With two or more soil-working tools of different kind (A01B49/02)

Device for soil treatment // 2633399
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device for soil treatment contains cultivator shares. The shares are mounted on the frame. Three sections are rigidly fixed on the frame with the possibility of dismantling. The first (1) and the third (2) sections are made in the form of three frames and are foldable. Front frames of the first and third sections are made with four paraploughs (4) in the form of vertically mounted discs with a distance between them equal to the width of the share grip (5) of the cultivator. The working depth of the front frames is twice as much as the working depth of the cultivator share. The middle frames (6) are made with two stands (7) with cultivator shares. Rear frames (8) are made with one stand with a share with share overlap of the middle section by 2-4 cm. A shaft (10) with a needle shredder (11) and a toothed harrow (12) are fastened to the sides of the rear frame using brackets (9). The width of the shredder and the harrow of the first and third sections are equal to the width of the three shares, taking into account their overlap. The second section is basic and made with a hitch tongue (13), supporting (14) and transport (15) wheels and three frames. The front frame (3) of the second section is similar to the front frame of the first and third sections. One stand with a share is fixed on the second frame of the second section. On the rear frame of the second section there are four cultivator shares, a needle shredder and a toothed harrow. Two middle shares of the rear frame of the second section are located with overlap of 2-4 cm of the second frame share. The grip width of the shredder and the harrow of the second section is equal to the width of the five cultivator shares, taking into account their overlap. The depth of processing is equal to the working depth of the cultivator share.EFFECT: increased soil treatment quality.2 dwg

Combined anti-eroision harrow // 2630483
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: combined anti-erosion harrow comprises a frame with a connecting device, rows of disc working members mounted on the transverse frame beams, and deep tillers with an inclined rack, installed behind the front row of the disc working members. Behind the recessed part of the inclined racks of the deep tillers, which do not create open slots, there are furrow-forming spherical discs with a cutout for making water-retaining discontinuous furrows with bridges interrupting the furrow being cut. The deep tillers with an inclined rack are placed in two rows between the rows of the disc working members.EFFECT: improving the quality of anti-erosion soil tillage, preventing surface runoff, increasing the moisture amount in the soil.2 cl, 2 dwg
Polyfunctional tool for soil treatment // 2628580
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: polyfunctional tool includes a welded two-double-bar frame (1) equipped with a hinge system, supporting elements and working elements arranged in the staggered order. The tool comprises racks (4) made in the form of pipes of circular cross-section with the diameter of 90-95 mm . The racks (4) are equipped with lamellar extensions with openings for their attachment and reinstallation by height. Double lamellar brackets (20) are fixed in front to the bars. Flat hoes (7) are made semicircular with sharpening, are installed at an angle of 10-13° and have agitators in the form of metal strips cut partially at the end of the rear hoe part and bent at an angle of 40-50°. The tool also comprises bits (10), removable drainers, mouldboard housings, worm reducers (16) with elongated shafts in hinge supports. The reducers (16) are mounted on fixed platforms, arranged from behind of the bars, behind the double brackets, and equipped with engines powered from a tractor battery, similar to screwdriver engines known in practice, and reverse-rotation systems. The extensions (5) are welded to the rear of the racks (4) along the entire length and serve for additionally fixing the hoes (7), reinstalling them by height and fixing the drainers. The worm reducers (16) with elongated shafts are installed on the platforms (15). The platforms (15) are fixed to cylindrical housings (14), equipped with hinged supports, holders (13) and sliders. The sliders are put on guides, vertically welded, made in the form of a rectangular pipe with openings for locking fingers. The mouldboard housings (19) are made of the concave cylindrical shape, equipped with sharpening and rigidly mounted at the ends of the elongated shafts (18) perpendicularly and strictly in the middle by means of bolted brackets (20) equipped with bushings with the openings for the locking fingers (21).EFFECT: reducing the power consumption, improving the operational reliability and the tillage quality.3 cl, 5 dwg

Combined unit for preparation of soils // 2622737
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: combined unit for preparation of soils is hinged on a tractor and contains a frame, a disk unit, a milling drum mounted on the frame, driven through a gearbox from the tractor PTO, a movable casing to form ridges, support wheels, and a mechanism for adjusting the depth of loosening. The unit contains an active conveyor harrow in the form of an endless belt with spring teeth attached thereto, driven from the hydraulic drive, for removing weeds and placing them into the track of the support wheels.EFFECT: reducing the production costs and the amount of herbicide used, in order to obtain environmentally friendly products.3 dwg

Combined unit for main soil cultivation // 2621911
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: combined unit for the main soil cultivation contains a supporting frame with upper and lower brackets on which the right- and left-handed plough bodies, a support wheel and a support and levelling roller kinematically connected to the frame by means of a rod with a bracket and an embedded rotary nut are symmetrically mounted. An electric drive connected by means of a drive screw with the rotary nut is mounted on the upper bracket of the frame. On the support wheel, an emitter of ultrasonic oscillations is installed, which has contact with the ground. On the plough body reverse, a receiver of ultrasonic oscillations is installed. A computer control device is located in the cabin of a power means and is connected to the emitter and the receiver of ultrasonic oscillations for controlling the electric drive.EFFECT: improving the soil cultivation quality and reducing the energy costs.1 dwg

Cultivator-subsoiler // 2618327
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: cultivator-subsoiler comprises the drawbar with the hydraulic cylinder, pivotally connected with the sectional frame. The support wheels with depth adjustment mechanisms, the transport wheels, the racks, the duck-foot shovel, the tillers and the toothed spring harrows arranged with the possibility of adjustment by height are mounted on the frame. The tiller 6 is formed as a saber rack with a convexity toward the unit movenet direction with the sharpening angle 8…10°. At the end of the tiller, the bit is removably fixed with the incidence angle of 12…15°. The ratio of the tiller thickness to the bit width and the tiller width is determined with the condition of 1:2:5.EFFECT: improving the soil tillage quality, reducing the load on the tiller surface, and fuel economy.4 dwg
ultifunctional tiller // 2614379
FIELD: agriculture; machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, in particular to tillage machines. Multifunctional tiller comprises frame with hitch attachment and side walls, milling drum with permanent and arranged there between detachable blades or teeth sections, rear spring-loaded shield with detachable ridging housings, center and side on its lower surface, and with detachable blades, detachable support wheels. Milling drum contains permanently fixed and detachable sections and has drive mechanisms in form of driveline, central reduction gear, intermediate and side gear transmissions. Tiller is equipped with removable rippers arranged below milling drum in front of its detachable sections, detachable furrow shapers made in form of spherical discs with adjustable angle of attack and installation height, arranged in front of side walls and facing by sphere concave to tiller longitudinal axis. Side walls are equipped with support wheels posts installation devices, made with possibility of installation in front of milling drum or along furrow shapers trace behind side walls. Ridging housings are made removable, and side housings are installed with controlled mid-path.EFFECT: such design solution is aimed at tiller functional capabilities expansion.1 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of soil cultivation for root vegetables and potatoes // 2614058
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture. The method comprises the autumn plowing and spring presowing (preplant) milling. In the autumn, before appearing of the soil trimmed with shingles on the surface, milling is carried out, milled soil formed by the front shingles-dumping housing is dropped to the bottom of grooves, and the remaining part of the untouched soil, cover milled soil descending from the surface of the dump. In spring soil cultivation period before sowing or planting the untouched part of the soil is milled to a depth of previously milled solid.EFFECT: method provides milled soil protection from wind and water erosion.2 dwg

Wide-coverage agricultural unit // 2613500
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: into the unit structure the technological wheels (23) with lanyards are introduced, mounted on pivoting bars (5), as well as the rollers with levers and lanyards, mounted behind on the sections (18 and 21) with the modules of working bodies (19), which allows to adjust the tillage depth by means of changing the lanyards length. U-shaped leads (17) are mounted directly on the trailed device (1), with the possibility of leading by means of them the front ends of the rear - long (16) parts of the extensions (7) behind the front transport wheels (6).EFFECT: simplified design of the unit coupling.2 cl, 4 dwg

Combined tillage tool for prevention of soil displacement downslope // 2612429
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agricultural machinery industry. The combined tillage tool for prevention the displacement of soil down the slope comprises a frame with support wheels. The cultivator working bodies and discs in two rows with opposing angles of attack are mounted on the frame. The racks of the discs are pivotally fixed and connected with their leashes to the bar. The discs of front and rear rows have their own bars. The bars are interconnected by means of a rocker with the possibility of increasing the angle of attack of discs one row and decreasing the angle of attack of discs of the other row, depending on steepness of the slope.EFFECT: invention ensures the preservation of soil fertility and increases productivity of cultivated crops.1 dwg

Tillage rig // 2611150
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: tillage rig comprises a frame, attachment, support wheels, disc battery, flat hoes, brackets, which are associated with a hinge frame. The disс pack is installed in the frame through the hinge and supporting elements. The frame is movable around the hinge by a hydraulic cylinder which is mounted between the frame and the frame. Disc pack can move horizontally along the slots formed in the plates which are fastened to the frame. Springs are mounted on the support elements between the battery and the disс frame. Disc pack consists of "daisy" type discs.EFFECT: improving the quality of treatment of dry and strong soils.3 cl, 2 dwg

Continuous soil tillage cultivator // 2608788
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, in particular, to continuous surface soil tillage tools. Cultivator for continuous soil tillage comprises sectional frame with two symmetrical wings, trailed hitch tongue, rigidly fixed in frame central part, support-transport wheels in form of wheel pair, coupled with hydraulic cylinder and hinged on frame, working elements and planer. Length of cultivator trailed hitch tongue provides cultivator coverage working width to longitudinal distance between trailed shackle and working members center row ratio of more than 1.5. Wings working width is equal to half of central section width. On central section and frame wings working members two spring suspensions are fixed. Adjacent working elements in sequential in travel direction rows are arranged with overlapping. Hinges axes of central section connection with frame wings are arranged above of working members suspensions upper points, and at front hinges central section and frame wing are additionally connected by means of articulated lever and tie-rod. Lever comprises three hinges: lower is connecting lever with frame central section, upper is with tie-rod, central is with hydraulic cylinder rod, which is also pivotally connected with cultivator frame central section. Tie-rod has two hinges, one of which is connected to frame wing, and second is with lever. With retracted hydraulic cylinder rod upper lever hinge is located in one horizontal plane with central section and frame wing pivot joint. At that, ratio of distance between lower and central hinges of lever to distance between lever external hinges is 0.86…0.88, and distance between central and upper lever hinges to distance between external hinges ratio is 0.34…0.36, tie-rod length is approximately equal to distance between lever external hinges, and on frame central section, symmetrically relative to tool longitudinal axis supports are arranged, which height is equal to double height of hinge location above frame, connecting frame central and side sections.EFFECT: such design solution provides for simplified tool transfer into transport position from working and vice versa, higher efficiency of tiller and more complete removal of weeds.1 cl, 3 dwg

Berm forming blade, which does not create soil accumulation at strip soil treatment, for soil strip treatment agricultural tool // 2606088
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, in particular, to soil treatment tools. Disc for berm formation is made with possibility of soil amount reducing, which accumulates on disc inner surface, as disc pushes soil out to form berm. Disc has concave body with external radial edge, forming inner concave surface and outer convex surface, as well as central hole. Through body between inner and outer surfaces multiple holes are passing, radially spaced from body radial outer end next to central hole.EFFECT: such design solution provides for reduction of tool traction resistance.18 cl, 11 dwg

Tillage rig // 2604296
FIELD: agriculture; machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, particularly, to combined machines for soil treatment. Tillage rig contains a frame with support wheels, sweep cultivators installed in the form of a reverse wedge, disc batteries and a compacting roller. Disc battery and the compacting roller are rigidly fixed relative to the frame and have the soil treatment depth adjustment mechanisms. Disc batteries are installed parallel to rows of sweeps at the distance between rear posts of the sweeps points and extreme points of discs of disc battery equal to a=0.5…0.8 m. Joint of the disc batteries is located on the side of the middle sweep post, at a distance from its axis of symmetry of not less than c≥0.3 m and behind the sweep there is the middle of the distance between the discs.EFFECT: such design solution is aimed at improvement of quality of soil treatment, as well as at improvement of compactness and reduced metal consumption of the tillage rig design.1 cl, 2 dwg

Soil tiller // 2603914
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, particularly to soil tillers. Soil tiller includes conical reduction gears (6.7) installed on frame (1), which output shafts axes of rotation are inclined forward at angle (α), and on their ends hexagonal sprockets (15) are mounted. Sprockets are equipped with tips (18) with L-shaped blades (20, 21). Left and right rotors blades (20.21) and tips (18) are interchangeable by attachment, but are mirror reflection of each other. Input shafts of reduction gears (6, 7) are oriented opposite to each other and by sprockets (8, 9, 11, 12), of longitudinal shaft (10) and cardan shaft (30) transmit opposite direction of rotation to right and left rotors. At that, blades (20, 21) have contact with soil only in front part of their motion trajectory. For spacing surface shape leveling by means of rotor rotation direction reversing gear boxes (6, 7) are turned at 180°, and tips with blades, are switched over from right rotor to left, and vice versa.EFFECT: such design solution provides for expansion of tiller functional capabilities, as well as simplification of its design.1 cl, 3 dwg

Universal soil treatment means // 2597200
FIELD: agriculture; machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, in particular, to universal tillage means for performing various operations of primary soil treatment. Tool comprises welded frame with suspension, support wheel with screw mechanism, angle-bars welded to main beam of frame, plate-like brackets rigidly coupled with angle-bars. To angle-bars by bolts and through axis for turning by 180° in non-operating position are attached plate-like posts with dumps. On brackets are fixed by clamps extending forward plate-like posts. Dumps are made composite from detachable trapezoidal plates - bottom, upper and middle. To middle is welded at an angle closing trapezoidal plate. On plate-like posts there are holes along whole length for installation and discrete detachable cutting blades and paired sweeps. At front to plate posts are welded pipe rippers with bent end, completed by cut at an angle with removable elliptic bit with sharpening.EFFECT: engineering solution is aimed at improvement of functional capabilities of plough without dismantling and operational reliability, reduced power consumption of metal consumption.3 cl, 7 dwg

Combined disc harrow // 2588541
FIELD: agriculture; machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, particularly to tillage machines. Combined disc harrow comprises a frame with connecting device and placed on frame boxes for ballast, rows of spherical discs with posts mounted on frame cross beams and chisel plows. Chisel plows are arranged behind front row of discs, have inclined buried part towards longitudinal axis of harrow and are fixed on extreme harrow frame beams. Buried part of post is arranged on trace of front disc. Front rib of inclined part of chisel plows is deviated from its vertical part by an angle 40°±5°. Height of inclined part of post of chisel plow is greater than maximum treatment depth. Bending line of post is arranged at an angle 60°±5° to vertical.EFFECT: such design solution provides for stable operation of harrow depth without driving, as well as prevention of erosion on slopes or formation of stagnant pools in marsh on flat fields.3 cl, 3 dwg

Combined tool for presowing treatment of soil // 2587769
FIELD: agriculture; machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tools for soil preparation to sowing of crops. Tool comprises disk knives and flat cutting working elements installed on stands. Disk knives are secured at post of flat cutting working elements on chisel drum. Drum is made in form of hollow cylinder and acts as gauge wheel. On external surface of drum are fixed in helical lines replaceable tillage teeth in form of regular tetrahedral pyramid. Height of teeth is equal to required depth of soil tillage. Disk knife diameter is larger than that of chisel drum along tops of teeth. Chisel drum is installed with help of stands on leashes with hinges on implement frame, and stands have height adjustment. After chisel drum on leashes are lancet flat cutting working elements, which stand has height adjustment. After lancet flat cutting working tool hinged on guides there is bar-balancer, fixed by tension springs. Tool is made sectional, and sections are installed on frame by means of short and long drivers with overlapping width of coverage.EFFECT: such design will allow to enhance quality of upper soil layer processing to create mulching surface of agronomical valuable fractions and seed bed at complete destruction of weeds.1 cl, 3 dwg

Tillage tool // 2586165
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, in particular, to machines for deep soil tillage. Tiller comprises frame with fixed in pairs, one after the other RH and LH inclined working elements forming transverse rows. In the transverse rows working elements are installed in pairs so that their inclined surfaces are facing each other. In all transverse pairs of working members, except the central pair, the butt of working element chisel which is the most remote from the longitudinal axis of symmetry, is shifted backward relative to the chisel of adjacent working element by a value greater than half the length, but less than length of the chisel. Posts of working members have two lines, oriented at an angle of 90° - φ < α < 90° facing downwards to front surface of the post of working element, where φ is the angle of friction between soil and steel. At lower line this bend has an angle 180° - Ψ while at the upper line it has angle 90° + Ψ, where Ψ is the angle of soil chipping. Working elements are secured to frame so that their lower parts extend forward relatively the top due to that end faces of their posts are inclined to horizon at angle γ = α + β, where β is the angle of chisel installation.EFFECT: such design provides higher degree of soil crushing by working elements of tillage tool and reduced traction resistance.1 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for basic treatment, preparation of seed bed, soil decompaction and device therefor (versions) // 2583686
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural engineering, in particular to methods for basic and surface soil treatment in pre-sowing period and devices for their implementation. Method includes preparing a seedbed and decompression of soil working elements (4) made in form of clutches and/or arched and/or chisel rippers and/or disks. Working members (4) are arranged on frame (1) and have an upper and lower part of rack and provided with lifting and lowering of working bodies (4) when meeting with obstacles or without raising and lowering. Upper and lower racks are interconnected and adapted to lock releasably. After separation of upper and lower portions of rack stroke of rack bottom element acts on stop element with its upper part lifting working member (4) above the ground and latching lower part in catcher of top part or frame (1).EFFECT: engineering solution is aimed at improving reliability of implementation process and reliability of operation of working members of tillers.4 cl, 7 dwg

Tillage cutter // 2581659
FIELD: agriculture; engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of agricultural engineering, in particular to instruments for treatment of soil areas with uneven terrain and tree-clogged solid and inclusions. Cultivation cutter is connected to tractor via hinged system and contains rotated by drive mechanisms milling drum. Drive mechanism has milling drum cranks, rods connected with swinging racks. On milling drum fixed bearing wheels with grinding elements knives. Between carrier disc with grinding elements are placed knives separating fingers. Separating fingers are fixed on soil-compacting plate attached to swinging racks mounted by hinges.EFFECT: this design is aimed at ensuring creation of a dense lower layer of loose soil and topsoil required for optimal conditions for germination of crops and planting trees.1 cl, 4 dwg

Combined tillage machine (plus screw roller harrow) // 2581530
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building. Proposed unit comprises frame with towing device. At bottom of frame by means of movable arms are mounted transport wheels. Levers of transport wheels are connected to each other. Left and right bars are installed on frame with working wheels. Bars are additionally connected with frame via suspensions and lifting levers, which by means of hydraulic cylinders are connected with levers of transport wheels. Frame lifting relative to transport wheels is limited in transport position by limiting stands with pins-retainers. Harrow sections with lifting mechanisms are located in front of left and right bars and central part of frame are made as frames, on which are movably installed axis with paired spring teeth. Horizontally arranged brackets of harrow sections are fixed directly on left and right bars and on central part of frame. Screw rollers are arranged behind left and right bars. On bars rollers are fixed on lower ends of leashes, which in bearing assemblies are mounted shafts of screw rollers. On shafts rollers are fixed by means of spokes helical strips. Lifting mechanism of harrow sections, mounted on central part of frame, is made in form of a beam at ends of which are mounted spacer rollers. Beam is mounted above front cross bar frame in end and paired guide posts with lifting limiters and thrusts ends on lifting rollers. Axes of rollers are secured on left and right propulsor bars with an offset from axis of rotation up to outer ends. On beam by means of controlled anchor chains suspended harrow sections. Horizontally arranged brackets of harrow sections are arranged at front transverse bar frame to turn upward. Bracket downward turning is limited by stops. Extreme ends of screw rollers installed on left and right bars are maximally close to extreme ends of said bars. Internal ends of rollers extend beyond transport wheels and partially overlap them. Operating wheels on left and right bars are arranged between them and their screw rollers, which are movable, are maximally close to extreme ends of bars. On central part of frame is mounted by means of longitudinal bars fixed on frame via parallelogram mechanisms and turn-screw unit rollers. Two rollers of unit are parallel to each other and are parallel to screw roller mounted on far right bar. Third screw wheel of unit is located parallel to screw roller left timber unit.EFFECT: such design will allow improve tillage quality.1 cl, 7 dwg

Fastening device with configuration of double cut for frame elements of agricultural tillage tool // 2571053
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: agricultural tillage tool comprises a bearing frame with longitudinal and transverse frame elements, the intermediate frame element extending substantially longitudinally from the said transverse frame element, and comprising cultivator points located at the rear end of the intermediate frame element and extending downwardly from it. The longitudinal and transverse frame elements are connected by the horizontal fastening device. The horizontal fastening device comprises a first vertical plate and a second vertical plate. The first and second plates are attached to the longitudinal frame element and transverse frame element, respectively. The first and second plates have the first and second through openings and a hinge pin extending through them. The first and second plates form a first pair of plates, and on the opposite side of the longitudinal frame element there is an additional second pair of the said plates. The hinge pin extends through each of the said first pair of plates and the said second pair of plates.EFFECT: ensuring a firm connection of the frame elements.5 cl, 9 dwg

Subsurface cultivator for creation of grass cover between rows of perennial plants // 2569835
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: subsurface cultivator for creation of grass cover in between rows of perennial plants comprises a frame (1), support wheels with regulatory mechanisms, the subsurface blades (14 and 15), the shoe (13), the chisel (16) and racks (2, 3 and 4). The front rack (2) is fastened to the frame (1) with two L-shaped plates and clamps. On the front side of the front rack (2) a rod scraper is mounted. Each of the two rear racks (3 and 4) is formed integrally with toe steps (11 and 12) and represents a right and left half portions of one shoe configuration. The toe steps (11 and 12) are mounted in the direction of extension length of the subsurface blades (14 and 15). The working width of the blades (14 and 15) in operation is 2400 mm, and the span angle is 80є. The toe steps (11 and 12) are fixed to the frame (1) via supporting sleeves (9 and 10) made of a vertically positioned plate bent in the middle part at an angle of 60є, and in front perpendicular to it, there are plates of rectangular shape. The rear beam of the frame (1) is pivotally mounted to two rods (17 and 18) with a roller (19) consisting of a central axis, rotating in the hubs, on which the U-shaped profiles are fixedly mounted. Transfer of the roller (19) to the operating and transporting position is performed by means of a hydraulic cylinder (20).EFFECT: creation of grass cover of weeds between rows of perennial plants, reduction of negative impact of propulsion tractor units on soil, reduction of flow of moisture from the soil.2 dwg

achine of pre-planting soil preparation // 2569586
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agricultural engineering, in particular to machines for pre-planting soil preparation and combine potatoes harvesting. The machine comprises a frame, support-gauge rollers, a digging down working body, rod elevators, clod-crushing device, a screen, and a cross conveyor. The screen has openings with a diameter of 25 mm and the inclined projections. The screen consists of a rack fixed to the axis.EFFECT: this constructive solution provides improvement of quality of clod crushing and purity of tubers in the combine hopper.2 dwg

Packing wheels adjustable by actuator // 2568474
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: packing wheel assembly for use with agricultural tillage tool, having a frame, in assembly comprises a packing wheel and at least one lever assembly. The lever assembly has the first and second structural elements, a biasing device, a bracket, and an actuator. The first structural element extends from the frame. The biasing device is pivotally connected to the first structural element or the frame. The bracket is connected to the first structural element and the biasing device. The second structural element is pivotally connected to the first structural element. The packing wheel is pivotally connected to the second structural element. The actuator is pivotally connected to both the second structural element and the bracket. The lever assembly comprises a pin removably connected to the said bracket. The bracket has plates with the first and second sets of openings for receiving the pin.EFFECT: ensuring the ease of use of the mechanism for positioning the packing wheels.16 cl, 5 dwg

Universal tool for tillage // 2564846
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: tool for tillage comprises a welded double-beam frame equipped with hinge system, support elements, racks with chisels and working bodies. The racks are arranged in a checkerboard pattern. The racks are made in the form of one piece from a round cross-section tube with a diameter of 90-95 mm, are made with curved ends with an oblique cut at the end for mounting the chisels with sharpening and soldering of metal-ceramic alloy. The racks are equipped behind the bending with two welded flat trapezoidal brackets with bevel. The racks are equipped with plate extensions with holes for reinstalling and placed in front on the beams of the frame in the welded paired plate brackets. The frame beams are equipped behind with welded sites following the brackets of the working bodies. On the sites the worm reducers are mounted, equipped with DC motors, the output shafts of which are made elongated and equipped with mouldboard bodies attached to them by welding. The mouldboard bodies are made in the form of pentagonal plates equipped from below with ploughshares placed symmetrically, and on top with triangular wings. The lower ends of the shafts are mounted in pivoting supports fixed firmly to the racks by means of retaining rings and plate shields.EFFECT: enhanced functional capabilities of the plough and increase in quality of tillage.3 cl, 7 dwg

Plough // 2551100
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: plough contains main beam of the frame, angle-bars, plough casings with tusks, blades and landside plates. The plough casings are secured on poles. The plough-points are secured prior to plough casings on poles. Between the plough casings and plough-points the boards are installed oriented along the movement direction and without clearances. The plough casings are equipped with the side shavers installed on their poles from the side of leading edge, their width of cut is equal to width of cut of the plough casing. The plough-points are made with bend ends having cut-offs and bits installed on them. The plough-points ate installed below the tusks of the plough casings with distance from the plough-point bit to the tusk of the plough casing equal to maximum 30 cm. The plough-point poles are made out of pipes with diameter up to 10 cm, and installed with possibility of height adjustment on brackets with securing via the inserts. The side shavers are installed at angle 15-45° towards movement direction of the ploug with possibility of height adjustment.EFFECT: reduced power consumption, increased operation reliability and quality of soil treatment, widening of functional abilities.3 cl, 3 dwg

Device for in-soil rotary milling with perfected cleaning of mechanical drive of soil // 2548996
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery, particularly, to in-soil rotary milling and cutting of water absorbing slots in soils. This device comprises two vertical milling chisel ploughs (2). The latter are engaged with common drive. Milling chisel plough (2) is equipped with circular milling chisel plough (5). Circular milling chisel plough (5) has external cutting edges (11). The latter are made along its outer part on side surfaces, in turns at the right and left sides. Soil intake container (12) is arranged ahead of cutting edges (11). Said soil intake container (12) doubles as the recess of engagement of the driving gear of drive (15) on outer side of circular milling chisel plough (5). Said soil intake container (12) is provided with hole (13). The latter is directed perpendicular to the surface of circular milling chisel plough 5 and through its depth.EFFECT: better cleaning of said soil intake container, lower traction resistance and higher reliability.2 dwg

Rotary thatcheriser-chisel cultivator // 2546192
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: rotary thatcheriser-chisel cultivator comprises a frame with a connecting device, a rotor counter-rotating to the movement of the tool with the shaft and the combing teeth on it, and the driving mechanisms of the rotor. The teeth of the rotor are arranged in one plane of rotation and secured to the flange movable in the plane of rotation. The teeth are placed along a helical line with an angular displacement on the adjacent flanges of not less than 45°. The flange holder is connected to the rotor shaft by means of elastic elements. The elastic elements are mounted in the annular cavity between the connected surfaces of the holder and the shaft. The holder and the shaft contain the longitudinal ribs respectively on the inner and outer connected surfaces. The longitudinal ribs are arranged with the same angular displacement. The length of the part of the annular cavity of the unloaded rotor is filled with the elastic elements in front of the edge of the shaft, and at least two times greater than in front of the rib of the holder. In front of the rotor in the middle part of the bands extending between its teeth the circular knives with leashes are mounted. The leashes of the circular knives are mounted on the bearing beam with the ability of adjustment in height of the unit. At the rear part of the rotor between the teeth the grooved and tapered down shields are located. The shields contain rounded longitudinal ribs of different heights. The leashes of the shields are pivotally connected to the bearing beam with restriction of their descent. The lower ends of the shields are located behind the body of rotation of the rotor.EFFECT: providing stability and quality of the process of extraction from the soil of root residues of perennial plants and reduction of energy consumption for deep loosening of the soil.3 cl, 3 dwg

ounted combined machine // 2544630
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed machine comprises articulated three frame sections with working tools. Front and second sections (1) and (7) are coupled by hydraulic cylinder (16) for upward turn of second section (7) on pins (9) of articulation with front section (1). Front and third sections (1) and (13) are coupled by con-rod (17) with pins (18) and (19) of these sections. Con-rod (17) pin axle (18) is located ahead of and above pin (10) of articulation between first and second sections (1) and (7). Pin (19) of articulation between con-rod (17) with frame third section (13) is fitted on its top end ahead of pin of articulation between second and third sections (7) and (13). Pin (19) has crosswise bore to receive con-rod and can turn about its axis. In run-in position, distance between remote points of pins (18) and (19) for con-rod (17) is smaller than its working length (S), In working position, said distance equals the con-rod (17) working length while angle between second and third sections (7) and (13) is not smaller than 90 degrees.EFFECT: reliable conversion from in-run to working position.2 cl, 3 dwg

Combination tool for primary tillage // 2540558
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agricultural engineering, in particular to the combination tillage tools with replaceable working bodies. The combined tillage tool consists of a frame (1) of hinged colter-mouldboard plough, a support wheel (2) with the mechanism (3) of tillage depth control, replaceable working bodies: blade cultivator hoes (4) or the plough housings. The operating width of the blade cultivator hoe (4) is equal to twice the operating width of the plough housing. The tool has a disc section (6). The disc section (6) has an operating width equal to the overall width of the plough housings. When the tool is equipped with the blade cultivator hoes (4) the additional disc section (7) is mounted behind them, as well as the extender (11) of the frame with the additional odd-numbered bracket for mounting the last blade cultivator hoe (4). The disc sections are mounted on the offset beams (8) and rigidly fixed relative to the frame (1). The disc sections (6 and 7) have the tillage depth control mechanism (9) and the mechanism (10) of changing the angle of attack.EFFECT: design implementation of tool provides high quality of primary soil tillage and enables to improve the energy efficiency of the basic treatment due to the more efficient use of power of traction vehicle.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of soil treatment and device for its implementation // 2539858
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method comprises milling the soil as strips. The soil of milled strip is subjected to separation. Unseparated part of the soil is subjected to impact action, followed by separation, accompanied by crushing of undisrupted clumps of soil on the rods and pushing them into the gaps between the rods of the separating grid. The device comprises a milling drum, a rear rotor the separating grid located behind it. The working bodies of the rear rotor are made in the form of rubber blades. The blades strike the clumps falling on a wide plate fastening the rods of the separating grid.EFFECT: uniform distribution of agronomically valuable aggregates over the entire thickness of the treated land.2 cl, 4 dwg

Rotary subsoil cultivator // 2538821
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: rotary subsoil cultivator comprises a frame with a connecting device, the driveless ripper working bodies installed in series, forcibly rotating rotor with teeth on the horizontal shaft, the rotor drive mechanisms, and a compactor. The ripper working bodies are made in the form of spherical discs. The discs are mounted with an angle of attack in front of the rotor teeth and are facing with the convex to the longitudinal axis of the subsoil cultivator. The diameter of the rotor is at least one and a half times greater than the diameter of the discs. The discs are arranged above the lower line of the rotor body of revolution by an amount exceeding not less than half the radius of the disc. The devices for connection of the discs with the frame are made with elastic elements. The compactor is made with adjustable limitation of lifting height. The rotor teeth are provided with replaceable cutting devices. The discs are made adjustable in height and fixed on the spring-loaded or spring racks.EFFECT: reduction of energy consumption of loosening the soil by rotary subsoil cultivator and cost of power to the rotor drive, providing sustainable performance of processing the agricultural backgrounds with weed vegetation.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of forming of furrow slices and device for its implementation // 2537554
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of agriculture, in particular to vegetable farming. The method is implemented by means of laying of milled soil for the formed furrows to the surface of unprocessed soil. For long-term provision of cultivated crop with accessible (capillary) water entering the soil mass with capillary porosity, formed within a long period after qualitative autumn treatment the dried surface layer of this mass id destructed and removed. Meanwhile newly formed surface layer additionally compacted, that prevents to excessive loss of capillary water. The soil with non-capillary porosity hard-worked on the usual mass making side slopes and sowing layer, forming the hole soil mass as a furrow slice. The device includes the power shaft, fixed on the frame, with interspaces between milling drums with covers, shaping furrow slices. Meanwhile it is equipped with chains fixed on the driving shaft in interspaces between the milling drums.EFFECT: group of inventions allows to prevent an excessive loss of capillary water and for a long time to provide the cultivated crops with accessible water.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of primary soil treatment and combined tillage tool // 2536890
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method comprises cutting, crumbling of the treated soil layer, the layer turnover, the destruction of "plough pan" and formation of slits with the inter-slit distance of 70-90 cm. When crumbling the upper part of the treated layer its turnover is carried out in both directions with respect to the rack of the working body and movement to the field surface with the formation of cavities in the passage ways of the working bodies to form a ridge on the untreated part of the field surface. Then with the working bodies of the second row the process of formation of cavities is repeated. Then with the working bodies of the following rows cutting, crumbling of the untreated surface of the field to greater depth is carried out, moving it into the formed cavities and forming slits. Then the surface of the field is levelled. The tool comprises a frame consisting of longitudinal and transverse beams. The frame is provided with replaceable working bodies located to form parallel rows, enabling treatment of soil over the entire working width of the tool. The working bodies are made in the form of removable A-blades mounted on the rack, consisting of right and left ploughshares in the direction of motion. The ploughshares are made of triangular or quadrangular form, located with displacement of the cutting edges and have mouldboards. The working bodies are fixed to the longitudinal beams of the frame using the racks. The left and right ploughshares are mounted with displacement of 0.5-1.5 width of the ploughshare relative to each other horizontally and are located at an angle of 20-35° to the horizontal and 30-55° to the vertical planes. The cutting edges of the ploughshares are formed with displacement of 0-30 mm relative to each other vertically. On the rack of the working body over the ploughshares the right and left mouldboards are mounted at an angle of 25-50° relative to the side part of the rack in the horizontal plane and at an angle of 25-40° relative to the front part of the rack in the vertical plane. The lower edges of the mouldboards are made with the cutting at an angle of 20-40° relative to the horizontal plane. In the front part of the rack at the junction place of the left and right mouldboards the fairing is mounted made of a rod with the cross-section of a circle or part of a circle, corresponding to the length of conjugation of the mouldboards from the upper part of one of the ploughshares to the upper part of conjugation of the mouldboards. Two last rows of the working bodies consist of a rack, a fairing and a chisel, fixed through the side slot on the front part of the rack of the working body, which is attached to the equalizer by means of brackets. The working bodies of each of the next row are located with displacement with respect to the working bodies of the previous row.EFFECT: technology and constructive implementation enable to improve the quality of soil treatment and to reduce the tractive resistance.2 cl, 7 dwg

Agricultural tool for forming soil (versions) // 2536580
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: tool comprises a first row and a second row, located behind it, of earthmoving working bodies and at least one row of discs for forming soil. The adjacent working bodies of the first row are located at a first distance from each other, and the adjacent working bodies of the second row are located at a second distance from each other. The row of discs for forming soil is located behind the second row of earthmoving working bodies. The adjacent discs are located not at equal distance. The distance between the adjacent discs is greater or smaller depending on the fact whether the distance is located between the adjacent discs behind the working body of the first row or behind the working body of the second row. According to a second embodiment the tools of the earthmoving working bodies of the first and second rows are located at a predetermined distance from each other. The third embodiment of the tool provides location of the earthmoving working bodies of the first and second rows at equal distance, designed to form the first and second groups of recessions and groups of berms in the soil, at equal distance from each other. Each of the recesses in the second group of recesses is located approximately centrally of the corresponding berm from the group of berms and between the adjacent recesses of the first group of recesses. The second group of recesses is deeper than the first group of recesses. The discs for forming soil are designed for forming the first and second groups of recesses and berms to ensure the equal release of soil.EFFECT: constructive implementation enables to ensure uniformity of location of recesses on the surface of the treated area, which enables to retain moisture in the soil and to facilitate sowing of seeds.20 cl, 4 dwg

Agricultural unit for high-speed surface soil treatment // 2536494
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: on the frame the working members for soil treatment are fixed. The support wheels have swing arms and are equipped with ground cleaners in the form of the metal plates. The swing arms of support wheels are equipped with brackets with holes. Cleaners are installed on brackets with a possibility of regulation through the holes in brackets of the angle of their setup with reference to the direction of the unit motion. The value of the angle of setup of the cleaners with reference to the direction of the unit motion does not exceed the value of the angle of steel-soil friction with the humidity.EFFECT: lowering of traction resistance of the unit.2 cl, 3 dwg

Rotary tiller // 2535745
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agricultural machine industry, in particular to rotary tillers. The tiller contains hinge, rotor, central conic and board reducers, protective cover, holding tank. The holding tank is made as a lattice bucket. In the bottom of the tank an unloading hatch and support beam with raning roller on hallow stands. Inside the hollow stands the pushers with springs are installed. On the roller axle the protuberances are provisioned. The protuberances interact with pushers and shake the holding tank at motion.EFFECT: qualitative loosening of soil and its solid lamps, and also their final elimination from the field surface is ensured.6 dwg

ultifunctional plow for primary tillage // 2528029
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: multifunctional plow for primary tillage comprises a frame with support height-adjustable wheels, a hinge system. The frame comprises a carrier beam fixedly located at an angle of 45° to the direction of movement, with chisels mounted on it. The chisels are made in the form of a circular pipe with the end and the cut curved radially, closed by chisel of elliptical shape with hard-alloy welding. Parallel to the carrier beam an additional beam is located. On the platform of the additional beam welded on the edge the electrical drive is mounted. The electrical drive is kinematically connected to the racks placed with the ability of rotation on the additional beam, located behind the chisels. The racks are welded to the spherical discs equipped with eccentricities and rings with a parallelogram cross-section. The rings are sharpened and mounted on circumference of the spherical disc and with the ability of rotation on its axis.EFFECT: enhanced functionality and performance capabilities of the device, reducing labour costs for re-equipment, reduction of energy costs, and improvement of quality of soil treatment.3 cl, 4 dwg

Wide-cut tiller // 2525160
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: tiller comprises frame with trailer supported by two rear pneumatic wheels. Fenders are articulated with the frame while packing sections are staggered with frontal overlap. Packing sections consists of frames with bearing assemblies and shafts. Two pneumatic wheels are fitted on the frame via levers secured to the frame from below and interconnected by the beam. Fenders are arranged at the frame to displace upward. Wheels are fitted at outer ends of the fenders. Fenders are connected with the frame via suspensions and lifting levers. Lifting levers are connected via hydraulic cylinders with levers of the wheels. Frame lifting relative to pneumatic wheels is limited by posts with the frame retaining pins at transport position. Packing section shafts are equipped with helical strips of width a secured at spacing C and pitch t to make angle δ with generatrix describing the cylindrical surface of packing section in diameter D. Inclination of helical strip projection on whatever surface extending through section axis to their axes makes β. Section frames are mounted on the frame and fenders via parallelogram mechanisms and turn-buckles and crossbars to make packing sections located behind the fenders to cover the wheels fitted at edges of said fenders. All packing sections are located at angle α between tiller direction and perpendicularly to section axes diverted to the side of angle β for complete compaction of field under crop. Angle α is defined by relationship: α=arctg(t2nDH−H2−1tgβ), where n is the number of helical strips in packing section. H=Hmax-Hmin, where Hmax is maximum depth of packed soil above crops; Hmin is minimum admissible depth of soil packing. Maximum HmaxB, and minimum HminB thickness of additionally ground and loosened soil above packed soil are defined by expressions: HmaxB where Hr is sawing depth while HminB .EFFECT: higher quality of tillage.5 dwg

Rotary tiller // 2524088
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: tiller comprises a frame with milling drum fixed on it. The milling drum consists of sections with cutting knives. Behind the milling drum the sieving grid is mounted. The tiller is equipped with an additional milling drum with sections of ripping chisel blades. The additional milling drum is mounted in front of the main milling drum. The tiller is equipped with a smooth roller-compactor mounted behind the main milling drum. The main milling drum sections are formed with L-shaped long and short blades. The blades of additional milling drum sections are placed evenly in chequered order under acute differently directed angle to the horizontal plane in the vertical-transverse plane to the surface of the field.EFFECT: improved performance capabilities.3 dwg

Combined plough for smooth plowing // 2522320
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: combined plough comprises a frame with ploughshare bodies, a disc blade, joggers, subsoilers with rotary body in the form of a ribbed cone. Each rotary body is a multi-start screw and mounted behind the bodies.EFFECT: reduction of energy intensity of tillage and improving the quality of its crumbling.4 dwg

achine for preparation of soil for combine harvesting potatoes // 2507731
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery industry, in particular, to machines for preparation of soil plough layer for combine harvesting potatoes. The machine comprises a frame, bearing-gauge rollers, digging down working element, rod elevators, a transverse conveyor and clod-crushing device. The clod-breaking device consists of knifes in the form of blades located on a shaft. The shaft rotates in the bearing and is fixed with a spring.EFFECT: invention provides increased efficiency in crushing clods of soil.2 cl, 4 dwg

Device for subsoil milling // 2507728
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the agricultural machinery industry, in particular, to devices for subsoil milling. The device comprises two rotary milling chisel ploughs (2). The rotary milling chisel plough (2) is provided with a disc (4) of the milling chisel plough and an annular milling chisel plough (5). Over the milling chisel plough (2) the drive gear (15) of the drive is mounted. The gear (15) is located above the soil surface and is provided with teeth (14) of engagement. The teeth (14) alternately on the left and right interact with containers (12) for receiving ground of the annular milling chisel plough (5). On the container (12) surface rear in the direction of rotation of the annular milling chisel plough (5) the stop (13) is made. The surface of the tooth (14), which is rear in the direction of rotation of the drive gear (15) rests on the stop (13).EFFECT: constructive implementation enables to reduce the draught resistance and energy consumption, to improve the reliability of the device.2 dwg

Plough-ripper // 2502250
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery industry. The plough-ripper comprises moldboard housings mounted on the frame, each of which consists of a rack, a plowshares, a mouldboard, a boardless ripper with a chisel, adjustable in height along the rack. The ripper is attached to the rack on its side so it chisel is placed in a transverse-horizontal plane from the edge of the plowshare tip at a distance no more than (0.3…0.5)B, where B is the working width of the housing, and in the longitudinal-horizontal plane at the lowest setting parameters is not more than H2−(0,1...0,2)B2, where H is the difference between the depths of ripping and soil overturning.EFFECT: constructive solution enables to improve operational and technological characteristics of the machine-tractor aggregate, and to rip effectively the subsoil horizons.3 dwg

achine to prepare soil for combine harvesting of potatoes // 2495554
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, in particular, to machines for preparing of arable soil horizon for combine harvesting of potatoes. The machine comprises a frame, support following rollers, a digging actuator, bar elevators, a transverse conveyor and a lump-breaking device. The lump-breaking device comprises a driving shaft, on which there are setting discs. End discs are fixed to the setting discs, besides, between the discs there is a cylindrical tin pipe. On top the tin pipe has an elastic cylindrical cover with a spiral winding.EFFECT: invention provides for improved efficiency of breaking of soil lumps.2 dwg

Combined soil tillage implement // 2495553
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: implement comprises a trailer device in the form of a hitch frame for connection with a traction facility. The hitch frame is connected with the frame of bars. The frame is made of three hingedly joined sections with the possibility of installing extreme sections into the transport position. The frame is equipped with support and transport wheels (track wheel) with a hydraulic cylinder of track wheel. On the brackets of the frame there are cutting and tilling working elements in the form of legs with stands and levelling discs. Behind the frame there are working elements of rotary type in the form of roller modules, as well as a compensator of vertical oscillations of the hitch frame. The hydraulic cylinder of the track wheel by one end is hingedly connected to the frame, and by the other end it is connected to the axis of the crank mechanism of track wheel. The hydraulic cylinder of track wheel is located symmetrically to the transport wheels. The compensator of vertical oscillations of the hitch frame is made in the form of a traction rod. The traction rod of the frame hingedly fixed by one end to the brackets being rigidly fixed one opposite the other at both sides of the central longitudinal bar of the frame, and by the second end - to the hitch frame. The second end of the traction rod is equipped with a slot extended along the axis for provision of the hitch frame movement in the vertical plane.EFFECT: design will make it possible to increase reliability of the unit due to simplification of its structure, to increase convenience of its operation and maintenance, to reduce labour intensiveness of manufacturing with simultaneous improvement of soil treatment quality.6 cl, 8 dwg

Combined tillage unit // 2494591
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: unit comprises a tractor, a tillage tool, rod-shaped rollers. In the tractor cab the control panel is placed, and on its technological platform there is a pneumatic pressure tank. On the pneumatic pressure tank the inlet solenoid valve is mounted, connected to the pneumatic system of the tractor and the outlet solenoid valve. The frames of the rollers are pivotally attached to the frame of the tillage tool. Between the frame and the race hydraulic cylinders are mounted connected by the pipes and hoses with the pneumatic pressure tank.EFFECT: constructive implementation enables to improve the quality of secondary tillage.2 dwg

Working element of tool for subsurface tillage // 2494589
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agricultural machinery industry, in particular, to working elements of tools for subsurface tillage. The working element comprises a rack and a flat hoe mounted on it. The working surface of the hoe is made up with double convex upwards of curvature: negative - in the undercut part and positive - in loosening part. The working surface in the area of the middle of the hoe wings is provided radially with toothed flat discs. The discs are mounted parallel to the longitudinal axis with the ability to vary the height of his position. The hoe cutting edge has a contour in the form of a parabola. The vertex of the parabola faces the hoe tip, and the branches - to the ends of the hoe wings. The cutting edge of each hoe wing on the contour is made toothed. The front edge of each tooth has the shape of half a parabola. A branch of the parabola faces the end of the hoe wing, and the vertex - to the hoe tip, and its bulge in the direction of movement and is arranged to overlap in the transverse direction of the front edge of the tooth located in front. The rear edge of each tooth is made rectilinear and is located perpendicular to the tangent corresponding to the point of the contour. The corner angle of each hoe wing from the tip to the point of intersection of straight lines, one of which is the tangent to the contour and the other passes through the starting point of next tooth perpendicular to the tangent, is formed increasing in shape of half a parabola which convexity faces the longitudinal axis of the hoe, the vertex - its tip, and the branch - the end of the hoe wing.EFFECT: improved design.5 dwg