Crushing, pulverising, or disintegrating and preparatory treatment of grain for milling (B02)

B02            Crushing, pulverising, or disintegrating; preparatory treatment of grain for milling(11071)
ethod of producing hammer for shredding plant // 2613266
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: first, hammer workpiece of rectangular shape is cut out of continuously cast slab at a temperature not less than 400°C. The workpiece is heated to 1100-1300°C, subjected to press forging, heated in a stove to 820-840°C at a rate of not more than 80°C/h, held for 3÷4 hrs and cooled with the stove to a temperature of 300-400°C, then the hammer of the required size is cut out of the original workpiece at the gas-cutting machine, the mounting bore of the hammer is subjected to mechanical processing and heat treating of the hammer is carried out by heating it to Ac3+30÷50°C at a rate of not more than 80°C/h and holding at this temperature for 3÷4 hrs, cooling of the hammer working part in a water bath and subsequent air cooling, heating of the hammer to 150-250°C and holding for 4÷6 hrs and subsequent air cooling, wherein the slab is made of 40HS2N2M steel.EFFECT: increased durability of the hammer, increased productivity and decreased exhaust of the hammer mounting bore.2 cl
Organic compounds nanopowders, methods for production thereof and suspension thereof // 2613109
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention is a method for producing organic compound nanopowder comprising: mixing of the granular organic compound, granular carbohydrate compound containing at least one of granular saccharide and granular sugar alcohol of 0.3-fold or more quantity by mass relative to the amount of organic compound and liquid where the organic compound is not soluble or is poorly soluble in a mixer; wet milling of organic compound using granular carbohydrate compound as a milling agent after mixing so that the average diameter of the organic compound particles after milling is 500 nm or less and the 90% diameter is less than 1500 nm. Wet milling of organic compound is carried out while stirring the mixture obtained after mixing in the mixer.EFFECT: implementation of the invention simplifies the process of fine milling of organic compounds due to reducing or eliminating the need to use milling agents and other additives to be removed from the produced nanopowders.9 cl, 15 tbl, 107 ex
ethod for producing defatted flax meal from linseed cake // 2612426
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the production of food defatted flax meal from linseed cake and can be used in the oil and fat and flour-milling industry. The linseed cake is preliminary milled with a residual fat content of not more than 20% on the percussive machines. Then the pre-milled linseed cake is milled on percussive machines. The milled mass is passed through a sieve of 710 mkm.EFFECT: invention improves the efficiency of use of the secondary products of flax seed processing with the retention of native properties.5 cl, 2 tbl

ethod of flour production from triticale grain // 2612422
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the production of flour for baking, confectionery and food concentrate industries from triticale grain. In implementing the method, the grain is prepared for milling; the grain is conditioned and ground. The one stage cold conditioning is carried out with grain moisturizing to a moisture content of not less than 15%, followed by binning in hoppers for binning for at least 8 hours. Grinding is carried out sequentially on four break roller systems with grooved threaded rollers with a total extraction of the intermediate products of the triticale grain processing with the size of 700-132 µm and flour of at least 80%, followed by grinding the intermediate products of processing taken at the break grinding systems. The intermediate products of processing are sent for successive grinding in five-six milling systems with microroughened rolls with a total production of triticale flour of 60-75%, while the total load on the roller line of at least 100 kg/cm per day.EFFECT: use of the invention enables to reduce the technological process of production of graded flour from triticale grain.5 cl, 1 tbl, 1 dwg

Grinder // 2611848
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of grinding products and can be used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and in other industries. Grinder 9 comprises receiving bunker 1 with sliding gate 2, loading hole 8 and discharge branch pipe 10. Receiving bunker is installed on cooling chamber 3, equipped with heat-insulation layer 4, tangential branch pipe 5 to feed cooling medium with throttle 6 and inner screw surface 7. Sliding gate 2 is arranged above tangential branch pipe 5 in cooling chamber 3.EFFECT: device provides grinding of products with increased ductility due to higher elastic properties of material by means of low-temperature impact on a product before grinding.1 cl, 1 dwg

Rod mill // 2611838
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to grinding of solid materials. The rod mill comprises a drum (1), boot (2) and a discharge spout (3) and a drive. The drum is formed by support rings. Between rings a cylindrical mesh surface with the waveform perimeter is fixed. The mesh surface is made of transverse and longitudinal rods. The transverse rods are made in the form of waveform rings with curved pockets. The longitudinal rods are twisted with the same pitch along a helical line of diameters of projections of curved pockets of transverse rods. The longitudinal rods are fixed to the rings of transverse rods from inner side of its curved pockets. Along the whole length of the cylindrical waveform mesh surface along the perimeter the coil spring (4) with a circular cross section is mounted. The spring is fitted with the device for changing of coil pitch by its extension or contraction.EFFECT: invention increases productivity and improves the quality of finished products.5 dwg

Compact disc shredder // 2611819
FIELD: recycling.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to solid materials disposal and can be used in devices for destruction and/or grinding optical CD and DVD compact discs. Shredder comprises a housing, unit for connecting an electric motor, cylindrical cutter connected with motor shaft, chips and dust collection system, electric fan and mechanism for loading destroyed compact discs. Loading mechanism consists of a guide box with a longitudinal slot, load with extending pusher and two vertical guides with common handle for lifting of load with extending pusher. Cutting surface of cylindrical cutter is coupled to output of guide box. Chips and dust collection system is made in form of a removable container, installed in shredder housing under cylindrical cutter with possibility of blowing its cutting teeth with air of positive-pressure electrical ventilation. Shredder housing can be made in form of a suitcase.EFFECT: shredder enables to reduce time of grinding compact discs to powdered state.1 cl, 3 dwg

Disintegrator // 2611793
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for shredding in the production of building materials and others. The disintegrator contains a housing (1) with the upper (4) and lower (7) horizontal disks with impactors (5, 6, 9). Multistage housing (10) mounted with oscillation ability under the upper disc on axis with the loading device. Multistage rotor (11) with impact beaters mounted on the lower disc on axis with the housing(10). The gap between the housing (10) and the beaters is 2-3 times larger than the maximum particle size. The lower end of the housing (10) is conical form made with radial edges and the angle from the center to the periphery. There is truncated cone (13) with an inclination angle and the radial circumferential grooves at the bottom part of the rotor. Cone base diameter is equal to the outer diameter of the housing (10). Angle greater than the angle of natural slope of the shredding material. Axial hollow loading spout (8) with a screw feeder (15) vertically passes through the lower disc. The upper part of the spout is the bottom stage of the rotor. The side surface of the bottom stage has radial windows (14) between the beaters over the entire height. The upper feeder point coincides with the upper horizontal surface of the lower rotor stage. The gap between the cone generator and the protrusions edges is more than two times larger than the maximum particle size.EFFECT: device provides shredding efficiency increase.3 dwg

Disintegrator // 2611790
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: disintegrator comprises a cylindrical housing (1) with axial loading, tangential unloading (10) and normal unloading (2) pipes. The housing with the possibility of counter-rotation has upper and lower horizontal disks with fixed impact elements along concentric circles. Every impact element is arranged between impact elements of opposite disc. In the peripheral part inside the grinding chamber a grate (9) is rigidly fixed. The grate in the cross section is made in the form of Archimedean spiral. In tangential recess of the grate the tangential discharge nozzle is mounted which protrudes beyond the housing. The tangential discharge nozzle is adjacent to the grate rods. The grate rods are located at the minimum and maximum radii from the axis of rotation of disks.EFFECT: material graduation in the grinding chamber and return for additional grinding of coarse material ensures more efficient grinding.2 dwg

Vibration jaw crusher // 2611175
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: jaw crusher comprises a base (1). A passive (4) and active (5) jaws are suspended with possibility of oscillation on horizontal axes (2, 3). The active jaw comprises a unbalanced-mass vibration generator (6). The jaws are connected with base by springs (8). The passive and active jaws are connected by spring (9).EFFECT: simple design and high efficiency of crushing.1 dwg

Unit for cutting with grinding, intended for conversion of solid or divided into large pieces objects into granules, and in particular, solid used tires, and improved feeding device for such unit // 2611141
FIELD: recycling.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is intended for chopping with used objects and other wastes grinding, in particular, car tires. Unit in form of single compact working unit consists of base (1) and rotor (2) with vertical axis. Rotor and stator (3) are made in form of discs with plurality of cutting blades (5, 6, 11, 12) attached to their upper and lower surfaces. Stator and rotor (2) are connected coaxially. Stator is installed in fixed position above rotor (2) at controlled distance. Stator limits grinding chamber. Primary blades (5, 11) extend from center to periphery. Secondary blades (6, 12) are spread only in peripheral crown. Stator feed window (10) at least partially opens into primary blades coverage area. Automatic feeding device comprises pair of rolls with parallel axes. Rolls are arranged next to each other (15, 16) on frame (13). Frame forms integral part with unit in accordance with feeding opening. One of rolls axis of rotation is resilient movable relative to rotation axis of other one in perpendicular direction (F).EFFECT: enabling continuous tires loading into unit and reduction of occupied working space.15 cl, 9 dwg

Bearing assembly for rock crushers (versions) // 2610232
FIELD: disintegrators and devices for crushing.SUBSTANCE: invention generally relates to bearing assemblies and in particular to bearing assemblies intended for use in rock crushers. Bearing assembly (20) is mounted on rock crusher (22), including main housing (24), drive shaft (26), eccentric (28) and crushing head (30). Bearing assembly (20) includes first bearing ring (32) arranged around drive shaft (26) and on eccentric (28), second bearing ring (34), which is located adjacent to first ring (32) or on housing (24), or crushing head (30), and device (46, 48) to supply working fluid under pressure, at least on first ring (32) and second ring (34). At least one of rings (32, 34) includes closed recess for working liquid, intended for receiving and collection of working fluid under pressure. Recess wall inner outline for working fluid prevents working fluid radial supply inward from rings (32, 34), and recess wall outer outline for working fluid prevents working fluid radial supply outward from rings (32, 34). Recess receives working fluid through inlet hole for liquid supply, located at distance from recess wall inner outline. First ring (32) and second ring (34) are intended for hydrodynamic separation of each other before start-up. Bearing assembly (20) is intended for transmission of all loads produced by crushing head, directly through first ring (32) and second ring (34).EFFECT: creation of bearing assembly, intended for use in rock crushers, allowing to reduce formation of heat during bearing operation and increasing bearings service life, as well as increase bearings load and simplify bearings maintenance, repair and replacement.18 cl, 11 dwg

Asphalt modification process system and method of asphalt additives introducing // 2610087
FIELD: roads.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to asphalt products, including modified asphalt compositions. Described is modified asphalt binder compositions producing method, which involves stirring of asphalt binder and at least one asphalt additive and/or asphalt modifier in ball mill-mixer, which causes stirring, shifting, impact and grinding effect on mixture. Invention also relates to road surface compositions, which include said modified asphalt binder composition and filling material.EFFECT: technical result is obtaining asphalt composition which has improved operational characteristics compared to similar asphalt and additive mixture made not in ball mill-mixer.14 cl, 1 dwg, 2 tbl
Grinding materials device // 2609258
FIELD: disintegrators and crushing devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to materials grinding devices and can be used in cement, power, mining and in other industries. Materials grinding device consists of frame, mill in form of cylindrical housing, fixed on frame with possibility of rotation, two end walls, attached to frame, distribution table with guide plates, scraper knife, grinding roll and pusher lever. At first end wall input material feed chute into cylindrical housing is fixed, and at second is unloading unit. Feed chute is divided for, at least, two channels by partitions and equipped with trays, under which guide plates are arranged installed on distribution table in fan-shape fashion.EFFECT: grinding device enables higher efficiency due to input material preliminary separation for separate incoming streams by fractions.3 cl, 4 dwg

Device for cleaving polycrystalline silicon // 2609146
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for polycrystalline silicon splitting. Splitting device comprises high-voltage transformer (B), high voltage rectifier (G), charging capacitor (C), opening switch (K), water tank (F) and first (1) and second (2) electrodes. Electrodes are immersed in water tank (F). First and second electrodes are arranged with distance between them. Primary winding of transformer is connected to supply mains. High-voltage transformer secondary winding first lead is in series connected to rectifier, opening switch and first electrode. Secondary winding second lead is grounded and connected to second electrode. Charging capacitor is connected between common lead of rectifier and switch and common lead of secondary winding and second electrode.EFFECT: invention enables to produce high-quality polycrystalline silicon.7 cl, 1 dwg, 4 tbl

Stabilised whole grain flour and method of making // 2609143
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to grain-processing and bakery industry. Stabilised whole grain flour with particles of fine size was produced in a large volume using two bran and germ fractions and an endosperm fraction. One bran and germ fraction is a coarse fraction which is subjected to two stage grinding, but second bran and germ fraction is a low ash, fine bran and germ fraction which is sufficiently fine so that it does not need to be subjected to grinding, thereby reducing starch damage and increasing production with reduced grinding equipment load. Portions of coarse bran and germ fraction which are ground in first grinding stage to a sufficient fineness are separated out and not subjected to additional grinding further reducing starch damage and increasing production. Bran and germ fractions may be combined, subjected to stabilisation, and combined with endosperm fraction to obtain a stabilised whole grain flour.EFFECT: proposed stabilised whole grain flour exhibits good characteristics during baking.25 cl, 2 dwg

ultistage vibration mill // 2608047
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to various materials of mineral and organic origin fine grinding equipment. Multistage vibration mill comprises drive shaft 3 with diametrically opposite eccentrics and two units of grinding tube chambers 4 and 5. In each unit chambers 4 and 5 are connected to each other and with drive shaft 3 by means of drive in form of multi-beam regular sprocket 7 with supports for chambers 4 and 5 at ends of beams, installed on drive shaft corresponding eccentric. One unit grinding chambers are arranged in clearances between other unit grinding chambers due to one unit sprocket angular displacement relative to other unit sprocket, wherein in each unit grinding chambers are sequentially connected to each other by identical junctions with of loading branch pipe arrangement at first chamber inlet in sequential loop and discharge branch pipe arrangement at last chamber outlet. Common for both units number of junctions, arranged on side of grinding chambers one similar ends, corresponds to number of junctions, arranged on side of other similar ends.EFFECT: mill enables higher efficiency of grinding and increasing thinness in one material passage.5 cl, 4 dwg
Rotary mill with direct or indirect grinding chamber cooling // 2608018
FIELD: disintegrators and devices for crushing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to various materials grinding devices, particularly, to rotary mill, which can be used under laboratory conditions. Mill comprises rotor 18 connected with drive motor, circular screen enveloping rotor 18 grinding chamber 25, ground material container 26 surrounding circular screen outer part along its entire length. Container 26 is made with possibility of installation in housing. Housing and container 26 are provided with covers 15 and 29, respectively. In housing cover 15 material supply hole 17 is made. At that, at least rotor 18 grinding chamber 25 directly or by means of grinding device structure contact element and/or rotary mill is adapted for coolant transmission and/or receiving and/or cooling by supplied into housing gaseous cooling agent passing along its outer surface.EFFECT: rotary mill design allows to avoid excessive energy supply to grinding material.15 cl, 2 dwg

Garbage chute and control method thereof // 2607107
FIELD: recycling.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to collection and processing of garbage. Garbage chute comprises a grinding unit, casing, a storage bin and a mixing unit. Method of controlling garbage chute comprises connecting connection hole of storage bin with outlet hole of casing. Connection hole is opened by means of rotation of mixing unit. Grinding unit grinds wastes. Wastes are fed to inlet hole. Connecting hole is closed by means of rotation of mixing unit. Wastes are dehydrated in storage bin by means of rotation of mixing unit and storage bin. Rotation is carried out with first rotation frequency while maintaining closed state of connecting holes.EFFECT: minimising amount of wastes in grinding unit.20 cl, 13 dwg

Roller crusher and method of roller crusher protecting against non-shatterable objects // 2606924
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to roller crusher and method of its protection against non-shatterable objects. Roller crusher with two substantially parallel rollers arranged with possibility to rotate in opposite directions and separated by gap, contains feeder, adjustment gate, first detector located with possibility to detect non-shatterable objects. At that, feeding device is made with possibility to feed material into roller crusher, adjustment gate – with possibility of controlling of material feed rate into said gap, device to adjust gap – with possibility to adjust said gap width, and control unit – to receive at least one input signal from first detector and to transmit at least one output signal to adjusting gate and to gap adjusting device. Method consists in fact that in material flow, which is fed into roller crusher, non-shatterable object is detected, gap between rollers is opened on bypass width considerably exceeding working width, and enable possibility of non-shatterable object passage through gap, wherein limiting flow fed into gap, enabling material feed into gap with limited speed, then determining whether said non-shatterable object has passed through gap, and then gap is reduced to working width and opening said flow supplied into gap, wherein enabling material feed into gap with working feed rate.EFFECT: roller crusher and method of its protection prevent crusher destruction in case of non-shatterable objects falling into gap between rollers.15 cl, 3 dwg
Food wastes grinder // 2606831
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of grinding and can be used for processing of food wastes in public catering, food industry, agriculture. Grinder of food wastes includes housing 1 with loading hatch 2 and working chamber 3. Working chamber 3 is equipped with fixed crushing surface in form of hollow cone 4 and installed with clearance relative to grinding element in form of movable grinding roller 5 driven by motor 8. Movable mill rolling cutter 5 is installed on shaft 6 with balance weight 9, attached to base of bowl 7 and represents truncated cone, on conical surface of which in staggered order in three tiers threaded seats 12 are placed for screwing of pyramidal pins 13.EFFECT: grinder enables to process as solid components so film or fibrous components of food wastes.11 cl, 2 dwg

Lining elements replacement control and positioning system from wear on subjected to wear wall // 2606810
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lining replaceable element mounting position control and positioning system and to using system camera for determination of lining replaceable element and lining element certain mounting position mutual arrangement. Invention can be used during lining elements replacement. System comprises first support system formed by wall mounting holes, second support system formed by connecting means arranged on lining element lower surface, two-dimensional sensor made with possibility of stationary arrangement on mounting surface wall side, opposite to wall subjected to wear, in such a way that sensor field of view included lining element lower surface, viewed through installation holes. At that, sensor is made with possibility to transmit electric signal representing two support systems mutual location image, for determination of lining element mounting position by crane operator. Two-dimensional sensor may contain two images recording cameras. Used in system camera is made with possibility of lining element lower surface image recording through mounting hole in wall.EFFECT: replaceable lining element control and positioning system considerably increases erection works accuracy and simultaneously simplifies their conducting.11 cl, 9 dwg

Common reed grinder // 2606802
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building and can be used in production of fodders. Fodder grinder comprises a feed conveyor, an actuator for destruction of mass and a drum for grinding with a shearing plate. Actuator for destruction of mass contains two lower and one upper ribbed rolls, as well as crushing and smooth rolls installed in front of the shearing plate. Drum for grinding is of a knife type. Every knife of the drum has a stiffness rib and a cutting blade with notches on the cutting edge and a build-up of hard wear-resistant alloy on the front edge. Cutting blade is made as a logarithmic spiral. Shearing plate is fixed horizontally.EFFECT: grinder ensures a decrease in power consumption during grinding.1 cl, 4 dwg

Pressure roller to roll press and roll press // 2606791
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to pressure roll and roller press for grinding of highly abrasive materials. Pressure roll (1) with roll (2) body has large number of recesses in form of seats on one or both edges. Recesses are distributed along circumference and located at distance from each other in circumferential direction T. Recesses are made open on side and from above. In some recesses (3) in form of seats is only one cemented-carbide element is installed as replaceable element for protection of edge (5). Length (L) of recesses (3) in form of seats and length (l) of installed elements for protection of edge (5) in circumferential direction (T) is more than distance (a) between two located directly next to each other recesses (3). Roller press comprises two pressure rolls.EFFECT: enabling elimination of individual edge protection elements damage.15 cl, 5 dwg

Coal grinding mill coal-and-air mixture temperature control system // 2606083
FIELD: fuel.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for controlling over of explosive fuel drying process in coal grinding mills. Coal-and-air mixture temperature control system comprises coupled gates of flow rate of hot and lightly heated air and cold air gate. Hot and lightly heated air gates are connected to first actuating mechanism. To switching unit first input emergency cold air additive controller with second temperature sensor and setting device is connected. To switching unit second input first actuating mechanism "lower" path switch sensor is connected. First actuating mechanism input is connected to second switching unit output. Switching unit first input is connected to coal-and-air mixture temperature regulator output. Switching unit second input is connected to RS-trigger output. Trigger inputs are connected to “AND” element output and to second actuating mechanism "closed" limit switch sensor. “AND” element first and second inputs are connected to comparator unit and timer outputs. Comparison unit is connected to first temperature sensor and third setter. To timer «start» and «reset» inputs second actuating mechanism "closed" limit switch sensor is connected.EFFECT: invention increases air gates control accuracy.1 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

Composition for treatment of grains of cereals, leguminous and cereal crops before processing // 2605067
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, namely to composition for treating cereals, leguminous and cereal crops. Composition contains complex of enzymatic preparations, which includes cellulase, cellobiohydrolases, xylanases, laccases, esterases, catalases, phytases, peroxidases, oxidoreductases, antioxidants.EFFECT: invention increases efficiency of milling plant or groats-shop and simultaneously improves quality and biological value of obtained grinding products.1 cl, 1 tbl, 9 ex

ethod of processing absorbing hygienic products // 2604692
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine. Method of processing used absorbent hygienic products is described, involving following stages: creation of cylindrical rotor autoclave with inner surface and two ends, at least one of which ends with hatch, which can be opened to allow access to said autoclave and tightly closed to provide creation of increased pressure inside autoclave; loading of said autoclave with absorbent hygienic products in closed form; heating up to temperature of sterilization and creation of increased pressure inside autoclave, wherein bringing autoclave into rotation about its longitudinal axis; wherein said step of heating and creation of increased pressure inside autoclave provides first temperature mode for products, contained in autoclave, as well as second temperature mode, higher than first temperature mode for said inner surface.EFFECT: method of efficient sterilization and drying during processing in autoclave.3 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of ore boulders stream distribution control // 2604602
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, in particular, to methods of mineral mass grinding in drum mills process automating. Method comprises drum mill batched feed with ore boulders. Ore boulders is divided into two process streams, one of which is supplied as circulating load to wet autogenous grinding mill, and second one is directed into ore-rock mill. Formation of process streams is performed by means of ore boulders stream distributor actuation device. Using information sensor generating ore-boulders mill drive active power signal, which is converted into proportional analogue signal. Obtained drive active power analogue signal is compared with drive active power reference signal, which value of corresponds to type of processed raw material. Determining difference between actual and reference signals values and obtained signals difference value is supplied into PID and PWM regulators, generating control system actuation signal. Using control system generating signal, which is directed into boulders stream distributor actuator drive and varying boulders amount, which are supplied into ore-boulders mill. Generating information signal on ore boulders stream distributor actuator actual position, which is transmitted into PID and PWM regulators in form of correcting signal, in which correcting signal is generated for changing position of ore boulders stream distributor actuator.EFFECT: method enables increase level of automation, efficiency and optimality of ore mass grinding.1 cl

ethod for regulating roll gap pressure of roller press // 2604509
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to methods of controlling operation of a roller press and a roller press device. Method consists in that roll gap is regulated depending on linear coefficient of oscillating shape with measurement of more than one oscillation which is measured on roller press. Roller press comprises two rolls arranged to rotate in opposite direction, and a device for regulating roll press gap pressure. Regulated portion used is corresponding feedback to at least one oscillatory motion, measured on roller press with respect to roll gap pressure. Regulation is carried out based on a condition of dependence of linear coefficient of oscillating shape at measurement of more than one oscillating movement.EFFECT: method and device broaden capacity to control operation of roller press.11 cl, 2 dwg

Grinding roller comprising hard bodies embedded in surface // 2604508
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates grinding roller comprising hard bodies embedded therein and methods of removing hard bodies from roller. Grinding roller comprises hard bodies arranged on its surface by bushings. Material of sleeve has a melting point not higher than 400°C or has a standard chemical potential, which is more negative in relation to potential of surface of grinding roller. Method for removal of hard bodies according to first version consists in that, first, tool is welded to bushing, then bushing is removed together with or without hard body, if hard body is in a grinding roller, it is removed after removal of bushing. According to second version, method for removal of hard bodies installed by means of bushings with melting point not higher than 400 °C, consists in that first, surface of grinding roller is heated to melting point of bushing, and hard bodies are then removed. According to third version, method for removal of hard bodies installed by means of bushings having standard chemical potential, which is lower,that is more negative in relation to potential of surface consists in that, first, grinding roller is immersed into electrolyte solution, then it is connected to source of electric voltage, wherein grinding roller is connected to anode, and counter electrode - to cathode of same voltage source, followed by anodic oxidation of bushing in electrolyte solution.EFFECT: device and methods enable to reduce costs for replacement of hard bodies.8 cl, 7 dwg

Grain crusher // 2604303
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to loose material grinders, mainly for grinding grains and grain-products, and can be used in agriculture to prepare fodders. Grain crusher comprises frame 1, electric motor 2, grinding chamber 3, made in the form of a housing consisting of cylindrical drum 4 and two walls 5, 6, rotor 9 with blades 10 arranged in grinding chamber 3, which has loading 7 and unloading 8 openings. Length of cylindrical drum 4 is multiple of width of blades 10, located at an angle relative to its axis so that their surfaces are in direction of rotor 9 rotation. Inner surface of cylindrical drum is corrugated. Grinding chamber wall 6 opposite to loading opening 7, is made in the form of a removable plate with a corrugated surface, unloading opening 8 is equipped with replaceable separating sieve 11.EFFECT: crusher provides high carrying capacity, higher reliability of working process, efficiency of grinding grain material and reduction of its overgrinding.1 cl, 2 dwg

Vibration grinder // 2604005
FIELD: vibration equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vibration equipment and can be used for lumps and loose materials grinding and milling. Vibration grinder comprises working member, means of resonant progressive circular oscillations communication to which is isotropic resilient suspension in form of cylindrical rods, by which it is connected to fixed base, and rotary pendulum exciter driven to rotation in vertical plane by drive shaft. Resonance tuning of resonant progressive circular oscillations communication devices is defined by resonance combination parametric relationship ω = λ1+ λ2, where ω is parametric excitation frequency (rotary pendulum exciter speed), λ1 = vω is pendulums oscillations partial natural frequency, v - dimensionless parameter determining pendulums oscillations partial natural frequency in rotary coordinates system (0<v<1), λ2=λ2x=λ2y=C/M0 is working element partial natural frequency corresponding to vibrations circular shape, C = Cx = Cy is isotropic resilient rod suspension rigidity, M0 is machine working member weight.EFFECT: higher quality of raw material grinding.1 cl, 3 dwg

Roller crusher // 2603923
FIELD: disintegrators and devices for crushing.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for grinding of materials. Roll crusher comprises housing, drive roller and fixed jaw with gap between them. Fixed jaw has bending away from roller. Bending line matches with roller horizontal axis. Maximum jaw angle of deviation from vertical line is determined depending on grip angle, friction coefficient between roller and crushed piece and friction coefficient between fixed jaw and crushed piece.EFFECT: higher degree of crushing.1 cl, 3 dwg

Jaw crusher with high degree of grinding and efficiency // 2603919
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to jaw crushers and may be used in mining and construction industries. Jaw crusher comprises bed, fixed and movable jaws, flywheel, moving jaw suspension axis in its lower part, supporting by bearings on bed side walls, eccentric shaft, crank rod, spacer plates, V-belt drive, electric motor, hinged joints spacer plates connection with crank rod, bed and moving jaw. At that, fixed and moving jaws are bent in lower part at angle of 150° towards fixed jaw, and eccentric shaft cam is increased to value, providing at each cycle of crank rod motion up and down double reduction of angle between spacer plates to 180° with continuation of its movement further to both sides on 9-10°.EFFECT: jaw crusher allows twice increase quantity of crushing movements of movable jaw, crusher performance.1 cl, 1 dwg

Disintegrator // 2603909
FIELD: materials.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to grinders of various materials and can be used in production of construction materials, as well as in other industries. Disintegrator comprises cylindrical housing 1 with axial loading 3 and tangential discharging pipes 2, arranged in cylindrical housing 1 to counter-revolve upper 4 and lower horizontal discs 7 with secured along concentric circles impact elements 5. Each impact element 5 is arranged between impact elements of opposite disc. At output of axial loading pipe 3 at an angle to upper horizontal disc there are scattering pipes 6 bent in a direction, opposite to direction of rotation of upper disc 4. Inclination angle α of scattering pipes to upper horizontal disc 4 is greater than angle of natural slope of crushed material. Lower horizontal disc 7 is attached to lower axial hollow loading pipe 8, inside of which is rigidly fixed screw feeder 11. At output of lower axial hollow loading branch pipe at an angle α to lower horizontal disc there are lower scattering pipes, bent in direction opposite to direction of rotation of lower disc. Inclination angle α of lower scattering pipes to lower horizontal disc is greater than angle of natural slope of crushed material. Lower ends of scattering pipes are located in gaps between impact elements of first inner row, belonging to lower disc. Distance between ends of lower scattering pipes and impact elements of second inner row a > Dmax, where Dmax is maximum size of particles of crushed material.EFFECT: disintegrator is characterised by high efficiency of grinding process.1 cl, 3 dwg
New method of fried flour preparation from grain // 2603908
FIELD: agriculture; machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to grain-processing industry. Method of fried flour preparation from maize grains includes grain cleaning, frying in drums or on tray at temperature of 300-330 °F for 20-25 minutes, cooling, grinding (direct milling) and packing.EFFECT: proposed method of fried flour producing from maize grains prevents loss of fibres and vitamin β-carotene, releases vitamin PP (niacin) from unassimilable inactive form (niacytin).3 cl

Device and method of grinding particles in fluid material // 2603727
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to devices for grinding particles in a fluid material, in particular a powder or a semi-liquid for producing a chocolate mass, and to methods of grinding particles in such devices. Device comprises at least one pair of rollers, for which is installed at least one process parameter, in particular pressing pressure of rollers and/or speed of rotation, at least one of rollers, containing optical or acoustic sensor level gauge for measuring level of fluid material in roller gap or roller trough located in front of rollers. Control unit is configured to change at least one process parameter depending on measured level of fluid material in roller gap or roller trough. Method comprises grinding at least one roller pair, wherein one process parameter is controlled. In particular, pressing pressure of rollers and/or rotational speed of at least one roller is adjusted and level of fluid material in roller gap or roller trough located in front of rollers is measured. Depending on measured level, at least one process parameter is changed, said parameter selected, in particular, from pressing pressure of rollers, roller gap and rotational speed of at least one of rollers, as well as combination thereof. Level of fluid material in roller gap or roller trough is measured in a contactless manner using an optical or acoustic sensor.EFFECT: invention discloses a device for grinding particles in a fluid material.18 cl, 5 dwg

ovable jaw attachment assembly // 2603588
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to jaw crusher and, in particular, to movable jaw drive. Crusher movable jaw attachment assembly comprises movable jaw pull and/or push force mechanical drive. Drive comprises sleeve (121) with internal chamber, displacement element (123) to return the movable jaw and bearing support frame (122) for connection of at least part of unit with part of crusher. Piston is made with possibility of reciprocating rectilinear sliding movement within chamber. Piston rod (124) is made with possibility of longitudinal reciprocating drawing and retraction relative to sleeve. Rod first end (204) is located farthest from sleeve. Sleeve section (200) is connected to movable jaw. Displacement element is connected to rod section substantially in, or about its first end (206). Support frame comprises mounting section (208) for displacement element attachment in or near its second end (207). Installation section is located between sleeve section and rod first end along lengthwise axis so that displacement element extends over at least a rod section.EFFECT: higher reliability and compactness of attachment assembly during installation and movable jaw position and displacement control.13 cl, 3 dwg

ethod to increase shelf life of whole grain flour and product // 2603513
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to grain-processing and bakery industry. Method of producing stabilized whole-grain flour involves processing of bran and germ with lipase inhibitor to get stabilized flour, having a free fatty acid content less than 4200 ppm during storage at temperature 38 °C for 30 days. Lipase inhibitor concentration in the course of treatment is approximately 0.8 molar amount of inhibitor in the course of treatment makes at least 0.1 mol inhibitor on 100 pounds of whole grains.EFFECT: present method of producing ensures production of stabilized whole-grain flour with such, high baking properties stable during storage without foreign after-tastes, exhibiting excellent functionality at baking sponge cake.85 cl, 25 tbl, 12 dwg, 12 ex
ethod of producing micropowders of solid materials // 2603043
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of producing micro powders of solid materials, for example, micro powders of ceramic materials, pigments. Method comprises milling particles of solid materials in rotary grinding mill, wherein grinding inserts and lining of working chamber are made of ceramic composite material containing diamond - 20-75 vol%, silicon carbide - 20-75 vol%, silicon - 3-40% vol%. EFFECT: method enables to obtain chemically pure micropowders of solid materials.1 cl

ill for materials fine grinding // 2603038
FIELD: ceramic industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to very hard brittle materials crushing devices and can be used for production of ceramic materials micro powders, pigments, fuel additives and other materials. Mill comprises closed housing with branch pipes 1, 2, respectively, for product inlet and outlet, cylindrical working chamber 3 with inner lining 5 and arranged in closed housing and having outer water jacket 4, and vertical rotor in form of shaft 6 and connected to it horizontal bearing discs 8 connected with rotary drive 7. Vertical rotor is installed in working chamber 3 along its axis. On support plates 8 by means of rotation axes 9 grinding elements 10 are fixed, which center of gravity is shifted relative to axis of rotation. Grinding elements 10 are made up of metal body and fixed on it grinding insert, which at element rotation contacts lining 5 surface. At that, working chamber grinding inserts and lining are made of ceramic composite material, with content of diamond 20-75 vol%, silicon carbide - 20-75 vol%, silicon - 3-40 vol%.EFFECT: mill is characterized by increased service life and wider area of application.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for producing high-protein plant products, mainly, grit, from sunflower oil meal/sunflower cake and device for its implementation // 2602841
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of high protein product in the form of grits and flour and a device for its implementation. Method includes first grinding the oil meal/cake using impact forces of grinding bodies of hammer crusher 1 in the preparation system, it is followed by fractionation in a separator in the form of mill sieving 2 with replaceable sieves 3 that have different size mesh. Then flows of coarse fraction and additional flows of grits are formed, number of fractions of which is equal to the number of sieves. Then the flow of coarse fraction is fed into a break system where it is subject to maximum triple total exposure to impact forces of grinding bodies of hammer crusher 4 and squeezing shearing action of two grinding mills 5 with fractionation in separators in the form of two sieve sizings 6 with sieves 3 of the same size, as in separator 2. As a result of the processing of the coarse fraction flows of husks 1, flows of flour earlier combined with previously obtained flow of flour, and flows (n-1) of grits fraction are formed. Latter are combined with previously received corresponding additional flows grits fractions in separator 2. Then flows of grits fractions are subjected to air-sieve separation separately on sieve purifiers 7, 8 to produce flows of finished product - fraction of high protein grits from sieve purifiers 7, 8. After air sieve separation tailings of pneumatic ducts 9 of sieve purifiers 7, 8 and sieve tailings 10 are fed to for further processing in a scratch system where separation tailings of pneumatic ducts of sieve purifiers and sieve tailings are subjected to triple and four-time total exposure to impact forces of grinding bodies of hammer crusher and squeezing shearing action of two grinding mills accompanied by fractionating in separators with subsequent formation of flows of end product - flour and husks. Device includes a preparatory, break and scratch systems consisting of grinding units using the impact forces of grinding bodies and squeezing shearing action of a grinding mill, separator for product fractionation, sieve purifier and bins for receiving sunflower oil meal/cake and the ready product. Preparation system of grinding unit is a hammer crusher and is connected to the separator in the form of a screening mill with replaceable sieves with mesh of different sizes in the range of 160 mcm to 600 mcm. Mill sieving is equipped with pneumatic product pipes for coarse fraction and flour. Pneumatic pipeline for coarse fraction is successively connected with two break systems.EFFECT: method and device for production of high protein product allow to produce a finished product in different fractions in the range of 160 mcm to 600 mcm.4 cl, 2 dwg, 3 tbl

Helical liquid ring pump with built-in grinder // 2602712
FIELD: pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a helical liquid ring pump with a built-in grinder. Helical liquid ring pump (1) includes housing (3) with inlet and outlet parts (5), (7) and spiral helical rotor (4), which is installed inside housing (3) with the possibility of rotation and which on one end being the inlet end of housing (3) is equipped with grinder (11) and on the opposite end being the output end of housing (3) is connected with pressure chamber (6). Rotor (4) is installed on shaft (18), which is connected to a drive being a motor. Grinder (11) contains rotor blade (12) connected to the inlet end of rotor (4) and fixed blade (13) connected to cover (15) of grinder (11) body. Each blade has cutting elements or blades. Rotor blade (12) is made with the possibility of free rotation inside fixed blade (13) during operation of the pump. Each cutting element of blade (12) has cutting edge or blade (20) made on curved blade (21), so that the blade has the shape of the pump impeller and facilitates the passage of liquid through grinder (11).EFFECT: invention is aimed at increasing the pump efficiency.5 cl, 7 dwg

Jaw crusher // 2601815
FIELD: disintegrators and devices for crushing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to various materials grinding and milling, particularly, to jaw crushers, which can be used for grinding of nonmetallic construction materials in mining and other industries. Crusher comprises bed 1 with fixed jaw 2 and movable jaw 3 with convex working surface. Ends of movable jaw 3 are equipped with support rollers 8, which are installed on bed 1 side walls from above and below. Movable jaw 3 drive is made in form of crank-and-rocker mechanism including double-arm rocker 4, link 6 and rocker stone 7. Double-arm rocker 4 is fitted on horizontal axis 5 by middle part and connected to movable jaw 3 by means of spacer plates 9. Link is made integral with double-arm rocker 4 middle part, and rocker stone 7 is made in form of cam shaft mounted in bed 1.EFFECT: crusher design provides uniform crushing and excludes material overmilling during its crushing.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of solid minerals deposits development // 2601660
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry and can be used during solid minerals open mining by winning system and conveyer open-cut transport. Method of solid mineral fields development including extraction of blast rock by pit hydraulic excavator, mined rock discharge from ladle into constant point with provision of part of excavation working cycle automation, processes automation by mechanisms operation interaction control and coordination system and equipment for conversion of cyclic nature excavation into continuous flow of submersible rock mass. Mined rock unloading from ladle is performed into receiving hopper, equipped with classifier for separation of coarse mined rock from small-sized and middle-sized mined rock. Coarse mined rock is supplied to crusher, ground and successively supplied into feeder and dumping conveyor.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement in extraction process efficiency, crushing and mined rock loading due to increased synchronization, safety, reliability of operations and capital costs reduction.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of processing mineral materials and processing apparatus // 2601583
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to processing of mineral material in processing plant. In cooler (10) installation (200) is cooled at least one of the following: heat formed in sources (1, 3, 4) and used in engine (104) fuel. Cooler is cooled by pressure blower. Wetting water is fed to material for binding (20) dust formed during the processing. Before binding dust at least one heat source (1, 3, 4) of plant and/or heat fuel (2) is transferred to water. Water is guided in flow direction to the first heat exchanger (5) for producing heat out of water. Plant comprizes engine (104), a cooler with pressure blower, means (20) of dust binding and agents (5) of heat transfer. Dust binding agents are guiding water to the material and bind dust. Water flows through the means of heat transfer during operation of apparatus before being directed to means of dust binding. Heat transfer means are transmit to water the heat of at least one heat source and/or heat fuel (2). First heat exchanger (5) of heat transfer is arranged ahead of dust binding means in the direction of water flow.EFFECT: intensified cooling of a unit and a long time of processing is provided.15 cl, 5 dwg

Crusher with material layer compression // 2601582
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to horizontal roll crusher and method of crushing in it for grinding of mineral materials and/or materials during cement clinker production. Crusher (1) with material layer (5) compression contains drum (2) with horizontal axis (A) and drive. Drum internal wall comprises crushing roller (3) rolling track (20) inside drum. Grinding roller axis is parallel to drum axis. In crusher grinding roller to raceway pressing facilities are fitted. Input for loading and ground material output are located at different drum ends. Leveller roller (4) is located before crushing roller in drum rotation (R) direction. Near and at distance from raceway leveller roller retainers (6) are located. Retainers are made with possibility to prevent any contact between leveller roller and raceway. During each drum revolution material is successively passed under leveller roller and under crushing roller. Retention and pressing devices make leveller roller possible to act on material layer with pressure. Leveller roller pressure aligns material surface. Leveller roller pressure on material layer is lower than grinding roller pressure (P).EFFECT: longer service life of crusher.24 cl, 4 dwg

Bead mill // 2601577
FIELD: disintegrators and devices for crushing.SUBSTANCE: invention to grinders, in particular for fine grinding powder of solid materials, and can be used in paint, ceramic, food, chemical, mining and other industries. Bead mill comprises grinding chamber 1, upper part of which has a cylindrical shape, and coupled with it lower part of - conical shape. On cylindrical part there are tangentially installed inlet pipes 3. Outlet pipe 4 is installed on cylindrical part aligned with said part. In conical part of chamber 1 there is a coaxial hole 5 with ball valve 6 for removal of beads 2.EFFECT: bead mill with simple design is characterised by reliable and efficient operation.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod and device for grinding suspension in opposite rotating streams // 2601556
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is intended for activation of a suspension. At first shaft (5) of the device there is drum (4) with inlet (9) and outlet (1) holes. On the inner surface of the side and the end walls of the drum there are at least two side (11) and at least two concentric end (12) circular ledges, respectively. First and second (7) shafts are aligned with the possibility of differently directed rotation. At least two booster discs (13) are located inside the drum on the second shaft with partial overlapping of the side ledges. Booster discs are alternated with the side ledges. Additional disc (14) of the second shaft is provided with at least two circular shelves (15). Shelves partially overlap the end ledges and alternate with them. At the ends of the end ledges and the shelves there are boards (16). Boards are directed towards the center of the drum and form circular pockets (17). Suspension fills the end ledges and the shelves pockets from the center to the periphery of the drum forming annular layers of grinding. Opposite collision of solid particles of the suspension with the grinding layer grinds them. Turbulent zones of auto-grinding between the booster discs and the side ledges provide additional grinding.EFFECT: provided is higher efficiency of grinding and reduced wear of working members.9 cl, 1 dwg

Device for grinding of compact discs with confidential information // 2601065
FIELD: recycling.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to solid materials disposal and can be used in devices for destruction and/or grinding optical CD and DVD compact discs. Proposed grinding device comprises a housing, a unit for connecting a motor to an AC mains at industrial frequency, a cutter connected with motor shaft, chips and dust collection system, vertical guide box with a longitudinal slot and a detachable pusher with a protrusion. Detachable pusher is installed inside vertical guide box with possibility of movement of protrusion of pusher along long slot. Cutter is cylindrical, and its working longitudinal surface with cutting teeth is coupled with output slit of vertical guide box. Internal dimensions of vertical box correspond to overall dimensions of compact disc being destroyed with possibility of free vertical movement of compact disc inside vertical guide box under weight of detachable pusher.EFFECT: proposed device enables to reduce time of destruction of compact discs with visual inspection of grinding process.1 cl, 1 dwg