Separating solids from solids and sorting (B07)

B07            Separating solids from solids; sorting(8062)

Quartz sand enrichment device // 2628971
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for enrichment of quartz sand comprsises a supply hopper for unenriched quartz sand which is equipped with a discharge feeder, a lifting-and-transporting mechanism supplying unenriched quartz sand from the supply hopper to the input of a vibrating screen, a magnetic separator which input is connected to the under screen output of the vibrating screen, and the output is connected to the hopper for enriched quartz sand, and a hopper for oversized quartz sand. The device is additionaly provided with a reverse feeder for discharging the hopper with oversized quartz sand and a flow switch which input is connected to the above sceen output of the vibrating screen. The first output of the flow switch is connected to the input of the lifting-and-transporting mechanism. The second output of the flow switch is connected to the oversized quartz sand hopper connected by its output to the input of the reverse discharge feeder, the first output of which is connected to the input of the lifting-and-transporting mechanism, and loading of oversized material for disposing is carried out from the second output.EFFECT: reduction of quartz sand losses.3 dwg

Grain-separating machine // 2628433
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: grain-separating machine contains a frame, a device for receiving grain, two swinging sieve boots and a drive shaft for communicating antiphase vibrations to the sieve boots. The two swinging sieve boots are arranged in two tiers. The upper sieve boot is mounted on a pair of suspensions and a pair of racks, and the lower sieve boot - on a pair of racks and a pair of suspensions, or vice versa. The fixing points of each pair of suspensions and the fixing points of the opposing pair of racks on the machine frame are at an equal distance from the horizontal plane passing between these points.EFFECT: dynamic balance of the grain-separating machine.1 dwg

Device for creating and cleaning air flow from impurities // 2628384
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for creating and cleaning an air flow from impurities contains a settling chamber with inlet and outlet nozzles, a counterflow louvered dust collector with an outlet nozzle, a removal device and a separation wall, a cross flow fan located between the settling chamber and the dust remover and having a blade wheel, a curvilinear and rectilinear parts of the housing. The designed louvered rectilinear part of the housing with the separation wall of the fan forms its outlet channel, the inlet window of the fan is located in the outlet nozzle of the settling chamber, the separation wall is part of the wall separating the settling chamber from the dust collector, and the outlet channel of the fan is connected with a discharge countercurrent louvered nozzle. The rectilinear louvered part of the fan housing with respect to its curvilinear part is turned towards the settling chamber, the discharge louvered countercurrent nozzle has a convergent shape, its outer wall is made louvered, parallel to the rectilinear part of the fan housing and is displaced relative to the settling chamber, and the separation partition of the dust collector chamber is made louvered.EFFECT: increased cleanliness of the air flow and reduced energy spent on cleaning the air from impurities.2 cl, 1 dwg
ethod and device for metallic objects analysis taking into account the conveyor belt properties changing // 2627207
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method includes the steps of: transporting (S13) of the analyzing objects (3) on the conveyor belt (1); scanning (S14) of the objects (3) electromagnetic properties and the conveyor belt (1) by means of the electromagnetic sensor (9), at that the electromagnetic properties of the conveyor belt is dependent on the metallic contaminants (19), that are stuck in the conveyor belt (1); generation of the data on the belt properties, characterizing the electromagnetic properties of the conveyor belt (1), and the objects (3) analysis in accordance with the scanned electromagnetic properties and data on the belt properties. This gives the advantage, that while distinguishing the metallic and non-metallic objects, that need to be sorted, the electromagnetic properties of the conveyor belt (1) are taken into account, namely the effect of metal contaminants (19), that are stuck in the conveyor belt (1).EFFECT: reduction of the influence on the objects sorting, which in the course of time get stuck in the conveyor belt, so that the sorting results can be improved.26 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of separation of finely dispersed powders // 2625841
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method of separating fine dispersed powders includes the introduction of a raw material and an air stream into a separation zone, the separation of the starting material by opposing forces, the removal of the grits and the intermediate product, the precipitation of the intermediate in the precipitation devices, and the return of air to the separation zone. In the course of the movement of air between the separation zone and the precipitation devices, an additional intermediate product is separated in the inertial concentrator into a finished product coming with air into the precipitation devices and a coarse product that gravitates into the separation air return pipe and, together with air from the precipitation devices, returns to separation zone.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of separation of fine dispersed powders.1 dwg

Grain cleaning air-sieve machine // 2625674
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: grain cleaning air-sieve machine comprises a frame, a receiving chamber, a dividing chute, a unit of four sieve boots, two eccentric shafts, a sieve cleaning mechanism. The cleaning mechanism is equipped with a compensating device. The cleaning mechanism comprises two shafts and an electric drive. The shafts are installed in bearings on frame racks. Frames with brushes are attached to the shafts in the center. The oscillating motion of the shafts is ensured by a crank. The reciprocating motion of the frames with brushes is ensured by a connecting rod. The connecting rod is connected to the crank via a compensating device. The compensating device is made in the form of a U-shaped bracket. The bracket bottom is rigidly connected to the connecting rod. The crank is hingedly connected to the housing. The housing is installed between the bracket flanges and is rigidly connected thereto by a finger. The finger passes through the openings in the flanges and the housing. The openings in the bracket flanges are made in the form of a groove. The groove length is equal to the amplitude of the sieve boot oscillations. The groove width is equal to the finger diameter. The compensator placement is possible anywhere in the kinematic chain from the brush to the crank.EFFECT: increasing the service life of the machine.2 cl, 4 dwg
Screen module, processing device and processing unit for inorganic material // 2625577
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: two-deck screen module for inorganic material contains the support elements, that are transverse beams, the upper screening device, attached over the transverse beams, the lower longitudinal supports attached under the transverse beams and holding under the mentioned lower longitudinal supports the lower screening device, forming together with lower longitudinal supports the through passage for the material flow over the mentioned lower screening device so as to direct the material subjected to screening at the mentioned lower screening device, in the longitudinal direction with respect to the given screen module. The module is equipped with the auxiliary housing for fixing the screen module to the body of the processing device for inorganic material. The screen module transverse beams are attached to the auxiliary housing. The lower screening device is fixed to the bottom of each longitudinal support. The module is attached to the processing device. The processing device contains at least one screen module.EFFECT: increase of the screening efficiency, simplification of the screening devices replacement.18 cl, 6 dwg

Dry dolomite processing line // 2625138
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: dry dolomite processing line contains a receiving lump dolomite hopper equipped with a plate unloader, an intermediate belt conveyor for feeding lump dolomite into a drying drum equipped with a group of cyclones, a bag filter and a smoke pump for removing flue gases and trapping a fine-dispersed dolomite fraction, a transport chain feeding the captured fine-dispersed fraction into the storage hopper, consisting of a belt conveyor, a screw conveyor and the first bucket elevator, a local aspiration system connected to the storage hopper and transport-technological equipment, an impact crusher installed at the output of the drying drum, and the second bucket elevator. The input of the latter is connected to the output of the impact crusher, and the output is connected to the input of a two-sieve vibrating screen. The oversize output of the upper mesh of the two-sieve vibrating screen is connected to the input of the impact crusher. The oversize output of its lower mesh is connected to the input of the single-sieve vibrating screen, from the undersize output of which the sieved dolomite is poured onto the first input of the assembly conveyor feeding the sieved dolomite through the magnetic separator, the third bucket elevator and the first flow switch into one of the two silo jars. The line is further provided with the second flow switch, the input of which is connected to the undersize output of the two-sieve vibrating screen, and the first output is connected to the second input of the assembly conveyor, an intermediate hopper connected by its input to the second output of the second flow switch, a screw discharge feeder, the input of which is connected to the output of the intermediate hopper, the fourth bucket elevator connected by its input with the output of the screw discharge feeder, an adjustable aeroclassifier, the input of which is connected to the output of the fourth bucket elevator, as well as the third flow switch and the roller crusher. From the first output of the adjustable aeroclassifier, the isolated coarse dispersion fraction of the sieved dolomite is discharged to the third input of the assembly conveyor. From the second output, the isolated fine-dispersed fraction of the sieved dolomite is fed to the input of the screw conveyor. The under-crushed fraction of the sieved dolomite from the oversize output of the single-sieve vibrating screen enters the input of the third flow switch, the first output of which is connected to the input of the impact crusher, and the second output is connected to the roller crusher connected by its output to the input of the second bucket elevator.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of recovering the fine-dispersed fraction from crushed dolomite, used as a mineral powder.1 dwg, 3 ex

ethod and device for separation of material based on solid particles // 2624739
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: separating device which separates material based on solid particles by density during the grinding or crushing process, comprises: a housing, an inlet for solid particles, intended to supply the material based on solid particles to the housing, at least one sieve for size classification in the inlet, at least one inlet for fluid medium, inteded to supply the fluid medium to the lower part of the housing so that the fluid medium forms a fluidized bed together with the material based on solid particles, and at least one distribution sieve for fluid medium, intended for uniform distribution of fluid medium across the fluidized bed, the first outlet, intended to release the material based on soild particles with the first given density from the lower part of the housing and the second outlet, intended to release the material based on soild particles with the second given density from the upper part of the housing, wherein the second given density is less than the first given density. The separating deivce is used for carrying out the method of material separation comprising supply of material based on solid particles with a substantially uniform particle size through the inlet for solid particles into the housing of the separating deivce; passing of the material through at least one sieve for size classification; supply of the fluid medium to the lower part of the housing through the inlet for the housing fluid medium so that the fluid medium formes a fluidized bed together with the material based on soild particles; release of the material with the first given density from the lower part of the housing through the first housing outlet and release of the material with the second given density from the upper part of the housing through the second outlet. The second given density is less than the first given density.EFFECT: higher separation efficiency.14 cl, 11 dwg

Compartment of primary cleaning of seeds // 2624670
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: compartment of primary grain cleaning includes a receiver with norias, air-sieve fractional grain cleaning machines, as well as hoppers for collecting grain and unused waste. The receiving device is made two-sectioned. Under the unloading heads of norias, guide valves are installed. Each of the guide valves is connected to the grain cleaning machines by means of main and reserve pipelines.EFFECT: reducing production costs while ensuring the continuous treatment of a grain heap.1 dwg

Breed assortment // 2623987
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: assortment device (100) for the untreated potentially precious stones classification in aggregate material. The device comprises a conveying system (102) for individual transporting of a stone extracted from the aggregate material to at least one measurement location, and a measuring system (104) configured to conduct in at least one measurement location one or more of the following determinations: whether the stone contains a diamond material, whether the diamond material contains a bead and what shape the stone has. The device also comprises a distribution system (106) configured to transport the stone from the conveying system to one of a plurality of zones, depending on the results of the determination made by the measurement system.EFFECT: increased efficiency of assortment.29 cl, 9 dwg

Centrifugal-pneumatic separator of grain material // 2623761
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: centrifugal-pneumatic separator of grain material contains an annular pneumatic separating channel with a lower branch pipe for airflow inlet and cleaned grain material outlet, a loading inlet branch pipe for the grain material to be cleaned, an outlet branch pipe for exhaust air with light impurities, a rotational conical spreader equipped with an adjusting damper for feeding the grain material into the pneumatic separating channel and equipped with several cones fixed to the common shaft at some distance from each other and having on the bottom, with the exception of the lower one, a central opening. The upper cone has the largest diameter of the cone and the opening, and the subsequent cones in the direction from top to bottom have gradually decreasing diameters. The annular pneumatic separating channel consists of the upper, middle (main) and lower parts. The main part is formed by coaxially located the outer and the inner cones, which are diffusers (in the direction from top to bottom). Their larger base is placed below at approximately the same height. The angle between the generatrices in the longitudinal diametrical cross-section of the outer cone is less than the analogous angle of the inner cone. The height of the outer cone is larger than the height of the inner one.EFFECT: improving the cleaning quality and reducing grain losses.1 dwg

Semi-automatic grain-separating machine // 2623473
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: semi-automatic grain-separating machine contains the carousel housing 1, the racks 2, the conveyor frame, the sieve for small impurities, the sieve for defective grains, and the sieve for whole grains. The carousel housing 1 rests on the racks 2 by means of upper rollers. On the racks 2 there are two drives of hoists with shafts. From the top, to the carousel housing 1 the pneumatic channels 5 are connected. Two conveyors for small and light impurities 4, two conveyors for defective grains 6, two conveyors for whole grains 10, a conveyor for large impurities 15 and the rack of support rollers are mounted on the conveyor frame. Plates with the tray for large impurities, the tray for whole grains, the tray for defected grains, and the tray for small impurities rest on the support rollers. The sieve for small impurities, the sieve for defective grains and the sieve for whole grains are connected to the sieve frame by means of magnets. Under the carousel housing 1 there is the grain heap conveyor 14.EFFECT: reducing labour costs for separating and sorting grain.17 dwg

ethod for postharvest treatment of grain and seeds // 2622977
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method of postharvest treatment of grain and seeds includes grain cleaning, separation and drying. The grain heap after the combined harvester is loaded into a hopper of an aerodynamic separator, where the grain flow is subjected to both resistive and convectional heat at the same time. Then the grain stream is fed into a separation chamber of the aerodynamic separator, where additional convectional thermal effect on the grain flow is performed, the grain flow is simultaneously cleaned and separated into fractions by generated air flow, which is fed into the separation chamber. The grain separated into fractions is directed to the respective collectors and then to the storage and processing system.EFFECT: increased process efficiency and high quality end product.7 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of rhomb spar dry dressing // 2622554
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method of rhomb spar dry dressing includes drying, grinding, dust collection and deposition of pulverized dolomite from the aspiration air and waste drying gas, three-stage separation with separation of a mixture of coarse particle and micronized crushed dolomite, underground dolomite, directed to recycling stream for grinding operation after the first and third stages of the separation. In the second separation stage, carried out by adjustable aeroclassification from the mixture of coarse particle and micronized crushed dolomite, obtained after the first separation stage, additionally coarse particle and micronized crushed dolomite is separated. The coarse particle crushed dolomite is mixed with a mixture of coarse particle and micronized crushed dolomite recovered after the third separation stage. Micronized crushed dolomite obtained in the process of controlled aeroclassification is mixed with micronized dolomite precipitated during dust removal from aspiration air and waste drying gas. The total amount of micronized dolomite obtained over a controlled period of time is measured and if a reduction in the total amount of micronized dolomite in a mixture of coarse particle and micronized crushed dolomite is required, the screening grinding of the underground dolomite from the third separation stage is sent for further grinding in a roller mill, and if an increase in the total amount of micronized dolomite separated from a mixture of coarse particle and micronized crushed dolomite is required, screening grinding of underground dolomite from the third separation stage are carried out in impact crushers.EFFECT: increased efficiency of separating the finely dispersed fraction from crushed dolomite.1 dwg, 3 ex

Bucket and method of its application // 2622058
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: bucket (3) includes a bottom (10), side walls (11), a rear plate (12) and a connecting element (9) by means of which the bucket is connected to a working machine (1). The bucket also contains at least one screen part (6) having a lot of adjacent bars (7) which form a grid. At least one bar in the screen part is subjected to vibration by a vibration unit (16) so that the vibrating bar moves relative to the bucket.EFFECT: increased operational reliability.9 cl, 8 dwg
Gravitationally-pneumatic grain-treating machine // 2622052
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: gravitational-pneumatic grain-treating separator includes gravitational column, inside which there are zigzag series concave Screener surfaces for material separation by size, as well as a bootable device, pneumo-separating channel and output tubes of separated fractions. The pneumo-separating channel is divided into at least three sections, each of which have at least two levelling air flow speed of the device. Each section of pneumo-separating channel is connected to separate the sediment chamber with a fan. Each fan is connected to the filter and dust bag with dust output conveyor.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of grain cleaning materials and the reliability of its work.1 dwg

ethod and device for processing harvested root crops // 2621485
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method includes the stages of optically forming hyperspectral or multispectral images of the volumetric flow of the harvested root crop to obtain a plurality of image pixels, each having a spectral profile. The image pixels are analyzed to identify discrete objects in the volumetric flow. Each identified object is classified as belonging to either acceptable root crops or unacceptable root crops, by means of generating a statistical profile associated with the object based on the spectral profile of the pixels grouped within the object. The objects classified as unacceptable are removed from the volumetric flow to provide a sorted flow of the harvested root crop.EFFECT: processing a large volume of a root crop with the possibility of sorting foreign material from a dirt-covered root crop, with minimal damage to the crop itself.17 cl, 12 dwg

Bulk material separator // 2621227
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: separator for separating bulk materials includes a single cylindrical body, which is separating the channel in the upper part of the body is a hopper, which establishes a conical guide and a funnel-shaped feeder, under which in the separation channel the cutter with rubber-hole is tapered, product receivers separation. Conical flow and cutter are mounted with the possibility to move vertically. Funnel feeder is corrugated. Under the feeder staggered working bodies, each of which comprises the sequence of funnel guide and cutter cone. Funnel guide gear is formed as a hollow truncated cone, the smaller base located downward. Diametrically sizes bases upstream shutoff greater diametrical sizes bases downstream blade.EFFECT: increased efficiency separation of bulk material.2 dwg
Swirl classifier of powder materials // 2620821
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: vortex classifier of powder materials comprises a cylindrical straight-flow swirl chamber with classified material output channels in the form of annular slits, a chamber with coarse fraction output channels, each of the coarse fraction output channels is designed as a divergent nozzle of bimetallic material. Cam grooves are made on the inner surface of the divergent nozzle arranged longitudinally from the inlet to the outlet. One of the output valves of the classified material in the form of the annular slit and one of the coarse fraction output channels in the form of the divergent nozzle of bimetal with longitudinally arranged grooves on the inner surface are connected to the thermoelectric generator, made in the form of a housing with a pass for a hot flow of compressed air transporting the classified material and a pass for a cold flow of compressed air transporting the coarse fractions, as well as with a set of differential thermocouples, "hot" ends of which are located in the pass for the hot flow of compressed air, and their "cold" ends are located in the pass for the cold flow of compressed air. The cylindrical straight-flow swirl chamber is covered with fine fibre basalt material from the outer surface made in the form of extended beams longitudinally placed along the length of the cylindrical chamber. The "hot" and "cold" ends of differential thermocouples respectively located on the inner surfaces of the hot compressed air pass and cold compressed air pass are covered with a dielectric in the form of nano-type film of tantalum oxide.EFFECT: increased efficiency of classifier perfomance, maintained quality of the finished product during long-term operation of the classifier.4 dwg
ethod of viziometric analysis of quality of ore and device for implementation // 2620103
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method viziometric analysis of ore quality involves the preparation of ore sample, the formation of the flat portion of the sample, and illumination in the zone of fixing of images formed by the measurement the flat portion of the sample in the visible spectrum, a computer image analysis calculation of mass fraction, ratio of the basic mineral forms and impregnation of minerals. To improve the accuracy of the analysis of the mineral composition of the ore, flat portion ore is formed at the lower end of the sample formed by placing a sample on a transparent plane surface, the lighting and fixing the flat image portion of the sample are carried from the bottom up in the two-dimensional scanning operation, comprising, for example, longitudinal movement along the planar portion sample frontally oriented to the flat portion of the sample measurement area. Preparation of ore sample comprises crushing ore to a particle size -5 mm, Allocation class 1 -3 mm, Washing and drying of the selected class. The method is carried out by using apparatus comprising a table for placing the sample, a source of light flux, a device for transmitting a light signal, the optical transmitter of light signal into digital, the controller. The apparatus is equipped with a device for the joint movement of the luminous flux source and means for transmitting signal light source or a light flux device to transmit the light signal and optical signal light transmitter along the table for placing the sample. The source of the luminous flux is formed as a light pipe. Device for transmitting light signal is in the form of longitudinal mirrors and longitudinal lens. The optical transducer is a longitudinal photosensitive element. Source of light flux, the device for transmitting a light signal and an optical transmitter are arranged below the table for placing the sample, with the ability of front moving along a table for placing the sample.EFFECT: improved accuracy of analysis of the mineral composition of the ore.3 cl, 1 dwg, 3 tbl

Device for thermal destruction and sizing of old asphalt // 2618333
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a loading device (1), sieves (4) and a vertical housing (2). The conversion mechanism (9) with the motor (10) is arranged in the upper part of the housing. The shaft (7) with destructive elements (8) is placed inside the housing. The housing is a set of superposed grinding chambers (3). The chambers contain in the bottom the screens in descent order of sizes of openings from the top down. In the side surface of chambers the nozzles (5) are tangentially mounted for supplying of hot heat carrier. The unloading devices (6) are arranged radially on the side surface of chambers. Destructive elements are arranged in each shredding chamber. Destructive elements are attachments in the form of a comb.EFFECT: sizing simultaneously with heating and destruction of granulate particles and simple design of the device.1 dwg
ethod for sorting breed (versions) // 2617797
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: according to the method before any analysis a particle fraction is subject to some sort of cooling and registration of the temperature distributions in the form of infrared images is carried out, registration of the temperature distributions in the form of infrared images is carried out with the thermovision display device. Separation of valuable material is carried out under thermo-physical properties of the minerals, recorded on infrared images.EFFECT: increased efficiency of separation due to more accurate thermal images encouraging separation of valuable and non-valuable ore components via cooling the ore mass.13 cl, 5 dwg

Device for separation of seeds according to elasticity // 2617231
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for separating bulk particulates of materials according to elastic properties and can be used in agriculture in purification of particulates of seed material. Device for separation of seeds according to elasticity comprises a loading and unloading hopper-dispenser with an outlet slit, steps of working bodies disposed one under the other, comprising a reflective element in the form of a truncated cone located with its large base downwards, a divider. The separator has an inner and an outer cylindrical channels. The loading and unloading hopper-dispenser has a conical feeder made in the form of a large cone located with its large base downwards, with the ability of its movement in height. The steps of the working bodies are located in an internal cylindrical channel and contain a successive conical guide formed as a corrugated truncated cone located with its large base downwards with the ability of its movement in height, a reflective element, and a funnel-shaped divider the lower part of which with an outlet annular slit is located above the conical guide below the located step. In the focal line zone of the reflective surface a slit receiving box of elastic particles is located, formed by the upper annular edge of the funnel-shaped divider and a wall of the inner cylindrical channel. The working parts of each step are made with different radial dimensions decreasing sequentially from step to step.EFFECT: increased performance and efficiency of separation is provided.2 cl, 1 dwg

Sieve pan of grain-cleaning machine // 2617132
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: sieve pan of a grain-cleaning machine contains the power supply, the multi-tiered sieves unit including sieves installed one above the other with a longitudinal displacement, the sieve unit contains basic sieves with equal holes, solid stores, perforated stores. Each sieve in the unit consists of a perforated store, a main sieve, a solid store and a sieve with the hole sizes smaller than those of the main sieve, and greater than those of the perforated store. The length of the lower perforated stores of the lower sieves is more than the length of the upper perforated stores of the upper sieves. The solid stores of the multi-tiered sieves unit are arranged stepwise so that the lower store beginning is arranged under the upper store end.EFFECT: increased cleaning efficiency.1 dwg

Bench for the cellular surfaces testing // 2616201
FIELD: testing equipment.SUBSTANCE: bench for the cellular surfaces testing includes the cellular cylinder, trough, frame, feeder, drive and supporting rollers, mounted on the frame, horizontal platform. The trough is performed with the inclined bottom, provided with front and rear vertical walls, to which the shanks along the cellular cylinder axis with clamps are attached. The frame is pivotally connected to the horizontal platform with ability to rotate in the vertical plane.EFFECT: increase of the efficiency and reduction of the grain mixture samples separation labour intensity.2 dwg

Centrifugal separator // 2616045
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: centrifugal separator comprises a frame, on which the drum is installed by the shaft, in the form of a truncated cone facing with its smaller base downward to the frustoconical, the working surface of which is provided with holes, a drum rotation drive and a vibrator for transferring fluctuations to the drum. The drum with the holes is formed as replaceable sieves. The vibrator, creating circular fluctuations, is made in the form of several, at least, three cylinders with sliding rods extending through their central hole and fixed in the elastic toroids filled with fluid and pneumo-controlling the reciprocating movement in the cylinders. The separator is provided with an additional perforated conical sieve. A conic grain distributor with impeller is inslalled at the drum bottom. The cyclone is connected with the reflector. Fluctuations are set at the frequency of 1-3 Hz.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of sieving, as well as the performance and quality of separation.2 dwg

Vibrating screen // 2616042
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: vibrating screen contains a mounted on elastic supports carrying box with a bottom and sides and a vibratory drive kinematically associated with it and having inclined side screening surfaces, converging in the direction of the bottom. The bottom is also a screening surface and forms with the inclined side screening surfacess a sieve having a form of a tray opened from the discharge end side. The determining size of the openings of the side screening surfaces is less than the determining size of the sieve bottom openings. Internal inclination angle of the screening surfaces planes to the bottom plane is 110-135 degrees. The determining sizes of said openings are in the ratio: Pside/Pbottom= 0.7-0.9, where Pside is the determining size of the openings of the side screening surfaces, Pbottom is the determining size of the sieve bottom openings.EFFECT: increased screening efficiency.3 cl, 1 dwg, 3 tbl

Grain separator feed unit // 2616030
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: grain separator feed unit comprises a feed chamber, a feeding device with aninput tray positioned in its upper part, an exit window and a blade feed roller with top feed are positioned in its bottom part, a removable finger fishback with a tilt towards the exit window, which lower end is mounted with a gap relative to the feed roller and the side wall is positioned in its middle part. Fishback fingers are provided with vertically arranged plates from below. The distance between adjacent plates is more than the working gap between the fishback fingers.EFFECT: improvedfineness of seed separation.2 dwg

ethod for sorting objects by shape and device for its implementation // 2615625
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: main use of the invention is the sorting (grading) process of precious stones according to their shape, especially diamonds. The object sorting method according to their shape is piece feeding the objects to the lighting surveillance zone in the freefall phase, receiving the object images in the radiation illuminators from not less than eight electronic image forming devices, processing the received images for classifying the object shape to one of the predefined shape classes, forming the team for the executive sorting device that injects the object into the appropriate storage-hopper according to its shape. Lighting the object in the observation zone and forming the image of its shape are performed by sequential turning each pair of "illuminator - image forming device", from the first til the eighth, when finding the object in the path of free falling in the area of illumination -surveillance. Herewith each of the, at least, eight pairs "illuminator - image forming device" is located in different planes and uniformly on the sphere around the trajectory intersection point of the object free falling, and the optical axes of the pairs of "illuminator - image forming device.".EFFECT: providing the high-performance of the method for sorting the objects by shape classes with simultaneous decreasing the proportion of the classification errors, expressed in the number of objects to be repeatedly or manually inspected.3 cl, 1 dwg

Grain heap separator // 2613233
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery, in particular, to an air-sieve grain-cleaning machines, and can be used in the food industry and agriculture for cleaning crop seeds. The grain heap separator contains a cylindrical sieve, waste auger, aspiration and chain drive mechanism, which consists of the sprockets with hubs, one of which is on the gear shaft, and the second one - on the shaft of the cylindrical sieve, connected with the chain. The separator is supplied with an additional cylindrical sieve of a larger diameter. The drive mechanism consists of four sprockets, two of which are leading, located on the gear shaft, and the other two are driven and placed on the shafts of the cylindrical sieve. Leading and driven additional sprockets of the cylindrical sieve are connected by a chain, which has a spring-loaded tensioning device adapted to diametrically arranged grooves in which the hubs are provided with screws.EFFECT: invention provides improved productivity and quality of cleaning the grain heap.4 dwg

Vibrating screen // 2613210
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and processing equipment, namely to the devices for separation of bulk materials by size, and can be used in mining, metallurgical and construction industries. A vibrating screen comprises a box mounted on the supports via elastic elements with at least one screening surface and directional vibration exciter, drive shaft which is connected through a driveline with an actuator engine disposed on two side edges movable base with the ability to fixed moving through a stationary fixed guide. Vibration exciter is mounted on a box with a possibility of fixed moving through two guides that are rigidly connected to the side walls of the box. Vibration exciter is designed as a coaxial symmetrical unbalance equipped toothed planetary gear, placed in a barrel in a vibration exciter housing with a possibility to turn around the geometric axis of the central gears and subsequent fixation using a rotary-locking mechanism mounted in the end of the drive end of the vibration exciter housing. Each bearing part of the housing passes through the guide grooves of the vibration exciter and fixed there via fixing means. Vibration exciter with an actuator has a displacement mechanism with contact elements which come into engagement with the bearing parts of a vibration exciter housing and near-to-the-box side edge of the movable base respectively. Unbalance of vibration exciter is fixed on a common shaft of satellites. A screen is complete with a locker disposed at side edge apart of the box of the movable base as a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, the rod of which is provided with the hinged shoe for engagement with the inner surface of the fixed guide. The fixed guide is planar and is oriented parallel to the screening surface. Moving mechanism of a vibration exciter is designed as a pair of double-acting hydraulic cylinders with rods placed on either side of the piston. The rods of hydraulic cylinders are oriented parallel to the screening surface and are fixed to the sidewalls of the box by their ends respectively . The contact elements are placed in the middle of the hydraulic cylinder housings. The fixing unit is made as two toroidal hydraulic chambers of an elastic material, placed on the supporting parts of the vibration exciter housing for engagement through the plain rings with vibration exciter guides.EFFECT: invention improves the performance of screening and extends operational, process and functional features.10 dwg

Rejector device and array, method of sorting discrete objects and corresponding computer program // 2611285
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is an invention for automatic sorting of fruit and vegetables etc. Rejector device for use within a system for sorting discrete objects, rejector device comprising at least one divert device arranged to change trajectory of an object, and drive means arranged to drive divert device between at least three discrete positions such that in use, at least one of said discrete objects passes along one of three paths, and a method of sorting discrete objects comprising steps of positioning a divert device in one of three discrete positions; and varying trajectory of at least one of said discrete objects when said divert device is positioned in two of said three discrete positions.EFFECT: proposed invention provides technical problem, on how to sort discrete objects, such as fruit or vegetables, into three or more classes, while minimising possibility of damage of such fragile objects and avoiding use of a plurality of successive sorting devices.17 cl, 6 dwg
Impact-tension separator for enrichment of small class coal by dry method // 2609271
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: impact-tension separator for enrichment of small class coal by dry method a comprises concentrates device, concentrate silos, a frame with secured two-side two-stage roller system of rollers rotating with definite speed. Above rollers through full width the impact plates with gaps corresponding to grain size of the enriched coal are installed.EFFECT: increased efficiency of enrichment of small class coals by dry method, and improved ecological properties.2 dwg, 1 tbl

Device and method of contaminations separation from loose material flow // 2609189
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the device for contaminations (1) separation from loose material flow, wherein the device comprises at least one loose material (4) inlet aperture (3) connected with loose material delivery (2), a separation unit (5) located downstream the inlet aperture (3) in direction (F) of loose material flow delivery, and at least one loose material (4) outlet (6) located downstream the separation unit (5) in the said direction (F) of delivery, the loose material is separated from contaminations (1) by separation unit (5). According to the invention the separation unit (5) has at least two delivery channels (7) connected in parallel and branching from inlet aperture (3), wherein through each delivery channel (7) part of loose material can flow, this flow branches from the loose material flow entering through the inlet aperture (3), wherein each of the delivery channels (7) has at least one sensor (8) for contaminations (1) detection.EFFECT: contaminations removal from loose material flow.17 cl, 11 dwg

Rotary device for dry cleaning of surfaces of agricultural objects for flow separation line // 2608816
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture and can be used for continuous dry cleaning of agricultural objects’ surfaces for continuous production line of separation. Device comprises conveyor, unit for contact cleaning, located above conveyor, and transporter for removal of impurities. Conveyor is made in form of rotor, containing bearing disks, set of rings, installed with clearance to each other, and transverse concentrically arranged rods, between which cells for agricultural objects are made. In rotor cavity perforated rotary screen is placed. Support rotor discs are mounted on rollers and supports. Rotor and perforated rotary drum have drive connected through kinematic connection with engine. Contact unit is composed of cleaning module, containing rotating brushes, installed in series, drive of which is performed through transmission shaft, countershaft and kinematic transmission. Peripheral speed of brush surfaces exceeds peripheral speed of rotor rods in area of moving agricultural objects.EFFECT: invention usage allows to implement quality cleaning of surfaces of agricultural objects.1 cl, 2 dwg

Device for automatic adjustment of continuous supplying flow of variable fractional composition objects of to a separation line // 2608815
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, namely, to devices for automatic adjustment of continuous supplying flow of variable fractional composition objects of to a separation line of agricultural products, mainly of potato tubers. Device comprises an object loading bin, loading conveyor, separation line, receiving bin, feeding conveyor, provided with a drive, output section and field of view. Above the output section of the feeding conveyor there is a unit for monitoring objects. Unit for monitoring objects represents a unit for recognition of the fractional composition of objects and comprises a video camera, module for processing a signal of the video camera, module for recognition of contours of touching objects in the field of view of the feeding conveyor, module for recording the current number of objects in the field of view, module for comparison of the current number of objects with a reference value of the number of objects and a module for command issuing. Loading conveyor is equipped with a drive-variator and control module. Module for command issuing of the recognition unit is connected to the control unit of the drive-variator of the loading conveyor. Above the loading bin there is a unit for monitoring the level of the object layer, containing a command module, which is connected to the drive of the feeding conveyor and unit for recognition. At the output of the receiving bin over the width of the conveyor there is a module for single-layer supplying objects, made in the form of rotating rolls with absorbing surface.EFFECT: invention provides automatic adjustment of continuous supplying flow of agricultural objects.1 cl, 3 dwg

Tray for color sorting machine // 2608716
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to trays to be used in devices for sorting and is intended to direct particles of the sorted product to the inspection zone of a color sorting machine. Tray for a color sorting machine consists of the upper section for separation of particles of the sorted product in a stream and the lower section to direct particles of the sorted product to the inspection zone of the color sorting machine. Herewith the upper part of the upper section is separately replaceable relative to the lower part of the upper section and has more solid surface than the lower part of the upper section.EFFECT: invention provides increased service life of the inclined tray and reduces costs for maintenance of the color sorting machine.1 cl, 4 dwg

Vibration classifier // 2608142
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanisms of loose materials classification by coarseness. Vibration classifier comprises base capable to vibration motion, on which supporting sieves with vertical parallel surfaces are fixed, separating alternating inner and outer channels with possibility of raw material feed into inner channels and separate fractions discharge from inner and outer channels. Inner channels have width of not more than triple nominal size of particles supplied for raw materials classification. Next to output from inner channels there are vertical lateral barriers with height of not less than one-third of sieves height attached to said base.EFFECT: increasing classification efficiency, as well as reducing sieves clogging degree.1 cl, 5 dwg

Colour sorter // 2607537
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for sorting granular materials according to optical properties, for example, by colour, and can be used for sorting grain in order to remove impurities and reproducing sound advertisement. Control panel additionally comprises a digital file with sound advertisement, control circuit includes a programmable logic integrated circuit with a frequency generator and frequency dividers, each of which sets frequency of ejector opening in accordance with steps in octave system.EFFECT: thus, nozzle used in standard design of a colour sorter, controlled by ejectors, can play polyphonic audio advertising messages, for example in form of music, and proposed device can be used as means for advertisement of produced product.1 cl, 2 dwg

Drive cassettes with brushes for cleaning of sieve surface // 2607456
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building and can be used in cleaning and sorting of grain. Cassettes’ drive with brushes for cleaning of sieve surfaces comprises rod, ratchet wheel and spring-loaded retainer. Cassettes with brushes are connected by yokes to connecting rods on crankshaft. Double-arm lever is freely mounted on crankshaft. One end of lever by means of rod is articulated with sieve box. Second end of lever together with spring-loaded retainer is in contact with ratchet wheel, rigidly fixed on crankshaft.EFFECT: drive device provides increased reliability of cleaning of sieves.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for mounting elastomer modular elements on support surfaces // 2606475
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to classification of loose materials used in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, as well as coal and construction industry. Method for reinforcement of elastomer modular elements on support surfaces by introducing fixed on support surfaces inserts in appropriate cavities of elastomer modular elements, having an insert mating surface. Inserts are used, each of which having a leg and a spherical head, and elastomer modular elements with cavities, walls of each of which have a surface mating leg and spherical head of corresponding insert to allow tight fit of walls of each cavity to surface of corresponding insert. Each insert before entering corresponding cavity of elastomer modular elements coated with layer of oil. Insert used each have a diameter of spherical head, equal to diameter of insert-matting spherical surface of corresponding cavity of elastomer modular elements. Inserts used each have diameter of spherical head greater than diameter of insert-mating spherical surface of corresponding cavity of elastomer modular elements. Inserts are used, part of which has diameter of spherical head, equal to diameter of insert-mating spherical surface of corresponding cavity of elastomer modular elements, and part has diameter of spherical head, greater than diameter of insert-mating spherical surface of corresponding cavity of elastomer modular elements. Inserts are used, each having a conical leg narrowing towards spherical head.EFFECT: technical result is increased reliability of mounting elastomer modular elements.6 cl, 3 dwg

ultispectral laser photoseparator // 2605894
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: multispectral laser photoseparator is intended for scanning of moving objects and making images, separated on spectral intervals, corresponding to three and more frequencies in mode of laser light reflected and transmitted radiation. Preferable application is sorting of agricultural products. Photoseparator comprises device for transportation of sorted material, fibre-optic device for summation of three and more laser light sources, scanning device of total laser beam in line, focused at object plane of image capturing, reading device and image processing device for removal of defective materials. Linear lighting acts as spectrometer slot. Radiation scattered by object, after passing through collimating lens and diffraction on phase diffraction grating is decomposed to zero, +1st and -1st orders of diffraction. In first order chamber lenses are placed, projecting image on monochromatic linear sensors, each of which registers one of spectral intervals.EFFECT: combined digital image processing provides allows to separate objects by spectral characteristics.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for preparation of high-protein fraction of sunflower extraction cake // 2604799
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to agricultural industry. Fraction of sunflower extraction cake containing at least 50 % protein and less than 10 % crude fibres is obtained as follows. Initial material is prepared by deagglomeration of sunflower extraction cake, containing at least 30 % protein and having a moisture content less than 12 % into particles sized less than 5 mm. Obtained initial material is sifted to obtain following fractions: fraction F-b1, wherein particle size ranges from d1 to d2, fraction F-b2, in which particle size ranges from d3 to d1 and fraction F-b3, in which particle size is less than d3. Fraction F-b1 is deagglomerated and sifted to obtain following fractions: fraction F-c1, wherein particle size ranges from d4 to d5 and fraction F-c2, wherein particle size is less than d4. Fractions F-b2 and F-c1 are air-sifted to obtain following fractions: fraction F-d1, wherein particle size is more than d6, fraction F-d2, wherein particle size ranges from d7 to d6 and fraction F-d3, wherein particle size is less than d7. Fraction F-d1 is deagglomerated and sifted to obtain fraction F-e1, wherein particle size is less than d8 and/or fraction F-d2 for producing fraction F-e2, wherein particle size is less than d9 and/or fraction F-d3 for producing fraction F-e3, wherein particle size is less than d10. Fractions F-b3, F-c2, F-e1 and/or F-e2, and/or F-e3 are mixed to produce fraction F. Wherein d1 ranges from 600 to 1,600 mcm, d2 ranges from 2,000 to 5,000 mcm, d3 ranges from 150 to 500 mcm, d4 ranges from 150 to 500 mcm, d5 ranges from 600 to 1,600 mcm, d6 ranges from 800 to 1,000 mcm, d7 makes 500-750 mcm, d8 ranges from 200 to 600 mcm, d9 ranges from 200 to 600 mcm and d10 ranges from 200 to 600 mcm. Use of sunflower extraction cake for animal feeding.EFFECT: group of inventions enables to manufacture a product rich in protein, with low content of crude fibres.15 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod of x-ray luminescent separation of minerals and x-ray luminescent separator therefor // 2604317
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method for x-ray luminescent separation of minerals includes two-sided irradiation of a material stream with periodic pulse sequences of exciting x-ray radiation with detecting luminescence signal intensity of minerals using photodetectors on each side of stream, processing of detected signal in real time. Further, method includes illuminating stream of material on two sides in zones adjacent to zones irradiated with x-ray, periodic sequences of light pulses, detecting light images of stream of minerals using photodetectors of matrix type in form of raster image frames, selecting in stream image frames separate grains of material. Separation features used are absorption (degree of absorption by mineral of components of light flux), chromatic (colour), geometric, texture, kinetics of luminescence (time constants, ratio of components), comparing obtained parameters for each separation feature with preset threshold values and separating valuable component of dressed mineral based on value of integral multiparameter determination criterion of various mineral fractions. Separator realising present method comprises means of feeding material (feeder), means of conveying stream of material to be separated (tray), pulsed excitation x-ray radiation sources, located above and below surface of stream, photodetectors for detecting x-ray luminescence signals, located above and below surface of stream, made on basis of colour digital video cameras and installed on both sides of stream of material matrix photodetectors, pulse illuminators with controlled parameters of light flux, device for separation of dressed mineral, receiver of extracted mineral, receiver tail product, devices for processing signals, controlling and monitoring operation of separator. Signal processing device in addition to functions for determining luminescence signal is equipped with functions of parallel processing of images of material stream of two or more video cameras, synchronisation of systems of recording and extraction of minerals, calculating values of separation features, selection of parameters and criteria of determining various mineral fractions, determining motion parameters of minerals, determining and adjusting parameters of stream of material, evaluating state of systems detecting and extracting material of separator.EFFECT: higher accuracy of determining position and motion path of minerals, measurement and stabilisation of flow parameters of material, monitoring accuracy of cutoff, which makes it possible to more efficiently carry out process of x-ray luminescent separation.5 cl, 3 dwg

Apparatus for repairing sifting or filtering screens // 2603983
FIELD: oil industry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to apparatus for repairing screens, used in oil, gas and drilling industry for separating solid particles of liquid phase of drilling mud on hydrocarbon and liquid base. Apparatus for repairing screens comprises a central frame and locking surface of screen frame, having a first extended shape. First extended shape is efficiently compressed to form a second compressed shape. Second compressed shape is efficiently returned into first extended shape. Apparatus is used to implement a method of blocking damaged areas of sifting or filtration screen, including insert of apparatus for repair in area of filter screen to be locked, while locking surface of screen frame is in its second compressed shape, returning locking surface of screen frame into expanded first shape. Apparatus for repair of screen is made by extrusion and cutting to required dimensions.EFFECT: technical result is longer service life of screen.14 cl, 4 dwg

ethod and device for fractionating bulk material // 2603320
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to fractionation of bulk materials, such as cement, limestone, polymers, unmilled grain, sand, silty clay, as well as fodder or feed mixtures. Method for fractionating bulk material includes following steps: feeding bulk material to at least one screen for fractionation, bringing at least housing of device into oscillatory motion by driving inertial masses, fractionating bulk material by means of screen into at least first fraction and a second fraction and removal of at least one of fractions of bulk material through an outlet hole of housing. Device for fractionation includes at least one housing with inner space to accommodate at least one screen, in particular, at least one packet sieve body. Housing has at least one inlet hole for loading of bulk material and at least one outlet for discharge of at least one fraction of bulk material, and also includes a cover and a bottom. On or in cover and on or in bottom there is at least one inertial mass. Device has at least one mechanical aggregation means installed outside inner space. Inertial masses are interconnected by mechanical aggregation means to allow actuation. Device has a drive for mechanical aggregation means.EFFECT: higher efficiency of fractionation of bulk material.14 cl, 12 dwg

Separator for separation of bulky materials // 2603108
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to separation of bulky materials and can be used in agriculture for separation of difficult to separate seed materials. Separator for separation of bulky materials comprises a loading bin, perforated guide, receivers of separation products. Separator is equipped with internal and external cylindrical vertical channels. In the internal cylindrical channel there are steps of working elements, including series-arranged loading bin, wherein the receiving conical shape diaphragm is installed hingedly to the vertical fixed shaft, under which there is feed funnel diaphragm, installed with a possibility of changing curvature radius and fixed to the wall of the loading bin by the upper part. On the inner side of the conical shape diaphragm there are three or more springs, one end of which is fixed to the rod located inside the springs, other end is fixed to the guides mounted on the diaphragm surface. Guides have slots for free passage of rods in them. Perforated guide arranged under the funnel diaphragm, is made in the form of conical accelerating section fixed to the vertical shaft by vertex and by the base it is fixed to the circular concave propulsive surface having the shape of arc in cross section, length of which is 1.0-1.2 of the circle diameter formed by arc rotation. Nonelastic particles funnel-shaped receiver is placed under centrifugal surface, upper part of which is rounded, while the lower part is connected with the second step of the working members. In the area of the propulsive concave surface focal line there is a circular slot for elastic particles, formed by the rounded part of the funnel-shaped receiver and the internal cylindrical channel wall.EFFECT: technical result - increase of productivity and efficiency of separations.1 cl, 1 dwg

Device for separation of grain hay heap // 2603107
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, in particular, to grain cleaning and combine devices for separation of grain-straw heap. Device for separation of grain-straw heap comprises a feeder, spreader, receiving chambers for collecting fractions, fan, delivery nozzle of which is installed across the trajectory of particles of the heap, under the spreader there is a separating chamber in the form of a channel, walls of which are continuation of the fan outlet nozzle walls. Inside the channel before spreading zone of heap components a shield is installed, made of two walls, one of them makes a confuser inside the channel, and the other one together with the spreader - pre-chamber orientation of heap components particles with stationary air medium. Feeder is made in the form of funnel-shaped bin with an outlet annular slot and an annular proportioner, under which there is the spreader secured on the vertical shaft, configured to be conical and equipped with straight blades, installed perpendicular to its surface. Separating chamber channel and a shield installed in it are made up circular and cone-shaped. Spreader is arranged with a possibility to rotate and to move vertically. Outlet confuser is located connected with the cyclone at the annular channel outlet.EFFECT: technical result - increase in productivity and efficiency of the heap components separation.3 cl, 1 dwg

aterials sorting device // 2602482
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to materials sorting devices, and can be used in agriculture for sorting of grain crops, as well as in chemical industry. Technical result is achieved by fact that in materials sorting device, comprising housing, loading bin, in lower part of which tray is arranged for sorted material feed on inclined chute, material detection and lighting means, information receiving and processing unit, defective material rejection device, detection means are made in form of three sensors, arranged in three mutually orthogonal planes, wherein lighting devices are installed opposite to each sensor in same plane.EFFECT: technical result of claimed invention is sorting efficiency improvement.1 cl, 3 dwg