Combined vaccines for prevention of pigs viral infections // 2628313
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: inventions relate to vaccine compositions containing a vaccine against PRRSV (pig reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus) and the second vaccine against the pig virus that do not substantially interfere immunologically with each other. The vaccine against the second swine virus can be a vaccine against CSFV (classical swine fever virus) and/or PRV (pseudorabies virus). Methods for preparation of vaccines and formulations are also provided.EFFECT: vaccine compositions described herein impart protective immunity to pigs against reproductive and respiratory syndrome, classical swine fever and/or pseudorabism.44 cl, 40 dwg, 13 tbl, 25 ex

ethod for production "ks" swine fever vaccine nanocapsules in sodium alginate // 2613795
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: method includes dilution of 55 mg of "KS" vaccine were dissolved in 3 ml of petroleum ether and dispersed into a sodium alginate suspension in petroleum ether containing 550 mg of this polymer in the presence of 60 mg of E472s preparation as surfactant while stirring at 1000 rpm, then 5 ml of ethyl acetate is added, the precipitate is filtered and dried at room temperature.EFFECT: simplification and acceleration of "KS" vaccine nanocapsules production process, increasing their output by weight.1 dwg, 1 tbl, 3 ex

ethod for production of "ks" vaccine nanocapsules from swine fever covered by sodium carboxymethylcellulose // 2609741
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the method for preparation of "KS" vaccine nanocapsules against swine fever. The peculiarity of the said method is that the "KS" vaccine is dissolved in petroleum ether, and then dispersed into a suspension of sodium carboxymethylcellulose in petroleum ether in the presence of E472s preparation as a surfactant while stirring 1000 rev/min, then butyl chloride is added, nanocapsules precipitation is filtered and dried at room temperature.EFFECT: invention provides simplification and acceleration of the production process of the "KS" vaccine nanocapsules, as well as increase of their yield by weight.1 dwg, 3 ex
Attenuated strain "msc-2015 vniivvim" of african swine fever virus serotype viii for virology and molecular-genetic analysis // 2607791
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to virology. Attenuated strain “SKA-2015 VNIIVViM” of african swine fever virus serotype VIII is disclosed. Strain is produced by intermittent passages and selection of virulent strain "Stavropol 01/08" in primary cell culture of LS and transplantable hybrid cell line A4C2/9k and it is deposited in State collection of strains of microorganisms GNU Rosselhozakademii VNIIVViM under No. 1847.EFFECT: strain "MSC-2015 VNIIVViM" can be used during virological, molecular-genetic research, studying immunogenesis of disease, development of diagnostic and vaccine preparations.1 cl, 4 tbl, 4 ex

utant pestivirus with mutations in core gene and area ns3 and vaccine on its basis // 2483106
FIELD: biotechnologies.SUBSTANCE: mutant pestivirus has a mutation in a gene that codes Core protein, resulting in the fact that virus may not express the functional Core protein. At the same time the virus additionally contains one or more mutations in amino acids 2160-2260 of C-end domain of helicase domain NS3 of the specified pestivirus, if the specified pestivirus is CSFV, or amino acids 2169-2269 of the C-end domain of the helicase domain NS3 of the specified pestivirus, if the specified pestivirus is BVD. Such replacements compensate absence of a functional Core protein in the pestivirus.EFFECT: inventions make it possible to produce attenuated viruses of pestivirus type, which are used to produce vaccines for protection of mammals against an infection caused by pestivirus.8 cl, 2 dwg, 2 ex
Attenuated strain of serotype 2 african swine fever virus for developing diagnostic and vaccine preparations // 2452511
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to virology and concerns an attenuated strain of serotype 2 African swine fever virus (ASF). The strain is prepared by adaptation to PPK-666 cell culture for 50 passages followed by virus selection by limiting dilution in this culture and CMS cells, and deposited in the collections of microorganism strains of the State Scientific Institution of Russian National Research Institution of Veterinary Virology and Microbiology of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, No. 183.EFFECT: presented strain is applicable in the research and diagnostic centres for the purpose of epizootological monitoring, virological, molecular-genetic researches and development of diagnostic and vaccine preparations in ASF.3 tbl, 3 ex

Chimeric vaccine antigens against classical swine plague virus // 2406534
FIELD: medicine, veterinary.SUBSTANCE: claimed invention relates to field of veterinary and describes chimeric vaccine antigen against classical swine plague virus (CSPV), characterised by the fact that it consists of extracellular segment of glycoprotein E2 of CSPV viral envelop on N-end of chimeric antigen and extracellular domain of swine CD 154 molecule, identified as SEQ ID NO: 2, on C-end of chimeric antigen. Chimeric antigens can be obtained in expression systems, which guarantee proper folding of tertiary structure of chimeric molecules. Vaccine compositions, which contain such chimeric antigens, cause early and strong immune response in vaccinised swine and create complete protection against CSPV. Chimeric antigens like obtained compositions, can be applied in veterinary as vaccines for preventive application in swine.EFFECT: obtained vaccine compositions prevent transmission of virus from sows to their offspring.10 cl, 11 dwg, 1 tbl, 5 ex
Associated vaccine against anthrax and plague in cattle // 2286173
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: the suggested vaccine contains suspension of viable spores of anthracic vaccinal strain "55-VNIIBB&M" at initial concentration of 500-700 mln. spores/cu.cm, cultural virus-containing raw material of vaccinal virus of cattle plague of "LT" strain at activity of not less than 7.0 lg TCD50/cu. cm, lactosopeptonic stabilizing agent and distilled water at the following content of components,%: spores of anthracic strain "55-VNIIVV&M" -6.2 - 10.0; cultural raw material of cattle plague virus of "LT" strain -25.0 - 30.0; lactosopeptonic stabilizing agent -48.0 - 50.0; distilled water - the rest. One vaccinal dosage contains about 20-25 mln. anthracic spores and about 4.5-5.5 lg TCD50 of cattle plague virus The suggested vaccine is of high immunogenicity, develops tense immunity in once vaccinated cattle that lasts for 12 mo, not less, moreover, it is areactogenous, safe and stable at storage.EFFECT: higher efficiency.3 ex, 3 tbl

A method of obtaining a concentrate of microbial cells in the production of plague vaccine // 2215033
The invention relates to the field of immunology

The nucleotide sequence of the virus of classical swine fever (csfv) (options), polypeptide csfv, pestivirus vaccine against csfv, diagnostic kit and method // 2201451
The invention relates to biotechnology, Virology and immunology, and can be used to create a vaccine against the virus of classical swine fever (CSFV)

Virusvaktsinu against classical swine fever // 2182495
The invention relates to veterinary Virology and biotechnology

The strain senlac virus pestis suum for the manufacture of vaccines // 2180237
The invention relates to veterinary Virology and biotechnology
Live vaccine, "ks" against classical swine fever and method of prevention of classical swine fever // 2129443
The invention relates to biotechnology and the receipt of the vaccine and method of prevention of classical swine fever

The way to determine the antigenic relationship hemadsorbing isolates of african swine fever virus // 2122211
The invention relates to the field of veterinary Virology in particular to testing of viral antigens, and can be used in the development and application of funds for the specific prevention of African swine fever

Detection of classical swine fever virus // 2120994
The invention relates to biotechnology, namely the genetic engineering of animals, and can be used in veterinary Virology for the detection of infectious diseases of farm animals, in particular, classical swine fever (CSF)
The pestivirus strain used for manufacturing lepidosirenidae viruswall against classical swine fever // 2096454
The invention relates to the field of biotechnology and veterinary Virology, in particular strain of classical swine fever virus used for production lepidosirenidae VirusWall against this disease

ethod of preparation of inactivated vaccines against rinderpest // 2064303
The invention relates to veterinary Virology, namely the method of preparation of inactivated culture vaccine for the prevention of rinderpest (cattle)