bearing plate with polyurethane glue.EFFECT: invention provides improved floor panels for external application in terms of flexibility of decorative pattern and simplicity of laying with strength and resistance of plates of natural wood for external application.18 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of printing on plates // 2598308
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to an improved printing image for decorative finishing of panels, herewith the decorative pattern is printed by four-color digital printing and consists of multiple colour points, more than 90 % of which have the size from 1,000 µm2 to 15,000 µm2, having the dpi (dots per inch) value from 200 to 1,200. Invention also relates to a method of printing on plates, in particular on wall, ceiling or floor panels.EFFECT: herewith the method involves the following stages: (i) manufacture of panel (11); (ii) applying priming coating (12) on the panel main surface using a liquid curtain from coatings materials; (iii) optional drying and/or curing the priming coating; (iv) processing of the priming coating surface using at least one of the following methods: a) processing by corona discharge; b) plasma processing; c) application of oil (20) in an aqueous solvent; and (d) depositing decorative pattern (13).19 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of making decorative art articles and decorative art article // 2598306
FIELD: furniture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of production of decorative-art (3D) articles, which can be used in furniture production, for example as furniture or its face elements; at manufacture of interior doors, door casings, and as interior or decor elements, in finishing panels. Method of making 3D articles from fluid self-curing material, when into the prepared mold consisting of a female mould and a cover the lining material is placed, the space between the lining material and the female mould working surface is vacuum-processed, the fluid self-curing material is poured, and then all is closed with the cover forming the back part of the finished article, herewith prior to the lining material placement into the female mould it is preliminary formed by the male former under vacuum press.EFFECT: technical result of the declared invention is reduced prime cost of the production and higher quality of produced parts, including the possibility of production of high-quality parts of any complex profile of cross-section with sharp edges and deep grooves with good decorative properties and aesthetic appearance, which do not require additional processing.9 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of making decorative and art articles // 2598292
FIELD: decor.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of decorative-art (3D) articles which can be used in the furniture production, for example, as furniture or its facade elements; in manufacture of room doors, framing of door opening, as well as interior or decor; in finishing panels. Method of making decorative and art objects of fluid self-curing material, in which mold is preliminarily manufactured, which consists of two matrices, facing material is placed into at least one of the matrices, space between facing material and working surface of the matrix is evacuated, matrices are closed; after that, fluid self-curing material is poured, in so doing, prior to placement of facing material into at least one of the matrices, it is preliminary formed by male die on vacuum press, and before pouring of self-curing material, the cavity between matrices is evacuated.EFFECT: technical result of the invention is obtaining a product from fluid self-curing material covered with facing material, without folds and without loss of pattern material with good decorative properties and an aesthetic appearance, of any profile, without formation of internal cavities and cast defects, which do not require additional processing of surface; reduction of labour costs and cost of production.7 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of weaving of decorative figures from the fiberglass thread and decorative product from the fiberglass threads // 2596480
FIELD: decor.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a method of weaving of decorative figures from the fiberglass thread and decorative product produced by this method. Method consists in that, first, are used three separate fiberglass thread, then each thread is passed through a mixture of dye and resin, after which this threads are woven into a single thread- a braid. Than from this received weaved braids final product is formed by winding of its to the previously prepared shape and is dried at temperature 70-90 °C for fixing of a form, then take beforehand the received form, receiving thereby a decorative figure from a fiberglass thread.EFFECT: technical result - development of an easy and technological method of making decorative figures of fiberglass thread without using complex, expensive equipment, tools and accessories.12 cl, 3 dwg

Powder mix and method for making structural panel // 2595712
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of panels on the basis of fibers with wear-resistant decorative surface layer, in particular construction panels and, more specifically, floor panels. Method for making structural panel comprises steps of powder mix layer is applied onto a substrate, the layer of powder mix contains wood fibers and binder, and heating and pressure to the layer of powder mixture when placed on a substrate and hardened layer of powder mix with weight loss due to hardening in the range from 2 to 7 wt%, thus producing layer formed by the layer of powder mix.EFFECT: produced powder mix layer shows improved stain resistance, water/steam resistance and binder impregnation.10 cl, 3 dwg, 4 ex

ethod of producing powder layer or granular layer // 2595683
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of producing a powder layer or granular layer of wood fibres on a bearing base to installation of distribution for making powder layer and structural panel. Method of producing a powder layer or a granular layer comprises feeding a powder or granules to rotating roller (6) and feeding powder or granules to first oscillating device (8, 9). Then feeding powder or granules to second oscillating device (11), wherein second oscillating device (11) oscillates in another direction than first oscillating device (8, 9). Then moving carrier (5) under first and second oscillating devices to obtain a powder layer or a granular layer on carrier (5). Second oscillating device (11) oscillates in a straight line and in a direction substantially parallel to direction of movement of carrier (5). Floor panel comprises a powder layer or granular layer made as described above. Scattering apparatus for production of powder layer or granular layer comprises rotating roller (6) and first (8, 9) and second (11) oscillating devices capable of oscillating. Second oscillating device (11) is configured to oscillate in another direction than first oscillating device (8, 9). Second oscillating device (11) is configured to oscillate in a straight line and in a direction substantially parallel to direction of movement of carrier (5). Scattering apparatus is designed so that powder or granules are loaded on carrier (5), which is supplied under roller (6) and first and second oscillating devices.EFFECT: improved uniform distribution of powder or granular layer on carrier.15 cl, 8 dwg

ethod for production of layer // 2595661
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to construction finishing materials and method for manufacturing of the layer for production of construction panels. Layer is essentially uncured. Method includes application of powder mix including fibers and thermosetting binding component onto the carrier, forming a layer of powder mix, wherein the powdered mixture connected together so, that layer of powder mix, and in which a layer of powder mix is significantly uncured. Powder mix layer is separated from the carrier. Present invention is also related to such layer and the method for production of construction panels.EFFECT: invention ensures creation of the layer, which can be processed as a separate product, which is a semi-finished product, which simplifies and extends its use.25 cl, 15 dwg, 5 ex

ethod of making waxed paper // 2594960
FIELD: decorative and applied arts.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to decorative and applied arts, in particular to production of single authorship works, waxed paper Easter eggs. Method of making waxed paper is characterised by removal of yolk and protein from egg shell, washing, drying, application of pattern on shell surface, wherein at least one hole is made in egg shell, and content of egg removed through this hole, then eggs are washed with pure water or 5 % solution of sodium bicarbonate; then, egg itself and its inner film are dried in oven at temperature of 180-200 °C; egg shell strengthening is carried out by applying of melted beeswax on outer surface of egg.EFFECT: technical result is simple waxed paper manufacturing process.9 cl, 7 dwg
ethod of making laced ceramic article // 2594904
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of ceramic articles mainly panels, souvenirs, toys. Method of making a laced ceramic article involves preparation of clay slip, braiding a workpiece from fibrous material, impregnation of workpiece with slip, drying and firing. Fibre material used is material based on glass fibres: thread, bundles, glass fabric.EFFECT: method enables to obtain laced ceramic articles, wherein strength of items increases due to sintering of fibres with ceramics when annealing.1 cl, 3 ex

Wooden art and decorative article producing method // 2594554
FIELD: technological processes; personal and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to decorative art and can be used for art painting of wooden articles in cottage industry, as well as for art painting of sporting gun clubs. Wooden art and decorative article producing method includes grinding the article surface, colouring, art painting, varnishing, interoperable drying, at that, colouring and art painting are performed in one operation by a transparent dye with successive applying tones of dye palette from light to dark, content of dye components, wt. %: water-soluble mordant 10-50; polyvinyl-acetate adhesive 29-31; water - the rest.EFFECT: providing visibility on finished article of natural wood texture, simplified technological process, lower labor input, reduced cost of finished article.7 cl, 5 dwg, 1 tbl, 2 ex

ethod of uv printing application on flat cork panels surface // 2592342
FIELD: printing. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to printing method on surfaces of flat panels, as well as to flat panels, which front surface is made of cork material. Method of UV printing application on flat Cork panels surface comprises preliminary stage of preparation of graphic composition by means of processor and corresponding software and step for polychromatic image printing on panels using ink-jet printer having printing head with nozzles throwing droplets of required colour to printing surface, and processor controls printer, wherein printing is carried out by deposition on surface of cork panel of semi primer layer formed by applying first printing layer of double volume paint of white colour by printing head, projected relative to other printing heads with successive application of double volume of coloured paint for making decorative layer of printing. EFFECT: technical result is producing wear resistant bright, clear image of decorative layer on surface of cork material. 7 cl, 4 dwg

Device for colour pattern plasma application on cloth surface // 2592328
FIELD: metal processing. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for colour pattern plasma application on cloth surface and can be used for creation of painting both on metal, and on non-metal surfaces of any shape, arranged both at close, and at considerable distances from dye. Device includes housing and current-conducting rod arranged in it, made from material which enables creation of defined colour shade on metal web, condenser with cylindrical plates and rectifier transformer. Rectifier transformer comprises flexible magnetic core with wound primary and secondary coils. Cylindrical capacitor plates are located in housing coaxially with current-conducting rod. Magnetic core features cylindrical shape and is located between capacitor plates. Current-conducting rod is installed in housing with possibility of axial movement. One of capacitor plates is designed with possibility to supply electric potential to current-conducting rod, and second plate is to metal web. EFFECT: creation of painting both on metal and on not metal surfaces of any shape, arranged both at close, and at considerable distances from dye. 1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of forming three-dimensional images in coatings // 2590880
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: fluid coating composition when forming a first layer is applied on a substrate and first layer in non-solidified state is in contact with a die, having a surface with raised elements so that raised elements of die form recesses in first layer, die is removed, and optionally first layer, having recesses, is coated with a second coating composition when forming a second layer. At least one of coating compositions contains flake-form effect pigments. Die is a printing plate for a relief printing process and is a letterpress printing plate, a letterset printing plate or a flexographic printing plate, recesses in first layer are not deeper than 10 mcm and layer (s) is (are) solidified.EFFECT: disclosed is a method of forming three-dimensional images in coatings which contain flake-form effect pigments, as well as obtained coatings, use of articles having such coatings.15 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for production of decorated sheet and use thereof // 2588624
FIELD: technological processes; pulp industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to decorative laminates and concerns method for production of decorated sheet and its application. Sheets on basis of non-woven cellulose material, such as paper, for producing decorative laminates impregnated with synthetic resins. At that, their size changes, they become fragile and in laminate not resistant to water. In method according to invention with or without printing nonwoven materials impregnated with aqueous dispersion of UV radiation curable polymer, dried, if necessary, printing is applied and, finally, is exposed to UV radiation. Obtained as result decorated sheets are water-resistant in laminate and after each process stages allow coiling into roll and storage.EFFECT: invention provides more simple in implementation of method for production of decorated sheet of cellulose non-woven material, ensuring complete and waterproof impregnation of cellulose.10 cl, 2 dwg

Plastic panel of polyvinyl chloride // 2587552
FIELD: chemistry; construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to improved plastic panel, in particular, based on main layer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as well as to method of its production. Panel, in particular, wall, ceiling or floor panel contains main layer (12) from polymer material and ground layer (17), where primer coat (17) contains printed on it decorative pattern (18), and on top of primer coat is applied cured polymer layer (19), wherein printing ink used for printing decorative pattern (18) contains polymerisable acrylate and/or N-vinylcaprolactam and is characterised by that printing ink and polymer layer are cured together.EFFECT: improved adhesion properties, in particular, large service life.25 cl, 2 ex, 2 dwg

ethod of making panel including wear-resistant layer and panel // 2583456
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for manufacturing a panel comprising a wear-resistant layer. Panel manufacturing method comprising wear-resistant layer (7, 8) includes steps of providing a substantially rigid substrate (1), wear-resistant particles (8), using ionomer (7), applying wear-resistant particles (8) and ionomer (7) on substrate (1) and combined compaction and/or melting substrate (1), wear-resistant particles (8) and ionomer (7), wherein ionomer is completely or partially melted.EFFECT: obtained panel has a high resistance to mechanical damage, impact resistance and abrasion resistance, as well as pleasing to touch and has favourable acoustic characteristics.13 cl, 6 dwg
ethod for processing a structured surface of embossing die // 2582445
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of surface treatment of die for stamping, one surface of which is subject to first stage of processing entire surface in order to obtain a degree of lustre and at least one stage of treatment of selected sections in order to achieve a different degree of lustre. Invention provides methods of producing various degrees of lustre in several selected areas surface with initial degree of lustre. That is achieved by application of metal coating, further mechanical processing and/or further chemical treatment, as well as by at least partial application of protective layer (mask) on surface by digital printing equipment for formation of selected sections.EFFECT: method of processing structured embossing die surface.17 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of image transfer under water pressure, cover substance in film for image transfer under water pressure and product with image transfer under water pressure // 2581991
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of image transfer under pressure of water. Cover substance, which is applied on printed image for image transfer film under water pressure for implementation of penetration, which includes mainly: UV radiation curable polymer composite, which contains photopolymerizable monomer, photopolymerizable oligomer and photopolymeric initiator. Photopolymerizable monomer has not more than three functional groups and coefficient of volumetric shrinkage making not more than 20 %, photopolymerizable oligomer has more than 10 functional groups; and polyurethane granules, average particle diameter of which varies from 5 to 50 mqm. Polyurethane granules are mixed in amount from 15 till 100 weight parts with 100 weight parts of UV curable polymer composite.EFFECT: this coating substance is able to create texture, which gives feeling of softness and humidity of external surface of decorative layer due to polyurethane granules.20 cl, 12 tbl, 4 dwg

anufacturing method of structural decorative sheet panel (versions) // 2580115
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: manufacturing method of a structural decorative sheet panel consists in transverse or diagonal braiding of sheet billets from thin strips from materials of wood or vegetable origin and attachment of at least two sheet billets by means of an adhesive compound, or an adhesive, or a polymer binding agent for formation of a panel assembly. For that purpose, a layer of the adhesive compound, or the adhesive, or the polymer binding agent is applied onto front or rear surface of one of them, and then, the other of the sheet billets is laid flatwise above the first one on the layer of the adhesive compound, or the adhesive, or the polymer binding agent, and cold or hot pressing of the panel assembly is performed prior to polymerisation of the adhesive compound, or the adhesive, or the polymer binding agent, and then, ends of the sheet billets, which project beyond the dimension of the panel, are trimmed. Besides, versions of the panel manufacturing method are described.EFFECT: improving strength properties of panels.23 cl, 4 dwg

agnetic impact engraving head // 2578991
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and is intended for solid flat surface processing, mostly during painting or decorative works. Magnetic impact engraving head comprises body, core with engraving needle, electromagnetic coil, permanent magnet, alternating current source, wherein electromagnetic coil is wound on magnetic conductor, which is equipped with poles, in gap between poles of magnetic conductor is core from non-magnetic composite material, along which permanent magnets are located, wherein poles of constant magnets are oriented so that if one of two magnetic poles of any permanent magnet in row is directed into certain direction, then homonymous magnetic pole of following next in row permanent magnet is directed to opposite side, core with engraving needle is attached to housing of engraving head using mechanical resonator and load-carrying rod, wherein core makes reciprocal movements at interaction of alternating magnetic fields formed around poles of magnetic conductor with alternating current flows through winding coil and magnetic fields of permanent magnets.EFFECT: technical result is faster operation of engraving head.1 cl, 3 dwg

Device for percussion-rotary engraving of material surface // 2577635
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to decorative processing of materials. Claimed device comprises the body, pneumatic cylinder with its piston rigidly coupled with the con rod driving the crankshaft that makes the piston-type expander rod. Said piston-type expander has the first union with continuous compressed air feed and second union communicated with the pneumatic cylinder outlet via the tube with air pressure control valve. Saud unions allow the engraving tool reciprocation.EFFECT: higher quality and efficiency of engraving.3 cl, 1 dwg

Sport equipment // 2576580
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention comprises a base part 10 and a decorative layer(s) 20. The decorative layer 20 comprises a first adhesive polymeric layer of UV curing formed to the first decorative profile by means of inkjet printing, a first layer of metallic material 24A attached to the first adhesive layer 22A. The first layer of metallic material is formed to the first decorative profile, the second adhesive polymeric layer of UV curing located on the upper side of the first layer of metallic material 24A applied by means of inkjet printing. The second adhesive layer is formed to the second decorative profile and the second layer of metallic material 24B attached to the second adhesive layer 22B. The second layer of metallic material is formed to the second decorative profile, in which the first layer of metallic material 24A becomes uncovered or visible through the spaces between all points of the UV-curable polymer which forms the second adhesive layer 22B.EFFECT: improvement of operational reliability.9 cl, 13 dwg

Klyuchnikov(s hardenable plasticine // 2575652
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: material includes, wt %: unsaturated caoutchouc 20-50, quinolo ether 0.5-1.0, plasticiser 3-15, if necessary, colorant 0-5, sterically hindered phenol of a given formula 0.05-2.0, filling agent - the remaining part.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to sculpt, model, form flat or volume products after storing plastic materials at room temperature for 2-18 months; the products are capable of hardening, acquiring highly-elastic, elastic deformation properties and thermal stability after their heating or impact with super high-frequency radiation.5 ex

ethod and device for fabrication of can with folded end, such can and can housing // 2574540
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: method includes the fabrication of the cylindrical housing, placement of piston device in the first hole of the cylindrical housing, arranging at the free end of the first hole with the preliminary curling and twisting of the free end of the first hole radially outwards and on the axis along the cylindrical housing with formation of the extended curl. The diameter of the first hole is defined by the piston device contained in the hole. In the extended curl the step is formed, and the cylindrical housing is partially extended in radial direction up to the first free end for formation of extended and step curl in the narrowed section of the extended cylindrical housing, while the extended and step curl lies in the external imagined enveloping lateral surface of radially stretched part of the cylindrical housing.EFFECT: method allows to avoid the use of separate clamping ring.13 cl, 10 dwg

ethod for obtaining fluorescent polyethyleneterephthalate film // 2572176
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods for processing polymer films, in particular polyethyleneterephthalate (PETP) ones, in order to carry out their superficial decoration and add them required properties. The main task of the invention consists in reduction of processing process duration and in obtaining PETP film, intensively luminescent in visible area of spectrum (fluorescent). Essence of the invention consists in the following: initial PETP film is exposed to glow electric discharge with current intensity 0.25-0.3 A and voltage 4-5 kV for 2-4 min in vacuum chamber with residual pressure 2-4 Pa with constant air supply. PETP film, processed by glow discharge, has intensive luminescence in visible spectrum area (fluorescence), excited by UV light with wavelength 254 and 365 nm.EFFECT: application of the invention extends possibilities of obtaining polymer films with complex of specified optic characteristics.2 dwg

System and method for 2d printing on 3d printed substrate // 2571354
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to 2D printing on 3D printed substrate. Claimed process consists of fabrication of printed substrate including multiple painted fibres. The latter replicate the printed patter and, when bonded together to a common block, can be cross cut. This is done to make printed sheets in compliance with printed pattern. 2D printing process on 3D printer substrate comprises the steps that follow. (a) Printed substrate is made of block (1) including multiple tubes (2, 8). Every tube (2, 8) has bearing means (3, 7′) of painting medium (6). (b) Said bearing means (3, 7′) are filled with said painting medium (6) to create the flow of said means directed towards inner area of said multiple tube (2, 8) to replicate printed pattern (13) preset for front surface (4) of said block (1) wherein said cavity is identified with printing pixel. (c) Said printing means are dried and said block (1) is hardened. (d) Said block is cut parallel with printing surface (4) to multiple strips (5).EFFECT: 2D printing on 3D substrate to be cross cut to get printed sheets at higher rate.55 cl, 32 dwg

ethod of forming relief surface of textile material // 2571260
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to applied arts, in particular to manufacture of textile materials with a decorative relief effect of surface, and can be used in the technology of manufacturing textile materials, garments and interior items. In the method of forming the smooth dimensionally stable material after marking with vertical and horizontal lines forming squares, in each odd row next but one the vertically adjacent vertices of the squares are marked, then in the squares of odd rows the centres of squares are outlined next but one row with the offset for the length of the square side in the even rows, then in the even rows next but one even row the centres of the vertical side walls of the squares are outlined, passing through the centres of the squares, and formation of relief surface is performed in the following order: connection of adjacent vertices of the squares in vertical in each odd row is carried out, then connection of square centres of odd rows vertically is carried out in pairs next but one row, then connection of square centres horizontally in the even rows is carried out, located between the vertically connected centres of the squares of odd rows, and the final formation of the relief surface is carried out between the centres of the sides of the squares in the even rows next but one even row horizontally.EFFECT: expanding the range of products of the type of finishing for a given pattern by gradual binding by thread method of upper and lower vertically located vertices of the squares, the centres of these squares and the centres of lateral vertically arranged sides of the squares with the offset for the length of the square side.10 dwg

ethod of transferring print pattern under water pressure, transferring film to transfer print pattern under water pressure, ink for transferring film, and article obtained by transferring print pattern under water pressure // 2571247
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: gloss of the ink-printed part is adjusted, or the gloss is changed, where the high-gloss side of the pattern and the low-gloss part of the pattern are adjacent to each other, in accordance with the proportion in the mixture of an absorbent of ultraviolet rays and/or agent shielding against ultraviolet rays contained in the ink of the print pattern of the transferring film.EFFECT: implementation of adjustment of gloss not only in case of coloured decorative layer containing black ink, but also the coloured decorative layer containing bright colour ink different from black ink.15 cl, 4 tbl, 8 dwg

Control over three-axis nc milling machine at decoration of furniture board face wood panel surface of minimised roughness // 2571009
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly, to woodworking. Claimed process comprises the displacement of the three-axis NC milling machine head relative to the surface being decorated at preset feed rate and milling speed. Wood moisture content transducer is mounted at said machine. Furniture board wood blank moisture content is measured. Said preset feed rate and milling speed are set subject to measured moisture content of said wood blank.EFFECT: higher surface quality and minimised roughness.1 tbl, 1 dwg
Transparent surface protective layer // 2570881
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: layer contains transparent solid particles which contain at least three different grain size fractions and which have Mohs hardness of at least 4, which are embedded in a synthetic resin matrix, where the grain size fractions in each case have monomodal grain size distribution, and the transparent solid particles are present as a trimodal grain size distribution comprising a coarse fraction, a medium fraction and a fine fraction.EFFECT: invention enables to optimise wear and scratch resistance, brushing surface protective layers with each other without increasing the viscosity of the used resin and without losing transparency of the desired layer.12 cl, 3 tbl, 8 ex

ethod of producing of medals, coins and tokens out of metals or alloys plastic during cold working // 2570862
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: after preliminary compression of the blank surface layers its cold plastic deformation is performed by press stamps. At that die stamping of the polished local decors is performed , their negative image is made on the work surfaces of the stamps and is polished. Simultaneously with die stamping on surface of the blank of the said decors on part of their polished surfaces the markings are made. Negative images of the said markings are made of the stamp by micro engraving using the laser equipment with software. The positive image of the markings is identified on surfaces of the polished decors of the item using the magnifying optical devices.EFFECT: high capacity without metal losses process of marking of the items made with decor, that complies with the requirements of artistic and hoarding attraction.5 cl, 2 dwg