Hand tools and portable power-driven tools and handles for hand implements and workshop equipment and manipulators (B25)

B25            Hand tools; portable power-driven tools; handles for hand implements; workshop equipment; manipulators(11684)

Intelligent control system for land plot, comprising roboticized self-propellant machine // 2628346
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: system includes sensor equipment, equipment for performing tasks, a control device for servicing the yard, and a robot. The sensor equipment includes one or more sensors located on a land plot. The equipment for performing tasks is performed with the possibility of accomplishing the task on this plot. The task is connected with the generation of the result, which is controlled by means of the sensor equipment. The control device for servicing the yard is made with the possibility to interact with the sensor equipment and the equipment to perform tasks for comparing the measured conditions with the necessary conditions, for controlling the operation of the equipment for performing tasks. The robot is made with the possibility of treating the plot and performing at least one of the actions as one of one or more sensors, acting as a device of the equipment for performing tasks, or interacting with the sensor equipment or the equipment for performing tasks.EFFECT: possibility to automate the control of the land plot servicing.25 cl, 7 dwg

Device of invisible screw and attachment method // 2628189
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a drive part, a screw, a nut and a chip configured to receive the correct password through the product management interface and in response to the correct power-on password to drive the propeller against the nut to engage or disengage between the screw and the nut. The drive part is fixedly connected to one housing cover, and the part is connected to the screw. The nut is fixedly connected to the other housing cover and docked to the screw. The method includes the step of receiving the correct password chip via the product management interface, activating the drive part through the chip in response to the correct password and moving the screw through the drive part to engage or disengage the screw and nut with the connection or disconnection of the housing.EFFECT: ability to repeatedly collect or analyse an electronic product without replacing or scraping any part and preventing the disassembly of an electronic product, since the item is driven by a chip that can prevent disassembly by non-professionals, in order to improve safety.9 cl, 1 dwg
Device for horizontal surface controlled movement of smartphone // 2627555
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a control unit located on a movable platform, two independent coaxial driving wheels, a retractable support, two electric motors, detection sensors of obstacle and surface edges, in particular a table, and an integrated power supply. In this case, the mobile platform is made in the form of a casing with a compartment for installing a smartphone, each wheel is rigidly fixed to the shaft of its electric motor, and on the other side motor feedback sensors are mounted on these shafts, both motors being reversible and made with the possibility of changing the speed of rotation. The bracing jack is made in the form of a rotary console, which allows the casing to be installed at an angle of 0 to 85 to the horizon and, together with the wheels, to provide a stable position when moving along the plane. The control unit is configured to collect and process data coming from the smartphone and from the detection sensors of obstacle and the surface edges, as well as for generating and transmitting control signals to the wheel electric motors and the bracing jack.EFFECT: ensured movement of the device along a specified path for video communication.2 cl, 3 dwg

Balanced pneumatic manipulator // 2625356
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: manipulator comprises a support device with a knot formed rotatably around a vertical axis, articulated parallelogram mechanism with hand engages swinging motion, a pneumatic linear actuator acting between the rotary assembly and the articulated parallelogram mechanism, causing the arm to pivot about the axis of oscillation slide connected driven and mounted slidably on the swivel head through the first rectilinear guide means extending in a first predetermined voltage occurrence, a second rectilinear guide means formed integrally with the carriage and extending in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction, and an engaging member mounted on the arm and adapted to engage with the second direction, perpendicular to the first direction, and an engaging member mounted on the arm and configured to engage with the second guiding means.EFFECT: invention provides constant balancing of the manipulator in all ranges of movements of the drive, which contributes to precise movements of the tool combined with the manipulator, and also the manipulator is characterized by exceptional stability, safety and ease of use.11 cl, 9 dwg

Plate for substrate // 2624883
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: plate (1) for placing the substrate (2) in the device for the rotational lacquering of substrates (2) has four suction cups (5, 6, 7, 8) with flexible surface, arranged on its surface, wherein each suction cup (5, 6, 7, 8) is provided with a tube (15) with a base by means of which it is fixed on the plate (3), wherein the tube length defines the distance (a) from the suction cup or the substrate (2) to the surface (9) of the plate (3), and the suction cup (5, 6, 7, 8) is connected by the channel (10, 11, 12, 13) formed in the plate (1) to the vacuum source.EFFECT: exclusion of substrate damage during treatment, preserving the bottom side of the substrate in immaculate condition.4 cl, 2 dwg

Impact piston // 2624492
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: impact piston for the rock drilling machine, containing the control cylinder, the distributor and the working medium under the pressure, includes the control edge, adapted to provide changes of the distributor position in the direction parallel to the axial direction of the impact piston, when the impact piston moves in the impact direction relatively to the control cylinder. The control edge of the impact piston contains at least one recess, provided on the outer periphery of the control edge and configured to provide the start of changing the distributor state, before the control edge of the impact piston will pass the corresponding control edge, provided on the distributor or the control cylinder.EFFECT: weathering reduction at the working space.14 cl, 8 dwg

Adaptive gripping device // 2624278
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device contains the control system and the electromechanical system, consisting of the body with the actuators and the fingers mounted on it, each of which consists of the phalanges. The body and the fingers phalanges are made from the typical modules in the form of the lower and the upper platforms, containing the support platform and at least three fastening platforms, connected to the adjacent ones by means of the telescopic rods, and with support platforms - by means of the controlled rods, containing the electric drives, the reducers, the displacement sensors and the force sensors. The upper and the lower platforms are connected by means of six leg-actuators. The tactile sensors are installed on the fastening platforms external surfaces.EFFECT: increase of the transported objects delivery efficiency.4 dwg

Pneumatic hammer // 2623936
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: pneumatic hammer contains a handle with a sleeve forming an air cushioning chamber, a casing, a trunk with a working tool installed in the casing, with a hammer and an air supply pipe and an air distributor. The air supply pipe is made stepped with a large step, by means of which it is fixed in the barrel and with a small step installed in the sleeve with a possibility of movement and made with a closed end and radial holes on its side surface for periodic communication of the air distribution unit with the compressed air network.EFFECT: simplifying the design, increasing the ease of use and efficiency of vibration damping.3 dwg

Braking system of technological machine // 2623930
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: braking device portable processing machine, preferably a manual machine, comprises a mechanical brake assembly (14a; 14b; 14c) having a braking element (16a, 18a, 20a; 16b, 18b; 16c, 18c, 20c), slidably mounted to its transfers braking position and/or disinhibited position due to inertia and/or by the driving torque actuator, and the follower unit (22a; 22b; 22c) having formed as a gear output element (24a; 24b; 24c) and driven by a drive unit (68a) carrying the technological machine to ensure the transmission of generated driving unit (68a) forces and/or torques to the working tool (60a) processing machines. The brake assembly (14a; 14b; 14c) has a control element (26a, 28a, 30a; 26b, 28b, 30b; 26c, 28c, 30c) for moving the brake operable brake member (16a, 18a, 20a; 16b, 18b; 16c, 18c, 20c) substantially perpendicular to the axis (32a; 32b, 32c) of the driven rotation member (24a; 24b; 24c).EFFECT: provision of braking or brake a moving machine element of a constructive process for a certain period of time.10 cl, 11 dwg

ethod for processing volumetric objects // 2623632
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method involves the use of a robotic processing device, the manipulator 2 of which holds the detachable working tool 5, the visual display devices. The method includes the steps of sequential moving a robotic device for processing to pre-calculated or randomly selected discrete workstations in close proximity to a three-dimensional object. On each busy robotic workstation device with the help of the positioning system, the real coordinates and orientation of the robotic device for processing with respect to the processing object and the coordinates of the object surface are determined. For each occupied workplace, it is determined that the working tool 5 can be reached from this occupied workplace of, at least, a part of the processing area of the three-dimensional object defined in accordance with the known processing model. The trajectory of the working tool is calculated for a part of the processing area of the volumetric object. A part of the processing area of the three-dimensional object is processed. When determining the possibility of reaching the working tool of, at least, a part of the processing area from this occupied workplace and calculating the working tool path, the previously processed parts of the processing area are excluded. The visual display device displays a graphic image of the processing object surface at a time, combined with a processing model to allow visual control over the processing process.EFFECT: method provides accuracy and complete automated processing of three-dimensional objects of complex shape in real conditions and control over the processing process.6 cl, 2 dwg

Component manipulator for dymamic positioning of basis, paint application and use of component manipulator // 2623534
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a manipulator (1) for dynamic positioning bases (2) to be processed, the thermal spraying method for applying a structured functional layer (20) covering the substrate (2) and a device for its implementation. Pointing device (1) includes a main drive shaft (30) rotatable around the main axis (3) rotating the connecting element (4) and the holder (5) of the substrate, configured to be connected to the connecting member (4). The connecting element (4) is a ceramic connecting element (4). The connecting segment (51) of the holder (5) of the substrate is configured to connect with the connecting element (4) with compound "insert - turn" and the prevention of taking out without possibility of rotation about the axis (V) of the compound. Holder (5) of the substrate is mounted rotatably about mentioned axis (V) compound. Base (2) to be coated is placed on the holder (5) of the manipulator. Sputtering is performed in the chamber. The holder (5) with the base (2) is rotated about the main axis (3), wherein the first substrate surface and the second surface of the substrate are aligned against each other with providing deflection part coating material transferred to the vapor phase from the first surface to the second by plasma spraying.EFFECT: simplified design, increased accuracy of movements.14 cl, 18 dwg

Combined hand tool "torus" // 2623529
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: combined hand tool contains two handles, with the axe blade positioned at one handle end, at the end side of which the recess and cutting edge is formed, and hanner head located at the other handle end, on the end side of which the recess and cutting edge is formed. The handles are coaxial and movably connected between each other, so that the recesses formed at its ends are positioned opposite each other with the opportunity to form, while attaching, the axe, the key or the gripper handles. At the handles ends, located opposite to the axe blade and hammer head, the handle attachement fixture is installed to lock them in the attached position, consisting of the spring-loaded latch on the mentioned end of one handle and the mating part to insert the latch in it at the mentioned end of the other handle. The latch is performed with the poplock to prevent the fixing of handles in the attached position, when performing operations by the axe, key or gripper. At the mentioned ends of the handle the clamps to grip with the hand are installed, tapering to the mentioned ends of the handles and made with the damper and friction coating, and the mentioned end of one of the handles is made with the wedge tip.EFFECT: power increase, while working with tool.3 cl, 5 dwg

Crescent wrench // 2623377
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: crescent wrench contains a handle with sponges of different sizes at the ends and a drive mechanism with movable sponges of different sizes. The handle is made in the form of a threaded rod, the drive mechanism with movable sponges is made with an internal thread. The thread of the handle corresponds to the thread of the drive mechanism with movable spongers, ensuring rotation of the drive mechanism with movable spongers relative to the handle. The contact surfaces of the handle and the drive mechanism are designed with a different roughness preventing movement of the handle and the drive mechanism relative to each other when they are locked in the operating position of the wrench.EFFECT: simplifies the device and provides increased reliability of holding the key elements in relation to the specified position.3 dwg

Hydraulic hammer // 2623159
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic hammer contains a carcase with a pressure and drain channels and with a reciprocating motion of the gauging board mounted therein for transmitting a force pulse to the working tool. The gauging board has a pressure channel, an overflow channel, a drain channel and a control channel. At the top of the gauging board is a hole in which the control valve is located. The control valve contains control channels and forms a control cavity with a gauging board. The gauging board forms a pressure cavity, an overflow cavity and a drain cavity with the carcase. The pressure cavity is connected to the pressure line through the pressure channel of the carcase. Drain cavity is connected to a drain line through the drain channel of the carcase.EFFECT: simplified hydraulic hammer's design and increased reliability of its work.11 cl, 1 dwg

Gripping correction module // 2622071
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: gripping correction module includes a housing with a drive for moving the mating product by a gripper mounted on the movable operating member of the drive with a possibility of skewing and spring-biased relative to the middle position; a mechanism for correcting the article position relative to the coupling object mounted between the movable operating member and the gripper, in the form of a rod with the possibility of bending during the force interaction of the product with the coupling object. On the flexible rod, a sleeve is fixed, the length of which is shorter than the length of the rod, and which is set with the possibility of adjusting its position along the rod.EFFECT: invention extends the device application field due to the additional possibility of assembling axle-symmetric products such as shaft-bushing, when manipulating the position of both the shaft and the sleeve.2 dwg

Electromagnetic grip aggregate module // 2622069
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device contains an electromagnetic grip fixed to the movable operating mechanism of its lifting and lowering and is made in the form of an U-shaped magnetic core, at the different poles of which the primary and secondary windings are located. The primary winding is connected to the power supply of the alternating electric current, and the secondary winding is connected to the power supply of the DC motor of the grip movement actuator, the power winding of which is connected to the primary and secondary windings through rectifiers and dividing diodes that organize the unipolar feed of the motor. The device is equipped with a switch configured to change the polarity of the motor power supply before the operation begins, and the grip mechanism secures the removal of the U-shaped magnetic core from the product, when it is mounted on the work surface.EFFECT: expanding the application field.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for tightening threaded connection // 2621749
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method for tightening the threaded connection of the base fine pitch threaded part and the connecting coarse pitch threaded part by turning the differential threaded connector in the screwing direction, containing the unidirectional threaded areas corresponding to the threads of the base and the connecting parts. The differential threaded connector is screwed for the predetermined length with the fine pitch thread of the base part. The connecting part is screwed on the coarse pitch thread of the differential threaded connector till the end with the base part, and preliminary tightning is produced in the screwing direction. Then, the differential threaded connector is turned in the unscrewing direction, and full tightening is produced.EFFECT: increasing the connection rigidity by increasing the tightening force of the connecting parts.7 cl, 16 dwg, 13 ex

Device for bolts and screws screwing in and out, using the motor driven tool for screwing // 2621742
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device has the central rib (1) in the form of receiving element for all mounted in accordance with the modular structure of hinged and plug-in elements. The device contains the recess (8) oriented horizontally and opened upward for the display (9), performed with ability to rotate for using the device in the same orientation in two directions.EFFECT: increased reliability and efficiency of the device, when screwing the bolts and nuts.23 cl, 7 dwg

Bit // 2620526
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: bit has the impact surface, the rod, the spacer and the tip, in series on an axis in the direction of impact. The spacer comprises a plurality of axially extending ribs which are arranged with distribution around the axis. Wherein said ribs are made undulating with the tangential deviation to the axis.EFFECT: reduced probability of jamming the bit at work.10 cl, 8 dwg

Pulse power hand-driven machine // 2620399
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: hand-driven machine has a housing, which supports a working tool and a piston disposed in the housing, an electric motor, a motion converter and vibration damper. The vibration damper includes a support member mounted for oscillating relative to its fixing point as a supporting point and a weight attached to the support member on its free end. The plane containing the center line, the center of gravity of the weight and the fixing point of the support member are arranged in mutually differing positions, and the fixing point of the support member is disposed relative to the axial line from the center of gravity of the hand-driven machine.EFFECT: reduced vibration.16 cl, 19 dwg

Control device for manual machine and manual machine containing this element // 2620225
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hand tools. The control device for a manual machine, especially an angle grinder, provided with a motor (70a), includes: a rod-shaped body portion (12a; 12b; 12c; 12d; 12e; 12f), which serves as the main handle during manual machine operation, a control located on the body portion (12a; 12b; 12c; 12d; 12e; 12f) and extended along the direction (16a; 16b; 16d; 16f) of the body portion (12a; 12b; 12c; 12d; 12e; 12f) basic length and in parallel to this direction, and a support (18a; 18b; 18c; 18d; 18e; 18f), providing the installation of the control with a possibility of rotation of at least one of its pressed surfaces (20a; 20b; 20c; 20d; 20e; 20f) around at least one axis (22a; 22b; 22c; 22d; 22f), running parallel to this direction. The rod-shaped body portion (12a; 12b; 12c; 12d; 12e; 12f) contains the manual machine motor (70a), and the control is arranged to provide operator influence during manual machine operation on electric power supply to the manual machine motor (70a).EFFECT: invention provides convenient and safe control of the manual machine.10 cl, 14 dwg

Kasatkin pneumatic impact machine // 2620210
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: pneumatic machine contains a housing with air supply channels and a striker in the housing cavity, an air distributor with a slide valve and a slide-valve box. The slide valve is made in the form of a ring with a hole, the walls of which are provided with channels the axes of which are parallel to the bases of the ring. The slide-valve box is designed in the form of a sleeve with an outer collar at the top and with a central axial hole at the bottom. The slide-valve box is installed in the housing cavity and closed with a cover having air supply and outlet channels. The inner surfaces of the box and the cover form the chamber of the air distributor, in which a slide valve is placed with a radial clearance relative to the side wall of the box and with a clearance in relation to the ends of the cover and the bottom of the box.EFFECT: design of the pneumatic machine is simplified.2 cl, 3 dwg

Torque wrench // 2620207
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: wrench contains a rod with an elastic section having strain gauges installed thereon, a wrench head located on the ends of the rod, a housing with a measuring device and a handle with a power cell. The strain gauges are included in the bridge circuit, the first diagonal of the strain gauge bridge is connected to the input of the measuring device and the second diagonal - to the power cell. The strain gauges are installed in pairs, and each of the strain gauges in the pair is mounted on opposite surfaces of the elastic section and sensitive to deformation of different signs. The first outputs of the first pair of strain gauges are connected to each other and are the first output of the first diagonal of the bridge. The first outputs of the second pair of strain gauges are connected to each other and are the second output of the first diagonal of the bridge. The second outputs of the strain gauges located on one surface of the elastic section are connected to each other and are corresponding outputs of the second diagonal of the bridge. In this case, the strain gauges of the second pair have a resistance two times less that the one of the strain gauges of the first pair. The second pair of strain gauges is installed coaxially with the first pair of strain gauges at a distance from the axis of the wrench head. The distance is two times larger than the distance from the axis of the wrench head to the first pair of strain gauges.EFFECT: increased accuracy of torque control.4 dwg

ethod of managing mobile robot // 2619542
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: by means of a camera installed on the mobile robot, a terrain image is obtained. By using a mouse or a touch screen, the endpoint in which a robot should be is indicated on the obtained image displayed on the monitor by means of an application or a website via an interface running on a programmable control device that shows video from the robot camera; the coordinates of the end point in the coordinate system associated with the robot are calculated by using optical parameters of the camera. The obstacles are detected by means of a scanning laser range finder installed on the mobile robot, and the robot is automatically moved to the end point along the planned trajectory, with the detour of static and dynamic obstacles. Wherein the required angular and translational speeds of the robot are calculated with a minimum deviation from the planned trajectory.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of positioning the robot position when moving it.2 cl, 3 dwg

System of hydraulic breaker with stepless autoregulation of stroke // 2619234
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: transmitter (100) is provided with a sensor (110) to detect vibrations generated by the bit. MCU (240) of the receiver (200) controls the crusher. The piston (302) is located in the crusher cylinder (301). The first (302a) and the second (302b) piston surface is directed so that the imposed pressure acts in the back stroke and the forward stroke respectively. An annular recess (303) is located between the piston surfaces. The control plunger (309a) is located in the control valve (309) with a small (309b) surface to shift the plunger in the back stroke position and a large (309s) surface to shift the plunger in the forward stroke position. The front side of the travel valve (319) is connected to a hydraulic pump (311) through the pressure pipeline with the pressure pipeline (321) of stroke control. The output side of the travel valve is connected to a switching pipeline (313) of the control valve via an additional pipeline (322). The lower side of the valve is connected to the pump through a the valve (320) of flow control. MCU controls the flow valve. The spring on the upper surface of the travel valve ensures reset when the pressure changes. According to the first version the pressure pipeline (312) of working pressure is connected to the cylinder through the first output. The return pipeline (317) of low-pressure is connected with the cylinder through the second output. According to the second version the pressure pipeline (312) of working pressure is connected to the front chamber (307) of the cylinder through the first output. The pipeline (318) of variable pressure connects the control valve (309) and back chamber (306) of the cylinder through the second output. The switching pipeline (313) connects the plunger large surface and the third output (313a) of the cylinder. The third output is located between the first and second outputs of the cylinder. The return pipeline (317) of low-pressure is connected to the cylinder through the forth output. The piston long stroke operation is provided with the working pressure on the plunger large surface through the third output (313a) of the switching pipeline (313) when the valve (320) of flow control is closed, and the travel valve (319) disconnects the pressure pipeline (321) of stroke control and additional pipelines. The piston short stroke operation is provided with the working pressure on the plunger large surface through the travel valve (319) when the valve (320) of flow control is open, and the valve (319) connects the pressure pipeline (321) of stroke control and the additional pipeline.EFFECT: reduction of energy impact in the event of idle stroke.5 cl, 7 dwg

Positioning system work method // 2618994
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the positioning mode of the structural member (B), in particular, during assembly of the aircraft structure by means of positioning system (1). The positioning system (1) contains several positioning actuators (2a, 2b, 2c), each of which has at least one manipulator (M). The manipulators (M) grasp the structural member (B), and synchronically manipulate it, while it is jointly grasped by manipulators (M). The base coordinate system is assigned to each manipulator (M), the position and orientation of the structural member (B) in the initial position and in the target position is determined. Determine the reference motion parameters, related to the coordinate system, assigned to the structural member (B), and describe the structural member (B) movement from the position and orientation in the initial position to the position and orientation in the target position. Transform the parameters of the reference motion to the corresponding base coordinate system and manipulate the structural member (B) by means of manipulators (M), based on the corresponding transformed reference motion parameters.EFFECT: invention provides accuracy increase and simplification of the structural members positioning, as well as keeping them in the required form.20 cl, 7 dwg

Robot octaedr // 2618972
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: moving robot consists of three or six forward motion drives consisting of immovably connected cylinders at an angle of 90 between their axes and retractable support stems, and a casing located around the junction of the said drives with the internal energy source and control unit. The robot is designed to alternative repulsion of support stems from the moving surface. During movement, two support stems serve as the robot supports, located on the moving surface, with the possibility of extending from the cylinder of the third support stem and its repulsion from the moving surface with the shift of the robot gravity center and overturning of its body through two support stems located on the moving surface.EFFECT: possibility of remote unmanned exploration of hard-to-reach or dangerous parts of the earth and extraterrestrial surfaces.2 cl, 11 dwg

Gripping correcting module // 2618019
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: most effective use of the device, is using a vacuum and electromagnetic grippers. The gripping correcting module comprises a housing with guide elements and clamps for the product captured by the drive movement capture, mounted on a movable working drive element with the possibility of misalignment and a spring-loaded relative to the middle position. Between the gripper and the movable working element, correction mechanism is installed, configured as a resiliently flexible rod to flex when force interaction products with the guide elements in the process of its ascent. When this flexible rod is formed as a spiral spring, which is installed inside the draft in the form of a ball chain having one end connected to the claw, and the other - through a tensioning mechanism in the form of a tension spring to the movable working element.EFFECT: invention allows to organize the required bending elasticity of the flexible shaft during operation, which increases the scope of its application by expanding the range of products captured.3 cl, 2 dwg

Spanner // 2617083
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: spanner has a shape of a disc, on the periphery of which several open mouths of various sizes are made, with the rod on the central axis. Closed mouths of various sizes are made in the disc. The rod is made in the form of a hexagon or a rectangle for another spanner.EFFECT: simplification of the device.2 dwg

Device for riveting of aircraft fuselage // 2616477
FIELD: physics, instrument engineering.SUBSTANCE: head (25) of the device for riveting with HI-LITE-type rivets of the structure components and with the possibility of automatic installation of the pun supported heads (13) (11) previously inserted into the structure. The head (25) contains: a tool (31, 31 ') for installation of the head; means (41, 45, 55) for inserting the head into the tool (31, 31 ') for installation of the head thereof; means (35) actuating the tool; means of the linear movement during the screwing operation; means (57, 45) for the removal of the second part (17) of the head (13); control means for automatic installation of the heads (13) on the pins (11), and then for the removal of the second portion (17) using the tools (31, 31 ') and the heads(13) suitable for the pins (11). The robot has a head (25) as the operating entity. The process of the aircraft fuselage riveting for the two components is characterized by the use of the robot.EFFECT: invention provides the simplification of the riveting process of the aircraft fuselage components.15 cl, 7 dwg
Robot arm // 2616317
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: robot arm contains consistently interconnected musculo-turning SRM device with flange, a shoulder, a forearm and an end point and equipped with individual controllable drives each of them. When the place of articulation SRM-shoulder, shoulder-forearm and forearm-end point are made in the form of lever mechanisms which can be rotated up and down the shoulder, forearm and end point. The shoulder drive is located from its outer side, the drive base is fixed in the place of SRM articulation with shoulder, and the rod is fixed on the articulation of shoulder and forearm. Inside the shoulder, there is the forearm drive, the base os which is anchored on the shoulder bode, and its rod is connected to the forearm through the lever mechanism bracket. The end point drive is installed inside the forearm bode, its base is fixed on the forearm bode, and the rod is connected with the lever mechanism bracket of the forearm. On the forearm bracket, a device is mounted to fix the end point in the form of a spline shaft with a locking element, in this case, a hole is made on the end point for the sleeve with slots. Tong or hydraulic breaker is installed as the end point.EFFECT: possibility to work in difficult and dangerous for human presence locations in remote mode.3 cl, 3 dwg

Device for programme control of manipulator // 2615940
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to robotics and can be used at creating contour control systems with the multistage manipulators. The invention is directed to the control device that provides the technical operations on the extended objects with the help of the model manipulator and the additional degrees of its mobility, moving the base of the manipulator along the extended work objects in either direction.EFFECT: formation of the additional signals controlling the additional mobility degrees that allow the movement of the manipulator base over long distances with the given orientation of its grab in the working operations on the extended objects, greatly extending the working manipulator area.2 dwg

Cover for tool working device // 2615571
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: tool (100, 400) comprises a working device (102), the handle (104) and the coupling device (108) adapted for attaching the working device to the handle detachably. The coupling device comprises a first connecting portion (110, 424), the second connecting portion (114), the locking element (116) and the cover (120, 410). The first portion has a recess (112). The second connecting portion (114) is configured with the possibility of at least partial reception of the first connecting portion (110, 424). The locking element is configured with the possibility to interact with the recess of the first connecting portion for connecting the handle to the working device detachably. The locking element includes an actuating element (118, 404) which at least partially protrudes from the outer surface (132, 405) of the handle (104) and / or second connecting portion (114). The cover is configured with the possibility to at least partially cover the first connecting portion adjacent to the recess and in addition, with the possibility to at least partially cover the handle (104) and / or second connecting portion (114). The cover (120, 410) includes the first opening (216) and the second opening (218). The first opening (216) is the end opening. The second opening (218) is a side opening located next to the first opening. The first opening and the second opening (216, 218) allow the cover (120, 410) not to impede the connection and disconnection of the second connecting portion.EFFECT: invention improves the reliability of fastening the working device to the handle.17 cl, 12 dwg

Device for manipulating objects in a glove box // 2615098
FIELD: polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for manipulating objects in a glove box. Device comprises carriage (2) to support objects, subject to manipulations, base (6), relative to which carriage (2) can move along horizontal axis (X), means to displace carriage (2) along first axis (X). Wherein drive means comprises electric motor (14), shaft of which is perpendicular to axis (X) and extends opposite to base (6), transmission shaft (18), parallel to electric motor (14), gear rack (22), fixed on base (6) along axis (X), and gear (24), fixed against turning directly on transmission shaft (18) and engaged with rack (22). Drives means for moving along first axis (X) additionally contain disengagement means, arranged between the electric motor and transmission shaft, and manual control means to displace carriage (2) along first axis (X) without using electric motor (14).EFFECT: invention provides simplified maintenance at manipulating objects in closed spaces and allows manual displacement of objects in case of failure.17 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of producing ion-plasma vacuum-arc cerametallic ti-ni coating for carbide cutting tool of expanded use // 2613837
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: precleaning of tool surface and subsequent vacuum-arc coating deposition are carried out in the reaction gas-nitrogen during evaporation of cathodes containing titanium and nickel. Coating deposition is carried out during evaporation of cathodes made of VT1 and Ti-Ni (50 at titanium alloys.% Ni) in the arc current which evaporates cathode from titanium, 120 A and in the arc current which evaporates the cathode from Ti-Ni alloy, 90-110 A, and 100-120 V negative bias voltage fed to the carbide cutting tool. These deposition parameters and used cathode materials allow to implement 3.5-8% (at.) nickel content in the coatings.EFFECT: increased durability of the carbide cutting tool; expansion of its use both at continuous and interrupted cutting operations; increased turning speed of the processed materials.9 dwg, 7 ex, 2 tbl

Portable process machine // 2613825
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to portable process machines with cutting working element. Portable process machine comprises housing accommodating drive unit and transfer mechanism, control unit and/or adjustment unit, docking adapter connected with cutting device for processing machine including flexible cutting device and guide assembly to direct flexible cutting device, and laying device for cutting device retraction into it in state of cutting device connection with docking adapter. Process machine housing has side wall facing laying device, which together with cutting device protective casing, which is part of laying device, restricts laying device receptacle, in which cutting device retracts, upon that in retracted state cutting device is overlapped by laying device parts and/or process machine housing for more than 20% relative to cutting device surface area visible in cutting plane. Docking adapter in state of connection with cutting device is installed with possibility of turning relative to process machine housing. Control unit and/or regulation unit is made with possibility to control drive unit and/or its adjustment depending on docking adapter angular position to portable process machine housing.EFFECT: technical result consists in maximum possible exclusion of operator contact with flexible cutting device cutting elements when cutting device is in retracted state.5 cl, 9 dwg

Wedge for fixing working element on handle // 2613799
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: wedge for fixing the working element on the handle comprises the central wedging part and the side inserts placed relative to the central wedging part. Notches are made on the surface of the insert adjacent to the handle and immersed in it. The ends of the inserts are bonded to each other above the central wedging part, and at least one of them has the possibility of the contact with the upper butt of said part.EFFECT: design simplification and improvement of the wedge operational characteristics.6 cl, 5 dwg

Linear actuator // 2613670
FIELD: physics, instrument engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering, to the electrodynamic elements designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and can be used in robotics, especially in the executive manipulator systems. The linear actuator comprises an element in the form of a loop of insulated wire, the ends of which are connected to a source of electric power and input and output rods. Each of the two branches of the loop is made in the form of two rigid conductive busbars which are connected with bearings. The ends of these busbars are connected to the input and output rods. Due to the introduction of the rigid conductive busbars interconnected with the bearings, the force and the service life are encreased, which increases productivity and reduces unit costs.EFFECT: invention provides the increased efforts and improved performance in the executive manipulator systems.5 cl

Pneumatic hammer // 2612889
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pneumatic hammer. Pneumatic hammer contains cylindrical housing, working tool, rod with shutoff valve, stepped striker with rod and piston parts, with central channel and bushing with longitudinal slot channel in its hole arranged in its rod part central channel. Stepped striker divides cylindrical housing cavity on annular distribution chamber and idle stroke chamber. Rod with shutoff valve constantly interacts with longitudinal slot channel in bushing hole and, depending on stepped striker position, periodically connects annular distribution chamber and idle stroke chamber to each other. Idle stroke chamber is made with discharge channel. On stepped striker outer piston part annular groove is made. In stepped striker piston part on central channel side with output to said groove radial channel is made, periodically communicated with idle stroke chamber discharge channel and atmosphere.EFFECT: result is elimination of stepped striker repeated impacts on cylindrical housing.1 cl, 2 dwg

Electromagnetic strike machine // 2612865
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electromagnetic strike machine comprises a housing, in which an electromagnet with a magnet core is fixed, rail, adapted to rotate on an axis fixed in the side wall of the housing, and a rod rotatably on an axis fixed to the rail. On one side of the anchor rod is fixed a magnetic material, and on the other - for fastening the chuck tools. Between the housing and the spring, the rod is set. The magnetic core of the electromagnet is adapted to the surface of the repeating surface anchor. Mentioned surface magnetic armature and the electromagnet are arranged with a gap.EFFECT: expanding technological capabilities.2 dwg

Combined clamping device for jewerly bench with set of tools // 2612858
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device includes a C-shaped clamp with a hole in the top section for fixing the mounting module for combinatorial nozzles, a screw with a heel set in the lower part of the clamp for attachment to the bench. The lateral surface of the clamp has with holes for an additional installation of the fastening unit, and the fixing unit is configured with a mounting hole for mounting combinatorial nozzles, a slit clamping screw, a turning mechanism and a removable tool for installing combinatorial nozzles consisting of a cylindrical section with a retainer at one end.EFFECT: better productivity and expanded technological capabilities for the combined clamping device.5 cl, 5 dwg
obile robotics complex // 2612115
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: mobile robotics complex (MRC) comprises a mobile robot consisting of a manipulator with attachments installed on tracked chassis as a set comprising a connected with the running gear casing, which has drive motor gears from both sideboards in a closed caterpillar bypass. The two rollers and a balance truck are mounted inside each closed caterpillar bypass, the roller and caterpillar bypass geometry changing mechanism is mounted housing on the top edge. A bracket with the pressure roller, providing caterpillar bypass adherence with the drive motor gear is mounted on the outside of the caterpillar bypass on the chassis casing. Caterpillar bypass geometry changing mechanism consists of a linear drive with a movable rod connected to a sloth, on one end of which a roller support is mounted, and on the other - the tension mechanism with the roller which are constantly in contact with the caterpillar bypass.EFFECT: increased flotation and stability.2 dwg

Connecting device for manipulator // 2611621
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to connecting device (1) for manipulator. Connecting device (1) having clamping device (2) fixed on manipulator and clamped in it holder (40). Clamping device (2) has locking mechanism (5), which locking elements are intended for action on holder (40) elevation or recess. Clamping device (2) and holder (40) have elongated, in particular, substantially rectangular main shape. Holder (40) has locking hole (44) having lateral extensions (45, 46), and locking mechanism (5) has two laterally displaced locking elements (6, 7) and actuator located between them, through which locking elements (6, 7) can be pressed-in into locking hole (44) lateral extensions (45, 46) so, that holder (40) can be clamped in clamping device (2). Locking mechanism (5) is located centrally in clamping device (2) slit-like recess (4), and holder has elongated strip-shaped base (41), in which locking hole (44) is made, wherein holder (40) base (41) is made with possibility of introducing in above mentioned clamping device (2) recess (4).EFFECT: connecting device is relatively flat, wherein strong and receiving large weight.17 cl, 6 dwg

Sealing cracks in nuclear power plant pool // 2611613
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sealing cracks in the wall of a nuclear power plant pool, namely to a method of sealing a seam and to a mobile robot equipped with an adhesive tape juggie, which comprises a head pressing the adhesive tape to the wall. To seal a seam controlled are multiple suction systems of the robot containing suction cups, herewith the said multiple suction systems comprises the first suction system and at least the second suction system. Herewith the juggie is mechanically integrated with the first suction system made able to move relative to the second suction system in order to regulate positions of the juggie head and the adhesive tape, which is applied on the seam. Controlled is the movement of the first suction system relative to the second suction system. Herewith the adhesive tape of the juggie is applied on the seam during movement of the first suction system relative to the second suction system.EFFECT: invention allows sticking the tape in hard-to-reach places, at sharp edges and at herewith on extended sections.14 cl, 8 dwg

ultimode wrench // 2611458
FIELD: tools.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to all-mode unidirectional wrenches. Wrench comprises head, ratchet, two pawls (41, 51) and switch. Head comprises cutouts, connected to cavity. Ratchet with teeth is placed in cavity. Pawls (41, 51) are installed in cutouts with possibility of displacement and alternate contact with ratchet teeth. Pawl (51) has pin. On head there is a switch, made with at least one arched groove for directing of part of incoming pin for displacement of pawl (51) from first mode, in which it engages with ratchet teeth, in position of second mode, in which contact with ratchet teeth is impossible. Cutouts are shifted relative to each other by angle of 360(M+1/L)/N, where L is integer number, equal to number of cutouts; M is any integer number and N is integer number equal to number of teeth.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of convenience in operation with wrench and simultaneous preservation of wrench strength.13 cl, 8 dwg

Vehicle snow removal brush and method of its production // 2611305
FIELD: personal appliance.SUBSTANCE: vehicle snow removal brush contains a prolonged handle (2) with the area for hold (3) and prolonged and flat strips spreading from the prolonged handle (4) performed of plastic. The strips are located in two rows so that inner larger side surfaces (5) of the first row strips (9) are located against the inner larger side surfaces (5) of the second row strips (10). There is the gap (11) between the rows (9, 10), which is larger than the thickness of strips. During production of a brush, a part of the prolonged handle is located in a molding die (8) and plastic is fed to the molding die for production of an integral solid unit with bristles composed of prolonged and flat strips and a space, where the tip of the prolonged handle is inserted for attaching of the prolonged handle to the integral solid unit.EFFECT: prevention of damage to a vehicle by mudded bristles.9 cl, 5 dwg
Unit of impact action // 2611103
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the unit of impact action, in particular to a pneumatic hammer, hammers, drills, and can be used in engineering, construction, mining and other industries. Unit of impact action contains a working tool, the housing and the firing pin, which form the chambers of the working and return strokes, the brake chamber, pressure hydro-pneumatic accumulator in the pressure line, the spreader, designed as a sleeve and a rotary spool. The spreader connects one of the chambers alternately to the pressure and drain line, a stepper motor, resulting in the spool rotation, displacement sensors, to track the position of the striker, and the rotation of the spool, and an electronic control unit that generates, based on signals from the sensors for a given program, the defining mode of the device, the control action on the stepper motor to rotate spreader. All this is made through the windows and the channel.EFFECT: invention provides an expansion of the technological capabilities of the device and the rational use of drive power through the implementation of frequency and power automatic control strokes, depending on the parameters and modes of operation At the same time the invention provides the creation of switching loads on a given law, elimination of leakage at the mating surfaces of the hammer-body.1 dwg

Clamping device // 2610994
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processed parts clamping devices. Clamping device (10) includes housing (12) and drive unit (14), having piston (32) moving in axial direction as result of fluid medium supply under pressure. On housing (12) clamping lever (16) is installed, supported with possibility of free turning. Piston rod (34) in drive unit (14) is connected with possibility of mounting/dismantling relative to moving force transfer mechanism (18) movable part (58), installed inside housing (12). Due to piston rod (34) connecting element (54) extraction from movable part (58) coupling element (64) drive unit (14) and moving force transfer mechanism (18) are output from one with another connection state.EFFECT: invention usage allows to simplify drive unit replacement for possible clamping force changing.10 cl, 10 dwg

Device for mobile robots testing // 2610810
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: structural components that act as barriers for the robots passage are installed on a common base and are interconnected forming a single collapsible structure. Structural components include interconnected platform made as a volume element with a flat upper base, ramp made as a volume element with an inclined upper surface, tower designed to move the robot inside it. The tower includes a hollow tubular structure with an inlet opening, inside of which the helical staircase, containing stairs, made in the form of flooring, is mounted.EFFECT: increase of the robot movement complexity degree for the performance estimation of its work.16 cl, 2 dwg

Compression-vacuum impact machine (versions) // 2609765
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to compression-vacuum impact machine. Impact machine contains housing, striker, together with housing forming forward and reverse stroke chambers, and source of working medium, electrically connected to control unit first input. Electrically driven valve is connected with reverse stroke chamber, made with possibility to supply, termination of working medium supply into reverse stroke chamber from working medium source and used working medium discharge and electrically connected to control unit second input. Forward stroke chamber is equipped with electric valve, made with possibility of supply, termination of working medium supply into forward stroke chamber from working medium source and used working medium discharge and electrically connected to control unit third input.EFFECT: result is increased frequency and energy of impacts, simplified design.3 cl, 3 dwg