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B24 - Grinding; polishing(17530)
B30 - Presses(7692)
B32 - Layered products(3978)
B44 - Decorative arts(1630)
B60 - Vehicles in general(31273)
B61 - Railways(14292)
B82 - Nano-technology(3328)
ethod of firefighting using a nano-powder and device for its implementation (versions) // 2607770
FIELD: nanotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to nanotechnologies in field of fire-fighting equipment. Method of firefighting with a nano-powder comprises delivering a shell with the firefighting powder to the fire seat using a thrower, destruction of said shell and supplying of firefighting substance to the fire seat in the form of nano-powder.EFFECT: proposed technical solution relates to the throwing firefighting means.3 cl, 4 dwg
Process and device for treating catalyst discharged from bubbling bed hydrogenation of residual oil // 2607764
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for treating a catalyst discharged from bubbling bed hydrogenation of residual oil. Method comprises following steps: (1) adjustment and control to reduce viscosity, wherein catalyst discharged intermittently from a bubbling bed hydrogenation reactor for residual oil, is adjusted for storage and then discharged continuously, subjected to temperature adjustment by adding water, such that viscosity of oil adsorbed on surfaces and inside pores of discharged catalyst particles is reduced, and flowability of adsorbed oil on surfaces and inside pores of the discharged catalyst particles is improved; (2) desorption and separation by rotational flow, wherein adsorbed oil is desorbed and separated from surfaces and inner pores of discharged catalyst particles by a flowing shear force from a rotational flow field; (3) separation and resource utilisation of three phase oil-water-catalyst, wherein oil/water/catalyst mixture produced from desorption and separation by rotational flow, is subjected to three-phase separation, achieving recovery of oil, recycling of water obtained by separation, and full recovery of solid particles obtained by separation. Invention also discloses a device for implementation of method.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of cost of treatment, simplified process, higher oil recovery factor, reduced tendency to formation of secondary sources of contamination.10 cl, 1 dwg, 1 ex
Package for tobacco products and method of producing package // 2607763
FIELD: tobacco industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to package for tobacco products and method of its production. Package comprises at least one compartment for placement of tobacco products. Package additionally comprises frame (4) and at least one compartment (6, 8), pivotally connected to frame. Package can be open and close by turning compartment about a hinge.EFFECT: frame surrounds compartment at least partially when package is in closed state.8 cl, 9 dwg
ethod of fire extinguishing with nanopowder using powder fire extinguisher and powder fire extinguisher // 2607761
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to extinguishing powders made in the form of a nanopowder. Core of the proposed device is that in a powder fire extinguisher comprising a housing filled with a fire-extinguishing powder, a device for its discharge and supply to the body of fire, a stop-start device and a powder sprayer in the controlled zone, the fire-extinguishing powder is made in the form of a nanopowder. Powder fire extinguisher contains a housing filled with a fire-extinguishing powder, a device for its discharge and supply to the body of fire, a stop-start device and a powder sprayer in the controlled zone, the fire-extinguishing powder is made in the form of a nanopowder.EFFECT: proposed technical solution is easy in operation and can be used in a normal powder fire extinguisher to supply the nanopowder in case of fire to the controlled zone.2 cl, 1 dwg
Beverage cartridge and filter element // 2607759
FIELD: food industry; production technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a beverage cartridge, intended for use in beverage preparation machine, comprising a filter element, which comprises a plurality of microholes, passing through it from first surface to second surface located opposite first surface. Filter element facilitates brewing due to high permeability for fluid medium from beverage brewed from particles, suitable for brewing, wherein said fluid medium contains a liquid and gas, and prevents accumulation of gas in device for brewing by removing gases released from medium of beverage contained in beverage cartridge, during brewing. Filter element can be used in rigid, semi-rigid or soft capsule inserted into machine for brewing beverages. In particular, present invention relates to brewing coffee and coffee products in a coffee brewing machine intended for receiving capsules containing coffee particles, through which water is passed for brewing coffee therefrom.EFFECT: invention discloses a beverage cartridge and filter element.35 cl, 5 dwg
Beverage delivery pod and methods of use and manufacture // 2607757
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pod containing one or more beverage ingredients, pod comprising generally rigid outer member (12) having an open top and an outlet opening in lower part, internal filter (16) adjacent to lower part of outer member, one or more beverage ingredients disposed above filter, and lid (14) closing open top. Outer member has outer peripheral sidewall (20) defining open top and extending downwardly from open top toward lower part and inwardly converging toward outlet opening. Lower part of sidewall defines plurality of ribs (36) extending inwardly in interior of outer member toward outlet opening. Beverage outlet flow paths are disposed between adjacent ribs and directed toward outlet opening. Filter is supported above outlet opening and beverage outlet flow paths by ribs.EFFECT: also described is a method of dispensing a beverage prepared from beverage ingredients, in any pod made according to invention, and a method of producing any pod made according to invention.15 cl, 7 dwg
Reclosable packaging using low-tack adhesive fastener // 2607755
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: flexible film package with reclosable fastener on adhesive base comprises a flexible film substrate, from which is formed a plurality of package walls, forming a sealed inner cavity for arrangement of a product; plurality of walls, including at least two opposite flexible walls; package mouth, initially sealed, provide access to inner cavity; low tack pressure sensitive adhesive (LTPSA) layer on each external surface of parallel walls, wherein size and arrangement of LTPSA layers is set so, that they are located opposite each other in multiple positions when reclosing package and provide gradual reduction of size of inner cavity with extraction of product,and where adhesion strength of LTPSA and flexible film substrate is greater than adhesion between portions of LTPSA.EFFECT: mouth can be formed by peel seal or preset area of weakening strength.10 cl, 17 dwg
Winding device // 2607752
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to winding device. Technical result is achieved by winding device having base plate, which is rotated by means of rotary shaft, plurality of segments arranged in annular zone corresponding to base plate outer circumference. At that, every segment has shape corresponding to one of forms obtained by annular zone dividing into plurality of sections along base plate circumference. At that, each of segments is supported by base plate, each is in movable way in base plate radial direction. Manipulation shaft, which is rotated by means of handle, and conversion mechanism arranged between manipulation shaft and each segment. At that, conversion mechanism converts manipulation shaft rotation into corresponding segment movement in base plate radial direction. At that, conversion mechanism includes: first gear wheel, supported by base plate in rotary manner relative to rotating shaft, second gear wheel attached to manipulation shaft so, that to engage with first gear wheel, plurality of threaded shafts supported by base plate, plurality of third gear wheels attached to threaded shafts so, that to engage with first gear wheel, and plurality of movable elements, which are directed by plurality of guide sections, which are formed on base plate, to pass in base plate radial direction. Each of threaded sections includes internal threaded section, screwed in to corresponding threaded shaft, and each of segments is supported by one of movable elements. At that, when base plate rotates, wire is wound on segments outer circumference, which rotate integrally with base plate, thereby forming bead ring.EFFECT: technical result is simplification of rings with different diameters winding.7 cl, 9 dwg
ethod of creating structure of article and article produced using said method // 2607750
FIELD: laser engineering.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a method of creating at least one structure (13, 15) by means of a laser exposure, at least, at one part (11) of a container wall of a plastic article in the form of a container and an article made as described above. Preferably, the article is made by the process of blow molding, filling and closing the container. Corresponding structure (13, 15) of the container is created by the laser exposure. Laser exposure is determined at least considering the laser power, duration of the laser exposure, type of a plastic material and type of the desired structure in the form of linear depression (17) in part (11) of the article wall. Linear depression (17) at its edge and its travel is limited by projection (27), which is created under the effect of inherent stress of the plastic material.EFFECT: technical result achieved when using the group of inventions is reliable implementation of the method and creation of distinctly recognizable structures.10 cl, 9 dwg
ethod of package production sensitive to adhesive tape pressure // 2607749
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to production of package sensitive to adhesive tape pressure, suitable for industrial production (versions). Method of package production sensitive to adhesive tape pressure, which represents sensitive to adhesive tape pressure package 10, in which sensitive to pressure adhesive tape 14 is arranged. Latter comprises substrate 18 and adhesive layer 12, deposited on one substrate surface 18. Sensitive to pressure adhesive tape package also comprises anti-adhesion sheet 16, on which adhesive tape adhesive layer is fixed with possibility of anti-adhesion sheet subsequent removal. In this method adhesive tape 14 is attached to anti-adhesion sheet 116 main material and folded in halves. Then plurality of adhesive tapes 14 is subjected to heat sealing and temporarily attached to one anti-adhesion sheet 116 main material and anti-adhesion sheet 116 primary material is cut.EFFECT: technical result achieved when using method according to invention consists in order to improve production efficiency.8 cl, 24 dwg
Centrifugal mixer // 2607748
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to continuous-action devices for mixing of loose materials and can be used in food, chemical and other industries. Centrifugal mixer comprises vertical cone casing with discharge branch pipe, elliptical cover with loading branch pipe, shaft with blades and rotor, consisting of upper and lower hollow thin-wall truncated cones, interconnected along perimeter by large bases, along which six rectangular windows are located.EFFECT: invention provides intensification of mixing due to increasing of duration of material particles movement inside device, considerable reduction of segregation degree, higher quality of mixture.1 cl, 2 dwg
ethod for producing films from non-woven fabrics // 2607747
FIELD: textile and paper.SUBSTANCE: method for producing film from non-woven fabric by conversion of non-woven fabric into film and film and single-dose articles obtained therefrom. Method for producing water-soluble film from a nonwoven fabric contains the following stages: producing nonwoven fabric containing multiple filaments containing filament-forming material soluble in a polar solvent, and an active agent and converting the nonwoven fabric into film. Film is produced as described above. Single-dose article comprising a bag made from film produced in accordance with the proposed method. Method for processing an item from fabric in need of treatment, at one or more stages of which a water-soluble film produced in accordance with the proposed method is used.EFFECT: technical result of the group of inventions consists in improvement of casting speed of films obtained from the solution.46 cl, 3 dwg
High-efficiency dynamic slurry-liquid-separating filtration apparatus and filtration method therefor // 2607745
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for highly efficient dynamic slurry-liquid separation. Separator filter comprises cylinder body (1), filter pipe (2a) disposed in body, and a filter core disposed on filter pipe (2a), inlet (3) for material arranged on housing, outlet (4) for solid residue, located in lower part of housing, and outlet (5) for filtrate, located in middle-lower part of housing. Filter core comprises multiple filtration discs (2b) connected to pipe. Upper pipe end (2a) is connected to axis of rotation of variable-frequency motor (7). Upper part of housing and transfer shaft of motor are sealed by solid high pressure seal. Lower part of pipe (2a) is connected to pipe outlet (5) for filtrate by means of pipe connector (2c). Upper opening of pipe connector (2c) and rotating part connecting part of lower part of pipe (2a) of filter are sealed by solid high pressure seal. Lower part of pipe connector (2c) is sealed. Lower part of housing has a conical structure. Outer wall of housing is provided with layer (1a) of insulating jacket. Steam input (6) is located in middle-upper part of housing. Method for dynamic separation includes preliminary heating of filter, adding materials into housing, adjustment of rotation speed of filtration plates in range between 10 and 100 rpm, separation of filtration residue, discharge of filtrate. Filtering is continued and filter cake of filtration residue is allowed to accumulate on filter disc, achieving a certain thickness until pressure difference inside and outside filter pipe reaches 2.0 MPa. Increasing rotation speed of motor which drives filter disc to between 100 and 300 rpm, to remove filter cake of filtration residue from filter disc. When filter cake of filtration residue is removed from filter disc and pressure difference inside and outside is less than 50 kPa, rotational speed of motor is controlled. When filtering operation ends or filtration residue in lower part of filter needs to be released, filtration is stopped, filtration residue is removed for preparation of next filtration process.EFFECT: higher efficiency of filtration.9 cl, 3 dwg
ethod for manufacturing pattern, apparatus for manufacturing pattern, method for manufacturing structural body and apparatus therefor // 2607744
FIELD: image forming devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of making a pattern, apparatus for making a pattern, method of making structural body and apparatus therefor. Method of making a pattern includes a step for providing a pattern from a first liquid on a support, applying powder material on pattern and applying of coloured paint on powder material to form a coloured pattern of powder material. Powder material is applied onto provided pattern by means of feeding powder materials into area of support, including a pattern from a first liquid, and removing powder materials outside pattern from first liquid. First liquid is a reaction liquid, which reacts with coloured paint to provide an effect of fixing a colouring compound of coloured paint.EFFECT: method enables to make a pattern with high resolution and enables to form a pattern in a wide range of different media.9 cl, 2 dwg, 2 ex
ethod of producing cation-substituted tricalcium phosphate // 2607743
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical and medical industries and can be used in production of initial biocompatible material, suitable for making dense and porous ceramics, applicable as scaffolds in engineering of bone tissue, targets for creation of coatings on metallic implants in surgery and dentistry and in other fields of medicine. Method of producing cation-substituted tricalcium phosphate is described by deposition of average calcium phosphates, formed during pouring off and constant mixing of aqueous solutions of calcium nitrate and disubstituted ammonium phosphate, taken in molar ratio of 3:2, at pH 7.0 with subsequent filtering of formed precipitate and its thermal treatment at temperatures of 700–1,300 °C. Wherein calculated amount of solutions of salts of nitrates or acetates, or chlorides of following elements is added to reaction mixture: iron, zinc, copper, sodium, potassium, strontium, barium bismuth, silicon at following ratio of reagents, mol%: calcium nitrate – 40–59.9, disubstituted ammonium phosphate – 40; salt – 0.1–20.EFFECT: powders formed after thermal treatment are characterized by homogeneous phase composition, corresponding to whitlokite structure, finely dispersed state with particle size of 20 nm to 2 mcm and antimicrobial activity.1 cl, 1 tbl, 4 ex
ethod of film stretching // 2607742
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laminated material producing method containing non-woven fabric and film. This method comprises heating initial thermoplastic polymer material film, containing at least one low-melting polymer component and at least one high-melting polymer component, until at least partially melted state. At that, at least one low-melting polymer component is in melted liquid state, and at least one high-melting polymer component is not in melted liquid state. Melting is performed by means of at least one heating cylinder. Then performing cooled by passing of partially melted film via cooled cylinders clamp. Film is stretched between at least one heating cylinder and cooled cylinders clamp. Produced films can be laminated together with nonwoven material. Laminated material is used in medicine or hygiene fields.EFFECT: technical result achieved when using method and laminated material according to inventions, consists in production of thinner films.9 cl, 1 dwg, 3 tbl, 1 ex
Extruded preform and container made of polyethylene terephthalate and method for production thereof // 2607739
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods and systems of blow molding with extrusion of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Extruded PET-preform contains the first extruded polymer containing PET, and the second extruded polymer with characteristic viscosity 0.8–0.87 containing PET. First extruded polymer and the second extruded polymer are extruded together. First extruded polymer has characteristic viscosity higher than characteristic viscosity of the second polymer. Besides, extruded monolayer PET-preform for container blow moulding with extrusion. Extruded multilayer polymer is in hardened condition and has characteristic viscosity from 0.96 to 1.4 and stripped chain extenders.EFFECT: production of a product with no haze and/or banding, having high strength.15 cl, 4 dwg
ethod for laser separation of rubber and polymer coatings // 2607736
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to removal of rubber and polymer coatings, glued to surface of various structures. Described method is based on local infrared laser thermal action directly on zone of adhesive layer. Laser beam at rate providing required heating is used to scan adhesive layer in zone of contact of coating and surface of structure. When temperature values reach 60÷150 °C strength of adhesive layer falls by almost an order, that makes it possible to remove a coating layer from surface of structure using an applied tension force.EFFECT: reduced labor input, power consumption, high efficiency of removal of rubber coatings, providing a method which is safe for personnel by avoiding burning of rubber coating.3 cl, 1 dwg
Separation of multicomponent gas mixtures by short-cycle unheated adsorption with three-stage extraction of target gas of high purity // 2607735
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical industry and can be used in production of nitrogen, oxygen and argon from atmospheric air. Method involves using multiple adsorption columns. Main columns (1, 2) are filled with adsorbent which absorbs non-target components of gas mixture, and auxiliary adsorption columns (3) are filled with adsorbent which absorbs target component of gas mixture. Raw gas mixture under excess pressure is fed into main adsorption columns (1, 2), after which end product-rich gas is moved into auxiliary adsorption columns (3), where adsorbent absorbs target gas. After that, target gas is separated from adsorbent and moved back into main adsorption columns (1, 2), where pressure of target gas is raised while bringing it to high purity. Adsorbents are selected so that saturation time of adsorbent in main adsorption columns is approximately twice longer than saturation time of adsorbent in one or more auxiliary adsorption columns.EFFECT: invention enables to reduce complexity of process diagram, overall dimensions and material consumption of plant.6 cl, 1 tbl, 1 dwg
ass exchange tower with cross current of liquid and gas (steam) phases of “peton” system // 2607730
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cross current packed heat-mass exchange towers, in which carried out processes of liquid-steam mixtures rectification separation, liquid-steam mixtures distillation, liquid-gas mixtures absorption separation. It can be used in oil processing, petrochemical, chemical, gas, food and other industries. Mass exchange tower with cross current of liquid and gas (steam) phases of “PETON” system includes housing, raw material supply union, distillate and residue vapors output, input of irrigation and vapors, cross current nozzle section, separated by height with horizontal support partitions, mated with liquid distributors made in form of set of steps, each of which is made of two conjugated face and drain plates, limiting cross current nozzle section, forming rectangular pocket in normal cross section. Step drain plate is equipped with perforated round holes, in each of which positive buoyancy rod is installed with possibility of free movement.EFFECT: technical result is development of highly efficient mass exchange column, in which sharp change of liquid phase flow rates is possible, providing at that considerable expansion of device stable operation range, and possibility to use of contact devices with different number of flows in single device.11 cl, 11 dwg
ethod of orientation by laser beam // 2607723
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to orientation during vehicles movement. Method of orienting by laser beam comprises fact, that generating laser beam elongated cross section with large and small axes lengths ratio of 2…5, turning laser beam about its lengthwise axis until establishing beam cross-section larger axis in plane, passing through beam longitudinal axis and specified path, and directing laser beam towards vehicle in parallel or at small angle to preset travel path. Vehicle deviation from preset travel path is determined according to laser beam position and additionally determining deviation value by increasing of laser beam lateral dimension.EFFECT: technical result consists in increasing of visual orientation informativity.1 cl, 3 dwg
Ultrasound transducer device and method of manufacturing same // 2607720
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for transmitting and/or receiving ultrasonic waves by means of an ultrasonic transducer. Essence of invention consists in that ultrasonic transducer comprises at least one cMUT cell (30) for transmitting and/or receiving ultrasonic waves, wherein cMUT cell (30) comprises cell membrane (30a) and cavity (30b) underneath cell membrane. Device additionally comprises substrate (10) having first side (10a) and second side (10b), wherein at least one cMUT cell (30) is installed on first side (10a) of substrate (10). Substrate (10) comprises substrate base layer (12) and a plurality of adjacent trenches (17a) extending into substrate (10) in a direction, perpendicular to substrate sides (10a, 10b), wherein spacers (12a) are each formed between adjacent trenches (17a). Substrate (10) further comprises connecting cavity (17b) which connects trenches (17a) and which extends in a direction parallel to substrate sides (10a, 10b), trenches (17 a) and connecting cavity (17b) together forming substrate cavity (17) in substrate (10). Substrate (10) further comprises substrate membrane (23) covering substrate cavity (17). Substrate cavity (17) is located in a region of substrate (10) underneath cMUT cell (30).EFFECT: reducing or suppressing acoustic communication of ultrasonic waves with substrate.14 cl, 32 dwg
Cable electric hoist // 2607718
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to handling equipment, particularly to cable electric hoists. Cable electric hoist comprises two frames (1, 2) with working wheels (4), lifting element (16) with hook (17), on one of frames (2) displacement (5) electric motor is attached and on another are installed drum (6), reduction gear (8) and lifting electric motor (9). Lifting electric motor (9) is arranged in drum (6) inner cavity, between frames (1, 2) control axis (3) is arranged, frame (1) with displacement (9) electric motor is made with shelf (13) to support spring-loaded roller (12) spring, made with possibility of rolling along beam crane (14) lower surface (15), and on drum (6) gear rim (10) is arranged with possibility to engage with reduction gear output shaft (8) drive gear (11).EFFECT: enabling improvement of electric hoist design with reduced weight and small overall dimensions.1 cl, 4 dwg
Constant-velocity universal joint for helicopter rotor // 2607717
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, particularly, to designs of propellers hubs on universal link. Constant-velocity universal joint consists of two concentric rings (5A and 5B), wherein first inner ring (5A) has rotary connection with driver (3) two opposite pins (31) connected with transmission shaft (1). Second outer ring (5B) has rotary connection with hub (2) two opposite pins (22). Two concentric rings are also mutually connected by pair of articulated opposite pins (542) at angle of 90° relative to pins (31) connected with transmission shaft, and relative to hub pins (22), which common axis (CA) is stably maintained in plane, called homokinetic, dividing angle between hub (2) axis of rotation and transmission shaft (1) axis of rotation in halves, by means of at least one or two devices (6). At that, bisectors are connected with transmission shaft and with hub.EFFECT: enabling continuous transmission of rotational movement between transmission shaft (1) and said hub (2), to which blades (7) are attached regardless of hub angle of inclination relative to driving shaft.10 cl, 12 dwg
Four-point lever // 2607716
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cargo vehicle axis suspension four-point lever. Four-point lever has four supporting seats (3), from which two supporting seats (3) are made with possibility to be articulated with vehicle axis and two supporting seats (3) are made with possibility to be articulated with vehicle frame. Four-point lever includes made with possibility of torsion, substantially, inscribed into formed by supporting seats (3) trapezoid lever body (1, 2), formed of structure from fibrous composite. Structure from fibrous composite comprises structure (10, 11) with longitudinal fibres matched with supporting seat (3), which covers supporting seat along half of its perimeter, and also passes along lever body (1, 2) parts. Lever has two structures (10, 11) with longitudinally oriented fibres, each of which is associated with one of two pairs (3) of diagonally opposite supporting seats.EFFECT: enabling possibility to produce lever monolithic body with crosswise arranged ribs from unidirectional fibers, which provides high capacity for perception of loads, higher fatigue strength due to elimination of stresses concentrators and reduced structure weight.16 cl, 7 dwg
Gas turbine engine pylon // 2607715
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircrafts. Pylon (30) has streamlined shape defined by two opposite side surfaces and longitudinally between leading edge (31) and trailing edge (33). On each of its side surfaces (36) pylon (30) has sequence of deflectors (40), which are transversely spaced apart from each other and which determine between each other converging and curved channels (60). Channels (60) are made so that to accelerate air flows, flowing in channels (60) during aircraft takeoff or flight so as, to deflect said air flows towards engine jet blast.EFFECT: invention reduces engine noise.10 cl, 6 dwg
Diesel locomotive non-pedestal bogie // 2607699
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles, particularly to diesel locomotive non-pedestal bogie. Non-pedestal diesel locomotive bogie consists of frame, made of longitudinal and transverse beams with hinged motor wheel units. Units include traction electric motors and mounted wheels with spring sets and journal-boxes, connected with frame using shackle links. On frame crosswise beams, in extreme motor wheel units installation area, turning platforms lower rings are rigidly fixed. Lower rings are connected with turning platforms upper rings via socket joints and latter by means of helical compression springs are connected with one ends of U-shaped curved rods, which other ends are rigidly connected to traction motors. Traction motors end surfaces are equipped with arc-shaped projections, provided with slots interacting with spring-loaded retainers, mounted on bogie frame transverse beams.EFFECT: enabling higher stability of diesel locomotive.1 cl, 3 dwg
Diesel locomotive non-pedestal bogie // 2607697
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles, namely to non-pedestal diesel locomotive bogies. Diesel locomotive non-pedestal bogie consists of a frame with mounted on it motored wheeled units and wheel pairs with axle boxes. Axle boxes the of wheel pairs are spring-loaded relative to the frame by helical compression springs and with the help of shackle links are bound with it. Motored wheeled units are located at the bogie edges and are rigidly fixed on additional frames. Some ends of the additional frames by vertical hinge pins are installed on the frame crossbars located in the middle part of the bogie. Other ends of the additional frames are pivoted in curved guides rigidly secured on the bogie frame end crossbars.EFFECT: provided is higher reliability of wheel flanges.1 cl, 3 dwg
ine-resistant seat // 2607695
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mine-resistant device for vehicle seat. Device comprises seat bearing structure for seat installation, which can be made with possibility of attachment to vehicle roof. At that, device also comprises guide tube, in which seat bearing structure is installed with possibility of axial movement and which is connected with roof, as well as retaining belt with rupturable joint, which is made with possibility to break in case of explosion at reaching of preset load. At that, retaining belt consists of several belts different by length. Short belt with rupturable joint is intended for rupturing at mines explosions, and longer on is for seat and passengers pickup after preset travel.EFFECT: enabling higher reliability, reduced energy acting on passengers.6 cl, 3 dwg
License plate installation device (versions) // 2607693
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: inventions relate to versions of vehicle license plate installation device. Device for installation and fixation of license plate has rectangular housing with rounded corners with recess to accommodate license plate, upper and lower relative to license plate normal position in cover plate housing, attached to housing lateral sides edges with flexible webs, and cover plates fasteners on housing longitudinal and lateral sides. According to first embodiment, cover plates fasteners on housing longitudinal sides are made in form of T-shaped projections arranged along housing longitudinal sides and coupled with them flat projections with central slit for T-shaped projections bases arranged on cover plates, and cover plates fasteners on housing lateral sides are made in form of holes and wedge-shaped projections in cover plates center edges and corresponding to them wedge-shaped projections-locks in housing lateral sides center part. According to second embodiment, flexible webs, connecting cover plates and housing longitudinal sides edges, are made in form of triangular in bases prisms contacting by ribs.EFFECT: providing reduced material intensity, higher strength, reliability of license plate fastening and device structure elements interlocking, possibility of license plate simple repeated installation/removal when it is necessary to replace it without use of special tools.44 cl, 15 dwg
Bicycle car // 2607692
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles with muscle drive and can be used in amphibious bicycle cars, attractions, toys, etc. Closest to wheel pedals axes (10) by one side are rigidly fixed on wheels (14) with eccentricity equal to crank (12) radius, and by other is on pedal shaft crank (12). Each pair of pedals crankshafts (18) are installed in bearing supports (8) on amphibious bicycle car semi-frames concentrically to wheels axes. On front semi-frame (1) control handle (4) is installed connected to reducing gear worm (6), and on rear semi-frame (2) reducing gear worm gear (3) is rigidly fixed concentrically to semi-frames rotation axis. For motion and manoeuvres in water on front wheels (14) and rear wheels (15) blades (17) are installed.EFFECT: invention facilitates control, simplifies assembly and provides use of wheels without central hub and spokes.1 cl, 1 dwg
Steering control system // 2607691
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Steering control system for a vehicle with controlled axle of independent suspension with hubs of wheels installed using an independent suspension assembly on each side of the axle. Steering system comprises a steering lever, a steering rod and a device for connecting each rocker with a device of control commands input for controlled synchronous operation of the rockers. Steering lever is installed on each hub and extends outward therefrom. Steering rod passes between each steering lever and the corresponding rotary rocker. Steering rod is connected able to turn with each steering lever and rocker to provide a universal turn between the steering rod and each steering lever and rocker.EFFECT: provided is better controllability of the vehicle.25 cl, 23 dwg
Trailer // 2607690
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to road vehicles and can be used in designs of car-and-tractor trailers. Trailer consists of body, frame and dolly with front and rear wheels towbar. In each of dolly frame side members in their middle part gear wheels interconnected by flexible rod are arranged. Each of wheels is in contact with racks, rigidly fixed on trailer hitch so that one of them is installed above one of gear wheels, and the other is under it. In flexible rod middle part guide bushing rigidly connected to dolly frame is located.EFFECT: reduced dynamic loads acting on trailer bearing structures as a result of its jerking during tractor train in motion.1 cl, 3 dwg
Rotary table // 2607689
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to road vehicles and can be used in designs of car-and-tractor trailers. Trailer rotary table consists of top and bottom rings with vertical walls, between which ball traveler and locking ring with bent end are arranged in top ring wall conical hole. Locking ring is made from resilient material, and wedge-shape slot is made in its curved end along its length. End surface of bent end is equipped with stops interacting with rotary table top ring wall.EFFECT: higher reliability and service life of locking ring attachment.1 cl, 2 dwg
Vibration weakening strips to discharge liquid for aircraft turbine engine fan housing acoustic protection // 2607688
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft gas turbine engine fan housing acoustic protection. Aircraft fuselage acoustic protection device comprises acoustic protection panel (6) with strips (10), weakening vibration. On one side strips are pressed to panel (6) outer surface (6a), and on other side is to fan housing inner surface. Each weakening strip (10) has two opposite edges (14), each of which has upstream and downstream ends, located at distance from each other along central axis (2) direction. One of two strips (10) opposite edges (14) has such shape, that liquid, present on this edge, could flow by gravity in direction of any one or both of its upstream and downstream ends.EFFECT: invention improves aircraft engine reliability.10 cl, 7 dwg
Nozzle of gas-jet helicopter control system // 2607687
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering and can be used for helicopters with jet control system. Control mechanism of flaps of tricuspid nozzle with controlled thrust vector consists of toothed sector of middle flap position control, side flaps control levers, central rocker, engaged by rods with levers of side flaps. Central rocker is engaged with toothed sector of middle flap, wherein gear ratio from middle flap to central rocker is 0.70–0.78. Arms of central rocker have length of 0.3–0.4 width of nozzle inlet section and opening angle of arms 140–150°. Levers of side flaps have arms of length of 0.3–0.35 and 0.4–0.45 of nozzle inlet cross-section width and angle of inclination 50°–55° and 55°–60° respectively, and thrusts of levers of side flaps are 0.5–0.55 and 0.4–0.45 of nozzle inlet cross-section width.EFFECT: reduced pressure losses in nozzle and improved its efficiency, providing required for each flight mode ratio of side and propulsion forces.1 cl, 7 dwg
Protective shield against impacts of ice on aircraft // 2607686
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, particularly to a self-recovering shield protection against impacts of ice on an aircraft (AC), in particular, an AC with propeller engines. Protective shield against impacts of ice on an aircraft structures comprises layers of a composite material (CM) having microcapsules containing a recovering agent. Herewith the CM also contains microcapsules containing particles of a catalyst. Under action of the catalyst particles the recovering agent becomes a polymerized recovering agent, where the recovering agent is dicyclopentadiene. Herewith the catalyst particles are particles of tungsten hexachloride and diethylaluminium chloride (WCl6-Et2AlCl).EFFECT: provided is higher flight safety due to the use of a self-recovering material, which recovers the protective material in flight.14 cl, 7 dwg
Drip refrigerator-radiator dispersed fog collecting device // 2607685
FIELD: space.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to space engineering, namely, to heat removal devices in space power plant thermodynamic cycle. Drip refrigerator-radiator (DRR) dispersed fog collecting device comprises working medium supply and delivery units. Supply unit comprises drive and driven pulleys with belt installed on them. On belt return section electric heater is installed. Delivery unit is installed above drive pulley and includes rotor with grooves, accommodating movable blades and pushers with return springs, cam, setting required pushers movement law, and working medium residues removal shutter. Collecting of cooled down as a result of radiation cooling drops is carried out by supply unit moving belt. Liquid film is formed on belt moving together with it to delivery unit. For removal of film from belt moving blades are used. Residual working medium temperature control at belt return movement is carried out by electric heater.EFFECT: technical result of invention is enabling of DRR cooled working medium transportation to its circulation closed circuit pump input.1 cl, 2 dwg
Hydraulic control system for vehicle // 2607684
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Hydraulic control system for vehicle having engine, contains oil pumps, oil reception part, oil channels and check valves. First oil pump is mechanical pump and driven by vehicle moving force source. Second oil pump is electrically driven pump and driven by electric motor. Oil channels connect oil pumps with oil reception part. First check valve is located between combination point and first oil pump. Second check valve is located between combination point and second oil pump. Combination point is part, where first oil channel and second oil channel are combined with each other. Combination point and second oil pump are connected by means of third oil channel. Third oil channel includes throttle mechanism.EFFECT: enabling improving of hydraulic control system operating characteristics.4 cl, 5 dwg
Plant forming blocks from wood concrete // 2607683
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of construction materials, particularly, to technological equipment for production of construction blocks from wood concrete. Plant forming blocks from wood concrete comprises a mold driving device, a device for loading wood concrete mixture in the mold, a device for compaction of the wood concrete mixture in the mold, a device for a construction block removal from the mold. Herewith the mold driving device is configured as a platform of carousel type, along the perimeter of which, outside, there are devices for loading, compaction and block removal. Herewith the loading device is equipped with a mechanism of impact-return oscillations relative to the axis of roller vertical guides of the mold made as a lever connected with a pneumatic cylinder and a carrier fixed on the axis of roller vertical guides of the mold articulated with a crossbar on the mold loading position. In the compaction device on the roller vertical guides there is a compaction table connected to the lower vertical linear pneumatic drive with the possibility of vertical reciprocating compacting movement of the table. Pressure plate is articulated with the upper linear vertical pneumatic drive.EFFECT: technical result is higher efficiency and reliability of the plant.1 cl, 6 dwg
ethod of plough share hardening // 2607680
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for agricultural machines tillage tools working surfaces strengthening, operating under abrasive wear conditions. Protective coating is applied on ploughshare surface in several continuously repeating cycles by spark alloying of ploughshare surface and subsequent protective cusps arc surfacing. In each cycle electric-spark alloying is carried out by oscillating electrode, made of abrasion-resistant material, by doping current pulses with energy of 1.5–10.0 J for 5–60 s to produce protective coating with thickness of up to 0.5 mm. Then current supply to said spark alloying electrode is disconnected and it is supplied with constant welding current of positive polarity with value of 80–450 A for 20–120 c for overlay welding by electrode material of protective cusp with height of 0.8–1.5 mm.EFFECT: method ensures production of wear-resistant coating with high strength of its adhesion with ploughshare parent metal and ploughshare ability to self-sharpening.3 cl, 2 dwg
Powder feeder for plasma-powder surfacing // 2607679
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of plasma deposition of products with powder filler material, in particular to powder feeders of plasmatrons or similar devices. Powder feeder comprises casing with outlet chamber and dispensing hole, as well as overlapping element of dosing hole, made in form of shutoff needle. Feeder additionally comprises tube-separator with holes in its lower part and drive, connected with shutoff needle, wherein said needle is placed inside tube-separator and has weight, providing closing of dosing hole with shutoff needle, while there is no drive effect on shutoff needle. Drive may be made in form of electromagnet, fixed relative to casing, and is equipped with vibrator.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of quality of welding and stabilization of thickness of built-up layer.6 cl, 1 dwg
easuring hopper to supply powder and binder into welding zone // 2607678
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to surfacing powders mixing devices and can be used in parts reconditioning and hardening by electric contact welding and other methods of recovery, in which surfacing powders are used. Measuring hopper comprises hopper for powder with bottom discharge funnel and drive mounted outside of it, kinematically connected with vertical rod located inside powder hopper connected with powder shutoff valve. On powder hopper axis binding substance container is arranged, made in form of vertical cylinder, which lower end is made in form of truncated cone, which is powder shutoff valve in mentioned bottom discharge funnel, and upper end is provided with cover. Rod is installed on binding substance container axis. Rod upper end is connected with drive via hole in container cover, and its lower end is binding substance shutoff valve in hole in vertex of said truncated cone. On rod stopper is fixed.EFFECT: invention enables to perform simultaneous supply of powder and binding substance, and control and batch their supply.6 cl, 1 dwg
embrane concentration device // 2607664
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to separation, concentration of liquid food mediums with membrane methods and can be used in food, pharmaceutical and microbiological industry, as well as at plants of agroindustrial complex. Membrane device comprises casing with unions for removal of product, body with two circular slits and hollow stock with cone, to which moving shaft with blades is fastened, dividing membrane channel into four sectors, in three of which grid is placed, fixed to blades at certain distance from membrane. In fourth sector moving turbulators and guide for their ordered movement by flow of separated solution are located.EFFECT: invention provides intense cleaning of membrane surface, which increases efficiency of device.1 cl, 1 dwg
Rubber-cord casings assembly method // 2607663
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of rubber-cord casings, namely to methods of balloon type rubber-cord casings with clincher beads assembly. According to method, forming rubber-cord casing, uniformly stretching casing edges, seating bead rings, forming rubber-cord casing beads. Rubber-cord casing edges are uniformly stretched in cone-shaped manner. In side zones on evenly stretched casing cone-shaped edges outer diameter non-stretchable belt material is wound layer-by-layer, thereby forming bead rings. Non-stretchable belt material layers are duplicated. Wrapping casing edges onto bead rings. Non-stretchable belt material is made in form of rubber-cord belt with number of threads in row from 3 to 12 threads.EFFECT: technical result of disclosed technical solution is creation of rubber-cord casings assembly method, increasing range of produced balloon type rubber-cord casings with clincher beads.1 cl, 7 dwg
ethod of producing nanocapsules of adenine in carrageenan // 2607654
FIELD: nanotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of producing nanocapsules of adenine. Specified method is characterized by that carrageenan in benzene is added with glycerol ester with one or two molecules of edible fatty acids and one or two molecules of citric acid as a surfactant, the produced mixture is stirred, added with adenine powder, after formation of an independent solid phase is slowly added with petroleum ether, the produced suspension of nanocapsules is filtered, washed with petroleum ether and dried, herewith the ratio of nucleus/shell in the nanocapsules makes 1:3, 1:1 or 5:1.EFFECT: invention provides faster and easier process of nanoencapsulation of adenine, as well as higher mass output.1 cl, 1 dwg, 4 ex
Composite profile and preparation method thereof // 2607653
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to composite profile made of aluminium, plastic using secondary raw material. Described is a composite profile, comprising a core made of mineral substances, vegetable fibres, additives and plastic of a single type, characterised by that plastic core consists of plastic wastes, as additives contains maleic anhydride MA, and on external surface of core there is a protective layer, which fully covers outer surface of core and is formed by a layer of not used plastic of single type, wherein plastic protective layer and plastic core are related to same type, wherein core and protective layer are made on principle of coextrusion, wherein core and protective layer are integrated with each other only due to production on principle of coextrusion, wherein outer side of protective layer on opposite side of composite section is lined with decorative layer of aluminium foil. Also described is a method of making composite profile.EFFECT: technical result is obtaining high-quality construction profiles by coextrusion, which have strong connection, long service life, are durable and are widely used.7 cl, 6 dwg, 5 ex
ethod of producing liquid sterile nutrient mediums for operation with cells of mammals // 2607648
FIELD: biochemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to biochemistry. Method of producing liquid sterile nutrient medium is disclosed. Method involves dissolving of dry components of nutrient medium in optimum volumes of solvent and sterilization of obtained solutions. Dissolution is performed for 5–10 minutes in ultrasonic bath with generator frequency of 37 kHz and amplitude of oscillations in range from 5 to 20 microns. Sterilizing ultrafiltration is carried out using cascade of three series-arranged membrane filters with pore size of 0.45–0.22–0.1 mcm and efficiency of filtration from 100 to 1,000 ml/min.EFFECT: invention provides production of nutrient medium for cell biology in required volumes immediately before planned works, higher reliability and quality of operations with cells of mammals.3 cl, 1 tbl, 1 dwg
oulded catalyst for converting methanol into aromatic hydrocarbons and method of producing said catalyst // 2607633
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a catalyst for converting methanol into aromatic hydrocarbons, method of producing said catalyst and method of converting methanol into aromatic hydrocarbons. Catalyst contains 85 to 99 parts by weight of zeolite ZSM-5, from 0.1 to 15 parts by weight of element M1, which is least one element selected from a group consisting of Ag, Zn and Ga, and from 0 to 5 parts by weight of element M2, which is at least one element selected from a group consisting of Mo, Cu, La, Ce and P, Co, wherein total specific surface area of catalyst is in range of 350–500 m2/g, and specific surface area of micro pores is within range of 200–350 m2/g. Method involves following steps: step I: mixing template agent I, an inorganic acid, silicon source, aluminium source, water, soluble compound of element M1 and, optionally, soluble compound of element M2 to obtain a mixture, converting mixture into gel with subsequent holding and drying of gel to obtain amorphous mixed silicon-aluminium mixed oxide precursor; step II: mixing silicon-aluminium mixed oxide precursor obtained at step I, with a crystal seed and binding agent, moulding and drying mixture to produce a moulded semi-finished product; and step III: crystallisation followed by calcination of moulded semi-finished product obtained at step (II), to obtain said catalyst. Catalyst is characterised by high values of total specific surface area, specific surface area of micro pores and micropore volume.EFFECT: results of reaction for synthesis of aromatic hydrocarbons from methanol using a catalyst, provided in present invention, demonstrated good catalytic activity.14 cl, 3 tbl, 25 ex
Polyethylene composition with high degree of swelling // 2607625
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a polyethylene composition for making moulded articles of different types. Composition has density from 0.953 to 0.960 g/cm3 and ratio of MIF/MIP from 17–29, where MIF is melt flow index at 190 °C with load of 21.60 kg, and MIP is melt flow index at 190 °C with a load of 5 kg. Composition is obtained by polymerisation of ethylene, optionally together with one or more comonomers, in a gas phase reactor in presence of hydrogen and copolymerisation of ethylene with one or more comonomers in other gas-phase reactor in presence of a lower amount of hydrogen, than at step a). In at least one of said gas-phase reactors growing polymer particles flow upward through a first polymerisation zone under fast fluidisation or transfer conditions, come out of said zone, and enter a second polymerisation zone, through which they flow down by gravity, come out of said second polymerisation zone and reenter first polymerisation zone, creating circulation of polymer between polymerisation zones. All copolymerisation steps are carried out in presence of a Ziegler-Natta polymerisation catalyst deposited on MgCl2. Polyethylene composition contains one or more copolymers of ethylene and not more than 1 wt% of comonomer, selected from olefins of formula CH2=CHR, where R is alkyl radical, linear or branched, containing from 1 to 10 carbon atoms.EFFECT: obtained composition is characterised by good balance of physical and mechanical properties, high degree of swelling of extruded flow with surface of high quality and stability of dimensions of end product, environmental stress-cracking resistance (FNCT) and impact strength.4 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl