otor-driven (A61G5/04)

Chassis wheel // 2609603
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in a chassis wheel comprising a rim on a shaft and multiple lugs on the rim periphery, the rim part of the wheel is not solidly closed and is not integral with a common hub, represents a package of two-arm elastic sector plates made with a central hole for placement onto a multifaceted shaft and a peripheral part capable of overlapping two adjacent plates mounted on a multifaceted shaft with angular shift. At the same time the peripheral part of plates may have external notches-lugs. Connection of the package of two-arm elastic sector plates with the shaft may be splint.EFFECT: simplification and unification of manufacturing technology and improved operating characteristics of a wheel chassis.3 cl, 1 dwg

ultifunctional locomotor // 2598592
FIELD: medical equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles for handicapped people and is intended to improve functional capabilities of handicapped users. Multifunctional locomotor apparatus, which combines function of making user move in standing position, and also sitting, thus providing more comfort, health and better life quality for handicapped and bedridden people. 1. Multifunctional locomotor apparatus, which combines function of making someone move in standing position, and also sitting in only one object comprises three modules, being a lower module, an intermediate module, and an upper module, which are assembled based on a tubular structure comprising at least three vertical elements and supported by a gripping circular base and device comprises several devices coupled to said tubular structure.EFFECT: higher functional capabilities of handicapped users.5 cl, 12 dwg
Wheel // 2576849
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly, to wheeled chassis wheelchairs. In wheel containing a rim made with internal teeth, located in engagement with sprocket fitted on drive shaft, the rim is made in the form of cylindrical or conical drum, and internal teeth represent a system of through holes or holes with flanging and/or moulded in the outer side of recesses on the peripheral rim-drum. Herewith drum rim can have one-sided or two-sided flange, including ones for replaceable wheel treads.EFFECT: simplified process and wider field of use of wheel chassis.1 cl

Device to allow electrically-driven wheel chair to overcome obstacles // 2564623
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: claimed invention discloses the device for overcoming the obstacles. It consists of the chassis coupled with n(n>3) wheels on each side and wheels drives. Note here that chassis each side incorporates the mechanism with n-1 levers pivoted in pairs on common axle supporting n wheels, namely, front wheel, n-2 intermediate wheels and rear wheel. Said mechanism allows every wheel to turn relative to axle of each adjacent wheel. Besides, it discloses motorized vehicle equipped with abode described device for overcoming the obstacles. This vehicle comprises user variable-inclination seat that position horizontally at whatever conditions with the help of level transducer.EFFECT: perfected design.33 cl, 8 dwg

Universal vehicle for invalid // 2558338
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to surface carriers for persons of limited physique to allow their travel over steps either assisted or independently. It aims at perfecting operating characteristics for persons of limited physique. Universal carrier comprises frame, two rear driven wheels. Seat, T-shape handle bar with handle for assistant telescopically fitted at frame rear, two steps, two front driven self-aligning wheels and control and safety system. Frame front part is fitted at its centre plugged in plane with the help of L.H. and R.H. retainers to make a replaceable driven wheel axle module. Additionally, it incorporates a replaceable drive wheel module. This consists of at least one controlled drive wheel with electromechanical drive, steering column with handle bar for invalid and steps. Besides, frame structure is coupled with the frame central part by means of said retainers like driven wheel module is. Said frame is provided with power supply to drive said driving wheel module.EFFECT: perfected design.6 cl, 11 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2551579
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: chassis wheel comprises rim on shaft and multiple grousers on rim periphery. Wheel rim part is not integral with the hub and is asymmetric therewith but runs in step therewith. Air tube of atmospheric pressure is fitted on said rim. The latter is shaped to cylindrical drum with flanges provided with through holes made in generatrix for grousers. Besides, said holes are formed in tire drum rim. Wheel rim part drive is composed of three spinning rollers, top one being intended for inner engagement with said flange and two bottom rollers arranged in symmetry with top one are intended for external engagement.EFFECT: improved cross-country capacity.2 dwg

Wheelchair with changeable base // 2542557
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: wheelchair includes frame, mounted on it seat, backrest, armrests, footrests, as well as front wheel and two rear wheels and wheelchair base-changing mechanism. The front wheel is made as driving motorised wheel, to side surfaces of frame two wheelchair base-changing mechanisms are attached each one of which consists of attached to frame body into vertical hole of which fork is installed with possibility to turn around its vertical axis by 180 and with fork fixation in two end positions using fixation mechanism, into this fork horizontal axle is installed on which rear wheel is mounted with possibility of its rotation around this horizontal axle. Central plane of rear wheel is shifted relative to vertical axis of fork rotation for amount of eccentricity, and wheelchair is provided with electric drive and its control.EFFECT: cutting time and simplification of wheelchair base changing.5 cl, 6 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2524279
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: in chassis wheel containing rim on shaft and multiple grousers on rim periphery, the rim is made in the form of cylindrical drum with two rows of through holes along generatix for elastic grousers formed by endless spring the rings of which are passed through drum holes and have inner gearing with wheel drive gear. In this system, distance between rows of holes is selected so that endless spring rises over the drum not less than for 50 and not more than for 75% of its diameter in ring. Herewith, endless spring-grouser rising over the drum can be rubberised and/or covered with elastomeric material.EFFECT: simplification of design and manufacturing process of chassis wheel.3 cl, 1 dwg

Half-track wheelchair chassis // 2495656
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wheelchairs, especially electrically driven and servo controlled for handicapped persons either apodal, or with the immovable lower extremities. A half-track wheelchair chassis comprises a bearing platform of a side wheel servo drive system and a platform stabiliser; the platform stabiliser is presented as a half-track parking foot suspended on a balance pendulum mounted in a plane equidistant from the side wheels so that the rear wheel of the parking foot is actuated when the wheelchair moves forward, while the front wheel is actuated when the wheelchair moves backwards or slows down.EFFECT: more comfortable operation of the wheelchair, including on common stair flights.3 cl, 2 dwg

Wheelchair actuator // 2491906
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: technical decision consist in the fact that a single actuator for both wheelchair wheels is a DC motor an outlet axle of which is kinematically connected with wheelchair wheel axles by a cylindrical splined pulley going at an angle of 45 into an external splined engagement with mutually directed conical drums of the respective wheelchair wheel axles with each drum having the splines only 1/3 of its full length, while the cylindrical splined pulley is freely axially controlled movable along the generating lines of the conical drums along the full length of the drums.EFFECT: simplified and facilitated wheelchair actuator.1 dwg

Scooter // 2481999
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to collapsible four-wheelers. Rear drive wheels 1 allow scooter turns under control of joystick 32 thanks to difference in motor rpm. Front wheels 12 are driven elements. Frame is composed of linkage between rear wheel and front wheel leverage axle 22 to allow rotation of wheels relative to each other. Respectively, levers of front and rear wheels are spring-loaded relative to each other by resilient element. Levers of rear wheels are coupled with seat 9. In folded position, front and rear wheels are located on one axial lone. In acceleration, frame rear part with seat may be rearranged with frame front part.EFFECT: decreased overall dimensions and weight, higher speed.5 dwg

Walking wheelchair // 2434622
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medical equipment, namely to wheelchairs for disabled people, and can be used for movement on both flat surface and on staircase and for overcoming other profile obstacles. Wheelchair contains installed between flat movable panels armchair with back, panels are connected by, at least, three cranks with flat movable support elements. Lower support surfaces of lateral panels and support elements are made in form of skis with elastic toothed protectors. Posterior crank of each of lateral panels is kinematically connected with drive wheels and mechanical energy recuperator. Armchair with back has possibility of turn in vertical longitudinal plane relative to transverse axis of wheelchair body. Movable support elements are installed from inner side of lateral panels. Back wheels have double independent drive, front steerable wheel is installed from inner side of lateral panels behind step. Support surfaces of lateral panels and movable support elements coincide in their contour and have two convex sharp bents. Toothed elastic protector of support surfaces of lateral panels is formed by elastic rotating rollers.EFFECT: increase of device reliability and its exploitation characteristics due to increase of maneuverability in flat and reduction of total device length; providing smoothness of movement and reduction of loading on drive handles when moving on staircase.5 cl, 12 dwg

Wheeled chair // 2400202
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medical equipment. A wheeled chair comprises a frame with driving and follower wheels, brakes, a handle manual drive, electric motors, a support, an accumulator with axes, an electric box, tipped switching levers and two holders with supporting planes and with movable rollers. The rollers are rigidly connected with electric motors and restricted in axial movement. The accumulator stands motionless on the frame. The holders are fixed and turnable on the frame axes. The rollers are notched on external diametres interrelated with external diametres of the driving wheels. The tips can contact with the supporting planes of the holders. The electric box is motionless on a carrier and has rigidly fixed electric contacts. On the axis of said electric box, there is a rigidly fixed pin and movable handle turnable in horizontal and vertical directions to connect the contacts to the moment when the chair moves front and back and returnable to an initial position by springs.EFFECT: invention can be used for carrying the invalids in home and road conditions by applying manual and electromechanical drives.5 dwg

ethod to quickly change self-propelled wheeled vehicle track and self-propelled wheeled vehicle to this end // 2381127
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed method consists in turning every wheel, its position on vehicle selecting the track, about vertical axis, displaced from static center of the wheel spot of contact with horizontal bearing surface, through 180 in crosswise direction. Proposed device comprises loading bearing structure with device designed to support actual load, power supply, system to control at least one front and two rear wheels. Rear wheels are arranged to be independently driven about vertical axis. Vertical axes of turn of at least the wheels that define vehicle track are displaced from static centers of spots of wheels contact with horizontal bearing surface in crosswise direction. Wheels turn drives and vehicle design allow the wheels to turn through 180.EFFECT: improved operating performances, higher mobility.7 cl, 10 dwg

Wheeled chair // 2373912
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medical equipment and can be used for transportation of disabled person both on a horizontal surface, and up and down the steps. A wheeled chair comprises a base, a seat, four wheels and a support presenting a brush with a bristle directed under at an acute angle to the brush foot. Four wheels are driving, and each wheel comprises an engine, a rim and a toroidal-shaped container. The toroidal-shaped container is partially filled with bulk load. The support is spring-loaded and sliding. On the back, the base has a fixed roller. The roller is provided with an electric drive, a rotation break and a slowing-down device. An elastic profiled belt is attached to the roller and winded around. The belt has a hook and a solenoid latch at its end.EFFECT: ensured reliability of the wheeled chair and eliminated probability of failure in moving up and down the steps.4 cl, 5 dwg

Personal self-propelled vehicle (versions) // 2309716
FIELD: high-maneuverability vehicles used for transporting of people with limited excursion in premises and in the street.SUBSTANCE: self-propelled vehicle has carriage with armchair fixed thereon, power source, front rotary wheel, two rear wheels, and control system. Each of said rear wheels is equipped with drive for independent rotation around vertical axis. Each of said drives is fixed on rear part of carriage and connected to wheel support having vertical axis of rotation. Wheel rotation drives are designed for enabling at least two modes of movement. First mode of movement is mode of rotating rear wheels in synchronism with and through angle equal to that of front wheel. At second mode of movement for rear wheels, projections of horizontal axes of rotation of all the wheels onto supporting surface converge to a common point which is center of rotation of vehicle. Angle between projections for rear wheels differs from zero. At second mode, center of rotation is on longitudinal axis of projection onto supporting surface of longitudinal plane of symmetry of vehicle and is spaced from vertical plane of rotation of front wheel by distance L defined by interval of from L=0.1H to L=0.9H, where H is wheel base.EFFECT: improved maneuverability and minimized vehicle turning area.15 cl, 19 dwg

Vehicle // 2286121
FIELD: rail-free vehicles, including wheeled armchairs, preferably with electric drive and servo control for disabled people deprived of or with immobilized lower limbs.SUBSTANCE: vehicle comprises side drive wheels on axles and two additional self-orienting wheels equally spaced from side drive wheels and arranged at ends of springy rocker which is disposed in longitudinal plane. Springy rocker is made in the form of double-armed lever for alternative resting during speeding up and braking and is positioned for rocking around axles of drives in longitudinal plane. Springy rocker is equipped with device for dynamic orientation of rocking plane in direction perpendicular to horizontal plane. Each of side drive wheels has independent drive and consists of at least outer rim with tire, casing with rollers, and device for transmitting rotation from drive axle to rim.EFFECT: wider operational capabilities of vehicle, including wheeled armchair.5 cl, 1 dwg

Vehicle // 2286120
FIELD: self-propelled rail-free vehicles, including wheeled armchairs, preferably with electric drive and servo control for disabled people deprived of or with immobilized lower limbs.SUBSTANCE: vehicle comprises drive wheels mounted on axles, each being provided with individual drive and two additional self-orienting driven wheels. Each of drive wheels consists of at least outer rim with tire, casing with rollers, and device for transmitting rotation from drive axle to rim. Each of additional driven wheels is mounted at ends of springy rocking arm disposed in longitudinal plane, symmetrically to axes of drives.EFFECT: increased stability and safety of vehicle, including wheeled armchair.5 cl, 1 dwg

Castor wheel // 2275892
FIELD: medical engineering.SUBSTANCE: device has two identical ball halves rotatable relative to a member placed between them and having supporting prop. The member is fixed on axle having its ends mounted in bearings built-in into each of the ball halves. The axle is manufactured as double-armed lever turned with its convex part or sharp bend upward. The convex part or sharp bend matches supporting prop orientation so that curvature radius or axis break in the highest point makes maximum gap (not less than corresponding member and supporting prop size) in the highest point of the wheel and makes maximum gap (allowing relative rotation of the ball halves) in the lowest point of the wheel.EFFECT: improved wheelchair usability features.2 cl, 1 dwg

Wheeled vehicle // 2274577
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cars with transmission and friction roller engaging with periphery of driving wheel. Drive of driving wheel 2 is either hand and/or mechanical, being secured on load bearing frame by lever. Guide wheel 13 is used for hand drive with outer surface in form of torus and made of friction material, and for mechanical drive, in form of profiled roller 14 with outer surface made of friction material. Driving wheel 2 is provided with rim 12 of drive which is made for hand drive in form of ring with concave part, and for mechanical drive, outer surface of driving wheel 2 is used as rim. Load-bearing frame 16 secured on base 5 is provided with bent upwards posts 17 made of section material. Lever arranged on one of posts 17 is secured from side of driving wheel 2 to thrust against section web of post 17, both when guide wheel 13 of guide roller 14 is released from drive rim and pressed to drive rim. Steering wheel 7 is fitted on posts 17 of load-bearing frame 16 for turning around vertical axle, being furnished with control arm arranged horizontally.EFFECT: reduced force required for rolling the car.4 cl, 5 dwg

Two-wheel chassis for wheel chair // 2269992
FIELD: invalid's wheel chair, preferably with electric drive and servocontrol.SUBSTANCE: two-wheel chassis has carrier platform for wheel servodrive system and devices for stabilizing position of platform. Wheel chair has negative angle of camber of drive wheels. Platform position stabilizing device is additionally furnished with springy stand supports made in the form of self-orienting wheels at ends of springy rocker disposed between drive wheels in transverse plane of wheel chair.EFFECT: simplified construction and convenient operation and controlling of wheel chair.2 dwg

Transporting device (version) // 2245267
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to balancing single-axle vehicles. Support, for instance, seal 34 is installed for movement on platform 12 with coaxial wheels 32 for supporting the User in standing position. User supporting by seat 34 can tilt the seal relative to platform 12 to change position of vehicle center of gravity at movements of seat 34. Movement of seat 34 provides additionally control over wheels drive depending on position of center of gravity.EFFECT: provision of vehicle control by tilting User's seat and stabilization of single-axle vehicle which is unstable when drive is disengaged.10 cl, 8 dwg

The mechanism against overturning for vehicles // 2190382
The invention relates to a sliding mechanism against overturning and sliding mechanism against tipping to prevent dropping of the vehicle type wheelchairs

Vehicle (options) and can compensate the lack of ability of the person suffering from imbalance to balance // 2153868
The invention relates to vehicles and methods of transportation of objects, and more specifically to means of transport and methods of transportation facilities in the area, which surface may be uneven

The self-propelled carriages // 2150928
The invention relates to trackless transport and can be used to move disabled people or robots-manipulators on a horizontal surface under natural conditions

The self-propelled carriages // 2149620
The invention relates to the field of road transport and can be used to move disabled people or robots-manipulators on a horizontal surface under natural conditions

The vehicle for the disabled // 2134564
The invention relates to means of transport for people with reduced mobility

Drive unit // 2129965
The invention relates to driving devices for mobile media, and can be used in the manufacture of roller platforms, wheelchairs and accessories their drive-wheel motor

Small-sized vehicle // 2129503
The invention relates to the field of transport, in particular to structures of light self-propelled vehicle with individual wheel placed directly on the wheel

Three-wheeled vehicle for people with disabilities // 2128035
The invention relates to wheelchairs for the handicapped with tools to facilitate the overcoming of obstacles, such as climbing stairs, and can be used with motor-driven

The actuator drive wheelchairs-wheelchairs // 2116774
The invention relates to vehicles for moving people with disabilities on the street, in inpatient hospitals and nursing homes

The vehicle's wheel // 2075843

The vehicle for the disabled // 2061449
The invention relates to wheelchairs with electric

Stroller for disabled // 2043097
The invention relates to highly maneuverable vehicles to move people with disabilities on a variety of surfaces

Self-propelled wheelchair wheelchair // 2033779
The invention relates to medical equipment, applies to road transport, specifically vehicles for the disabled

Self-propelled wheelchair // 2033778
The invention relates to medical equipment, applies to road transport, particularly transport facilities for the disabled