edicinal preparations containing antigens or antibodies (A61K39)

A61K39/012 - Viral antigens(12)
A61K39/018 - (4)
A61K39/02 - Bacterial antigens(283)
A61K39/07 - Bacillus(33)
A61K39/085 - (68)
A61K39/09 - Streptococcus(129)
A61K39/095 - (72)
A61K39/102 - (50)
A61K39/104 - (27)
A61K39/106 - (36)
A61K39/108 - (76)
A61K39/112 - (72)
A61K39/114 - (4)
A61K39/116 - (91)
A61K39/118 - (32)
A61K39/12 - Viral antigens(328)
A61K39/125 - (16)
A61K39/13 - Poliovirus(80)
A61K39/135 - (72)
A61K39/145 - (167)
A61K39/155 - (34)
A61K39/165 - (20)
A61K39/17 - Newcastle disease virus(58)
A61K39/175 - (15)
A61K39/187 - (22)
A61K39/193 - (6)
A61K39/20 - Rubella virus(53)
A61K39/205 - (42)
A61K39/215 - (22)
A61K39/225 - (15)
A61K39/235 - (29)
A61K39/245 - (32)
A61K39/25 - Varicella-zoster virus(20)
A61K39/255 - (19)
A61K39/265 - (24)
A61K39/275 - (31)
A61K39/285 - (19)
A61K39/29 - Hepatitis virus(180)
A61K39/295 - (93)
A61K39/35 - Allergens(61)
A61K39/36 - From pollen(16)
A61K39/38 - Antigens from snakes(94)
A61K39/385 - (84)
A61K39/395 - (1260)
A61K39/40 - Bacterial(104)
A61K39/42 - Viral(88)

Production and application of bacterial histamine // 2628536
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method for selecting a probiotic lactic bacterial strain for use in the local production of histamine in a mammal is provided. A product and composition for the local production of histamine in a mammal containing a lactic acid bacterial strain having an active histidine operon and capable of producing histamine is proposed for use in the treatment and/or prevention of inflammatory conditions.EFFECT: local production of histamine in a mammal by selecting certain strains of lactic acid bacteria.13 cl, 9 dwg, 2 tbl, 5 ex

Combined vaccines for prevention of pigs viral infections // 2628313
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: inventions relate to vaccine compositions containing a vaccine against PRRSV (pig reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus) and the second vaccine against the pig virus that do not substantially interfere immunologically with each other. The vaccine against the second swine virus can be a vaccine against CSFV (classical swine fever virus) and/or PRV (pseudorabies virus). Methods for preparation of vaccines and formulations are also provided.EFFECT: vaccine compositions described herein impart protective immunity to pigs against reproductive and respiratory syndrome, classical swine fever and/or pseudorabism.44 cl, 40 dwg, 13 tbl, 25 ex

Antibacterial composition for prevention or treatment of hospital infections (versions), bacteriophage stamps used to obtain such composition // 2628312
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: composition includes 7 strains of bacteriophage, each represented by a combination of bacterial phagolysates filtrates with lytic activity of at least 10-4 according to Appelman concerning test strains and isolated bacterial isolates, as well as target additives in an amount of 0.01±99.99 wt % of composition weight. At that, Staphylococcus aureus phagolysate filtrate obtained using the Staphylococcus aureus SCH1 bacteriophage strain, deposited in the collection of FBIS SSC PVB of Rospotrebnadzor under number Ph-105, Staphylococcus aureus phagolysate filtrate obtained using the Staphylococcus aureus SCH111 bacteriophage strain, deposited in the collection of FBIS SSC PVB of Rospotrebnadzor under number Ph-95, Klebsiella pneumoniae phagolysate filtrate, obtained using the Klebsiella pneumoniae KPV15 bacteriophage strain, deposited in the collection of FBIS SSC PVB of Rospotrebnadzor under number Ph-90, Klebsiella pneumoniae phagolysate filtrate, obtained using the Klebsiella pneumoniae KPV811 bacteriophage strain, deposited in the collection of FBIS SSC PVB of Rospotrebnadzor under number Ph-91, Pseudomonas aeruginosa phagolysate filtrate, obtained using the PA5 Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteriophage strain, deposited in the collection of FBIS SSC PVB of Rospotrebnadzor under number Ph-88, Pseudomonas aeruginosa phagolysate filtrate, obtained using the Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA10 bacteriophage strain, deposited in the collection of FBIS SSC PVB of Rospotrebnadzor under number Ph-89, Acinetobacter baumannii, phagolysate filtrate, obtained using the Acinetobacter Baumannii AM24 bacteriophage strain, deposited in the collection of FBIS SSC PVB of Rospotrebnadzor under number Ph-106. The composition version also contains Acinetobacter baumannii phagolysate filtrate, obtained using the Acinetobacter baumannii AP22 bacteriophage strain, deposited in the collection of FBIS SSC PVB of Rospotrebnadzor under number Ph-42. The appropriate bacteriophage strains are also proposed. Nucleic acid molecules corresponding to the genome of the said bacteriophages are also proposed.EFFECT: expanded range of products containing highly selective natural antibacterial components as the main active ingredient, ensured biological stability and activity of bacteriophages in the agent composition, the composition has a low risk of toxic and side effects, allows to expand versions and methods of practical application of the agent containing bacteriophages, provides storage stability and application efficiency over a wide temperature range.28 cl, 1 dwg, 4 tbl, 24 ex

ethod for recombinant polypeptide production // 2628310
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: method for antibody production, a method for production of a pharmaceutical preparation containing an antibody obtained by this method, a nucleic acid molecule, application of a vector containing such nucleic acid molecule, and application of a cell where the said nucleic acid molecule or vector is artificially introduced in the method for antibody production. This method for antibody production involves culturing a cell that expresses an antibody-enhancing sequence (APES) that has been artificially inserted into a cell and into which an exogenous DNA encoding the desired antibody was introduced to produce the desired antibody, and wherein APES is a nucleic acid molecule containing a nucleotide sequence that can bind to DNA or mRNA of NfkBia gene derived from a human, mouse, rat, or hamster by base pairing, and can suppress expression of the NfkBia gene.EFFECT: invention allows production of an antibody at a high level with suppression of NfkBia expression.16 cl, 29 dwg, 8 ex

Human antibodies to clostridium difficile toxins // 2628305
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: completely human antibodies that bind either to toxin A, or to toxin B Clostridium difficile, or both to toxin A and toxin B. Formulations containing these antibodies and methods for their application are also described. The antibodies of the present invention are useful for neutralisation of toxins from C. difficile, thus providing agents for treatment of disease and symptoms associated with C. difficile infection, including an agent for treatment of diarrhea or pseudomembranous colitis caused by C. difficile. Antibodies may also limit the severity and/or duration of the underlying disease or limit the amount, duration and/or severity of disease relapse or exacerbation due to the presence of C. difficile.EFFECT: antibodies of this invention may also be suitable for infection diagnosis.34 cl, 5 dwg, 10 tbl, 11 ex

Cats calicivirus ashley virus strain for study of drug antiviral activity related to cats calicivirus // 2628096
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: ashley strain off cats calicivirus, deposited in FBIS SSC VB Vector under the number V-697 is obtain, having stable infectious activity, adapted to the transplanted cell cultures.EFFECT: strain can be used to study the antiviral activity of drugs against cats calicivirus.6 dwg, 4 ex

Rsv-specific binding molecules and means for their obtaining // 2628095
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: isolated antibody or a functional part thereof, capable of specifically binding the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), is proposed. A nucleic acid molecule encoding the antibody is also provided. An expression vector and isolated cells comprising the said nucleic acid molecule for production of said antibody are described. In addition, the invention relates to a method for production of the said antibody, as well as to application of the said antibody in methods for RSV-related disorder treatment or prevention.EFFECT: invention allows to effectively bind RSV and can be used for RSV-related disorders therapy.27 cl, 16 dwg, 2 tbl, 5 ex

Antibodies, capable of specific connecting with her2 // 2628094
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: human epidermal growth factor 2 (HER2) receptor antibody is proposed, as well as pharmaceutical compositions comprising the said antibody for malignant tumour prevention and treatment and for apoptosis induction. In addition, a kit for malignant tumour diagnosing, comprising the said antibody, is provided.EFFECT: invention allows cancer cells destruction with significantly increased cytotoxicity when used in combination with trastuzumab and can be used for cancer therapy.11 cl, 27 dwg, 10 tbl, 15 ex
ethod for obtaining of antigen for determination of antibrucellar immunity // 2627897
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method comprises culturing a brucella culture in a liquid nutrient medium, followed by desired product isolation. Cultivation is carried out at a temperature of 39-40 for 18-24 hours, followed by an increase in temperature to 45-50 within 6-10 hours and an increase in temperature to 60 degrees for 1-2 hours, followed by separation of the bacmass and antigen isolation from the culture medium.EFFECT: use of this method allows to obtain the brucella antigen, by means of which it is possible to carry out objective monitoring of immunity level induced in animals in response to the introduction of antibrucellar vaccines.2 cl, 4 tbl, 36 ex
ethod for production of hyperimmune serum containing heterologic immunoglobulines against ebola fever // 2627631
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: method for hyperimmune serum production contains heterologous immunoglobulins against Ebola fever, involves 4-fold immunization of horses with viral preparations that do not contain live Ebola virus, followedantigenic by blood collection from producer animals and hyperimmune serum isolation. As a viral antigenic preparation, a DNA preparation containing the Ebola virus glycoprotein gene and a HPV preparation containing virus-like particles comprising the Ebola virus glycoprotein gene are used, the 3-fold administration of the DNA preparation is performed intramuscularly according to the following scheme: 1st immunization - DNA preparation administration at a dose of 4 mg/animal on day 0, 2nd immunization - DNA preparation administration at a dose of 4 mg/animal on day 21-28 after the first administration of the drug, 3rd immunization - DNA preparation administration at a dose of 4 mg animal on day 21-28 after the second administration of the drug, the fourth immunization performed subcutaneously by HPV preparation administration at a dose× of 3109 HPV/animal on day 56 after the third administration of the DNA preparation, allowing to induce formation of common specific antibodies in titres of at least 1:75,000 and formation of neutralising antibodies to Ebola virus in titres of at least 1:640, and blood sampling for production of a hyperimmune serum containing immunoglobulins is carried out on day 10 -13 after immunization with the HPV preparation. The total time of immunization (from the 1st immunization to blood sampling) is 122 days.EFFECT: simplification of technology for hyperimmune serum obtaining and reduced cost of its production.3 cl, 4 dwg
New vaccine compositions comprising immunostimulatory oligonucleotides // 2627447
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: vaccine composition comprises an antigen component and an adjuvant component, where the antigenic component comprises an EHV antigen (horse herpes virus), and the adjuvant component comprises an P-class immunostimulatory oligonucleotide and SP oil. At that, the SP oil comprises polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene block copolymer, squalane, and polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate obtained in a pharmaceutically acceptable diluent selected from the following: buffer, water, normal saline or growth media for cell culture, wherein the said SP oil is about 2-20 vol % / volume of vaccine composition.EFFECT: P-class oligonucleotide and SP oil application in the inventive vaccine as a combination adjuvant provides a synergistic effect to enhance the immune response to a vaccine against horse the herpes virus.10 cl, 8 tbl, 2 ex
ethod of treatment of epithelial pilonidal sinus at the stage of abscedation // 2627350
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: after excision of the epithelial pilonidal sinus with the abscess shells, the wound bottom is treated for 5 minutes with a gas stream containing the nitrogen monoxide of the Plazon apparatus in the NO-therapy regime. After suturing and vacuum drainage of the wound along the Redon, deviating from the left and right edges of the ends of the postoperative wound, is administered subcutaneously in a solution of 32 units of lidase. 10 minutes after the administration of lidase, retreating to 1 cm from the place of its introduction, injected subcutaneously in a solution of 50 mcg of immunophane. The administration of lidase and immunofan is repeated after 48 hours in combination with the treatment of the postoperative wound for 5 minutes with nitrogen monoxide in the NO-therapy regimen.EFFECT: method allows to improve the results of treatment of patients with epithelial coccygeal circulation at the stage of abscess formation, due to the combined and complex effect on the wound and its area.3 dwg, 1 ex
Vaccine influenza virus a/17/south africa/2013/01 (h1n1)pdm09 for production of live intranasal influenza vaccine for adults and children // 2627188
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: submitted strain A/17/South Africa/2013/01 (H1N1)pdm09 is a reassortant obtained by crossing of wild virus A/South Africa/3626/2013 (H1N1)pdm09 with virus A/Leningrad/134/17/57 (H2N2) - donor of attenuation, harmless to humans. The strain of live influenza A/17/South Africa/2013/01 (H1N1)pdm09 is characterised by a set of symptoms: antigenic specificity of the epidemic virus A/17/South Africa/3626/2013 (H1N1)pdm09, temperature sensitivity and cold adaptation, harmless to laboratory animals, which correlates with human attenuation. The reassortant has inherited the genes coding surface virus antigens - hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA) from the epidemic parent virus, and six genes coding internal non-glycosylated proteins from the attenuation donor.EFFECT: strain can be used in practical health care to prevent the incidence of influenza in adults and children.5 tbl

New binding molecules with anti-tumour activity // 2627185
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: binding molecule specifically binding to two different epitopes on HER2 and a method for its preparation, as well as a nucleic acid encoding it, expressing a vector comprising this nucleic acid molecule, a host cell for expression of a binding molecule transformed with the expression vector, and a pharmaceutical composition for cancer treatment comprising a binding molecule or a nucleic acid molecule encoding it, or an expression vector, are proposed. The proposed binding molecule comprises the first polypeptide comprising an amino acid sequence that is at least 90% identical to SEQ ID NO:1, and the second heavy and light chain antibody polypeptide comprising amino acid sequences at least 95% identical to SEQ ID NO:NO:154 and SEQ ID NO:155, respectively. The presented group of inventions is applicable in medicine for anti-tumour therapy.EFFECT: binding molecule effectively suppresses the tumour cells growth and shows high antiproliferative activity.17 cl, 13 dwg, 1 tbl, 14 ex

New modulators and methods of their application // 2627176
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: antibody specifically binding to PTK7 (human protein tyrosine kinase 7), as well as a conjugate of the said antibody with a cytotoxic agent, is claimed. Nucleic acids encoding the antibody are also provided and include expression vectors and host cells. In addition, methods for application of the said antibody, including conjugate, for cancer diagnosis and treatment are provided.EFFECT: effective targeting of tumour stem cells, which can be used to treat patients suffering from a wide range of malignant tumours.52 cl, 42 dwg, 5 tbl, 16 ex

Novel peptide with 5 linked ctl epitopes // 2627175
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: peptide made from 5 CTL epitopes of cancer antigens linked through amino acid linkers is obtained. The resulting peptide is used to stimulate peripheral blood lymphocytes in order to obtain a combination of CTL specific for the cancer antigen.EFFECT: invention provides a peptide vaccine for cancer treatment for wide range of cancer patients without the need for HLA typing and regardless of patients' HLA types.6 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl, 4 ex

Il-1 alpha and beta bispecific immunoglobulins with double variable domains and their application // 2627171
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: binding proteins, represented by immunoglobulins with double variable domains that bind IL-1α and IL-1β are claimed. In addition, the invention relates to methods for preparation, as well as application of these proteins, including as part of a pharmaceutical composition, for treatment of a disease or disorder in which the IL-1α and IL-1β or IL-1β activity is malicious.EFFECT: invention allows IL-1α binding with IL-1β with high affinity .32 cl, 2 dwg, 24 tbl, 2 ex

Anti-clusterin antibodies and antigen-binding fragments and their use for tumours volume reduction // 2627163
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: clusterin-binding antibody and an antigen-binding fragment thereof are proposed. Nucleic acids encoding variable regions of antibodies, an expression vector; a cell; a kit and a method for production of an antibody or an antigen-binding fragment thereof are described. Also a pharmaceutical composition for cancer cell growth reduction or tumour cells volume reduction; combination for cancer treatment, and a pharmaceutical composition comprising a chemotherapeutic agent; a method for cancer cell growth reduction or tumour cells volume reduction; a method for carcinomas treatment; kit for application in cancer treatment or detection; use of an antibody or an antigen-binding fragment thereof for tumour volume reduction. The invention may find further application for treatment of diseases associated with clusterin.EFFECT: antibody of the present invention is a humanized form of murine antibody 16B5 and has an approximately equal binding affinity for clusterin.28 cl, 16 dwg, 1 tbl, 6 ex
Production of immunoglobulins with reduced thrombogenic agent content, and immunoglobulin composition // 2627162
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: methods include plasma fractionation according to Cohn, and/or Kistler-Nitschmann to obtain an immunoglobulin-containing solution. Then, the immunoglobulin solution is contacted with a cation exchanger equilibrated at a pH of 3.8 to 5.3, for factor XI, factor XIa, and kallikrein binding, and with an anion exchanger equilibrated at a pH of 7 to 8.2, for prekallikrein binding. Then, the unbound immunoglobulin-containing fractions are collected. The resulting immunoglobulin composition comprises 4-10% of the total protein and is suitable for treating patients with immunodeficiency, inflammatory disease, autoimmune disease, or acute infection.EFFECT: invention maximizes thrombogenic agents factor XI, factor XIa, kallikrein and prekallikrein removal from the immunoglobulin solution using a cation exchanger in a very narrow range of pH values, while maintaining a constant level of immunoglobulin in the solution.49 cl, 16 tbl, 14 ex

High-effective method for bacterial polysaccharide production, preparation of conjugate based thereon and immunogenic composition // 2627156
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: method for production of serogroup X Neisseria meningitidis capsular polysaccharide, its conjugate with a carrier protein and an immunogenic composition based on the conjugate for preparation of a vaccine against meningitis. The method is implemented using a fermentation medium comprising casaminoacid, an optimal strategy of nutrient solution addition and an improved process for polysaccharide isolation and purification, exclusive of any chromatographic methods. The polysaccharide and protein ratio in the conjugate is in the range of 0.2 to 0.6. Inventions allow to obtain purified serogroup X Neisseria meningitidis polysaccharide in a yield of 300 to 550 mg/l, average molecular weight of 400 to 550 kDa, yield of 60% to 65% at the purification stage and containing less than 0.5% of protein, less than 0.5% of nucleic acids and less than 5 EU/mg of endotoxins. X polysaccharide is adjusted to a size of 150 to 200 kDa and conjugated to a carrier protein.EFFECT: increased efficiency.9 cl, 4 dwg, 11 tbl
Genetic (recombinant) dna construct comprising codon-optimized glycoprotein gene (protein g) of rabies virus with consensus amino acid sequence which takes into account the amino acid sequence of protein g, isolated from rabies virus strain circulating in the russian federation // 2626605
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: genetic DNA construct represented by the nucleotide sequence SEQ ID NO 2 containing a codon-optimized gene encoding the glycoprotein (G protein) of rabies virus with the consensus amino acid sequence SEQ ID NO 1, taking into account the variety of the rabies virus strains circulating in the territory of the Russian Federation is proposed. The proposed DNA construct in the pVAX1 vector in the transfected human cell culture, provides an increase in protein G gene expression as compared to the expression of the gene of the Vnukovo-32 strain viral protein G in a similar vector.EFFECT: proposed DNA construct can be used to create an anti-rabies DNA vaccine that provides efficient glycoprotein synthesis in mammalian cells.2 dwg
Combined vaccine to prevent whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis and infections caused by type b haemophilus influenzae // 2626532
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: presented combined vaccine contains the following components: whooping cough component, which is 60-70 μg of purified acellular whooping cough vaccine, diphtheria toxoid - 15-20 Lf, tetanus toxoid 5-7.5 Lf, 5-10 μg of recombinant hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg), 8-12 μg of type b conjugated Haemophilus influenzae (Hib) vaccine, 0.3 to 0.55 mg of aluminium hydroxide (in terms of aluminium Al3+). The described vaccine is an enhanced non-toxic drug, enabling simultaneous immunization against whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis and infections caused by type b Haemophilus influenzae.EFFECT: use of the invention allows to expand the arsenal of tools for vaccination of children in accordance with the national calendar of preventive vaccination of Russia.4 tbl, 1 ex
Concentrated protein pharmaceutical compositions and their application // 2626512
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions concerns low-viscosity hypotonic pharmaceutical compositions containing a concentrated PRO 140 monoclonal antibody in an amount of 100 to 200 mg/ml, a tonicity regulator in the form of a salt selected from sodium chloride, sodium gluconate or sodium lactate in an amount of 90 to 95 mM, and a buffer solution. They are used in pharmaceutical compositions and finished products.EFFECT: possibility of subcutaneous administration or delivery of a high concentration of a protein drug, such as PRO 140 monoclonal antibody, to a subject suffering from a disease or condition that can be cured with the said protein drug.81 cl, 7 ex, 1 tbl

Combined therapy with cd19 antibody and nitrogen mustard // 2625222
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: CD19-specific antibody in synergistic combination with bendamustine for the treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and/or acute lymphoblastic leukemia is declared.EFFECT: invention provides for synergistic antitumor activity of specific CD19 antibodies and of bendamustine that can be used for effective treatment of B-cell malignancies.7 cl, 10 dwg, 10 tbl, 3 ex

Antibodies and other molecules binding b7-h1 and pd-1 // 2625034
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is described comprising an antibody or an antigen-binding fragment thereof that binds to PD-1; a humanized antibody or antigen-binding fragment thereof; a pharmaceutical composition for treatment of a disease associated with B7-H1 interaction with PD-1; a method for malignant tumour treatment in an individual, as well as a method for treatment of an infectious disease associated with the B7-H1 interaction with PD-1, wherein the above methods comprise administration of a pharmaceutical composition; application of the above antibody or antigen-binding fragment for preparation of a drug for malignant tumour treatment, as well as for preparation of a drug for treatment of an infectious disease associated with the B7-H1 interaction with PD-1; method for detection or diagnosis of a disease, disorder or infection associated with B7-H1 interaction with PD-1, method to monitor the disease, disorder or infection progression, method to monitor the response to disease, disorder or infection treatment, method for treatment of a disease associated with an increased PD-1 expression, method for treatment of diseases associated with an increased expression of B7-H1, where the methods include application of the aforementioned antibody or the antigen-binding fragment thereof.EFFECT: invention extends the arsenal of antibodies that bind to PD-1.37 cl, 20 dwg, 23 tbl, 7 ex

utant polymerases of hepatitis b virus // 2625021
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to biochemistry, in particular, to mutant HBV polymerase polypeptide containing a mutant HBV polymerase domain with the internal deletion that suppresses the polymerase functional activity, and mutant RNase H domain with the internal deletion and mutations that suppresses the functional activity of RNase H. This invention also relates to a hybrid protein containing the said mutant HBV polymerase polypeptide and core HBV polypeptide or immunogenic HBsAg envl and env2 domains. The said mutant polypeptide and hybrid proteins are used for induction or stimulation of the immune response against HBV. The present invention also discovers a nucleic acid molecule, an expression vector and a composition and kit for the treatment or prevention of the infection caused by HBV or HBV-associated diseases and of pathological conditions. The present invention also discloses the host-cell, a method of obtaining the hybrid proteins and a method of obtaining viral particles which uses the said expression vector.EFFECT: invention provides for improving the immunizing capacity of mutant HBV polypeptides preserving security when using them.46 cl, 11 dwg, 2 ex
ethod of obtaining pneumococcal hyperimmune sera // 2624871
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: rabbit hyperimmunization is carried out by antigen, which is an antigen of plasmid-containing pneumococcus strain, inactivated with formalin. Vaccine immunization is performed in anauricular vein, wherein rabbit immunization with the mentioned antigen is carried out at an interval between each injection, then immunogenic properties are determined in producer, blood is collected, followed by separation and conservation of the resulting serum. In order to produce vaccine of one series, 16-hour culture grown on semi-synthetic nutritional medium is used, which cells are separated by centrifugation. Sludge is resuspended in physiological solution and is inactivated by warming-up, then cells are washed off with physiological solution containing 0.25% of formaldehyde, and microbial suspension corresponding to 4×109 mcr.kl./ml is prepared, wherein pneumococcal microbial cells are washed off before immunization again. Vaccine immunization is carried out 3 times a week for 4 weeks: the first week at doses of 1×108 mcr.kl./ml, the second week - 5×108 mcr.kl./ml, the third week - 1×109 mcr.kl./ml and the fourth week - 2×109 mcr.kl./ml, in the fifth week blood is taken, serum is obtained and its activity is checked in the agglutination reaction (AR), which titer must be in the range of 1:3200-1:6400.EFFECT: use of this method enables to increase sera specific activity by using vaccines from microbial cells of each of the pneumococcal serotype and rabbit immunization scheme in the preparation.2 ex, 1 tbl
Live streptococcal vaccine and method for obtaining // 2624068
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: method includes low-virulent Group A MPK-12 β-haemolytic streptococci (Streptococcus pyogenes) live culture strain incubation in the liquid nutrient medium, followed by protective drying medium addition to the biomass containing a mixture of live bacteria and metabolic products. The vaccine in placed in ampoules and/or vials and lyophilisation is performed with subsequent sealing.EFFECT: inventions can be used for prevention of streptococcal infections, prevention and treatment of oncological diseases, enzyme therapy, as well as an antiviral, thrombolytic and immunomodulating medication.2 cl, 2 ex

Pharmaceutical composition for cancer treatment and prevention // 2624049
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an antibody or a binding fragment thereof, wherein the antibody or a binding fragment thereof specifically binds CAPRIN-1 protein and has immunological reactivity to CAPRIN-1 protein, its encoding DNA, and also to a pharmaceutical composition for treatment or prevention of cancer, expressing CAPRIN-1, and to a conjugate capable of specifically binding CAPRIN-1 protein. A method of treatment or prevention of cancer expressing CAPRIN-1 using the aforementioned antibody or fragment thereof and to a pharmaceutical combination for treatment or prevention of cancer expressing CAPRIN-1, comprising the aforementioned pharmaceutical composition and a pharmaceutical composition comprising an antitumor agent, are described as well.EFFECT: invention enables efficient treatment or prevention of cancer expressing CAPRIN-1.8 cl, 7 ex

Gp41-neutralizing antibodies and their application // 2624046
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: monoclonal neutralizing antibodies, that specifically bind to the membrane-proximal external region (MPER) of HIV-1 gp41, are described. Also, compositions, comprising the antibodies described herein, that specifically bind to gp41; nucleic acids encoding these antibodies; expression vectors containing nucleic acids; and isolated host cells expressing such nucleic acids are described. The antibodies and compositions described herein can be used to detect the presence of HIV-1 in biological sample or detect the presence of HIV-1 infection or diacrisis of AIDS in an individual. In addition, the antibodies described herein, due to their broad spectrum of neutralizing activity, are an ideal tool for treating an individual with HIV infection.EFFECT: methods described herein may be used to treat or prevent HIV infection.41 cl, 61 dwg, 8 ex

Homodimer protein construction // 2624041
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a nucleic acid molecule which encodes an amino acid chain capable of forming a dimeric protein and to the said dimeric protein. The said dimeric protein is used as a vaccine. It contains two identical amino acid chains, each containing a targeting group - humanα MIP1 - and an antigenic group connected by the motif for dimerization. This invention also discloses a pharmaceutical composition and a vaccine against the malignancy, comprising the said dimeric protein or nucleic acid molecule and a host cell and a method for production of the said dimeric protein. Due to human MIP1 application as the targeting group toα deliver the antigen to antigen presenting cells, this invention allows to produce a vaccines inducing the antigen-specific CD8+T-cell response.EFFECT: possibility of obtaining a vaccine.92 cl, 9 dwg, 1 ex

Constructs of recombinant nonpathogenic marek's disease virus coding antigens of infectious laryngotracheitis virus and newcastle disease virus // 2624037
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: inventions relate to recombinant nonpathogenic Marek's disease virus (rMDVnp) representing a recombinant herpesvirus of turkeys (rHVT) and to the vaccine containing such virus and to the way of protecting hens from infectious laryngotracheitis virus (ILTV) and Newcastle disease virus (NDV). The presented virus contains the first nucleic acid inserted in the first unnecessary region of rMDVnp genome and the second nucleic acid inserted in the second unnecessary region of rMDVnp genome. The first nucleic acid comprises of a nucleotide sequence coding gD and gI ILTV proteins. The second nucleic acid contains a nucleotide sequence coding a Newcastle disease virus fusion protein (NDV F). The first unnecessary region and the second unnecessary region either are one and the same unnecessary region, or the first unnecessary region is a US2 region and the second unnecessary region is a UL7/8 region.EFFECT: inventions allow for obtaining a stable means of protection from ILTV and NDV.10 cl, 2 dwg, 5 tbl, 6 ex

Hypoallergenic variants of mal d 1, main malus domectica allergen // 2624030
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: aprotein is produced. It is a hypoallergenic mutant of the main Malus domectica Mal d 1 allergen TCD having SEQ ID NO: 1 for the use in immune therapy of patients allergic to Malus domectica and/or Betula verrucosa pollen. The resulting protein has an amino acid sequence. When the SEQ ID NO: 1 is aligned in it, there are either two substitutions, including the Asp residue substitution at position 25 and the Asn residue substitution at position 78, or one Asn residue substitution at position 78 of the sequence SEQ ID NO: 1, where these residues of Asp at position 25 and/or of Asn at position 78 are substituted by Ala residue. The invention allows producing a hypoallergenic mutant of the main Malus domectica Mal d 1 allergen which shows a reduced IgE reactivity compared to the specified Mal d 1 allergen with SEQ ID NO: 1.EFFECT: possibility of using in medicine for the treatment of allergic diseases.14 cl, 15 dwg, 3 tbl, 13 ex

Drugs for cancer treatment and/or prevention // 2624029
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a medicament for treatment or prevention of cancer expressing the CAPRIN-1 protein. A method for treatment or prevention of cancer expressing the CAPRIN-1 protein is also disclosed.EFFECT: invention effectively treats CAPRIN-1 mediated cancer.10 cl, 10 dwg, 1 tbl, 7 ex

Heteromultimeric proteins production // 2624027
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: present invention provides methods for production of heteromultimeric proteins with the ability to specifically bind to more than one target (versions), as well as methods for creation of combinatorial libraries of such heteromultimeric proteins (versions). The described methods comprise culturing of the first host cell expressing the first heavy and light chains, and the second host cell expressing the second heavy and light chains, obtaining of a combined culture containing the first and the second host cells to form a heteromultimeric protein.EFFECT: this invention allows efficient and high level genes expression and simple assembly of heteromultimeric proteins.52 cl, 49 dwg, 4 tbl, 7 ex
Haemophilus influenzae spb strain type b - highly active producer of capsular polyribosylribitolphosphate polysaccharide // 2624014
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: Haemophilus influenzae SPB strain type b, which is a highly active producer of capsular polyribosylribitolphosphate polysaccharide, is deposited in the National Collection of Pathogenic Microorganisms and Cell Cultures "GKPM - Obolensk" under number B-7884. The invention provides polyribosylribitolphosphate synthesis, 250-300 mcg/ml.EFFECT: minimum cultivation time.1 dwg, 1 tbl, 2 ex

Vaccines and composition against streptococcus pneumoniae // 2623174
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: provided vaccine compositions comprise a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier and a first polypeptide having at least 95% identity with the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO: 265, 266 or 268, and a second polypeptide having at least 90% identity with the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO 9, 10, 20, 21, 6, 7, 18 or 19.EFFECT: invention can be used for the prevention or treatment of diseases caused by S pneumoniae.58 cl, 19 dwg, 4 tbl, 18 ex

Viral particle released after infection of human cytomegalovir (hcmv) of mammals cells, containing fusion protein, and its application // 2623172
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relate to the virus particle is released after infection of human cytomegalovirus cells (HCMV), its use in the prevention or treatment of disease by the formation of neutralising antibodies against at least one antigenic heterologous peptide or by induction of CD8+T-lymphocyte response against such heterologous peptide and a vaccine comprising such a viral particle. The characterized viral particle is surrounded by a lipid membrane in which viral glycoproteins are shipped and contains neither viral DNA nor capsids. The particle comprises a fusion protein comprising one or several parts T-cell antigen pp65 and at least one heterologous peptide, and wherein at least one heterologous peptide amino acid incorporated at position W175 ot A534 of the amino acid sequence of T-cell antigen pp65.EFFECT: increased efficiency of application.23 cl, 5 dwg, 5 ex

Polypeptides and polynucleotides and their use for treatment of immune disorders and cancer // 2623161
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to isolated neutralizing antibodies specific to extracellular domains of LSR protein and can be used in medicine. Antibodies and a pharmaceutical composition with a neutralizing activity are obtained via immunization of a mammal with LSR protein with the SEQ ID NO: 11, 13, 15-17 or 18 and subsequent isolation.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to make pharmaceuticals for immunotherapy which are effective for the treatment of diseases associated with a decreased activation of T-cells mediated by LSR protein.27 cl, 38 dwg, 20 tbl, 50 ex

onoclonal antibodies and methods for their application // 2623122
FIELD: veterinary medicine.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a dedicated monoclonal antibody that binds to dog CD20. The group of inventions also relates to a method for treatment of lymphoma in a dog, comprising administrtion of at least one effective dose of the said monoclonal antibody; nucleic acid encoding the said monoclonal antibody.EFFECT: effective treatment of lymphoma in dogs.16 cl, 4 ex, 6 dwg, 7 tbl
ethod for arterial rigidity correction in patients with rheumatoid arthritis // 2623082
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method includes introduction of Golimumab at a dose of 50 mg SC 1 times in 4 weeks on the same day to a patient with active disease and ineffectiveness of previous therapy with methotrexate and/or other synthetic DMARDs as a basic anti-inflammatory therapy.EFFECT: reduction of arterial stiffness in this category of patients due to vasoprotective action of Golimumab both on large elastic-type vessels and small muscle type arteries.1 tbl, 1 ex

Compositions and methods for malignant neoplasms prevention and treatment // 2623038
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a method of tumour treatment, comprising administering of a nanoparticle complex, where the nanoparticle complex includes costimulatory molecules complexes and antigen/MHC complexes, where each costimulatory complex and each antigen/MHC complex is operably linked to the nanoparticle core. The group of inventions also relates to a method of distribution and/or development of antigen specific anti-tumour T-cells populations in the subject; a method for malignant tumour metastasis inhibition.EFFECT: effective operating time of T cells that specifically damage the cancer cells, sufficient for significant reduction of tumour size or malignant cells number in vivo.59 cl, 12 ex, 12, dwg, 3 tbl

Liquid composition of human growth hormone with prolonged action // 2623026
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to an albumin-free liquid formulation of the long-acting human growth hormone (hGH) conjugate, wherein the conjugate contains human growth hormone bound to the Fc region of immunoglobulin and has a prolonged stability in vivo compared to the native form. Liquid composition of the hGH conjugate contains a buffer with a pH of 5.0-6.0, sugar alcohol, sodium chloride and a nonionic surfactant, does not contain human serum albumin and other hazards that may be potentially contaminated with viruses.EFFECT: group of inventions provides excellent storage stability, adapted for the hGH prolonged-action conjugate, and stability in vivo compared to the native form.17 cl, 2 dwg, 11 tbl, 7 ex
ethod for hyperimmune serum preparation for farm animals necrobacillosis treatment and prevention // 2622746
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: method involves hyperimmunization of producer-oxen with a formalin-inactivated antigen isolated from the Fusobacterium necrophorum "0-1" VIEV production strain. The antigen is obtained by cultivation of the Fusobacterium necrophorum "0-1" VIEV production strain. Further, the culture liquid is subjected to ultrafiltration with a pore size of 13-20 kDa, 8-10% of Fusobacterium necrophorum "0-1" VIEV strain bacterial mass is added to the ultrafiltrate to Fusobacterium necrophorum "0-1" VIEV content of 1.5-2.0 billion of cells in 1 cm3, sodium salt of succinate chitosan is added at a final weight concentration of 0.5-1.5%. Inactivation is perfomed using with formalin, taken at a final concentration of 0.3-0.4% for 12-14 days at 37-38°C. Then, the resulting antigen is sorbed on 10-15% aluminium hydroxide in a glycol buffer with pH of 8.4-8.6, taken at a final concentration of 1.8-2.0%. Hyperimmunization of producer-oxen is first carried out with a vaccine to prevent farm animals necrobacteriosis at a dose of 0.4-0.6 ml/animal, then 4-5 weeks later - with the antigen obtained by the method described above at the rate of 1.5-2.0 ml of antigen per 100 kg of animal body weight, at first once, intradermically to the pre-laryngeal inguinal lymph node, together with the oil adjuvant, taken at a weight ratio of 1:0.8-1.0 to the antigen. Then twice with an interval of 5-7 days 0.5-0.6 ml of antigen per 100 kg of animal body weight is injected intradermally, first to the right pre-lobular and left inguinal lymph nodes, then to the left progloidal and right inguinal lymph nodes.EFFECT: method allows to obtain high quality serum foranimals necrobacillosis prevention and treatment.4 ex

Dna-structure encoding modified version of protective antigene bacillus anthracis // 2622085
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an artificial gene, allowing to express in bacteria cells an isolated domain 1 of PAG protective antigen from Bacillus anthracis 55 VNIIVVIM. This gene is intended for intriduction into the chromosome of bacillus in composition of specific DNA-structure.EFFECT: invention allows to improve method of obtaining protective antigen of the anthrax pathogen Bacillus anthracis.2 dwg, 3 ex

Anti-notch1 antibodies // 2622083
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: antibodies are proposed that specifically bind to Notch1. Also, nucleic acids that encode said antibodies, vectors, host cells and methods for producing antibodies are proposed. In addition, the invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising these antibodies and methods for treating disorders, mediated from Notch1, by said antibodies or a pharmaceutical composition containing them.EFFECT: invention can be used in therapy against Notch1 for the treatment of cancer.27 cl, 30 dwg, 45 tbl, 11 ex
ethod for combined treatment of macular oedema of retina // 2622031
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method for conbined treatment of macular oedema of retina includes intravitreous introduction of bevacizumab, carrying out retina laser coagulation, as well as additional subtenon injection of diprospan. Treatment is realised in three stages: first diprospan is introduced in dose 0.5 ml, then after 10-15 days laser coagulation of retina is performed and 15-20 days after laser coagulation bevacizumab in dose 0.05 ml is introduced.EFFECT: reduction of frequency of intravotreous injections of neoangiogenesis inhibitors, stable increase of vision acuity, reduction of risk of development of side effects, associated with carrying out photodynamic therapy.2 ex

Cachexia therapy // 2622021
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: pharmaceutical composition comprising a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier and an effective amount of Ab to IL-1α is administered to a patient. The group of inventions relates to a method for increasing longevity with cachexia.EFFECT: application of monoclonal antibodies to IL-1α has an impact on cachexia symptoms, allowing to stop the dry weight loss process and to increases life expectancy of such patients.10 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl, 5 ex
ethods of obtaining molecular structures containing antigenic epitopes of topical allergens and signal peptides with immunoregulatory properties // 2622004
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: method for obtaining molecular structures with immunoregulatory properties containing antigenic epitopes of topical allergens and an ornithine decarboxylase signal peptide (ODCsig) is proposed. The gene encoding the protein-allergen by cloning is obtained, the ODCsig sequences are selected, the DNA sequences encoding the ODCsig signal peptides are cloned, the chimeric gene and the DNA constructs are developed to express the chimeric protein-allergens in bacterial cells.EFFECT: invention provides specific immunotherapy for patients with allergies.10 dwg, 2 tbl, 15 ex

Recombinant stain of vacδ6 vaccinia virus with broken genes of viralence c3l, n1l, j2r, a35r, a56r, b8r for the production of live cultural attenuated vaccine against natural smallpox and other orthopoxviral human infections // 2621868
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: recombinant strain of VACΔ6 vaccinia virus with broken genes C3L, N1L, J2R, A35R, A56R, B8R on the basis of cloned vaccinia virus (L-IVP strain). The proposed strain is deposited in State Collection of causative agents of viral infections, rickettsiosis of the SBSI of the SSC VB Vector with registration No. V-696 and is designed to produce a bladeless, attenuated live culture vaccine against the natural smallpox and other orthopoxviruses with enhanced immunogenic and protective activity.EFFECT: proposed recombinant strain can be used in medicine to produce a vaccine against natural smallpox and other human orthopoxviral infections.7 dwg, 2 tbl, 13 ex