Layered products (B32)

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Wing and fin panel or operation of air vehicle from layer composite materials // 2628416
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: panel contains a skin with a smooth flat outer surface of geometric shape and a framework attached to it in the form of a system of criss-crossing ribs consisting of layers fastened with a polymeric binder, unidirectional high-strength and/or high-modulus yarns and/or fabrics. And in the space between the ribs porous material is located, with formation with the latter of equidistantly outer surface of the skin of a continuous smooth surface on which strips of woven material, with perpendicular to the surface flanges, that are fastened with it by adhesive or polymeric binder in the longitudinal direction of panel between the longitudinal ribs impregnated with the binder, space between which is filled with an impregnated polymeric binder, oriented in the direction of strips arrangement, unidirectional reinforcing material with formation of power stringers coated by woven fabric material, constituting integrally with framework longitudinal ribs.EFFECT: increasing the strength and reliability of the skin connection with power stringer, simplifying the manufacturing.8 cl, 1 dwg

ultilayer composition, film and corresponding methods // 2628388
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: multilayer structure contains a printing film and a pre-pressable film. The printing film comprises a printing layer and a carrier layer. In one embodiment, the print film further comprises an adhesive layer. In another embodiment, the print film further comprises an anti-adhesive patch. The printing layer comprises a polymeric material and a silicone additive. The material to be pre-pressed contains a polymeric material. The material to be pre-pressed may further comprise a functional material.EFFECT: environmentally friendly multi-layer structure provides improved printing properties.15 cl, 1 tbl, 7 dwg, 1 ex

Acoustic polymeric intermediate layers, sustainable to defects formation // 2628380
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: polymer layer for multi-layer glass panels comprises three polymer layers containing plasticized polyvinyl butyral with a molecular weight less than 140,000 Da in which the second polymer layer is positioned between the first polymer layer and the third polymer layer to form a polymer intermediate layer with two outer layers and one inner layer.EFFECT: creation of an intermediate layer for shatterproof glass, which provides glass with an increased level of sound insulation, reduced light transmission, and the absence of optical defects.10 cl, 3 tbl, 4 dwg

Valuable document protected from forgery, and method of determining its authenticity // 2628378
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: document includes a substrate and contains two hidden markings visually indistinguishable, when observed in daylighting on its surface, or in its composition. The markings are made in the form of periodic code sequences. The code sequences contain predetermined information. The material of one of the markings has magnetic properties different from the magnetic properties of the substrate material, and the second marking material has spectral properties or luminescent properties in the infrared spectral range that are different from the corresponding spectral or luminescent properties of the substrate material.EFFECT: increasing the security level of a valuable document from partial forgery.18 cl, 7 ex, 4 dwg

Coin-like article // 2628377
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: coin-like article with a polished and/or embossed surface containing sections on which the microrelief is applied is proposed. The microrelief is an ordered set of protrusions and hollows with a size of 0.5-5.0 mcm, which is a constituent part of the decoration of the article external appearance. When the halogen lamp is exposed to the full light range at an angle of 45 degrees to the coin-like article surface, intensity of the beam reflected from the surface area with the applied microrelief has is at least 48% lower than the intensity of reflection from the surface area of the article without a microrelief.EFFECT: creation of articles containing a security feature with an increased degree of protection due to the reliability of its determination and presence of the said protective feature in the composition of the external appearance of the article.4 cl, 7 dwg

Laboratory automated system with the cover tape placed between the automatic conveyor tape and slip profile, and the method of application of the tape coating // 2627909
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: laboratory automated system comprises an automatic conveyor belt (4) movable in the track slip (6) of the track (2, 3) and a coating tape (7, 8) between the automatic conveyor belt (4) and the slip profile (6). The slip profile (6) includes a first zone (61) on which the coating strip (7) is applied by gluing.EFFECT: dust or dirt is prevented from depositing along the system, a smoother sliding of the belts is ensured, and the probability of failure of the drive belt motors is reduced.7 cl, 7 dwg

ultilayer metal sheet and method of its manufacture // 2627863
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: metal sheet contains metal coversheets and, at least, one core layer of polymer interposed between the cover sheets, which is connected to the closure of the material with the coversheets. The core layer of the multilayer sheet has a fibrous reinforcing component and a fiber surrounding the fibers of the reinforcing component, a polyurethane matrix formed from an aqueous solvent-free polyurethane dispersion. Fibers are present in the polyurethane matrix in the form of short lengths of fibers with a maximum length of 50 mm. The fibers of the reinforcing component consist of mineral fibers, in particular ceramic fibers.EFFECT: creating a multilayer metal sheet having increased core stiffness characteristics, without limiting its use, particularly suitable for cold forming.16 cl, 2 dwg
Composite system with high-impact strength and a high softening point // 2627850
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composite material system comprises a layer (a) of a polymer mixture containing or comprising (A) (co) polymer (meth) acrylate or a mixture of (co) polymers (meth) acrylate to at least 30 wt % based on total weight of A), formed from repeating units of methyl methacrylate. The polymer blend comprises B) a (co) polymer of styrene and maleic anhydride, wherein the proportion of repeating units of maleic anhydride is 10-30 wt % of the (co) polymer (B), and the proportion of repeating units of maleic anhydride in the layer (a) of the polymer mixture is 1-27 wt % of layer (a) of the polymer mixture. The composite system comprises (b) optionally one or more layers of optically transparent adhesive, layers of glass and/or optical films, (c) a layer of glass or polycarbonate. The invention also relates to a display that includes a composite material system.EFFECT: reducing the deformation of the display, the shell of the touch screen display or glazing.15 cl, 3 dwg, 2 tbl, 3 ex

ultilayer combined road surface and method of producing multilayer combined road surface // 2627417
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: multilayered combined road surface consisting of active slag mix and crushed stone is described. The coating includes four layers consisting of the first layer on the basis of crushed stone fraction 40*70 mm, with a layer height of 300-500 mm, the second layer on the basis of crushed stone fraction 20*40 mm, with a layer height of 200-400 mm, the third layer on the basis of crushed stone fraction 5*20 mm, with a layer height of 50-300 mm, the finishing layer on the basis of an active slag mixture containing crushed stone fraction 0*5 mm, with a layer height of 10-50 mm. Crushed stone is a homogeneous material, which is a by-product of converter production. A method for obtaining road surface is also described.EFFECT: road surface has been obtained which withstands high mechanical loads.6 cl, 1 dwg

ultilayer combined road surface and method of producing multilayer combined road surface // 2627412
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: multilayer combined road surface consisting of an active slag mixture and crushed stone is described, characterized in that the surface comprises four layers consisting of the first layer, based on crushed stone of fraction 20*60 mm, with a layer height of 250-500 mm, the second layer, on the basis of crushed stone fraction 10*20 mm, with a layer height of 100-300 mm, the third layer, on the basis of crushed stone fraction 5*10 mm, with a layer height of 50-200 mm, finishing layer, on the basis of active slag mixture, containing crushed stone fraction 0*5 mm, with a layer height of 10-50 mm. Crushed stone is a homogeneous material, which is a by-product of converter production. A method for obtaining a combined road surface is also described.EFFECT: multilayer composite surface is obtained, which withstands high mechanical loads.6 cl, 1 dwg

ultilayered film // 2627410
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: multilayer film comprises a printing layer, a substrate and an adhesive layer therebetween, having two opposite sides attached to the printing layer and the substrate. The printing layer includes a surface coating suitable for printing, and a vacuum thermoplastic material. The surface coating can include a pearlescent coating and have a textured surface that extends into a vacuum thermoplastic material. The weight of the printing layer is 60-285 g/m2. To make the film, the printing layer and the substrate are adhered to opposite sides of the adhesive layer. Apply a coating with pearlescent coating on the surface coating, suitable for printing. The embossed printed layer is realized.EFFECT: easier application of paint, improved image quality and structural integrity.56 cl, 1 dwg

Cover composition, method of coating cover, coated substrate, packaging material and packaging for liquid // 2627404
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: surfactant is a water-soluble non-ionic ethoxylated alcohol of the formula RO(CH2CH2O)xH, wherein R is iso-C13H27 and x is 8 or R is iso-C10 and x is 5 or 7. The solids content in the composition is from 4 to 20 wt %. A method for applying a gas impermeable layer to a substrate using a coating composition and a coated substrate having at least one gas impermeable layer obtained by applying a coating composition to the substrate is also described. In addition, the present invention relates to a packaging material comprising a coated cardboard on which a coating composition is applied and a liquid package containing such a packaging material.EFFECT: ensuring the stability of the coating applied by the irrigation at a value of dynamic surface tension up to 50 mN M and ensuring faultless operation at very low flow rates, high quality protection combined with an acceptable small number of point defects.14 cl, 8 dwg, 1 tbl

General purpose multi-layer material, forming flexible distribution channels system for selection, filtration, distribution and drainage of fluid media // 2627400
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: material versions contain three consequently bonded layers. The first layer is made of the polymer film. The middle layer is made of the polymer film, which is formed as the plurality of convex elements, filling with gas. The third layer in the first embodiment is made of the non-woven material, in the second layer it is made of the cellulose-based filter cloth, in the third one it is made of the perforated polymer film. As the result of the third layer bonding to the entire plurality tops of the middle layer gas-filled elements, the system of flexible distribution channels is formed as the plurality of continuous cavities, separated between each other by the plurality of convex gas-filled elements. The presence of the through hole in the material provides the selection of fluid media and its draining from the material, creates the conditions for ventilation of the flexible distribution channels system, maintains the required level of moisture inside the material. The possibility of the material layers bonding along its edges allows to avoid choking of the internal material structure. The natural and forced fluid media drainage from the material, as well as the gas exchange is provided through the layers bonding.EFFECT: extension of the technical facilites range.9 cl, 14 dwg
Bullet-proof unidirectional tapes/products with rigid structure and low value of the depth of cup and methods of their manufacture // 2627374
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: bullet-proof fiber composite comprises a variety of adjacent layers on the basis of fibers, where each layer on the basis of fibers comprises synthetic fibers with a high tensile modulus, characterized by the surfaces which are at least partially covered with a polymeric material, where the said fibers do not basically comprise any fibers protective cover so that the said polymeric material is mainly in direct interaction with the surfaces of the fibers. The said fiber composite is characterized by the value of dynamic tensile modulus which exceeds the value of the dynamic tensile modulus of the comparable fiber composite, characterized by the fiber surfaces, which are mainly covered with a fiber protective cover. The said fiber protective cover is disposed between the fiber surfaces and the polymeric material. Methods for manufacturing of bullet-proof composite are also described.EFFECT: invention provides a composite with improved resistance properties against bullets and shrapnel, in particular improved values of dynamic tensile modulus that correlates with the composite low depth of cup.15 cl, 4 tbl
Plated high-strength corrosion-resistant steel // 2627080
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: plated steel consists of the cladding layer, made of corrosion-resistant austenitic steel and the base layer made of low-carbon, high-strength, microalloyed steel. The main layer steel contains the components in the following ratio, wt %: C 0.070-0.120, Si 0.10-0.50, Mn 0.5-2.0, P ≤0.03, S ≤0.005, Al 0.015-0.09, Nb 0.04-0.08, Ti 0.02-0.04, Cr ≤0.50, N ≤0.01, V 0.03-0.06, B 0.002-0.005, iron and unavoidable impurities are the rest. The titanium and nitrogen, niobium and carbon contents are related by the formula: [Ti]/[N] = 4-8 and [Nb]⋅[C] = 0.004-0.008. The steel has continuity and strength of joining layers - at least 450 N/mm2, the strength - not less than 850 N/mm2, the cold resistance KCU-70°C - not less than 80 J/cm2, the corrosion resistance, the weldability and ductility.EFFECT: required complex of technological and service properties is provided.2 tbl

Cover composition, method of coating cover, coated substrate, packaging material and packaging for liquid // 2626848
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a gas impermeable cover composition suitable for a water-borne coating, in particular relates to a method of applying a gas impermeable layer to a substrate using a coating composition, a coated substrate, a packaging material comprising coated cardboard, and a liquid package containing such a coating packing material. The composition comprises a polymer and a surfactant, the polymer is selected from polysaccharides or a mixture of polysaccharides and polyvinyl alcohol. The above-mentioned polysaccharides are soluble, dispersible or suspended in water, and the surfactant is a water-soluble non-ionic ethoxylated alcohol, the solids content of the composition being 4 to 20 wt % and the surfactant having the formula RO(CH2CH2O)xH, wherein R is iso-C13H27 and x is 8 or more, or R is iso-C10 and x is 5, 6, 7, 8, or 11.EFFECT: obtaining a coating that is suitable for the food industry does not contain any toxic or harmful substances and which is safe to use.24 cl, 8 dwg, 1 tbl, 7 ex
ethod of manufacture of bimetallic wire from precious metals // 2626260
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing a bimetallic wire made of precious metals containing a core and a shell includes rolling a bimetallic semi-finished product. A silver rod is used as the core, and as a casing, a ribbon made from a 585-alloy gold alloy containing, wt %, gold 58.0-59.0, silver 7.5-8.5, iridium 0.001- 0,05, rhodium 0,001-0,1, copper - the rest. The rolled strip is folded around the core provided that the cross-sectional areas of the core and the bimetallic half-finished product are 0.27-2.6, the bimetallic semi-finished product is subjected to long rolling without preheating, followed by drawing.EFFECT: increasing the mechanical and operational characteristics of finished products.2 tbl, 2 dwg

Combined panel with supporting core of cellular glass // 2625881
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: combined panel, first of all for floating equipment, comprises the support core of cellular glass, at least one coating layer that substantially completely covers the support core on the corresponding side, an elastic adhesive that attaches the coating layer to the support core, wherein the elastic adhesive has a Shore hardness index of 30 to 80 by scale A, and the thickness of the adhesive layer exceeds several times the thickness of the coating layer.EFFECT: invention provides creating a panel for interior finishing of vehicles that meets the requirements of noise protection and fire safety, has sufficient load capacity and at that has a low weight.14 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

ultilayer surface coating // 2625879
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction finishing materials and concerns multilayer PVC-free wall or floor coating. The surface treatment contains fibre-based veil, the specific weight of which is from 17 to 75 g/m2 on the side contacting with the substrate surface during operation, wherein the fibre-based veil contains binding polyolefins-based impregnation, the weight of which is from 5 up to 25 g/m2.EFFECT: creating a surface coating having improved adhesion to the surface to be coated.15 cl, 3 dwg, 6 tbl

Panel with corrugated and honeycomb filler // 2625467
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: panel includes corrugated and honeycomb fillers, perforated and solid coatings, the filler made of perforated and corrugated material consisting of alternating with each other upper and lower corrugated strips, the upper corrugated stripes of the filler are connected to the mesh. The honeycomb filler is located between the mesh and perforated coating and is connected to each other.EFFECT: noise reduction over a wide frequency range.2 cl, 1 dwg, 1 ex
etal-polymer tape // 2625386
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: metal-polymer tape is a laminated tape consisting of polyethylene terephthalate films with an adhered light-absorbing layer applied. The said layer contains a mixture of aluminium powder as a filler and an antifriction filler at a weight ratio of 1:(0.08-0.12), with the following component ratio, %: thermally activated polymer of polyester type 63.0-67.0; mixture of aluminium powder and antifriction filler 26.1-36.7; pigment 0-9.8; oleic acid 0.3-0.4.EFFECT: obtaining a film with high physical and mechanical properties, good perforatability with small punching forces and no light transmission and electrification of the tape, when rewinding.2 tbl

Car parts // 2625359
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: carpet floor consists of a wearing surface, the first adhesion layer, a protection layer and an insulation layer. The wearing surface contains yarn/fiber of polyethyleneterephthalate (PET) and/or PET BiCO fibers. The first adhesion layer is made of polyethyleneterephthalate-based adhesion. The protection layer is made of a fiber linen or a polyethyleneterephthalate-based fabric and, optionally, PET BiCO fibers. The insulation layer is made of polyethyleneterephthalate/polyethyleneterephthalate copolymer fibers and PET BiCO fibers.EFFECT: lower fabric total weight.11 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl, 4 ex
Rubberized material (versions), adhesive composition, sealing adhesive composition and method of manufacture of inflatable life-saving appliances with use of indicated materials and adhesive compositions // 2625245
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: rubberized material for the manufacture of inflatable life-saving appliances includes a textile support base and the outer face and the outer back layers based on synthetic rubber. The textile support base containing the inner layer is a two-layer diagonally-duplicated fabric having a high-density cotton cloth in a diagonal layer, in a parallel layer-a polyamide fabric with an adhesive inner sub-layer based on ethylene-propylene-diene rubber. The outer front layer comprises ethylene-propylene-diene rubber and butyl rubber in a weight ratio of 1:1, and the outer back layer and the inner layer of the textile support base include ethylene-propylene-diene rubber and high-molecular weight polyisobutylene in a weight ratio of 1:1. Percale is used as a cotton fabric. This rubberized material is mainly used for parts of inflatable life-saving appliances creating the necessary buoyancy reserve. The invention also relates to the construction of materials for parts of inflatable life-saving appliances intended to accommodate users outside the water surface and to protect users from adverse external conditions, an adhesive composition that includes natural rubber, an organic solvent, gasoline and ethyl acetate in a weight ratio of 1:2, respectively, a cross-linking agent in the amount of 4.4 parts by weight, including diphenylmethane diisocyanate, and to the sealing adhesive composition for sealing glue, adhesive and piercing joints of parts of life-saving appliances and the method of manufacturing inflatable life-saving appliances using the described materials.EFFECT: increased strength.17 cl, 5 tbl

ethod for manufacturing elastomer floor covering and floor covering // 2625242
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: first rubber mixture (2) and a decorative substrate material (6) are used, including making the decorative substrate material (6) with the decorative layer (7) areas, profiling the first rubber mixture (2) by means of conversion to a rubber web (5), depositing the decorative substrate material (6) with the decorative layer (7) onto the rubber web (5), ensuring the contact of the decorative layer (7) with the rubber web (5), vulcanizing the rubber web (5) together with the decorative layer (7), and removing the decorative substrate material (6). The decorative layer (7) comprises the second rubber mixture and is made fastened to the rubber web (5).EFFECT: invention allows to improve the quality, durability of the floor covering and to simplify the method of its manufacturing.14 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl

Coloured coated metal sheet and construction material for external use // 2625240
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: metal sheet contains one or more coating films located on top of the sheet, and has the mirror gloss level at 60° making from 60 to 100, as well as the L value in the Hunter's Lab colour system, equal to 70 or less. The outermost coating film of all coating films is made of polyester and comprises particles containing a colouring pigment. These particles have the value D90 from 0.05 mcm to 0.70 mcm, and the content of these particles in the outermost coating film is from 10 to 60 by wt %.EFFECT: creating a structural material having excellent processing ability, as well as the absence of discoloration and fading of the colour coating film over time due to irradiation with light.9 cl, 2 dwg, 4 tbl
Fabric for bags // 2625239
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: woven material comprises polymer tapes, particularly of polyolefin, polypropylene, polyethylene (LDPE) or polyethylene terephthalate, where the said tapes are uniaxially stretched, and the woven material is provided with a cover which is formed of a polymeric non-woven material, particularly of a polyolefin or polypropylene non-woven material and the woven material together with the cover comprise a variety of perforations.EFFECT: material with improved dust retaining properties while the corresponding air removal characteristics are maintained.14 cl, 1 dwg
One-directional tape and composite with hard structure on the basis of super-high-molecular polyethylene and the method of their manufacture // 2625233
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a unidirectional tape and a composite with a rigid structure based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and a method for manufacturing them. The composite is made of a plurality of adjacent fiber-based layers, each fiber-based layer contains synthetic fibers with a high tensile modulus and is characterized by the presence of surfaces that are partially coated with a polymeric material. The fibers do not contain a protective coating, and the polymeric material is in direct interaction with the surfaces of the fibers. The production of bullet-proof fibrous composites is characterized by their improved bending properties, which correlates with the low depth of the composite impression. Composites are suitable for the production of solid bullet-proof products, including helmets.EFFECT: creation of bullet-proof fibrous composites, which have improved properties for resistance to bullets and fragments.15 cl, 3 tbl, 12 ex
ethod of producing sealed products from composite materials // 2624707
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method includes the manufacture of an inner shell of composite material (CM), the formation of a hermetic coating thereon, the manufacture of an outer shell of CM based on the same type of reinforcing fibers as the inner shell CM, and high-modulus high-strength carbon fibers are used. The inner shell is made of carbon-silicon carbide composite material that does not contain free silicon. As a composition, when forming a hermetic coating, a suspension is used which is based on a binder, i.e. a solution of organo-yttrium-oxane-lumoxane siloxane, and a filler, i.e. a mixture of finely divided refractory powders , Y2O3, SiO2 or Al2O3, Y2O3, HfO2, SiO2. The coating is formed by lamination of the suspension interchanging with drying and further heat treatment at 1600°C. The outer shell is produced over the barrier coating formed on top the tight oxide coating. The shell is manufactured in the following sequence: a frame is formed and then impregnated with a coke-forming and/or polycarbosilane binder. Next, a carbon fiber reinforced plastic billet is made, subjected to carbonization and compacted to the maximum possible density by pyrocarbon using the vacuum isothermal method or compacted to intermediate density by pyrocarbon. Nanocarbon is grown in the pores of the material and silicated by the vapour-liquid phase method with the mass transfer of silicon into the pores of the material via the mechanism of capillary condensation of its vapours in the range of 1300-1500°C and the subsequent exposure at a temperature of 1550-1600°C.EFFECT: providing a possibility of reducing the weight of manufactured products designed to work under excessive pressure at high temperatures and in the presence of an oxidizing environment.4 cl, 10 ex
Transparent high-barrier material // 2624704
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: transparent high-barrier material in the form of a multilayer structure includes a polymer base in the form of a polyester polymer film, a deposited alumina layer, a print image and a polyolefin film. In this case, it comprises a first polymeric film of polyester. A printed image from one of its sides and a layer of adhesive composition on top of it. A second polymeric film of polyester with a deposited alumina nanolayer and a polymeric protective layer, a layer of an adhesive composition on top of it, and a coating polyolefin film containing a UV absorber.EFFECT: preserving the aroma and increasing the shelf life of the food product by using a transparent barrier film that is impermeable to UV radiation in the packaging industry.6 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl, 2 ex
ethod for manufacturing rubber tiles // 2624645
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method for manufacturing rubber tiles comprises preparing the mixture by mixing the filler from the rubber crumb and the polyurethane-based binder, while simultaneously and separately preparing the mixtures for the base layer and the upper coloured layer. In the mixture for the base layer, the filler of rubber crumb with the fraction of 1-2 mm is used; in the mixture for the top coloured layer, the filler of rubber crumb with the fraction of 0.5-1 mm and a pigmentary dye are used. While preparing the mixture for the top coloured layer, with the exception of the red and the grey colour, the mixture bleaching process is first carried out by means of adding titanium dioxide and then mixing the bleached mixture with the pigment dye; thereinafter, the mixture for the top coloured layer and the mixture for the base layer are subsequently loaded into the mould. The moulds with the mixtures are installed in vertical rows, pressed under pressure, then the resulting mixture is maintained until completely cured.EFFECT: invention allows to improve the quality of rubber tiles due to obtaining a smoother and more dense surface, to reduce the consumption of mounting glue, to eliminate the formation of lumps when mixing, to simplify the production line.6 cl, 5 ex

Insulating element for electrosulation in high voltage range // 2624324
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: insulating element (1) for electrically isolating an electrical component in the high voltage range includes: a first layer (2) containing cellulose, a second layer (3) containing cellulose and an intermediate layer (5) located between the first layer (2) and the second layer (3). The intermediate layer (5) contains micro-sized and/or nanosized cellulose.EFFECT: improving the properties of the coating.19 cl, 4 dwg
Water binding means for grain and/or fiber substrates // 2624302
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: aqueous dispersion of the polymer P comprises, wt %: ≥0.1 and ≤2.5 acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and/or itaconic acid (monomer A), ≥0.1 and ≤1.5 allyl methacrylate (monomer C), ≥0.1 and ≤5.0 N-methylolacrylamide and/or N-methylol methacrylamide, ≥25 and ≤69.7 n-butyl acrylate, and/or ethyl acrylate, ≥30 and ≤70 styrene (monomer F). The amounts of monomers A, C, D, E, F in total amount to 100 wt %. The aqueous binder formulation further comprises a saccharide compound S selected from hydroxypropylated potato starch, the amount thereof being such that it is ≥10 and ≤400 wt. parts per 100 wt. parts of the polymer of P. Total amount of the saccharide compound S is added to the aqueous dispersion of the polymer P. Method of producing a molded article from fibrous substrates, the use of an aqueous composition of a binder as a binder for fibrous substrates, non-cement coatings, sealants and adhesives and the use of a moulded article for the production of bituminous roofing cloths.EFFECT: providing an aqueous dispersion of the polymerizer and an aqueous dispersion of the binder, by means of which it is possible to produce moulded articles with an improved transverse rupture force index at room temperature or reduced stretching at an elevated temperature.17 cl, 1 tbl, 13 ex

Three-dimensional sheet // 2624300
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: sheet includes the first nonwoven web and the second nonwoven web, each of them is the nonwoven web in which the mesh made from the long fibers and it is bonded by thermally connected sections by fusion. Each of the long fibers is the monocomponent fiber, made in the process of uniform spinning of melted thermoplastic polymer. The sections connected by fusion forming the sheet, forms by partial connection by fusion of the first nonwoven web and the second nonwoven web, and each section connected by fusion forming the sheet has on the inner side of its contour the through hole in which the outer peripheral edge has the shape similar to the shape of the contour. The first nonwoven web and the second nonwoven web are connected in the section between the contour of sections connected by fusion forming the sheet and the outer peripheral edge of the through hole.EFFECT: invention allows to reduce the liquid residue in the absorbent product and reduce its rewetting.26 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl, 3 ex

Nonwoven material with return valve properties // 2624249
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: material, having the properties of the return valve, contains the nonwoven substrate, having the first surface with hydrostatic pressure value at the first surface and the second surface, having the hydrostatic pressure value at the second surface, and the super water-repellent compound, provided on the first surface. At that the value of hydrostatic pressure at the first surface is less than 1 cm, and the value of the hydrostatic pressure at the second surface is at least in 4 cm greater, than the value of the hydrostatic pressure on the first surface. The group of inventions also relates to the embodiment of the mentioned material, in which the level of super water-repellent compound addition is less than 2 g/m2, and to the product for personal care, containing the mentioned material.EFFECT: improved characteristics of the moisture absorption and distribution, reduction of the leakage and return moisture flow to the surface.22 cl, 5 dwg

Polymeric basis covered with glue material with low stickiness // 2624188
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a polymer base on which a UV curable adhesive material comprising a polymeric support is applied, at least in part of which a certain amount of particles of the adhesion enhancing filler is dispersed. At least a portion of the reinforcing filler particles sticking provides enhanced adhesion between the UV-curable adhesive material and the polymeric substrate.EFFECT: improved properties of the polymer base.20 cl, 14 dwg, 19 tbl, 11 ex
Production method of polycarbonate mouldings with double-layer coating // 2623783
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: primer coating is formed on the polycarbonate substrate surface by applying 3.0-6.0% solution of polymethylmethacrylate in the mixture of chloroform and ethyl cellosolve with the viscosity of 3.7-7.3 mPas, containing 3.0-7.0 wt % Tinuvin 234. Dry the moulding with the primer coating up to the film thickness of 2.0-4.0 mcm, initially at room temperature for 3-10 minutes, then at 120°C for 5-10 minutes. On the primer coating cooled up to the room temperature apply the coating composition, consisting of the water-isobutanol solution of the methyltriethoxysilane with vinyltriethoxysilane mixture with further moulding heating up to the temperature of 120-130°C for 5-10 min and holding for curing at this temperature for 20-25 min.EFFECT: simplification of technology and implementation of the polycarbonate moulding production process, its acceleration and productivity increase.4 ex

anufacturing method of celled honeycomb filler from composite materials // 2623781
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: prepreg is laid up between the forming elements and it is formed under pressure with subsequent curing. The forming element is made of elastic poroelastic material with a Poisson ratio close to 0.5. Its volume must be sufficient to fill the internal volume of the formed cell. The method allows to form simultaneously layers of two-, three-layer panels and produce a celled filler of arbitrary shape with variable cell size.EFFECT: creation of the maximum contact area between the bonded prepreg surfaces and uniform pressure on the formed cell in all directions.4 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for producing three-dimensional object of composite material // 2623772
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: object is made of the composite material, wherein the said object is relatively strong and light and has a complicated three-dimensional configuration. The method comprises a connection of a number of the moulded material sections, each having a laminated front surface to form an object, which bond the inner and outer laminating layers together after lamination to form a group of the structural elements. The method provides the further advantage, that the object can be formed without the form use.EFFECT: creating light and strong three-dimensional objects made of the composite material.18 cl, 6 dwg, 1 tbl, 3 ex

ethod for producing cardboard-base and cardboard-base for laminate material // 2623405
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: method comprises the stages of: a) obtaining the recycled fibrous material mixture, b) obtaining, at least, one fibrous material suspension, which comprises, at least, a portion of the obtained fibrous material mixture, c) preparing, at least, one fibrous material suspension, consisting in that, at least, the ash level of the fibrous material suspension is decreased to the dry fraction ash level of the fibrous material suspension not more than 15 wt % and admixed with, at least, one additive to, at least, one fibrous material suspension, d) producing a layer system of, at least, one fibrous material suspension. Another aspect of the invention relates to the cardboard-base for manufacturing a laminate material.EFFECT: creating cardboard-base for the laminate material consisting of a recycled fiberrous material mixture having low abrasiveness with respect to the cutting tool, good breathability and improved balance of cost and environmental impact.57 cl, 3 dwg

Planar composite material with plastic layers that have different vicat softening temperature // 2623265
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: material comprises a layered structure with at least the following layers: i. the first layer of thermoplastic material KSu; ii. support layer; iii. a barrier layer; iv. a second layer of thermoplastic material KSw, wherein the composite sheet material comprises at least one additional layer of thermoplastic material KSv. Vicat softening temperature of the thermoplastic material on the layer KSu above the softening temperature Vicat KSw thermoplastic material layer. The invention also describes a method for producing a sheet of composite material of the container surrounding the inner part comprising at least one such sheet composite material and a method for producing such a container, comprising the steps of providing a sheet of composite material with a layered structure described above, the folding compound and possibly filling and closing the container thus obtained.EFFECT: creation of a composite sheet material for the manufacture of the container, which provides long-term storage of food products.41 cl, 13 dwg, 2 ex

ethod of laminated material sheet manufacturing // 2623255
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: compresses at least one sheet with the texturized layer, containing the picked up pointed structures, with the softer smooth sheet in order to embed the structures into it. The pointed structures are picked up above the grooves, made in the sheet material surface by the knife with plurality of notches. The pointed structures may pierce the thinner layer through, and the protruding peaks can be bent or flattened to prevent its free extraction. Between two such texturized sheets, the softer layer can be placed, which is punched through and thus meshed to each other.EFFECT: creation of lighter and more rigid structural materials for the production of better quality products.11 cl, 13 dwg

Layered corrugated panel // 2622657
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: panel includes the perforated and solid coatings, the filler made of perforated and corrugated material consisting of upper perforated and corrugated strips alternating with each other, wherein the mesh layers are mounted on the upper and lower perforated and corrugated strips with the section line of the meshes at a distance equal to half height of the double-layered corrugated filler.EFFECT: structure noise reduction in a wide range more than 2 times.2 cl, 2 dwg
Energy saving method for producing laminate coating of low fire hazard // 2622425
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: method of producing a laminate of energy-saving coating reduced fire hazard includes sequential application to the protected surface layers: first basalt fiber, then the liquid polymeric energy saving composition further yet a dried layer of liquid polymeric energy saving composition is applied another layer of basalt fiber, then another layer of liquid energy saving polymer composition.EFFECT: energy saving layered coating of low fire danger is environmentally safe, has the necessary complex of physico-mechanical properties, provides the protected surface of high fire-resistant, heat-resistant and heat-shielding properties.2 cl, 2 tbl
ultilayer film with linear tear ability // 2622409
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: multilayer film is described with a sequence of (a) a layer (a) based on at least one low density polyethylene (LDPE) of 0.915 to 0.930 g/cm3 or on a mixture of (α) of at least one low density polyethylene (LDPE) of 0.915 to 0.930 g/cm3, and (β) at least one homo- or copolymer of acyclic C2-C6 olefin other than the polyethylene component (α), (b) a layer (b) based on a mixture of at least one low density polyethylene (LDPE) of 0.915 to 0.930 g/cm3 and at least one cycloolefin copolymer which is a copolymer of C6-C12 cycloolefin and C2-C4 olefin, and (c) a layer (c) based on at least one low density polyethylene (LDPE) of 0.915 to 0.930 g/cm3 or on a mixtures of (α) at least one low density polyethylene (LDPE) of 0.915 to 0.930 g/cm3 and (β) at least one homo- or copolymer acyclic C2-C6 olefin other than the polyethylene component (α), wherein layer (a), respectively, layer (b) have a thickness of 5 to 25 microns, and layer (c) has a thickness of 5 to 30 microns, and the tearing force of the multilayer film in the longitudinal direction and transverse direction is maximum 1000 mN each, and the ratio of its tearing force in the longitudinal direction and tearing force in the transverse direction is 2:1 to 1:2, in each case when tested by the Elmendorf method in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6383-2 standard. Also, multilayer film application as a packaging material, protective or release film and protective or release film are described mainly for adhesive tapes.EFFECT: improved film properties.24 cl

anagement method in real time scale by manufacture process of multicomponent sheet material // 2622311
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method is implemented by controlling the production process of a multi-component sheet material containing a pre-impregnated fiber-reinforced structure. The method comprises the steps of applying an acoustic ultrasonic signal to interact with a sheet material that alters the applied signal. An altered signal is detected in the form of the transmission coefficient of the signal through the sheet, the speed of the detected signal, and the time of signal transmission through the sheet. The changed signal or the data received from it is compared with the data concerning the given parameter. The stage of the process is continuously changed, whereby the data relating to the changed signal are changed in the direction of approaching the data related to the given parameter. The pre-impregnated fiber-reinforced structure is produced in a process comprising an impregnation step including the resin engaging with the reinforcing material and a sealing step. Moreover, the process step is being changed during the process in response to the result of comparing the detected signal with data relating to the predetermined parameter. The noted step is selected from the roller compression force, the distance between the resin applicator and the reinforcing material, the resin temperature, the resin consumption and the linear process speed.EFFECT: reducing or eliminating the formation of a reclaimable or irrepairable reject.11 cl, 3 dwg

Composite material for automated laying of layers // 2622122
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: sheet composite material comprises a structural layer and a curable thermosetting resin, and also comprises a fiber reinforced paper substrate on one of its outer sides.EFFECT: creating a composite material that satisfies the requirement of using a belt type conveyor in the device.16 cl, 8 dwg, 1 tbl
Fibrous structure, process for its preparation and application, and composite material based on fiber and resin // 2622117
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention comprises at least one thermosetting resin, as well as fixed and/or stable fiber structure. Means for fixing and stabilizing the ester is a random copolymer which is formed from dibasic acids, namely, terephthalic acid and optionally isophthalic acid and butanediol, diethylene glycol and triethylene glycol. A method of manufacturing a composite material consists in applying and fixing means to stabilise the fibrous material.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the strength of the composite material and to reduce the area of separation.14 cl, 4 tbl, 19 ex

aterial for the staining material for printing and material to cover // 2621811
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: material for dyeing contains material-based and located on its surface layer of paint-receiver. Paint-receiving layer includes as matrix resin and has a roughness to the surface. Simple mean roughness (Ra1) its surface, measured in accordance with JIS B0601 is 400-3000 nm. Simple mean roughness (Ra2) its surface, measured using atomic force microscope with a measurement range 30×30 microns and pixel data 512×512, is 70-500 nm.EFFECT: effectiveness of simultaneous spreading and adhesion curable with actinic radiation paint with improved design and enhancing the durability of printed or coated with material.5 cl, 5 dwg 40 ex, 3 tbl

Protein-containing adhesives, their production and application // 2621798
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: one type of protein adhesive contains lignin and ground mix of plant raw materials or isolated polypeptide composition obtained from plant biomass. Other types of protein adhesives contain a vegetable protein composition and either a component of a hydroxyaromatic compound/aldehyde, or urea/aldehyde, or amine/aldehyde.EFFECT: waterproof and durable products.103 cl, 22 dwg, 11 tbl, ex 7

Liquid binder composition for binding fiber material // 2621764
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a liquid binder composition for the fibrous compound materials to a fiber-reinforced polymeric composite materials, which are used for manufacturing resin impregnated preform. The liquid binder composition is an aqueous dispersion, which contains (a) one or more multifunctional epoxy resins, (b) polyarylsulfonic polymer, (c) nonionic surfactants, (d) water. Substantially, the organic solvents are absent in the liquid composition. Polyarylsulfonic polymer is comprised by repeating units having ether linkages, and optionally having a thioether bonds. The nonionic surfactant is a monofunctional or multifunctional block of grafted block copolymer containing hydrophilic and hydrophobic blocks. The resin-impregnated blank comprises the unity of fibrous materials. Fibrous materials are held together by liquid binder composition. Fibrous materials containing the liquid binder composition, comprise woven or non-woven fibers, nonwoven fibers randomly deposited fibers, tows, yarns, cords, textile ribbons as fibrous materials.EFFECT: improved properties.15 cl, 1 dwg, 5 tbl, 2 ex