Discs and scrapers for cleaning discs and sharpening attachments (A01B15/16)

Disc working tool // 2637660
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: disc working tool consists of two parts: installation and working parts. The installation part has a seat for fixing to the bearing assembly and a supporting surface. The working part has a pressing surface and a cutting edge. On the support and pressing surfaces of the installation and working parts, fastening elements are arranged radially along the perimeter of the circumferences of the support and pressing surfaces. Fastening elements in the form of holes in the installation part are formed from circular segments of circumferences of different radii originating from one point and straight segments of the same radii. Fastening elements in the form of multidirectional L-shaped hooks are made on the working part. The height of their lateral generatrixes is equal, and the angle between the radii of the lateral generatrixes of the holes corresponds to the double angle of rotation of the working part when it is installed on the installation one. The mutual fixation of the working and installation parts in the radial section of the working surface forms a smoothly mated line.EFFECT: improving the quality and reliability of the technological process of soil cultivation, increasing the life of the disk.7 dwg

Wavy disc cutter with recesses // 2631233
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: wavy disc cutter comprises the first and the second side, the central portion with at least one opening and the wavy portion adjacent to the central portion and extending therefrom in the radial and circumferential direction. Wherein the waves extend from the central portion to the edge portion and form a plurality of ridges and recesses between the central and the edge portions. The wavy disc cutter also comprises a plurality of teeth formed along the edge portion. At least one first chamfered portion may be formed on the first side on and along the edge portion, and the second chamfered portion may be formed on the second side at and along the edge portion. Also, along the edge portion between the teeth, grooves with chamfered portions can be made alternately.EFFECT: wavy disc cutter allows to perform vertical soil treatment, at the same time eliminating the occurrence of undesirable side effects.20 cl, 11 dwg

Tillage disk // 2622916
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: tillage disk contains the smooth central surface and the corrugated surface on its outer ring. The straight lines of the corrugation ridges on the convex side of the disk are made in the form of straight cone surface generatrices. The lines of the corrugation ridges on the concave side of the disk are made in the form of arcs with the constant curvature radius the same as that on the concave side of the smooth spherical surface of the disk. The corrugation ridges on the convex side of the disk are made tangent to the convex spherical surface of its central part. On both sides of the disk, the lines of the corrugation ridges and recesses are smoothly conjugated by the lateral surfaces of the corrugations located at an angle larger than 90° one to the other. The annular section line of the corrugated part of the disk is close to a sinusoid. The disk blade line is made with the breadth not less than 30 mm, and the angle between the ridges of the adjacent corrugations on one side of the disk is not less than 18°. The diameter of the smooth central part of the disk does not exceed 0.6 of the largest diameter of the disk.EFFECT: improving the stability of the disk operation and increasing the soil crumbling intensity, simplifying its production.3 cl, 3 dwg

Disk soil-forming section // 2614377
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: disk soil-forming section contains a bearing assembly with a rack and the shaft. On the shaft on one side of the bearing assembly, two needle disc set, the plane of which is perpendicular to the axis of the shaft. On the other side of the shaft, the spherical disc is fixed with cutout. The spherical disc is facing the convex sphere and a bearing assembly mounted within the plane of the blade to the shaft axis, and the maximum tilted disk portion opposite the notch located tangentially. The rear edge of the cutout has been rejected by an angle of up to 30° from radius to the point of its edges on the blade in the rotational direction. The angle of deviation of the radius of the rear edge does not exceed 20°. Between the bearing assembly and the spherical disc, the needle disk is installed. The vertical shaft section and the rotation axis of disc axis lie in one plane.EFFECT: increase the capacity of water-detention of cut furrows, preventing the clogging of the cut disc crop residues, increased section width.2 cl, 2 dwg

Bearing assembly of cutting mechanism // 2595725
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, particularly, to cutting mechanisms of tillage machinery bearing assemblies, and can be used in disk harrows or sowing machines of direct sowing. Bearing assembly comprises fixed and movable parts, between which there is bearing unit, sealing device, axle with flange. Bearing unit is composed of two radial thrust bearings or one of two-row, which outer ring is common, and for each row of rollers there is separate inner ring. Flange has holes of threaded connections for attachment of tillage element. Bearing unit is fixed in fixed part by retaining ring. Flange is made with hub and is detachably fixed on axis. Bearing unit is clamped between axis collar and flange hub.EFFECT: such design will allow improving maintainability due to fast and easy replacement of gland or sealing packings, longer life, reduced dimensions and ensure saving lubricant materials.11 cl, 3 dwg

Working body of disk tillage // 2579769
FIELD: agriculture; engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the working bodies of disk tillage for harrowing the soil and stubble breaking. Working body is in the form of a spherical disc with notches on its edge. Peripheral edge of the blades formed by cutouts formed in such a manner that one end thereof is bent inwards and the other - to the outside of the sphere.EFFECT: constructive arrangement will reduce the energy intensity of tillage of the soil due to strain tension.5 cl, 2 dwg

System for sharpening of blades to be mounted at agricultural implements // 2571422
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: in compliance with the first version, claimed system comprises sharpening tool, rail and locating tool. Said sharpening device comprises the grindstone to be engaged with the implement round blade. Said rail supports said sharpening device and to facilitate the latter along said rail. Said locating part is engaged with the rail and will be engaged with the implement structural parts and those of said sharpening device while the rail and sharpening device are to be secured at the implement without fasteners. In compliance with the second version, claimed system comprises the sharpening device, first and second motors, drive unit, locating part and controller. The sharpening device comprises the same parts described in said first version as well as grinding wheel to sharpen the blade cutting edge. The first motor drives the grinding wheel to spinning. Drive unit is meant for revolving the blade relative to aforesaid sharpening device. The drive unit comprises the wheel to engage with the blade. The second motor serves to drive the wheel. The locating part can secure to the drive unit attach the drive unit to the implement structural element and can be detached therefrom. The controller controls the first and second motors. In compliance with the third version, the system comprises the sharpening device, rail, locating device and drive unit. Said sharpening device includes the grindstone. Grindstone comprises grinding wheel to sharpen the blade cutting edge and first motor to drive the grinding wheel. The rail carries the sharpening device to facilitate its displacement along the rail. The locating part is engaged with the rail to engage with the implement structural element and supports both the rail and sharpening device. Said drive unit spins the blade relative to grindstone and comprises the wheel to be engaged with the blade. The second motor serves to drive the wheel. The sharpening device comprises the carriage to engage with the rail and the grindstone support. Grindstone support can spin relative to said carriage between the position of engagement with the blade and that whereat it is disengaged therefrom.EFFECT: higher efficiency of blades owing to sharpening without removal from the implement.19 cl, 8 dwg

Disc plough body // 2524548
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: disc plough body comprises a rack with the axis on which on the bearing the spherical disc is mounted, braked by the locking mechanism located in the hub of the plough body, and a mouldboard is rigidly fixed, consisting of a breast and a wing. The spherical disc is braked by the leaf spring rigidly fixed on the rack, and the mouldboard mounted on the cantilever racks in the guide rigidly fixed on the spherical disc, has the ability of adjustment in height.EFFECT: improving quality of soil treatment at different technological modes of operation of the disk plough body and reduction of energy intensity of the process of soil treatment.2 dwg

Disc for agricultural machine // 2520668
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agricultural engineering, in particular to the disc tillage working elements. The annular tillage part of the disc is located outside the specified central diameter (D). The central dish-shaped part of the disc is located within the specified diameter (d) and has an inner side for receiving the hub. The annular connecting part of the disc has holes for mounting bolts. The connecting part has a shape of a truncated cone. The line passing along the plane of each hole for the mounting bolt on the inner side forms an angle α equal to 5°-10°, with a plane perpendicular to the centre line of the disc. The transitional areas between the tillage part and the annular connecting part and between the annular connecting part and the central dish-shaped part form obtuse outer angles.EFFECT: constructive solution enables to improve the strength of the disc.9 cl, 8 dwg

Disc used in agriculture in particular disc used for plowing // 2488985
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: metal disc comprises a plastic central part (10) and an outer peripheral part (12). The central part (10) is designed in particular for mounting the disc on the chassis or analogous element. The outer peripheral part (12) is designed in particular for treatment of soil, and has a higher hardness than the central part (10). The disc additionally comprises a transition zone (14) between the central part (10) and the peripheral part (12). The transition zone (14) has a hardness gradient in the radial direction. At least in its central part the disc has a hardness gradient in thickness. The method of manufacturing the disc described above comprises the following steps. Making the workpiece by cutting from steel sheet. Making fixation zone in the center of the workpiece by sewing. If necessary, extraction of the workpiece is carried out. Implementation of heat treatment of the obtained detail by the operation of quenching in water or in a polymer. Implementation of tempering at variable temperature, for example, with use of means of induction heating.EFFECT: claimed manufacturing technique and the disc produced using it enable to increase the wear resistance of the disc and increase its life of service.10 cl, 2 dwg

Tillage tool // 2433582
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: tool comprises a rotary knife with a working surface in the form of a truncated cone and plate knives of triangular shape. Plate knives are installed on the inner side of the rotary knife. The tool comprises a hydraulic motor made as a tool hub with a rotor inside, which are located along the axis of the rotary knife rotation. The body of the hydraulic motor is combined with the tool stand, and the rotor is connected to the spikes of the rotary knife.EFFECT: structural design will make it possible to increase quality of surface mulching soil treatment, to reduce clogging of the tool with soil and vegetable remains.2 cl, 1 dwg

Disc working element // 2427118
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to agriculture, and namely to cultivating machines. Working element includes disc with bearing assembly fixed on rigid support. Attachment device of support by means of hinge to horizontal axis and spring mechanism is conjugated to bracket. Bracket includes attachment part for bracket installation on load-carrying beam of machine frame. Attachment part of bracket is made in the form of cheeks with coaxially located holes for installation of axis of vertical hinge attaching the bracket to load-carrying beam of machine frame. Bracket is made so that it can be turned about axis on which centres of holes in cheeks are located. Distance from axis on which centres of holes are located to the flange between bracket cheeks is more than distance from the above axis to vertical flange of load-carrying frame beam, which is enclosed with attachment part. One of cheeks is elongated and hinged to adjusting rod arranged along load-carrying frame beam of machine and providing and fixing the specified turn angle of bracket and attack angle of the disc.EFFECT: design will allow reducing blockage of working elements and enlarging the usable range of machine at various soil conditions.2 cl, 2 dwg
ethod to arrange seed grass stand of legume grasses on slope lands // 2425476
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agriculture. The method includes arrangement of two types of plants with a different root system row by row. Clover is sown in a solid manner along a precursor of winter grain crops, and at the second year of life, after the first hay crop, a wide-row seed grass stand is formed with subsequent sowing of lucerne after seeds harvesting into spaces between rows with a reduced sowing rate. Besides, the seed material prior to sowing is mixed with a zeolite-containing clay, alanite and ammonium molybdate in amount of 30-40 g/ha.EFFECT: method makes it possible to increase efficiency of legume grasses in joint plantations.1 ex

Disk tool // 2425475
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: tool is a round flat disk with teeth. Teeth are formed by triangular radial cuts arranged evenly along the disk knife periphery. Knives with smaller triangular teeth are rigidly fixed to disk teeth. Disk teeth and knives teeth are in turns bent to the right and to the left one by one.EFFECT: improved quality of tool operation and prolonged service life.3 dwg

Spherical disk of tillage tool // 2381639
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: spherical disk of tollage tool has cutting blade, slots and holes in central part for installation and fixation of bearing body on axis. Slots are arranged in the form of curvilinear quadrangle with radial sides. Radial sides are arranged along curve of, for instance parabolic shape. Curvilinear radial sides are oriented with their convex side towards direction of disk rotation.EFFECT: such version of design provides for lower traction resistance, improves soil grinding and crushing of stubble remains.1 dwg

ethod of cultivation and device for its realisation // 2375855
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method includes treatment of soil with spherical disks installed at attack angle, peripheral part of surface of which is arranged as wavy for provision of smoothly repeating variations of angle of attack of disks to the left and to the right from initial value of angle of attack of disks. Device comprises spherical disks arranged at the angle of attack and having cutting edge. Peripheral part of each spherical disk surface is arranged as wavy. Wave of disk, starting from cutting edge, is made as decreasing to disk centre with transition into sphere.EFFECT: such technology and structural design make it possible to improve quality of cultivation with reduction of process energy intensity and improve efficiency of tiller disks operation.2 cl, 3 dwg

Device for disk tillage tool // 2335869
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device contains disk and shellboard. The shellboard is mounted from concave side of disk by means of rack with possibility of change of its height of mounting and inclination to working surface of a disk. The shellboard is supplied by roller with possibility of touchdown with working surface of disk in the bottom part of the back surface. The roller is connected to the rack by means of the cylindrical hinge and a resilient member. Rotation axis of a roller is excentric.EFFECT: possibility of evasion of falling of soil and plant residues between the disk and the shellboard and improvement quality of tillage.2 cl, 3 dwg

Working tool for tillage apparatus // 2269238
FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, equipment for tillage machines.SUBSTANCE: tillage tool has flat disks with central mounting opening and annular circumferential cutting edge, and teeth provided on side surface. Teeth are made in the form of acutely sharpened small flat disks loosely put on shafts, which are rigidly and symmetrically attached to side surface of main disk at both sides thereof so that cutting edges of each small disk are arranged at the same level with cutting edge of main disk. Small disks have different diameters: half the disks have diameter twice the diameter of other half of the disks, said disks being arranged in alternation and at equal pitch with respect to one another. Small disks are spaced from main disk by distance half the distance of larger disks. All the disks are put on their respective shafts for rotation on roller bearings.EFFECT: wider processing zone and provision for active tillage of soil by means of working tool.2 dwg

The working body tillage tools // 2201048
The invention relates to agricultural machinery, in particular to soil cultivating machines

Disc plough body // 2152701