Devices, apparatus or methods for life-saving (A62B)

A   Human necessities(312083)
A62B              Devices, apparatus or methods for life-saving (valves specially adapted for medical use a61m0039000000; composition of chemical substances used in respirators, gas-masks, breathing apparatus or the like a62d; rescuing from mountains or trees a63b0027000000, a63b0029000000; life-saving devices, apparatus or methods specially adapted for use in water b63c0009000000; divers' equipment b63c0011000000; specially adapted for use with aircraft, e.g. parachutes or ejector seats, b64d; rescue devices peculiar to mining e21f0011000000)(1628)
A62B37 - (52)
A62B37 - (52)

Respiratory mask with clean air reception chamber // 2642776
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: body of the respiratory mask forming the first chamber and the second chamber is provided. In one embodiment, the mask body comprises one or more inlet ports configured to receive one or more components in the form of respiratory air sources communicating with the first chamber and allowing movement of the withdrawn fluid.EFFECT: component allows air to be transferred from the first chamber to the second chamber during inhalation.18 cl, 6 dwg
obile roboticized fire extinguishing unit on the basis of gyroscooters // 2642770
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: device comprises two or more firefighter robots on mobile devices including a hydraulic monitor with vertical and horizontal guidance mounted on the monitor, nozzles with a drive for changing the spray angle, an ignition detection device, connected to the switching unit, a transport drive, a drive of docking with a hydraulic valve and a power connector, a rangefinder and a battery connected through a control unit to a switching unit that on the output is connected via a radio channel through a radio control unit with remote-control console and control device connected through a receiving and controlling device with fire detectors. Firefighter robot is installed on mobile device - gyroscooter and includes control box of center-of-gravity position, the route card navigator with parking device to water intake sites for docking with hydrovalve and power connector.EFFECT: creation of a highly reliable, efficient high-speed fire extinguishing device with automatic identification of the fire coordinates, the automatic directing of the jet of fire extinguishing agent to the source of ignition and a significant expansion of the working area of service with a decrease in the number of firefighter robots that make up the unit.2 dwg

Individual respiratory protective device // 2642345
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: respirator comprises a body having a peripheral portion, a filter material forming at least a portion of the body, and a sealing gasket located on the peripheral portion of the body along at least a part of its length. At that, the sealing gasket is made of a flexible elastomeric material, and its transverse profile has a protrusion in the direction from the peripheral part of the body with a folding point located on the protrusion, with respect to which the sealing gasket is foldable.EFFECT: protection enhancement.21 cl, 11 dwg

Respirator with optically active exhalation valve // 2642340
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: respirator (10) includes a fastening system (13, 16), a mask base (12), and an exhalation valve (14). The exhalation valve (14) may include a valve seat (20) and a flexible flap (22) meshed with the valve seat. The flexible flap may contain one or more materials that can cause the flap (26) flashing when moving from the closed position to the open position. With a flashing valve, it is easier for the user to make sure that the valve is working properly.EFFECT: better convenience.18 cl, 14 dwg

ethod for manufacture absorption holder cartridge // 2641090
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: absorber sheets are rolled and a separating grid is placed between the absorber coils, wherein the absorber sheets are made in the form of a shell of a gas permeable material into which partially dewatered pasty absorbent material is placed. The difference of the method is that the shell is sealed by welding in the form of a sleeve with a seam on the outer side surface, after which the sleeve is turned inside out forming an internal seam which is unfolded into the middle part of the side surface. The sleeve receives a folded shape and the absorbent material is fed through the central portion, subsequently unfolding the sleeve into a strip and filling its free portion with absorbent material, the filled strip is profiled and subjected to IR drying to a predetermined humidity, and rolled together with the separation grid on the central tube. Before folding into a roll, the lateral surfaces of the separation grid are cut at a width of 2-3 mm at a distance from the end equal to the two outer turns of the spiral.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the absorption cartridge by increasing the amount of absorber working out.9 cl, 16 dwg

Fire-fighting clothes of fire-rescuer for integrated protection from dangerous fire factors, ballistic and dynamic exposures // 2640991
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: complex of its protective properties is provided in one protection packet, including the top fabric, made of paraaramid materials, heat-insulating lining and flexible flat armour protection elements that determines safe working conditions when using such fire-fighting clothes without additional protection elements, increasing the weight of the product and decreasing its ergonomic characteristics and reliability.EFFECT: complex protection from dangerous fire factors, ballistic and dynamic exposures in firefighting and eliminating emergencies at various sites, buildings and structures.1 tbl, 2 dwg

Respiratory mask with nose support element-expander // 2640984
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: basis of the respiratory mask is provided, which has the nose area, including the seal and the support element-expander. In one embodiment, the mask basis has the nose area, including the support element-expander, extending in the direction away from the seal and having the configuration in which it is in contact with the user's nose outside the seal.EFFECT: usability increase.17 cl, 6 dwg

Heat exchanger of self-contained breathing apparatus // 2640273
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to respiratory protection devices, in particular to constituent parts of self-contained self-rescuers with chemically bonded oxygen which are used for emergency short-term respiratory protection in emergency situations connected with the formation of environment unsuitable for breathing. The heat exchanger of the self-contained breathing apparatus comprising a housing with an inlet and an outlet nozzles for attaching to the unit of respiratory apparatus isolation and regenerative canister of the breathing apparatus, a gas-permeable heat-capacious material located in the cavity of the housing between the mentioned nozzles in which the gas-permeable heat-capacious material is made in the form of a cassette containing a central tube and fibrous substrate with a coolant applied on one or both sides, wherein the coolant is a mixture of solid high-molecular hydrocarbons of limit nature, modified by nanomaterial. The substrate can be wound on the central tube, provided with an expiratory valve, in a spiral and a nodeless net can be placed between the layers of the substrate, or it is can made in the form of corrugated ribbon, which corrugations are parallel to the generatrix. External corrugations are fixed on an additional shell, and the internal corrugations are attached to the central tube.EFFECT: increased efficiency of cooling the respiratory gas mixture by reducing the mass-dimensional characteristics and reducing the breathing resistance.8 cl, 12 dwg

Filtering face respiratory mask with groove in nose area // 2639071
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: filtering face respirator mask contains an attachment system and a mask basis containing the upper part and the lower part, separated by a dividing line, extending in the transverse direction through the central part of the mask basis, a filtering structural element, an upper segment of the internal perimeter of the upper part formed by a filtering structural element fold, a lower segment of the inner perimeter in the lower part, formed by a filtering structural element fold and a nasal groove in the upper segment of the inner perimeter of the above upper part of the mask basis extending from the edge of the upper segment of the inner perimeter and representing a space that does not contain material.EFFECT: better convenience.15 cl, 20 dwg
Nasal filter // 2639058
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: nasal filter (1) with a carcass (2) with right and left carcass sites (2a, 2b) having a size for placement inside the left and right nostril, respectively, and optionally connected via a U-shaped bridge (4) is described. Each carcass site (2a, 2b) comprises a front support section (6a) near the front of the nose and a rear support section (6b) near the back of the nose, the support sections support the filtering element (3). Elastic means (8', 9') connects the front support section (6a) to the rear support section (6b) to smoothly change the distance between the front support section (6a) and the rear support section (6b).EFFECT: increased efficiency.17 cl, 8 dwg

Respirator as filtering face mask, containing mask basis with fold // 2638629
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: respirator in the form of a filtering mask contains a mounting site and a mask basis containing a filtering structure and having the first side edge on the first side of the mask basis, the second opposite side edge on the second side of the mask basis and a perimeter. At that, the filtering structure on the side edges is folded in a three-layer fold and secured to itself at a location spaced from the perimeter to form a longitudinally extending fold. The mask basis also contains a non-fixed fold site between the bond location and the first side edge, and the mask basis contains the first and second side trims located on the first and second opposite sides. The first and second side trims are folded inwards to contact the filtering structure when the mask basis is in the application configuration. The longitudinally extending fold is made extending from the first side trim to the second side trim.EFFECT: fold prevents crushing of the cup-shaped form of the respirator.5 cl, 10 dwg
Filter material and method for its production // 2637952
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: in order to produce the filter material, polyacrylonitrile nanofibres are electroformed in electric field of high voltage and simultaneous laying of the formed nanofibres onto nonwoven substrate in 1-10 layers, after which the obtained material is folded two or three times. The forming is carried out from polyacrylonitrile solution in a solvent at a concentration of 12-13% wt %, solution viscosity is 0.9-1.4 Pa⋅, temperature 30-35°C, relative humidity is 7-17%, electric field voltage is 65-70 kV, the distance between the forming and precipitation electrodes is 170-190 mm. The nanofibres have a diameter of 180-250 nm, the mass per unit area of the nanofibrous layer is 1-7 g/m2, the resistance to air flow at a linear velocity of 1 cm/s is 47-150 Pa.EFFECT: improved filtration efficiency, simplified production of the filter material.4 cl, 2 tbl, 4 ex

Rescue capsule // 2637084
FIELD: rescue work.SUBSTANCE: rescue capsule is sealed with protective layers, which prevent the danger of mechanical damage, chemical, thermal and radioactive effects, and also provides a reserve of water, air, food and communication. Inside the capsule there are armchairs with seat belts. The capsule is made in the form of a cylinder with hemispherical ends and consists of a body and a rotatable lid. In the cylindrical part of the body and the lid, there are annular baffles, which ensure the rigidity of the structure and divide its internal space into sections. An armchair of a swinging type with fixation in the given position, in front of each seat on the capsule cover, a mobile window with protective armored and heat-resistant glass is constructed, which is fixed to the window frame by means of a detachable connection, for example, a threaded one. In the lower part of the body there are detachable rollers with adjustable height of their installation, and rings are installed along the ends of the case and at the top of the cover. Inside the body there is a rotary level for determining the horizontalness of the capsule in two mutually perpendicular planes. In one end compartment of the capsule there is a toilet room with a water compartment, and in the opposite end compartment there is a cylinder with compressed air, water, a set of products and an energy module.EFFECT: protection and rescue of people in high-rise buildings and structures in the event of emergencies.6 cl, 6 dwg
ultilayer protective polymer-textile material based on butadiene-styrene thermoelastoplast // 2636500
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: material contains a base fabric impregnated with a polymer mixture including antimony trioxide, chloroparaffin HP-470, a pigment, and a mixture of nefras and ethyl acetate solvents. Herewith as a base fabric, it comprises a polyester or cotton polyester or polyamide or viscose-polyamide base weave. In addition, the material additionally contains an antistatic additive, the pigment Minatec 51 CM, and the polymer composition additionally contains butadiene-styrene thermoplastic elastomer, branched DST R 30-814 and DST R 30-00, polyvinyl chloride suspension grade PVC-C-70U, pigment organic varnish ruby SK of brand B, and a mixture of organic solvents of nefras and ethyl acetate.EFFECT: production of a multilayer material based on butadiene-styrene thermoplastic elastomer with a high level of protective properties, simplification and reduction in the cost of manufacturing process.1 tbl, 5 ex

Filtering facial respiratory mask with element of stiffness composition of single whole with filtering constructive element // 2635036
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: mask base has at least one transversely extending stiffener formed by performing an S-shaped (three-fold) fold in the filtering member and permanently bonding its layers to one another, for example by welding. At least one thus formed stiffening element reinforces the structural strength of the mask base when it is opened to the cup-shaped shape and prevents the mask base from being added, which may be caused, for example, by the increased air pressure drop on the mask basis due to the high contaminant or moisture content in the air.EFFECT: improving the characteristics of the mask.17 cl, 14 dwg
ethod for determining and relaying coordinates // 2633305
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: when determining and relaying geographic coordinates (geospatial positioning of a point object), ground location of at least one marker beacon with fixed and constant coordinates and presence of an aircraft in the air space above such a beacon for a long time are provided. The latter is designed to permanently and accurately determine its coordinates relative to the indicated beacon and relay the received data to consumers within the radio navigational field. The proposed solution allows to expand the access possibilities of interested persons (objects) to geodetic coordinates with preservation of high accuracy and noise immunity of their determination.EFFECT: expanded operating capabilities.1 dwg
Fire safety valve // 2633276
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: fire safety valve containing a body with an inlet and an outlet, a flap on a horizontal axis fixed on capronic spigots. According to the invention the body is made with two-chambers with outlets located on the same plane, and the chambers are located one above the other and are interconnected by a transitional hole. The flap with its upper edge is fixed on the horizontal rotary axis and installed in the lower chamber in the plane of the inlet, and the size of the flap from the rotary axis to the free edge is less than the distance between the planes of the inlet and outlet.EFFECT: invention allows the elimination of the door blocking of the evacuation path when the smoke removal system is switched on by reducing the difference of aerodynamic pressure on the door leaf.2 dwg

Respiratory protecting hood // 2631622
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: hood containing a flexible shell (2) and an oxygen tank (3) containing a calibrated outlet (4) that leads to the inner volume of the shell (2). The outlet opening (4) is closed by a removably mounted plug (5), characterized by the pressure vessel (3) for pressurized oxygen containing two independent storage compartments (6, 7), with the first compartment (6) communicating with the outlet (4) and the second compartment (7) isolated from the outlet (4) by means of a fluid-tight separation device provided with an element (8, 9, 10) for separating device opening. The opening element (8, 9) can be switched between the first configuration that prevents fluid communication between the second compartment (7) and the outlet (4) and the second configuration that allows fluid communication between the second compartment (7) and the outlet (4). The opening element (8, 9, 10) is sensitive to the pressure drop between the second compartment (7) and the first compartment (6) and is configured to automatically switch from the first to the second configuration when the pressure difference between the second compartment (7) and the first compartment (6) is below the preset threshold.EFFECT: improved protection.10 cl, 5 dwg

Oxygen separator and method of oxygen generation // 2630099
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method for separating oxygen from an oxygen-containing gas comprises the steps of at least the first and second oxygen separation periods, wherein each first and second oxygen separation periods comprise the steps of guiding the oxygen-containing gas to the primary side of the oxygen separation unit (12, 14) containing the sorbent (16, 18) for separating oxygen, and generating an oxygen-enriched gas stream from the oxygen separation device (12, 14) by creating a pressure difference between the primary side and the secondary side of the device (12, 14) separation of oxygen. The method comprises a cooling step between the first and second oxygen separation periods, wherein the cooling period comprises the steps of adding the sorbate through the oxygen separation device (12, 14), the sorbate added having an adsorption energy e1 with respect to the sorbent (16, 18) for separating oxygen, and directing the cooling sorbate through the oxygen separation unit (12, 14). The cooling sorbate has an adsorption energy e2 with respect to the sorbent (16, 18) for separating oxygen. The adsorption energy e2 is less than the adsorption energy e1. The invention also provides an oxygen separator (10).EFFECT: invention makes it possible to improve the separation of oxygen, especially at high temperatures.9 cl, 3 dwg

Respiratory mask (versions) // 2629524
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: respiratory mask contains a mask body that forms an air-breathing zone for the user and a shut-off valve. The body comprises two or more inlet channels configured to receive two or more components in the form of air sources suitable for breathing. The shut-off valve is configured to switch between the closed position and the open position. In the closed position, the shut-off valve prevents fluid communication between one or more inlet channels and an air-breathing zone. The shut-off valve returns to the open position in the absence of the applied force. The inlet channels are in fluid communication with the single inlet component to provide fluid communication comprising an inspiratory channel that provides fluid communication between the inlet channels and the air-breathing zone.EFFECT: sufficient mask seal to prevent unfiltered air from entering the mask.23 cl, 5 dwg

Belt fixing device for individual protective equipment // 2629523
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: belt fixing device contains an actuating arm that is capable of engaging with a locking protrusion. The belt fixing device comprises a frame having first and second parts. The locking protrusion is connected to the frame and is pivotable with respect to the first frame part. The executive arm is connected to the frame and comprises a first actuating member adapted to move to the fixing protrusion from the neutral position to the operating position. The first executive wedge element is movable in the first plane causing movement of the locking protrusion in the second plane perpendicular to the first plane.EFFECT: solution allows to adjust the length and tension of the belt manually so that the individual protective device fits more closely to the user.21 cl, 11 dwg

Intelligent respirator, method and device for calculation of the amount of contaminants absorption // 2628711
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: intelligent respirator contains the front of the respirator, the main part of the respirator and the fastening belt. The front part of the respirator is installed at the first open end of the main part of the respirator; the fastening belt is mounted on the second open end of the main body of the respirator; inside the front of the respirator leaf filters and sensors are installed; they include an air analyzer and a flow meter; leaf filters are used to absorb contaminants contained in air entering the front of the respirator; the air analyzer is used to determine the contamination index of filtered air; the flow meter is used to calculate the total respiratoty volume during the time the user wears the intelligent respirator. The quantitative amount of contaminants absorbtion during the wearing of the intelligent respirator by the user can be calculated in accordance with the invention on the basis of the pollution index of filtered air, the total respiratory volume and the local air pollution index.EFFECT: the possibility of more direct representation of the local air condition to the user.21 cl, 11 dwg

Respirator as filtering muscle mask with composite side plants // 2626934
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: respirator 10 in the form of a filtering face mask, comprising a fastening unit 14 and a mask body 12 having a filter structure 16 containing one or more layers of filter media 62 and having a perimeter 24. The mask body also has first and second side plates 30a, 30b disposed on opposite sides of the filter structure 16. Each of the first and second side panels 30a, 30b has a leading edge 33 and is folded inwardly to be brought into contact with the filter structure 16. Such a configuration in an osculating state is possible when the mask body 12 is opened in a usage configuration. The leading edge 33 of each side bar 30a, 30b is formed so as to coincide with the perimeter of the mask body 24 when the side panels 30a, 30b are folded inward to be brought into contact with the filter structure 16.EFFECT: body of the mask has an exceptional structural integrity, which allows maintaining the proper configuration for long periods of time, despite the excessive exposure to moisture and warm air.11 cl, 7 dwg

Respirator in the form of filtering face mask with the face seal, containing the layer permeable for the water steam // 2626225
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: shaped respirator as a filtering face mask, containing a case with the shaped mask, including at least one filter layer and having the rear open side with the perimeter and the face seal, being connected to the perimeter of the mentioned mask body and extending inwardly from the mentioned mask body perimeter, terminating at the inner edge of the face seal. The mentioned face seal contains at least one water steam permeable layer, which pushes off the aqueous liquid as well.EFFECT: purification degree increase.23 cl, 4 dwg

Device and method of increasing convergence of speech for respiratory mask // 2625929
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: respiratory mask contains a mask body, designed to create a clean air space between the mask, mouth, and nose of the user. The mask body is capable of attenuating the acoustic energy passing through the respiratory mask in one or more frequency ranges of the mask user's speech. The speech intelligibility device comprises a microphone configured to be attached to the mask body. The microphone is further designed to sense acoustic energy inside a clean airspace, being attached to the mask body. The speaker is designed to emit acoustic energy outside clean airspace. A controller operatively connected to a speaker and a microphone, wherein the controller is adapted to receive a speech signal from the microphone. The speech signal carries signs of acoustic energy perceived by the microphone within the first frequency range and delivering the output signal to the speaker to compensate for the attenuation of the acoustic energy passing through the respiratory mask. The output signal is configured to cause the speaker to generate a compensating acoustic energy. The compensating acoustic energy is emitted in one or more ranges of attenuated frequencies covering less than all of the said first frequency range in which one or more of the predetermined frequency bands are selected in accordance with one or more attenuated mask ranges of the user's voice of the mask. The compensating acoustic energy has a predetermined amplitude attenuation profile in each predetermined range of attenuated frequencies from one or more predetermined ranges of attenuated frequencies.EFFECT: increasing the speech intelligibility.22 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of conformally profiled carbon filter filling // 2625243
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: method of forming a conformal filtering layer comprises a determination of the container inlet inner perimeter to form the filter layer, providing with filling tube with the first size inner perimeter. The filling tube first size is smaller than the inner perimeter of the filter layer, and a storm filling, at least partial, of the filter layer with the filter granules. Filtration granules are passed through the first filling tube for forming a layer in the filter layer. In one invention version the second filling tube with the second size inner perimeter is provided. The filling tube second size is smaller than the inner perimeter of the container inlet inner perimeter, and differs from the tube first size inner perimeter, while the filter granules are passed through the second filling tube for forming the second layer in the filter layer.EFFECT: efficient production of filter with high performance.18 cl, 7 dwg
ine rescue team helmet // 2624722
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: mine rescue team helmet (1) includes a full face mask (9), a lantern (12), consisting of two separate parts connected by locks. Around the full face mask (9) there is an external protective cover (8), which merges into the protective helmet. The design is removable. Rigid channels (4) are routed from the valve box (5) inside the external protective cover (8) of the full face mask (9) for feeding the respiratory mixture withdrawal from under the full face mask. The channels are connected by a bayonet connection to the same channels for withdrawal of the respiratory gases passing inside the outer case of the main helmet from the right and left sides. In the back of the outer shell of the main helmet, the quick-disconnect couplings (3) are fitted to connect the channels with respiratory gases to the corrugated hoses of the respirator.EFFECT: increased safety of the rescuer, convenience of his work in the helmet, possibility of using it as a protective helmet with a mask and without it.1 dwg

Filtering face mask respirator with welded indicating component hidden in fold // 2622826
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: filtering face mask respirator comprising a fixing assembly and a mask body comprising a filter structure comprising one or more folds and a welded indicating component. The welded indicating component is disposed in one or more folds in, at least, partially invisible arrangement, when the said fold is folded, and the said indicating component is fully visible, when the said fold is folded such that the fully visible indicating component indicates that the mask body is in the decomposed state. The indicating component also includes welding lines extended perpendicularly through the fold to increase resistance to crushing.EFFECT: increased protection.16 cl, 6 dwg

Electric exhaust device for the respiratory protective equipment // 2622824
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: exhaust device is provided for detachable or non-detachable connection to a personal respiratory protective device, which produces a certain volume of filtered air in close proximity to the user's face and contains at least one exhalation valve. In this case, the exhaust device comprises an electric blowing element connected in a gaseous medium to at least one above mentioned exhalation valve. The blowing element is designed in such a manner that, during operation, it brings out a portion of air exhaled by the user through at least one above mentioned exhalation valve.EFFECT: when using such an exhaust device that is detachably attached to the respiratory protective device, comfort increases and the user's general feeling improves, especially if the work intensity is high or if the respirator is used for long periods of time, or in conditions of high temperature and humidity due to removal of warm and moist air, accumulating in the interior of the respirator.19 cl, 17 dwg

Safety rope locking device having turning body // 2622818
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: safety rope locking device having a body provided with a through hole for the passage of the anchor ring and a curved groove opening into the through hole to pass the safety rope through the anchor ring. The body has the ability to rotate between the locking position, in which the safety rope is locked by the anchoring ring by pressing it against the body and the unlocking position, in which the safety rope slides in the curved groove and the curved groove contains the deflecting member in the unlock position allowing the safety rope to slide in the curved groove and outside the through hole. According to the invention, the deflecting member is a wall separating the inner space of the through hole and the interior of the curved groove in order to allow the anchor ring to abut the deflecting member in the unlocking position, allowing the safety rope to slide, while preventing the safety rope from rubbing against the anchor ring.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.8 cl, 10 dwg

ethod of carrying out search and rescue works // 2622505
FIELD: rescue work.SUBSTANCE: search and rescue method includes the introduction of the coordinates of the search boundaries, the flight altitude, the direction and the scan step before launching the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). A UAV with GLONAS searches for an area using an ultra-wideband radar (UWR), calculating the distance between the unmanned aerial vehicle and the victim, determining its physical condition, setting the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with a gas analyzer. According to the image from an infrared video camera, sources of fire and increased temperature danger are determined. Locating obstacles that need to be flown around by using a laser 3D scanner. Data from all detecting devices are transferred to the UAV microcomputer and to the operator's console. When a person is found in the scanning area, a signal is sent to the operator's console and personal protective equipment, medicines, a mobile phone are delivered with the help of the UAV.EFFECT: acceleration and improvement of the quality of search and rescue operations.3 dwg

Rescue device for evacuating people from buildings // 2618466
FIELD: rescue work.SUBSTANCE: rescue device for evacuating people from tall buildings, comprising a flexible rescue sleeve 1, inside which braking means 2 made in the form of a truncated cone or a half of a hyperboloid figure are arranged in a cascade with a certain pitch equal to the average human stature. The outlet opening of the braking means is connected to the sleeve by means of flexible elements 5 arranged radially in one or two rows by the height of each means. In the large-diameter area the brake means 2 on the rescue sleeve 1 the hatch 6 is made and a ring of the rope 7 with freely hanging segments, at the ends of which there are loops 8, is fixed. The outlet opening of the rescue sleeve 1 is provided inside with the elastic mesh 9, and outside it has the ring with braces 11.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the people evacuation.2 cl, 6 dwg
Exhaust device with power supply for respiratory personal protector // 2618434
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: exhaust device contains a blower unit, that is in fluid communication with at least one exhalation valve, wherein the blower unit can operate by pulling a part of exhaled air by the user at least through one exhalation valve.EFFECT: use of the exhaust device for removable connection with the respiratory personal protector improves the comfort and the overall state of the user of the respirator, using the respirator when performing intensive work, or for long periods of time, or at hot and humid environmental conditions, due to the removal of heat and moisture, accumulated inside the respirator.15 cl, 17 dwg
Chemical absorber of carbon dioxide // 2618074
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: carbon dioxide absorbent is formed as a sheet material. The absorber consists of hydroxides of alkali and/or alkaline earth metals, water, alkali-resistant woven or non-woven material of low fibers surface density and hydrophobic polymers, having a length of 2-100 mm and a thickness of 10-1000 microns. The absorber contains components in the following ratio (wt %): Alkali and/or alkaline earth metals - 64÷86.5, the fibers of hydrophobic polymers - 0.25÷, the fibrous material - 1.3÷6, water - 12÷25.EFFECT: improving the performance of the chemical absorbent.1 dwg,1 tbl, 3 ex

Service life end displaying systems for multi-layer filtering cartridges // 2617483
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for removal of contaminants from gas medium. Filtering cartridge has leak-tight housing including gas inlet, filtration material and gas outlet. Filtration material has multilayer structure, containing sorbent first layer, sorbent second layer, located is closer to gas outlet, than sorbent first layer, and sensor element adjoining sorbent first and second layers with provision of sensor element indicator location at sorbent first and second layers interface. Sorbent first layer is characterized by higher absorption capacity and/or higher rate of adsorption, than sorbent second layer. Filtration method comprises provision of filtering cartridge, provision of gas flow passing through filtering cartridge, sensor element reaction detecting and filtering cartridge replacement.EFFECT: providing early user warning on cartridge replacement.21 cl, 3 dwg, 3 tbl

Conveyor for people rescue in case of fire // 2615253
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: to carry out fire-fighting operations, the vehicle delivers the conveyor in the folded state to the place of destination. It includes platform rotation drive 1, which rotates the conveyor in the desired direction. The first section is raised by inclusion of the third engine, which by means of wheel 21, worm-screw 18, worm gear 10 rotates axle 4 together with beams 3. Then, second engine turns wheel 20 and worm gear 13 which via a gear wheel 12 and associated worm gear 11 rotates gear wheel 8 together with driving sprocket 6, which via a chain 5 rotates driven sprocket 24 together with beam 23. Further the first engine is turned on, in the result of which by means of wheel 19, worm gear 14, wheel 16 and worm gear 17, gear wheel 9 is rotated together with driving sprocket 7, which by means of chains and sprockets 25, 26 turns driven sprocket 27 together with beam 28. When the sections reach the desired position, the engine is turned off automatically fixing them in this position by self-braking worm gear. Thereafter, compressed air is supplied into inflatable enclosures 32 which with a ribbon 30 form a tunnel protecting its people descending in it from harmful gases and flame, each section includes drive 31 of tape 30 by moving it up, and evacuation of people from the building starts.EFFECT: increased speed of people rescue in case of fire.8 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of evacuation from drilling platform and device for its implementation // 2615250
FIELD: rescue work.SUBSTANCE: descent of people is usually carried out by means of controlled descent of a container with people and its braking with irretrievable loss of braking power. The new rescue device favourably differs from the known ones by the fact that it allows to recover part of the braking energy in the fly-wheel energy accumulator located inside the rescue device. This allows to use the accumulated energy for other purposes, for example for horizontally moving the rescue device and removing it from the fire site on drilling platforms. The claimed operation method the device for its implementation allow to improve the safety of emergency rescue operations at offshore drilling platforms due to that the rescue device does not require maintenance and power supply during its operation [4] and is always in a state ready for its emergency start.EFFECT: increased security is provided by the presence of control and energy-accumulating devices inside the rescue container.5 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for cooling respiratory gas mixture in respiratory individual protective equipment // 2614028
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: respiratory gas mixture (RGM) is passed between fibrous supporting structures on which a coolant is preliminarily applied to one or both sides, while as coolant the mixture of solid high molecular saturated hydrocarbons modified by nanomaterial is used. The mixture of modified parafins with different phase transition temperature is used as the coolant. As a nanomaterial, carbon nanostructured material "Taunit" is used, which is the mixture of carbon nanotubes of "Taunit" or "Taunit-M" type in the quantity (wt.%) from 0.5 to 10, or nanographite (polygraphene) in the quantity (wt.%) from 0.2 to 6 is used. Nodeless net is placed into a gap between fibrous supporting structures with applied coolant. The use of claimed method allows to enhance RGM cooling efficiency by 25-40°C for generation comfort respiration conditions.EFFECT: simpler servicing of respiratory protective equipment and providing the possibility of long-term storage thereof in live condition.5 cl, 2 tbl, 1 dwg

Device for emergency evacuation from high-rise building // 2613599
FIELD: safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rescue evacuation devices used in buildings. Evacuation chute comprises an upper straight chute, a lower straight chute and a rotary chute containing a front section, a middle section and a rear section. According to the invention, the upper straight chute and the lower straight chute are interconnected by means of the rotary chute. Each chute has a chute base. Support plate is arranged at the central wall of the ladder, herewith bases of the upper straight chute and the lower straight chute are articulated with the support plate by means of a rotary axle. Front section, the middle section, the rear section of the rotary chute are inter connected via corresponding chute bases. Upper straight chute base and the lower straight chute base are interconnected via the chute bases of the front, the middle and the rear sections of the rotary chute.EFFECT: this design allows fast and safe evacuation of people and more rational use of available space.8 cl, 10 dwg

Device and method for improving speech intelligibility for a respiratory mask // 2613273
FIELD: personal use items.SUBSTANCE: this document describes device for improving speech intelligibility and respiratory masks, containing the device for improving speech intelligibility, as well as methods of improving intelligibility of speech transmission for a user of the respiratory mask. In one or more embodiments, said device and methods for improving speech intelligibility, described herein, comprise detecting acoustic energy within the first frequency range inside pure air space of the respiratory mask and delivering compensating acoustic energy outside of the pure air space using a loudspeaker. In one or more embodiments, said compensating acoustic energy has such a predetermined amplitude attenuation profile, that compensating acoustic energy has amplitude less than 6 dB more than said amplitude attenuation profile of the mask housing in at least 90 % of a predetermined range of attenuated frequencies.EFFECT: improving speech intelligibility.23 cl, 8 dwg

System of pulse supply of additional oxygen for aircraft // 2611034
FIELD: medical equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to non-chemical systems of pulse supply of oxygen. System of pulse supply of oxygen and method of providing user with oxygen consists in oxygen mask, connected to dosing valve. Prescribed amount of supplied oxygen is determined on basis and depending on conditions of operation in real time. Opening and closing moments of dosing valve are calculated on basis of required amount of supplied oxygen to obtain pulse supply time. Then amount of prescribed flow controlled in time and pressure of pulse supplied oxygen is supplied in oxygen mask during time of pulse supply in response to detection of breath through oxygen mask.EFFECT: proposed solution consists in providing safety due to exclusion of chemical reagents, typical for chemical oxygen systems.12 cl, 11 dwg

Self-contained breathing apparatus // 2610572
FIELD: personal items.SUBSTANCE: self-contained breathing apparatus on chemically bonded oxygen contains a breathing bag set in a cartridge with regenerative product and the intermediate chamber with a nozzle connected to a corrugated pipe with the respiratory system insulation unit, and with openings that connect the chamber to the cavity of the breathing bag. The intermediate chamber includes a dispenser device, and openings are fitted with locking in the form of inhalation valves.EFFECT: invention provides ease of use due to breathing comfort and simpler design.4 cl, 10 dwg
Device for respiratory and head protection // 2610111
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices combining a breathing mask and a helmet for protection of respiratory and the head from chemical substances. Device for respiratory and head protection comprises a breathing mask, a filtering-absorbing system and a helmet. Helmet in its front part has a fastener assembly in the form of a moulded recesses for engagement of a metal staple of the fastening cage of the glasses unit, and in the ear part there are two fixing assemblies with adjustable elastic fasteners, with which the respiratory mask is connected, in the back part of the helmet there is a unit of bayonet connection for the filtering-absorbing system, under the helmet there is an air duct, which with its front end with a squeezing elastic coupling is connected to the respiratory mask adapter, and with its rear end via the bayonet connection is connected to the filtering-absorbing system.EFFECT: technical result of the present invention provides reliability of connection on the helmet of the filtering-absorbing system and the respiratory mask and reduced weight and dimensions of the respiratory mask.1 cl, 1 dwg

Respirator in form of filtering face mask with round perimeter // 2608809
FIELD: individual protection means.SUBSTANCE: respirator comprises fastening assembly and mask case containing filtration structure with top part, lower part, upper section of perimeter, lower section of perimeter, front separation line, as well as first and second line of fastening, wherein first and second lines of fastening are located on opposite sides of mask case and connect upper part of mask case with its lower part, wherein first and second lines are made extended from front separation line to upper and lower sections of perimeter, wherein when mask case is laid in flat state, upper and lower sections of perimeter contain upper linear section and lower linear section, respectively arranged between first and second curved parts, arranged on opposite ends of upper and lower linear sections, wherein each of first and second curved parts in each of upper and lower sections of perimeter is extended from corresponding upper or lower linear section to first and second lines of fastening.EFFECT: respirator in form of filtering face mask is disclosed.13 cl, 7 dwg
Respirator in the form of filtering face mask with folded side plates, activated with belts // 2607974
FIELD: individual protection means.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to respirators as filtering face mask. Respirator includes mask case containing main part, containing one or more layers of filtering material and first and second side plates, placed on opposite sides of main part, wherein first and second side plates are made with possibility to be folded inside to main part. Fastening assembly comprises first and second belts, each of which has first and second ends, wherein first and second ends are attached to first and second side plates respectively, wherein two ends are attached to each plate spaced from each other, wherein first belt has first section passing over user’s ear in covering state of respirator and second belt has second section extending under user’s ear in covering state of respirator, wherein when respirator is put on, at least second belt has tension, wherein said tension leads to plate folding downwards to get in contact with main part.EFFECT: respirator in form of filtering face mask is disclosed with folded side plates, activated with belts.17 cl, 6 dwg

Device for rescue of people in case of fire // 2607781
FIELD: security.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rescue service and is intended for evacuation of people from high-rise buildings in case of fire or other emergency situations. Device for rescue of people in case of fire comprises a frame, fixed on the building wall in interfloor space under the window aperture, working platform, front board, two side boards and locking mechanism, side boards are folding, and the device contains a sliding mechanism, which is a combination of three rods on each lateral side. First rod is fixed by a movable joint with its one end on the frame, second rod is fixed by a movable joint with its one end on the working platform, second ends of the first and second rods are fixed by a movable joint with each other, third rod is fixed by a movable joint with its one end on the front board, and with its other end - on the second rod.EFFECT: invention provides higher reliability of design due to distribution of load on attachment of working platform to the frame and on the rod of sliding mechanism.4 cl, 3 dwg

Cassette for absorbent cartridge // 2606943
FIELD: individual protection means.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to design for charging absorbing cartridges in respiratory protection equipment. Cassette for absorbing cartridge (1) comprises sheet of absorbent product (2) in form of continuous tape or in form of several sheets, which are wound on central tube (3) along spiral. Between coils of absorber (2) separation grid (4) is located. Separation grid (4) is made of polyethylene or polypropylene with rhomboid cell size of 2×2.5 mm, which provides passage of purified air between coils of absorber. On outer side of cassette shell (5) is placed, made of paper-like composite material of glass fibers OJSC “Novgorodsky plant of fiberglass”, connected along generatrix with glue seam of molten polyethylene.EFFECT: cassette provides high efficiency of absorbent cartridge due to maintenance of optimal moisture during operation of cassette.8 cl, 9 dwg

Device for lowering of cargoes in atmosphere // 2606784
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of people evacuation from burning buildings. Device for cargo lowering in atmosphere comprises: external parachute canopy and inner parachute canopy of smaller size, connected to each other along perimeter by circular bridge to make closed cavity between them, device for production of compressed gas, connected to cavity to supply compressed gas inside it, slings, made with possibility of changing their length, some ends of which are connected with said canopies, and other ends can be attached to cargo, nozzles, equipped with valves made with possibility of their forced opening and closing placed on aforesaid bridge and connected with cavity, circular confusers made with possibility of their forced opening and closing, placed on external canopy, connected with cavity and oriented along external surface of canopy, passing through cargo.EFFECT: technical result is increase of safety due to avoiding effect of folding and delaying of falling.5 cl, 1 dwg

Self-contained breathing apparatus // 2605075
FIELD: safety.SUBSTANCE: self-contained breathing apparatus using chemically combined oxygen is designed for respiratory protection in emergency situation with higher comfort. Self-contained breathing apparatus using chemically combined oxygen comprises a front part, regenerative cartridge, starting device, valve box, breathing bag, chemical adsorbent, inhalation and exhalation hoses, mounted on exhalation hose control device, in form of air duct with distribution valve, controlled flexible link, fixed on opposite side of valve of respiratory bag. According to invention chemical adsorbent is located in respiratory bag and is connected in parallel to exhalation line with regenerative cartridge through control device, positioned inside respiratory bag, made in form of air duct with distribution valve, connected by flexible link with respiratory bag, wherein input of chemical adsorbent in respiratory bag is connected in series with inhalation valve of valve box and front part, and output to regenerative cartridge.EFFECT: invention provides simultaneous longer protective action on heavy modes of breathing, reduced resistance to breath and temperature reduction during inhalation.1 cl, 1 dwg, 2 tbl

Self-contained breathing apparatus // 2604291
FIELD: medical equipment.SUBSTANCE: self-contained breathing apparatus using chemically combined oxygen is designed for respiratory protection in emergency situation and comprises a body of film, in which there is placed a regenerative product in the form of reinforced plates. Body is made of separate sections, connected in parallel to the insulation join, and each section is additionally equipped with shutoff element installed on the inlet and outlet of each section. Shutoff element is made up of thermosetting film, produced by tensile deformation of film of ftoroplastic F-4 MB. Between the sections there is installed thermal insulation.EFFECT: invention provides uniform working off of plates of the regenerative product, thereby reducing the weight of the device, reducing breathing resistance and increase usability of use of self-contained respiratory apparatus both in working position, and carrying.7 cl, 8 dwg