Sports and games and amusements (A63)

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A63            Sports; games; amusements(8121)

Interactive platform "dribblingtest" for football players training // 2614323
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to training devices for sportsmen, in particular, to football players, and can be used in interactive mode using training program "Dribblingtest" for sportsmen other team sports – hockey, handball, tennis, etc. Platform equipment includes lights, infrared rays emitters and receivers, crossing sportsman path, electric circuit, connecting these elements and controllers with power supply elements, as well as marks, determining sportsman motion path, wherein signal lamp is installed on variable height removable support for partner or rival simulation, and infrared rays emitters and receivers are arranged so, that generate rays at height, exceeding marks height and not exceeding football ball diameter to control its movement.EFFECT: such device performs task of functional capabilities expansion by adding new functions to existing solutions capabilities due to special arrangement of lights and infrared equipment, enabling, in particular, train skill of head correct position and ability of long-term attention concentration on several objects, as well as improve dribbling accuracy.1 cl, 3 dwg

Swing // 2614093
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for physical therapy, and can be used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, health centers, dispensaries and at home to train the vestibular apparatus and limb functions with an entertainment effect. For the swing containing a base with support elements in the form of rings and a chair connected to the base, the base is designed as a toroidal shell, folded in diameter and fixed by bending to the pipe serving as a mounting assembly for two equidistant chairs. At that, the toroidal shell can be pneumatic, filled with compressed air and/or gas.EFFECT: patient rehabilitation.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device for dynamic stretching, strengthening and stabilization for posture correction and retraining // 2613742
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: application describes a device for dynamic stretching, strengthening and stabilizing for posture correction and retraining. The device comprises a pair of resistance-creating tapes in the form of closed loops and the central belt element, at that, the resistance-creating tapes form a closed eight-shaped loop. The size of each loop of resistance-creating tapes is selected in accordance with the size of user's arms and shoulders.EFFECT: device can be used in stabilization mode or in stretching/strengthening mode of and is easily transferred from one mode to another in order to correct user's posture and retrain him/her.19 cl, 11 dwg

odular structural system // 2613514
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a modular structural system, namely, to adapted spatial building sets containing individual elements for creating a link between which a combined joining system is used: magnetic joining system, and tongue and groove joining system. The modular structural system comprises the following: a nodal element, a rod and a flat plate. The joints of the nodal element with the rod is implemented by interfacing of the contact surface of the nodal element with magnet, with the end face of the rod, and joining the flat bar to the rod is performed due to the presence in the latter of the groove parallel to the longitudinal axis such that its geometrical dimensions conform to the size of the base plate, allowing them to be joined in "tongue and groove" manner. Such solution allows to use the device for these purposes.EFFECT: such solution allows to erect spatial architectural patterns of various complexity levels.14 cl, 29 dwg
ethod of sound controlling for auditorium // 2612997
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: sound moving is carried out through the hall space during the implementation of the proposed method of sound controlling for the audience hall with the speakers located in the audience seats, by progressive shifting the speakers located in the seats according to the specified linear and non-linear paths crossing the audience hall. Acoustic clusters are formed, each of which represents an acoustic equipment set of any predetermined number of the audience seats located next to each other. The said paths of switching the speakers are generated in accordance with recording on any sound and image medium, mostly on a film or a digital sound medium, which is used for sounding films, concerts and shows.EFFECT: increasing the sound quality in audience halls of different purposes.3 cl, 17 dwg

Lanyard for ski stick or similar article // 2612991
FIELD: personal use items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a lanyard binding a hand with a stick, a cane or a staff. Lanyard having a flexible main part supporting the hand and having the first and the second ends, which have the configuration providing their connection to the handle of a ski stick or a similar article, and a flexible support component with a free end extending from the zone of branching on the main part and having a regulating/fastening device, the configuration of which provides detachable attachment of the free end to the fixing section of the main part. According to the invention the lanyard comprises an elastic retention element located in the area of the flexible support component at the lanyard outer side opposite the user hand.EFFECT: invention is aimed at fast and easy release of a stick, as well as its subsequent linking with the hand.18 cl, 11 dwg

Game designer // 2612919
FIELD: health, games.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction sets of children's game designers, assembled using connecting elements. The stated technical problem is solved through the use of the construction toy, consisting of a set of flat shaping and decorative modular elements in the form of geometric shapes or forms attached to their surfaces of fixing elements, forming the detachable connections capable of holding together the mating surface portions of the modular elements, wherein at least portion of modular elements made of a flexible resilient material, and the fixing elements are arranged on the surface of at least a portion of modular elements made of flexible resilient material so that the original shape of the modular element can be reversibly changed from a subsequent fixation reshaped by said fixing elements, wherein each locking element is designed as a rotation center axis, at least the surface of the held portion attachable modular element, wherein at least a portion of the modular elements includes shaping the circulating surfaces on coaxial pairs of alternating elements of their mating surfaces forming two way locking means.EFFECT: design improvement.20 cl, 6 dwg

Game figures and set of such game figures // 2612656
FIELD: children goods.SUBSTANCE: proposed is a game figure in the form of a polyomino consisting of several units, which are gathered into an orthogonal pattern, herewith the game figure contains at least two parts, each of which is formed of several mentioned units interconnected as per the specified method, herewith the said parts are secured with the possibility of relative sliding in such a way, that they ensure creation of several forms of game figures with the help of the said game figure.EFFECT: provided is creation of game figures in the form of a polyomino, which provide creation of several forms of game figures in the form of the polyomino.14 cl, 46 dwg

Information processing device and input device // 2612618
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: items in which the image forming block generates image data to be displayed on the output device are proposed. The receiving unit receives information about the input blocks operation provided in the input device. When the receiving unit receives the information about the definite block operation from the input blocks provided in the input device, a multiple use processing block performs a process of image multiple use generated by the image forming block, or information relating to the image data. The input block provided in the input device is used by user for entering information about the operation to the information processing device system software, and multiple use processing block performs a process of multiple use only when the receiving unit receives information about the input block operation.EFFECT: creation of images multiple use items.10 cl, 13 dwg
ethod of movement pattern adjustment // 2612488
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of athletes movement pattern adjusting in team sports:. hockey, football, basketball, etc., as well as to medicine, psychology and physiology. Athlete movement pattern adjustment is conducted in vivo on the playing field with the controlled dynamical lighting. With the help of backlight the permitted and prohibited for the sportsman movement light zones are set that are unpredictably for an athlete change their position, shape and area. Light areas and training modes changes are set with the help of Program Apparatus Complex (PAC), which includes a light emitter and a video camera. A combination of predetermined number and shapes of light areas multivariately model game situations. An athlete assesses a simulated game situation, adjusts his/her speed and technical capabilities with the movement dynamics and light zones transformation, predicts the development of a simulated game situation, finds a rational route and moves along it to the zone allowed for movement to perform the task. Thus during a predetermined period of time PAC generates a predetermined number of one or more exemplary game situations repetitions, which are presented to the athlete with unpredictable for him intervals of time. Exemplary game situations are formed with the light areas so that the athlete always has a choice of one of the several options for moving on the playing field. PAC captures gaming reflexes and the athlete movements in the presented situations and sorts athlete's reactions repetition in each exemplary game situation. The exemplary game situations presented to the athlete it is allowed to repeat motor reactions only a specified number of times. PAC captures the number and order of repetitions in each examplary game situation and informs the athlete with a sound and/or light signal, if he/she exceeds the set limit of motor reactions continuous repetitions.EFFECT: method provides an effective athlete movement pattern adjustment on the basis of the athlete actions automated control, feedback and system of exercises in an artificially controlled environment, and the ability to assess the athlete movement pattern change dynamics for its potential determination and further professional development.

Training game system // 2612328
FIELD: health, games.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to cultural and educational areas of human activity and can be used as a training and entertainment tool. The system 1 includes means for object images capturing - camera 2, game pieces 10 with volumetric images 11 (shown in the digital environment) placed on curved surface 3, rangefinder device 4 to establish the coordinate axes in the point on the game curved surface for the orthogonal projection of the object on the surface at the observation point outside the visible horizon. The system also includes a device represented by a scanner 5 for setting the object in a point on the curved surface, wherethe observation point is orthogonally projected, and for virtual representation of the image, as well as control computer 6 which is provided with a parameter input device - keyboard 7, processing unit 8 and storage unit - external memory 9.EFFECT: invention provides system capabilities expansion to use it as a training game device and to improve the accuracy of coordinates calculation and recognition of game objects hidden behind the horizon.7 cl, 3 dwg

Game controller // 2611989
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: game controller is designed to work with any game consoles, PCs, tablets, smartphones, and to control of various unmanned vehicles and is a hybrid of a gamepad, a keyboard and a computer mouse, and consists of a body, a set of programmable keys, a keyboard, a device for fixing a game controller on user's hand and a manipulator, which is a modified version of a computer mouse.EFFECT: ability to control with the user's hands, ability to fix on the hand, ability of the controller to work without having a flat surface.9 dwg
Child sports complex // 2611943
FIELD: furniture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to furniture, and sports equipment, which can be successfully used for development of locomotor skills in children. Child sports system comprises two interconnected by crosspiece-gymnastic wall supports, to which by means of couplings or other known movable joints are attached three enclosing sections, top and two side sections, with possibility of their alternative folding to wall and supports one to another, wherein sections consist of posts and horizontal crossbeams, on which in unfolded form inside or outside are suspended hill-board, swing, ring or other sports equipment.EFFECT: saving free space in a room.1 cl, 2 dwg

Hit power sensor // 2611876
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: hit power sensor is a device that gives an audible or visual signal, a push of the power of his boxer's punch. Before the start of training, the sensor is adjusted to a certain impact force, which is triggered by the sensor and to which should aspire athlete during training. The sensor consists of two normally open electrical contacts placed inside the hollow cylindrical body, a moment becoming isolated when you hit the boxing projectile, wherein the sensor is a suspension agent. One of the contacts is a spherical element mounted on the grounded string. The second contact is a thin-walled cylinder, concentrically covering the spherical member, mounted on a string. The extent of the string tension and hence the impact force at which is changed by rotating the nut 7 is activated sensor available on the sensor housing.EFFECT: increased sensitivity.2 cl; 3 dwg

Interposition carabiner (versions) // 2611332
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: carabiner is designed mainly for separating parachute slings or corrugation ropes. The carabiner contains a split coil-like bushing with an opening expanding inside; the bushing is longitudinally cut along the radius of said opening into two or more parts, said opening includes two mounting knobs with fasteners for a cable or a rope, and the split bushing parts are wound outside with a space-spiral spring or a cord with one or two rings, wherein, if the spring or the cord has one ring, the second end of the spring or the cord is attached to one part of the split bushing, and one part of the split bushing has on its butts one or two coaxial openings through which and through said spring cord rings a stopper pin passes.EFFECT: possibility of reducing the percentage of control disengaging effort.10 cl, 3 dwg
Interactive way of technical and tactical training in team sports // 2611328
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: trainings are carried out in the field with the light dynamic lighting, forming light zones that imitate rival players countering. A balanced regime of physical and mental load is defined. The game situation change decidability is defined by the operation aspect of the hardware and software complex that moves the light zones with line segments until their collision the boundaries of the training area and/or each other, and the complex program moves the zones as an impact interaction simulation of absolutely elastic bodies of equal weight under the existing laws of motion. The diameter, number and maximum speed of the prohibited rival zones are defined depending on the athlete's fitness and training goals. The athlete's goal is to stroke zones when moving to the training ground preset by the training schedule. In the absence of the athlete or sports equipment hit to the forbidden zone or training area border the size and/or the forbidden zones movement speed is increased until the athlete is able to correctly perform the presented exercises. A special feature is that the software and hardware compex comprises a predetermined number of motion sensors that react to the athlete movement in the playing field and with its signal start the program of zones moving in the presence of athlete movement or stop them when an athlete stops. According to the maximum number, speed and diameter of the forbidden zones, as well as the number of game and the training task error-free performance time the technical, tactical and physical athlete fitness, his/her ability to see the playing field, to anticipate changes in a game situation, effectively implement the skills are determined.EFFECT: increased efficiency of training.
Interactive way of technical and tactical training in team sports // 2611324
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: coach or athlete choose a program setting a training regime that is carried out on the playing field with the managed dynamic lighting illumination with the software-hardware complex. Light restricted areas are formed by the lightning as rivaled players reaction simulation. A balanced regime of physical and mental load is defined which is characterized by the predictable for the sportsman movement of predetermined number of the given diameter forbidden zones with the predetermined maximum speed. The game situation change decidability is defined by the operation aspect of the hardware and software complex that moves the light zones with line segments until their collision the boundaries of the training area and/or each other, and the complex program moves the zones as an impact interaction simulation of absolutely elastic bodies of equal weight under the existing laws of motion. The athlete's goal is to stroke zones when moving to the training ground preset by the training schedule and/or to refrain within a specified time from the collision with the forbidden zones within the boundaries of the training area. A special feature is the fact that the hardware-software complex includes an accelerometer mounted on an athlete and transmiting a radio signal in the complex, which reacts to the motion characteristics of the athlete in the playing field. On a signal from the accelerometer the hardware and software complex adjusts the speed program of the forbidden zones movement, increasing it in proportion to the athlete acceleration or reducing while its stops or decreasing the movement speed on the playing field. According to the maximum indicator of quantity, speed and the forbidden zone diameter, and absence time of foot fault on the forbidden zone and the playing field boundaries, error-free training task performance the technical, tactical and physical fitness of an athlete is estimated.EFFECT: increasing effectiveness of technical and tactical training.

Game descent // 2611030
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to game descent, intended for testing new capabilities of extreme due to long descent path with continuously varying inclination and controlled descent duration. Game descent, containing, at least, one triggering guide device, forming spatial curve supported by fastening elements, connecting, at least, one section of triggering guide device with axial section, located on support, wherein this axial section is made with possibility of rotation around, essentially, horizontal axis of rotation. At that, triggering guide device comprises first end, forming entrance, arranged next to rotation axis at axial section end, and second end remote from first end, forming exit allowing to get off from guide device, and triggering guide device curve forms descent path between entrance and exit passing in volume around rotational axis, wherein presence of descent inclination is supported by triggering guide device rotation about rotational axis, wherein rotation is provided by motor.EFFECT: providing prolonged descent with constantly varying inclination and controlled descent duration.20 cl, 9 dwg

Driven vibration robot with possibility of lifting // 2611027
FIELD: robotics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to robots, which move based on oscillating movements. Device includes housing, rotation engine located inside housing, vibration mechanism and plurality of extremities, each of which base is located in housing, and extremities apex is located at distance from housing. One or more of extremities are made so, that to promote device movement on surface in forward direction, generally, defined by longitudinal displacement between extremity base and extremity apex, and extremities include two or more extremities, arranged so, that extremities apexes of two or more extremities are intended for contact with opposite surfaces to produce resultant force in direction, defined by longitudinal displacement between extremity base and extremity apex of two or more extremities, as soon as vibration mechanism makes device to vibrate.EFFECT: enabling possibility to perform lifting of robot when opposite surfaces are inclined.44 cl, 59 dwg

Device for mobile robots testing // 2610810
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: structural components that act as barriers for the robots passage are installed on a common base and are interconnected forming a single collapsible structure. Structural components include interconnected platform made as a volume element with a flat upper base, ramp made as a volume element with an inclined upper surface, tower designed to move the robot inside it. The tower includes a hollow tubular structure with an inlet opening, inside of which the helical staircase, containing stairs, made in the form of flooring, is mounted.EFFECT: increase of the robot movement complexity degree for the performance estimation of its work.16 cl, 2 dwg

Interactive device for muscle training // 2610639
FIELD: medicine, sports.SUBSTANCE: device is intended for sports training and rehabilitation of patients in interactive mode using the game lever, which allows to manipulate objects on a computer monitor. The resistance force of game lever movements can vary widely.EFFECT: invention allows to train the muscles online.2 dwg

ethod for training sportsmen start and device for its implementation // 2610110
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: proposed invention relates to a device for start of a sportsman. Device consists of a shoe for the take-off foot and a device to generate a sound or a light signal with a working element and its control system both connected to a power source, herewith in parallel to the said control system an actuator is connected having an external mechanical effect on the shoe located under the take-off foot.EFFECT: thus, introduction of an additional external stimulus in the form of mechanical vibrations transmitted through the shoe, on which the starting sportsman take-off foot stands, makes it possible to considerably reduce the time of a signal recognition and transmission of a corresponding signal of the nervous system to the take-off foot muscles and reduce the time of the sportsman reaction to the normal starting signal.6 cl, 3 dwg
ethod for simulating interaction of imaginary and real worlds // 2610107
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: one or more video screens are set on the stage to show the events taking place off-stage, and one or more devices simulating the "gateway" through which the characters, displayed on the video screens, are brought to the stage or moved in the opposite direction. The video screen and the "gateway" are connected by the means simulating the "transporting" channel of the objects displayed on the video screen, - to the stage or back - moving of the real object from the stage to the screen. The simulation of the moving objects from the video screen to the stage is performed by demonstrating the disappearance of the object image from the video screen, by simulating of the object transportation through the "channel" and by the appearance of the real object out of the "gateway". Video recording of the event episodes, displayed on the video screens, is carried out on the film sets hidden from the audience, which are connected to the stage with the communication channels.EFFECT: ability to simulate the movement of the theatrical performance objects with the technical means.7 cl

Device for sports spherical equipment launching // 2609725
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices, aimed at sports spherical equipment launching and delivery at preset speed to certain point in space, for example football, volleyball balls or rugby balls and similar sports equipment. Device for starting sports spherical equipment, comprising compressed gas vessel, barrel including cylindrical section with outlet opening and rear section with equipment in start position support, pneumatic valve, pressure tight connecting reservoir with barrel, wherein equipment support is made in form of bearing surface in form of sphere part, repeating sports equipment external surface part shape and formed by barrel rear section inner surface.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement training process quality and is achieved due to increased speed of ball outlet, and also due to good ergonomics and possibility of guidance of ball falling into selected target taking into account complex ball flight trajectory.13 cl, 5 dwg

Training device for mimic muscles // 2609402
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: training device for mimic muscles (TDMM) is a device, characterised by ability to transmit the effect of alternating pushing and shifting nature of mechanical forces of movable sections of the front part of the skull (motion of jaws, masseter and facial muscles of cheeks, brows, auricles) to other less movable parts of a face, scalp and neck, with manifestation of revitalising effects of massage, activating blood circulation of soft tissues of the skull, to eliminate premature age-related changes (wrinkles, flagging, spontaneously formed hypodynamic masklike mimics), as well as for their preventing, representing a skeletal part in the form of an open work of twelve pentagons, assembled of sewing fittings, imitation jewellery and cambrics on binders (ligatures), in the finished form forming a sphere, which can take the form of a skull and soft tissues of the face part by firm adherence to the latter, at the moments of functional application, and carry on its skeletal structure (performing the role of bracket) additionally placed attributes of the massage effect in the form of beads of different diameters with spherical, roll and sharp-cornered forms and other attributes of local effect on soft tissues of face part of the skull, scalp and neck, which require fixing above the zone.EFFECT: application of TDMM helps to achieve some favourable factors and effects: removing insufficient dynamics of movable structures of maxillofacial area by muscular contractions, generating self-massage of head and neck soft tissues, combining this with performing the long time sections, within which signs of aging mainly are generated - hypodynamic work, long-term travel.1 cl, 2 dwg

Training device // 2609392
FIELD: medicine, sports.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a simulator for training at of least one limb, in particular for rehabilitation and/or fitness, with a supporting framework (2) and a generator (3) of circular movement, which is rotatably mounted on a rotating shaft (4), which is provided with a supporting frame (2) and a limb support (12) for placement or support of at least one limb. The circular movement generator (3) is provided with a rotary axis (6) displaced radially relative to the shaft rotation axis (4) of the generator (3) for the rotator (5) turret. The rotator (5) is provided with a limb support (12), situated preferably offset with respect to the rotating axis (6), the trajectory of the limb support (12) is an ellipse formed by the overlaying circular movement of the generator (3) and rotator (5).EFFECT: invention provides improved training capacity and reduces the risk of patients injuries.14 cl, 4 dwg

Accessories for underwater swimming, comprising fin propeller and their basic element - support // 2609187
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an accessory for underwater swimming oriented at leg motion identical to its motion in the crawl stroke presented in 3 versions. The common for all of them is the fact that they comprise 1) a fin propeller, including a fin installed relative to the leg throughout shin, and a stiff support for it, with which the specified fin is connected, and 2) a stiff basic element - a base fixed on the leg in the field of the shin and foot and located relative to it by a part from its rear side, at least in the area of the shin, and by a part from the side of its foot. The feature of the first version is the fact that the support for the fin propeller is the specified base, with which it is connected in a hinged manner as capable of its fixation, besides, the hinged joint is located at the rear side of the leg, above its foot, the feature of the second version is the fact that the support for the fin propeller is the leg, and the support for the fin is the specified base, and the feature of the third version is the fact that the specified fin and base are parts of a solid accessory.EFFECT: specified base makes it possible to both set optimal position of a fin and to transfer load from an ankle to a knee, a thigh, and to create assemblies to connect a fin propeller or a fin to it, where one arm is involved.27 cl, 26 dwg

Amphitheater for aqueous entertainment // 2608292
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction and can be used for creation of health-and-sport facilities. Amphitheater for aqueous entertainment including a fixed stationary bath of the round shape, in the walls of which uniformly along its perimeter there are horizontal nozzle built in at an acute angle with supply of water to them under pressure from a circular manifold arranged on the outer side of the bath, herewith inside the bath there is a bowl filled with water with possibility of rotation and buoyancy to form a water surface of a paraboloid of revolution, herewith the bowl is fixed on the central bearing and is equipped with curvilinear vanes fixed outside on its walls, while in the bowl walls and in the bearing cover there are holes for water exchange inside the bowl.EFFECT: provided is production of a curvilinear water surface in a rotating basin bowl.3 cl, 1 dwg

Device for water competitions // 2608266
FIELD: games.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used as an amusement activity to practice at various sporting events, in holiday retreat hotels, health resorts, in the Navy, on cruise liners, and as a training device to develop the qualities required to take part in such activity, namely, endurance, strength, tactical planning and willpower. Device for water activities consists of a bracket starting lever, reduction gear, through the sheaves of which a flexible rod passes, and attachments to be fixed in the lumbar area of a sportsman. Additionally, it is equipped with the second flexible rod that passes through the sheaves of the reduction gear and is connected to the finishing gates, their movement is directly proportional to the motion of the flexible rods. While the winning team’s gate is lowered, the losing team’s gate is raised.EFFECT: technical result is a device for water activities.1 cl, 4 dwg

Racetrack tower // 2607972
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses racetrack tower with suspended trucks, installed on rails, which form rail track, representing closed dual spiral rail track for truck with no need in truck turning about or transition between rail tracks. Truck hangs from four-belt truss, for stability moving on two lower rails.EFFECT: enabling increase in efficiency due to larger housing of trucks in attraction and due to avoiding need in truck turning about or in transition between rail tracks.5 cl, 23 dwg

Device for automatic pucks feed for training hockey // 2607754
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sport training equipment and can be used for players training in development of hits in ice hockey game. Impact unit also comprises replaceable lever 9, made in form of eccentric and installed on gearbox 10 shaft axis, connected with electric motor 11 with frequency converter. In order to change impact frequency to puck 15, replaceable lever 9 can be made three-pointed (versions) or with different number of tabs. Electric motor 11 is installed on helical shafts 12 by means of nut connections 13. Helical shafts 12 are rigidly connected to tabletop 2 horizontal surface. Device also includes pucks 15 feed pipe 14, located at right angle to tabletop 2 surface and connected to pucks output angle changing unit, made in form of composite bracket 16, connected to three-way magnetic valve and electric motor 17.EFFECT: technical result, consists in possibility to change pucks output speed and pucks output angle changing, is achieved due to fact, that device comprises rectangular frame 1, made of metal shape (L-bars), rectangular metal tabletop 2 with partial fluoroplastic coating, connected to rectangular frame 1 by spring dampers 3, impact unit, including striker 4 made in form of rigidly connected to each other flat rectangular plate 5 and rectangular bar 6 with impact springs 7 unit and pneumatic oscillations damper 8 attached to its end face.4 cl, 3 dwg

Second generation billiard cue // 2607432
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sports equipment for table games, namely billiard cue structure that allows to reduce the deviation of the cue from the aiming line and to increase the accuracy of hitting the desired point. Lighter hollow body of billiard cue has two balance loads at opposite sides, at the same time the initial point of balance can still be maintained. There is a string stretched along the axis of the cue body, one end of the string is fixed to the first load, and the other one is attached to a bumper pad, connected the other end part by a threaded connection, providing control of the string tension.EFFECT: both balance loads are made from tungsten.5 cl, 4 dwg

Device for training table tennis technique // 2607421
FIELD: games.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to training devices for exercises simulating a table tennis game. Device for training table tennis technique comprises a clamp with a platform for attachment to a table with a rib with central and radial holes, post, freely rotating wheel arranged in a coupling link spring-mounted relative to the post, spring, tightly put by one end on free end of the post and rigidly connected by its other end to the coupling link of the wheel, post has holes for fastening by screws to radial and central holes of a clamp rib, and the coupling link has a smooth rod moving in a through hole of the post to impose straight movement to the wheel relative to the post. Smooth rod has a built-in adjustable threaded pin sliding in a lengthwise slot of the post for locating and fixing the angular position and restriction of longitudinal movement of the wheel relative to the post. Radial holes of the clamp ribs are oval along the radius of their location, and the holes of the posts for its fastening by screws to radial and central holes of the clamp ribs are threaded to reduce time for readjustment when changing the type of exercises.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of the device, reduction of labour intensiveness of manufacturing and shorter time for readjustment when changing the type of exercises.1 cl, 1 dwg

Vertical exercise equipment and method of its operation // 2607310
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to sports equipment, in particular, to exercise equipment, creating load on human muscles, and can be used as exercise equipment for developing and strengthening of muscles of hands, shoulder girdle, postural and leg muscles of user. Exercise equipment includes vertical post, which lower end in form of ball is installed on foundation by means of support containing spherical recess, located inside cylindrical sleeve with outer retaining ring in its upper part, required for creation of counteracting force and possibility of vertical rack rotation, detachable crossbar for carpal grip, attached perpendicular to vertical post, which upper part is used as user's hands holder. Method of exercise equipment operation involves its use for development and strengthening of user postural and leg muscles, wherein for development and strengthening of postural and leg muscles above disclosed exercise equipment is used.EFFECT: technical result is expansion of exercise equipment functional capabilities, improving its efficiency, use for development and strengthening of human postural and leg muscles.5 cl, 1 dwg

Simulator for rowing of canoes // 2607309
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: training apparatus for rowing of canoes is disclosed, having base with seat and thrust for athlete's foot, simulator of paddle with flexible links attached to its ends, installed on basis of drive shaft with two pairs of pulleys, one of which in each pair is main, and other one is additional. Both pulleys of each of said pairs are rigidly connected with each other and are installed on drive shaft to transmit torque in one direction of rotation and free spinning relative to it in opposite direction of rotation. Each flexible link has kinematic connection with main pulley of one of said pairs, each additional pulley is connected with cable fixed on pulley with one of its ends. Wherein it is equipped with three or more wheels, made and installed with possibility of movement of training device together with athlete using it, wherein two of these wheels are fitted on drive shaft and are rigidly connected with it. Main and additional pulleys in each pair have similar diameters, kinematic connection of flexible links with main pulley is made by direct fixation at last end of flexible rod, passing through guide roller installed on base, with preliminary winding on main pulley of part of said flexible rod. Said cable fixed on additional pulley of each pair with its one end is made in form of elastic cord with preliminary winding on pulley in direction opposite to direction of winding of flexible rod on main pulley at length of coiled part less than length of winding of flexible rod. Wherein both elastic cords are either directly fixed with their other ends on base, or hitched through additional guide rollers and are fixed on basis with other their ends or are connected with these ends to each other.EFFECT: training of rowers.5 cl, 5 dwg
Improved exercise apparatus // 2606944
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses a muscle resistance apparatus comprising a framework, at least one source of resistance force and a movable section. Resistance force is transmitted to movable section, wherein movable section comprises a first part attached to framework using connecting unit, providing temporary movement of first part, and a second part attached to first part of movable section using a second connecting unit providing temporary movement of second part. First and second parts of movable section may independently move relative to each other, thus accomplishing angular and/or linear movement.EFFECT: improved exercise apparatus.15 cl, 11 dwg
Clamping mechanism with hook for boot bracket // 2606917
FIELD: mechanism.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is locking mechanism with boot clamp hook, made in form of movable plate, installed into ski binding head, with T-shaped base 1 and two bent away from its sides at angle 90° parallel plates 2 and 3 with seats 4 and 5, in lower part repeating boot clamp lower profile, wherein plates upper part, used as hooks, is made with chamfers 6 and 7, in T-shaped plate base bend 8 at angle of 90° is also made. Bend 8 made in T-shaped plate base in its lower part on hooks side, is equipped with spring element position stabilizer 9, located in ski binding head. Spring element position stabilizer 9, located in ski binding head, is made in form of cylindrical body and integral with bend 8, made in T-shaped plate base. Spring element position stabilizer 9, located in ski binding head, is made by forging by metal drawing method. Seats 4 and 5 are made elongated, their lower part is made skewed and located above T-shaped plate base 1.EFFECT: made on hooks side bend 8 upper part, is equipped with lateral projections 10 and 11.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of controlling bends and extension of hands in front plank on the floor and device for its implementation // 2606913
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to physical training, sports medicine and can be used when depositing norms of complex TRP, in polyatlone, in sports, training, health care facilities and projects. Method of controlling flexion and hands extension in front plank on the floor consists in that participant of testing or competitions, after registration of the identification number, receives initial position in front plank on the floor and in judges command performs automatically fixed flexion and extension of hands in accordance with established rules, at that, body position of participant both in initial position, and during the testing or competitions is set and controlled depending on rules for executing testing and its anthropometric data by micro controller based on acknowledged by judge properly made attempts, count and signalling the result of counting attempts by a micro controller and signalling unit.EFFECT: device for implementing the method has a platform and signaling unit, two matrix recorder, two sensors of output elbows behind the side surface of the working zone, arranged on horizontal and vertical rods acoustic range finders, judges panel, micro controller, coupling device and computer, note here that all elements of the device are connected to micro controller which through an interfacing device is connected to computer.9 cl, 2 dwg
Sport-pleasure vehicle reclining on skis and skates, das systems // 2606862
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for dual purpose, more specifically to skiing, sledding, bobsledge, skating, speed skating, cycling, and can be used for movement on the ice and snow track as a mechanized sledge or device for movement on the ice and snow track. Vehicle reclining on skis and skates comprises a frame with a seat, steering, wheel, two-pedal solid wheel drive, brake, vehicle reclining on skis and skates is configured to use it: as a mechanized sledge or as a device for movement on the ice, and snow track using a propulsor and with the possibility of its hanging out (cutoff), made in the form of a wheel to rotate on the axis, fixed on the rear frame suspension, containing on each side of the wheel, on consoles of the said axis, at least one pivotally attached profile in the form of a polutavr, performing the function of the skate-ski, post of which is attached to the said axis, and console shelves of the polutavr made in the form of elastic and flexible surfaces, lower side of which are made with low rubbing friction coefficient, consoles of the opposite skate-skis interact with each other by means of kinematic links, surface of the wheel protector, interacting with the track surface, is flat and reinforced by studs, and skate-skis are equipped with the propulsor suspension device, to eliminate contact of the propulsor protector with the track surface.EFFECT: invention provides higher efficiency of the vehicle reclining on skis and skates and using it as a sledge and as a device similar to a mountain bike.6 cl, 6 dwg
ethod of training in techniques and physical actions // 2606861
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: proposed is a method of training in techniques and physical actions, wherein training a sportsman is carried out on a field with a controlled dynamically lit illumination forming allowed zones, where the sportsman shall be. Herewith a hardware-and-software system is used to change the position, the shape and the square of the allowed zones, and within the sportsman field of view to form a stationary or a mobile landmark, at which the sportsman should orient with his chest during the exercises. Herewith in order to increase the efficiency of training, automatic control of the sportsman's chest orientation, the landmark is made in the form of a radio transmitter, which generates a radio signal of a specified frequency and amplitude, and on the sportsman's chest or back there is a direction finder antenna of directed action included in the software-hardware system, which automatically locks, processes and controls the landmark-radio transmitter radio signal amplitude with a preset time interval, and also generates an audio signal for the sportsman and/or the trainer in case of incorrect doing the exercise, the radio signal amplitude crossing the limits of the specified field of its tolerable values.EFFECT: training in techniques.1 cl

Ski-skates by das system for skiing and speed skating // 2606860
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention ski-skates relates to ski and skate movement, which is used as on snow so on ice surface. Ski-skates for skiing and speed skating comprises sliding surfaces shoe part with fixed on it friction lining to contact with running track as result of elastic deformation of shoe part from dynamic load at leg push. Wherein shoe part of ski-skates comprises device made in form of skates to interact with shoe part.EFFECT: technical result consists in using of ski-skates in all known ski strokes, and in disassembled from shoe part state – in running all known skates movements.1 cl, 8 dwg

Roller-set for targeted relaxation of body muscles for health-improving purpose // 2606661
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to the field of sports inventory and fitness, is a consumer commodity and is intended for targeted relaxation of body muscles and acceleration of recovery of pectoral girdle with for health-improving purposes. Roller-set comprises cylindrical articles, wherein two roller-components are used simultaneously: component A has a shape of a truncated cone and is located longitudinally under human body, lying on back, in a projection of spinal column; component B has a cylindrical shape and is located across above component A under neck of a person; has dimensions: component A – length of longitudinal truncated cone – 100 cm, diameter of wide edge – 15 cm, diameter of narrow edge – 5 cm, component B – length of transverse cylinder – 25 cm, diameter – 10 cm; component A is made in form of a truncated cone, comprising a central reinforcing axis made of metal or plastic; external filler is silicone, rubber or foamed polyethylene; outer shell is made from fabric; component B is made in form of a cylinder consisting of same filler, with outer shell made of fabric.EFFECT: engineering problem of invention is: bringing shape of article into compliance with common anthropometric characteristics of body (anatomic contours), possibility of selection of article of required size in accordance with height and other individual characteristics of a person, stabilisation of head position, achieving comfortable head position above level of pelvis.1 cl, 6 dwg

ethod and apparatus for determining position of sporting projectile within scene // 2606583
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: apparatus for determining position of a sporting projectile within a scene during a time interval, in which sporting projectile is hidden from view of a camera, apparatus comprising: an interface operable to receive a first sequence of images of scene captured by camera at a first predetermined frame rate before time interval, and a second sequence of images of scene captured by camera at a second predetermined image rate after time interval; a sporting projectile detection device operable to detect position of sporting projectile within scene for each image in the first and second sequence of images; a velocity detection unit operable to determine velocity of sporting projectile before time interval, on basis of detected position of sporting projectile within scene for each image in the first sequence of images and first frame rate, and velocity of sporting projectile immediately after time interval on basis of detected position of sporting projectile within scene for each image in second sequence of images and second predetermined image rate; and a sporting projectile position determination unit, operable to determine position of sporting projectile during time interval using at least one of detected position of sporting projectile within scene for each image within first and second sequence of images and determined velocity of sporting projectile immediately before and immediately after time interval.EFFECT: determination of position of sporting projectile within a scene.10 cl, 15 dwg

Exercise equipment // 2606576
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to exercise equipment, in particular to leg muscles and gluteal muscles reinforcement exercise equipment, and includes support frame, fixed at acute angle to horizontal line; horizontal bench, fixed on support frame and serving for thrust of tibia front part; support roller, fixed on horizontal bench rear part to feet thrust; pair of handrails installed vertically in exercise equipment front part, serving for arms thrust; resistance lever, hinged to handrails pair middle part; roller, installed with possibility of rotation on resistance lever and serving for hips thrust; spring, installed in exercise equipment rear part and serves to create force, transmitted through rollers, installed on handrails pair lower part and horizontal bench front part, onto resistance lever.EFFECT: exercise on such exercise equipment directly acts on large body blood-vascular muscles – quadricepses, hip biceps and whole range of gluteal muscles, activating blood circulation in body, removing small pelvis stagnation and running whole body into operation, wherein load on spinal column is absent, which is in vertical position, physical action on arms and legs extremities is minimum, which in combination enables to use such exercise equipment in posttraumatic period or rehabilitation period.1 cl, 3 dwg

System and method for capturing and sharing console gaming data // 2606568
FIELD: games.SUBSTANCE: described is a system and a method for capturing and sharing console gaming data. Embodiments capture gameplay data directly at gaming console, without need for external hardware. This allows users to easily capture rich console gaming experiences and share them across a variety of outlets. In one embodiment, methods described herein can be implemented with a patch or driver on operating system of user device, rendering it unnecessary to heavily modify source code of game.EFFECT: automatic execution of said data processing.17 cl, 5 dwg

Downhill skiing device in skier body vertical position for people with disabilities // 2606334
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to technical field of appliances and devices, which enable people with disabilities to exercise, intended for downhill skiing. Downhill skiing device in vertical position for people with disabilities includes frame, fasteners, wherein device additionally comprises supports, connecting elements, feet, feet fasteners, grip handles, wherein device itself is installed before skier.EFFECT: technical result is providing skier with possibility to move on his skis, providing him support in vertical position and complete safety.14 cl, 8 dwg

Unified skates, for mass use, das systems // 2606322
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to skating. Unified skates for mass use contain boots, hinged on brackets by forepart region, shoes soles are made in form of cranks, on free surface of crankshafts (soles) are pivotally, rods are secured by one end,by other ends interacting with slides, installed on skates bodies, made with possibility of linear movement along movement of user, wherein slides front parts interact with dampers, wherein dampers forces on slides and slides stroke are adjusted by screws, besides, screws with marks with digital information applied on them are made with possibility of their use as indicators, indicating pressing force of dampers and crank angle of separation from skate upper surface, and distances between points of said hinges centers make open triangles, made with possibility to vary stiffness of system owing to changing of open triangles adjustable sides length, wherein skates are equipped with devices, providing attaching, detaching of skates from sports footwear of any size and purpose, providing possibility of using skates in various sports, wherein skates have platform, fixed on skating, with installation of said devices on it, and made with possibility of damping at dynamic loads by feet, at impacts by feet and at landing.EFFECT: technical result of invention is increased efficiency of movement and their mass use in various sports.8 cl, 9 dwg
System with easy control for accumulation of points in a teetotum game and method for reading/recording the corresponding information in the form of data // 2606321
FIELD: games.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a system with easy control for accumulation of points in a teetotum game and method for reading/recording the corresponding information in the form of data, wherein the system comprises a teetotum, radio frequency identification (RFID) chip and mobile telephone, wherein said RFID chip is intended for identification of identification information of the teetotum and storing the data on gained points, and said mobile telephone has a software system for accumulating points in a teetotum game, intended for reading and displaying the identification information stored in the RFID chip and made with possibility of introducing new identification information into the RFID chip, as well as intended for reading and displaying data on the accumulated points, stored in the RFID chip and designed to input or output data on the accumulated points in the RFID chip or from it.EFFECT: invention ensures that accumulated points as a result of a competitive children teetotum games can be easily recorded without using a PC, and the technical skills of children can be determined more accurately; therefore children save valuable time and can compete in any place at any time, the invention provides fun and generates interest.10 cl

Simulator for training boat rowing // 2606075
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: it comprises a frame and a support part of frame formed by supports attached by a brace, loading device, which is a freely rotating air turbine installed on a shaft, which, in its turn, is installed on a beam of loading device, fixed on support part, Remote rowlock which is fixed on frame, oar simulator, having an inner and an outer shoulder with handles on inner shoulder, which is installed on remote which rowlock by means of a swivel, sprocket fitted on shaft of loading device, interacting with a drive chain, kinematic chain consisting of series-interconnected flexible link, drive chain and rubber strap inside beam of loading device, wherein flexible link envelops a movable pulley fitted on oar simulator by means of rotary sleeve, a footrest with pedals, rigidly fixed on frame, movable carriage with seat, moving along frame. Frame is pivotally mounted on support, and fixed on oar simulator movable pulley, from which paddle force is transmitted to kinematic chain is installed by means of rotary sleeve on inner shoulder of oar simulator in middle of distance between handles of oar simulator and swivel. Axis of rotation of rotary lever, at end of which a yoke is mounted, in which oar simulator is inserted, is installed coaxially to axis of rotation of swivel. Support rotary lever by rubber strap is connected to sleeve located at end of axis of outer shoulder of oar simulator. At end of support rotary lever is fixed a stop, limiting vertical stroke of oar simulator.EFFECT: disclosed is a simulator for training boat rowing.4 cl, 4 dwg

System and method for capturing and sharing console gaming data // 2606071
FIELD: games.SUBSTANCE: described is a system and method for capturing and sharing console gaming data. Embodiments capture gameplay data directly at gaming console, without need for external hardware. This allows users to easily capture rich console gaming experiences and share them across a variety of outlets. In one embodiment, methods described herein can be implemented with a patch or driver on operating system of user device, rendering it unnecessary to heavily modify source code of game.EFFECT: automated data processing.24 cl, 5 dwg