Portable extinguishers which are permanently pressurised or pressurised immediately before use and and (A62C13)

Gas-generating device // 2640466
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gas-generating devices using channel porous gas-permeable gas-generating charges, namely, gas generators operating on these charges, providing ignition and combustion of low-calorie compositions that create, during combustion, the working pressure of low-temperature working gas for systems of displacing liquid and powder substances, and for products in which it is necessary to create a pressure of a certain level. The gas-generating device comprises an outer metal cylindrical body sealed by a rolling up with a lid, a solid chemical charge placed in the body made of bezazido gas generating composition with a central blind cylindrical channel formed from the side of the end facing the lid and an igniter. Between the lid and the end of the charge a flat elastic element is placed. According to the invention, the outer metal body is provided with an internal perforated body affixed to the lid by a rolling method and arranged such that an annular slit gas duct is formed between the outer body and the internal perforated body, the charge of the solid chemical agent of the bezazido gas generating composition with the central blind cylindrical channel is porous and gas permeable of substances and in the composition selected depending on the field of use, an igniter is placed in its channel, and it is made granular. The channel porous gas-permeable gas-generating charge is installed without a gap inside the perforated body with one end facing the lid with a flat elastic element and the other end in a hollow-bottomed tin of the internal perforated body, the outer metal casing is closed with a notched splitter damper, a tightly sealed docking device is placed outside on the lid.EFFECT: gas generating device provides minimum operating time not more than 3 s, the pressure difference of the combustion arch does not exceed 1,5 MPa and the gas temperature is not higher than 373 K, meets the ecological requirements, is compact, economical and convenient to use.6 cl, 3 dwg

Fire extinguishing aerosol generator // 2635899
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: generator is proposed comprising a housing provided with an aerosol forming agent cartridge and a cooling cylinder of a larger diameter. The cartridge is installed inside the housing with a guaranteed gap filled with a heat-insulating layer. The cooling cylinder partially covers the housing to form a ring ejection gap. The housing is closed by a lid with an igniter and circumferentially distributed through holes. The free volume of the housing between the cartirdge and the lid is a combustion chamber. The thermal insulation layer is made of heat-resistant elastic material. The channel connecting the inlet and outlet sections of each through-hole is tilted to the inner surface of the cooling cylinder. In the internal volume of the cooling cylinder, a swirler is rigidly fixed on the igniter housing.EFFECT: generator allows to increase fire extinguishing efficiency due to a significant reduction of high-temperature and fire-dangerous zones by creating conditions for provision of a curvilinear shape of the fire extinguishing aerosol trajectory within the internal volume of the generator, while increasing the generator's strength parameters during storage and under more severe operating conditions.6 cl, 4 dwg

Device for fire extinguishing (variants) // 2620244
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: container with extinguishing agent is a hole hermetically partitioned protective plate or a valve which is opened manually, or when exposed to heat or elevated pressure inside the container, in which an extinguishing agent is used a mixture refrigerant containing a blowing silicone and a hardener (curing agent) with this extinguishing agent is disposed within the container in liquid form at room temperature and a pressure of 4-12 atm.EFFECT: formation of a dense elastic foam to resist the flow of air that is easy to clean, the suitability for use at any electronic equipment, security for people who find themselves near the operation site.10 cl, 2 dwg, 1tbl

Autonomous fire extinguishing device // 2617624
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for automatic fire extinguishing by means of fire-fighting gas-flame-shaped fire-control gauges generated in the combustion of pyrotechnic composition, which are sent in an organized manner to the protected volume; the devices are intended for use on vehicles, warehouses and industrial premises. The stand-alone extinguishing device includes a source of flame retardants, a means of initiating it in the form of a pulse starter comprising a spring-loaded stem seized by means of an open ring made of material with a thermomechanical shape memory installed in the head groove. At the end of the rod a nock stinger is fixed, which interacts with the primer placed in the mounting nozzle sleeve, communicating with the channel pyrotechnic checker, generating a functional aerosol during combustion, closed from the opposite end with a diaphragm with distributed outlets covered by the combustion membrane. On the nozzle sleeve coaxially tubular body, carrying a pulse starter, and the shell of the generator of a functional aerosol are mounted.EFFECT: device is characterised by high functional reliability due to the creation of a membrane that closes the outlets of the diaphragm.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device for bulk firefighting // 2615971
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: device for volumetric fire-fighting comprises a functional pyrotechnic bomb mechanical combustion cooperating with an igniter external initiation and which is coaxially mounted over a layer of plaster in a perforated cylindrical body, combined with the receiver adjacent to the closed lid of distributed outlets annular output channel reverse aerosol which is formed on distance from the shell casing rigidly connected through the interlayer of plaster with the outer casing. Perforated body and shell is made of a metal mesh or foil parogazopronitsaemoy, by supporting thermally insulating layer of plaster is conformal coated geotextile membrane. Pyrotechnic block is fixed to a diametrical bridge installed in the bayonet grooves of the housing, and an annular channel with the output openings of the cover is communicated via the expansion chamber.EFFECT: proposed technical solution to prevent unauthorized operation surround extinguishing device.3 cl, 1 dwg

Automatic fire extinguishing aerosol generator // 2615970
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: automatic fire extinguishing aerosol generator comprises an axial tubular heat exchanger and cylindrical body inside of which through thermally insulated layer an end burning pyrotechnic stick is set in a localized combustion chamber communicating with the cover outlet openings and the tubular heat exchanger and external initiation igniter. Combustion chamber and a heat exchanger are interconnected directly through the expansion pre-chamber above an additional casing, in which a pyrotechnic stick is fixed by gypsum plaster layer and the ends of fixed in the casing tubular heat exchanger are equipped with air distribution grates, the upper of which is switched through the receiver with the outlet cover openings, and the igniter is provided with a self-contained initiating device - thermochemical cord, and heat exchanger tubes are made of aluminium, copper or steel.EFFECT: multi-stage cooling in a compact functional aerosol generator, thereby increasing the efficiency of fire-fighting.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of fire extinguishing with nanopowder, method of charging powder fire extinguishing means, powder fire extinguisher and microcapsulated fire extinguishing agent // 2610814
FIELD: fire safety; nanotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to nanotechnologies in the field of fire-fighting equipment. Proposed technical solution is easy in operation and can be used in a normal powder fire extinguisher using in its operation in series both the volumetric extinguishing method with the use of nanopowders with a considerable inhibitory action on the flame, and the method of extinguishing throughout the surface of burning materials and substances with the help of a powder fire-extinguishing substance made in the form of a coarse fire-extinguishing powder for final extinguishing of repeated combustion spots due to insulation of the burning surface and termination of the air oxygen access to the burning materials at all levels of combustion.EFFECT: proposed technical solution can be used to feed powder fire-extinguishing substances of various dispersion to the fire source in zones with presence or absence of people.6 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of fire extinguishing with nanopowder using powder fire extinguisher and powder fire extinguisher // 2607761
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to extinguishing powders made in the form of a nanopowder. Core of the proposed device is that in a powder fire extinguisher comprising a housing filled with a fire-extinguishing powder, a device for its discharge and supply to the body of fire, a stop-start device and a powder sprayer in the controlled zone, the fire-extinguishing powder is made in the form of a nanopowder. Powder fire extinguisher contains a housing filled with a fire-extinguishing powder, a device for its discharge and supply to the body of fire, a stop-start device and a powder sprayer in the controlled zone, the fire-extinguishing powder is made in the form of a nanopowder.EFFECT: proposed technical solution is easy in operation and can be used in a normal powder fire extinguisher to supply the nanopowder in case of fire to the controlled zone.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of explosion discharge for aerosol fire extinguishing device // 2601250
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to technology of gas fire extinguishing. Method of explosion for aerosol fire extinguishing including the following stages: 1) when an aerosol fire extinguishing device explodes the corresponding explosive device creates a limited movement along direction of hot air flow from aerosol fire extinguishing device; 2) when the end part of explosive device reaches the edge of aerosol fire extinguishing device, the explosive device being limited stops motion along the direction of hot air flow which enables to achieve for aerosol fire extinguishing device of explosion target and reduce recoil force.EFFECT: this method enables smooth release of powerful explosion, thus preventing damage to operator due to powerful recoil force at the same time preventing flyout of cylinder with great speed and preventing accidents leading to injuries and damage.8 cl, 3 dwg

Total saturation system in electric train cars // 2600910
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to stationary controlled systems of detection and suppression of fires in electric train cars. Total saturation system in electric train cars comprises fire and smoke signalling devices and extinguishing aerosol generators distributed in protected volumes. Electric ignitors of pyrotechnic cartridges of fire extinguishing aerosol generators are connected with an autonomous source of electric current by means of a button of the switch of manual switching external unit. Self-contained electric current source is a battery from pyrotechnic flat electrodes with an igniter capsule. Igniter capsule interacts with the switch, which is made in the form of a percussion mechanism, its spring-loaded sting is fixed on the button of manual switching and kinematically closed with the bearing holder by means of a pin, wherein the independent switches in the communication lines with electric igniters of backup fire extinguishing aerosol generators are directly connected with pyrotechnical battery of electric current.EFFECT: proposed engineering solution ensures simple design of the fire extinguishing system in different modes of action.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of extracting foaming agent solution from fire extinguisher for spacecraft and device for its implementation // 2598301
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to portable water-foam fire extinguishers, mainly for manned spacecraft. Method of extracting a foaming agent solution from a fire extinguisher cylinder means separation of gas-liquid phases. Propellant gas and the solution are stored separately, and the solution is extracted without application of a movable structural element under the action of gas pressure in gas-filled foam. Foam is formed in the fire extinguisher cylinder by mixing and foaming the solution with jets of the propellent gas prior to the solution supply from the cylinder. Proposed method is implemented with a fire extinguisher, which comprises a cylinder with a foaming agent solution, a propellant gas source and starter for the gas supply into the cylinder, a locking element for the foaming agent solution supply, a sprayer and/or a foam generator. Cylinder is shaped as a ball, and holes for the gas supply into the cylinder with the foaming agent solution are located in one of the hemispheres of the cylinder and are oriented so, that jets of the propellant gas are directed along the inner surface of the ball.EFFECT: intensive mixing of gas-liquid phases together with simplified design of the fire extinguisher and significant reduction of its weight.2 cl, 3 dwg

anual fire extinguishing aerosol generator // 2597580
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fire-fighting equipment, particularly, to hand-held devices generating a gas and aerosol mixture of combustion inhibitors intended for primary suppression of fire seats with directed flow of extinguishing mixture. Manual fire extinguishing aerosol generator comprises a functional pyrotechnic charge arranged in a tubular body, provided with a cover, coaxial casing and obturating gas seal, resting on jumper of shank of housing on opposite side of which in outlet diaphragm there is a primary charge, and a grater fixed on cap plug. Novelty is that grater is arranged inside casing fixed on body, with which movable cap plug bearing it is kinematically closed by pin, a primary charge is located inside fire-transfer sleeve, secured in diaphragm, at tail of housing is rigidly fixed with a drain hole fluted handle.EFFECT: distinctive features of proposed engineering solution are providing simple mobile technology of starting up manual generator, fully equipped with structural and functional elements in working position, higher functional reliability due to installation of additional stage of protection against unauthorized start-up.1 cl, 2 dwg

Fire extinguishing aerosol generator // 2596973
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to stationary devices for extensional fire fighting. Fire extinguishing aerosol generator comprises igniter arranged in the bottom sleeve and connected to the terminals of switching unit of external control electric signals, and pyrotechnic candle resting on the crossbar body, between which thermo protective layer made of hardened material is located. Annular reversible channel communicated with receiver is formed by the perforated shell of outer cylindrical casing installed with a possibility of angular positioning in the support bracket. In the bottom part of thermo protective layer of the casing there is a distributing box, where the communication unit and igniter are installed. Bearing bushing has the shape of the longitudinal fire transmission tube, which is adjacent to the open end of the stick, coated with a flame-retardant screen, on which thermo protective layer is made of magnesite, including distributed in volume expanded filler made of heat-resistant material, primarily, vermiculite or pyrite.EFFECT: suggested technical solution provides increased structural strength, performance and longer service life for fire extinguishing aerosol generator.1 cl, 2 dwg

anual fire extinguishing aerosol generator // 2577772
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fire-fighting equipment, particularly hand-held fire extinguishing aerosol generators. Device for 3D fire fighting includes coaxially fixed with injection gap, cooling cylinder and housing with heat-protective layers inside. Housing is closed by cover with distributed outlets, under which, through receiver, functional pyrotechnic cartridge of end burning and electric spark igniter of external initiation are fixed. According to invention, pyrotechnic cartridge is made with central channel, where through armoring coat congruently adjoined communication metal tube of receiver, limited by disk convector of communication tube, with combustion chamber under functional cartridge formed by metal bottom, in which electric igniter is mounted; cover rests on posts of disk convector and cooling cylinder is arranged on body with partial overlapping by means of radial pylons of stepped shape.EFFECT: invention provides effective cooling of generated aerosol within device due to separation of high-temperature phase on metal bottom and reversing its flow in labyrinth convector with developed heat dissipation surface.2 cl, 1 dwg

Kochetov modular fire extinguishing system // 2577654
FIELD: salvage operation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to firefighting equipment. Technical result is achieved by the fact that in the method of modular fire extinguishing, which is carried out by means of the vessel, storing fire-extinguishing substance, and the vessel, in which fire-extinguishing substance is stored, brackets are attached to the building structure of the room and discharge device is equipped with gas phase, combined with measuring probe for fire-extinguishing substance and stop-starting device, for example, electromagnetic type, which is connected via pipeline with tube for feeding fire extinguishing liquid into foam generator that is equipped with inputs for simultaneous supply of liquid and gas, the liquid supply is performed in two directions, comprises forcing fluid axially via feed branch pipe and series-connected and coaxial with it confusor and cylindrical nozzle, and tangential liquid supply is performed through coaxial with cylindrical nozzle in the form of cylinder-conical sleeve on cylindrical part accommodating Vortex annular chamber with branch pipe for supply of liquid, note that at the edges of the ring chamber are two rows of fluid feed tangential channels, having at least three tangential channels connecting the annular chamber with housing cylindrical chamber, to round plate is located perpendicular to axis of the vortex annular chamber and rigidly connected with housing cylindrical chamber, and in its end section perpendicular to round plate is attached slotted nozzle, which consists of two mutually perpendicular rectangular parallelepipeds with throttle through holes of rectangular section connected to the casing cavity.EFFECT: higher efficiency of fire extinguishing due to usage of high-expansion foam.1 cl, 3 dwg

Generator of fire-extinguishing aerosol // 2555957
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: generator of fire-extinguishing aerosol contains pyrotechnical stick with ignition assembly, installed on bottom of one of two dish-shaped casing tanks coated from inside with the functional layer out of solidified material, that are opposite connected by flangings, creating output slot nozzle, at that the functional layer of the top tank is enclosed by the perforated shell, and above the open end of the stick a receiver is formed, it via the reverse ring channel is connected with output slot nozzle. According to the invention the reverse ring channel between the perforated shell and open part of the pyrotechnical stick is connected with the output slot nozzle and is limited by the end of the functional layer adjacent to the bottom tank flanging, that closes gap between the bottom tank and stick. The suggested technical solution determined automatic two-stage action of the generator during serial modes: initially intensive burning of the pyrotechnical stick over the developed open surface, with high delivery of the extinguishing liquid, and then slow make-up of the additional aerosol until achievement of the extinguishing concentration.EFFECT: as result of the stage supply of the generated aerosol intensity of filling of the protected object reduced, resulting in abrupt decreasing of its losses via slits, clearances, plays in the room, and ensured long-term inhibition of the fire extinguishing.1 dwg

Procedure for obtaining of gas-powder mixture and device for its implementation // 2552836
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: procedure for obtaining of gas-powder mixture contains aeration of the fire-extinguishing powder by means of compressed air supply using aeration devices located in bottom part of the tank and connected with compressed air source to the cavity of the tight tank with fire-extinguishing powder. When in the specified tank work pressure is achieved via the siphon pipe the created gas-powder mixture is removed from this tank with further creation using the appropriate means of the single jet or multi-jet flow of the gas-powder mixture supplied to the fire source. The gas-powder mixture removed from the specified tank is accelerated in the specified siphon pipe by means of the compressed gas jet supply to the siphon pipe via its inlet hole and coaxial with it, at that ensuring possibility of the ejection in the siphon pipe of gas-powder mixture created in the tank. Devices for the compressed gas jet supply in the siphon pipe via its inlet hole and coaxially with it are made as nozzle with channel having permanent or variable cross-section coaxially installed relatively to the axis of the siphon pipe for the compressed gas jet supply to the siphon pipe via its inlet hole; at that the nozzle is connected either with the same compressed air source as the aeration devices of the fire-extinguishing powder in the tank, or with the appropriate compressed air source.EFFECT: improved efficiency and quick action of fire fighting system.3 cl, 2 dwg

Device for two-phase flow adjustment and portable sprayer of two-phase flow // 2534912
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to two-phase flow regulator and to portable sprayer of two-phase flow designed to spray fie extinguishing fluids. Proposed device comprises mixing chamber (2) composed in case (8) with separate inlet channels for forcing fluid and gas at pressure in and discharge channel (19) communicating mixing chamber with sprayer nozzle by means of flow pipe (20). Note here that a separate cylindrical chamber (1) is arranged in said case (8) to accommodate rotor (3) with blades (5). Rotor blades shut off inlet channels of two phases formed in separate sectors of said chamber (1) confined by rotor blades (5). Gas phase inlet channel (11) is shut off in turn with at least one fluid inlet channel (12) that feed fluid into mixing chamber (2) via open channels between blades. Sector of said chamber (1) including gas inlet channel (11) is also separated from mixing chamber (2) by a continuous section of web (7) that shuts off the channels between the blades of rotor (3) inside said sector.EFFECT: two-phase flow regulator to be used in portable hand-held fire extinguishers.10 cl, 10 dwg

obile fire extinguishing unit // 2534071
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: mobile fire extinguishing unit comprising a container with liquid, designed for fire extinguishing, a system of supplying pressurised liquid, a swirler of liquid flow with guide elements, a liquid atomiser connected through the feeding pipeline with the container, the atomiser housing is made in the form of a feeding fitting with the central opening and rigidly connected to it, and a coaxial cylindrical sleeve with an external thread, and the nozzle is connected coaxial to the housing, in its lower part, by the sleeve with internal thread, made in the form of a centrifugal swirler of liquid flow in the form of a cylindrical insert with at least three tangential inlets in the form of cylindrical openings, and the sleeve is a part of the nozzle and is mounted coaxially and in alignment in relation to the centrifugal swirler, in the end surface of which the cylindrical orifice is made, and the centrifugal swirler is mounted in the cylindrical chamber of the housing to form an annular cylinder chamber for supplying liquid to the tangential inlets of the centrifugal swirler and is connected to the diffuser outlet chamber, and tangential inlets are made in the form of channels located tangentially to the inner surface of the cylindrical insert, and the confuser is coaxially attached to the sleeve, the inner cavity of which through the openings made on its lateral surface connects its cavity with the outside air, and at the output of the confuser the throttle in the form of a cylindrical shell is fixed, which increases the jet range of the entire unit.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of fire-extinguishing through fine droplets in the flow and range of feeding the gas-drop flow due to the compactness of the jet.2 dwg

obile fire extinguisher // 2530410
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: mobile fire extinguisher comprising a portable extinguishing means, which is a fire extinguisher of rechargeable type, filled with non-flammable liquid, with a lock and release device of manual type and a liquid supply system with a foam generator additionally comprises a gas supply system which comprises a microswitch mounted on the lock and release device so that when starting the fire extinguisher the compact compressor is activated simultaneously, powered by a portable battery unit, and the foam generator comprises a housing made in the form of a cylindrical cup with a horizontal axis coaxial to the axis of the nozzle and the attachment means of the nozzle to the pipeline for supply of water or foam solution, and on the side of the foam output the housing is coaxially attached to the confuser, and at the junction of the housing and the confuser a net or a pack of nets in the cage is mounted, and for easy carrying and use of the foam generator it is provided with a transverse beam and longitudinal handles between which there is a cage with a fitting of supplying compressed air from the compact compressor, closing the openings for supplying compressed air into the housing, which enhances the foam expansion, and the nozzle of the foam generator is attached to the housing by means of variable length elements, to the bottom of the housing by the plates, with which the nozzle is mounted at a predetermined distance relative to the surface of the net, depending on the desired expansion and long-range capability of the jet, and the longitudinal handle is able to be attached to the cylindrical surface of the housing along its generating line at locations corresponding to the changed length of the fastening elements, the nozzle comprises a hollow cylindrical housing connected to the diffuser, in which the orifices are made, the hollow housing consists of a cylindrical part with an external thread for connection to the fitting for supplying liquid and two successively connected and coaxial with it hollow cylinder-conic belts, and coaxially to the housing, in its lower part, the diffuser is fastened made in the form of a cup, in the bottom of which the horizontal and inclined orifices are made at an angle 45 to the axis of the diffuser, and in the cylindrical belt of the housing at least one row of radial openings is made, which axes lie in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the housing. The number of openings in each row is equal to at least three. The housing and the diffuser form between each other several coaxial internal chambers: cylindrical and the conical chamber located between them. One of the cylindrical chambers is used for the sprayed liquid supply, and the conical and cylindrical chambers are the expansion chambers.EFFECT: improving efficiency of extinguishing fires of various classes through the use of high-expansion air filled foam.3 dwg

Thermal mechanism of actuation fire extinguishing generator // 2527722
FIELD: fire-fighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: thermal mechanism of actuation of the fire extinguishing generator comprises a striker located in the housing with a spring enveloping it, loading the striker in the direction of the capsules, a fixing device which blocks the striker from movement in the idle state, and an initiating element mounted in the additional housing, holding the fixing device in the idle state, at that the fixing device is made of the blocking sleeve located in the housing and contacting with the striker, and the retainer which is in contact with the initiating element in the idle state, mounted with the ability to move on the junction of the housing and the additional housing with partial entering into each of them, at that the blocking sleeve has lobes of the resilient material entering in the idle state in the gap between the housing and the retainer and moving out from it when actuation of the initiating element, and the spring is located in the blocking sleeve.EFFECT: improving the reliability of the start of the fire extinguishing generator.8 cl, 1 dwg

Chemical air-foam fire extinguisher // 2514228
FIELD: fire-prevention facilities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical air-foam fire extinguisher which comprises a housing with a lid, filled with the aqueous alkaline solution, the polyethylene container with an acid mixture, located inside the housing, and a lock and release device mounted on the lid, at that the housing is made of steel and comprises 9 litres of water-alkali solution in the form of the mixture of sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3 and licorice extract, and the polyethylene container is filled with the acid mixture in the form of sulfuric acid H2SO4 and iron sulfide FeSO4, increasing the volume and strength of the foam produced, at that the polyethylene container is rigidly connected to the valve seat fixed to the lower part of the cup rigidly connected to the lid of the steel housing, the upper part of which is attached to the handle for work in the mode of operation of the fire extinguisher, and in the upper part of the housing an outlet pipe is placed, on which the foam generator is fixed, at that the cup is mounted inside the housing axially to it and the polyethylene container, and the valve is connected to the rod placed axially in the cup and spring-loaded with the spring, at that in the lower part of the cup, over the valve, at least three openings are made, providing the connection of the alkaline and acid parts of the fire extinguisher, and the lock and release device is mounted on the lid of the fire extinguisher housing.EFFECT: improvement of protective effectiveness of technological equipment against fires.4 dwg

Installation of mobile fire extinguishing // 2508143
FIELD: fire prevention facilities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to portable fire extinguishing installations. At that the installation of mobile fire extinguishing consists of a portable means of fire extinguishing which is stored-pressure extinguisher filled with inflammable liquid, with a manual lock and release device and a liquid supply system with a foam generator, additionally comprises a gas (air) delivery system, which comprises a microswitch mounted on the lock and release device, so that when starting the fire extinguisher at the same time the compact compressor is switched on, powered by a portable battery unit. At that the foam generator comprises a dispenser, a foam nozzle and a two-phase flow divider, the dispenser is connected to the housing of the foam nozzle made in the form of a cylindrical shell, at that mounted coaxially and axially relative to the dispenser and on the foam nozzle housing, at a part located closer to the dispenser, at least three windows for ejecting air are made, and at the output a two-phase flow divider is secured, made in the form of a circular grid, and the dispenser housing is made with a channel for supplying the liquid and has a coaxial sleeve rigidly connected with the housing with a nozzle fixed at its lower part, at that made in the form of a two-step cylindrical sleeve, which upper cylindrical stage is connected by a threaded connection to the central core mounted with an annular gap towards the inner surface of the cylindrical sleeve and which consists of a cylindrical part with a swirler fixed coaxially at its lower part, made in the form of a cylinder with a central orifice. At that on the outer surface of which at least double-lead screw thread is made.EFFECT: increased efficiency of fire extinguishing of different classes by using high-expansion air filled foam.

High-integrity fluid discharge device // 2493892
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: subject of the invention is a fluid injection package comprising two chambers (A, B) separated by a piston-type separator (5). One of the chambers (B) comprises a fluid to be discharges, and another one (A) is a pressure feed chamber wherein the pressure is generated to move the separator 5 and to discharge the fluid. According to the invention, the pressure feed chamber (A) comprises a liner (50) tightly separating the inside of the pressure feed chamber from the container side walls.EFFECT: ensured ideal tightness of the two chambers which does not impair an ability of the piston (5) to slide.11 cl, 19 dwg

obile fire-extinguishing plant // 2490040
FIELD: fire-prevention facilities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to portable fire extinguishing plants. The mobile fire-extinguishing plant comprises a fire extinguisher of pump type with a stop and start device of manual type and a system of liquid supply with a foaming agent, The fire extinguisher of pump type is filled with non-flammable liquid and comprises a system of gas (air) supply. The system of air supply includes a microswitch installed on the stop and start device. When the fire extinguisher has been started, simultaneously the compact compressor will also start, supplied from a portable accumulator unit. The foaming agent comprises a sprayer, an ejecting nozzle and a splitter of double-phase flow.EFFECT: increased efficiency in extinguishing of fires of different classes due to usage of multiple-use air mechanical foam.5 cl, 2 dwg

Portable fire extinguisher // 2481873
FIELD: fire-prevention facilities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to portable fire extinguishing units. The portable fire extinguisher comprises a portable fire extinguishing unit which is a stored-pressure extinguisher. The fire extinguisher is filled with non-flammable liquid, with a hand operated lock-start gear and a system of liquid supply with the foam generator. Additionally it comprises a gas supply system which comprises a microswitch. The microswitch is mounted on the lock-start gear so that when starting the fire extinguisher the compact compressor is switched on simultaneously. The compressor is powered by a portable battery pack.EFFECT: increased efficiency of fire extinguishing of different classes by the use of high-expansion air filled foam.3 cl, 2 dwg

Device for fire extinguishing // 2476760
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: device for fire extinguishing comprising a cylinder with fire extinguishing agent and a device to determine its weight in the cylinder, comprises a sensor of weight and an electronic unit. The sensor of weight is made in the form of a segment of coaxial long line formed by a complex of a siphon tube and a metal pipe located outside coaxially with respect to it, between the lower ends of which reactive resistance is connected. Reactive resistance can be made equal to zero when short-circuiting of the lower ends of the siphon tube and the metal pipe or inductive.EFFECT: increased accuracy of determining the weight of fire extinguishing agent.3 cl, 2 dwg

Generator of extinguishing aerosol // 2471522
FIELD: fire-prevention facilities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of fire fighting, namely to devices that generate gas-aerosol fire retardants designed for extinguishing fires in closed or semi-enclosed volumes. The extinguishing aerosol generator comprises a cylindrical housing and body with a lid and bottom, a mixing chamber, and also an activator and the pyrotechnic charge. The housing and the body are coaxially mounted with each with an annular gap for induced air. The mixing chamber is formed by the side walls of the housing. The pyrotechnic charge is set inside the body with provision of the possibility of formation of an ejecting aerosol chamber. Inside the body there is a layer of material cooling the aerosol. The generator is made with the ability of aerosol release to the protected area. The cylindrical housing and the body are interconnected coaxially. The bumper is installed parallel to the bottom which is fixed providing partial overlapping of the lateral surface of the body and forming around the body of an annular nozzle for ejecting aerosol release. The layer of the aerosol cooler is placed in series with respect to the pyrotechnic charge to form additional free volume with the function of combustion chamber. The ejecting aerosol chamber is formed between the bottom of the body and the bumper. The bottom is made perforated.EFFECT: optimal combination of performances of extinguishing efficiency, temperature of gas-aerosol spray and the intensity of supply of the extinguishing aerosol to protected area with a low degree of tightness.12 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

Three-dimensional aerosol fire extinguishing apparatus // 2462283
FIELD: medicine, fire-fighting means.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to fire-fighting, namely extinguishing gas-aerosol mix generators actuated by pyrotechnic compound burning and spraying the mix into the protected space. A three-dimensional aerosol fire extinguishing apparatus comprises axially coupled cooling cylinder, and a generator body with a heat-insulating inner layer. The cylinder is provided with injection windows and mounted on a bearing arm with an angularly positioned longitudinal axis. The layer fixes a functional pyrotechnic stick connected with a central ignition cartridge represented in the form of a pyrotechnic tablet filled with a hermetic adhesive in an axial groove of the pyrotechnic stick. The ignition cartridge is wired with a hermetic switchboard of an external startup unit. The body is lidded with the lid comprising distributed outlets above a receiver wherein an isolating membrane is provided. The hermetic switchboard is mounted on the generator body by a threaded carrier sleeve with its flange attached in plaster of its heat-insulating layer which incorporates the wires to the central ignition cartridge.EFFECT: invention provides enhanced technological capabilities of the use of the apparatus in the high atmospheric moisture and explosive environment.1 cl, 2 dwg

Extinguisher // 2460557
FIELD: fire-fighting means.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to powder fire extinguishers and is designed for fire fighting. Fire extinguisher comprises a cylindrical body with a bottom and a welded lid, on the inner surface of which in a cartridge a neck collar is mounted. The top end of the neck collar is designed as an annular sealing ledge, which after assembly is adjacent to the inner surface of the welded lid. The neck collar is equipped with an internal threaded channel for installation of the start-up device and on the outside with a longitudinal groove, which includes a locking ledge of the cartridge. The neck collar preferably may be made of polymer material by method of casting or compression. The start-up device includes a head with the striker and a spring. At the head the start-up handle is mounted. Between the neck collar and the start-up device the O-ring is mounted.EFFECT: constructive implementation of the elements of the body lid of a fire extinguisher provides increased reliability of the fire extinguisher and provides ease of manufacture and assembly.5 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of extinguishing fire with finely pulverised water // 2457877
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fire suppression, namely, to methods for extinguishing fire with finely pulverised water and can be used for fighting fire on ships and water-crafts, as well as other important facilities.EFFECT: increased efficiency of extinguishing fires due to improving the fire extinguishing properties of finely pulverised water by optimisation of its dispersion, is achieved by the fact that at pre-treatment of water with a constant magnetic field with strength of 40-45103 A/m at a motion speed of stream of 0,4-0,5 m/s and with passing water through the proposed device with a voltage of a DC electric field of 30-50 V/mm, the uniformity of negatively charged water droplets of optimal size increases twice.

obile fire extinguishing plant // 2429037
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: in a mobile fire extinguishing plant, which comprises a portable fire extinguishing device, which represents a stored pressure extinguisher, filled with incombustible liquid, with a stop-starting device of manual type and a system of liquid supply with a foam generator, additionally there is a system of air gas supply, which includes a microswitch installed on the stop-starting device so that whenever the fire extinguisher starts, simultaneously a compact compressor is switched on, which operates from a portable accumulator unit.EFFECT: increased efficiency of extinguishing fires of various classes as a result of foam generator inclusion into a fire extinguisher, which produces intense air mechanical foam.2 cl, 3 dwg

Chemical air-foam fire extinguisher // 2427401
FIELD: fire-fighting means.SUBSTANCE: chemical air-foam fire extinguisher contains a steel case filled with 9 l of an aqueous-alkaline solution in the form of mixed sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3 and licorice extract, and a polyethylene container filled with acid mixture in the form of sulphuric acid H2SO4 and ferric sulphide FeSO4, and increasing volume and durability of generated foam; the polyethylene container is rigidly connected to a valve seat fixed at the bottom of a cup rigidly connected to a cover of the steel case to the bottom of which there is a handle for operating mode of the fire extinguisher, and at the top of the case, an outlet branch with a foam generator is placed. The cup is mounted in the case and is axial-symmetrical to the case and the polyethylene container, and the valve is connected to a rod axial-symmetrical in the cup and a spring-assisted spring. At the bottom of the cup, over the valve, there are at least three apertures providing connection of alkaline and acid portions of the fire extinguisher, and the cover of the case of the fire extinguisher comprises a lock-start gear.EFFECT: more efficient fire protection by increasing operation speed and reliability.3 cl, 5 dwg

Dry powder self-actuating extinguisher // 2424834
FIELD: fire-fighting means.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to devices for fire extinguishing agent supply to a fire source. An extinguisher cylinder wherein a dry powder is put comprises a metal-bonded glass bottle of the length 500 mm and diameter 54 mm, and in the middle of the glass filled with the powder, there is a layer of a special solid substance transformed in a gaseous state at temperature 100C.EFFECT: higher performance speed and reliability of the extinguisher that provides effective fire protection of the process equipment.1 dwg

Fire-extinguishing aerosol generator // 2422178
FIELD: fire-fighting means.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to fire extinguishing, namely to systems working on the principle of using suspended fine solid particles of an aerosol generated by combustion stick of a pyrotechnic composition as fire retardants. The generator comprises a pyrotechnic stick equipped with a flame igniter electrically connected with an external starting arrangement and fastened by a layer made of a curing material with a body overlapped with a diaphragm; the body through an annular gap forms a reverse pathway to an outlet annular nozzle and is coaxially fixed in a thermally shielded case provided with a central projection and an axially clamped plate-type cover. The case is filled with liquid oil covering the body wherein the pyrotechnic stick supplied with the flame igniter is arranged; a combustible diaphragm adjoins the body diagram; and over the body, distributed transverse disks alternating with in-built bulkheads is axially clamped; the central projection of the case has radial holes and adjoins a bottom of the cover.EFFECT: invention provides enhanced functional reliability of the generator.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device for voluminous aerosol fire extinguishing // 2421260
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: in a device for voluminous aerosol fire extinguishing, an initiation unit is realised as electric and thermochemical start-up initiators, installed on surface of an aerosol-forming substance (AFS) charge at the side of a receiver, outlet holes are located on a cylindrical metal casing near its metal cover and/or on it, and ratio of AFS charge burning area to the total area of outlet holes is 10-100.EFFECT: improved quality of aerosol flow and convenience of use for various objects.

Kochetov's fire extinguisher // 2416441
FIELD: fire-fighting means.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to portable fire-control units, particularly to fire extinguishers. The fire extinguisher comprises a extinguishing fluid tank, a fluid displacement system accommodating a including siphon tube, a locking starter coupled with an outlet of the siphon tube, a fluid flow limiter controlling a cross-sectional area of a flow passage by fluid pressure in the tank, a fluid sprayer with a centrifugal fluid vortex and an exhaust nozzle, and a pipeline connecting an outlet of the locking starter and the fluid sprayer; the exhaust nozzle of the fluid sprayer represents a cone diffuser chamber with its inlet coupled with an outlet of the cylindrical mixing chamber of the centrifugal vortex. An inlet connection comprises an axial fluid supply tube and a cylindrical compressed air supply cavity into the mixing chamber where air-mechanical foam is produced. Besides, the fire extinguisher is supplied with a small-sized compressor which is coupled by an air line to a connection cavity and supplies compressed air when the fire extinguisher actuated.EFFECT: more effective various class fire extinguishing ensured by using high-expansion air-mechanical foam.1 cl, 1 dwg

Fire-fighting unit with fire suppressant container and appropriate compressed gas tank // 2407570
FIELD: fire fighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: fire-fighting unit (50. 50', 50") comprising a double-enclosed (12, 12') fire suppressant container (10, 10'), a piston (20, 20') axially movable in the container enclosure and isolating in the fire suppressant container a fire suppressant space (22, 22') from an extensive space (24, 24'). According to the invention, inside the fire suppressant container (10, 10') there is a pressure tank (28, 28') in the form of a compressed gas chamber (26, 26') spatially separated from the extensive space and used for high-pressure storage of propellant and for controlled supply thereof to the extensive space (24, 24') at low extinction pressure. The piston (20, 20') is movable along the compressed gas chamber (26, 26').EFFECT: higher performance of the fire-fighting unit.1 cl, 15 dwg

Fire-extinguishing aerosol generator // 2407569
FIELD: fire fighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to fire prevention, more specifically to fire-extinguishing installations using gas-aerosol flame retardants generated by pyrotechnic block combustion and supplied to a protected space in an orderly way, preferentially by water crafts and transport vehicles. The generator contains coaxial case and pyrotechnical block fixed in flooring cement layers with an in-between annular reversible heat exchanger formed by two perforated metal envelopes with an internal one being matched with a receiver; and an ignition assembly adjoining a free end face of the block, and an outlet cover. The ignition assemble is integrated in a median slot from an open end face of the block which is enclosed in a polymer film casing and rests through a foam plastic spacer on a rod mounted in the diametrical perforations of an inferior envelope of the heat exchanger bearing longitudinal edges for the block diametre, while the case comprises a bearing bracket wherein ignition assembly telecommunication clamps are fixed.EFFECT: ensured higher functional reliability and efficacy of the generator of more simple and technological design and expanded range of use thereof.2 cl, 2 dwg

Throw-type fire-extinguishing device // 2403930
FIELD: fire-fighting means.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fire-fighting equipment, in particular to devices generating gas-aerosol mixture of inhibitors of burning, and is intended for volumetric extinguishing of fire in closed premises by hand throwing of the device into fire centre. Device contains case consisting of two plate-shaped reservoirs, counter-fixed, with their flanges forming ring outlet nozzle for generated gas-aerosol mixture during burning of pyrotechnical charges, installed in each case reservoir through layer of construction gypsum, and unit of ignition, located under radial handle. Unit of ignition is installed in threaded bush of mounting clamp, fixed coaxially to through hole in reservoir, blocked with foam-plastic stopper and adjacent to fire-conducting inclined canal of communication with clearance between free butt ends of pyrotechnical charges, installed aflush with reservoir flanges. Both charges are autonomously packed in polymer film jackets, nozzle being formed by matching convexes, made on supporting surface of flanges and layers of construction gypsum being reinforced with metal mesh.EFFECT: increase of action efficiency and reliability.3 cl, 2 dwg

Fire-fighting device of pulse action // 2401683
FIELD: fire-fighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to small fire-fighting devices and can be applied for extinguishing fires of solid and liquid substances, electric plants under voltage to 1000 W, automobiles, tele- and radio equipment in initial stage of fire beginning, in premises and open areas. Fire-fighting device of pulse action, equipped with fire-extinguishing powder and expelling charge, consists of placed one after another ignition and expelling compositions in given proportions of their components and weight ratios, equipped with powder sparger, brought into action from capsule of lighter "Zhevelo" by means of percussion-lock.EFFECT: increase of fire-extinguishing action by increasing its work stability and improvement of exploitation properties.1 dwg

ethod for volumatric fire fighting and device for its realisation // 2401675
FIELD: fire-fighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to firefighting equipment, namely to equipment for volumatric firefighting. In method for volumatric fire fighting, in industrial premises, consisting in the fact, that in premises installed are elements for firefighting with charge of smoke-forming composition, which are connected to each other with fire conductive fuses, made from material, which provides transmission of burning, elements are placed in volume of premises in such way, that their axes cross in geometrical center of premises, which is defined as point of intersection of rectangular parallelepiped or cube diagonals, fire conductive fuses connecting elements for firefighting with charge of smoke-forming composition, and forming closed quadrilateral with apexes, in which said elements are installed, each of said elements for firefighting is made in form of body with bead and outlet, equipment with charge of smoke-forming composition with unit of initiating, and outlet of body is closed with discontinuous membrane.EFFECT: increase of reliability and efficiency of volumatric firefighting system.3 cl, 6 dwg

Aerosolation unit for smothering // 2401147
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: proposed device generates gas-aerosol fire inhibitors formed in combustion of pyrotechnical composition and directs them in structure to be protected. It can be used in both independent and automated fire fighting systems. Generator comprises igniting unit and pyrotechnical grain fitted, via heatproof layer in perforated case coupled with receiver communicated with reversing annular channel closed by cover. It has also outlet holes and is separated from the case by heatproof layer. Said grain is packed in polymer film jacket and locked in the case by lengthwise plates and crosswise rod arranged in receiver perforations under grain free end face. Note that the case heatproof layer has two bolts fixed therein to support bracket with terminals of igniting unit electric communication. Note also that reflecting tray is arranged under said receiver.EFFECT: higher mobility and reliability.2 cl, 2 dwg

Space aerosol fire extinguishing device // 2389524
FIELD: medicine, fire fighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to devices generating gas-aerosol fire retardants produced after pyrotechnic compound combustion and arranged to be delivered in a protected capacity, and is used both in stand-alone, and in automatic fire-control units for inflammable and combustible substances, hard materials and energised electric equipment. The device comprises a perforated cupped metal case with a gap filled with a binding substance, an aerosol-forming compound charge and an initiation unit to form at the opened end of the cup a receiver connected via communication openings with a reverse ring channel formed between the perforated metal body and perforated metal shell ring placed with a gap filled with the binding substance, in a cylindrical metal casing closed by a metal cover, a chamber mounted under the cover, and discharge openings formed on the cylindrical metal casing near to the metal cover and/or thereon; it is equipped with a limiter fixed on the casing above the cover, and the casing is provided with a protective wirecloth in its upper part under the discharge openings of the casing and/or the cover; and the relation of the combustion surface area of the aerosol-forming compound charge to the total area of the discharge openings is within 10-30.EFFECT: higher reliability of the device, and improved quality of an aerosol flow when eliminating the liquid fraction (K-phase) and usability of the device on various fire-fighting objects.3 dwg

Fire-extinguishing module // 2383373
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: fire-extinguishing module comprises cylindrical tube closed at ends and filled with fire-extinguishing substance in liquid or gaseous condition under pressure, which is excessive versus environment. Mechanism of tube opening is arranged in the form of hollow body and yoke attached to one of its ends with clearance and with the possibility of pressing, on adjacent surfaces of body and yoke there are semi-cylindrical bores arranged as inverted towards each other and enclosing tube, and circular groove is arranged on surfaces of bores in middle part of body and yoke. Body is installed perpendicularly to longitudinal axis of tube, on free end of body there is cover fixed with central hole, in which initiation unit is mounted. On body bottom inverted to tube there is channel arranged, which communicates to circular groove, besides inside body there is solid fuel pyrotechnical blasting cartridge placed as made of aerosol-forming composition, including finely dispersed solid components, for instance soot, aluminium, ferric oxide. At least one blasting heat-sensitive cord is fixed on external side surface of tube.EFFECT: improved performance and efficiency of module.12 cl, 4 dwg

Fire extinguishing devices by gas injection generated during pyrotechnic block combustion pyrotechnic block // 2372956
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: device for fire extinguishing contains generator for pyrotechnic unit burning, coupled with the means of distribution of the generated gas in the zone of fire. The device also includes means for regulating of the generated pressure to create a specific profile of oxygen concentration in the zone of fire. These controlling means can be executed, for example in the form of a controlled valve, or represent a special form of the pyrotechnic generator performance. The device is made with the possibility of fire extinguishing in aircraft engines, as it does not include halogen-extinguishing agent.EFFECT: invention allows to control precisely the duration and level of fire protection zones.24 cl, 6 dwg, 1 ex

ethod of disperse gas fire extinction and device for method implementation // 2370293
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention concerns fire fighting equipment and is intended for extinction of fires of A, B, C, grades and power plants of up to 7000 V voltage hands-free. Method of disperse gas extinction of inflammable fluids and fuel and suppression of deflagration burning of air-gas and dust-gas formations by feeding disperse gas flow of fire extinguishing fluid from module device to fire area involves formation of inhibiting disperse gas phase with juvenile surface and flegmatising dispersion medium of the disperse gas flow out of supercritical fluid obtained by proposed method, involving pyroelement initiation at shutoff/launching device, simultaneously with thermochemical charge initiation with the help of the claimed device. Device can be applied in automatic and autonomous fire fighting systems and features gas cylinder shutoff/launching device in the form of at least two-layer wad pressed in flushing valve case. Lower wad part contacting gas cylinder content is made of thermomelting foil or plate, and upper external wad part is made of elastic pyroelement with electric igniter commuted to electric pyrocartridge launcher unit.EFFECT: enhanced fire extinction efficiency in hazardous facilities of coal and ore mining, chemical, oil and nuclear power industries, in transport, industrial facilities and buildings, storehouses and garages, suppressed deflagration burning of air-gas and dust-gas formations.4 cl, 1 dwg

Aerosol generator // 2346718
FIELD: mechanics; fire-fighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hardware with the principle of operation consisting in using suspended highly-dispersed solid particles, aerosols, as flame retardants, the aerosol being formed in burning of pyrotechnical grains and released in a protected chamber. Aerosol generator comprises the primer of grains distributed in a cylindrical heat-protected housing combined with the receiver communicating, via a pipeline, with the reverse circular channel formed by a heat exchanger, a casing and a tapered cover. The said casing and tapered cover are arranged reversed and partially overlapping to form an annular outlet nozzle, both being furnished with a heat-protection material interlayer. Note that the said cover rests upon the housing mounted on the central ledge of the casing. The said housing and casing are jointed together with the help of an axial rigging screw, the casing being arranged on a mounting plate with a heat-protection coating acting as a deflector. Note also that the pyrotechnical grains and receiver pipelines are fixed in the housing with the help of gypsum plaster.EFFECT: simpler design, ease of manufacture, higher efficiency.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod volume firefighting and related equipment // 2329840
FIELD: medicine, life saving equipment.SUBSTANCE: method of volume firefighting and related equipment enables to increase efficiency of firefighting procedures due to decreased temperature and losses of fire-control aerosol by introduction thereof with pyrotechnic composition resulted from combustion, thus charges are inflamed from lower non-reserved end face, and produced aerosol is let through channels between charges and through cellular plaster filter. Thereafter aerosol is exhausted to protected volume through clearances of outlet cone. Firefighting unit consists of working body, injector assembly and two fire-resistant grids, and also contains block cellular plaster filter for aerosol cooling, mounted between fire-resistant grids, and outlet cone for uniform distribution of produced aerosol.EFFECT: provided increase of firefighting efficiency.2 cl, 3 dwg

Lock and release mechanism for fire extinguisher // 2327496
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: lock and release mechanism for extinguisher includes head attached to a container. The head is provided with inlet and outlet channels for fire extinguishing agent supply. Bushing with flange from one side and circular bead from the other side is threaded into the housing. Rod is spring-loaded with regard to head and installed into bushing hole to enable interaction of locking element with circular bead acting as valve seat. Pivoted steering lever and handle for transportation with fastening base are located inside head at an angle to head axis. To fix handle under bushing flange, handle base is provided with tie-down slot covering bushing under flange and pressing handle base to head. Pivoted lever with threaded hole is attached to rod via pusher being in the shape of screw with retainer nut. Head material is profiled iron of aluminium alloy. It is processed by pressing and drawing method. Bushing material is brass.EFFECT: improvement of operational reliability and reduction of mechanism repair cost and price.4 cl, 4 dwg