Control of watering (A01G25/16)

Sprinkling irrigation control system // 2644068
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: sprinkling irrigation control system for a sprinkling machine (12) with a programming system (14) is made with the ability to define the area (16) of sprinkling of the sprinkling machine (12) using the map (18) of the region. The programming system (14) is provided to automatically convert the geometric data of the region map (18) to the sprinkling irrigation control parameters (22) of the control device (24) of the sprinkling machine (12). The sprinkler with the sprinkling machine and the sprinkling irrigation control system and the method of defining the sprinkling area and/or sprinkling regions using the sprinkling irrigation control system are also stated.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of defining the sprinkling area.21 cl, 11 dwg

Lizimeter // 2642261
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices used in agriculture for balance research on reclaimed lands, in particular, for determining infiltration irrigation, thawed and sprinkling water. Lysimeter includes container (1) with a soil monolith, connected with vertically installed container (6), tray (5) and water level controls. Vertically mounted vessel (6) is divided into measuring container (9) and drainage well (10) by partition (8), in the middle part of which hole (11) is made in the form of an opening overlapped by shield (12). Shield (12) is equipped with device for discharge of water in the form of siphon (15), descending line of the siphon is brought to drain well (10) towards the head of the outlet of closed header. Siphon (15) is fixed inside the hole in shield (12), made with possibility of vertical limited movement relative to opening (11) in baffle plate (8). Vertically installed container (6) is hydraulically connected to container (1) tray (5) with the soil monolith. Lysimeter is provided with drainage tube (16) adjustable valve (18), one end of which is hermetically passed through shield (12) to the descending branch of siphon (15) and pointing upwards to its bend, and the second to measuring container (9) and is located below the ascending branch of the siphon. Ascending branch (23) of the device in the form of siphon (15) is equipped with L-shaped lever (22), in the middle part of which two-arm lever (19) is articulated, on one arm of which shut-off device (17) is fixed, and on the other arm – float (20).EFFECT: invention provides convenience and stepless adjustment of the lysimeter parameters for each taken crop and a program of dumping water into the drainage well, improves the accuracy of calculating the irrigation regime and allows expanding the scope of application for water accounting for irrigation or sprinkling.4 cl, 1 dwg

ultifunctional sprinkling machine // 2632492
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, namely to watering equipment. Multifunctional sprinkling machine includes fixed support with fixed pipe and rotary bend, sprinkler vehicles, self-propelled trucks with hydraulic drives, distributing valves and drain lines. Distributing valves are connected to pipeline connected with rotary bend. Valves are connected via branch pipe and hydraulically controlled valve, shutoff element with hydraulic drive, hydrorelay with control unit, connected to pressure pipe through orifice with tube of outer protection system. Tube connects series actuating valves, hydraulic drive of hydro-controlled valve, drain lines. Hydraulic drives of dollies are equipped with spray nozzles coming from working fluid dispenser. Dosing unit is made as hydraulic drive with piston. Lower cavity of hydraulic drive is connected to additional pipeline through check valve and dispensing valve. Upper cavity is connected to pressure pipe via controlled two-way valve. Lower cavity has filling valve. Extra pipe is made of polyethylene material and is located in clamps on posts. Posts are rigidly connected with second clamps on machine pipeline. Extra pipe is equipped with saddles. Saddles provide hydraulic connection with distribution valves of hydraulic drive supports, drain valves.EFFECT: reduced metal consumption and higher reliability are provided.1 cl, 2 dwg

Device and method of measuring plant growth conditions // 2630484
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device of detecting plant growth conditions for the substrate comprises the first linear array of probes, the second linear array of probes, and a control unit. The second array of probes is located at a fixed distance from the first array of probes. The control unit is made with the possibility to combine the measurement probes received from the first and the second array. While implementing the method of detecting the plant growth conditions, the probes are introduced into the substrate. The parameters from the first and the second array of probes are measured. The first and the second measurement are combined. The growing condition of plants is calculated on the basis of the combined measurements.EFFECT: improving the assessment of the general plant growth conditions for the substrate.23 cl, 11 dwg

ethod for watering control // 2622695
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: while implementing the method for watering control, soil humidity and precipitation intensity are measured. Additionally, the temperature and humidity of air, the atmospheric pressure and the wind speed are measured. The information about the precipitation forecast is obtained. The frequency, intensity and duration of watering are determined. The duration of watering is increased at the positive difference between the set value and the actual value of soil humidity, precipitation intensity, air humidity and atmospheric pressure. The duration of watering is reduced at the positive difference between the set value and the actual value of air temperature and wind speed, as well as the positive forecast of precipitation at the set time.EFFECT: improving the watering control quality.1 dwg

Device to control water balance of soil // 2596703
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: lysimeter includes a vessel with a monolith of soil hydraulically connected with a level control vessel, a release unit connected to a water supply source, a control unit with an electro-switching circuit and connected to it electromagnetic sensors of water levels in a level control vessel. Source is made as a vessel with a level sensor connected to the control unit and connected to it a pipeline with a hydraulic pump connected to the control unit. Level control vessel is made from a closed reservoir divided in the middle part by a partition, in its lower part there is an additional chamber. Lower part of the chamber has a filtering coating from a geotextile material arranged above the screen. Tray of the chamber is hydraulically connected to a vessel with the soil monolith. On the partition there is a pump arranged above. Spool-valve mechanism is arranged able to be connected with the chamber cavity with atmosphere and with the control input is connected through an electromagnet with a software unit, inputs of which are connected to a level sensor, and output - with the pump. Unit is equipped with devices of setting duration of periodic opening and closing of the spool valve.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of material consumption.1 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl

Blast-hydraulic gun // 2593538
FIELD: agriculture. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fog irrigation of grain, vegetable and cucurbits crops, as well as it can be used for prevention and fire extinguishing of forest, bulrush, herbs, buildings and structures. Gun comprises a rotary platform with the device (46) placed in its center for water supply, with control unit (43), accumulator (77), fuel (44) and oil (45) tanks which are installed on the platform. On the platform there is a hydraulic chamber arranged above cylinder (1) with a crosshead crank gear with crankshaft (6) and flywheel (7), located in the case with cover, connected on one side to starter (75), reduction gear (40), electric generator (41) and fuel pump (39), connected on the other side to reduction gear (32) and oil pump (31), fixed on supports (42 and 33). Cylinder (1) is equipped with ribs and casing for air cooling, connected on one side by pipeline (22) to a centrifugal fan (23), connected to electric motor (28), and connected on the other side to outlet branch pipe for discharge of heated air into atmosphere. Gun includes an inclined inlet branch pipe for supply of compressed atmosphere air and cleaning cylinder of burnt gases, connected to centrifugal fan (27), connected to the same electric motor (28), and outlet branch pipe, connected to silencer (30). Hydraulic chamber comprises a plate automatic pendulum-type valve, installed at the inlet of water from the pipeline. Barrel for water jets shot is made with nozzle (67) with an attached device, containing a stepped cylinder with valve/plunger with end surface skewed at an angle 45°. Device (46) for water supply is made in the form of a vertical pipe fixed on the rotary platform, containing a cover with the branch pipe for connection with a pipeline of the hydraulic chamber on one side, and on the other one it is attached to the pipe, connected to the pump with motor connected to a water container. Rotary platform is made with a ring which is pivoted along its axis on cylindrical support, fixed on foundation metal sheet. Ring is provided with a taper gear connected to a bevel gear, having a shaft connected to the cylindrical gears of a reduction gear with a motor, installed on it with brackets connected on the rotary platform and arranged along the perimeter at equal distances from each other, having support rollers. EFFECT: water jets shot at larger distance, fogging and reduced fuel consumption are provided. 1 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for construction of irrigation system for cultivated lawn // 2581243
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method for construction of irrigation system for cultivated lawn involves growing grass cover of pre-formed lawn strips having a base, growing is performed on a prepared platform in place of arrangement of lawn, irrigation system is made in form of separate bent perforated sections elements made in form of a figure eight in plan and connected to water supply source equipped with automatic control system, section elements are arranged between two layers of geotextiles on surface of which are laid fertile soil and inoculated seeds, punched sections elements equipped with end part of controlled valve and connected with discharge drain.EFFECT: higher quality of irrigation.2 cl, 2 dwg

Irrigation control system // 2562194
FIELD: physics, control.SUBSTANCE: proposed irrigation system (100) comprises: controller (202) to control irrigation channels (C1, C2, …, Cn); unit (204) of pickups interface connected with controller (202); connectors (CN1, CN2, …, CNn) pickups corresponding to each irrigation channel (C1, C2, …, Cn) arranged in said unit (204); one or several pickups (S1, S2, …, Sm) connected with said connectors (CN1, CN2, …, CNn). One pickup (S1, S2) is connected with one connector (CN1, CN4) and allows outputting the output signal to controller (202) so that irrigation channel (C1, C4) corresponding to connector (CN1, CN4) is controlled by output signal of pickup (S1, S2). Output signal of one pickup (S1, S2) connected with connector (CN1, CN4) is used to control one or several irrigation channels (C2, C3, C5) by appropriate connectors (CN2, CN3, CN5) upstream or downstream of pickup connector (CN1, CN4). Serial connectors (CN2, CN3, CN5) are disconnected from pickups or connected with faulty pickups.EFFECT: higher reliability, simplified system (100).15 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of automatic irrigation of plants // 2556384
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method comprises supplying the controlled amount of irrigation fluid to the plants through the pump and the irrigation head moving from plant to plant by means of the actuator controlled by software device before the start of implementing the cycle of automatic irrigation the sprinkler head which is in the initial position, in the manual control mode, is supplied to each plant alternately and stops, in the memory of the software device the coordinates of the stop points are recorded, after which the irrigation head returns to the original position, having reached which the software device is taken off into the automatic mode of representation of the stop points.EFFECT: providing the possibility of an independent change in irrigation places for each plant individually.1 dwg
System of subsoil irrigation // 2552007
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: system of subsoil irrigation comprises a source of water, a storage tank (32) with a float control, a field (1) and sectional distributors (2), humidifiers (3) and a device for automatic water supply (4). The float control comprises a vertical distributor (20), inside which the spool (27) is mounted. The spool (27) is connected to the float chamber (32) fluidly connected by the tube (36) with the perforated tubes-storage units (37). The distributor (20) is provided with inlet and outlet holes overlapped by the flap of the spool (27). The spool (27) position change mechanism is made in the form of a rod rigidly mounted in the upper part, having free moving clamps (34, 35). In the mode of manual change in the spool (27) position the elevator (39) with a clamp (40) is moved to the desired height. The elevator (39) interacts with the rod with the moving clamps (34, 35).EFFECT: simplified structure of the system, reduction of the material consumption, elimination of soil overmoisturising, water saving.3 cl, 2 dwg
Water distributor // 2551916
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, and is intended for the use in water distribution in pressure irrigation systems. The water distributor comprises a distributing housing which is successively switched relative to the smooth surface of the housing, and which by a sealing device is adjacent to the mating surface of the housing. For water distribution the displacing means and the sealing device at the areas of movement with the stepwise movement promote the removal of the distributing housing from the mating surface of the housing.EFFECT: invention is aimed at the reduction of wear in the area of the sealing device and the mating surface of the housing of the water distributor.16 cl, 5 dwg

Water distributor // 2549851
FIELD: transport, distribution.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to water distributor to be used for water supply for garden waste sprayers. Water distributor incorporates the fluid-pressure-activated stepwise water feed regulator. The latter allows stepwise switching to several angular increments (IW) and, hence, passage of inactive outlets (A5, A6) of said water distributor. Outlets (A3-A6) may be designated by the user as active or inactive. Stepwise switching device sets the distributor body to different preset step magnitudes, hence, to the other water discharge outlet. Different step magnitudes are set by variable stroke (D1-D5) of piston (KO) of stepwise regulator.EFFECT: ruled pressure drop at active outlets, simplified servicing.11 cl, 6 dwg

Device for automatic watering plants // 2539854
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device for automatic watering plants comprises a container for irrigation liquid (1) with a device of the irrigation liquid supply (2) to several rows of plants, having an outlet hose (3) with the supplying nozzle (4), the drive (5) controlled by the software device (7) to move the nozzle (4) from one inlet spout (6) to another. The inlet spouts (6) located at each row of plants are connected to the distribution pipelines (8) with watering nozzles (9). The software device (7) controls automatically the process of watering plants according to the given programs.EFFECT: increased efficiency of automatic watering of several rows of plants with the desired flow rate of irrigation liquid.2 dwg

ethod of providing plants with water and mineral nutrition under conditions of weightlessness and system for its implementation // 2528934
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: method comprises supplying irrigation drinking water in the root module ion-saturated ion-exchange fibre soil-substitute and providing auto-correction of the pH value of the obtained substrate solution, as well as its saturation with nutrients containing the elements N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg and Fe. To ensure it with nutrients in the required amount, the continuous monitoring of the total concentration of the elements in the irrigation water is carried out before supplying to the root module. The irrigation drinking water before supplying to the root module is previously passed through a layer of granulated ion-saturated ion-exchange fibre-soil-substitute the amount of which is selected so that before the end of the calculated period of operation the total concentration of the elements S, Ca, Mg and Fe in the irrigation water is within the range adequate for growing plants. At that in case of a decrease in the irrigation water after passing through the layer of granulated ion-saturated ion-exchange fibre-soil-substitute of the total content of the elements N, P and K to the lower limit of the admissible range of concentrations, a concentrate is added to it, which is obtained by passing the water through the layer of granules of slow-acting fertiliser (SAF), the number of which is selected so that the elements N, P and K contained in it are enough to the end of the calculated period of operation. The system comprises a root module with the ion-exchange fibre soil-substitute for planting seeds or seedlings and the subsequent growing the plants, which is connected to the output of the pipeline of supply of irrigation water with the peristaltic pump mounted at the inlet. In addition the pipeline of supply of irrigation water after the peristaltic pump the concentrating cartridge filled with granular ion-saturated ion-exchange-soil-substitute, and the flow mixing chamber with a sensor of electrical conductivity of water and a stirrer placed in it are connected in series, the mixing chamber is equipped with its own closed loop water circuit, in which the pump and the concentrating cartridge with granular SAF are mounted in series. At that the system is provided with a controller electrically connected to the pumps, the stirrer and the sensor of electrical conductivity of water, and the sensor of electrical conductivity of water is included in the loop of the negative feedback of the controller.EFFECT: inventions enable to improve the technology and manufacture of plant products in the space greenhouse under conditions of microgravity.4 cl, 1 dwg, 1 ex

Device of automated control of multisupporting irrigation machine of front action for precision irrigation // 2522526
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device of automated control of multisupporting irrigation machine of front action for precision irrigation comprises pipelines of right and left wings of the machine, mounted on trolleys with electric drive, unit of motion synchronisation with the course with a guide rope and a speed control unit of the machine motion. Along the irrigation channel a contact network is mounted on racks, which interacts with the current collector, which, through the telescopic mechanism is fixed to the trolley moving along the opposite side of the irrigation channel. The output of the current collector is connected to the input of the control panel, which output is connected to the input of the counter of electrical energy, which outputs are connected to the inputs of the microprocessor control unit and the frequency inverter. The inputs of the microprocessor control unit are connected to a timer, a system of course stabilisation, a synchronisation system of trolleys in line, sensors of path, setter of irrigation rate, setter of length of irrigation site, water metre and a pressure gauge mounted on the pipeline, and the outputs of the microprocessor control unit are connected to electric hydraulic shutter, frequency inverter, contactor, devices of trolley synchronising in line and the devices of stabilisation of the course of left and right wings, through a vacuum pump with a pump inlet, which outlet through the electric hydraulic shutter and the flow metre is connected to the pipeline. The microprocessor control unit is connected to the input-output of the interface device. The signal from the output of the frequency inverter is supplied to the electric drive of the left and right-wing of the machine, and the contactor output is connected through the electric motor to the pump inlet. The signal obtained from the humidity gauges mounted on the irrigated area of the field, enters to the irrigation control system through the GLONASS satellite, the signal from the irrigation control system through the GLONASS satellite is transmitted to the input-output of the GLONASS-receiver which output through the unit of signal analysis is connected to the microprocessor control unit, which output is connected to the GLONASS-receiver. The input-output of the microprocessor control unit is electrically connected to a sensor screen, and the output of the frequency inverter is connected to the input of the contactor. The output of the signal analysis unit is connected to the inputs of the irrigation control unit, which outputs are at the extreme driving support trolleys are connected to the input of the device of the course stabilisation and on the intermediate support trolleys are connected to the input of the device of the trolley synchronisation in line, of both right and left wings of the machine.EFFECT: reduced consumption of irrigation water, fertilisers, electricity, elimination of insufficient irrigation and excessive irrigation.3 dwg

ethod of agricultural crop foliar application // 2503505
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agriculture. The method comprises spraying the agricultural crops with an initial crushing the solution flow of microelement fertilisers by the air flow and the subsequent drops electrocharge in corona electrostatic field. The liquid-air mixture is prepared at a distance from the hydraulic sprayer nozzles, then fed under pressure to hydraulic nozzles, at the output of which it is crushed and passes in the form of a torch with bubbles of air through the electrostatic field, where the mixture in the form of liquid-air drops is electrostatically charged, is additionally crushed thus increasing monodispersity, surface moisture of the fed plants, the number of free ions of nutrients of microellement fertilisers, which, precipitating on the surface of the agricultural crops, penetrate into the plant, improving its nutrition. The drop size, their crushing, monodispersity of drops and the amount of free ions is regulated by the pressure of microelement fertiliser solution from 0.2 to 0.3 MPa, the air pressure of 0.4 to 0.5 MPa, injected in the solution of fertilisers in the pumping mains, microelement fertiliser solution flow through one nozzle to 0.3 L/min, electrocharging of the sprayed liquid-air drops with the electrostatic voltage on the electrodes of 3 to 5 kV and a current of 10 mA.EFFECT: method enables to increase the saturation of the solution mixture of fertiliser with air and to increase the monodispersity of the sprayed solution of microelement fertilisers.2 dwg

Device for regulating liquid fertiliser application in irrigation system // 2496306
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture and can be used for land reclamation in the irrigation and humidification systems, water conservation measures, distribution of sewage and livestock waste in the system of irrigation from distribution lines. The device comprises a water intake structure, a distribution pipes, water distribution devices in the area of drainage from the distribution pipes, irrigation pipes and the differential between the inlet and outlet parts of the pipeline. The irrigation pipes are arranged sequentially along the length of the distribution pipes. The sections of the distribution pipes are equipped with a corrector of flow of open type with the inlet and outlet in the form of a fixed discharge elbow fitting. The elbow fitting is installed coaxially to the opening of the discharge inlet elbow fitting with the ability of horizontal rotation and interaction simultaneously with the discharge and irrigation pipes. The elbow fitting is made with the ability of releasable connection. The arch of the discharge pipe has an additional sprinkler.EFFECT: invention provides higher reliability of the system operation and the use of drained lands through efficiency and quality control of liquid fertiliser in the calculated moisture layer.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of operation of plant protection unit with satellite navigation on agricultural fields // 2492626
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agriculture. In the method the plant protection unit is operated, which consists of the vehicle and the sprayer with nozzles for spraying agent of protection. The operation of the movement of plant protection unit is performed by the onboard computer with the navigation system in accordance with coordinates of the route inputted in the onboard computer. The operation of spraying is carried out by using the nozzles of the sprayer in untreated areas of the field. At that operation of spraying is carried out by using the nozzle of the sprayer in untreated contaminated areas of the field to be sprayed - the contaminated area. The operation of the plant protection unit, movement and choice of the route geometry of movement, positioning accuracy of the unit on the route, the length of the rod, the number of nozzles on the rod, the radius of nozzle discharge pattern, the criterion for inclusion of the nozzles and operation of spraying is carried out with a minimum of environmental damage, and power resources costs of the plant protection unit, taking into account the spatial position of the contaminated zones and field configuration for a given precision of navigation and the system of determining the geographical coordinates.EFFECT: method enables to minimise environmental damage and power resources costs for operation of the plant protection unit by reducing the length of the route of movement of the unit on sites including the contamination zones.4 dwg

Automated check outlet conduit for discrete control of lower reach level // 2492519
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: automated check outlet conduit comprises a lock installed on a water-outlet hole on a horizontal axis of rotation, a control chamber with an elastic shell, communicated with reaches, a valve connected with a level sensor, limiters of the control range. The automated check water outlet is equipped with a stem for fixation of the range of discrete control within wide limits, having a movable float level sensor. The control chamber is equipped with an outlet nozzle, on which there is a magnet for valve fixation. At the same time limiters of the control range are made in the form of fixators, one of which is arranged in the upper part of the stem above the movable float level sensor, and the other ones are arranged above the outlet nozzle of the control chamber.EFFECT: expanded control range and stabilisation of device operation under various heads.3 dwg

Device of automatic control of mist-generating plant // 2463773
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device of automatic control of mist-generating plant relates to gardening, namely to vegetative propagation of horticultural crops by the method of herbaceous cuttings. The device comprises operating mode switches on the number of units of mist-generating plant, a commutation switch to connect the power source to the units of mist-generating plant and cyclical timing relay that determines the duration of the presence or absence of each unit power. The cyclical timing relay consists of a microcontroller, a real-time clock, a memory module, two encoders, control buttons and an alphanumeric LCD display.EFFECT: device of automatic control of mist-generating plant provides optimisation of watering mode by an independent set of time of watering and the time of pause separately for several intervals within the day, such as morning, day, evening and night.1 dwg

Device for extraction of underground water and soil reclamation // 2442859
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: the device comprises a system of injection wells, output wells and water distribution network with wells and surge units for aerosol moisturing. The injection wells contain gas-vapour or electric generators installed along the outer frame and inside the aquifer. The output wells contain pumps. The water distribution network with wells and surge units for aerosol moisturing is installed on the irrigated plot of the field. The gas-vapour generator contains a combustion chamber. The combustion chamber has a lid on one of its sides with an inlet valve to feed pressurized air from the piston compressor. Another side of the combustion chamber is fitted with outlet from extracting burned gas, combined nozzles for injecting the mixture of fuel thermal breakdown products and conductive fluid. The combined nozzles are installed on the combustion chamber wall in series one after another. The burner nozzles are installed adjacent to combined nozzles, they are used for injecting hot products of thermal breakdown of conducting fluid and products of burning the gaseous fuel-air mixture. The burner nozzle is connected with the piston valve mechanism. The piston valve mechanism contains a cylinder with a piston and a spring. The cylinder is fitted with a duct feeding pressurized air from the receiver. The receiver has a back flow valve and ducts fitted water-injecting nozzles. The ducts are connected with the cylindrical part of the valve mechanism. The cylindrical part of the valve mechanism has a blow valve for releasing the gas-vapour mixture into the atmosphere and a flange for fixation on the casting pipe of the injection well. The injection well is connected with the tubing string. The surge unit contains a receiving chamber. The receiving chamber has a back flow valve with water pressure. The receiving chamber is connected with the mixing chamber. The mixing chamber is fitted with a nozzle, and the surge unit is installed on a pillar. The pillar is connected inside the well to the water distribution network. The water network has a hinge connection to change the inclination angle of the bore, a jointed support used to rotate it the bore on the platform and a combustion chamber with expanding nozzle. The burner nozzles have a frame with hoses for conductive fluid feeding. The hoses are connected with cylindrical ducts. The cylindrical ducts are located inside the frame in the insulated layer. The electrodes are installed on one side of the cylindrical ducts. The electrodes are connected to the surge generator. Nozzles are installed on another end of cylindrical ducts. The nozzles are installed at an angle in relation to each other and are connected to the spraying nozzle blasting chamber. The spraying nozzle has a bottom with gas stream outlets. EFFECT: the construction ensures high production yield of crops. 3 cl, 14 dwg

ethod of melioration in piedmont zone and system for its realisation // 2387127
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method includes creation of irrigation sections at southern slopes with wide stationary beds with narrow trenches and dead-end irrigation furrows at the edges of beds. Trenches are laid along the middle of beds and filled with vegetable remains, manure and coated with mulch of vegetable remains. Californian worms are added into narrow trenches arranged in the middle of beds. Distance between dead-end furrows makes 1.2…1.8 m and corresponds to distance between wheels of agricultural equipment. Beds and dead-end irrigation furrows are arranged at both sides from self-discharge pipeline of irrigation network in irrigation section and laid at the angle to area horizontals. Slope of irrigation furrows does not exceed inclination of 0.005. Yearly in autumn narrow trenches are released from biohumus and filled with a new mixture of vegetable remains and manure. System of melioration comprises irrigation systems on irrigation sections. Irrigation systems comprises self-discharge pipeline laid along maximum slope of area, stationary beds, dead-end irrigation furrows, measuring and computing system. Measuring and computing system is connected by radio channel to central control panel of irrigation systems in irrigation sections, which are connected to signalling indicator of irrigation termination and double-wire communication line to devices of gates control. Devices of gates control are installed on units of irrigation system, inlet of which is connected to discharge pipeline, and outlet - to irrigation pipelines and microhydrants for water supply. Irrigation pipelines are laid parallel to discharge pipeline. Vortex water activator is installed on discharge pipeline. Signalling indicator of irrigation termination is arranged in the form of two soil moisture detectors, the first of which is installed in lower horizon of active soil layer. The second detector is installed at lower border of active soil layer.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to improve quality of irrigated sections melioration in piedmont area, to eliminate losses of irrigation water for depth filtration and discharge, to improve crop capacity and increase efficiency of irrigation systems.2 cl, 1 dwg

Automated irrigation system equipped with low pressure rotating sprinklers // 2354110
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: automated irrigation system equipped with low pressure rotating sprinklers consists of hydraulic pumping station, containing turbine connected with a shaft of high and low pressure pumps. The central control board is connected with automatic weather station, metre, placed on the low pressure supply pipeline of irrigation system, and winding of commutating three-way valve, the inlet of which is connected with the outlet of the high pressure pump, and the outlet with the inlet of the high pressure supply pipeline. The outlets of the high pressure supply pipeline are connected with the inlet of the first tree-way valve of the control systems and hydraulic protection of sprinklers from failures, the drive of which is connected with a plunger of ratchet gear, and diaphragm actuator of which is connected with high pressure supply pipeline. The outlet of the first three-way valve is connected through throttle with diaphragm actuator of double throw switch, interacting with the drive of the second three-way valve, the inlet of which is connected with high pressure supply pipeline, and the outlet is connected with feed line of hydraulic drive of the sprinkler and line of hydraulic protection of the sprinkle from failures through the cut-off valve. The outlet of the line of hydraulic protection is connected with the diaphragm actuator of the cut-off valve and diaphragm actuator of hydrorelay controlling hydraulic drive gate valve, placed on the inlet of the sprinkler. The outlet of the feed line of hydraulic drive is connected with through three-way valve with end pulse sprinkler, and the drive of the third three-way valve is connected with on-off mechanism connecting pulse sprinkler with the feed line of hydraulic drives, which contacts with the sensors of the beginning and the end of sprinklers passing the corner sector.EFFECT: invention allows simplifying automated control system, increasing quality of irrigation.1 dwg

Device for automatic watering of plants // 2333632
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the irrigation systems and can be used, in particular, for automatic watering of plants in garden sites and kitchen gardens. The device for automatic watering of plants includes a feeding tank with a siphon established on a mark of operation, starting chamber and evaporating tray. The feeding tank is supplied with cutout lever valve and an overfall tube. The starting chamber has the form of bucket and is executed with possibility of free rotationally oscillatory movement around pivotal axes between two fixed stops. The evaporating tray is established on the springs which have been put on dowels, fixed on the top edge of the feeding tank wall. The plunger is located rigidly on the evaporating tray connected pivotally with the lever of cutout valve. The valve is installed on the cutout valve entering and regulating water current. The overfall tube is connected to an irrigating network.EFFECT: provision of rational use of water for plants watering.1 dwg

Apparatus for irrigation of hothouses, greenhouses and garden plots // 2319372
FIELD: irrigation systems for automatic irrigation of plants on restricted areas.SUBSTANCE: apparatus has accumulation reservoir with bottom opening closed with valve, auxiliary reservoir, two float valves, one of said valves being designed for feeding water to accumulation reservoir and other valve serving for cutting-off said feeding process. Valve floats are positioned within auxiliary reservoir positioned lower than bottom of accumulating reservoir and connected through flexible pipelines to hermetically sealed reservoirs having porous bottoms and embedded in soil. Drawing of water by soil through said bottoms results in reduction of water level within auxiliary reservoir. Float valves are opened and water is delivered through one of said valves into accumulating reservoir. On reaching of predetermined water filling level, discharge opening valve is opened and water is delivered into low-pressure irrigation system and through other float valve into auxiliary reservoir. Increase in water level within accumulation reservoir cuts-off feeding of water into this reservoir. During operation of high-pressure irrigation system, functioning of apparatus is regulated by filling of accumulation reservoir to certain small volume and stabilized by means of detachable reservoir adapted to be mounted on accumulation reservoir and having horizontal partition walls.EFFECT: increased efficiency and enhanced reliability in operation of apparatus.2 cl, 3 dwg

Apparatus for automatic controlling of water flow rate supplied by pump-and-power unit // 2298914
FIELD: agriculture, in particular, irrigation systems, more particular, controlling of water flows supplied into upstream of open irrigation system.SUBSTANCE: apparatus has upper, lower and minimum level sensors made in the form of hermetic contacts mounted on floats, in upstream water-intake construction, within hollow sleeves cooperating with magnets immovably fixed on sleeves. Hermetic contact of upper level sensor is connected to power unit through time delay relay, receiving-transmitting unit connected to unit for controlling of electric engine of downstream pump-and-power unit, control unit for main electric hydraulic relay and in parallel with end switch mounted on hydraulic drive of locking apparatus engageable with stop positioned on hydraulic drive stem in upper position of pump. Hermetic contact of lower level sensor is connected to power unit through time delay relay, receiving-transmitting unit, unit for controlling electric engine of downstream pump-and-power unit, control unit of additional electric hydraulic relay and in parallel with second end switch also mounted on hydraulic drive of locking apparatus and engageable with said stop in lower position of pump. Hermetic contact of minimum level sensor is connected to power unit and unit for controlling electric engine of upstream pump-and-power unit.EFFECT: increased efficiency by providing automatic controlling of water flow rate supplied to upstream of open irrigation system.1 dwg

Hydraulic system for emergency protection of multi-tower sprinkling machine // 2297759
FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, system for automatic protection and controlling of self-propelled multi-tower sprinkling machines.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic system has locking device equipped with hydraulic drive and positioned at entrance end of machine, controllable hydraulic relay connected to control pipe extending through each tower and connected to hydraulic relay control unit and through narrowing device to pressure pipeline, return valve, normally open locking valves and actuating devices with tower position sensors disposed on rods which are fixed on housing bars of synchronization mechanism for intermediate supporting carts, hydraulically controlled valve mounted in feeding line of hydraulic drive for terminating cart and hydraulically communicated with control pipe. Actuating devices are connected through inlet pipe unions with control pipe via normally open locking valve by means of T-pipe, and through outlet pipe union with atmosphere. Tower position sensors are formed from plates made of fluorinated plastic material and equipped with slot widening at its ends. Plates are fixed on rods of synchronization mechanism by means of bolt connection so that said plates are movable axially of rod. Silicone pipe positioned within slot is joined with inlet and outlet pipe unions rigidly fixed within housing of synchronization mechanism for intermediate towers. Hydraulic communication between narrowing device and pressure pipeline is provided through return valve.EFFECT: simplified construction and enhanced reliability in operation.4 dwg

Irrigation apparatus for greenhouses, hot houses and orchard plots // 2246211
FIELD: irrigation systems used for automatic watering of plants on restricted area plots.SUBSTANCE: apparatus has accumulating vessel with bottom opening closed with valve, auxiliary vessel, two float valves, one of float valves being adapted for supplying of water into accumulating vessel and other float valve being adapted for cutting-off water supply. Valve floats are arranged in auxiliary vessel disposed below accumulating vessel bottom and connected by means of flexible pipes with hermetically sealed vessels provided with porous bottoms deepened into soil. When water is sucked through porous bottoms into soil, water level in auxiliary vessel is lowered and float valves are opened, with water being delivered into accumulating vessel through one of float valves. When predetermined water level is reached, valve for discharge opening is opened, water is supplied into low-pressure irrigation system and is further delivered through second float valve into auxiliary vessel. As a result, water level in auxiliary vessel is increased to cut-off water supply into accumulating vessel.EFFECT: increased efficiency and simplified construction.2 dwg

Device for automatically maintaining pressure in a closed irrigation network // 2236781
The invention relates to agriculture, namely, closed irrigation networks, but can be used in water supply systems and in systems neftegazopererabotki

Automated cheque outlet // 2228537
The invention relates to the field of hydraulic engineering and can be used to maintain a given level checks in rice irrigation systems

The device self-watering // 2221416
The invention relates to agriculture and can be used in irrigated agriculture for offline automatically determine the timing of irrigation and management of these irrigation of small areas, such as orchards, vineyards and single plants

The method of automatic control of drip irrigation in the greenhouse and device for its implementation // 2216930
The invention relates to automated control systems for irrigation, particularly drip irrigation nutrient substrate solution (C) boarding vessels (PE) for vegetable crops in the greenhouse

ulti-functional sprinkling machine // 2212787
The invention relates to agriculture, namely, irrigation technology, and can be used on irrigated lands using multisupport sprinkling machines circular steps

The hydraulic system of emergency protection sprinkler multisupport // 2208310
The invention relates to the automatic protection system multisupport sprinkling machines in agriculture

Automatic irrigation veselkova a. i. // 2187927
The invention relates to the reclamation, in particular irrigated agriculture

A device for watering plants (options) // 2175188
The invention relates to the field of agriculture

Device for irrigation protivosudorozhnogo // 2156059
The invention relates to agriculture, namely, irrigation systems, and is designed to protect plants from spring frosts by irrigation limited: in greenhouses, gardens, etc

Sprinkler installation // 2153799
The invention relates to irrigated agriculture and can be used for automatic irrigation garden, home sites, as well as for use on an industrial scale

Device for irrigation of greenhouses, greenhouses and gardens // 2137354
The invention relates to irrigation systems and can be used to implement automatic irrigation limited - greenhouses - greenhouses and garden sites

The programmable controller controls // 2112361
The invention relates to the field of agriculture, and is intended for automation of irrigation

Device for watering // 2108027
The invention relates to agriculture, in particular to the mechanization of irrigation, and can be used for irrigation of agricultural crops by discrete supply of water in the hydration pockets

Installation for multiple automatic watering plants // 2098947
The invention relates to the field of crop production, namely, equipment for growing plants in greenhouses and can be used for irrigation of greenhouses

Hydraulic time relay // 2092034
The invention relates to agriculture and can be used to automatically turn on sprinkler devices on stationary irrigation systems

Sprinkling machine // 2084130
The invention relates to agriculture, namely, irrigation technology, and can be used when watering multisupport by sprinkling circular steps