Preparations in capsules, e.g. of gelatin, of chocolate (A61K9/48)

Application of composition in medical products or drug manufacture for prevention and treatment of leukopenia caused by radiation and chemotherapy // 2642256
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to application of a composition made from raw materials consisting of Radix Panacis Quinquefolii Ganoderma, or Radix Et Rhizoma Ginseng and fermented Cordyceps synesis powder and/or from Cordyceps, taken in a certain amount, in manufacture of medical products or drugs for prevention and treatment of radiation therapy or chemotherapy induced leukopenia in which the composition is obtained by raw materials mixing and extracting them with water and/or alcohol (versions).EFFECT: compositions described above are effective in the manufacture of medical products or drugs for prevention and treatment of radiotherapy or chemotherapy-induced leukopenia.25 cl, 36 tbl, 56 ex

Oral pharmaceutical compositions of testosterone esters and method for testosterone shortage treatment with their use // 2642244
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention concerns an oral pharmaceutical composition for testosterone shortage treatment for men, containing testosterone undecanoate dissolved in a medium containing at least one lipophilic surfactant and at least one hydrophilic surfactant with a ratio of the total number of lipophilic surfactants to the total number of hydrophilic surfactants (in/out), being in an approximate range from 6:1 to 3.5:1, while the dissolved testosterone undecanoate ranges from 18 to 22 wt % of the composition. The invention also relates to composition application for production of a drug for treatment of testosterone shortage or its symptoms in men and a treatment method, which includes oral intake of an effective amount of the pharmaceutical composition.EFFECT: application of the invention provides an opportunity to achieve a higher bioavailability, providing an effective therapeutic product based on testosterone for oral introduction, which can increase the levels of testosterone in the blood serum to clinically effective values, efficient oral testosterone therapy.23 cl, 10 tbl, 5 ex, 5 dwg
Peroral compositions containing ester 17- hydroxyprohesteron, and corresponding methods // 2640912
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: bioavailable peroral dosage forms are proposed, containing 17-hydroxyprohesteron caproate in the form of particles with an average diameter of 50 micron or less, as well as corresponding methods. Said peroral dosage forms can be prepared for pregnancy maintenance and contain a therapeutically effective amount of 17-hydroxyprohesteron caproate and pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. At least 20 wt % of 17-hydroxyprohesteron ester dose escape from said peroral dosage forms during determination using a device for dissolution of 2nd type in accordance with USP in 900 ml of deionised water with 0.5% (wt/vol) of sodium lauryl sulphate at 50 rpm and 37°C in 60 minutes.EFFECT: peroral form with high bioavailability.54 cl, 3 dwg, 54 ex, 14 tbl
Pharmaceutical compositions of substituted quinazolinones // 2640115
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: composition according to this invention contains an active ingredient selected from a series of substituted quinazolinones and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts, stereoisomers, tautomers or hydrates, and additionally contains approximately 10 wt % to approximately 85 wt % of microcrystalline cellulose; approximately 4.0 wt % of sodium starch glycolate; approximately 0.5 wt % of magnesium stearate; and approximately 2.5 wt % of colloidal silicon dioxide; and prepared for peroral introduction and immediate release.EFFECT: creation of new compounds that increase the bioavailability of substituted quinazolinones while maintaining stability, possibility of treatment and prevention of the abovementioned diseases.15 cl, 1 tbl, 1 ex

Pharmaceutical composition and medicinal product based on clathrate complex of n-carbamoylmethyl-4-phenyl-2-pyrrolidone, or 4-phenylpyracetam with cyclodextrin, method for production (versions) // 2640081
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to a new clathrate complex of N-carbamoylmethyl-4-phenyl-2-pyrrolidone or 4-phenylpyracetam with cyclodextrin at a molar ratio of 1:1 to 1:10, respectively, and to versions of the method for its preparation, a composition comprising the said clathrate complex in an effective amount together with a pharmaceutically acceptable filler and/or excipient and a drug in the form of capsules, pills or an injection solution based on such a clathrate complex.EFFECT: preparation of stable complexes with high solubility in water.9 cl, 8 ex, 1 tbl, 7 dwg

Simple ethers of cellulose that have increased thermal strength of gel // 2640024
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a thermogel forming composition, which is produced by combining nanocrystalline cellulose with cellulose ethers. This mixture can be used as a binder in a variety of different cases, for example, in food and raw ceramics. It can also be used to manufacture capsule shells for pharmaceuticals.EFFECT: inventionprovides increased gel strength at a high temperature.12 cl, 1 tbl, 5 ex, 4 dwg

Pharmaceutical composition containing biotin and method for its production // 2639488
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to pharmaceutical compositions for polyneuropathy prevention and treatment as a solid dosage form with extended release, comprising Biotin - 40-60 wt % as an active agent, as well as Methocel K100 LV - 14-21 wt %, Methocel K4M - 5-10 wt %, microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) - 7-18 wt %, copovidone - 1.5-3 wt %, colloidal silicon dioxide - 0.4-1 wt % and a pharmaceutically acceptable stearic acid salt - 0.6-1 wt %, as well as to a method for its production, according to which Biotin, Methocel K4M, Methocel K100 LV, MCC and copovidone are sieved and mixed until homogeneous, stearic acid salt, colloidal silicon dioxide are mixed, the mixture is compacted by rolling, colloidal silicon dioxide is added and mixed together with pre-compacted grains, followed by addition of stearic acid salt, stirring and formation a solid dosage form.EFFECT: creation of a new medicinal composition with high technological properties, high stability and reproducible kinetics of active agent release.9 cl, 8 ex, 5 tbl, 1 dwg

Pharmaceutical compositions // 2639482
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising alisporivir in an amount of 15 to 20 wt % of the composition, water in an amount of 2 to 15 wt % of the composition, a carrier medium comprising a lipophilic component, a surfactant, a hydrophilic component containing ethanol. The composition preferably comprises polyethylene glycol or propylene glycol as the hydrophilic component, medium chain triglycerides or sorbitan monooleate as the lipophilic component, macrogolglycerin hydroxystearate, caprolocaproyl macrogol-8 glyceride or vitamin E polyethylene glycol succinate as the surfactant. The pharmaceutical composition of the invention is intended for oral administration in the form of a capsule.EFFECT: obtaining of an non-oversaturated composition of alisporivir with a high concentration.10 cl, 4 dwg, 12 tbl, 9 ex
Solid oral pharmaceutical composition of s1p agonist or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt, method for its production and methods for treatment and reduction of frequency of clinical exacerbations of multiple sclerosis // 2639424
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: solid oral pharmaceutical composition consists of phignolimide hydrochloride in an amount of 0.4-0.65 mg, pregelatinized starch in an amount of 145-155 mg and magnesium stearate in an amount of 1.0-2.0 mg. The composition can be presented in the form of a pill or a capsule. The composition intended for treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, to reduce the frequency of clinical exacerbations of the disease and reduce the risk of disability progression in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. The composition is administered orally in a dose of 500 μg, once a day.EFFECT: composition according to the invention is characterized by a high homogeneity of the active substance dosage, stability for prolonged storage and is capable of disintegrating and releasing the active substance rapidly during oral administration.5 cl, 10 tbl, 8 ex
Combined drug for primary neuroprotection // 2636616
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: drug containing glycine and thiotriazoline is presented.EFFECT: high primary neuroprotective activity due to mutually reinforcing action, which are part of the preparations, and a wide range of biological effects.3 cl, 4 tbl
Composition containing alpha-lipoic acid and honokiol, for treatment of neuropathies // 2636613
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a composition comprising alpha-lipoic acid or a salt thereof and honokiol, wherein the amount of honokiol is 1% to 30% by weight based on the total weight of honokiol and alpha-lipoic acid. A pharmaceutical preparation and a dietary preparation for oral administration are also described. The preparations may be in the form of pills or capsules.EFFECT: drug is effective for treatment or prevention of peripheral neuropathies.17 cl, 2 dwg, 3 tbl, 3 ex
New compounds of benzene polycarboxylic acids // 2635562
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: new compound of benzene polycarboxylic acids is proposed, which is obtained by oxidizing hydrolyzed lignin in an alkaline medium. The water-soluble polymer compound of benzene polycarboxylic acids is characterized in the fact that it has the following elemental composition: 62-67% C, 3.8-4.2% H, 29-34% O, and less than 0.2% N by weight in the dry state. The total content of the other elements is not more than 1% by weight in the dry state. The present invention also discloses the use of a new benzene polycarboxylic acid compound in a composition of a complex substance which is prepared by forming a complex of new benzene polycarboxylic acid compounds with a metal cation or encapsulating them in a metal cation. A method for preparing a new benzene polycarboxylic acid compound and its use in pharmaceutical compositions are also proposed.EFFECT: improved effectiveness of the compound.27 cl, 7 ex, 6 tbl, 13 dwg
Antiviral drug as capsules and method for its preparation // 2633085
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: antiviral drug is made as a hard gelatin capsule containing granules comprising oseltamivir phosphate as an active ingredient and auxiliary additives: microcrystalline cellulose or lactose, povidone, aerosil, crospovidone or croscarmellose, sodium stearyl fumarate at a certain ratio of components. The method for antiviral drug production is implemented by wet granulation.EFFECT: invention allows preparation of an antiviral drug based on oseltamivir that quickly and completely releases the active substance, and is stable during storage.4 cl, 1 tbl
Sedative and spasmolithic means and method for its production // 2633064
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: sedative and spasmolytic means containing phenobarbital, an oil component, auxiliary substances to create a solid dosage form that contains a dry or dense valerian extract containing 0.1 wt % and more of sesquiterpene acids in terms of valerenic acid, as an oil component, contains hop oil and peppermint oil or origanum oil and peppermint oil, taken in the ratio of 1:2-1:10, as auxiliary substances to create a solid dosage form in the form of pills or capsules contains: a filler, a binder, an aerosol, a disintegrant, an antifriction substance, with a certain ratio of said components. Method for production of a sedative and spasmolytic means.EFFECT: above-described sedative and spasmolytic means is characterized by reduced toxicity.6 cl, 5 tbl, 5 ex
Lipid compositions of racecadotril // 2632441
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: composition includes racecadotril, polyoxyl 35 castor oil as a surfactant, caprylic/capric acid triglycerides 70:30 as lipid and water. A dosage form for diarrhea treatment comprising the said pharmaceutical microemulsion composition and a method of treatment of a subject suffering from diarrhea comprising oral administration of said composition are also described. The liquid pharmaceutical microemulsion composition of racecadotrile as per invention is stable for 3 months at 40°C.EFFECT: increased stability.6 cl, 5 tbl, 2 ex

Dosed drug form containing 6-fluoro-(n-methyl- or n,n-dimethyl-)-4-phenyl-4', 9'-dihydro-3'n-spiro[cyclohexane-1,1'-pyrano[3,4,indole]-4-amine for nociceptive pain treatment // 2631481
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the dosed drug form for oral introduction once per day, which contains 6-fluoro-(N-methyl-, or N,N-dimethyl)-4-phenyl-4'-19'-dihydro-3'N-spiro[cyclohexane-1,1'-pyrano[3,4,b]indole]-4-amin or a physiologically acceptable salt thereof, an anionic surfactant, selected from a group consisting of sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium cetyl sulfate, sodium sulfate cetyl stearyl, sodium sulfate stearyl and sodium dioctylsulfosuccinate to treat nociceptive pain.EFFECT: increased efficiency.7 cl, 3 ex, 15 tbl, 5 dwg
Sustainable structures of antithrombocytic agents, omega-3 fatty acids and amylose in soft gelatin capsules // 2630606
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention is a pharmaceutical composition of acetylsalicylic acid or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, omega-3 fatty acids, a pharmaceutically acceptable organic acid and amylose or starch containing 50 wt % to 70 wt % of amylose in soft gelatin capsules.EFFECT: invention allows to obtain a composition with improved stability over time during storage, compared to soft gelatin capsules including pregelatinized starch in the capsule and in the core.8 cl, 13 tbl, 8 ex
Application of aromatase inhibitor for treatment of hypogonadism and related diseases // 2628808
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method of the invention comprises administration of 4,4'-[fluoro(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)methylene]bisbenzonitrile to a male patient with the total serum testosterone level of less than 400 ng/dl, at a dose of 0.001-1.0 mg weekly. The composition of the invention includes a pharmaceutical composition and instructions for administration.EFFECT: increased testosterone levels in these patients.19 cl, 2 tbl, 5 ex
Pharmacological composition on basis of iron compounds // 2625739
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention is a pharmacological composition containing the iron (II) sulphate for treatment of iron deficiency anemia, characterised in that it additionally contains iron hexacyanoferrate, iron-potassium hexacyanoferrate, potassium sulfate and micro cellulose, the components in the composition being in a certain ratio, in weight percent.EFFECT: high therapeutic efficacy, good tolerability, and low toxicity.2 cl, 5 ex
Pharmaceutical antidiabetic composition based on (+)-cis-3-(1h-benzimidazol-2-yl)-1,2,2-trimethylcyclopentane carboxylic acid // 2624872
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pharmaceutical antidiabetic composition based on (+)-cis-3-(1H-benzimidazol-2-yl)-1,2,2-trimethylcyclopentane carboxylic acid, characterized in that it comprises microcrystalline cellulose 102, Povidone K30, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate and talc as pharmaceutically acceptable excipients.EFFECT: increased bioavailability of the formulation active agent.2 cl, 3 dwg, 4 ex
ethod of obtaining a block copolymer // 2623426
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: block copolymer has the following formula (1): ,where R1 is a hydrogen atom or a (C1-C5) alkyl group; R2 is a (C1-C5) alkylene group; R3 is a methylene or ethylene group; R4 represents a hydrogen atom or a (C1-C4) acyl group; R5 is a hydroxyl group, an aryl (C1-C8) alkoxy group which may have a substituent, or -N (R6) -CO-NHR7, where R6 and R7 may be the same or different and each represents a cyclic (C3-C6) An alkyl group or a (C1-C5) alkyl group which may be substituted with a tertiary amino group; N is 20-500; M is 2-200; But is 0-100; B is 0-100, provided that the sum of a and b is greater than or equal to 1 and not more than m; The fraction of the R5 group representing the hydroxyl group is 0-5% of m; proportion of the R5 group representing an aryl (C1-C8) alkoxy group which may have a substituent is 10-80% of m; The fraction of the R5 group representing -N (R6) -CO-NHR7 is 11-30% of m. The process for preparing the block copolymer is that the compound of the formula (2) is reacted, wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, n are as defined above; x is 0-100, y is 0-100, the sum of x and y is 2-200, with aryl (C1-C8) alkyl alcohol, and a carbodiimide-based compound in an amount of 2(x+y) equivalents or more relative to the amount of carboxyl Groups in the compound of formula (2). The reaction is carried out in a solvent at a temperature of 15-30°C for 2-48 hours.EFFECT: invention allows to maintain the process in a single reactor, reduce manufacturing period and reduce the quantity of solvent.4 cl, 1 tbl, 6 ex
Agent with isoniazid-containing liposomes // 2622755
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: capsules for oral use comprise liposomes prepared by mixing egg lecithin, PEG 2000 and Tween-80 at the ratio of 6:2:1 at a temperature of 40°C, followed by hydration, encapsulated for oral use, wherein liposomes comprise isoniazid as an active agent in the following ratio of liposome components, g per 1 capsule: isoniazid - 0.3; a mixture of phospholipid, PEG 2000 and Tween-80 - 0.22. Number 0 capsules with a diameter of 7.65 mm, length of 21.7 mm, filling volume of 0.68 ml are additionally used.EFFECT: agent has antiphthisic effect, as well as constant-rate release of active agents and pronounced prolonged action, it is convenient for using by patients themselves.3 tbl, 3 ex
Pharmaceutical composition for sleep disorders prevention and treatment // 2620855
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for sleep initiating and maintaining and prophylaxis of animal and human states that are accompanied by sleep disorders of a different nature, including a combination of active agents consisting of 0.5-45 mg of doxylamine succinate and long-acting melatonin in amount of 0.1-20 mg.EFFECT: synergistic therapeutic effect and reduced side effects.2 cl, 1 tbl, 5 ex
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising camptothecin derivative // 2620331
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: composition comprising 7-tret-butoxyiminomethyl camptothecin, as an active agent, and a carrier comprising a lipophilic component, a surfactant, a hydrophilic component and a co-solvent. The lipophilic component is a propylene glycol monoester of caprylic acid. The surfactant is vitamin E TPGS. The hydrophilic component is PEG 400. The co-solvent is ethanol. Also, a method for composition preparation and a method of treatment are disclosed.EFFECT: increased bioavailability of 7-tret-butoxyiminomethyl camptothecin.5 cl, 6 ex
Capsules for complex treatment of urinary system diseases // 2619736
FIELD: medicine, pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely to pharmacy, and concerns the development of tools for complex treatment of urinary system diseases. The means has the form of microgranules, enclosed in a gelatin capsule. The means comprises mebeverine hydrochloride, cowberry extract, cranberry extract, as active ingredients, potato starch and glucose, as well as hydroxyethylcellulose, applied in the form of 0.25% aqueous solution as granulation liquid for microgranules preparation, as auxiliary substances.EFFECT: invention provides improved therapeutic effect and bioavailability of capsules.2 cl, 3 tbl, 3 ex
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising aromatase inhibitor // 2617510
FIELD: medicine, pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: this invention refers to low-dose pharmaceutical compositions comprising an aromatase inhibitor 4.4-'[fluoro-(1-H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)methylene]bisbenzonitril as an active ingredient in a suitable carrier. Furthermore, this invention refers to the process for their preparation and application as medicaments.EFFECT: invention expands the range of low-dose pharmaceutical compositions comprising the aromatase inhibitor.11 cl, 4 ex, 4 tbl

Vegetable combined cryo-powder based preparations // 2617434
FIELD: pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: vegetable combined preparation with diuretic, and/or antibacterial, and/or litholytic action containing common agrimony grass and dog rose root cryo-powders and auxiliaries.EFFECT: preparation has an effective diuretic, or antibacterial or litholytic action.7 cl, 12 dwg, 11 tbl

Pharmaceutical composition containing olmesartan medoxomil and rosuvastatin or its salt // 2616516
FIELD: pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: invention provides a pharmaceutical composition which is a single-dose dosage form comprising a compartment containing olmesartan medoxomil and a compartment comprising rosuvastatin or its salt, wherein the said compartments are formed in the isolated form. The compartment containing olmesartan medoxomil comprises from 7.5 to 65 wt % of hydroxypropylcellulose with a low degree of substitution. The compartment comprising rosuvastatin or its salt includes one or more disintegrants selected from the group consisting of crospovidone, hydroxypropyl cellulose with a low degree of substitution, croscarmellose sodium and carboxymethylcellulose calcium. The disintegrant in the said compartment with rosuvastatin is present in the amount of from 2 to 20 wt %. The pharmaceutical composition is a bilayer tablet or a capsule containing granules. The pharmaceutical composition of the present invention solves the problem of slowing down the absorption associated with drug-drug interactions.EFFECT: combination drug of the present invention is bioequivalent to mono-preparation of each of the said drugs.6 cl, 6 dwg, 16 tbl, 9 ex
Solid drug form of indinavir with immediate release and method of obtaining thereof // 2616267
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a solid form of indinavir sulfate, which is a capsule containing 67-79 wt % of indinavir sulfate, 10-20 wt % of lactose monohydrate, 7.7-15 wt % of Prosolv, 0.5-3 wt % of sodium croscarmellose (primellose) 0.5-1 wt % of stearic acid and/or its salt; and a method for its production, according to which indinavir sulfate, lactose monohydrate, croscarmellose sodium and Prosolv are mixed, dusted with stearic acid and/or its salt, encapsulated with simultaneous capsules dedusting and polishing.EFFECT: prompt active agent release and reduced timing of therapeutic effect.5 cl, 3 tbl

Compositions and methods for myelofibrosis treatment // 2616262
FIELD: medicine, pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: capsule containing a mixture of a compound which is N-tert-butyl-3-[(5-methyl-2-{[4- (2-pyrrolidin-1-lethoxi)phenyl]amino} pyrimidin-4-yl)amino]benzenesulphonamide, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or hydrate thereof, microcrystalline cellulose and sodium stearyl fumarate. The mixture contains from 10 to 500 mg of the said compound. The weight ratio of the compound to microcrystalline cellulose in the mixture is within the range from 1:1.5 to 1:15. The amount of sodium stearyl fumarate in the mixture is 1% by weight of the capsule contents. A method of capsulesproduction, a method for myelofibrosis treatment and a kit for myelofibrosis treatment are also described. N-tert-butyl-3-[(5-methyl-2-{[4-(2-pyrrolidin-1-yl-ethoxy)-phenyl] amino} pyrimidin-4-yl)amino]benzenesulphonamide medication provided as a capsule shows stability and instant release characteristics.EFFECT: invention describes a capsule for oral administration for treatment of myelofibrosis.38 cl, 18 dwg, 25 tbl, 6 ex
Compositions for local use containing diamineoxydase, for treatment or prevention of diseases associated with high levels of histamine, accompanied by increased pain // 2616248
FIELD: medicine, pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pharmaceutical industry and represents application of diamineoxydase to produce a pharmaceutical composition for treatment of diseases or pathologic conditions selected from the group consisting of migraine, fibromyalgia, spondylitis, and muscle contractures, characterized by local application of the composition.EFFECT: invention provides expansion of the arsenal for migraine, fibromyalgia, spondylitis and muscular contractures treatment.12 cl, 6 tbl, 7 ex
Pharmaceutical enteric coated compositions based on mycophenolic acid salt // 2615397
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions discloses a pharmaceutical composition comprising of a mycophenolate salt covered with an enteric coating which provides the release of mycophenolate in the upper part of the intestinal tract, and a method of immunosuppression in a patient involving the administration of a therapeutically effective amount of said composition to a patient in need of such therapy.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the composition.15 cl, 2 ex, 1 tbl

Pharmaceutical composition for oral administration containing statin // 2614728
FIELD: pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pharmaceutical composition for oral administration containing or consisting of: (i) from 11 to 25 wt% of simvastatin, (ii) from 0.01 to 3 % by weight of first substance (A1) with antioxidant activity, which is butylhydroxyanisole, (iii) from 0.01 to 3 % by weight of second substance (A2) with antioxidant activity, differing from first substance (A1) with antioxidant activity, which is citric acid, and (iv) from 75 to 85 wt% of at least one additive selected from group consisting of filler, binder, agents for controlling fluidity, baking powder and agent preventing adhesion or combinations thereof, where quantitative ratio of butylhydroxyanisole (A1) and citric acid (A2) ranges from 1:95 to 1:30, and wherein above composition is compacted in form of tablet and said tablet has mass from 130 to 300 mg.EFFECT: invention also relates to use of said pharmaceutical composition in medicine.12 cl, 2 ex, 4 tbl, 5 dwg

Stable pharmaceutical composition for oral administration comprising levocetirizine, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and montelukast or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof // 2614382
FIELD: medicine, pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: this present invention relfers to a pharmaceutical composition in the form of a capsule for oral administration for asthma or allergic rhinitis prevention or treatment. The composition comprises: (a) the first fraction of particles in the form of mini-pill comprising levocetirizine, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and organic acid; and (b) the second fraction of particles in the form of mini-pill comprising montelukast or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. The organic acid is citric acid, tartaric acid, succinic acid or ascorbic acid. The organic acid is present in the amount of 100 parts by weight per 100 parts of levocetirizine. The said first and second particle fractions are physically separated and filled into the capsule. A method for pharmaceutical capsule composition production is also described. The pharmaceutical composition of this invention inhibits the production of related contaminants of levocetirizine and montelukast and provides good stability.EFFECT: invention expands the product range of drugs for allergic rhinitis or asthma prevention or treatment.9 cl, 3 dwg, 4 tbl, 6 ex
Gelatine capsule of selective vessel destruction in tumours // 2613146
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: gelatine capsule of selective vessel destruction in tumours relates to field of pharmaceutics and medicine, in particular to oncology, and deals with novel medications, mechanism of action of which consists in their destruction of already existing vessels inside tumour, preventing in such way supply of blood and oxygen, vital for survival of solid tumours with dimensions exceeding 1 mm. The capsule contains approximately 250-900 mg of pharmaceutical composition, which contains anti-tumour compound 7-methoxy-4-nitro-3-(p-methoxyphenyl)isoquinolinone 16-18 wt %, crospovidone 5-8 wt %, hypromellose 2-3 wt %, polysorbate 80 - 1-2 wt %, sodium laurylsulphate 0.7-1.2 wt %, the remaining part - mannitol, in gelatine capsule.EFFECT: invention solves the task of creating novel peroral anti-tumour medication for prevention or treatment of benign or malignant tumours, independently on their origin or size, within the framework of treating mammals, in particular humans, resistant to traditional treatment.3 cl, 1 tbl
Pharmaceutical compositions with prolonged release for treating cerebrovascular disorders // 2611339
FIELD: pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pharmaceutics. Described pharmaceutical composition of prolonged release for treating of cerebrovascular disorders. Above composition is made in the form of solid gelatine capsules and/or tablets. As an active substance contains 1-hydroxy-4-adamantanone. As an excipients are used fillers, prolonging polymers, sliding substance in amount of (wt%): 1-hydroxy-4-adamantanone – 5.0–50.0; filler – 2.0–92.5; prolonging polymer – 2.0–55.5; lubricant – 0.5–15.0.EFFECT: invention provides increasing of efficiency of using said active substance.4 cl, 23 ex, 6 tbl, 2 dwg
Drug based on tetrametiltetraazobitsiklooktandion and method for its production // 2611194
FIELD: pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: here is a description of dosage form of tetrametiltetraazobitsiklooktandion, additionally containing a filler, granulating agent, lubricant, disintegrant, flavoring agent in certain weight ratios. Methods of preparing of the said dosage form are also described.EFFECT: preparation of the dosage form without defects in manufacture and storage and with improved taste characteristics.11 cl, 3 tbl

Encapsulated dosage form, containing montelukast and levocetirizine // 2606857
FIELD: pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to capsule dosage form for preventing or treating allergic rhinitis and asthma, which consists of two separate layers: (1) montelukast layer, containing montelukast or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt; and (2) levocetirizine layer, containing levocetirizine or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt, in which said montelukast layer and levocetirizine layer contain water in amount of 5 % and less; and their production method.EFFECT: encapsulated dosage form, according to invention, can completely separate two active ingredients, minimizing so reaction activity between them and improving stability of product with respect to ageing effect and thus optimizing therapeutic action.20 cl, 5 tbl, 9 ex

Pharmaceutical composition having immunostimulating action // 2605832
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine and pharmacy, more specifically to a pharmaceutical composition, having immunostimulating action. Pharmaceutical composition contains N-{2-[3,4-bis-(4-nitrobenzoyloxy)phenyl]ethyl}-4-nitrobenzamine(fentral) as an active substance. Target additives used can be optionally simultaneously corn starch, hydroxypropyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, calcium dihydrophosphate, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, sodium croscarmellose, lactose, sodium benzoate, magnesium stearate, calcium stearate, sorbitol, mannitol. Pharmaceutical composition can be made in form of tablets or capsules. Tablets and capsules with fentral meet State Pharmacopoeia requirements.EFFECT: medicinal agent with fentral has immunostimulating action.1 cl, 6 tbl, 6 ex

Bolus calcium-intensive plus // 2603482
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to veterinary science, and aims at preventing postpartum hypocalcemia in cows. Bolus for preventing postpartum hypocalcemia in cows contains calcium lactate, lactose, sodium bicarbonate, dried spiny eleutherococcus roots. Components are used in claimed amounts.EFFECT: use of invention provides high and prolonged effect in preventing postpartum hypocalcemia in cows.1 cl, 1 tbl

Pharmaceutical composition of n-(6-phenylhexanoyl)glycyl-l-tryptophan amide in solid dosage form // 2602742
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to pharmacy, and concerns pharmaceutical composition in solid dosage form and containing therapeutically effective amount of N-(6-phenylhexanoyl)glycyl-L-tryptophan amide as medicinal substance, and auxiliary substances, which are binding agent of group of substances providing sufficient weight of tablet or capsule: cellulose or cellulose derivatives, such as microcrystalline cellulose; lactose, polyvinylpyrrolidone, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate; auxiliary substances with high sorption capacity: colloidal silica, magnesium aluminometasilicate; group of sliding agents - stearic acid and/or its salts, surfactants: sodium oleate, sodium lauryl sulphate; disintegrants from group: starch, pectin, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, sodium croscarmellose, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose.EFFECT: tablets and capsules meet all requirements of State Pharmacopeia XI and XII edition and have high bioavailability of above therapeutic peptide.1 cl, 3 dwg, 2 tbl, 16 ex

ethod of producing diclofenac capsules // 2602681
FIELD: pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: method of producing diclofenac capsules. Mixture of diclofenac and polyethylene glycol with molecular weight 2,000±400 at weight ratio 1:1-1.5 is dissolved in ethanol at weight ratio of mixture and ethanol 1:0.3-0.6 at temperature of 80±5 °C. Obtained solution at weight ratio of 1:1.75-2 is used for granulation of excipients' mixture: kollidone 90F, polyplasdone XL, starch-1500, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose-101, taken at weight ratio (1:1.9-2.0; 4.6-11.7; 11.7-12.0; 36.0-36.1). Magnesium stearate is added to obtained granulate in amount of 0.5-1.5 % and aerosil of grade 300 is also added in an amount of 2.5-7.5 % of granulate weight. Granulate is dosed in solid gelatinous acid-resistant capsules.EFFECT: method of producing capsules according to the invention allows to improve bioavailability of non-salt form of diclofenac.1 cl, 3 tbl

ethod of producing a pharmaceutical erythromycin composition // 2600924
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine and chemical-pharmaceutical industry and a method of producing a new pharmaceutical erythromycin composition in the form of capsules for use as a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Method of producing a pharmaceutical composition for treating bacterial and protozoal infectious diseases in the form of enterosoluble erythromycin-based capsules comprises mixing erythromycin base or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt with pluronic at a ratio of 70:30, micronization of produced mixture, addition of auxiliary substances, repeated micronization and filling gelatine capsules with the produced mixture. Kolliphor P 188, Kolliphor P 407 or their mixture are used as a pluronic.EFFECT: method is high-tech, and the produced composition and dosage form have high bioavailability of about 70 %, sufficient for considerable reduction of preparation dose (up to 2 g a day) and maintaining a stable erythromycin concentration in blood.6 cl, 3 ex, 2 tbl

ethod of producing extract of castoreum for production of biologically active additives (versions) // 2598706
FIELD: pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pharmaceutical industry, namely to a method of producing an extract of castoreum and biologically active additive of it. Method of producing an extract of castoreum for production of biologically active food additive with bracing, tonic, immunomodulatory action, involving bucking of pre-dried castoreum up to homogeneous fine powder, then powder is extracted with water solution of ethyl alcohol, mixture is maintained without access of light, extract is separated by filtration, extraction is carried out at least 3 times, at that, the last extraction is carried out using ultrasound, then extracts obtained after each filtration, are mixed and boiled out under certain conditions. Biologically active additive (BAA) to food - in the form of a tablet. Biologically active food additive - in the form of capsules.EFFECT: method described above allows to produce BAAs, having bracing, tonic and immune modulating properties.3 cl, 1 tbl, 3 ex

Combined delivery system with immediate/sustained release of medicinal agents with short period of half-life, including for remogliflozin // 2596787
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a combination immediate/delayed release delivery system for compounds which have short half-life, such as antidiabetic remogliflozin etabonate, which provides a dosage form that has two distinct phases of release. Solid phase for immediate release includes remogliflozin etabonate and immediate release material. Solid phase of delayed release comprises remogliflozin etabonate and sustained release material. Solid phase of delayed release has shape of discrete single particles or granules and solid phase for immediate release is a matrix, which consists of separate particles of solid phase of delayed release enclosed in said matrix or dispersed therein. What is also presented is a method for producing a pharmaceutical composition.EFFECT: invention provides a procedure for administering remogliflozina etabonate once a day.9 cl, 4 dwg, 4 tbl, 2 ex
ethod of producing stable soft gel capsule containing micro-encapsulated probiotic bacteria // 2593788
FIELD: medicine. SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to production of soft gel capsule containing micro-encapsulated probiotic bacteria, envisaging following steps: (a) providing microencapsulated probiotic bacteria with at least one coating containing at least one vegetable lipid, having a melting point from 35 °C to 75 °C; (b) suspending said microencapsulated probiotic bacteria in suspending preparation to produce filler; (c) mixing said aggregate with intensity less than approximately 3,000 rpm and temperature of approximately 15-32 °C to produce mixed filler; (d) reduction of agglomerates microencapsulated probiotic bacteria in mixed filler to produce deagglomerated filler; and (e) encapsulation deagglomerated aggregate in soft gel capsule, where is maintained integrity coating microencapsulated probiotic bacteria, as well as probiotic soft gel capsule, made in compliance with this method. EFFECT: invention provides higher viability and stability of probiotic bacteria in soft gel capsule at prolonged storage during at least 24 months at room temperature. 18 cl, 4 ex, 10 tbl

Encapsulated preparation for treating cold and method for production thereof // 2590978
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical-pharmaceutical industry and concerns anticatarrhal preparation in form of capsules filled with micro tablets, and method for preparing it. Method of producing includes mixing of paracetamol, amantadine hydrochloride, caffeine, Bovis calculus artifactus, Chlorpheniramine maleate for 10-15 minutes, powder mixture is passed through sieve with size of 80 mesh and then once more mixed for 10-15 minutes, obtained mixture is sprayed with paste-like mass of hypromellose, prepared by adding purified water to hypromellose at 80 °C, stirring till homogeneous state and holding for 20-25 minutes, coated with hypromellose micro tablets are passed through sieves with size of 14-18 mesh, dried for 55-65 minutes at 40-50 °C and polished with subsequent filling of capsules with mixture of obtained micro tablets.EFFECT: invention provides minimisation of auxiliary substances, simplified production steps (there is no need in separate micronising and pelitizing of each component), high stability of active substances during storage, reduced side effects as dry mucous and sleepiness.2 cl, 4 ex, 3 tbl

Solid dosage form of preparation of sedative and hypnotic effect // 2589833
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a solid dosage form of sedative and hypnotic effect. Said dosage form is a tablet or capsule, which contains hydroxyzine in amount of 3.33 to 4.5 wt%, ethyl ether of α-bromo-isovaleric acid in amount of 5.47 to 7 wt%, peppermint oil or mixture thereof with hop oil in amount from 0.39 to 0.48 wt%, β-cyclodextrin in amount of 37-50 wt% and additives, including combined water.EFFECT: invention is characterised by high sedative properties and hypnotic efficiency compared to existing analogues, which provides long sleep duration and faster onset thereof.3 cl, 3 tbl, 3 ex

etabiotic composition to ensure colonisation resistance of human intestinal microbiocenosis // 2589818
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for production of meta-biotic composition to ensure colonisation resistance of human intestinal micro-biocenosis. Meta-biotic component is a rational combination of metabolites of probiotic strains of microorganisms and additionally includes sterilised dried culture liquids containing metabolites of Enterococcus faecium L-3, Lactobacillus delbrueckii TS1-06 and Lactobacillus fermentum TS3-06. Prebiotic component is represented by oat flakes. Composition is presented in a solid dosage form in the shape of capsules, and the number of ingredients in one capsule constitutes, MP: sterilised dried culture liquid containing metabolites of a probiotic strain of bacteria Bacillus subtilis VKPM No. B-2335 - 1.9; the sterilised dried culture liquid containing metabolites of probiotic strain of bacteria Enterococcus faecium L-3 - 4.5; the sterilised dried culture liquid containing metabolites of probiotic strain of bacteria Lactobacillus delbrueckii TS1-06 - 4.5; the sterilised dried culture liquid containing metabolites of probiotic bacterial strain Lactobacillus fermentum TS3-06 - 4.5; zeolite - 64.3; oat flakes - 20.0; calcium stearate or aerosil - 0.3.EFFECT: use of this composition allows to normalise microbiocenosis of the intestine due to selective stimulation of growth and reproduction of Lactobacilli and bifidus bacteria of indigent component of normoflora of a biotope providing specific antagonistic activity with respect to a wide range of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms.1 cl, 4 dwg, 19 tbl

Agent with liposomes containing glutamic acid and propolis extract, exhibiting nootropic activity // 2589280
FIELD: pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pharmaceutical industry, specifically to an agent possessing nootropic activity. Agent possessing nootropic activity contains glutamic acid, 10 % alcohol extract of propolis, polyethylene glycol (PEG), active substances are included into liposomes, obtained by mixing egg lecithin and PEG 2000, and hydration, then liposomes are enclosed in capsules for oral administration.EFFECT: agent described above possesses pronounced nootropic action.3 cl, 6 tbl, 4 ex