For making or working ridges, e.g. with symmetrically arranged mouldboards (A01B13/02)

ethod of soil zone preparation for development of potato and device for its implementation // 2629283
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method includes ridge tillage, adding fertilisers to the ridges, and then planting the potatoes. Ridge tillage is made at a lower height relative to the traditional ones, and the potato is planted in the main horizon of the treated soil layer, increasing the depth of tubers implantation. The fertiliser distribution into the soil is carried out in such a way that their maximum content is at a depth of 25...30 cm, with a decrease in this content to the soil surface. Device for implementing the method contains a wedge-shaped post (5) located on the frame (1) with support wheels, a tube (20) mounted on its rear part, and a share (6) in its lower part, triangular ripping protrusions (9), the extension of which is made in the form of teeth, located on the surface of the shoe. The wedge-shaped post (5) is equipped with a bit (7), which together with shares (6), mounted on the shoe (8), forms a triangular arch growing in the direction of travel, inside of which the fertiliser dispenser (10) is installed under the fertiliser funnel (20) with the surface formed by rotation from the outside of circle sector. A hopper (2) for mineral fertilisers with a metering device (3) and a fan (4) are installed behind the wedge-shaped post (5) on the frame (1). In the lower part of the frame (1), two fertiliser blades (11) are installed parallel to each other, each of which passes through its hollow shaft (12) of vertical mill (13) and has a lateral cut in the lower rear in the direction of travel soil lowering part, in the oval hole of which fertiliser directing plates (14) are set at different levels and at the minimum depth at the top and the maximum depth below inside the knife. Disc ridgers (15) are mounted behind the fertiliser blades (11) on the frame (1).EFFECT: increasing the potato yield.2 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for forming seedbeds // 2622739
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method for forming seedbeds involves cutting the furrows between the formed seedbeds, loosening the planting soil layer on the seedbed, levelling its upper surface, straightening and compacting the slopes 6 of the seedbed. Before or after the seedbed loosening, inclined slots with the depth of 20…35 cm, which is greater than the seedbed height, are cut under it from both its sides. The slots are also cut with the inclination from the vertical by 25…45° and with the exit to the surface of the furrows in the interface area of the furrow bottom with its slope, but not higher than 6 cm from the furrow bottom. Then the seedbed surface is levelled, and its slopes are compacted at the end of its formation. The depth of the loosened layer of the seedbed soil is not less than the depth of the future planting.EFFECT: method prevents runoff through the furrows, ensuring the excess moisture removal into the soil mass under the seedbed.1 dwg

Combined unit for preparation of soils // 2622737
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: combined unit for preparation of soils is hinged on a tractor and contains a frame, a disk unit, a milling drum mounted on the frame, driven through a gearbox from the tractor PTO, a movable casing to form ridges, support wheels, and a mechanism for adjusting the depth of loosening. The unit contains an active conveyor harrow in the form of an endless belt with spring teeth attached thereto, driven from the hydraulic drive, for removing weeds and placing them into the track of the support wheels.EFFECT: reducing the production costs and the amount of herbicide used, in order to obtain environmentally friendly products.3 dwg

Plough channel digger // 2620640
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: plough channel digger comprises a body in the form of mouldboard surfaces, a ploughshare and a roller support. Before the body in the gap of its sidewalls a vertical wheel cutter is installed by means of a height-adjustable rack. In its bottom part the body rests on a height-adjustable roller, the length of which is equal to the channel bottom width at its trapezoidal cross-section. Compacting drums are pivotally arranged on the outer body edges, attached to the body by means of sliding bearings. The sidewalls of the body are fixed by spacers relative to the rack. Rollers arranged in the sidewall windows are mounted on the inner side of the sidewalls by means of sliding bearings on axles. The sliding bearings are fixed to the sidewalls by bolts, and the rollers are arranged on the sidewalls by the movement path of a soil layer.EFFECT: simplifying the plough channel digger design, reducing the draft resistance.2 dwg
ultifunctional tiller // 2614379
FIELD: agriculture; machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, in particular to tillage machines. Multifunctional tiller comprises frame with hitch attachment and side walls, milling drum with permanent and arranged there between detachable blades or teeth sections, rear spring-loaded shield with detachable ridging housings, center and side on its lower surface, and with detachable blades, detachable support wheels. Milling drum contains permanently fixed and detachable sections and has drive mechanisms in form of driveline, central reduction gear, intermediate and side gear transmissions. Tiller is equipped with removable rippers arranged below milling drum in front of its detachable sections, detachable furrow shapers made in form of spherical discs with adjustable angle of attack and installation height, arranged in front of side walls and facing by sphere concave to tiller longitudinal axis. Side walls are equipped with support wheels posts installation devices, made with possibility of installation in front of milling drum or along furrow shapers trace behind side walls. Ridging housings are made removable, and side housings are installed with controlled mid-path.EFFECT: such design solution is aimed at tiller functional capabilities expansion.1 cl, 8 dwg

Berm forming blade, which does not create soil accumulation at strip soil treatment, for soil strip treatment agricultural tool // 2606088
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, in particular, to soil treatment tools. Disc for berm formation is made with possibility of soil amount reducing, which accumulates on disc inner surface, as disc pushes soil out to form berm. Disc has concave body with external radial edge, forming inner concave surface and outer convex surface, as well as central hole. Through body between inner and outer surfaces multiple holes are passing, radially spaced from body radial outer end next to central hole.EFFECT: such design solution provides for reduction of tool traction resistance.18 cl, 11 dwg

ethod of tillage between rows of garden // 2562842
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: after the loosening operation the shift of part of the loosened soil is carried out from the edges to the middle part between the rows. In the middle part between the rows a raised surface with bevels towards the plants is formed. The formation of a raised soil surface between the rows can be carried out of convex or conical shape and with creation in the central part between the rows of the soil roller. The soil shifting from the edges to the middle part between the rows is carried out by the value of 2-15 cm, at that the thickness of the shifted soil layer is decreased from the edges to the centre.EFFECT: efficient use of moisture for development and fruiting of fruit trees.4 cl, 8 dwg

Disc ridger // 2547923
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: ridger consists of spherical discs mounted symmetrically on vertical racks with the concave sides towards each other. The discs are mounted with the ability of changing the distance between them and adjustment of the angle of attack of the discs. The vertical racks are made of two parts in the form of tubes of a circular cross-section, entering one into another with the ability of rotation for the adjustment of the angle of attack of the discs and with the ability of axial displacement with fixing the parts of the rack in the predetermined positions.EFFECT: constructive implementation enables to expand the range of adjustment in processing of row spacings at any stage of the plant growth and to reduce energy consumptions.1 dwg

ethod of forming of furrow slices and device for its implementation // 2537554
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of agriculture, in particular to vegetable farming. The method is implemented by means of laying of milled soil for the formed furrows to the surface of unprocessed soil. For long-term provision of cultivated crop with accessible (capillary) water entering the soil mass with capillary porosity, formed within a long period after qualitative autumn treatment the dried surface layer of this mass id destructed and removed. Meanwhile newly formed surface layer additionally compacted, that prevents to excessive loss of capillary water. The soil with non-capillary porosity hard-worked on the usual mass making side slopes and sowing layer, forming the hole soil mass as a furrow slice. The device includes the power shaft, fixed on the frame, with interspaces between milling drums with covers, shaping furrow slices. Meanwhile it is equipped with chains fixed on the driving shaft in interspaces between the milling drums.EFFECT: group of inventions allows to prevent an excessive loss of capillary water and for a long time to provide the cultivated crops with accessible water.2 cl, 2 dwg

Tillage tool-milling chisel plough // 2514446
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: milling chisel plough comprises a bearing frame, active milling chisel ploughs (8), a casing (10) of the milling chisel ploughs (8). The bearing frame is made articulated and consists of a main frame (1) and an additional frame (2). The additional frame (2) is kinematically connected to the main frame (1) with the remote hydraulic cylinder (7). On the main frame (1) the rippers-crust-destroyers (5) are placed. On the additional frame (2) there are sections of driven active milling chisel ploughs (8) with independent spring loaded suspension (9) and scrapers. The sections of the active milling chisel ploughs (8) are made in the form of replaceable flat discs. On both surfaces of the discs the levellers-compactors of walls and bottom of the slot are uniformly-radially rigidly fixed. The levellers-compactors of walls (11) are made in the form of rods-rough logs, the levellers-compactors of the bottom (12) - in the form of shoes in the shape of a triangular wedge with curvature of the bases. The casings (10) of the milling chisel ploughs (8) are made as casings-levellers.EFFECT: improvement of the quality of soil slotting, moisture accumulation, maintaining the water balance of the soil.4 dwg

ethod of formation of ridges and device for its implementation // 2490846
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method includes rotary cultivation with bands and hilling. The soil of the milled band is shifted from the edges toward the center to form a central ridge array standing vertically from the upper to the lower base. The side slopes of the ridge are formed by the shift from both sides to the central ridge array of non-milled soil to obtain a ridge, which consists of vertically standing array and side slopes of equal height with different degrees of cutting the soil. The device comprises milling drums, hillers, reflectors attached on the frame with the clearance relative to each other. The reflectors are mounted behind each milling drum at its ends at an angle to it and are hingedly connected in a plane passing through the ends of the milling drum. The hillers are mounted in the clearances between the milling drums to form the ridge side slopes by shifting to the central ridge array on both sides of non-milled soil.EFFECT: technology and design enable to create the conditions for cultivation of tuberous roots of flattened shape.2 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of planting potatoes and device for its implementation // 2485745
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method comprises cutting furrows, layout of tubers and embedding of them in the soil. The soil is loosened and separated into two streams on mouldboard wings. Then each stream is repeatedly loosened and the soil is separated into two streams with windows formed on the mouldboard wings, the width of which is regulated by valves. The tubers are embedded depending on the temperature regime of the soil air-permeable soil layer with the thickness of 1-2 cm. The opener comprises a rack having a breast at the lower part, left and right mouldboard wings tuber-duct. The tuber-duct is mounted at the upper part of the wings. The windows are made on the mouldboard wings. In the windows with the ability to adjust their width the L-shaped valves are mounted. The windows are placed at one-third from the rear part of the mouldboard wings. The valves are mounted from the rear part of the wings and provided with long and short sides located at an angle 120°. The valves with their short side are hingedly connected to the front part of the wings, and the vertical openings are made on the other end of the valve. Above the openings the guides are placed, which with their upper part are rigidly attached to the wings. At the lower part of each guide a threaded opening is made. In the threaded opening a regulating bolt with a conical end is mounted. At the free end of the long side of each valve a regulating handle is made.EFFECT: technology and design enables to increase the yield of potatoes due to reducing the temperature drop in the tubers and their stolons.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of raking and separation of soil during hilling of tilled and industrial crops and device for its implementation // 2463752
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method includes crumbling soil and its displacement. The soil from the middle of row spacing to the depth of hilling is grabbed with combs and simultaneously is separated to the set structure with the surfaces of branches made along the logarithmic spiral. The prepared soil is raked and fed on the protective strip to the rows of plants, without disturbing the plants root system. From the side of the furrow along the movement of the unit, the ridges of air- and water-permeable structure are formed by moving combs mounted on rollers along cycloidal trajectory. The device comprises conical rollers which cone tips are pointed towards the furrow. The working body of the hiller of one furrow has two conical rollers along which generators the working combs are fixed. On the base of the combs the branches are rigidly fixed in a row. The working surface of the branches is made in the form of a site of logarithmic or spiral or cylindrical helix.EFFECT: invention enables to improve the quality of the ridges soil preparation.2 cl, 5 dwg

ethod and system for forming furrows in soil // 2449524
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to agriculture. In the method of forming furrows in the soil, the existing profiles of elevation are determined for a variety of existing furrows in the geographical unit; the target elevation is determined for each of the existing furrows; and the soil is replaced in a lateral direction to or from at least one side wall along the length of each furrow to obtain the target elevation profiles within the geographical unit. The system comprises: a positioning system configured with an ability to move through the existing furrow to define an existing elevation profile along the length of the existing furrow; a working tool, which includes adjustable furrow-making tool to move the soil in the lateral direction to or from at least one sidewall of the furrow; a working vehicle, made to be movable along the groove and connected to a working tool, at that the working vehicle includes an electric processor connected to the memory, and the preservation in the memory of the existing elevation profile is ensured. At that the processor provides the calculation of the target elevation profile of the existing furrow. At that the processor is connected to an adjustable furrow-making tool and by a manageable way provides bringing it into force on the length of each furrow to receive the target elevation profile.EFFECT: invention enables to maintain the correct slope at the bottom of the furrow for proper irrigation.30 cl, 4 dwg

Combined ridge former // 2427120
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: ridge former contains passive working elements, active working element for formation of inner part of ridge, ridge-forming plate, covering cutter, casing and profiling planker. Passive working elements are made in the form of section of mouldboard hillers; at that, size of each next one is larger than that of the previous one. Active working element is made in the form of cone-shaped loosening cutters located at an angle to direction of movement and to horizontal plane. Cutter located under covering cutter includes shaft located horizontally along movement direction and blades are fixed on it. Guide shields are mounted on inner part of casing.EFFECT: design will allow improving the quality of formed ridges during potato cultivation in climatic zones with insufficient moistening, owing to creating the ridge of aggregate structure and avoiding moisture losses during its formation.2 dwg

Soil-driven ridger cultivator kgp4 // 2375856
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: ridger-cultivator comprises frame, including hinged device, longitudinal beams and sides, joined by means of front and back cross beams. Frame is equipped with additional cross beam, which interacts with sides. Intermediate and side vertical rippers are installed on frame with the possibility of control in height. Rippers consist of composite stand and chisel-like knife. Upper part of stand is made in the form of plank with vertically arranged through holes and is connected by means of superimposed locking brackets with lower part. Free end of lower part is bent forward along with direction of cultivator motion and is equipped with platform. On platform there is a detachable chisel-like knife installed. Stands of intermediate rippers are fixed on longitudinal beams either in front or in back zones, or in both. Stands of side rippers are fixed either on front cross beam, or on back cross beam, or on both. On frame there are doubled intermediate and single side right and left rotation rippers arranged. Each rotary ripper consists of disk with bent knives fixed on them. Disks of rotary rippers are freely installed on axes of support forks. One end of forks in intermediate rotary rippers is hingedly installed on longitudinal beam in their front zone. One end of forks in side rotary rippers is hingedly installed on front cross beam. Other ends of forks in zone of disk supports are spring-loaded. Upper ends of springs in intermediate rippers are connected to longitudinal beams in their back zone. Upper ends of springs in side rippers are connected to sides in their back zone. Bent knives of rotary rippers with their flat surfaces are fixed on one plane of disk so that side facets of each knife are arranged on disk chords, and their free ends are bent from disk plane to create plate form. Doubled rotary rippers are fixed on axes of forks to create sharp angle, top of which is directed to the side of cultivator motion. Single side rotary rippers are turned to the side of cultivator sides. On additional cross beam there is a ridger fixed, comprising doubled middle shapers and two truncated side left and right shapers. Shapers are box-like. Each doubled shaper includes middle double-facet ploughshare with adjacent right and left extenders and central double-facet pad. Side shapers are mirror, and every of them includes truncate middle angle ploughshare, either right or left extender and truncated central pad. Each middle double-facet ploughshare is fixed on undetachable plate on its lower side, and upper side is equipped with brackets. Brackets are used to fix shapers on additional cross beam. Neighboring undetachable plates are connected with detachable plates.EFFECT: such structural design makes it possible to reduce energy intensity of cultivator and to simplify design of its drive, to simplify assembly and disassembly of cultivator, to increase efficiency of soil cultivation, including space between rows.5 cl, 10 dwg

Device for intertillage and formation of topsoil bearing tubers when cultivating potatoes // 2356198
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device consists of dynamic tools and two units forming rows. The units forming rows are made in the form of rotors with vertical rotation axis mounted with possibility being rotated towards each other. The outer diametre of the rotor is disposed within 396-437 mm. The rotors are mounted with possibility being rotated due to friction on soil.EFFECT: tillage quality improvement of topsoil bearing tubers and decrease of energy consumption when forming rows.3 dwg

ounding implement // 2350058
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: implement consists of a frame with support wheels and the following components mounted onto it: rotary-type tools with a ridge-like deflector installed between them, coverers and slide boards. Over the rotary-type tools there is the deflective-and-directive cover plate mounted. The ridge-like deflector is represented by rods of periodically varying length attached onto its edge and is equipped with a vibratory movement drive. Over the ridge-like deflector there is the clod smasher mounted. The clod smasher is composed of two reciprocally rotating wound rollers mounted so that to enable adjustment of the clearance between them. On the sides the clod smasher is framed by adjustable tilt angle slide boards.EFFECT: design solution eliminates the risk of vulnerable shoots being accidentally damaged and enables formation of the optimum profile cover mound thus ensuring better clonal stock rooting.3 dwg

Device for restoring water-retaining bunds in irrigation systems operation // 2338347
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a frame and two coulters with mouldboards set at the angle α=45...48° to the device longitudinal axis. The height of the mouldboards cylindrical surfaces accounts for 370-400 mm in the front, 60-70 mm at the back. The mouldboards are truncated along the lower edge at the angle β=13...15° relative to the horizontal plane. The coulters are fixed at the cutting angle γ= 11...13° to the soil surface. The coulter length is considered with the relation: where lc - coulter length, m; bb - width of the broken bund base, m; B - planned width of the bund base, m; α - angle between the longitudinal axis of the device and longitudinal axis of the mouldboard. The mouldboard length is considered with the relation: where L - mouldboard length, m; B - planned width of the bund base, m; hb - height of the broken bund, m; α - angle between the longitudinal axis of the device and longitudinal axis of the mouldboard.EFFECT: increasing labour efficiency and enhancing device functionality.6 dwg

Tillage tool for rigs formation // 2330397
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: tillage tool purposed for rigs formation consists of plate feed, leg and hob which is set on the axes of the bearings. The plate feed is a rotation body made up of the body and crown which are connected by means of the concave surface; it also contains two journaled perpendicular semi-axes capable of rotating and being fixed by means of ears. The application of the invention allows for forming rigs without mixing soil layers. Consequently, moisture in the lower soil layers remains that is very important in the regions with insufficient level of moisture.EFFECT: change of angle of slope of the plate feed towards the direction of rotation and angle of slope to vertical ensures the possibility to regulate the height and width of the rig.1 dwg

Small-sized hilling unit // 2320107
FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, technique for soil tillage in fruit nursery.SUBSTANCE: hilling unit has frame, carrier wheels, and spring tines. Two pairs of tines are mounted on frame. Hilling moldboards are fixed by means of adapter brackets to tines. Knives are attached to moldboards. Angle of moldboards is adjusted by moving tines along frame cross-piece.EFFECT: high-quality tillage of soil strips adjoining tree trunks and improved hilling of plants in rows.2 dwg

Working tool for hiller // 2313204
FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, interrow soil cultivation equipment.SUBSTANCE: working tool has curved tine with hoe, and moldboards made in the form of rods arranged in tiers. One end of each rod is bent in L-shaped manner and is placed in rubber shock-absorber. Rods are made curved.EFFECT: improved quality of cultivation of stony soil.2 dwg

ethod of forming ridges for sowing and harvesting of roots and apparatus for performing the same // 2288560
FIELD: agriculture, in particular, vegetable growing.SUBSTANCE: method involves cutting furrows; separating undercut soil layer; placing separated part of soil layer to furrow wall boundaries, followed by shifting thereof to furrow zone and forming of ridge; before separation procedure, subjecting undercut soil layer to rotavation, and after separation procedure, distributing unseparated part of soil layer in base of ridge side walls and forming track with flat bottom for passage of propellers of agrotechnical plant care machines. Apparatus has hillers fixed on frame and lateral rotavation drums equipped with housings. Separating grids disposed behind rotavation drums are made from C-shaped rods spaced from rotavation drum by distance enabling passage of rotavation drum knives through grid gaps and self-cleaning thereof. Apparatus is further equipped with section pivotally attached by means of carrier and flexible members on upper surface of rotavation drum housing. Side shields of housing are fixed at an angle to one another for forming of ridges. Hillers are positioned on frame forward of rotavation drums and have undercutting-turning front part and guarding-lateral vertical walls in rear part, having height at least equal to height of fastening drive shaft of rotavation drums. Lower edges of adjacent side shields of rotavation drum housing are positioned in one horizontal plane, at an angle to each other for forming track with flat bottom and width equal to width of propellers of plant care machines. Seeding section has seed hopper, seed guide, shank, coverer, and spring-loaded covering roller.EFFECT: provision for forming of ridges from soil crumbles equal in size, planting to equal depth, retention of ridge shape during the entire plant vegetation period, harvesting without carrying out of soil from field.4 cl, 5 dwg

Working tool for preparing of soil and planting of seedlings // 2288559
FIELD: agricultural engineering.SUBSTANCE: working tool has frame comprising sequentially arranged A-hoe, furrow-forming conical screw, and planting chamber. A-hoe consists of tine, blade, and is additionally furnished with active working device consisting of two double-thread conical screws. Each conical screw is arranged at an angle to transverse-vertical and horizontal planes. Double-thread conical screws are located in bearings within rear part of A-hoe. Angle of double-thread conical screw to transverse-vertical plane is selected so that tangent drawn to outer points of screw coils is extending in parallel with rear edge of A-hoe blade. Said angle to horizontal plane is selected so that axis of double-thread conical screw positioned in rear part of A-hoe is arranged at a taper angle. Furrow-forming conical screw is positioned at an angle of 45-75 deg to horizontal plane. Mellowing knives are positioned circumferentially to helical surface of screw.EFFECT: improved quality of mellowing and soil mixing, avoiding of furrow compaction and creation of advantageous conditions for adaptability of seedlings, and reduced draft of working tool.3 cl, 8 dwg

ethod for forming of ridges in the process of presowing treatment of loamy soil and apparatus for performing the same // 2284093
FIELD: agriculture, may be used in vegetable growing.SUBSTANCE: method involves cutting furrows by means of hiller hoes; forming ridges by raising, turning and laying of undercut soil layers on ridge bases; grinding soil crumbs by means of rotavator knives to seeding depth; leveling and forming ridges having height below 15 cm and apex width within 15-20 cm; forming concave curvature on surface of apex of each ridge, said curvature having elliptical section, and said ridges having slopes with angles of 45-55 deg; grinding soil crumbs to sizes of about 3 mm in sowing zone on surface at the level not below 60% of ridge surfaces by means of rotavator knives; providing soil density within the range of 1.15-1.25 g/cm3 using pressure of roller. Apparatus for forming ridges comprises frame carrying sequentially arranged sections of hiller hoes, rotavation drum with housing, and roller for compacting of ridges formed. Side shields of housing serve as ridge forming members. Roller is pivotally mounted on frame by means of pressing spring-loaded bar, is positioned between side shields and has width smaller than width of ridge surfaces. Side wings of hiller hoes on landward edges are equipped with cutting plates pivotally attached to land edges and are connected with one another through tensioning mechanism allowing ridge slope angle and width to be adjusted.EFFECT: provision for retention of atmospheric precipitations, elimination of water and wind erosion, and provision for growing of small-sized seed vegetable crops without irrigation thereof in water deficiency zones.3 cl, 5 dwg

Unit for laying of perforated film onto ridge of predetermined profile // 2283556
FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, equipment for preparing of soil, laying of irrigation pipeline and mulching film onto ridge having predetermined profile.SUBSTANCE: unit has frame carrying soil rakes, ridge forming device equipped with unit for laying of irrigation pipeline located on drum, brackets for film roll, pressure wheels and coverers for spilling soil onto mulching film edges, said parts of unit being arranged in succession. Soil mellowers are disposed in front of soil rakes on frame so that spatial position thereof may be adjusted. Soil mellowers are made in the form of general-purpose and chisel-shaped mellowing A-cultivator hoes. Ridge former is equipped in its central part with leveling board movable in vertical plane and provided in its central part with roll arranged at the level of lower edge and adapted for guiding of flexible irrigation pipeline coming down from drum. Brackets for film roll are positioned on frame in succession behind roll. Perforator mounted on brackets under frame is defined by cylindrical drums located for fixed displacement on horizontal transverse shaft. Mounted on outer drums under guiding rods are pins which intersect plane of arrangement of guiding rods. Replaceable perforating knives are located on intermediate drums in spaced apart relation, with circumferential pitch being equal to seedling planting pitch.EFFECT: wider operational capabilities and provision for creating favorable conditions for development of seedlings.8 dwg

Working tool for ridger // 2281630
FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, tillage tools.SUBSTANCE: working tool for ridger has curved tine, A-hoe attached to curved tine, and moldboard with wings. Moldboards of working tool consist of two symmetrically arranged halves and are pivotally fixed. Pivot joints are protected from penetration of soil into zone between shields rigidly fixed to tine. Lateral loads occurring during soil tillage and transmitted to working tool are reduced upon rotation of moldboards. On encountering of obstacle, respective half of moldboard is bent aside, and working tool bypasses said obstacle with lower draft and at lower loading of constructional members. After bypassing said obstacle, the given half of moldboard returns to the initial position by means of pushing-apart spring with adjustable compression force.EFFECT: reduced draft during engagement with obstacles such as stones, decreased lateral loading transmitted to tine, and increased service life of tool.3 dwg, 1 ex

Working tool for hiller // 2275774
FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, equipment used for interrow cultivation of soil.SUBSTANCE: working tool has curved tine, A-hoe and moldboards. Hiller moldboards are made in the form of rods. One end of each rod is bent to form L-shaped part. Rubber shock-absorber is put onto each rod. All of rods are attached to tip by means of profiled plate to increase duration of impact upon encountering of obstacle and provide for easy replacement of broken down rod due to utilization of replaceable type rods. Such construction of moldboard allows cleaning of working tool to be simplified and draft to be reduced.EFFECT: enhanced reliability in operation on stony soil and increased efficiency.3 dwg

Plow-type cavity former // 2274982
FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, equipment for constructing of slope-free cavities in wide strip irrigation of farm crops.SUBSTANCE: apparatus has frame equipped with upright column. Shoe is arranged in lower part of tine at an angle of 15-25 deg in relation to horizontal plane. Flat hoe with clearance angle of 125-135 deg is attached to shoe. Flat hoe is furnished with left-hand and right-hand shares and mellowing device formed as tooth. Left-handed and right-handed moldboards attached to tine and to flat hoe surface are provided with cylindrical surfaces equipped with skis. Semi-helical wings are provided on ends of moldboards. Tine may be equipped with adjusting screw for rotation thereof in vertical plane around axis. Frame is equipped with automatic hitch for combining with tractor. After adjustment of apparatus, cavity cutting is performed in "floating" position of tractor hydraulic system. Cut off soil layer is moved by shares upward along internal surfaces of left-handed and right-handed moldboards and finally form cavity profile for one passage of swing chutes and semi-helical wings.EFFECT: increased efficiency and improved quality of slope-free cavities for surface irrigation of farm crops in wide and elongated strips.6 dwg

Soil and ground deep cultivator // 2269237
FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, deep mellowing equipment.SUBSTANCE: deep cultivator has knife-shaped tine inclined to horizontal plane and to cultivator advancement direction and equipped with front face and chisel fixed in lower part of tine. Chisel has point disposed forward of tine front face. Chisel has wear-resistant coating on its working surface. Chisel is made in the form of hollow cylinder with axis of symmetry arranged at an angle to horizontal plane. Oval-shaped part of cylinder cross-section is positioned in horizontal plane at lower part of tine to define point with sides. Sectional plane of hollow cylinder defines elliptical cutting edge. Longitudinal slot in upper part of hollow cylinder defines chisel made by bending a part of cylinder in direction of advancement of cultivator. Bent part of cylinder forms protective shield for protecting lower part of tine from hanging plant remains. Mounting openings in body of truncated part of hollow cylinder in parallel plane of oval-shaped part are adapted for joining to members disposed in lower part of tine. Chisel is joined to lower part of tine through pairs of cylindrical pins, which are detachably arranged in mounting openings and tine members having mated cylindrical surface.EFFECT: improved quality of mellowing of soil layers and reduced consumption of power.2 cl, 6 dwg

Furrow cutting and closing apparatus // 2264697
FIELD: agricultural engineering.SUBSTANCE: furrow cutting and closing apparatus has disk positioned for rotation about axis, first wheel positioned for rotation about wheel spindle, and second wheel positioned for rotation about wheel spindle. First and second wheels are mounted so as to contact ground on opposite sides of furrow for shifting soil onto material laid within furrow. First wheel is arranged on disk outer surface and second wheel is arranged on the side of disk inner surface. Parts of first and second wheels oriented forward of direction of advancement of apparatus are arranged between shaft of disk and its rear edge, and their lower parts are arranged forward of front edge of disk.EFFECT: improved quality of planting.11 cl, 15 dwg

Coverer working tool // 2250580
FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, equipment for interrow cultivation of soil.SUBSTANCE: coverer has moldboards formed of rods made in the form of clips of flexible material. Rods are pivotally fixed in tine. Free ends of clips rest upon ribs of adjustment mechanism allowing furrow width to be adjusted.EFFECT: enhanced reliability in operation on stony land and wider operational capabilities.2 dwg

ethod and apparatus for irrigation during plowing // 2246820
FIELD: agriculture, in particular, fertilizer irrigation of farm crops with sewage water or liquid fertilizer.SUBSTANCE: method involves cutting furrow by means of soil cutting tool; feeding water or liquid fertilizer into furrow and covering furrow. Uniform distribution of fertilizer applied to compound intersected relief is provided by forming web of height smaller than plowing depth by 0.4-0.7 time before supplying of water or liquid fertilizer into open furrow. Apparatus has frame with plow bodies equipped with tine having share and moldboard and fixed on frame. Web forming device mounted on frame behind outer plow body is made in the form of rotor with vertical shaft of rotation and blades for moving soil from ridges of adjacent plowed strips. Apparatus has drive. Rotor drive is kinematically connected and aligned with frame carrier wheel.EFFECT: uniform distribution of liquid fertilizer applied into soil and equalized plant mass over the entire area of irrigated soil, increased soil fertility and improved ecology control by preventing environment from contamination.3 cl, 5 dwg

Universal hiller-greynetrelated // 2235449
The invention relates to the field of agricultural engineering and can be used to care for potatoes grown on ridges

Device for cultivating potato // 2231942
The invention relates to the agricultural industry and can be used for soil treatment and care of plantings of potatoes cultivated on ridges

The way crafts ridges and device for its implementation // 2229779
The invention relates to agriculture, in particular to gardening in the manufacture and processing of ridges

Device for hilling // 2226755
The invention relates to agricultural machinery, in particular to a device for cultivating soil in between rows of potato

Section of the working bodies of the combined ridge shaper // 2222124
The invention relates to agricultural machinery, namely, machines for soil preparation to planting potatoes in ridges

The working body of the hiller // 2200373
The invention relates to agricultural machinery, in particular to the working bodies for inter-row tillage

Hiller-seal ridges // 2196399
The invention relates to agricultural machinery, in particular to the working bodies and tillage machines to care for potatoes grown on ridges and cultivated on medium and light mechanical composition of soils

Device for the construction of irrigation systems // 2195795
The invention relates to the agricultural industry, in particular for machines for the construction of irrigation systems

achine for forming crests // 2189708
The invention relates to the manufacture of agricultural machinery, in particular to machines for forming ridges in the cultivation of tilled crops, as well as working bodies for selevinia soil

A tool for soil // 2167505

Graduately unit i. mukhina, // 2144750
The invention relates to agriculture and can be used for education and treatment beds, mainly in greenhouses

Row occipital // 2136126
The invention relates to the agricultural industry, particularly tillage working bodies, and can be used for hilling potatoes

The way of mechanized snow accumulation and instrument for its implementation // 2131649
The invention relates to the field of agricultural production, in particular to a method of mechanized snow accumulation

Hiller universal // 2125353
The invention relates to agriculture and applied as tillers of type "Beam", "Cascade", as well as manual cultivating potatoes and root crops in garden plots

Cultivator-ridge shaper // 2124824
The invention relates to agriculture, in particular to soil cultivating machines

The instrument for the formation of ridges in the soil // 2108695
The invention relates to agricultural machinery, in particular to the tillage tools for education soil ridges (ridges) used for planting row crops